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Great pitching from Tyler Cloyd last night in Lakewood’s 2-0 victory over Kannapolis.

SS prospect Freddy Galvis was placed on the DL along with P Julian Sampson, while Mike Cisco was activated from the DL in Clearwater.

Michael Taylor and Yohan Flande were the Phillies organizations hitter and pitcher of the month for APril.

Tonights probably pitchers: Lehigh Valley: Drew Carpenter; Reading: Tyson Brummett; Clearwater: Drew Naylor; Lakewood: Jason Knapp.

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  1. I like Flande, but Drabek was more impressive in April at a younger age in the same league. He was better than Flande in pretty much every statistical category except ERA.

    But I suppose it’s a nice problem to have here. I foresee Flande getting a call-up to AA if he has 2-3 more solid starts.

  2. Now that we’ve had a month to get a pretty decent sample size, which players have seen their stock rise/fall the most, and who have been the biggest surprises and disappointments?

    For me, probably the biggest surprise has been Knapp. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from him, and he really opened some eyes. Another surprise to me has been Yonderman Rodriguez. I’m not sure how his defense is, but he looks to me like he could be a decent utility guy. He seems to have zero power, but decent plate discipline and has hit for decent average.

    As for disappointments, Julian Sampson has really scuffled, and if it weren’t for his early season walk-a-thon, then I’d be really down on Mattair.

    And in the not-really-surprised-but-glad-to-see category, the ascension of Drabek and Brown to All-Star Caliber prospects has been really pleasing

    – Jeff

  3. Relative surprise with Flande, a non top 30 prospect being player of the month.

  4. isnt flande 23 years old. a bit old for a ball. but knapp and cloyd should be in clearwater. remember how political it is moving a guy up or down. you dont think the owner of lakewood is fighting tooth and nail to keep knapp and cloyd in lakewood? or the same in clearwater or reading?

  5. john from philly.ne. that is a really good point, maybe you can answer a question does clearwater pay the players or the phillies .because if say reading does pay any players salary, then all the gate money and concession is there?And don’t they get paid if a prospect is brought up to the big club, because somethings it says club purchased contract.

  6. Most Surprising:

    Yohan Flande

    Most Disappointing:

    Travis D’Arnaud

    Flande is 23 yrs old, but has only been stateside since last year. He’s moved from GCL to A+ in less than 1 year with the Phillies. If he’s moved to AA as speculated by Chuck LeMar a week or two ago, that’s quite a meteoric rise regardless of age, to go from Rookie to AA in essentially 1-year.

  7. So was Flande in there academy? and maybe it took longer because he is lefthanded?

  8. mike the phils own all of the affiliates so they would be paying themselves. when contract was purchased no money is exchanged.

  9. Thanks. I always thought reading had there own owners, and read where they always made money with there promotion. That it was one of the better run franchises in minor league baseball.

  10. I’m excited for Cisco to get started this year. BA I believe rated him as having the best control in the system, so I’m curious to see what he can do at Clearwater.

  11. wonder what will happen when sampson gets back. either he goes down to claws or drabek or flande go to reading. Probably not fair if one goes so maybe both and worley and stutes to LHV. That would probably push lehr to the pen.

  12. I agree with Jeff O on Julian Sampson. This sounds weird, but I hope there is something physically wrong with him to explain his struggles. Here’s hoping he can bounce back some as the season progresses.

    And as for tonight, it’s “Knapp Time!”…hmmm…maybe not…

  13. I would say the organization’s overall lack of hitting as a whole has been the biggest disappointment for me. To be sure, there are some nice players, and, as it turns out, that might be enough given the state of the big league team, but nobody is blowing me away. By contrast, several of the pitchers are really going gangbusters (Knapp, Flande, Worley, Stutes, Drabek – it’s an impressive group).

  14. Flande needs to be promoted. I don’t think a guy at his age could develop into much more then a bullpen guy but being lefthanded there could be some value there. The only way to find out is to be aggresive with him.

