Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

Another 3-3 week for the ‘Pigs who leave for Toledo for a weekend series.  Lehigh Valley is in 5th place in the Northern Division, 8.5 games out of first.

Probable Pitchers:  Friday: Drew Carpenter; Saturday: Rodrigo Lopez; Sunday: Justin Lehr 

Week In Review-

5/04/09– Rainout

5/05/09–Mondays game was rescheduled as part of a double header, on another miserable night weather wise at Coca Cola Park.  Justin Lehr (4-1)got the call in Game One against Buffalo, the Mets affiliate, and pitched a great game, going all seven innings, shutting out the Bison on 3 hits.  He walked two and struck out four.  The ‘Pigs took the lead in  the third inning on a two run single by Mike Cervenak, and added another in the 6th after Cervenak (who doubled) scored on a wild pitch. Nothing else notable in Game One, as the ‘Pigs mustered just four hits themself.  Game Two was rained out, and rescheduled yet again, for Wednesday.

5/06/09–Kyle Kendrick got the call in Game One Wednesday,  another dreary night in Allentown.  Kendrick gave up an early run on an RBI triple by Mets prospect Fernando Martinez, but settled in well after that, going 5 innings, giving up that lone run on four hits.  He walked two and struck out five.  The ‘Pigs came back to tie the game in the fourth inning, after a David Newhan triple scored Andy Tracy, who had doubled off of Bison rehab starter Tim Redding. A walk-off RBI single by Rich Thompson plated Lou Marson, who had walked to give the ‘Pigs a 2-1 win.  Cedric Bowers (1-0) came in and pitched two scoreless innings in relief to get the win. In what is now seeming like tradition, Game Two of the twinbill was rained out.

5/07/09–The ‘Pigs just cant seem to get to .500 as they failed in their latest attempt today, losing 6-4 to Buffalo to close out their three game series.  Carlos Carrasco(0-3) got the start and gave up a leadoff homer to Cory Sullivan in the first inning as Buffalo took the early lead.  Lehigh Valley tied it up in the bottom half  on a RBI double by Mike Cervenak.   The ‘Pigs scored two in the third to go up 3-1, and added another in the fourth on an RBI double by Jason Donald to take a 4-1 lead, before the wheels came off of Carlos Carrasco.  Carrasco, who pitched well through five, was victimized by another big inning (the 6th), that the ‘Pigs couldnt recover from.  Carrasco’s line…5.1 IP, 8 H, 6ER, 1BB, 3K.  Both Pablo Ozuna and Jason Donald had two hits apiece for Lehigh Valley.  Ozuna added two spectacular diving plays at SS.

 ‘Pigs Prospects–Carlos Carrasco pitched twice this week and was victimized by a big inning twice, ruining decent starts.  He threw 9.2 innings on the week, giving up 13 hits and 8 earned runs, a concerning number to say the least.  The start prior to those, he had complained of a sore elbow. He walked 3 and struck out 11 on the week.  For the year, he stands at 0-3 with a lofty 5.46 ERA and a WHIP of 1.30.  Opponents are hitting .308 against him with runners on base, an alarming stat, that makes you wonder if his mental approach needs work.

Jason Donald–Three games at 3b, one at SS, and two at 2B in a week where the Phillies began to make their immediate plans for Donald much clearer.  Other than an error on his first chance at 3B, Donald continues to play well in the field.  At the plate, he was 7-24 (.292), this week, and had a very good game Thursday against Buffalo, with 2 doubles. His average is at .255 on the year, with a homer and 10 RBI, to go along with 3 stolen bases.  His OBP(.303) and SLG (.391), should improve as he continues his adjustment to AAA.  A batting average of .194 with RISP must improve.

