Daily Discussion, Savery Called Up to AAA

The Phillies 2007 first round draft choice, Joe Savery, was called up from AA Reading to take a place in the Lehigh Valley rotation.  Savery, 23, was taken 19th overall of the 2007 draft out of Rice University with the 19th pick in the draft.  After a dominant first half of the year, during which he went 12-1, Savery has struggled during his last several outings, going 1-3 with a 8.71 ERA in his last 4 starts.  On the year, Savery is 12-4 with a 4.41 ERA in 21 starts. He has walked 53 and struck out 77 in his 112.1 innings of work.  Opponents are hitting .262 against him (just .183 with RISP) and he has given up 13 home run balls.

Savery is known as a fierce competitor and also swings a good bat after playing first base at Rice.  Savery, a lefty, throws a low 90’s fastball, a change and a slider that has been developing well. Savery does have to work on his pick off move, as runners have run on him at a high rate.  

To make room on the Lehigh Valley roster, Tyson Brummett was sent back down to Reading.  Brummett struggled in his only AAA start having given up 5 runs in 4 innings of work.

Vance Worley bounced back from several consecutive rough outings  last night with six shutout innings in the Reading 2-0 victory last night. Scott Mathieson and Sergio Escalona completed the shutout for the RPHILS.

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  1. Interesting move. Based on the way he’s pitching lately, I thought he could have benefited from remaining at Reading for the rest of the year. As we lose bodies, more people get thrown into a “sink or swim” type situation.

    Don’t want to get into the big club talk, but I think this move indicates that they don’t think Lopez will slip through waivers on the way back down.

    Really looking forward to the game tonight, should be an interesting one with Carrasco facing Martinez. Does anyone know if the local channel (channel 69) is planning on picking up the game? They often have weekend games when they play at home on that channel.

  2. CHannel 69 only carries Sat night games…I will be at the park early and let everyone know if the game will be carried on 69. Games can always be seen on Service Electric if that is your cable system.

    Praying the whether holds…should be fun.

  3. Scott Mathison will be in the phils pen by the end of the year. Amazing comback so far for a guy with TWO TJ surguries.

  4. Many questioned Savery’s promotion to Reading, but he obviously benefitted from that move.

  5. it is the wrong thing to do, but shows how little depth we have now. i mean…who else would you promote ahead of him? stutes? worley? they don’t want to move drabek because they care about his development. i think that they are sacrificing savery because they need to fill a spot, not because he is ready. i mean look at those numbers…the peripherals are terrible and on a bad trend. he should have stayed in AA, but i think that their hand was tied. let’s see if his bulldog approach gets him through.

  6. I do not hink they are sacrificng him at all…they can “fill a spot” in any number of ways in the minor leagues. Calling up your #1 pick from the 2007 draft is more than simply filling a spot or sacrificing him. If they wanted to fill a spot, they could have kept Brummett up…Brummett is pretty much an org filler at this point. They also could have put Jake Woods into the rotation regularly. He has made several spot starts this year for the team

  7. Baxter – i think that it is debatable that he responded. i am not going to list all of the stats because people will feel that i am just bashing him. but a lot of his stats have gotten worse. and i am talking about peripherals, not era or win-loss.

    my point is not to bash savery. just that they don’t seem interested in being patient with him and truly developing him. the faster they rush him the more likely he is just a mid inning reliever/lefty specialist. he really needs time to develop his pitches and his location if he is going to be a starter in the bigs. i just don’t see the patience with him that they have with other prospects.

  8. I’d have to agree with PP Fan that he’s not ready, and with Gregg in that there are many ways to fill a minor league roster. I’m sure there’s some guy they could sign in a flash to come in and start for the rest of the year.

    Interesting move. Let’s see what Joe’s got.

  9. Hey Gregg – just wanted to compliment you on the job you’re doing this year covering the LV Ironpigs. I also enjoyed the R-Phils write-ups that were done earlier this year (forget the guy’s name who was doing them), but has seemed to fall off lately.

    Do you enjoy following the Ironpigs more than you do the actual big league club? As a get older, I must say, I’m having a lot of fun following the prospects, maybe more so than the big club.

