Heitor Correa update

I touched base with a few people who would know, if anything was available on him, and this is the best I could get

He’s currently listed as “supended for team violation” — I have no insight as to what the is or means necessarily

So, your guess is as good as mine at this point. Correa was praised for his makeup prior to this season, so it seems odd. Hopefully we’ll be able to find more in the next few weeks.

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  1. Thanks for finding out what you could, James. Hopefully this is just a short-term thing and the Phils will eventually bring him back into the fold — he showed a lot of promise in the GCL last year, and I’d hate to lose a projectable arm if it could be avoided.

  2. Unfortunately, the Phillies suspending (or otherwise disciplining) their Latin American prospects is not an isolated occurrence. This is very disappointing. Correa looked like a decent pitching prospect in an organization that needs a few more.

  3. Obviously he did something that he shouldn’t have done….suspending him was a just thing to do

  4. I spoke to my brother who works right down the road from the gcl phillies and he said Correa got drunk and killed everyone in his family…kidding i have no idea what happened but i do hope things get smoothed out because he has the chance to be a very good pitcher.

  5. What was so impressive about this kid anyway? His stats in the GCL were not very impressive. What kind of “stuff” does he have?

  6. What was so impressive is that Correa put up decent numbers (3.74 ERA, 58 hits in 65 IP, decent K/BB ratio) when he was age 17. That is huge. In addition he had above average stuff (low 90s fastball) at a very young age in a projectible body.

    All of that adds up to a prospect. In comparison, he would probably rank higher than all the other HS pitchers the Phillies drafted this year other than Knapp. He might have pitched in Williamsport this year at age 18 if he had remained on track. He would have been the youngest player on that team (and the youngest players at each level are usually the better prospects).

  7. G$: what was impressive about Correa was the fact that he was lights out in the second half of the 2007 GCL season at an age when American prospects are in their junior year of high school. He flashed excellent command (2.77 BB/9) and was tough to hit (.230 BAA), and as he gains weight and develops his secondary stuff, he’s only going to get better.

    As for his “stuff,” check his profile.

  8. Ha, sorry andyb, I didn’t see yours and wound up repeating everything you said.

    But if you see this (I know it’s in the wrong forum): what do you make of Carlos Valenzuela’s struggles so far? And have you heard anything about this year’s crop of Latin American signings for the Phils?

  9. I am starting to think that Valenzuela was not worth the bonus. It was rumored on other boards that he was a high priced prospect shopped around to lots of teams that did not feel he was worth the money. The Phillies might have signed him to salvage at least one “high profile” signing. He might be another Welinson Baez type that has trouble getting results between the lines though he still has decent tools.

    All that is speculation of course. Hopefully he just hit a bad stretch and will pick it up over the course of the year.

  10. Cubs got Harden today for what looked to me like a list of players we could have beaten. I just don’t get what is going on with this management.

  11. harden worries me…he is downright dominant when healthy but breaks down all the time. if he isnt controlled past this year i can understand why the phils would have passed on him, not to mention the fact the beane has an unreal knack for plucking minor leaguers who wind up becoming studs. he probably would have asked for swindle and turned him into the best lefty specialist in the league…which is something im waiting for the phils to do by the way. he got every lefty out that he faced last night (6/6).

    if, on the other hand, harden has arbitration years or signed years left its a little more disappointing, but theres more reliable bets out there on the market. the cubs hardly gave up anything though…great trade for them. the only good piece was the pitcher.

  12. Harden will be a FA after next season.

    I’m guessing that the Phillies didn’t want to pay for a guy with Harden’s medical record. I actually think a Bedard trade is the most likely, outside of a lateral move like Paul Byrd or Randy Wolf.

  13. bedard does seem like the guy as of now…but i wonder whether seattle might hold him until the offseason and see if his value can go up. thats what rosenthal seemed to think anyways. if we could snag him i would be pleased, minus the fact hes a bit petulant

  14. What four players in the Phillies system would be compared to what the Cubs gave up?

  15. i read that jim hendry and billy beane are friends, plus beane is also rumor to leave after this year. thats why i think the cubs gave up so little. i think we have a better farm then the cubs, so i wouldn’t blame this one on mangement.

