Hoover to be Recalled

According to the Jeff Schuler of the Morning Call, Catcher Paul Hoover will be recalled Thursday by the Phillies to fill the role as third catcher for the month of September. Hoover, 33, has played more of a role in Lehigh Valley then originally expected with the trade of Lou Marson, and has been solid, hitting .253 with 1 HR and 28 RBI in 73 games this year. Hoover has thrown out 23% of runners trying to steal on him this year. As is typical in September, especially of the #3 catcher, expect extremely limited playing time (if at all for Hoover).

The Phils will need to make a corresponding 40 man roster move to make room for Hoover.

Update (from phuturephillies)–> Joel Naughton was designated for assignment. This seems like a risky move.

Update: Lehigh Valley relief pitcher Steven Register was also removed from the 40 man and designated for assigment today.  This move was necessary because of the activation of Antonio Bastardo from the 60 day DL.  Bastardo was assigned to Reading (AA).  Register will now have to clear waivers prior to returning to the Lehigh Valley bullpen.

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  1. OK, so the conventional move was to take the MLB veteran catcher who caught the most for the AAA team. Unless disaster strikes he will likely play or hit little , if at all, as is stated above, and be outrighted off the 40 man roster at the end of the season. Due to the injuries to Marson, I believe Hoover had more games and AB’s at the time of Marson’s departure. In the outrighting off the 40 man roster department I predict Steven Register. Maybe Joseph Bisenius, but he has been injured so much, and I haven’t seen him in years, so maybe he still has stuff and all that. In a related note , Brad Harman cleared waivers and has been assigned back to Reading’s DL. Hopefully they assign him to AAA next season (unless he is snapped up in the Major League portion of the Rule 5 draft) and they give him the opportunity to learn some things and upgrade, rather than they look for another Miguel Cairo , or somebody, when the next Spring Training rolls around.

  2. They could…. but why lose the option of adding someone in the organization to the playoff roster (like they did last year with Happ)?

  3. I am amazed at how poorly Brad Harman has played this year. It’s as if his career has been shifted into full-speed reverse. And he’s what, 22, 23? It’s almost to the point of being shocking.

  4. They would not lose the option of adding someone by adding Ennis to the 60-Day DL. The fact that he was placed on any DL after 8/31 means the team can replace him on their playoff roster. It has nothing to do with 15 or 60-Day DLs.

    They need to make a move for Myers also in the next 24 hours, so somebody has to go. As Marfis said, look for Register and/or Bisenius. Maybe both if they decide to bring up Berry.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply moved John Ennis to the 60 day DL. That way they don’t need to drop anyone from the 40 man. However, if Brett Myers is activated on Friday then they’ll need to drop someone off the 40 man (or move someone else to the 60 day DL, but I don’t know who that’d be).

  6. Wow, I really need to stop letting work interrupt my posting…it would cut down on the number of redundant posts.

  7. Not sure how accurate, but I saw this on the web (see http://mikesrants.baseballtoaster.com/archives/6934.html):

    “Playoff Rosters: Playoff rosters must be set at 25, not including disabled players, on August 31. For each player on the 60-day DL, teams may add players to the eligible list during the playoffs at the same position, provided that they were in the orginization on August 31… Teams must choose 25 players from their playoff eligible list before each round of the playoffs.”

  8. Yeah, that’s what it said.. Phillies had around 6 guys on the DL prior to the August 31 addition of Ennis. So they can add the corresponding to the DL number of players from anyone in the organization prior to August 31, Ennis just gives them one more. The real question might be: Does anyone know if non-40 man roster players added strictly to the playoff roster, though they would likely be subject to the rule 5 draft, would their service time toward arbitration and free agency start? If not, maybe some interesting stuff.

  9. Any non-40 man roster player added to the playoff roster would have to be added to the 40-man roster prior to that. So they would be using options and not subject to the rule 5 draft. They get service time for days on the major league roster – playoff time probably does not count for service time.

    I think we are still talking about Mathieson here potentially for Ennis. Not sure what other non-40 man roster player they would potentially want on the playoff roster other than Mathieson.

  10. In other 40 man roster news, WIP says that Antonio Bastardo is off the 60 day DL and has been optioned to Reading. So another player must go.

    If I might digress from the strict subject, Kieth Law who sometimes graces this place with his commentary, has put a critique of J.A. Happ. I think all the Happ stuff is above the must pay edict on ESPN. Also Jim Callis says much the same on the BA chat on there along with some other Phillies subjects.

  11. Now I see Murphy says Steven Register and Joel Naughton designated for assignment. Maybe they do like Bisenius after all , if he is not immediately bounced when Myers is added shortly, I suppose. The downgrading of Naughton and previously Harman and maybe more to come, may mean they might try to replace some prospect type billets at various minor league levels in the coming offseason.

