Daily Discussion; 5/30-6/2

I’m going to be out of town this weekend and will not be arriving back till late Monday, so while I’m gone, behave yourselves and discuss the games that happen, as well as these tidbits;

* There is something very very wrong with Andrew Carpenter. Last night he went 4.1 IP — 8 ER — 9 H– 2 BB — 3 K. Now I know the jump from A+ to AA is the toughest in the minors outside of short season to Low A, but come on. Troubling as well is the 1.17 GO: AO ratio. I hinted 6 weeks ago that he had to be handled carefully because of the workload increase he saw in 2007, but it looks like he couldn’t have been handled carefully enough.

* Travis Mattair is hitting .333 over his last 10 games, with 3 of his 6 doubles for the season coming over that span. He’s racked up the strikeouts (45), but has already drawn 16 walks as well. Mattair was a three sport star in high school and turned down multiple scholarships to play baseball. I kind of suspected he’d be a bit of a project, but he is already showing signs of the raw ability. While the power hasn’t emerged yet, he seems to be making adjustments, and you have to figure the HR will come for a kid who is 6’5, 210 lbs.

* Josh Outman has given up 6 ER in his last 4 innings, covering 3 relief appearances, and that comes after a string of 10 scoreless innings. His splits so far this season;

SP: 25.2 IP — 3.16 ERA — 29 H — 15 BB — 32 K — .279 BA
RP: 17.1 IP — 4.15 ERA — 16 H — 8 BB — 16 K — .258 BA

Its still a small sample, but so far, I’m sure the results are not what the Phillies were hoping for. His control is still an issue against both lefties and righties, but he is holding lefties to a .222 BA against. I think he should be in Philly at some point this season, but it might take a little longer than some thought.

Ok, I’m off for a long weekend. Don’t burn the place down while I’m gone.

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  1. Damn (putting matches away).

    I’ve been a big supporter of Mattair, and I’m glad to see him showing signs of putting things together.

    In a Lakewood-related note – another homer and 3 rbis for Taylor last night. Keep it going, Big Fella!

    – Jeff

  2. In a recent inteview Gorm Heimueller blames Carpenter’s problems on lack of “glove side fastball command’ He said that Carpenter needs to command his fastball to set up his slider, splitter and change up. Though I have not seen him pitch in person, the several Reading games I did see this year he looks like he could drop a few lbs. and he should stop walking around the infield during pre game drills with his glove on his head!

  3. I mistyped, he was actually a 3 sport athlete, basketball was the 3rd. His scholarship was at Washington, where I think he was going to play QB.

  4. Ah ok, but wasn’t he all but penciled in at OSU to play 3b? I only know this b/c my boss is an OSU baseball guy and was pissed off that Mattair was drafted/signed by the Phils-he’s even more pissed OSU wasn’t invited to the tourney, but that’s a different story…

  5. Was anyone else a little confused about the reports of Golson getting a call to Lehigh Valley? I read it on several places online the other day, but it looks like Moran got the call-up instead.

  6. Edgar Garcia listed as the started tonight in Clearwater. It looks like his injury was not serious.

  7. I never liked the Outman move to the bullpen. The Phils have left-handed relievers, Kline and Swindle, they can call up if needed. Put Outman back in the rotation.

  8. Funny thing with the whole Golson situation was that Scout.com had this big article with quotes from Golson and everything.

    Not quite sure how you miss a story that badly…

  9. What is the SCOOP on Travis d’Arnaud, C — Age 19
    and D’Arby Myers, OF — Age 19

    Any good info?

  10. Adrian Cardenas makes this weeks Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet at number 7 while Lou Marson was in the Team Photo.

  11. What’s happened to Matt Spencer? He missed some games last week and has been downhill for a while.

  12. Not sure what is up with Matt. He sat out a few games after hurting his shoulder diving for a ball while the team was on their last road trip. Since re-entering the lineup he has really struggled. I don’t know if it is just coicidence that he is slumping, or if it is related to the injury.

  13. I am no expert but at times I think the Phi8llies simply hang on to ‘prospects’ too long. Not physically but mentally. They see more than is there.

    I do not see Outman in Philly. Actually I don’t see any pitcher from the minors in Philadelphia for anything other than a cup of coffee.

    The only guy worth watching right now at the higher levels is Carrasco and he has been a very up and down pitcher considering all the hype. I expect to see him move up to Lehigh this year and finish with a call up in September IF he does well at Lehigh Next year, back to Lehigh.

    Other than Carlos, I don’t see much. Happ fell on his face with two terrible outings at the wrong time. I think he exposed himself. If he sees Philly, it may be in the bullpen.
    Bastardo who has looked sensation has been bad and his relif pitchers terrible his last two outs. Very disappointing.
    But he his own worst enemy – and then as they did in Lakewood, they brought in relievers who gave up big hits and Antonio’s numbers jumped. Let’s see what happens his next time out but he has taken a step backward.