  16. Ruben Amaro Jr was in Clearwater last night with Andrew Carpenter and Joe Savery pitching in a double header. Not sure if it was one of them or perhaps Cardenas, but there were quite of few scouts here as well looking at someone…

    And to the original topic of this thread…I heard that Correa was having Visa issues which was why he was not here.

  17. The thought of Bedard scares the crap out of me…He’s got so many issues its terrifying considering what the Phillies would have to give up. At least the Mariners wouldn’t want Marson for him sa they already have Jojima long term and Clement sitting at AAA.

  18. whoever they give up for, fill in the blank (bedard, burnett wolf etc), it had better be less than the scrubs that the Cubs gave up for Harden. That was highway robbery. And as for Marson, bring him up now, or Jaramillo. I’m sick and tired of watching Ruiz ground into DP’s with the bases loaded.

  19. THey better get bedard and soon…i don’t care about his supposed character issues, he’s been on losing teams his whole career and he’s produced in the past. That seattle team is full of dogs like richie sexson, adrian beltre, hell ichiro is even having a down year. Bedard has an interesting backstory if you look him up, apparently he first learned english in remedial classes at age 18 upon walking onto a community college team in the northeast, and he didnt even play high school baseball in canada b/c he was 5-4 120lbs. He’s probably just uncomfortable being in the spotlight and being the center of attention of the media. If I recall hearing steve carlton was a bit of a loner and didnt talk to the media either…worked just fine for him. Imo harden is more of a risk because hes made 22 starts the last 3 years. But the cubs did steal him for marginal players at best so I find it hard to believe the phillies couldnt have topped that. Just look at his numbers in Baltimore last year… 221 k’s, 57bb, 141 hits, 182ip. I find it hard to believe that a guy wiith those numbers a year ago has suddenly lost everything and is a complete head case. If the phillies are this unwilling to trade carrasco then he better turn into a legit #2 within the next couple of years, because the team is primed to win now

  20. The Cubs package for Harden was underwhelming. Beane mentioned the Cubs’ aggressiveness being a large factor in this trade. I wonder if Gillick hesitated to pull the trigger…
    It seems like the Phils could’ve beaten that package without morgaging their future.

  21. I dont know how comfortable I would be with Bedard right now. The Mariners have sidelined Erik Bedard until after the All-Star break, and will probably be put on the DL. The earliest he would pitch again would be the 21st. So he may only make 2 more starts before the deadline. From the Seattle Times, “The trouble with Bedard is that he has battled an assortment of hurts and now has trouble going more than five or six innings. He had some tightness in his arm a few days ago.” I dont know if I would want the Phils to give up a lot to get a guy who has had a number of small injuries this year and cant go past the 6th inning. Burnett may be a better option.

  22. Bedard is a better pitcher than Burnett, and has been much more consistent. Burnett has struggled with minor injuries for much of his career too. Bedard is being held back now as a precaution, he mentioned on his Philly radio interview 2 days ago that he felt ok and it wasn’t anything major, just caution from a last place team.

    And the Phillies were never in on Harden. The A’s got a great package back for a guy that could get hurt opening his car door tomorrow.


  24. Yea, Lord knows no “american” player would behave in any improper manner!!

    P.S. Try turning off the caps locks and using a period or two. No need looking both ignorant AND stoopid!!!

  25. A reputable poster from another forum was down in FL and he visited the spring minor league camp. He reported that he saw Heitor Correa there. Could be great news, maybe his punishment is over. He also saw Collier, Gose, Knapp, and Arroyo.

  26. That’s good to hear…Correa is a legitimately good talent…him coming back can only help our farm system.

  27. Jim Salisbury took a stab at the Phillies top ten prospects today, He had this to say about Heitor Correa “10. RHP Heitor Correa. Twenty-year-old Brazilian has four pitches and some savvy. He was sought in trades.”


    Anyone know how he has been doing this year?
    (Or where I can find out, sorry this is my first year as a baseball fan)

  28. Here’s his line through a couple of days ago:

    19 games – 3.70 ERA – 7w-5L 109.1 IP – 104 hits – 50 R -45 ER – 41 BB – 82 K – .250 BA against.

    He started the year very well, but had a rough patch in late JUne/JUly. His last three starts have been pretty good.

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