Lou Marson was reactivated for the game last Sunday and has had a rough go of it thus far.  In four games this week, he was 2-11 (.182) and does not have an RBI yet this year.  Marson’s first month this year has been a whirlwind, with his trip to Philly and then back to the Valley, so it may take some time for him to settle him.  Perhaps, more alarming is the fact that opposing baserunners are 10-10 stealing bases on him.  Although it is clear the ‘Pigs staff needs work holding on runners, blame needs to be shared in this category.

John Mayberry— I have learned quickly watching Mayberry, that it is either feast or famine.  This week started as a feast and ended in a famine.  On the week he was 5-22 (.227), with a homer and 5 RBI’s, all last weekend. He looked miserable at the plate on Thursday, striking out three times.  He is hitting .258 on the year with good power (6 homers) and 19 RBI. His batting line is .350/539/.889, and he has struck out 29 times, among league leaders. Additionally, he is hitting .212 with RISP.

Kyle Kendrick is pitching fairly well.  Since we last spoke of Kendrick, the 24 year old got the win against Toledo, going 6 innings and not allowing a run, while on Wednesday, he went five innings against Buffalo and yielded only one run on four hits.  He stands at 2-1 with a 2.61 ERA in his 5 starts,  He has allowed just one home run ball, hitters are batting .260 against him and his WHIP is 1.25.   ALthough his numbers have been quite impressive, Kendrick continues to struggle with his control running far too many deep counts, which could easily become problematic.

Pig Leaders–Jason Donald is first in at bats (110), 4th in doubles (10) and 5th in strikeouts (26), Mike Cervenak is 7th in at bats (103), 6th in hits (33),and 6th in RBI’s (20),  Rich Thompson is 8th in at bats(102), 4th in stolen bases (8)and 4th in triples (2), John Mayberry is 3rd in homers (6) and 3rd in strikeouts (29).  Justin Lehr is tied for the league lead in wins (4), Carlos Carrasco is 6th in innings (31.1) and 4th in strikeouts (34), Kyle Kendrick is 9th in innings(31), Drew Carpenter is 8th in homers allowed (8).

Notes:Mike Koplove has not allowed an earned run in his last 9 appearances.

Dave Borkowski has a 5 game , 10.1 inning scoreless streak, after allowing runs in his first three games of the year.

Runners have now stolen 28 of 29 bases against ‘Pigs pitchers/catchers this year.

Mike Cervenak has reached base in 19 consecutive games and has been doing a great job hitting in the clutch.

Jeremy Slayden’s playing time has been significantly limited.  While he came out of spring training with back problems, Slayden has been more or less platooning with Jason Ellison, with Ellison actually receiving a bit more time than Slayden. 

A word on Rich ThompsonRich Thompson in one of the Cervenak/Tracy types that has had a cup of coffee in the bigs and is now probably too old to be considered a prospect.  That being said, if anyone wants to watch how baseball should be played, watch Thompson.  He is a gritty player, always hustling, taking the extra base, doing the things that are asked of him to win games.  He covers alot of ground in center and rarely, if ever makes a mental mistake that are so costly in baseball.  More than likely, he will not see another major league at bat, but has the skills to play and play well for some time in AAA.  If nothing else, watching him allows us to show our kids how the game should be played.

Transactions: Tyler Walker was placed on the disabled list with a hamstring strain suffered in a bullpen session.  He has been the best ‘Pigs pitcher out of the pen and will be missed. He is heading down to Florida to rehab.

60 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

  1. Wonder if the Phils will move Bruntlett before the trading deadline to make room for Donald as the super infield utility guy. I would try get something for Bruntlett and release Cairo then call up Donald and Mayberry by the All Star break. These moves would get some speed off the bench and pop from the right side of the plate. Nice story today on Donald learning to play second for the Iron Pigs.

  2. Rich Thompson is someone that I thought last year could have been used down the stretch to steal a base or play some defense when needed. I would much rather give him a shot to fill the 25th spot on the roster over Cairo.

