Around the System (Catchers)

One more pre-trade deadline look at the performance of the catchers throughout the Phillies minor league system.

Lehigh Valley

Lou Marson, Age 23, .295/384/.372; 1 HR 24 RBI, 3 SB, .267 with RISP, 21% CS rate, 6 errors, .985 fielding %, 2 PB

Paul Hoover, Age 33, .274/.340/.375. 1 HR 21 RBI, .349 with RISP, 3 errors, 5 passed balls, .991 fielding %., 19% CS rate


Tuffy Gosewich, Age 25, .242/.315/.343, 1 HR 20 RBI, .238 with RISP, 37% CS rate, 6 errors, 3 passed balls, .987 fielding %.(Currently on DL)

Kevin Nelson, Age  28, .235/.316/..367, 2 HR 11 RBI, .061 with RISP, 40% CS rate, 1 error, 1 passed ball, .995 fielding %.

Tim Kennelly, Age 22, .286/.371/.449, 5 HR 50 RBI, 6 SB, has played 42 games in the OF, 17 at C, 10 at 3B and 5 at 1B, 33% CS Rate, 4 erros at C and 1 passed ball, .972 fielding % at C. (Combined Clearwater/Reading stats)


Joel Naughton, Age 22, .224/.289/.372, 7 HR 27 RBI, .239 with RISP, 13% CS rate, 7 errors, 1 passed ball, .982 fielding %.(Currently on DL)

Orlando Guevara, Age 25, .176/.222/.176, 0 HR 0RBI, 57% CS rate.

Luis Arzeno, Age 24, .206/.238/.247, 0 HR 5 RBI, 25 % CS rate, 7 errors, 1 passed ball, .970 fielding %.


Travis D’Arnaud, Age 20, .245/.309/.412; 11 HR 55 RBI, .279 with RISP, 22% CS rate, 3 errors, 7 passed balls..995 fielding %.

Kyle LaFrenz, Age 22, .120/.148/.160, 0 HR 2 RBI,  Very limited playing time between Williamsport and Lakewood thus far.


Sebastian Valle, Age 19, .270/.339/.455,  5 HR 38 RBI, 17% CS Rate, 3 errors, 10 passed balls, .990 fielding %.  Combined Lakewood/Williamsport stats.

David Doss, Age 22, .225/.279/.250, 0 HR 1 RBI, 14% CS rate, 2 passed balls and 0 errors in 13 games.

Ryan Gugel, Age 22, Has caught one game this year.

Gulf Coast League

Marlon Mitchell, Age 18, .240/.375/.400, 1 HR 3 RBI in 16 games.

Jorge Guerra, Age 21, .158/.158/.263 , 0 HR 1 RBI in 8 games.

Francisco Diaz, Age 19, .167/.242/.167, 0 HR 2 RBI in 14 games.

Phil Aviola, Age 22, .125/.333/.313, 1 HR 2 RBI, in 15 games.

23 thoughts on “Around the System (Catchers)

  1. despite the slow starts from Marson and D’Arnaud, I think we have the most depth here than any other position in the system

  2. I’m very interested in Valle. He seemed to hold his own with the bat in Clearwater before SS started

    I’m still confused by Naughton being on the 40 man roster.

  3. apparently tornado either forgot the outfield…or meant to type ‘infield position’…

  4. Considering how hard it is to find good catchers, I don’t think Tornado’s comment was that farfetched. Marson/D’Arnaud/Kennelly/Valle is probably better than what a lot of teams have, so relatively speaking we are deep at catcher.

  5. I would love to know what their plans for Marson are. Ruiz another o-4 last night.
    You can put your head in the sand three problems remain.
    backup SS
    and Catcher

  6. Tim Kennelly seems to fit utiltiy early next year depending on
    how he progresses a third catcher is a great tool.
    A ball looks like an unfinish puzzle with a nice picture on the box.

  7. Catching – the call-up of Jorge Guerra for the injury at Clearwater seems to show he will be moved around to fill organizational holes , much as Orlando Guevara has been in the past. I would say that role would be less highly regarded than some, and I would think Guerra would be less regarded than Mitchell, Francisco Diaz, or Aviola at GCL.

