Daily Archives: May 27, 2009

A note on draft risk

I’ve decided that I am actually going to do a mock draft this year, even though the Phillies don’t pick until the back part of the second round. I just love the draft and all that comes with it too much, so I’m gonna spend some time working on that, and I’ll post it sometime next week. But watching Rick Porcello today, I wanted to make a quick note on this, a topic we’ve discussed before, mainly because the Phillies are going to have to be creative with this draft because they don’t have a first round pick or sandwich round pick. My stance on the draft is well known, I’m very much in the “spend more, invest more, and you’ll get more out of it camp”, while others have argued that you’re best served by not breaking slot and keeping costs down. The bottom line with the draft is, there are no sure things. But in sports, there are no sure things. The best teams don’t always win the World Series, the ace is often times defeated by the 4A pitcher, and we know anything can happen. But at the end of the day, its the job of the GM and everyone associated with the decision making of a team to best use its resources and make every effort possible to invest as much talent as possible.

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