  3. Who would give you anything for Bruntlett He is hitting .170
    just like the second half of 08

  4. I really think they will make a move with trading some of these prospect and I think its has to be a taylor, marson and brown some combination of one of these players with a worley or stutes to get someone good. Or do they wait another year and see how good tayor becomes and stutes. worley and drabek, interesting to what they do.

  5. They’d likely move (or outright release) Cairo to make room for Donald…As nowheels stated…who would really take Bruntlett? He has value but not anything more than “player to be named later” value.

  6. The trick though is that Bruntlett really isn’t there for his bat. And besides, to make an evaluation based on 26 plate appearances this year is asinine. Bruntlett can handle seven positions on the diamond, that makes him a valuable piece. Can Jason Donald do that? Donald is a better player, but Bruntlett’s skill set is more suited for the bench role.

    Miguel Cairo should go. He’s had 12 plate appearances and 8 2/3 defensive innings. It’s apparent from his lack of playing time that the Phillies have no use for him.

  7. asinine is not knowing this is just a continuation of the second half of last year. What are you trying to say that because a guy cant hit that automatically makes him a good fielder. Bruntlett has lost his share of games with his glove. Or are you trying to say other players dont have gloves. Face it the guy stinks.

  8. I’m starting to think that carlos carrasco will never make it as a major leaguer.

  9. “erich Says:
    May 7, 2009 at 10:41 pm
    I’m starting to think that carlos carrasco will never make it as a major leaguer.”

    The downfall of a publication like Baseball America, is the love affair with the elite prospects- kids that have produced at high levels at young ages that make fans dream of historic players. But baseball is like life- if it doesn’t click at 21 or 22, it certainly doesn’t mean it won’t ever click. I mean, look at Kyle Kendrick- I have great optimism that he will have some portion of a successful major league future- but probably not until he’s like 29.

  10. erich, what exactly about a 22 year old pitcher with a 3.10 FIP, 1.31 WHIP, 4.3 BB/PA%, and 24.6 K/PA% in AAA says that he is not going to make it as a major leaguer?

  11. This is just my opinion. Brunlett is a ulitily player ,to me that is a player who plays different postions well can sometimes win a game with his glove, speed or bat, .There are a lot of them in triple a the only thing I would rather have is a guy with a good glove who has basestealing speed as your ulitily guy.

  12. The Phils should call Donald up and let Cairo go – given that Utley is a bit banged up and Rollins is scuffling. Donald could get 2-3 starts per week and give their infielders a breather. I think Bruntlett can still serve a role as a MLB player – he does have some speed and can play pretty much anywhere, even if he is only an average fielder – a guy like that is handy. He doesn’t have any trade value, but there is no harm in keeping him and Donald on the roster. At the very least, he gives Nowheels someone to complain about.

  13. It does look like they are grooming Donald to come in, become a utility player and then, hopefully, blossom from there. But he needs more time in AAA to adjust to the level of pitching. They do him no favors by bringing him up now and, in fact, right now, he probably would be no more useful than Cairo and would probably get as little playing time. He needs to play and improve. Sitting on the bench in the big leagues hurts him right now in my opinion.

  14. I wouldn’t be surprized if Carrasco is dealt for another pitcher this summer for the playoff push if needed. Someone with a reasonable contract and salary who can be kept around awhile. Like Aaron Harang

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like Donald, Carrasco AND a Taylor/Brown (either or, not both) were traded for a pitcher this summer. Clearly the MLB team needs help and we have prospects to facilitate that.

  16. Eric Bruntlett is not only a fifth outfielder but also the backup for SS 2b and 1b. I don’t see him going anywhere. Manual loves the guy. As a player, he’s okay, but his only strength is that he is fungible.

    The difference between Bruntlett and Donald is fourfold
    1. Can play at multiple positions in ML – The outfield factor.
    2. I think the org views Donald as needing at bats.
    3. Charlie loves Bruntlett

    So the Phils aren’t partial to bringing Donald up and sitting him. Nor do I think the org. is partial to spelling better players with him.