    The internet says he was in the DSL for two years, going 9-3 with a 2.23 ERA, FWIW.

  15. To me, D’Arnaud is by far the biggest disappointment. He’s really struggling and no one saw that coming. The most pleasant surprise is how well Stutes and Worley are doing after being dble bumped to AA. That’s a very tough move for many pitchers and these guys are both making it look easy and making themselves look like legit major league prospects. My guess on Sampson situation is that Flande, age 23, will get moved up when Sampson comes back. Drabek won’t get moved until the weather gets hot.

  16. going to the blueclaws game tonite and can’t wait to see Knapp and report back.

  17. Drabek and Brown make the Hot Sheet.

    About Drabek: They were saying he’s making a push to be on their weekly.

  18. Flande was in the DSL for 3 years. He had sub-3 ERAs all three years but did not get promoted. This could be a sign that he has mediocre stuff. He has been a pleasant surprise this year, though I think all we should expect is another LOOGY candidate. Lefties are only hitting .167 off him so far this year (.191 last year).

  19. calm down about D’Arnaud. he was drafted as a raw bat that needed to develop. he is only 19 years old. give him some time before you start judging his performance.

  20. Thus far,
    happiest about:
    -Drabek, Cloyd, Knapp, Worley, Stutes giving consistent great outings. (Flande usually as well not including two nights ago).
    -Dom. Brown and Michael Taylor beginning to get their swings together.
    -The so far flawless return of Mike Zagurski.
    – Amazing overlooked performances by Justin De Fratus. He’s been kind of passed over but he’s pitching 4 inning shutouts out of the bullpen consistently after Jesus Sanchez.
    -Gose can straight up fly.
    -Also great jobs so far by Rosenberg, Schwimmer, Chapman, Bastardo, Brummett
    most concerning:
    -Drew Naylors getting lit up at clearwater
    -D’Arnaud and Valle are both struggling
    -Marson, Carrasco, Donald all mediocre at AAA so far
    -Quintin Berry and Brad Harman are done

    ..overall i’d say many more things to be excited about.

  21. Joe, you had it right the first time. “Their” is correct.

    Nice to see MT picking up where he left off. I feel bad for him as he’s going to be major league ready before the Phillies have a place for him, but he should be good insurance against injury and hopefully can take Ibanez’ place in a year or two if age catches up to Raul.

  22. Valle is struggling do you think he goes back to GCL or Williamsport, he is really young he won’t be nineteen until july.

  23. So, about D’Arnaud; I know his bat has been anemic; what of his defense and handling of the staff… any views on his catcher iq as yet?

  24. Defense, speed, timely hitting and pitching win World Championships of Baseball. Last night the Blueclaws won an instant classic 2-0 game this way against a top rated pitcher in the White Sox chain. The winning run was scored started by a Gose single. He took second on his 15 stolen base of the year. A wild pitch put him on third and a double by Murphy scored him in the 6th. Then Mattair makes two gold glove plays at third. D’Arnaud was 2 for 2 in throwing out runners attemping to steal and Cloyd becomes, I think, the first pitcher in the organization to pitch 8 shutout innings this year and only 4 of his outs were by fly balls. That’s how you win anywhere but especially at CBP.

  25. All the discussion about moving these pitchers after a couple of good outings is crazy, knapp is getting hit tonight, carrasco is getting hit, stutes is getting hit, Drabek has two bad starts in a row, we must be patience and let them learn.I am one of the ones who wanted after three starts for Drabek to move to reading, I was wrong he needs to dominated at the level he is at for more than a month, and needs innings

  26. I tend to focus on the upper levels of minor league ball (AA and up), so here’s my list –

    Most disappointing –

    Brad Harmon , although I’m not so sure I had high hopes for him to begin with. I thought at best he could become a Wes Helms type and be a nice fill in minor league player. He’s looking like a career minor league guy.