    Despite the constant harangue about the MLB catching, they are not changing at this point, for many reasons frequently previously enumerated. Nor are they looking to move a player fresh from Clearwater, and not yet mastering AA hitting, by the way, to next season’s MLB roster.

    I do not like the practice , on here , of Combining stats from 2 different levels, as if this indicates something. There are stats from one level , and stats from another level. That means something.

  8. Neither Valle or D’Arnaud were hitting when both were splitting duties at Lakewood. Both started hitting when they had full time starting catching roles on their own teams. Coincidence?

    And no, splitting time at DH isn’t the same.

    Catcher is the least concerning issue on the MLB team. We don’t need offense from the 8 spot. 1-7 produces plenty of runs for us.

  9. This team needs defense, and game management from it’s Catcher. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our early season pitching struggles coincided with Ruiz being on the DL.

    Marson still needs to improve in those areas before he can make a contribution to the big team

  10. Notable to me is that D’Arnaud has thrown out 22% of the basestealers. That’s not bad at that level because they run alot in that league and the pitchers are not always very skilled at holding runners on or in consistently throwing pitches that give the catchers a chance to throw. His bat has obviously come a long way from his terrible start but it looks like this Travis is doing just fine. By the way, the Phillies told you how they wanted their catchers to play when they releaed Coste who can still hit a little but just can’t catch well enough. Marson will likely be the backup next year (if he’s still here after this week).

  11. With Marson gone, have does that affect the catchers pecking order in A-AA-AAA ???

  12. What pecking order? Looks to me like things basically reamain the same till season’s end , unless outsiders are brought in. Paul Hoover caught alot in AAA this season (also 1B some) and likely gets called up September 1 , unless they don’t want to drop anyone from the 40 man roster. In that case, maybe they bring up Naughton from Clearwater for a reserve role. Kevin Nelson called up from AA, to back up Hoover, giving them 2 minor league veterans there. Next season they will likely call up Gosewisch from AA and have a veteran back-up. The rest of this season, Kennelly will catch regualar in AA until Gosewisch returns from injury. Next season, Kennelly and Naughton share the position with Kennelly also playing OF. The rest of the system likely remains in tact this season. Next season, prime moves should be D’Arnaud to Clearwater, Valle to Lakewood, the top guys to Extended Spring training might be Kyle LaFrenz ticketed to Williamsport, and Marlon Mitchell and/or Francisco Diaz likely to split time in GCL, along with Latin American newcomers Marco Davaliilllo, Felix Marine, and Enderson Villegas.

  13. Harrisburg Husker Says:

    This team needs defense, and game management from it’s Catcher. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our early season pitching struggles coincided with Ruiz being on the DL.

    Please check you facts. It’s one thing to be a fan.
    The Phils were 10-7 when Ruiz was out. They won the first
    three, then Taschner, Madison, and Lidge blew late inning
    leads. There were three games where they scored one run
    and a awful start by Park.
    That is a much different story than yours. Memory is not always accurate ,we see what we want. No problem

    I am betting on a trade before Saturday. No reason Ruben
    shouldn’t finish his painting.

  14. “I do not like the practice , on here , of Combining stats from 2 different levels, as if this indicates something. There are stats from one level , and stats from another level. That means something.”

    It’s less than ideal, but I think drawing conclusions from only 100-200 at bats is more likely to lead to false results than combining levels.

  15. Catching wise, it appears Francisco Diaz is filling in at Clearwater while Luis Ramon Arzeno is on the DL. Maybe , like I said above, Guerra is not moving into an organizational injury substitution role, and they are giving various Catchers in the rookie league a chance to sit for Clearwater.

  16. Dominican note: Marco Davalillo(6’1 210) bigger than usual Venezuelan Infielder or Catcher, has been playing 3B lately, moving from Catcher and 1B. Since his stats seem to show promise as a hitter, defensive acceptability at 3B may make him the candidate for a 3B role in GCL next season, or when the Venezuelan season ends in about 9 games.

    A comment I made before, which seems to have been lost in the ozone, and would not let me re-post:

    I would like to see a listing of multi-level stats as AAA-X,X,X,X , Demoted to AA 7/12/08 X,X,X,X. Though alot on here would know some background and take adjustments, such a listing would save some mental gymnastics and interpretation.

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