  10. Don’t get this move, I saw Savery pitch the other night, although the umpire behind the plate stunk, he still has problems with control. He didn’t exactly get hit hard but was in trouble every inning. He needs the rest of the year in AA, move him to AAA next year and then in 2011 he might be able to help at the MLB Level. Just one man’s opinion

  11. Domingo Santana goes “nuts” when he sees runners in scoring position: 2 for 2 with 2 rbi’s in today’s make up game. He is now 10 for 25 with 19 rbi’s with RISP. Maybe he can give the Phils some ideas on how to hit with RISP. After all he does turn 17 on Weds. LOL.

  12. Mind you, we’re not talking about the jump from A to AA here with Savery. He’s done enough to warrant being challenged again at AAA.

  13. Scott Mathieson not listed on the Reading roster at the moment over at MiLB.com. Anyone know what is up?

  14. Moving up Savery is a reasonable move. He may be getting a little flat at Reading and can use a new challenge. I don’t think the AAA hitters are all that much tougher at AAA, predominantly guys well past the age when they were considered prospects and showing noticeable fade.

  15. cosart is pitching the second game of the double header for the GCL Phils, didn’t go so well

  16. hopefully it was a result of bad fielding more than anything else. At least his 2 recorded outs were both Ks!

  17. He was taken out after the error from Mcconnell. Hopefully he was on a pitch count and they didn’t take him out because he had a meltdown.

    He also must have been pitching from the windup the entire time because they stole 4 times.

  18. Cosart’s line – 4 runs on 2 hits and zero walks, with no HR. How’d it happen?

    Single, SB, scoring from 2nd on a wild pitch strikeout, batter advances to first.

    Stolen base, single, run scores.

    Stolen base, throwing error, batter safe at first, runner scores from second.

    Sampson comes in, stolen base, single, run scored. Four runs charged to Cosart on two hits, two Ks, no walks. Wow. A shame since he had the inning over if not for a K-wild pitch. Still, also no reason to overreact.

  19. Yeah, it’s only one inning, and it’s his first pro appearance. Probably a little nervous, plus didn’t get a lot of help. He’s got a big arm, and if he stays healthy I think he’ll be special.

  20. That’s pretty difficult to achieve a scoring line like that. Somebody alert Jayson Stark! Still, no worries. He can (hopefully) only go up from here – unlike Susdorf’s debut. It’s all been downhill from there. 8^)

    As for Savery, I hope he responds to the challenge. Given the whole fierce competitor/superb athlete thing, I wonder if he might have a career path similar to Randy Wolf. Wolfie’s minor league stats (at least at Scranton) weren’t anything spectacular. I tend to believe that pitcher’s who are in that mold might actually be able to buy themselves an extra couple of wins per year with their hitting, fielding or just by dialing it up a notch with their intensity.

    – Jeff

  21. Rickey Branch-

    I already don’t like using player’s RISP batting average as a way to judge a hitter, becuase batting average is a terrible stat, the worst individual stat in baseball hitting wise, and so is anything involving RISP.

    But to say that Santana “goes nuts” with RISP is rediculus after a grand total of 25 at bats with RISP. I mean, thats a bit of an over-reaction. I mean, what if i were to say that he only has 10 career hits with RISP? Small sample sizes exaggerate everything

  22. Yeah, pretty strange for his first pro-inning. But it’s certainly wonderful to just see him on the mound.

  23. Back to Savery, what are we saving him for? A lot of people don’t think he’s much of a prospect so moving him to LHV doesn’t hurt a thing. If he is a prospect then I agree with Schwim about challenging guys. He will learn more from failure (if he does fail) then anything else. If he succeeds, he’ll add that needed depth in the organization. And who else are you going to move up? Drabek? He’s fine where he is. They need to reduce his innings load anyway.

  24. Bellman, as Gregg pointed out, there’s plenty of org filler around that could fill the LHV spot instead of Savery. I wouldn’t have a problem with a rush promotion if Savery was pitching well or even consistently decent at Reading. He’s taken a step backwards recently and that’s not a good time to give him the bump.

    Curious what James thinks about the move.

  25. They needed someone to fill the spot. I think it either motivates Savery, he steps up his game, and maybe he can even get a few big league innings in September, or he struggles and it shows him what he still has to work on.