    Carrasco – Vincente Padilla Jr

    Marson / Donald – Guess the Phillies aren’t idiots for not keeping them out of spring training, are they? Granted, it’s real early, and they aren’t huge disappointments, but I was hoping they’d get off to a quick start and push for a promotion. They’re now looking to be September call ups rather than real July contributors.

    Pleasant Surprises –

    Reading Pitching – The worst guy on the staff has been Joe Savery, and even he hasn’t been that bad. In fact ,Savery’s secondary numbers really aren’t as bad as most people think.

  27. mikemike, the pitchers are doing better than you think they are. Stutes has had one bad start out of 5 and has more strikeouts than hits allowed on the season. Drabek has had two excellent starts in a row (1.24 WHIP, 5:1 K:BB, 11.9 K/9 in those two starts), not sure what you were talking about. Knapp is young and learning to pitch, as James explained in his post, so he’s going to have ups and downs and probably spend the whole year at Lakewood.

    And this is nitpicking, but I think Joe was right to correct himself: he’s making a push to be on there weekly, i.e. he is making a push on be on there every week. Not: he is making a push to be on their weekly report.

  28. Drabek last two starts 10 innings 6 runs, am I wrong, and what I meant was these kids need time, and I am as quilty as others in wanting them move to higher level, when it is clear they need more seasoning. I wish that I Understood what you are saying that is different then I stated. Just read bill colin rate the 2004 draft, he said a draft should be graded after 5 years, in the 2004 draft Golson, Happ, marson, jaramillo. he state top of the round is all that will make the grade Jaramillo and golson are not projecting to be anything special, Marson and happ make the grade a b

  29. Ironically, both Golson and Jaramillo are on MLB rosters and Jaramillo has been pretty solid in Pittsburg. Given that he’s a switchhitting above averaged defender, he’ll probably be an MLB level catcher for several years…hardly a complete failure…just not with us is all.

  30. I don’t think he meant failure but not big contriutors . might make a roster. nothing special and lets give it some time to see if Jaramillo was a mistake. Must remember starting for a poor pittsburg team, isn’t the same as making the phillies a world champ.will he be better than ruiz or marson, we will see

  31. mikemike, I did not disagree with your main point, sorry if it came across that way. I agree with what you said about letting them develop. That’s what James was saying about Knapp.

    I was more pointing out that you were incorrect about Stutes and Drabek, and perhaps too reactionary on Knapp. As for Drabek, check out this page: http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?n=Kyle%20Drabek&pos=P&sid=milb&t=p_pbp&pid=475138. In Drabek’s last two starts he has pitched 11.33 innings and allowed 3 earned runs.

  32. ” marky mark Says:
    May 8, 2009 at 11:15 am
    mike the phils own all of the affiliates so they would be paying themselves. when contract was purchased no money is exchanged.”

    Not quite. They own the Reading affiliate (purchased last year), and Clearwater . Otherwise, its a franchise/affilliate system. The phillies own the players, and contracts a franchise to provide the team/stadium amenities. Phillies pay bonuses and salaries, while the franchise pays for operational expenses.

  33. Golson is still the same Greg Golson we knew . . . and most hated. Still strikes out a ton and doesn’t walk. He’ll be back down after Josh Hamilton comes off the DL.

  34. meanwhile Andino moves up . Good for him maybe he can get on the prospect list. Hopefully just a bad night for Knapp. If he is ok physically his next start will be interesting.

  35. mm i understand your feeling that our guys arent ready to move up,but i disagree . i checked most of the number 1s and 2s in the majors a nd the average lenght of time in development is 3 years, less time 2 but never 4. if we believe our guys to be real quality despite 1 or 2 bad outings i think they have to be moved at that pace at least. just an observation but it seems flande has been at a for a ridicuously long time.drabek despite losing a year should at least be in aa, carrasco despite my doultbs,should be ready for the big club knapp and cloyd would be being fastracked and stutes and worley should be ready next year according to the time most good mlb,ers spend in the minors. so actually carrasco,drabek,flande are behind and knapp,cloyd,stutes and worley are were they should be if and thats a big if they are as good as i think they are. damage isnt done to a pitcher physically but if you know a pitchers head you can move the more mature guy. p.s. i wrote this after seeing our ace back. HIS ARM IS ALIVE,great sight.