    I believe the Phils don’t tend to promote unless there is a specific need (injury) or there is a track record of bringing a player up and the player sticks (Victorino).

    The only scenarios I could see for promotion are:

    Marson in place of Coste – because he needs to learn the staff. That said, Charlie loves Coste, even if Coste has been sub par. I’d say this is very unlikely – because it means demote Coste.

    Getting rid of Cairo in favor of a 5th outfielder or an extra pitcher. I would lean towards the pitcher actually – as I think Cairo has added very little value; and I think Carrasco could help today.

    The ML is an old team by age. A little youth might help.

  17. if i’m gonna give up those kind of guys, say donals, carrasco, taylor, might as well add a stutes and a galvis and try for one of the angels plethora of pitchers and either brandon wood or chone figgens for 3b. preferably wood because figgins is a FA after this year. They have saunders and weaver and some other guys doing well, but have escobar, santana and lackey all coming back soon. why not santana and wood for the 3 mentioned above and take care of 2 needs? I would keep brown but would really be afraid of what taylor might become but the goal is to win another championship. I guess i would do this trade for lackey if he proves to be healthy as well but might be just a rental as he is also a coming FA.

  18. upon further review, this is too much for santana/wood. taylor should bring in wood and santana wouldn’t need donald, carrasco,stutes and galvis. Take out stutes and i’d do it. I’d do all of this for a sign and trade for lackey but never happens anymore. again take out stutes and i’d do the rental for lackey. if he dominates his first several games back, say 5-1-2.25 i’d leave stutes in there even w/o the sign and trade.

  19. I would not trade anyone until we are nearing the trade deadline. We can then see if we are in ther race or not as well as the performance of our own minor leaguers. If we are not in the race we can decide if we wish to replace an expensive, aging piece or two for next year with cheap promising talent under our contro for the next 6 years- and trade the veteran(s). If we are in the race and need help, some of our minor league talent will have raised their value with good seasons and bring us more of a return.

    I would not assume that what we have seen so far at the MLB level is what will be-either that or we will have quite a few very extreme years in both directions.

  20. bruntlett and cairo do nothing better than donald the only reason they are here is because they are not a threat to anyone. as far as moyer hes cooked if an umpire determines your outcome its time to hang em up. he no longer has the control to get the black. he is forced over the plate where its batting practice.a good pitcher can make a mistake and get away with it moyer cant.this is why ive been pushing moving worley and stutes up drabek to aa and obviously happ to the rotation.kendrick looks better than moyer and myers.as far as a deal one will have to be made unless we see the guys we move up are really ready. but this staff is a disaster. and the only guys we should not deal are donald and marson since we dont have any other quality infiejders. i dont care if you like them or not,we need them. we need guys with live arms thats 3 hamels, happ and i do believe blanton with his variety of pitches will continue to improve.

  21. What I was trying to ask was if they wait or do it at trade deadline. I believe there are two guys we could get one is Peavy[if he waives his no trade to the phillies and holliday who must sign a extension. or no trade. Now the question really is would a Taylor or Brown. plus a marson. and stutes or carrasco be enough or too much in your opinion?

  22. mm peavy will not come east and with halliday all you do is try but with the jays in 1st there will be no deal. i like hardin in arizona best righty in the nl. brown carrasco and stutes i would think would get it done but you never know. youcant trade marson unless you want ruiz for the next 7 years.and you cant trade donald unless you want well i dont know at 3rd since theres nobody else and donald is special.

  23. ML i was assuming about 10 starts to reach 5-1 for lackey that would be about 2 months almost to see how are young guys are doing. I think up until that point our options will be kendrick,lehr carrasco if he gets back on track. I can’t see stutes or worley and especially drabek being moved to the big show this year just from watching how the phils operate.
    Mike-what would we do w/holliday? we have 3 very nice outfielders w/ 2 of our top prospects there, not even counting mayberry. I like peavy but he’s not dominating right now @ petco the largest park in majors, what would he do in CBP? We made that mistake w/ eaton although those 2 shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. Still you might add an extra run to era playing here. For me i would pass but i think they would take this trade because it includes our high profile guys. Carrasco, donald, marson is as high as i’d go.