    A 40 man decision on him doesn’t come until after 2010, he’s still got tons of time to figure it out, change his approach, make adjustments, or whatever else.

  26. I’m guessing Cosart had a different vision of how his first start in over a year would go. As for Savery, he might be the type of guy that needs to see bad results to understand that he needs to improve. As for the comparisons to Randy Wolf, my recollection is that he was undefeated in AA and was unhittable in the minors. When the Phils called him up, we thought he was really going to be a star. I don’t think any of us have those expectations of Savery, who most of us probably see as a bullpen guy in the future.

  27. Thanks, James. I would think Carpenter, Kendrick and Mathieson would be ahead of Savery in line for mop up innings in September unless Savery doesn’t give up a run in LHV, but maybe I’m too pessimistic on Joe.

  28. Murray – I doublechecked Wolf’s minor league stats at the baseball cube. http://thebaseballcube.com/players/W/Randy-Wolf.shtml He started out really well, and the Phils aggressively moved him through the system.

    He went undefeated at Batavia in 7 starts in ’97, undefeated (2-0) in 4 starts at Reading in ’98. Then he went 13-12 at Scranton with a WHIP around 1.40 and an ERA around 4. I think at the time the Phillies farm system was so lousy that he was the only legitimate prospect that they had. Actually, now that I come to think of it, Wolf’s stats at Scranton were a pretty good indication of the type of career he has had – solid but not spectacular #3 type pitcher.

    IIRC, he won his first four or five starts in Philadelphia and did take Philly by storm though. Long live the Wolf Pack!

    – Jeff

  29. Don’t forget Huppert and his crew are very good with pitchers.
    e.g Carpenter who was on the scrap heap last year.

  30. Thanks for doing the research on Wolfie. You’re right, his AAA stats are pretty similar to his major league numbers. we’ll see how Savery does. Don’t forget that Kendrick will be back at AAA as soon as any of three DL pitchers comes back. As for possible call ups, doesn’t Zagurski get any love??

  31. Interesting – it looks like Marson was called up to Cleveland, and so was Carrasco if I read the transactions right for the Indians. BEst of luck to both of them!

    – Jeff

  32. Savery moving to AAA is no problem whatsoever. The batters in AAA though more experienced than down below, are not world beaters. It is all about getting the innings in and getting experience, which Savery has done from the beginning. There is no need for handwringing over bizarro stats.

    If it seems Brummett will return to starting at Reading, then it would mean no promotion , for now, for Cisco or one of the other Clearwater pitchers to the Reading rotation. Or maybe some more moves await.

  33. Jeff O-

    If thats right, then it does make sense. Victor Martinez was traded, along with cliff lee. They need a catcher and a pitcher to fill those spots. If it really is marson and Ruiz, I’m hopeful that they do well

  34. Does any one know why Julian Sampson has regressed so much this year? Even last year his strikeout totals are way below what one would expect from somebody with such highly touted “stuff”

  35. Moving up Savery is reasonable, but due to recent starts you’d think Stutes may have been the one to get the call.

  36. RE: Sampson

    This is just my speculation, but I think they are trying to “fix” him by changing his mechanics or stuff around. It’s hard to say what is wrong with him or what could be wrong with him since there really have been no reports.

  37. Thanks B, I had heard they wanted him to learn to pitch to contact and induce ground outs , but I feel concerned that he is losing confidence in his pure stuff. Also my speculation,as I have only heard vague reports.

  38. I personally think the phils are moving him up because they figure after the 10 season they have tough personnel decisions to make and deciding whether Hes ready for the bigs sooner rather then later will make it easier on them.

  39. Any chance there is talk of putting Savery in FIL this year or next to switch to hitting and they are trying to speed up the evaluation process to make it obvious one way or another that he is or is not a big league pitching prospect?

    Just had the thought and tossing it out.

  40. How highly rated is Savery as a hitting prospect? Based purely on hitting alone, where would he have been drafted?

  41. Moving Savery to AAA makes perfect sense. He is an older college guy who should be mentally ready to handle the move. It’s not like anyone else in the system is ready to make that move. Drabek would be the other other potential but the probably don’t want to push his workload..