  36. saw Knapp in person last night and it wasn’t pretty. He touched 94 on the gun at times but was a bit erratic, got behind in counts and got tagged pretty good. obviously just one start and no one talks about rushing him but he’s where he belongs. i for one like to see them dominate a league before moving on. I’d rather have them 24+ when they’re starting in the bigs and doing well there than 22-23 and struggling to start off with. patience is the key with these kids.

  37. I’m not going to write about moving anyone anywhere. There were two pitching performances of note yesterday and a comment about a third.

    First, Brummett and Naylor had nice performances yesterday. Brummett 6 2/3, 4H 1R, 8K & 3 BB (more on that later). Naylor went 7 Innings, 5H, 1R, 6K and zero BBs. Naylor is stretching out nicely. The last two games he’s gone 6 and 7 innings respectively. He’s allowed 3 runs and has 11Ks. These two guys are not going to help the big club anytime soon and I wouldn’t bet my house, my car or even my seriously depleted 401K that either will ever help the big club. I liked their performances.

    The comment I’ll make is about Carpenter’s performance. He kept them in the game. Gave LHV a chance to win the game, which they did by scoring 2 runs in the top of the 9th. The problem for Carpenter was walks. He walked 4. Two were just ahead of homers. That’s giving the opposing team 2 extra runs and you can argue that it gave them 4 additional runs. Maybe if he gets them out an inning is over. Maybe pitching from the stretch is a serious weakness and that helped with the HRs. My point is walks will kill you. If you can teach anything to a young pitcher, it would be to make the hitter earn his way.

  38. “And this is nitpicking, but I think Joe was right to correct himself: he’s making a push to be on there weekly, i.e. he is making a push on be on there every week. Not: he is making a push to be on their weekly report.”

    Good point Boston. I misunderstood what Joe was saying.

  39. To the question about who pays salaries. Although the minor league affiliates are independently owned and operated, the Phillies pay the salaries & benefits (and bonuses) of all uniformed employees of their minor league teams – under the terms of the player development contract. The minor league team covers travel and other expenses.

  40. Well with Blanton on the hill today, I thought I would check out how the guys we gave up for him are doing.

    Cardenas is in AAA? Wow…I mean sure he didn’t have much of a position in our system, but he tore the cover off the ball in AA so far.

    Spencer is still raking, albeit in High-A. 9 HR’s already…he’s probably due for a promotion very soon.

    Outman…looks like he is still holding his own as a starter in MLB…and we thought he was a long shot to make it as a reliever?

  41. Outman was a darkhorse candidate by alot of people to make the rotation last year. The greater consensus has always been his control issues would be his undoing though. He’s got a great fastball though (he sits 93-94 and hits 95-96 when he wants too.) He’s been impressive to follow.

  42. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me looking at transaction lists that the Phils move player less than other minor league organizations
    Blanton will be interesting if it was my money it would stay in my pocket either way. I havent had time to check it out yet but
    it maybe what success starters are having depends on who
    they are play eg. Park got away with a lot of high pitches to the Mets (are they all low ball hitters?)

  43. My biggest disappointments this year have been Donald and Garcia not even being in the country. I am hoping Donald has just been going through the I-should-have-made-the-Phillies-out-of-ST sulks. I don’t see how playing different positions has killed his offense. He really has just moved around a lot recently, he started playing almost all SS and his hitting was bad then, also. I wrote off Harman and Berry last season. Harman tries way too hard to be a power hitter. He’s got a lot of extra base hits, as he did last year, but a BA flirting with .200 doesn’t cut it.

