Roster (Clearwater)


Here is the roster/depth chart for the Clearwater Threshers. Updated as of 4/21/07 per the Threshers website.

Starting Lineup

C – Lou Marson
1B – John Urick
2B – Brad Harman
SS – Fidel Hernandez
3B – Welinson Baez
LF – Jeremy Slayden
CF – Victor Hall
RF – Greg Golson
DH –


C – Orlando Guevara
INF – Clay Harris
INF – Hector Made
OF – Mike Spidale
OF – Matt Thayer

Starting Rotation

SP – Carlos Carrasco (RHP)
SP – Andrew Carpenter (RHP)
SP – Josh Outman (LHP)
SP – Dan Brauer (LHP)
SP – Pat Overholt (RHP)


CL – Brett Harker (RHP)
RP – Mike Zagurski
RP – Derek Griffith (LHP)
RP – Wil Savage (RHP)
RP – Zac Stott (RHP)
RP – Charlie Weatherby (RHP)
RP – Cory Willey (RHP)
RP – Alan Davis (LHP)

13 thoughts on “Roster (Clearwater)

  1. How come nobody ever mentions CJ Henry? Not as a prospect necessarily, but not even as a disappointment. Not even as a fading player. Not even as a longshot. I mean the kid was a first round pick, right? And he’s no more than 20 years old. How could the guy have gone from a first round pick in 2005 to not even worth noting as a bust one year later? Does this kid have any skills whatsoever?

  2. He has great physical tools, he’s a great athlete, but he just doesn’t seem to have actual baseball skills, like being able to hit with any kind of consistency, for any power, or to be able to utilize his speed.

  3. But he’s 20 years old! I don’t see why he wouldn’t at least be at the back end of a top 20-25 list. It makes it seem like one of the worst draft picks in recent memory. Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but I never see him mentioned anywhere. Period. He might as well be a 40th round pick.

  4. Why didn’t you list Outlaw and Maloney for Clearwater, do you think they may jump them to Reading?

  5. I know he had a bad 2006, possibly due to personal issues, but Harman is too good a prospect to be on the bench. He should start at SS or 2B, especially in a system as weak in position players as the Phillies. Moss had a bad 2006 also, and 2007 is make or break for him. He needs to get it done at Reading, or his Phillies career is kaput. Remember, this is a guy who was drafted same year and a position ahead of Bourn as a college player. Can’t go back to CLW and be given a starting spot that bumps Harman to the bench.

  6. So you think Moss will start at Reading? I guess I can see that, but I think he’s going to fail miserably. I agree that Harman needs to be given a chance, he had a disaster 2006, both on and off the field. Since I don’t have anyone penciled in at 2B for Reading, I’m actually gonna go ahead and make the edit to both and put Moss there. I really think he’s done for the Phillies though.

  7. I think you are correct in moving Moss and giving Harman a chance. I also have pretty much given up on Moss, however.

  8. “The org is really really thin at C.”

    This brings to mind a guy who has been hanging around for some
    time now and, for whatever reasons, has not seen a lot of
    playing time: Orlando Guevara. He’s been used, it seems, as
    an emergency fill-in throughout the org, from top (AAA) to
    bottom, as I recall. That suggests he’s got some defensive
    skills. His numbers suggest that his offensive skills are
    somewhat wanting. At his age, now 23, he should at least be
    playing at the AA level. What do you know about him?

  9. Mitchinson is still a prospect, probably in the 20-30 range. He has strong peripheral numbers, and was only 21 this season in Low A, but he only threw 61 innings, and only threw 73 innings in 2005. I believe he’s dealt with a few nagging injuries here or there. Because of his strong numbers at Lakewood, he seems like a candidate to move up, but that’s just a guess right now.

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