  24. did u mean halladay the jays pitcher that would be a dif. story. I’d trade All 3 i mentioned plus either brown or taylor probably throw in stutes asw well. guys like him don’t come around often. cole would immediately become the #2. Can you say back to back to back….?

  25. Throw-In Sandberg Says:

    Eric Bruntlett is not only a fifth outfielder but also the backup for SS 2b and 1b. I don’t see him going anywhere. Manual loves the guy. As a player, he’s okay, but his only strength is that he is fungible.
    Manual needs to get over it. Mayberry and Cairo can do a much better job at those position. Maybe Mayberry and Donald
    Cairo is a much better player then Mendoza Bruntlett why should he wilt on the bench. Dump Bruntlett and bring up
    Mayberry at lease see if he is viable Eric isnt
    Cairo is a better infielder Mayberry is a better outfield.
    What the hell is the problem?? This baseball not marriage
    you dont need a divorce. Because he is here isnt a rational

  26. least sorry This Bruntlett thing is getting me hot. Dont forget
    interleague play. Please dont believe me . Check Bruntlett’s
    play during the period when he as the defacto DH
    Are waiting for another September rally?

  27. i’d like to see cairo go and mayberry get a chance to be “the righty off the bench” we’ve been looking for. This way in 2 1/2 months and 100 at bats from now we’ll know if we should go get one at the deadline. I’m not a huge fan of bruntlett either but at least i feal he is functional. Cairo will get 50 AB’s the whole season and take up space.

  28. marky mark Boy you are right, I really can’t spell. I know peavy would probley want more money to come east. Halladay if the jays are still in the hunt, could still be move because of his contract, but the chances are slim. I just don’t know of many other one or two out there who we could go after. I would never give up brown and stutes for hardin?

  29. Just read on mbl trade rumors, baltimore is shopping Ryan freel love him, would take a look if he isn’t sign long term for any big dollars. IT mention three million for this year. that is about 1,5 more than brunlett.

  30. I am sorry the guy that I was thinking about played for the reds. He plays all the postion, has a 980 lifetime fielding percentage. and has a 280 lifetime average. runs into walls to catch balls steals a base if you need it. this must be another guy.

  31. Sorry hit the key by mistake to finish Pat Burrell you are right why would you want him over a lifetime 237 hitter who has a 964 lifetime fielding percentage. I Can’t believe how stupid I am to suggest this sorry my fault. Next time I will think before saying something so stupid.

  32. I would be willing to part with anyone in the system besides Drabek, Brown and Knapp. Drabek and Brown are special, and we haven’t had Knapp long enough to know what we have. These three players will likely be the future faces of the franchise.

  33. I’m glad you guys aren’t the handling the GM position for the Phils. You don’t trade three legit prospects for a two month rental. I believe Halliday is a FA after this year and the Phils can’t afford him next year. The only move they should make (barring injury) is to replace Cairo with either a better righty bat or with speed. One or the other would be fine and both would be better. The big club is at .500 right now which, considering they’ve received nothing from Cole, is about what we’d expect. If he pitches well and the Phillies win easily tonight, the world will look much brighter tomorrow. The Phils are loaded with pitching prospects now but that doesn’t mean you have to give it away. I believe they’ll trade a package for a #2 starter to replace Myers in the off season unless he accepts arbitration. I would only trade Taylor or Brown for a comparable 3B bat, like Brandon Wood.

  34. You want to offer Myers arbritation? tell me you are joking. comeon You will pay him 14 million a year, but halladay is too expensive. And I said I would only trade for halladay if he signed a extension. otherwise no. but don’t tell me he isn’t worth three prospect who may never see the majors.

