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Lineups are out and both Lou Marson and Jason Donald will be facing Pedro Martinez tonight with the weather clearing in Allentown.  Michael Taylor and John Mayberry will be manning the outfield corners and hitting 5th and 7th respectively against Columbus starter Carlos Carrasco.

Apparantly, Pedro is on a 70-80 pitch count this evening.

Top of first: Second pitch of the game, homer….Columbus 1, ‘Pigs 0, Pop Out, strikeout, fly out.  Martinez, 11 pitches, 8 strikes.  Fastest pitch: 89 mph.  1 IP, 1H, 1ER, 0BB, 1K.

Bottom of First:  Single(Ellison), fielders choice, double play.  Carrasco, 12 pitches, 8 strikes.  1IP 1H 0ER 0BB 0K.

Top of Second:  Fly Out, ground out, ground out (Marson).  Martinez, 2o pitches, 16 for strikes.  2IP 1H 1ER 0BB 1K.  A couple of COlumbus hitters looked silly on Martinez off speed pitches this inning.

Bottom of 2nd: Strikeout, Fly Out, single (Tiffee), STrikeout.  Carrasco 28 pitches, 18 for strikes.  2IP 2H 0ER 0BB 2K.  Columbus 1, Lehigh Valley 0.

Top of 3rd:  Strikeout (Donald on 93 mph fastball), ground out, walk, fly out.  Martinez, 37 pitches, 25 for strikes.  3IP 1H 1ER 1BB 2K.  Martinez threw several pitches in the low 90’s, topping out at 93 mph.

Bottom of 3rd: Fly Out, Strikeout, STrikeout (Ellison ejected arguing call).  Carrasco, 49 pitches, 32 for strikes. 3IP 2H 0ER 0BB 4K. Columbus 1, Lehigh Valley 0.

 Top of 4th: ground out, strikeout on changeup, ground out.  Martinez, 49 pitches, 33 for strikes.  Threw 4 pitches over 90, topping at 92.  Martinez 4IP 1H 1ER 0BB 3K.

Update: The Live Blog is going to have to close early for the evening….Please accept my apologies……

68 thoughts on “Martinez vs. Carrasco Live Blog

  1. Truly a strange situation…

    8 strikes out of 11 pitches is pretty good, other than the HR.

  2. Glad Joe Savery became a RHP during his promotion. Need those righties…

    Seriously TV2?

  3. Man, Carrasco seems to be dealing. Sticking it to his old team has to have him motivated.

  4. i knew i shouldn’t have shared that tv link…the local site apparently can’t handle all of us watching at once

  5. It seems like a lot of Ironpigs games do have TV coverage. It’s a shame that can’t stream the games like they do for other clubs (Scranton seems to have a lot of their games streamed)

  6. Woohoo! Gotta love that they didn’t deal him and we get to enjoy his play for at least the remainder of the season, and hopefully much longer.

  7. That HR is even more impressive because that Carrasco guy is apparently one of the top prospects in the Indians system.

  8. NEPP – I hear they have a nice catcher coming up that projects to be a .290 hitter in the bigs.

  9. I sense at least 1 more start at AAA.

    The velocity was quite impressive and a great sign going forward.

  10. Well, if he can build stamina, he could really help the big league team. He was very sharp when he was fresh.

  11. No worse than Moyer. Give him the #5 spot. We’ll roll with Hamels, Lee, Blanton, Happ, Pedro

  12. He’ll get at least 1-2 more starts to build stamina. If he can’t throw 100 pitches effectively, he has no spot in an MLB rotation.

  13. I wouldn’t think the Phils would be in any hurry to move him up since they’d need to make a decision on who to bump from the rotation. But Pedro sounded as if he’d be unhappy about having to start more than one game at AAA.

  14. Well, considering his performance, I’m sure even he realizes he needs a bit more work. The pitches are there but the stamina isn’t yet.

  15. I’ve been hearing a lot on talk radio lately that Happ is getting a lot of consideration to be moved to the pen. How can this be? As smart as the Phillies were with getting Lee, moving Happ to the pen would be just as dumb.

    They keep on mentioning that they “promised” Pedro a starting spot. Well, who cares if Pedro isn’t happy? I’m not sure why we really need to keep him happy. He’s gone at the end of the year anyway.

    Happ has been jerked around enough. He deserves his spot.

  16. Happ does deserve a spot. And he’s going to have a spot for many years to come, as long as he pitches well. But right now at this moment, he’s the guy who transitions best to a bullpen role. Moyer and Pedro are old guys who have never pitched in the pen and aren’t going to be able to do it now. And it has nothing to do with attitude. Happ has done it effectively, as recently as this year.

