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XST; May 26, 2014

This will be my first eXtended Spring Training report in a couple weeks. The Williamsport and Gulf Coast teams seem to be taking shape. With most of the rehabbing players having returned to their assigned teams, I have been watching prospects more than watching games. I have been concentrating on players like Cord Sandberg and Trey Williams. Williams has been playing first base every game but only recently started taking in-game at bats again. He went 1 for 4 today with a double. His defense has consistently improved since the beginning of camp.

Sandberg went 0 for 1, but what a day. He worked an 8-pitch walk in the 1st inning after falling behind 1-2. In the 3rd inning he grounded out to second in a 6-pitch at bat. He saw 7 pitches while working a walk in the 5th inning. He finished with a 5-pitch at bat in the 8th inning when he was he by a pitch and loaded the bases. After a line drive double play left second base open, he stole the base. Continue reading XST; May 26, 2014

MAG pitches at XST! May 10, 2014

I arrived at the Carpenter Complex and prepared to watch Cord Sandberg, Trey Williams, Luis Encarnacion on Ashburn Field.  Adam Loewen was warming up for the start, so I walked over to see who would start for the GCL squad on Roberts Field.  Miguel Gonzalez and Cameron Rupp were to be battery mates, and I was going to watch this game instead.

Gonzalez started off with 2 fast balls for balls. They were low and at 92 and 93 mph. Continue reading MAG pitches at XST! May 10, 2014