    Biggest positive surprise — Brown really took off this year, the Reading starters.

    On whether or not the Phillies move guys up as much as other teams — the Phillies were very aggressive with some placements this season, especially Stutes and Worley going to Reading and Knapp to Lakewood. D’Arnaud’s and Collier’s placement also aggressive.

  44. JSlasher88 Blanton was 10-0 even though he had 6 of 14 quality starts. But he was better than Eaton. we won the series so the prospect who we gave up , if they all become all stars, it was worth a championship. To be on broad street and see the people, made it worth while.Cardenas is a good prospect and we have no where for him to play . He isn’t a third basemen not a really strong arm, he is a second basemen. spenser is a guy with some power but be hard press to hit for average. He is a four year college player and is a 245 hitter in high a . Outman could be real good or a dud. look at his era and homeruns allowed, not a scout but he must have a straight fastball with little movement.

  45. john I don’t think they would do it with both Carrasco and myers no way would they want Myers not at over 12 million and arbritration elgible. I believe its got to be stutes or Worley, Marson and either brown or taylor. just my opinion.

  46. allentown Says:
    On whether or not the Phillies move guys up as much as other teams — the Phillies were very aggressive with some placements this season, especially Stutes and Worley going to Reading and Knapp to Lakewood. D’Arnaud’s and Collier’s placement also aggressive.
    I am in agreement . just an observation since ST Ruben seems to have broken the mold..

    This years Blanton seems less lucky

  47. That Milb-TV game on the Net last night was hard to watch if you were looking for prospects even though the IronPigs won. Carpenter hung two curves that resulted in two homers. Marson threw to second but the second baseman, our boy Donald, was late to cover the bag and the ball wound up in center field and Donald and Mayberry were made to look bad at the plate on breaking balls. On the positive side Marson started a 9th inning rally by going the other way with a double down the right field line.

    Also interesting to note that the Clearwater Aussies err I mean Threshers won last night led by Drew Naylor finally getting a quality start win on the mound, “super utility” guy Tim Kennelly (he’s played all the corner infield and outfield positions and caught this year) going deep for his first first homer of the season and Joel Naughton behind the plate.

  48. Spencer hit two jacks last night, one a walk-off for the Stockton Ports. He is definitely headed to TX soon.

  49. Good to hear that Correa is throwing in the low 90’s today for Lakewood according to the netcast. Still wonder why they used a No. 1 draft pick on someone who sits in the mid to high 80’s as Savery does?

  50. Actually Joe Blanton has been one of the most unluckiest pitchers this year, per Baseball Prospectus.

  51. Joe Blanton is the luckiest guy in the world 3.5 million and he stinks. The reason I believe Savery was taken if they though his arm strength would become better, it isn’t happing

  52. Savery has never recovered his arm strength from before his surgery…they took a gamble and lost.

  53. wish I could have seen Dominic Brown’s game today, homered, 4 hits and drove in 6 runs.

  54. Just saw that the Home Run that Brown hit was actually an inside the park homerun, just shows the speed this guy has too.

  55. when savory was pitching at rice he was throwing 93-95, I heard. they didn’t spend a #1 pick on a high80s guy, they spent it on a risky low to mid 90s guy.

  56. yes, brown with a monster game tonight been by far the most consistent hitter in the system this year, as taylor is cooling off and cant figure out how to get a hit on the road, besides them two there is not much worth mentioning as far as the hitters go

  57. Brown’s a FSL Triple Crown threat. Currently first in homers; second in rbi’s and fourth in batting average.

  58. yea he is basically top ten in every offensive category, Runs, Hits, doubles, triples, homers, RBIs, SB, OBP, AVG, and OPS

  59. Yea, I read Savery was low to mid 90’s and really liked a scouting video- I was happy when the phils drafted him. At least from reports I read he had a plus fastball and a plus change…. I guess when the fastball velocity dipped the change up lost its luster.

