Double-Teamed: Love from BA and BP

First off, apologies for having not cranked out A Closer Look piece in a little bit, though big thanks to governator for his interesting piece on Matt German in the meantime.  Not sure if I’ll have a chance to write anything before I head on vacation this weekend, but I’ll definitely be back at it when I get back.

In the meantime, the system got some pub from both BA and BP today.  Check below the jump for the goods.

First, Zach Collier made Kevin Goldstein’s Minor League Update over at BP.

Tools starting to click

Zach Collier, OF, Phillies (Low-A Lakewood)
Tuesday’s stats: 3-for-5, 2B, 3B, 3 R, K
One of many high-risk/high-ceiling guys taken by the Phillies in last year’s draft, Collier’s batting line of .265/.315/.410 isn’t especially eye catching, but keep in mind that less than two weeks ago he was hitting .163. He’s 15-for-40 since, and as we know, sometimes tools guys just start getting it. It’s too early to call this a complete conversion, but it’s worth following.

Personally, I’m a bit worried that as Collier has gone on his current hot streak, he’s posted a 9:0 strikeout-to-walk ratio (over his past 10 games); for me, the pitch recognition and plate discipline was what made him such an intriguing prospect.  Still, he’s only 18 and he’s been producing over the past two weeks, so there’s plenty of positives here.

Now, onto some nuggets from BA, from Ben Badler’s chat over at ESPN.

Dan (Philly): So Dom Brown is starting to crush the ball, what’s his ceiling? And good call on him being number 1 in the Phils system.

SportsNation Ben Badler: Ceiling is a well above-average RF in the big leagues. He’s always been a selective hitter, but now he’s tapping into his power potential in a league where it isn’t easy to hit for power. He could be a high OBP hitter with power, with the speed and plus-plus arm strength to play above-average defense in right field in the major leagues. That’s a star.

Kyle (Fort Lauderdale): Ben, What minor league system has impressed you the most in the 1st month and what system has been the biggest disapointment?

SportsNation Ben Badler: Off the top of my head, I’d say the Phillies: Dominic Brown, Carlos Carrasco, Jason Knapp and Kyle Drabek have all performed well…

And finally, just because it feels good…

Josh (Queens): Ben who has the better farm system right now phillies or mets?

SportsNation Ben Badler: Phillies

20 thoughts on “Double-Teamed: Love from BA and BP

  1. Dom Brown makes a lot of contact and seems to have good pitch recognition. If he can tap into his power, he will be a scary player.

  2. That description of Dom Brown sounds like Nick Markakis is a reasonable best-case comparison.

  3. Imagine an outfield of Michael Taylor, Shane Victorino and Dominic Brown from left to right with John Mayberry off the bench.

    That is enticing to fans, yet terrifying to baserunners and pitchers alike.

    And its closer to reality every day Brown rakes at Clearwater, Taylor pounds the ball at Reading and Mayberry improves in Allentown.

  4. You have to imagine that there is going to be a group of players that the Phils carve out as keepers and a group that they use as trade chips. I just wonder how it shakes out with Dom Brown – because right now he’s meteoric in his rise.

  5. What I find interesting is how the Phillies have built the OF prospect list. The four mentioned here fit perfectly in the Phillies’s current philosophy on OFs. You don’t a ton of range to play at CBP, but having a good, accurate arm is needed. They’ve all got power (or potential) and speed on the paths (Phils are high on situational SBs). Given the commitments to Howard, Rollins, Utley, etc., I wouldn’t be shocked to see them deal Werth and/or Victorino and get some serious returns to let the kids come up and play.

    That’s not to mention the glaring needs in the rotation that can be filled with some exciting young arms…

    A great time to be a Phan!

  6. Nice. Good to see the Phils system getting some pub! Especially when comparing it to the Mets!

  7. while its great to have taylor, brown i wouldnt be so quick to be moving victorino,ibanez or werth. but one of the reasons for moving the pitchers faster is that its important to know exactly what we have so a logjam doesnt develop thus forcing the phillies to deal from a position of weakness. i.e. we want cain an example, sf sees we have nowhere to move our prospects hence they want more. and next year we will be dealing for a starter.

  8. How would like to be a tiny SS and see M.Taylor coming at you on a steal or to break up a DP. (add,Mayberry or Brown)

  9. the beautiful thing is if you look at the mets system they don’t have anything close to a Taylor or Dom Brown. The best they have is an over-hyped for years F-Mart.

    As far as pitching, no Carrasco, Drabek or Knapp.

    Just a bloated ERA with Niese who is getting called up and some lower level prospects that haven’t produced like the Phils ones. As far as systems go they’re FAR behind.

    Last year i asked KLAW on a chat about comparing Niese to Carrasco and he picked Niese. Wonder if he’d say the same thing now???

  10. The results are hardly in on Niese and Carrasco, let’s hold off proclaiming victory there. The Mets have Reese Havens, leading the FSL league in home runs, top five in OPS and slugging, and playing shortstop. He looks like a solid prospect from here.

  11. fernando martinez is applying for social security i have been hearing about martinez for the past 15 years. as far as havens maybe the mets will move him to 2nd since horseface reyes will still be there. without santana the mets are a 4th place club with the most overated g.m. in baseball.

  12. For the A Closer Look segments, how about looking at Worley and Stutes and how they profile as either future starters or bullpen guys?


  13. Also, I don’t want to be a negative Nelly because I flamed Weitzel for mentioning Outman in a piece on Blanton, but Cardenas was mentioned in a Sheehan chat over at BP as a ‘prospect to watch’ this year. I’m interested to see where he ends up on a ML field but Beane seems willing to forgo defense for offensive production at times.

  14. The Mets do have a couple of other very good prospects from Latin America in their system. And Martinez is still very very young. Our system is better than theirs though…by a decent margin.

    Most rankings put us around 12 and them around 17-18…FWIW. Our early success this year has to be helping us move up though.

  15. “That description of Dom Brown sounds like Nick Markakis is a reasonable best-case comparison.”

    My mind went to Abreu, though Markakis had a similar age 24 season to Bobby. Sometimes I tend to forget about those Orioles.

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