Congratulations to the 2022 Phillies

The Phillies’ journey through the 2022 postseason has ended.  They advanced farther than even the most ardent fans could have unreasonably expected.  I’m sure no one is more disappointed than the players.  Congratulations to the team for giving us such a wonderful season and meaningful games in September, October, and November.

There is a saying that states, “good pitching will beat good hitting”.  Houston was the top-seeded and best team in the American League with 106 wins.  They had a top-flight rotation and a lights-out bullpen.  Their better pitching ultimately won out over our hitting.

During the coming offseason, we will see a lot of changes to the Phillies’ roster as they attempt to correct all the deficiencies that were exposed during the season.

I’m reminded of the disclaimer by baseball people regarding Moneyball.  “The Oakland A’s built a team that could win during the regular season but was exposed in the playoffs”.  Something close to that.

Well, the Phillies built a team that could qualify for the postseason and could win 3 out of 4 playoff series.  Not bad, eh.

That’s all.  Please enjoy the Phillies’ success.

This will serve as our weekly Phillies’ discussion.

No transactions yet.  Sunday morning trading resumes, and free agency starts.

Key Dates: Italics are used for dates that haven’t been confirmed.

  • November 6, 2022: Trading resumes and free agency begins with a 5-day quiet period when they can only negotiate with their former teams the day after the World Series ends.
  • November 7-10, 2022: GM Meetings in Las Vegas
  • November 10, 2022: Free agency officially starts with no restrictions, deadline for options, deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their eligible former players who became free agents.
  • November 15, 2022: Deadline to submit 40-man rosters before Rule 5 Draft.
  • November 18, 2022: Non-tender Deadline – The last day for teams to offer 2023 contracts to arb eligible players.  Non-tendered players become free agents.
  • November 20, 2022: Deadline for free agents to accept qualifying offers.
  • December 4-7, 2022: The 2022 Baseball Winter Meetings will take place in San Diego.
    • December 7, 2022: Rule 5 Draft
  • December 15, 2022: Close of the 2021-2022 international signing period.
  • January 13, 2023: Deadline for teams and players to submit salary figures for arbitration.
  • January 15, 2023: Opening of the 2022-2023 international signing period.
  • February 25, 2023: Phillies First Spring Training Game (split squad)
  • March 30, 2023: Season Opener at Texas Rangers
  • April 6, 2023: Home Opener v. Cincinnati Reds
  • July 2023: Rule 4 Amateur Draft
  • December 15, 2023: Close of the 2022-2023 international signing period.


104 thoughts on “Congratulations to the 2022 Phillies

  1. Hinkie,
    In answer to your survey –

    1️⃣ When will Bryce Harper next play a game for the Phillies? B) April
    A) Spring training
    B) April
    C) May
    D) June or later

    2️⃣ Who is more likely to play for the Phillies in 2023? A) Rhys Hoskins (lock)
    A) Rhys Hoskins
    B) Zach Eflin

    3️⃣ Who bats leadoff for the Phils in more games next season? C) Trea Turner
    A) Kyle Schwarber
    B) Bryson Stott
    C) Trea Turner

    4️⃣ How many HRs will Nick Castellanos hit in 2023? F) Zero for the Phillies
    A) less than 15
    B) 15 to 20
    C) 20 to 25
    D) 25 to 30
    E) more than 30

    5️⃣ Will the Phillies City Connect uniforms (assuming they’re unveiled next season) feature … E) Don’t care
    A) The Liberty Bell
    B) Benjamin Franklin
    C) Phillie Phanatic
    D) None of the above

        1. Wow, that would be something. Would probably have to take on salary and/or throw in a prospect, right?

      1. You picked up on that also!
        I am sure Dave D will listen to offers if they come around on Nick.
        Three years left at $60M is not terribly difficult to navigate for large market teams….not sure a small market team will show any interest.