    He’ll do it again and accept it and pitch well. He realizes pitching in any capacity in the Major Leagues is better than pitching in the minors.

  17. Again, if Derek Lowe and Tim Wakefield could do it for Boston then JA Happ can do it for us. He seems to be a consummate professional and he hasn’t said anything negative about the possible switch (even when asked) so he’ll probably be fine. He’s guaranteed a spot in the 2010 rotation either way and he knows it.

  18. I say leave pedro in the minors as long as we can and hope it works itself out.
    Also for all the Happ to the Bullpen people I just want to say its really not fair to take a rookie of the year Candidate and move him to the bullpen and the move has almost no precident. The only reason to do it would be to not offend moyer or pedro. Thats the real problem And I hope one of them will be willing to do it preferably Moyer because its not hard to stretch him back out because of how soft he throws.

  19. ***move has almost no precident****

    You’re kidding, right? There is plenty of precedent for having a “swingman”. So much to the point that there is a specific word just for that type of pitcher. Its happened to far better pitchers than Happ (nothing against him as he’s a nice young starter).

  20. Anyone else notice that Michael Taylor has almost doubled his Walk rate since being promoted? Granted its a small sample size (55 AB) but he’s already got 10 BB in that period compared to 35 BB in 318 ABs at Reading. His Walk rate was fine before but now its ridiculously good.

    And he’s slowly heating up…He’s gonna be pushing for a spot in Philly by the middle of next year at the latest.

  21. Happ isnt a swingman hes a prospect whos proved everything he could in the mionors and never had a spot in the rotation think Clay Bucholz with a little less talent. Think of it this way if Bucholz was 7-1 he never would of been taken out of the rotation. Name one instance

  22. Its just not worth worrying about.

    The Phillies obviously love Happ. He was one of the reasons the Halladay deal didn’t happen. They know that they’re going to need him in the rotation next year because of the payroll tied up in other spots. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if Blanton was traded this winter for prospects, because he’s going to be looking at about $8M in arbitration. Of course, if Moyer retires, then its a different situation. But right now 2010 is..

    Lee, Hamels, Happ, Moyer and then sort it out, maybe Drabek.

    But for right now, you need to utilize every arm you have. If Pedro can be effective in the pen, then use him there. Hes already said hes fine with it, his contract his appearances clauses built into it for that very reason. Moyer is the weak link in the rotation right now, but won’t be moved to the pen.

    Once September 1 rolls around, they have a lot more options with the expanded rosters. But this team is playing well, they’re pitching well, and the Top 3 looks solid. Worry about the rest when the time comes.

  23. I agree 100% thats why I say leave pedro in the minors as long as you can and hope this all sorts it self out because no one wants to make a tough decision

  24. NEPP –

    I’ve noticed that with Taylor too. I wonder if the better level of competition now has him being more selective at the plate. 60ABs still isn’t enough of a sample size, but it’s still a good sign.

    – Jeff

  25. I caught part of one LHV game. They seemed to part scared to pitch to Taylor. What ever the reason,great.

  26. I wonder how Pedro would feel about closing if Lidge can’t get it together. Hell he had done everything else. He might look at it like another feather.

  27. I’d love to see Pedro in the pen. Charlie could use him exactly when needed vs. the Cards or Dodgers RH bats since our starting rotation is predominantly LH. If he does great for 3 or 4 innings, his value is best used in relief.

    Also, as another poster mentioned, he gets salary bumps based on appearances, not performance.

    BTW…Lee was AWESOME last night. Love the move. It’s a complete 180 from giving up Schilling for Dahl, T Lee, Podilla, etc. This time, WE got the stud!!!

  28. It will not harm Happ to go into long relief for a time. Young pitchers (or relatively young, should say) have to monitor the pitch count a bit. If Happs backs off the innings in the bullpen a bit for a month, then the other starters can be reassessed at the end of the month, to see if Happ needs to return to starting in September.

    Pedro Martinez is by far one of the better pitchers of the current era. With the extended rest and re-working of the fundamentals he has worked on , it needs to be seen if he can re-approach near his former level. He could cetainly be seen as a replacement for several members of the current roster and likely for when the injured pitchers return for the full roster complement. There is no need to stash Pedro Martinez in the minors.