  60. I hope that brown won’t win the FSL triple crown.

    I hope that he gets promoted to soon for that to happen

  61. Here’s a good discussion question to get things going. We’ve got Vance Worley and Michael Stutes in Reading, with extremely similar statistics. Which is the better prospect?

  62. By midseason if Savery doesnt improved Relief may be his forte. He was effective in short games the first years.
    A inventive system might try to go back to square one
    pitch him only 3 innings for one or two starts then build to four etc. sure as hell cant hurt. Maybe ???

    signed STILL WAITING

  63. worley or stutes thats a tough one, they seem so similar to me, both have pretty good strikeout rates thus far and a fairly low amount of walks for both as well, though i havent seen either of them pitch

  64. I wouldn’t move Savery to relief. I’d put him back on 1B. He may be a better hitter than a pitcher. He was a darn good two way player at Rice. They’ve been giving him ABs @ Reading. When the pitching “experiment” is up, let him try to get his swing back.

  65. Take a look at Chance Chapman who picked up another win last night and is now 3-0 in relief. He has yet to give up an earned run in 17.2 innings and opponents are hitting .093 against him in relief. At 25, it is time for him to move up from A ball. He could replace Overholt who is in his third year at Reading and still can’t keep his ERA under 5.

  66. Wow, Brown is having an eye opening season.

    I wonder what the circumstances were with his inside the park homer – both the center fielder and left fielder were replaced afterwards, so I’m guessing there was a collision. Either that or Brown’s awesomeness left them curled up on the outfield grass, weeping.

  67. http://orioles.scout.com/a.z?s=251&p=2&c=863887

    “With two away in the inning, Threshers right fielder Dominic Brown lifted a fly ball to left-center field off Cubs reliever Craig Muschko. Both Colvin and Campana converged on the play and collided at full speed, causing the ball to drop and Brown to race around the bases for an inside the park home run.

    After the collision, Colvin and Campana went down immediately and lay motionless for several minutes. After a delay of nearly a half-hour, the two were carried out on stretchers en route to Halifax Heath Center, a nearby hospital where both players underwent CT scans. They were alert and had movement in all extremities upon being taken to the hospital.

    Both were diagnosed with concussions, Cubs manager Buddy Bailey confirmed.

    “Tyler never lost consciousness, but (Campana) did,” Bailey said. “They both definitely have concussions.”

    Although Campana appeared to be more shaken up on the play initially, he was later released from the hospital ahead of Colvin.

    Campana left the game on a stretcher wearing a neck brace. He returned to the stadium after being released from the hospital shortly after the game had ended.

    “I don’t really remember anything,” Campana said afterward. “But I feel fine and they released me right away. Tyler was in worse shape than I am.”

    Colvin sustained a visible knot just above his left ear. Both he and Campana will undergo additional tests early this week and be reevaluated, said Bailey.

    Bailey said that one or both players would go on the disabled list.

    “They are both going to have general soreness so bad for three or four days that it’s going to be hard to move,” said Bailey. “When you have a collision like that, your upper body and neck is going to be in bad shape and that’s not including the concussion part.”

    Bailey said the Cubs would bring up OF Francisco Guzman from extended spring training to coincide with Colvin and/or Campana’s absence.

    “I’m sure both of them will be fine,” said Bailey. “It’s one of those things where you’ve got to keep on going. It’s just like when you see people in a car wreck; it’s not pretty, but you keep on driving. You’ve got to find a way to get through it.”

    But that’s easier said than done – at least it was Saturday, said Cubs catcher Mark Reed.

    “Everyone was in total shock and it just took everybody out of what we were trying to do out here,” Reed said. “The whole time, I mean, you’re sick to your stomach after you see something like that. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.”