    Down in Clearwater, there isn’t much happening. Monasterios has been out just when he was improving and Brummett was getting his chance but that’s all.

    Not much.

    Cardenas, Golson, and Marson all look like keepers. Cardenas’ problem is Philly already has a 2nd baseman.
    So – ?


    I would like to see RJ Swindle brought up. Just for the fun of it. All the kid does is pitch but there is this bias against slow pitch pitchers. lol. I heard on one pitch, the radar gun didn’t register because it didn’t realize a pitch had been thrown. lol

  14. You know, a ‘dead arm’ would explain Drew Carpenter’s current situation. Maybe they should shut him down for two weeks. Put him on the DL.


  15. how nice would it be to finally have a legit third base prospect and a legit power hitting outfielder?

  16. RHP Andrew Carpenter sent to Clearwater (A) from Reading

    RHP Joe Valentine added to Reading from extended spring training.

    Listed on Reading’s transactions page for today.

  17. Another game…another couple hits for Lou Marson…He’s now batting .348 on the year and .429 in his last 10 games.

    Here’s an interesting split:

    Rightys: .316
    Leftys: .439

    He’s good against rightys but he’s absolutely crushing leftys so far.

  18. Maybe that’s best for Carpenter. Right now, he has looked terrible.

    Not many of these guys seems to be able to carry their stuff to a higher level. I wonder if there is a real pitching prospect anywhere in the system. I mean a genuine Class-A prospect in sight. (Garcia and Monasterios have a long way to go before we can even judge them.).

    But if it’s not Savery, and it’s not Carpenter and it’s not Outman, and it’s not Bastardo and it’s not Happ – then who is it?

    Carrasco may have promise but he needs to start dominating with his command. He puts way too many runners on base. Could be another Gavin Floyd in the making. A long time in the oven.

    Brummett looked good at “A” but now he has to repeat his success at “A+”.

    We do have some position players for a change. Golson and Marson, Cardenas and Miller, Taylor and Noughton.

    I am intrigued by Lakewood playes like Taylor, Naughton, Naylor and Chapman. Now I’d like to see one of them repeat his success at Clearwater. We need somebody to watch.


  19. ****The only guy worth watching right now at the higher levels is Carrasco****

    So Joey, are you ignoring Lou Marson’s success? He’s only leading the league in hitting and is a plus defensively…

  20. Valentine and Outman blow a four run lead in the ninth and Reading loses. I had high hopes for that team this year, but their pitching has sucked so far. 14 runs in the first 1.1 IP last night.

  21. Shane Youman was released today and free agent pitcher Travis Minix was signed and assigned to Reading

  22. mlb. has the phils taking conner gillespie 1st as long as donald is given a fair shot at 3rd. does anyone have an idea who they will take 2nd.

  23. Did everyone catch Jim Salisbury’s article on the draft in yesterday’s Inquirer? He had some very interesting quotes from Arbuckle:

    “We’re budgeted to take good players,” Arbuckle said. “We’re going to get good players.”

    “Can we take a kid who is worth $300,000 and give him $1.5 million? No,” Arbuckle said. “Can we take a kid who might be worth $350,000 and give him $600,000? If we see value and it’s the kid we want and that’s what it will take to sign him, then yeah, we might do that.”


  24. Joe Savery had another ho-hum performance on Sunday: 6.0 IP / 5R / 8H / 3K / 3BB

    taco pal Says:
    “According to Jim Salisbury today, Carpenter’s injury is fatness.”

    When I interviewed Carpenter before the season started he had told me that he had been working out extra in the off season, and was 10 lbs lighter going in to this season than last season. Of course I have not seen him in 2 plus months, and things can happen so I don’t know what his current weight is…

  25. taco pal Says:
    “According to Jim Salisbury today, Carpenter’s injury is fatness.
    according to that same article it said that if the Phillies needed another left-handed bat against the Reds in th upcopming series they could activate “Chris Snelling, who has been playing at Clearwater on a minor-league rehab assignment. Snelling went on the disabled list April 20 with swelling in his left knee.”

    #1 it appears that the only swelling problem with Snelling is his weight, and #2 he has been doing awful so far in Clearwater. Overall he is hitting .143, and has been hitless in 3 of 4 games including an 0-5 day on Sunday. Overall 2-14 / 3BB / 2K / 1RBI.

  26. The 2008 draft will be critical to the future of this franchise…

    7 selections in the first 136 picks(!)..that means the Phils could get 7+ players I might’ve actually heard of…If they’re really willing to spend a little, the Phillies could completely restock their system with a single draft.

    The Phillies really need to make their minor league system more competitive, top-to-bottom….success breeds success…I don’t subscribe to any particular approach, and think they should/will take a blend of pitchers and position players, from High School and College.

    They should draft a couple young players who play with that attitude so beloved by Philly fans. I’m thinking of High School position players (who can play 5 years in the minors without going on the 40 man roster) known for both effort and ability. Immediately come to mind are Jaff Decker, Robbie Grossman and Cutter Dykstra……perhaps other prospects would feed off their energy and work a little harder on their own development. I’m usually not a sucker for “hard-working” players, because the most talented players often work the hardest, but the Phillies’ minor league teams could use a spark of enthusiasm.