  42. Dominican news- I have been following Geancarlo Mendez. Went 2 for 2 with 4 walks Saturday. Now hitting .354. Significantly more walks than strikeouts. They recently moved him to 2B, and they list him as 6’2 170 so that might be his proper position. Has played about every game and leads team in AB’s. Has not made an error (he just started at 2B, played 1B earlier, but has mostly been the DH, though). Some might say too old , but he is a late ’89 birthdate, which would mean not that far from being a ’90 birthdate, so not that old. Not that significantly much older than alot of this years’ High School draftees. I think they recently moved him to 2B, because of offensive prowess, and I think they are looking at trying him as starting 2B in GCL next season.

  43. I think Savery a second or third rounder as a hitter. Phillies certainly liked him better as a pitcher, but no other team jumped on him before we took him near end of first round. He had a good college bat, but unless he could move off of 1B to a higher skill defensive position, probably not a good enough bat to make it to ML. There were certainly at least several better college bats among the 1B, and if you get 2 college 1B from a draft year to be solid major league starters, that’s a good draft year.

  44. Can anyone provide an in-person perspective of Scott Mathieson? He’s been going through the system this month like hot knife through butter. Today he had another dominating performance. How hard is he throwing? Does he have command of all of his pitches? In my opinion, the team is likely looking at him as a back-up option next year to Brad Lidge. Not that they want to replace Lidge – they just want someone around who can evolve in that role and provide some insurance if Lidge continues to get lit up.

    Mathieson’s re-emergence, particularly if it is at the end of the bullpen, helps ease the pain of losing Knapp.

  45. From what I’ve heard he’s been mid to upper 90’s, which is where he was before all the arm troubles.

  46. Figures that Mathieson would have alot of his stuff back, Seems like it is always seen as 1 inning, 2 strikeouts, not allowing any runs so far, like that. I would not think he is a comparable to Knapp, as if I remember right, Mathieson is one of the oldest on AA roster , younger than only Zagurski with an “83 birthday, so the age group is off. Also , given the arm troubles, he may not be a starting candidate. Many teams had the opportunity to use a co-closer or alternative closer. It seems they seldom do, they like to ride one for some reason. I think Mathieson would be a strong candidate for somewhere near the back of the bullpen, I say likely after September 1, this season, as if they want to keep him he must go back on the 40 man roster.

    Savery- yes it is true no other team jumped on him before the Phillies took him late in the 1st. In fact, no player ever drafted by the Phillies was jumped on by another team before the Phillies took them. Maybe they’re all substandard. I also never knew there was a quota for how many players can make MLB at a certain position in each draft class.

    Now, for the important stuff. I see the Willliamsport Crosscutters are finally listing Sebastien Valle as Bats Right Throws Right. It’s only been a few years since he appeared on the DSL roster, good they finally got it right. They also , since the start of the season, switched Michael Dabbs from throws Left Bats Right , to the correct Throws Right Bats Left (as shown on a philly.com Gallery). Glad to see they got somebody actually looking at what is written. At lest Williamsport wise, have to check the other teams more closely, hopefully the same employee can correct them all.

    And then they can start posting the players released on the league transactions page, so they can then be shown on the roster in a timely fashion.

  47. By next year Mathieson should be in perfect shape to challenge for a important spot. This year????

  48. Yeah, I think if they pitch him about every other day for the next month, they could bring him up in September, factoring in the idea they do not want to expose him in the rule 5 draft, and they would have to add him to the 40 man roster this offseason. And he’s been conditioning for some time now. Maybe they can spot him in September to add a big time fastball look, and his other stuff, from time to time.

  49. Maybe someone like Moyer might get “sick ” in August if things are in hand. Then he gets a rest and Mathieson qualifies. It would hardly be the first time ever.

  50. decent first start. got a DP early on to get out of a rough patch. erratic with 5 walks but one run in 6 innings in a debut is good. i’m wondering if he’d make a good middle reliever? I don’t know about him starting.

  51. Hard to believe he goes 6 innings and is still looking for his first AAA strike out to go with 5 AAA walks. Was at 89 pitches after 5 innings and 106 pitches, only 58 for strikes, after 6. Will his stuff and command and control ever be good enough to pitch in the major leagues? Not with those numbers.

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