  12. The 40-man roster is no problem. Some players on it now will be moved off it after the minor league season is over. Like Bisenius, maybe Naughton, and Register.

  13. Yeah, it’s no problem. And Naughton and Register were just moved off of it (Murphy) there will also be numerous openings when the MLB Free Agents are bounced in the offseason. Then after the Rule 5 draft they can add MLB Free Agents or make trades or add somebody in the Rule 5 draft or make trades or any number of things. This is following right now.

  14. Assuming Ruben is a good GM (and so far it appears he is), then I’d make a terrible GM. I wouldn’t drop guys like Harman, Register, and Naughton off the 40-man at this point in the season simply b/c they have options remaining. Granted, none of the guys put up very good numbers this year so it is probably unlikely they’ll get claimed and I guess this allows them to remain in the system next year w/o burning future options should they ever be re-added to the 40-man. Also, it allows the team to protect more guys over the offseason. Interesting stuff.

  15. How can you say Register hasnt put up good numbers this year? He has a 3.2 ERA for crying out loud. I think its amazing that Phillies fans just want to discard of a pitcher simply because they know nothing about him. He has a small sample size of innings in the MLB, so you cant really just throw someone to the wayside over 11 or 12 innings in the Big Leagues with 2 different teams. If any of you would actually research this kid like I have, I say the Phillies are stupid for letting him go. His numbers have been consistant over the last 4 years in the minors. He just cant seem to find his niche with the right team.

    I’m dissapointed with this move as he has another option. I wish this kid the best of luck with his career.

  16. I may be wrong, and I consulted the Glossry/FAQ page and it was not addressed, but when someone is waived from the 40 man ‘options’ do not come into play. Options are only for moving from the 25 man to the 40 man. If someone is ‘protected’ on the 40 man and are taken off of it they must be waived and are subject to waiver claims.

    I still say it’d be a shame to lose Naughton but a 23 year old hitting .230 at A ball isn’t something to lose sleep over. Register’s ceiling is Clay Condrey lite and again is nothing to lose sleep over.

  17. Would image they will lose Naughton in the Rule 5 draft. Lefthanded hitting catchers are rare. They lost one in the last Rule 5. Naughton hit .390 over his last 10 games for Clearwater going 16 for 41 and caught a 17 inning extra inning win. Hope they add Tim Kennelly to the 40 man at some point so he is not lost in Rule 5. But who knows with this bunch. Guess they need to make room for the likes of Hoover and Cairo for the stretch drive.

  18. Agree with Philly Jamaal.
    Guys with options are valuable to shuffle between the majors and minors throughout the season. Naughton surprises me the most but I guess he is getting passed by Kennelly and D’Arnaud on the ‘close to the majors’ list. He is officially org filler now.
    Register is not a big surprise. Phillies can pickup another RP with options available if needed next year. (Hopefully, they will just have internal options available, like Mathieson.)

  19. Rodeo, let me try to clarify my point about options. Assuming Naughton makes it through waivers, is assigned to Clearwater to finish the season, and he isn’t selected in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft then he can play in the minors next season without burning an option. So, in 2011 if the Phils decide they want to add him back on the 40-man roster then he still has two options remaining b/c he didn’t burn one in 2010 when he wasn’t on the 40-man.

  20. With Taschner and now Bastardo, I have the feeling that Romero will not pitch the rest of this season. Better find a suitable lefty RP this month.
    By assigning Bastardo to AA did they now exercise an option for this year? If so, that is dumb. Just call him up to the Majors to pitch on the side or in a blowout. I think he is just the type of player where we want all his option years available. (He seems like he will shuttle between AAA and MLB as both SP and RP as needed.)

  21. I think a player can be “optioned” for a certain number of days (maybe it’s 10) w/o actually burning an option for that season. So here’s hoping Bastardo doesn’t burn an option. Maybe someone can clarify.

  22. at reading and lhv. the phils have brown, taylor, drabek, mathieson bastardo. maybe kenelly. the rest of these guys are fillers. its not until you get to lakewood and williamsport that there is some unknown excitement. savery? trade bait. maybe worley and stutes but they seem to have reached a wall. the big question is why isnt the guy who has proven he can hit , john mayberry, not here. ibanez has been terrible. like i have to tell you. paul hoover just shows you how overated the high levels of the system are.

  23. They did not burn an option for Bastardo because there are less than 20 days left in the season.

    They should still have 3 left. Same thing happened with Carpenter last year near the end of the year. I assume this means that they want to bring Bastardo up in September at some point after Reading is done.