  35. Murray Great post. What is your position on Bruntlett??
    If Hamels doesnt get it straight one pitcher like Halliday isnt going to help much. For god’s sake cant we give Happ a shot first. I expect Blanton and OutofthePark to revert within two games.
    Actually this is the damnest thing i have heard of (first game
    1950 on the radio). How can u give up17 more HRs then the next team and be .500.
    The socalled rational of this team is that they only need average pitchers. Well that also applies to young pitchers

    Question::: At what point would you dump the starters
    and pull a desperation youth movement??

  36. 24 games til Romero gets back!! Then anything is possible.
    I expect to see the real Ruben Amaro then. Interesting

  37. “Question::: At what point would you dump the starters
    and pull a desperation youth movement??”

    You don’t. I’ve said before that there is no way that the current group is going to continue to pitch to a 6+ ERA. But what if I’m wrong?

    If I’m wrong, the Phillies are screwed for this year regardless, youth movement or no. Are there any precident for a team bringing up 3-4 rookie pitchers in mid season and still making the post season? Certainly none that I know of. Moreover, you don’t risk screwing up potentially very good pitchers by rushing them to the majors in the stress of a pennant race.

    That said, I would’t be shocked at a few changes. You wouldhave to think that Happ is going to hit the rotation at some point. Beyond him? Obviously Carrasco has to work through some compusure issues first, but if he does, he could be promoted. Any of the other young guys? Absolutely no way. If things get really bad, some retreads maybe – say Kendrick – or a 5 type in a (relatively cheap) trade. But if the Phillies have to go that route – well, it won’t be a good sign.

    I would say that Myers and Blanton (and of course Hamels) are pretty safe (talking about this year of course). Moyers and Park are the guys most vulnerable. Park has bought himself a couple more starts, and Moyer has gone through strings almost as bad before (and recovered) but it wouldn’t chock me to see them replaced by mid season.

  38. nowheels it’s May and you want to dump the starters and start a youth movement. Wow.

  39. not yet pat just dreaming out loud. You have to admit they are hard to watch.
    My question was “how long would you wait”.

  40. I would wait until next season– our rotation isn’t bad its just currently underachieving. If a young player pitches himself into the rotation I wouldn’t mind, but Carrasco is closest and his last 2-3 starts have been just as bad as anyone on the big club.

    Its a long season, and our top 4 pitched a lot of innings last year and had a really short offseason, I wouldn’t be surprised to have them pick it up soon.

  41. thanks Skunky I am interested in the ideas of others on this matter

  42. Agreed, I wouldn’t really do anything to it except put Happ in for Park if he continues to struggle and slowly take Moyer out if continues as well. By 2011 it’s going to look a lot different, maybe something like this:


    I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

  43. Interesting but maybe 2010 I like unreasonable.
    I see the team as better offensively next year.
    thanks Pat

  44. now wheels that is the catch 22 question. The phillies starting eight has only raul that is near the end. howard rollins,utley,werth all around thirty, so we have about a five year window, if we resign Howard. If you can add a halladay to this team it makes them so good its scary. With him a 1 then hamels. blanton. happ. and in a year a carrasco or Drabek ,stutes, Worley, and bullpen help with swimmer, and maybe German a loogy this team would be a lot better off. Or do you wait until at least a year, let myers walk with his 88 mile a hour fast ball and bad control in the strike zone. and blanton ,can go, eat moyer contract or make him a coach. and then have Hamels, Happ and a fa, and young studs who hopefully will be ready, This is a tough decision.

  45. Moyer would make a great pitching coach. Certainly Werth has had a little success against right handers this year and that muddies the water.

  46. Halladay is signed through 2010…he wouldn’t be a 2 month rental.

    He’s also the best pitcher in baseball not named Johan.

