Cardenas’ stock is rising

Baseball America did a midseason update of sorts today, giving their Top 25 prospects at the midseason point. Cardenas “just missed the cut” for the Top 25

Just missing the cut: Lars Anderson, 1b, Red Sox; Adrian Cardenas, 2b, Phillies; Alcides Escobar, ss, Brewers; Michael Saunders, of, Mariners; Max Scherzer, rhp, Diamondbacks.

This is obviously excellent news. Cardenas was ranked 76th overall heading into this season.

15 thoughts on “Cardenas’ stock is rising

  1. Great to see for Cardenas! Hopefully he is not included in a trade for a starting pitcher. πŸ™‚

    By the way Hewitt had his debute in the GCL as a DH… no first at bat grand slam for him… he went 0 – 5 with 4 SO…. Now that his pro debute jitters are out of the way, lets see what he does from here on out. They listed him as an OF. I thought there was talk he was going to play 3B… Anyone hear anything different?

  2. I was just going to post about Hewitt’s stellar debut. Ugh.

    When I saw Adrian’s name in that “just missed” section I was extremely pleased. I guess we know who our #1 prospect is….not Sweet Lou…at least not yet.

  3. i love cardenas…don’t get me wrong, but i have a hard time believing that he is more of a prospect than marson. catchers are so hard to find. that being said, i love that we can even have that debate.

    savery DH’d tonight…very interesting. 1-3 with a double

  4. Not sure why they DH’d Savery, but I’m sure glad to see it. I see no reason why they can’t keep his bat warm while he focuses on pitching.

  5. A few reasons;

    1. You risk an injury on a collision while running the bases
    2. Pitchers don’t just veg out on their off days. He can’t take time away from things like bullpen sessions and long tossing to focus on hitting.

    You can allow him to DH as long as he doesn’t take part in any of the hitting drills regular players do. But aren’t you doing the team a disservice by doing that? Maybe, maybe not.

  6. He’s having enough trouble pitching even though lately he has pitched well. He shouldn’t even be focusing on hitting.

  7. I was thinking maybe savery was D.H. because they are sending players to reading.Four players will be going to the future games I think today.The reading team might be shorhanded just guessing.

  8. Haha come on, you sound like Stienbrenner.

    If a couple of at-bats are going to hinder his development as a pitcher I’d be a lot more worried about his mental make-up than about the potential injury risks associated with running the base paths.

    If he can hit let him hit.

  9. That’s an amazing jump by Cardenas. Either Donald or him needs to be tried out at 3rd next year.

  10. i hear cardenas nor donald have the arm for third and their defense isn’t the greatest. but wes helms played 3rd for us.

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