12 thoughts on “Roster Changes

  1. Hopefully Mayberry can rediscover his stroke with more at bats. He has to be able to stop pulling off anything that breaks. If he succeeds in LHV, he may be trade bait for a back end reliever. His future on this team is really in question.

  2. I’m a little surprised that they kept Lopez and Kendrick on the 25 man roster. I guess they think Lopez can pitch out of the bullpen or they don’t think he’ll make it through waivers.

  3. Mayberry has lots of talent but needs to make some serious adjustments taking the outer half pitches through the middle or to right field.
    He really does pull off the breaking balls. He is also somewhat casual in the field. He does seem to enjoy the game though so he will likely put in the work.

  4. I don’t think Lopez would make it through waivers, but we’ll see what happens when Condrey, Romero and Durbin are healthy.

  5. I am not a scout but wonder how anyone , who watches Mayberry play, can make the statement he has a lot of talent. He is nothing but a fifth outfielder on a bad team, or a triple aaa filler in case someone gets hurt, Has no arm, his swing is long and he pulls off like he is scare, he is not his father, he is a occasiona homerun and a lot of inbetween strikeouts, and bad swings. we traded one fail draft choice for another.

  6. mikemike–
    By no means am I a believer that Mayberry will be a major league regular but with that being said, he is far better than what you described, having watched about 20 games of his.

  7. Steve Noworyta, the director of minor league operations, was interviewed during the iron pigs game and it sounded like Joe Savery was going to be promoted to AAA. He was asked about Drabek and responded that may happen at the end of the year.

  8. Marson and Donald playing against LHV tonight….Taylor got his first (right?) AAA Outfield Assist by throwing Marson out at the plate…you think Marson of all people would know better.

  9. Savery to LHV

    ht tp://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=l_trn&lid=113

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