    That being said, talent is still the obvious priority. With the Phillies core pushing 30, its time to draft the next wave. High School players drafted now will likely take 4-5 years to develop, which puts them right in line…

  27. What do you think of Brett Lawrie?

    -one of the best hitters in this draft.
    -played 2B/C but could play 3B in the pros.
    -projected to go mid-late 1st round

  28. The “attitude” and “can-do” spirit Baxter speaks of is very important, and I don’t think I’ve read about it or seen it from LV (too many Merc’s), Reading or Clearwater. From what I saw in ST, it’s just not there. But I think it is there in this bunch of kids at Lakewood, and it is starting to show in the standings, the record, and in individual stats. I watched them play in Lake County last week (there on business) and got down to see them in Lakewood a couple of weeks ago.
    There’s an almost “kid-like” feel between a number of the guys. Like they enjoy what they’re doing. Winning. It starts with Mike Taylor of course, but the old man (maybe 23) of the bunch Herman Demminck seems to charge them all up. Rizotti needs to start hitting like he can, but his “team attitude” is A+. Dennis Winn and KarlBolt have finally been getting game time, and have you seen their “last 10 game stats”? And Moose Mattair seems to be fitting in with the older guys quite well as he gets his legs underneath him. Naughton and Naylor (the Aussies) are both doing very well and fit with the guys perfectly.
    There are a couple of lazier ones, but they always seem to get weeded out on their own. Roady seems very old-school and Legg has certainly been around, and from what I hear, the team will follow them closely into the fray.
    Love to see these guys stay on a tear.

  29. I wonder if there is a real pitching prospect anywhere in the system…. if it’s not Savery, and it’s not Carpenter and it’s not Outman, and it’s not Bastardo and it’s not Happ – then who is it?

    Overreaction, anyone? Sheesh. Savery, Outman, Bastardo, and Happ have all had good stretches this year. Yeah, they’ve also had struggles too, but that’s what the minors are all about. Lots of major league pitchers went through hard times in the minors. It’s a developmental league, you’re there to learn.

    Phillies fans are so ridiculous sometimes. When Carpenter had the one good outing in spring training, you suddenly had scores of nitwits (not to mention Bill Conlin, if I recall) berating them for not inviting him to the big-league camp since he was obviously a guy who could help them this season just like Kyle Kendrick did. When Bastardo was dominating in A-ball, I saw some people calling for him to be promoted to the majors this year. Now, after a few relatively mild struggles upon his introduction to AA hitters (which was to be entirely expected), he’s suddenly no longer a “real pitching prospect.”

    The Clayton Kershaws and Cole Hamelses of the world are few and far between. The vast majority of major league pitchers had question marks around them when they got to the bigs. No one’s saying that Outman & co. are sure-fire ace material, but if you take your shots with a bunch of imperfect talents, you still have good odds of turning a share of them into major league contributors.

  30. Don’t burn your phillies jersey yet, Joey. You never know how a minor league player is going to turn out. One time there was this guy, who in his first three years in the minors posted a 5.05 ERA and had a 15-18 record overall. His franchise didn’t even bother to protect him on the 40 man roster and he got picked up in the Rule 5 draft.

    Compare that to Carpenter’s 3.75 ERA and 19-12 record over his first three seasons. Who would you take?

    Keep in mind the first guy was Johan Santana.

    You just never know.

  31. Appears like the entire minor league starting staffs are facing the old dead arm syndrome or the DL at the same time. Seems like only Chance Chapman was striking them out in the last series of starts. Even Chance was ticketed for the pen in Lakewood until Matos could not even start the season there before his shoulder was aching and he was sent back to extended ST. But not to worry Fabio Castro is back in the starting rotation for Reading Wednesday night.

  32. ab hr rbi
    22 LWD SAL A PHI 135 493 56 138 20 6 19 87
    obp slg ops
    66 145 .280 .365 .460 .825 5 4 56%
    ab hr rbi
    22 LAK SAL .361 53 198 34 9 42 112 25 34 8 2 .437 .566 1.002

    Ryan Howard’s age 22 season at Lakewood vs. Michael Taylor’s age 22 season so far at Lakewood. Jus sayin.

  33. came out wierd when submitted but Taylor is on pace to have a better overall year across the board.

  34. Snelling has been called up and TJ Bohn is back down. I saw Bohn a little bit when he was up and I liked him as a defensive replacement for Burrell. He threw one guy out at home and I saw him run down a few near gappers that were doubles if Burrell was in there. I know Philly wants the left-handed bat for Cincy. Hopefully, Bohn will be back roaming the OF late in games.

  35. So much for Benson’s debut…another injury and another couple weeks to recover probably. I’m beginning to think that Benson will not contribute anything this season.

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