    Despite the cursory reading of cumulative stats method of player evaluation favored by many today, Moyer has not pitched badly lately , and given the proper placing can be effective. The contrast in style of the pitching can be detrimental to the opposing team’s timing, and can give benefits past that game if done correctly.

    The team is not doing favors to these pitchers by letting them hang around, or awarding rotation spots on sentiment or past accomplishments.

    Bullpen wise, Pedro Martinez could eventually supplement the late inning situation, as could Brett Myers. First, there has to be a clearly established need shown.

    It is ill advised to even contemplate the giving away of an established starting pitcher like Joe Blanton, and to not even talk of receiving another starting pitcher in return.
    The goal of this trade season was 3 established starters for the post season. Now they have a chance with Lee, Hamels, Blanton. Who replaces Blanton in that playoff alignment tandem. Happ? (not to mention all LH’s) ? some raw rookie? Moyer?

  29. I have a feeling they might buy out moyer and blanton earning 8 million is no biggie the way he has been pitching he deserves every penny of that money..I think we could go into next year with a rotation of Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Happ and your pick of 5th starter (Moyer, Lopez if he’s around, drabek, savery if he does well in AAA or some low end high reward FA)

  30. ****Clay Bucholz with a little less talent. Think of it this way if Bucholz was 7-1 he never would of been taken out of the rotation. Name one instance****

    OTher than the No-hitter, the reason Bucholz hasn’t been in their rotation is that he hasn’t pitched good enough. Personally, I think he’s ridiculously overhyped.

    On Blanton, I don’t see them trading him. $8 million is a bargain for a #3 starter.

  31. I never could understand bucholz, so much hype, another Gio Gonzalez to me but what do I know.

  32. Cisco and Brown on the Reading roster. Surprised they just didn’t release Gus Milner rather than send him back to Clearwater. Seem to have a glut of young outfielders down below. Castro’s leading the NY-Penn in hitting. Santana with pop in the GCL, Solarte in the VSL had 4 rbi’s last night. Gose at Lakewood, Susdorf flirting with .400 at Clearwater, etc. etc.

  33. @NEPP

    I was just thinking yesterday if I was the only one who has the feeling that bucholz is gonna be a bust

  34. happ is getting screwed again. he is a starter. blanton will not be traded, moyer will move. why in the world does anyone think martinez will be better than his last 2 years. is he benjamen button? if lidge sruggles myers will close. his hip will be ok and he,s proven he has the head for closing. the phils have hamels, lee ,blanton, happ, moyer. lidge-myers closing, madson, 8th, romero or the other lefty 7th, park who,s been great, long man. condrey. the phillies signed martinez because they were afraid they couldnt get a deal done for a pitcher, now their intimidated to release or tell martinez he,s a mop up man. you have to be kidding me that martinez will outpitch happ. i cant believe the coverage this guy is getting. talk about politics.

  35. Once the league gets a second look at Happ, his numbers will normalize into the 4.00 ERA pitcher that he is. He has has’nt beaten a .500 team this year. And other than maybe the Mets, no team has seen him twice. This JA Happ worship is interesting though.

    If he has ANY velocity, I’d rather see Pedro Martinez pitch game 4 of any playoff series, than see Happ. Honestly.

  36. Bucholz is 24 and struggling to stay out of AAA. The fact that the Sox paid $10 million to bring in Penny AND Smoltz to be their 5th starter tells you all you need to know about Clay. They didn’t think he was ready and they would probably know best. He has great stuff, but so have a bunch of other pitchers that never made it (like Adam Eaton).

    Sorry about that tangent…back to our minor leagues:

    Like rube said, the pitching situation will work itself out. Pedro is clearly not ready and will get a couple more starts. Lopez will be in the BP for now and Happ will stay in the rotation till anyone hears otherwise.

    Perhaps Pedro becomes a late-innings guy…its a role he might excel in at this point in his career. Or perhaps his stamina comes back and he’s a very solid back of the rotation guy.

  37. What I was implying was that if Bucholz was 7-1 he would never have been taken out of the rotation and that it’s unprecidented to take a 7-1 pitcher out of the rotation. Bucholz was taken out because of ineffectiveness in the majors.

    We also have a new stud in the bullpen his name is cliff lee and he pitches once every 5 days

  38. I don’t know anything about Happ except, Rico Bo and Anderson, Mitch Williams all are high on him, say its the angle he throws at and if he had a better breaking ball, would be a closer type, his ball gets on hitters in a hurry.

