Jason Knapp to have surgery

Just figured I’d pass along this quick note.

Jason Knapp will undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove loose bodies.

Knapp, considered by some to be the key to the Cliff Lee trade earlier this season, was injured at the time of the trade. The Indians pulled the trigger anyways, feeling Knapp would not need surgery after looking at his medical records. However, the right-hander had not had an MRI with Philadelphia, which showed the loose bodies. He should be recovered in plenty of time for spring training; the Indians do not plan to file a grievance against the Phillies.

12 thoughts on “Jason Knapp to have surgery

  1. I wish I could throw a baseball at 90+ MPH with loose bodies in my shoulder (if that’s where the loose bodies were located). He’s still going to be a stud if he’s not star-crossed.

  2. First off, I hope it’s a minor surgery and that Knapp continues to be a big time prospect.

    However, as this Bizarro Phillies season continues, I feel like saying, “so this is what it feels like to be on the giving end of trading an injured player rather than the receiving end.”

    – Jeff

  3. Arthroscopic surgery for loose bodies is pretty minor. Still, they knew he was hurt at the time so its not like a Freddy Garcia scenario where we got screwed.

  4. this is why you trade prospects for stars. not saying that he won’t still be a stud mlb pitcher, but there is so much injury risk with kids.

  5. Okay, the Phillies claimed Register off of the Rockies on May 20, and then optioned him to minors, so I guess his 40 man roster time started then, so I guess that’s most of the season. Guess I didn’t pay much attention to the 40 man roster list from May 20 to July. Maybe Register’s presense thereon was subconsciously not considered very significant.
    Never thought they’d call him up, maybe.

    Site note: Seems like the Instructional League will start up in about a week. Seems like the list should be coming out soon. I see the Washington Nationals just brought their list out. Looks like they’re lagging behind the Nationals in that area. The Nationals have another Michael Taylor.

  6. Meant to put the above in the AA/AAA roster thing. Instructioal League thihg may be bringing the time for a guess the Instructional Legue roster time thread.

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