    Colvin batted .253 with one home run and four doubles through 27 games. The Cubs’ first-round pick in the 2006 draft from Clemson, he underwent Tommy John surgery last October and began 2009 at Daytona as the Cubs’ designated hitter before eventually seeing playing time in left field and center field.

    Campana was a 13th-round Cubs draft pick from Cincinnati a year ago and began 2009 at Class-A Peoria. He batted .283 and stole 11 bases in 18 games with Peoria before being promoted to Daytona on May 1. He is 8-for-30 (.267) with a double and three stolen bases in eight games with Daytona.”

    So definitely more to that home run than met the box score. Glad to hear that both Cubs’ prospects are ok.

  68. ****I guess when the fastball velocity dipped the change up lost its luster.****

    That tends to happen. They took a risk and lost. He might still make it as a reliever…you never know.

    I’d take Worley over Stutes personally. Its nice to have the choice.

  69. I really hope the phillies do the right thing and sit Mattair until the Gcl opens. It’s a shame he is so bad that he may never recover. I don’t care he is twenty, he is overmatched, and needs to go to the lower level and try to learn to hit or he will be another Durant, myer, berry type. I know he can field but good fielding, no hit infielders are a dime a dozen. T

  70. I’d say Worley too, but that’s just a preference. Especially after Vance’s 8 inning gem with a 12-5 GO-FO ratio and a 0.50 WHIP. But I’m pretty high on both of them.

    Gose made an amazing diving catch to end the game with a man on 3rd and Lakewood only up a run. This in addition to a 4-5 day with a triple to center. His BA is up to .257 and while his small walk rate is cause for concern, his 18 SB’s lead the Sally and would be second to Carl Crawford in the bigs. Pretty impressive for an 18 year old in A ball. Two of his hits were infield hits, so the kid can flat out fly.

    And a really nice 3 inning save for Michael Schwimer in Clearwater today, only giving up 1 hit but striking out 5. And Rosenberg got the save in the Lakewood game. Throw in Chapman’s sub-1 ERA in Clearwater and .093 BA against as a reliever, and it makes for a nice batch of developing bullpen arms.

  71. Don’t be surprised if Worley is pitching in Citzein Bank Park before any of the other young bunch of starters at AA and AAA , Carrasco, Drabek or Stutes. His eight inning three hit win today was his 6th straight quality start so far this season.

    “Phillies pitching coach Steve Schrenk told the media after the game that it was his opinion that Worley has displayed major league stuff in most of his six outings.” Tony Zonca.

  72. NEPP on Savery:
    * They took a risk and lost. He might still make it as a reliever…you never know. *

    At worst, Savery could be the next Jack Taschner! lol

  73. Collier 1-2, 2 Walks, and a Steal

    Pulls his line to .263/.324/.394/.718 on the season. Him and Gose are doing well to keep themselves afloat at such a young age.

  74. Bellman Says:
    I wouldn’t move Savery to relief. I’d put him back on 1B. He may be a better hitter than a pitcher. He was a darn good two way player at Rice. They’ve been giving him ABs @ Reading. When the pitching “experiment” is up, let him try to get his swing back

    .Rickey Branch Says:
    Sad story about Savery. He was gassed after 83 pitches and 5 innings.

    Maybe the real answer is both let him hit and relieve. The
    new staff at Reading seems excellent. Let them use their heads to be inventive

  75. IIRC, there was talk after Worley was drafted that he could be fast-tracked to the majors because he was a polished college pitcher. Though, at the time, the talk was of him showing up as a reliever. Still, its good to see him pitching so well.

  76. John from the NE. Saw Worley pitch in one of his early starts where he hit a home run. Big and powerful thighs. Once he settles in he gets stronger as the game goes on. In earlier starts he retired 15 in a row at one point and struck out the side on 9 pitches. Today he retired 13 in a row at one point. From listening to the game on the net it sounded like he was able to throw his change up for strikes. His fastball sits reportedly at 93 . Not bad for someone who not turn 22 until late Sept.

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