  47. nepp i agree but i would concentrate on haren since the d-backs appear to be out of it. ironically 10 years ago we traded the best righty for prospects.worked out well. skunky i really think this staff is not underachieving, i believe their bad with the exception of hamels obviously and it is insane happ is not in this rotation. happ and hamels have the only live arms ive seen here. i see 3 dead arms myers,moyer, and blanton. its not panicking when your REALLY IS ON FIRE,its calling for help, or maybe we can wait til september. if we remember kendrick was a aa call up. you cannot worry about bruised egos.

  48. Concerning ‘Slinging Southpaw’s’ post at the top of this blog: Being the 25th man is a thankless and difficult job in any organization. (See http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/news-and-opinion/cover-story/38469519.html?page=1&comments=1&showAll= as a reminder from last year). Tracy is rock solid but the Phil’s are well covered at 1B. Cervenak hits well at AAA but is less solid defensively. Nobody else has the maturity and broad range of skills to handle the job and roam the outfield like Thompson……….however it might be best to keep his eye fresh by giving him daily at-bats until (God forbid) there’s an injury in the Phillies outfield.

  49. Oh I don’t give a damn about their ego’s, I’m just looking at career stats. I don’t feel like compiling and posting the career stats of all three pitchers, but it is completely reasonable to expect that given a full season all three of them will put up numbers more similar to their career lines than to the lines they are putting up right now. The way they are pitching right now is irregularly bad as compared to how they have pitched in the past- therefore they are underachieving. You can’t simply replace four of your five starting pitchers and expect the team to be successful, its insane. Last I checked we were still in the running for first place in our division, so I see no reason to panic and dismantle the team or trade away the farm system.

    Do you really think that say Kendrick and Carrasco and Lehr would be able to replace Myers, Blanton and Moyer?

  50. FWIW, we did replace 2 of our 5 starters last year (Eaton and Kendrick) and we did okay. Any more than that and we probably won’t be doing much anyway. Nobody in the minors is a better option than what we have anyway. Carrasco is showing again and again that he isnt ready.

  51. The whole thing falls apart without Lidge or a replacement.
    I love Moyer but like all overachiever the end comes qucikly(if this is the end). I was against Myers as a starter from the first
    whether he can get short term effectiveness if up in the air.
    Blanton still looks heavy to me and is mediocre at best without his luck.
    I dont know how this will play out but is possible when Romero comes back and if Myers can be the handy man in the bullpen and Lidge improves . That ANYTHING is possible with the starter. Except Charlie is a status quo guy. Sometimes i wonder what game he is watching. He talked about Blanton pitching high and giving up long balls when
    the HRs were low pitches. What are the chances of status quo being good,now that the Mets have life.
    Happ has to start NOW and figure the rest later

  52. number 1 being the pitchers they are i.e.number 3,s i think its very reasonable to think their going to continue to pitch this way blanton and myers are pitching as bad they did last year before the break, the one who is very different is moyer but at his age it can go anytime. number 2 i dont like the excuse making moyer,s case the umpire controls the game youve already lost half the battle blanton blaming the park yesterday.number 3 i never said replace 4 of the 5, but imo if this is the staff for the season were done. i did say happ has to be in this rotation. number 5 i wouldnt rule out the possibility that carrasco and kendrick can do a better job than moyer,blanton,or myers right now but if this continues well never know. and well be so far out it wont matter.number 5 im not satisfied with yeam playing .500 ball even if they are only 1 out. by the way this is the 2nd year in a row for ruiz under mendoza and rollins not hitting. i couldnt care less who,s feelings get hurt the only thing i care about with this team is that they win.

  53. Johnfrom oilly. n.e. are you saying the schilling trade work out. That was the worst trade the phillies ever made. Giving up a number one pitcher who led the team to a title for nothing, and he was sign for another two season. The diamondbacks . refuse to give up any top prospects, It would be in today’s players like getting Harden, and giving them moyer, trashcner, and savery, we got in that trade a 39 year old 19 game loser omar dall, a wash up relief pitcher and a sore armed left hander 27 years old

  54. John,

    I have many, many problems with your last few posts, and insufficient time to detail all of them. But the biggest one is this: if you are right – if Myers AND Moyers AND Blanton all have dead arms – then this season is over and you start planning for next year. To put it another way, ironically, you would actually have a BETTER case for big changes if the situation was LESS dire than you think it is, and we needed to replace, say, 2 starters.

