2023 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Poll (Revised)

The 2023 Readers’ Poll revision.

With the trade of Erik Miller on Monday, the second ten prospects move up one spot each, and Jordan Viars moves into the top twenty.

Here are the revised results:

  1. Andrew Painter
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Grif McGarry
  4. Johan Rojas
  5. Justin Crawford
  6. Lee Hao Yu
  7. Andrew Baker
  8. Carlos De La Cruz
  9. William Bergolla
  10. Francisco Morales
  11. Alex McFarlane
  12. Emaarion Boyd
  13. Nikau Pouaka-Grego
  14. Rickardo Perez
  15. Gabriel Ricones
  16. Dalton Guthrie
  17. Michael Plassmeyer
  18. Simon Muzziotti
  19. Yhoswar Garcia
  20. Jordan Viars

With Painter and Guthrie likely to exceed prospect limits this season and Francisco Morales sitting in waiver limbo awaiting a possible trade, 2-3 more players will likely move into the top twenty during the season.  Jhailyn Ortiz, Christian McGowan, Marcus Lee Sang, Ethan Lindow, Taylor Lehman, and Tommy McCollum are poised to move up when needed.



1 thought on “2023 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Poll (Revised)

  1. Well, potential prospects who join the organization in trades or other moves after polling is done can not enter the Prospect Poll vote rankings after the fact. Another valid approach could be not to replace the players who leave the organization. Though I would like to see T McCollum enter the list however, since any prospect poll is a snapshot in time representing that time’s organization, maybe that’s even a better outcome since any trade also modifies the organization’s prospect needs.

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