  39. if happ had a 4.00 era which he wont, it would still be 1.50 better than martinez. if he has any velocity ? thats the point he doesnt. if steve carlton were 30 i,d love for him to be our ace. what was martinez doing in the d.r. the salsa. you think not getting thru a aaa lineup is just getting in shape. he,s done and he has been for 3 years.

  40. Well, considering Pedro’s velocity is the best its been in probably 4 years…its not really fair to say he’s done.

  41. John
    He actually had very good velocity which held between90-93 through his 84th and last pitch. The man has pitched 1.1 innings of organized baseball this season prior to last night. I can list you 20 names of starters who had horrific ERA’s well into spring trainign…not just their second outing. Im not saying he is the answer, but her certainyl deserves much more of a chance than you are giving him. These AAA players have played over 100 regular season games.

  42. John, are you familiar with Pedro’s curveball and change-up? If Pedro is throwing 90-93, 84 pitches into a game, he has 3 plus pitches. He was’nt throwing 90 last year, but he still had his curveball.

    I acknowledge that Happ is having a great year. I root for him because I don’t believe he has been handled/treated properly sometimes. But I don’t know what Happ will do in the playoffs. Pedro won’t wilt in a playoff series. I don’t know what Happ will do.

  43. personally,my thought is to kick moyer out of the rotation because he sucks, give pedro his spot, and if that fail, give moyer his spot back. I mean, moyer has to know that he has had only like 3 really good games this year, and 2 were against the marlins.

  44. you cant kick moyer out of the rotation and not expect him to be anoyed. i am just tired of happ getting the short end of the stick. he nad a 3.00 era in last years playoffs granted it was only 1 game but hes been there.. i mean every 2 months its something. kast last it charlie telling happ he was in the rotation and they sent him down, this year it was park, now its martinez. a guy who in imo wouldnt and doesnt need to be here. if we had traded for lee 1st i can almost guarantee he wouldnt be here. look i have nothing personal against pedro and i am not a fanatic who thinks happ is carlton, but whats fair is fair and imo happ is MUCH more valuablt than martinez.

  45. Like I said up above, It will not harm Happ to go to the bullpen. They can back off of the innings for awhile, and if after a month one of the other starters is giving substandard results, they can move him back into the rotation starting in September. Nor were they wrong to start Chan Ho Park early in the season, as he out performed Happ in Spring Training, and Happ could acclimate to the MLB season by starting in the bullpen, and thus help to further keep the innings down.

    Pedro Martinez knows how to pitch. According to reports on here about increased velocity, that may give him the necessary edge vis-a-vis recent seasons. As far as these bromides about because he had a couple substandard seasons in the past 2 and now is older so couldn’t possibly be better. History has showed otherwise with numerous examples. The extended rest with a renewed emphasis on fundamentals can give the rejuvenation.

    Moyer has pitched better overall than the couple of games people on here have seen. Victories have ocurred in Moyer’s appearances at a more frequent rate than others.
    Don’t matter what cumulative stats or radar guns say, which is really the basis of the negative assessments . The benefit of dirupting the rythyms of opposing line-ups overrides that.

  46. mike77
    You can’t possibly know how Pedro will do in post-season. What he has done in the past is past, he is not the same Pedro. The current Pedro can’t get through the 5th inning against AA hitters. Will he come somewhere close to his old ability? At this point, nobody can know. For sure, we don’t have anything approaching Pedro in his prime. On the other hand, Happ is pitching very well and has done so for about a year, hardly a flash in the pan. This denigration of our own players who are performing very well, while worshipping ‘names’ from the past is just silly.

  47. I’m not denigrating Happ at all. I see a LH pitcher that throws mostly fastballs. In the playoffs he will be facing veteran, RH lineups. Check his splits. He is much tougher on LH hitters and he has beaten only sub .500 teams. He will not be facing LHanded, sub .500 teams in the playoffs.

    As far as Pedro is concerned, I am not advocating just giving him the job. But since this thread is about Pedro, hearing that he threw 90-93 lets me think that will make his superior seconadary pitches as or more effective than Happs. Pedro has a curve ball and a changeup to play off a good fastball. Happ doesnt thow his curveball and barely uses his change up. That won’t work against the Cardinals, Cubs or Dodgers in the playoffs.

    That is not denigrating. That is just pointing out weaknesses.

  48. If that is your problem about Happ, call Dubee and Ruiz. Then read about Schwimlocity.
    Note there are not too many .500 + teams in the league.
    Recently the Phils were the only ones in the division.

    But you may be right about Pedro. Although i can’t see him starting right away. Let him prove he is PEDRO not pedro

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