Jason Donald/Greg Golson chat hits

I’m working hard this afternoon

JM (DC): Hey Kevin, a few questions about Phillies prospects. Jason Donald was hitting well in Reading before hurting his hand, are scouts starting to come around on him or is he still a utility guy? Also, what do you make of Greg Golson’s fast start? Just a 3 week flash in the pan, or is he turning it around? He’s posting the highest walk rate of his career right now…

Kevin Goldstein: I actually like Donald quite a bit offensively, but defensively, he’s got a little Jed Lowrie in him where he’s playing there, and he’s holding his own, but it’s not really what you want there glove wise. Golson is a total tool shed, and what he’s doing right now is one of the top things to keep your eye in early in the season.

You rarely hear someone called a tool shed in a positive light, but KG pulled it off. If Donald turns into a Jed Lowrie type prospect, that would be pretty ok in my book.

Hey, we also got a Bastardo reference!

Jeff N (Lawyerville FLA): Hey Kevin, what do you know about Antonio Bastardo? Hes striking out like 20 guys per 9 innings right now. Is he just a fastball pitcher abusing weak hitters?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, 34 in 22.2 innings, but still damn good!. Tony the Bastard is a little lefty is good command and a great changeup. Not a lot of projection, but could end up a bullpen piece.

KG not only breaks out a toolshed reference, he goes with the preferred “Tony the Bastard” as well. What a world we live in…

12 thoughts on “Jason Donald/Greg Golson chat hits

  1. Good questions, James…and interesting answers. At
    this point, I would be more hopeful about Bastardo than
    merely a possible “bullpen piece.”

  2. If he can keep his control he’ll definitely be more than that. He is 22 and at High-A though so its not as if he’s way ahead of the powercurve. He’s from the Dominican so that “22” could also easily be 24 although I’ve never heard any rumors to suggest that he is any older than he claims. I like him at this point.

  3. I think KG pegs him as a reliever mostly because he’s a pretty small guy and has a somewhat limited repertoire, although it’s impressive that he’s managed to maintain such good numbers in High-A ball in spite of that. I wouldn’t discount the value in a good “bullpen piece”… He’s looking like more than just a LOOGY right now, and it’d be great if the organization could actually develop a reliever who can strike people out.

  4. After watching the Phils backup outfielders I have no doubt that at some time this season Greg Golson can help this team get to the post season especially with his glove, arm and legs. He leads the league outfielder with 5 assists. Here is the Golson report after the first 20 games so far at Reading:

    Golson golden
    CF Greg Golson, the Phillies first round draft choice in 2004 and 7th best prospect according to Baseball America, is having a very strong April. Golson leads the R-Phils with a .333 (27-81) batting average, which is 10th in the Eastern League. He leads the team with a .518 slugging% and is 2nd with a .379 on-base%, good for a team-best .910 OPS (15th in E.L.). His seven stolen bases are also a club-high and T-3rd in the league. His 27 hits lead the team and are T-3rd in the league. His 10 extra base hits lead the team and are T-5th in the E.L. He’s hit in 15 of 19 games. Golson leads all E.L. outfielders with five assists.

  5. Jason Donald is back hitting .375 and so are the R-phils:
    The Phillies are 9-3 with Donald in the lineup, 3-8 without him.

  6. Nah…let Harmon be a placeholder while Donald continues to build repetition and confidence in himself. Jroll isn’t gonna be out long enough to bring Donald up…now if Harmon were to suffer a convenient strained hamstring, that would be a different story.

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