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  1. Joe got off to a bad start giving up three runs and four hits to the first four batters he faced. After that he was pretty good in the second third and fourth innings giving up no more than one base runner per inning. In the fifth it was a fielding error by Welinson Baez (a ball went right between his legs into left field) that hurt Savery. He got two outs into the fifth, but then gave up a home run before finally being relieved.

    I think as much as anything with Savery it is his confidence level. He has had several games where he has struggled like he did tonight in the first inning, but then been pretty good after that. Maybe he just needs to modify his pre-game ritual to be pissed off when he gets to the mound (like he is after a bad first inning). It seems when he is pissed off at himself he usually manages to settle down (though not always).

  2. I had the gamecast of the Lakewood game going yesterday at work. There were some nice positives: Two doubles for Mattair, include a two-out RBI double in the eighth, Brown went 2-5, and teams are starting to fear Taylor – he was walked in the eighth and again (intentionally) in the 9th.

    Also, if I understand correctly, Golson was called up to Lehigh Valley as an injury replacement. Other than the lack of walks, he has been doing really well this year – and consistently too. Hopefully he does well. I’m starting to think of him as a “Doug Glanville with more power and a better arm.” (especially since Doug was not prone to drawing walks either), and I’d be more than fine with that.

    – Jeff

  3. Marson is on quite a roll right now…15-35 in his last 10 games…he’s also got a double digit hitting streaking going. I can’t find a complete game log for him but its at least 11 games in a row with a hit now.

  4. PP…what’s the deal with SP Brian Mazone? I know he’s simply organization filler, but how can a lefty who consistently has a low ERA in the high minors never be given at least a shot in the Majors. From what I remember, he’s only ever had one chance as a spot starter and it got rained out.

  5. I wonder what kind of snake has bitten JD Durbin. Unbelievably bad luck right now.

  6. Anyone know anything about NJ prep RHP Jason Knapp?

    “One senior Phillies scout, meanwhile, has told teams there’s no way they’ll let New Jersey right-hander Jason Knapp slip past their sandwich pick, and they could take him in the first round. Knapp is one of the harder-throwing prep arms in the country, but has an ugly delivery and below-average command.” http://insider.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?entryID=3411917&name=law_keith

    All I know is that Knapp hit 96mph on the radar gun and is committed to North Carolina….
    96 is very impressive for a high school pitcher, I can’t even find him on top 200 lists…I wanted to see them add a couple flamethrowers , but I can’t find enough on this guy to get excited.

  7. Just wanted to throw this out here:

    I discussed Tanner Scheppers with an Orthopedic Surgeon over the weekend…In his opinion, scouts who downgrade Scheppers “don’t know what they’re talking about”. He says a stress fracture is no big deal, and probably just means Scheppers practiced or worked out too hard. By “no big deal”, he means “much less severe than a rotator cuff or elbow injury/TP…not even in the same category, or class of severity”. He says there is “no risk of reoccurence”, and once this injury is healed, Scheppers should be 100%.

    If this is truly the case, I would take a 2nd look at Scheppers…he seems to have an aggressive personality and perhaps he just hurt himself by practicing too hard…apparently, they’re now seeking a 2nd opinion, but a smart team would realize that a “stress fracture” is not a serious diagnosis in the first place…

  8. Okay, it looks like (according to this site’s transactions) that it was Moran, and not Golson, who was called up to the Pigs.

  9. Baxter, that was my take as well, though I didn’t talk to a surgeon. I made a post a few weeks ago that I thought we should take Scheppers if he fell, and I still hope we do. I’ll post my full thoughts on our first two picks tomorrow.

  10. Joel Naughton on the “Temporarily inactive list” ? Is he injured? . With Kennelly now 3 Aussies with Lakewood..

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