    The kind of panic moves you are proposing (1) won’t save the day for this season (I think they will make things worse, but even if I am wrong, they won’t save the season), and (b) will screw things up for seasons to come. The fact that, after Happ, the first two names you can come up withare Kendrick and Carrasco is a pretty strong sign that you are wrong. Given the type of problem that Carrasco is having right now – composure issues when things go wrong – putting him in a major league rotation right now is almost guaranteed to wreck his career. He needs to fix that problem before he is promoted.

    As for Myers, your comparison to last year is quite telling – after all, he DID turn things around last season; there is every reason to believe that he can again. Of course it isn’t CERTAIN – but you want to replace him with Kendrick of all people? I mean, really – KENDRICK? Are you serious? A guy who, aside from one flukish season, has shown NOTHING (in the majors or minors) to indicate that he can be even an adequate number 5, compared to a guy who has in his best years been a decent #2 and in his worst years a decent #3-4. Put it this way: as bad as he has been, Myers ERA this year in a small sample size is BETTER than Kendrick’s full season ERA last year.

    I doubt that there is a team in major league history who replaced 4/5 of their starting rotation in midseason (those three plus Park, and I know you aren’t a fan of Park) and went on to make the post season. Ironically, the 2007 Phillies may come closest to that scenario – where they replaced 2/5 (and, eventually in the stretch, 3/5) of their starting rotation and made the post season by the skin of their teeth – but that was (a) unusual, and (b) probably represents the furthest you could reasonably expect to go down that road.

    As I’ve said before, Happ is going to see the rotation at some point. But who do you replace? Park was the obvious choice but he bought himself at least one more start. Of the other 3 – I think you need to give them all some more chances (and really aside from Moyer each of them have shown some good signs).

  55. Larry I have a question for you, If you take out park, and insert Happ, and then trade either Myers or Blanton plus two good prospect and insert just for argument sakes , say a harden, or halladay, or peavy, then your roatation is Hamels, harden, blanton or myers, happ, moyer, that isn’t a more solid starting 5.

  56. There’s some people you just have to ignore. And we wonder why James doesn’t post anymore.

  57. I really wonder who is the better prospect is it Worley or Stutes, I never thought Worley would move this fast, drafting and projecting players is so hard. I ask this because we might have to move one in a trade, and it would be a hard decision if I had to pick for the team.

  58. mikemike,

    I’m not saying “do nothing” necessarily – I was responding to John’s more extreme proposals.

    I would answer yes, but a qualified yes, to your question. Here are the qualifications:

    (1) I’d give Park at least a couple more starts before replacing him. That’s partly becuase I am somewhat worried about the others – you might need Happ to replace one of them (Moyer would be my guess).

    (2) As for the type of trade that you propose, it depends. Can you make the kind of deal you advocate? Maybe so – depending upon who the prospects are. Would you, say, trade Brown and Drabek? Mortgage your future for maybe – maybe – another post season appearance? I’m not so sure that I would. But if the deal is there at a somewhat lower price, then yeah, I’d do it.

  59. mikemike yeah i was just being facetious the schilling deal goes down with jenkins,fergy, and sandberg imo. as far as happ i think he was not used today for a reason. some people will say myers had a quality start today but if you look at how much trouble he was in early he was very possibly done after 6.larry you probably missed #53 but ill say it again i would definately move happ in along with 1 other. plus i would definately go after harden. if it means drabek and taylor or brown so be it. a rotation of hamels, harden, happ,( btw i dont care about the letter h)and 2 guys named joe would be fine with that staff it would be hard not to win. and as far as dead arms i would like to see our starters be able to throw a fastball in anger. all i ask for is say 92?

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