I’m back, lets fix the Burrell ASG travesty

Its good to be back, and we’ll resume normal service covering the ins and outs of the minor leagues again, but for right now, we need to get the vote out for Pat Burrell, who for some reason beyond my grasp, was left off the all star game roster despite sitting near the top of all statistical leaderboards. So, go here, click vote now, and get to work. If you are really dedicated, create multiple email addresses and vote as many times as you can. You can grab free email addresses at hotmail, yahoo, and hundreds of other providers. I’ll add a quick link on the left side of the page near the top as a reminder for the next few days. Vote for PAT!

38 thoughts on “I’m back, lets fix the Burrell ASG travesty

  1. You can even re-vote, which I did a couple of times. I think I’m going to make it part of my daily routine: wake up, shower, vote for Pat, eat breakfast, vote for Pat, etc.

    A bit off topic, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Cape Cod League (if you got to see any games). I might be heading out there a little later this summer, and I’d be open to suggestions for which teams to see, players to look out for, starting pitchers to try to catch, etc.

  2. It says you can vote as often as you wish, so you dont need to enter multiple email addresses. I’ll vote for him whenever Im using the computer.

  3. I only saw one game, the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox and the Harwich Mariners, at Y-D’s stadium. Most of the stadiums are simply high school baseball fields, and some of them have lights for playing night games. Its very casual. I sat three rows in front of a bunch of scouts, including guys from the Rockies and Pirates. I didn’t really look at all of the rosters and decide where to go, we were in Yarmouth that day seeing some sites and decided to just hit the game. I did get to see Ackley from UNC play (for Harwich), and he looked solid.

  4. Well, I put in about 50 votes for him during the rain delay.
    More to come. I’d like to see him in ASG.

  5. Voting now. Meantime, Dempster over Cole? Cole had same win total, lower ERA, lower WHIP, more K’s and is the #1 starter for a first place team.

    Welcome back, PP!

  6. By the way, I know he’s not a prospect, but Les Walrond of the IronPigs had one hell of an outing tonight. Complete game shutout, 5 hits, 1 walk, 17 strikeouts. Don’t think he’ll ever see a Phillies uniform, but he should be commended for his performance tonight.

  7. I was at the Ironpigs game tonight, and that had to be the best pitching perfomrance I’ve seen. Although he doesn’t have great stuff, Walrond got some good breaks and seemed to placing pitches where he wanted. I might add that a couple of the strikeouts made the hitters look completely stupid.

  8. I’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome voting for Pat so many times. It’s worse than when I threw screwballs in high school.

    I think Cole was passed up because he wouldn’t be available to pitch. He should have started opening day and he should be an all-star. Next season he will receive both honors.

  9. I’m putting my Lounacy aside for the next couple of weeks because what has happened to Master Batsman Pat Burrell is a travesty.

  10. pp fan,

    the only explanation for Hamels is that word was out that he was pitching just before and just after the ASG so he wouldn’t have played anyway. I’d rather see him win twice for us than pitch one inning in an ASG. Funny seeing Hurdle’s pick Cook getting manhandled for 7 runs in 7 innings by the marlins. Oh and Brian Wilson doesn’t belong either.

  11. I voted for Pat about 30 times yesterday…also voted for Longoria while I was at it.

  12. Hey James, Did you see Workman nearly pitched a no-hitter in the Cape League on Saturday. He took the no-no into the 9th. Ended up with a 2 hitter. 13K’s. I didn’t get to any Cape League games. Darn family reunion. What would you rather see: family or a Baseball game?

    I also voted (a few times) for Burrell. I haven’t been the biggest supporter of him but he’s deserving. I also saw a Boston Globe write-up on who deserves to All-Star game. Burrell was rated as a starter. Hamels was a must have pitcher along with Lidge. Utley, of course, was given the nod over Hanley Ramirez.

  13. Pat’s got a bunch of my votes. Is it possible to change the picture on the upper left side of the main page? I’m afraid someone is going to walk by my desk and think I’m looking at gay porn.


  14. I voted for Pat Burrell deserved to be there already . Now myHollyjo(daughter) has a chance for her maim Phil to be there
    Go Phillies

  15. I’ve voted for burrell at least 3 dozen times already. Also WIP is planning on installing someone at Harry the K’s to do nothing but vote for burrell over the next 2 days. Sounds like a plan.

  16. Hopefully Burrell is simply picked when and if Soriano says he’s physically unable to play in the game…that would solve the issue of watching David Wright get voted in in front of Burrell.

  17. Hamels fell victim to the “We need someone from every team” travesty combined with the Phillies already having 1 pitcher there. The biggest jokes I felt was the vote totals for every Cubs player (as if most of them deserved it) and Varitek making it for the AL. I like Tek alot but he’s having a horrible season.

  18. “We need someone from every team” doesn’t explain Wilson and Dempster over Hamels. Both were chosen over Cole via the players ballot – what gives?

  19. IMO, Cole is more deserving that Pat; but that’s beside the point:

    1) I thought this was a site about prospects, not about the parent team?

    2) Do you we really need a picture of a shirtless Pat on top of the page? Not to say he isn’t handsome and is cut; but you’re perpetuating the stereotype that closeted-homosexuals are drawn to baseball. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but this site seems to stay clear of political messages–and to take a pro-gay stand as your first political message seems to distract from this site’s spirit.


  20. As far as Cole making into the all-star game; I’d rather have him make the start before and after the all-star break rather than have him make a pointless start.

  21. political message? huh? Thats the image Pat’s teammates put on a shirt in spring training, with “Man or Machine?” on the back. 99.9% of the posts on this site are prospect related. I thought I could get a little leeway and have a link for Pat Burrell on the side bar for 3 days.

  22. PP, I think fritz is out of his gord and you can do whatever you want. It’s your site!

  23. that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. fritz, if you’re more of a tall, dark and handsome guy, I’m sure PP can find a picture of ryan howard shirtless to put up next to pat for you.

  24. Would it be better if it was a shirtless prospect instead?

    How you managed to get a political message out of that picture is certainly beyond my comprehension…

  25. hey 3up3kkk, you clearly have a political message with your user name. What’s with the “k’s”? 😉

  26. Hmm, I think Fritz is reading something into your picture. He may want to look at himself in the mirror.

  27. Yep Bedrosian, I’m the unofficial spokesman for light-hitting pitchers of America, local 124…

    But what’s up with your name? Making a statement about certain circus performers or what?? 🙂

  28. according to the phillies broadcasters…Burrell is in third place behind david wright and carey hart.

  29. oops.. Alan K and 3up3kkk is the same person. Must have posted at one time under that name and it kept it??

  30. VOTE VOTE VOTE, LAST DAY, he’s not much behind, we need to make a push NOW>…… screw work!!! VOTE!!!!

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