50 thoughts on “Domonic Brown’s debut

  1. The best was the half smile from Ben Francisco when Brown made it back to the dugout. It was like “Well, I won’t be playing much anymore”

  2. It almost feels like one of our kids is leaving home – he’s certainly not the first prospect to “graduate” in this site’s history, but he is probably the first that we’ve followed through every level of his development. Exciting times!

    – Jeff

  3. Sam – Very ironic isn’t it? Considering he’s the one who’s pretty much forcing Werth out of town after this year.

  4. Hey, we have a hit by a position player younger than 28 for the first time this season! A few hits actually. I feel like a proud papa.

  5. Hey, if they can find a way to get rid of Ibanez in the offseason, I’d be ok with a Victorino – Werth – Brown OF.

  6. Rookie mistake by Brown diving for a ball costs Halladay his shutout, but overall a very strong debut. He seemed to spark the lineup tonight, a lineup missing three of its regulars.

  7. @ Matt- Just okay? Heck I’d be thrilled with an outfield of Brown, Vic and Werth. Abos*******lutley thrilled. See the use of profanity though censored makes it much more dramatic.

  8. Trading Ibanez will be very difficult. With his age, hefty contract, and limited production, he simply isn’t a desirable player for other teams. The Phils are probably stuck with him through 2011 and just have to hope that they can get at least respectable offensive production from him. That’s likely the best case scenario.

  9. They would need to get back an equally bad contract in return for ibanez. Thats the only way he gets traded

  10. That’s why I only mentioned AL teams, where he can DH. “If” he would waive his NTC, it would be to a team in contention.

  11. If we are giving up Happ. I would not want to give up more than say JC Ramirez and a reliever prospect.

  12. what are you smoking toddzilla? Im hearing Happ, Worley, JC Ramirez and Rizz. Which is fine with me for Oswalt.

  13. Bob that would be fine for me too as long as we don’t have to pick up the option year, if we do someone comes off that list. Lets move this discussion into trade chatter PP will get mad at us.

  14. alright move it over dont want to pi$$ in his cherios…and brown should have let the ball bounce in the 9th!! jk but not really

  15. Reading with an 8 run 11th…. Rizzotti might be getting pitched around a bit at this point. 1 for 3 with 4 BBs. Harold Garcia tearing it up 4-6 a 3b 4 rbi’s and a walk

  16. Great Charlie comment
    When asked about Brown he said they were giving away Brown bobbleheads tomorrow.

    But isn’t it AMAZING when you platoon a 3x year old player he gets better and so does the other player. Who wooda thunk it.

  17. Totally rookie observation here, but does Browns swing look a little long?

    (However, I can see why he gets comparisons to Strawberry too…)

  18. Rotoworld just posted a story quoting a local Houston tv station report that the Astros and Phils have reached an agreement re an exchange of players (not identified) for Oswalt. The only remaining issue lies in the 12′ option.

  19. I am proud to have scene him at Lakewood, Reading and Lehigh Valley, I hope he prospers as much in Philly as he did last night! Now who will be left to root for after Amaro trades away every one else with an ounce of talent?

  20. Can I dream a little? Rollins and Polanco at the top of the lineup; Victorino and Ruiz at the bottom; Utley, Howard, Werth and Brown in the middle. Oh, and Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt at the top of the rotation. Now, if Amaro does not give up our top prospects in the deal, the world would be a perfect place.

  21. Ironic that Brown made his debet before taylor, even though when he was traded Taylor was considered closer to the majors. Just goes to show you anything can happen.

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