  24. What’s all this option stuff? If a player is on the 40 man roster at the beginning of the year and they are sent to the minors, that”s one option burned for the year and the only one for that year, and they have 3 seasons in which they can be optioned. Then, if not in Majors after the 3 options they become 6 year minor league free agents, players not on the 40 man rosters after 6 years in the minors also become 6 year minor league free agents.

    Upon giving this Designating for Assignment of Young Players more thought, it might be a no risk proposition.
    When designated for assignment a player goes through waivers, if not claimed they can be traded , released, or sent to the minors. If claimed, as it is not unconditional release waivers, they can be pulled back, and then they can exercise the option of sending them to minors. I do not know that this didn’t happen with Harman. Then after the season, they could release the veteran call up and put the younger player back on the 40 man roster.

    Lots of players have lots of options. I seen Register on TV with the Phillies appearance. Seems to me there are alot of pitchers of that quality. I think they could get as much from alot of pitchers, maybe even Bisenius, if he is not designated to make room for Myers. I think Bisenius would be of enough service to be 6 year Free Agent after season, or at least out of options.

  25. What is going on with Lopez? I thought they Phillies made a deal with him that would insure that Lopez is a Sept call up.

    Is there any possibility that he’ll become the #5 starter next year?

  26. Hoover sucks. :-))

    (There, somebody had to say it.)

    You know, almost every year you see a guy called up for defense, usually an IF or C and he somehow comes to the plate in a critical situation as the last guy on the bench or something.

    And once in a while that player drops one in somewhere and has his shining moment. Let’s hope Hoover has his shining moment with a hit or a great stop of a pitch in the dirt or throwing out a guy stealing and help the team win a game.

    But you know, there are 8 other players on the field. Hoover isn’t operating in a vacuum.

  27. The Phillies are going to have a great variety of pitching choices when it comes to assembling their post-season rosters. September and October will be audition time for many of these players. Romero, however, will not be auditioning. He is the one player they have missed the most and, if I know Charlie, not only will he be on the post-season roster, he is going to be an integral part of what they intend to do.

    You know, I realize that it’s not minor league baseball talk, but I still cannot believe that they have failed to secure a legitimate right-handed hitter off the bench and, no, “I left my heart in” Ben Francisco does not count as a solid option off the bench.

  28. From Andy Martino on philly.com: “As expected, Brett Myers was activated today (Joe Bisenius was outrighted to Lehigh Valey to make room on the 40-man roster).”

  29. Kennelly, Naughton, Harman and Naylor are all off to Prague for the Aussie team in the World Cup, Not sure if this has anything to do with the re-assignments but effectively they are done for the pro season it would seem.

    Agree Harman has been disappointing this season, he is probably now not even the best ranked middle infielder in Australia.
    ( Hughes-Twins, Beresford-Twins and even Schoenberger at Williamsport may be ahead of Harman now)

    Naughton and Naylor look to me like they can still help Threshers next season and move on to Reading in 2010.

  30. 2010 is next season . They won’t be starting out in Clearwater creating a logjam, I say, because that would be Naylor’s 3rd year there, and they would block people who have to move up. Some people on here won’t want to promote anyone until they put up Albert Pujols or Tim Lincecum numbers.

    I think they want to keep ties with Harman and Naughton because they were designated for assignment, in lieu of like Bisenius who was outrighted. Bisenius could have been claimed right off, while a player designated for assignment can be pulled back from waivers.

    Hewitt’s caddy would seem to be a long way from a AA player, despite some people’s hand wringing over batting average.

    Pitching- they got 14 with the reported soon activating of J.C.Romero would make 15. That’s about as many as a Rookie League team carries, so I don’t see alot of room for pitching auditions or good boy awards for Minor League pluggers. (Pitchers)

    Rodrigo Lopez should be able to qualify for Unrestricted Free Agency before next season rolls around. Especially if he is , rightly I say, dropped from the 40 man roster. Given the starting logjam in Philly , I don’t see him returning here, so the talk of being named a starter might be a bit presumptuos.

  31. Not true about Bisenius. He was placed on waivers and WHEN he cleared waivers he was outrighted to Lehigh Valley.

  32. Okay, that’s right , about every move goes through waivers first. But, if they really wanted to clear the 40 man roster spot, they could not really pull him off if claimed on waivers unless somebody wanted to trade for him. The players designated for Assignment, on the other hand, if claimed could have been pulled back, and optioned to the minors , if they still had options left (which they did) as that optioning to the minors is an option for a player Designated for Assignment. Seems to me, as long as Bisenius has been around he would not have options remaining.

  33. Marfis was in fact right….Gradoville will be going up to Philly. Just not as a player. As a bullpen catcher.

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