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Lakewood Report 4/8

The Lakewood Blue Claws got off to 1 win 3 loss start to the 2008 season

this week versus Lake County.


They lost the opener 4-0 behind a decent outing from Drew Naylor. He gave up three runs in a tough inning that featured  a bunt single, a walk  and two misplayed fly balls for hits. Naylor took the loss with 5ip, 5h, 3er, 6k & 1bb The Blue Claws could not come up with the big hit, twice loading the bases with just one out.

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Time to start thinking about the draft

As the minor league season kicks off and the rest of the phuturephillies team begins to flex their muscle with reports from their respective affiliates, I’m going to shift my writing to more analytical pieces, and for the next 2 months, I’m going to focus a lot of energy on the draft. My goal is to again have a Q/A with Jim Salisbury as we get closer to draft day, and also to start looking at potential draftees. I know there are a few big draft fans here, so hopefully we can get some interaction going on that front, even though its still 2 months away. The Phillies first few draft picks look like this;

#109 (supplemental pick after 3rd round for failing to sign Workman)

So, with 6 picks in the first 109, the Phillies have a chance to add a lot of quality, the question, as it always is, will they be willing to spend? More below the fold..

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