  2. Survey answers.

    1. May. Think you see him come back and DH in late May. Not sure how much longer after that we’ll see him in RF.

    2. Eflin. But that’s more so a bias pick. Eflin has been a favorite of mine. Don’t ask why, not sure that I even know.

    3. Schwarber. Why does everyone think we’ll get Turner? And I’ve seen a ton say Verlander as well. Are we linked some how?

    4. 20-25 Hopefully he takes his playoff attitude into next season instead of the smug one we heard all year.

    5. No clue what the Philly city connect uniforms are.

  3. Beyond all expectations, the team was NL champs in a year they wouldn’t have qualified for postseason play in prior seasons. They got hot at the perfect time, but were exposed throughout if not for big moments. It was fun, but let no one be fooled into thinking this is sustainable without major changes. And yes, I agree with Jim that one of the big acquisitions last winter somehow won’t be here in 2023. And that a big ticket FA position player will be added again. Painter will debut at some point next year as well. Farewell to Segura, Thor, Gibson, and while I’m not impressed by Marsh, he’s cheap and young but doesn’t strike me as the future CF. Maybe a corner OF in the long run…Wheeler, Nola, Ranger and Painter for most of ’23 should keep us in many games if the bats and gloves can coexist and the square pegs in round holes defense be adjusted accordingly. Despite his WS struggles, JTR was ’22 team MVP. The 2023 MVP isn’t on the roster yet. Take heart, Phillies fans.

  4. Glad the Phillies made it this far but a little frustrated on how it ended:
    1. Wheeler was doing just fine, there was no need to pull him
    2. Bad timing for Alvarado’s control issues to come back
    3. Phillies need some consistency in their lineup. They reverted back to bad habits that would cause lengthy cold streaks throughout the season
    4. Please find a new home for Hoskins

  5. Great post, Jim! The Astros had an incredible regular season and are a well-constructed, deep team, then an even better post-season. The Braves, Mets, Dodgers and Padres also are quality teams, and the Phillies finished (technically) ahead of all but the Astros. Quite an achievement!

  6. Congrats to the Phils for extending the season as far as they did. Congrats to Astros for winning it all. They should have and did.

  7. It really was a great run and I totally enjoyed it. The best team won in the Astros. I wish Wheeler was allowed to finish that inning since he was still pitching great but Rob over managed there and went to his predetermined move to get Alvarado in, even though he hadn’t pitched well recently. Oh well. Bottom line is their hitting was shut down by great pitching with only 9 hits total over the last 3 games.
    I do think we have a great chance to get Turner and he would be a great addition. I don’t think Hoskins or Casty will be traded and I think Casty will bounce back with a good season next year. He just developed bad habits this year that he couldn’t shake. He’s had success previously and will get back there. I think 2022 was year one of a 3 or 4 year run of success that will be aided by our young pitchers adding to the mix.

    1. Murray, I agree with all you say but about Casty. He may need a new environment (team) to shake his memory and bad habits from this season, not to mention get out of that Ben Simmons haunted house.

      1. He definitely needs to get out of Ben’s house! I just look at his past results combined with the fact that I think he looked much more comfortable with the city and the team during the postseason run. I think he’ll bounce back and produce next year. I hope!! Also, with Harper’s surgery coming up, who knows when he’ll be able to play the field again.

  8. Rob Thompson, made these moves all playoffs and they worked, This time it didn’t, thats baseball, Now comes the hard part, trying to build this team, to get back, i dont believe it can with this roster, Too many streak hitters, and bad defense, they must be addressed by, GM .

    1. Agreed on both fronts, Rocco. The roster needs tweaking. Have to hope the deep playoff experience serves some of the young players well.

      And for Thompson, his moves worked out more often than they didn’t. This is just the bitter one we’ll remember most. To me it never quite felt like a win, even up 1-0. That wasn’t going to be enough to beat the Astros.

  9. Imagine what Harper and schwarber will do without a shift. I know everyone has to do it but I feel we have two of the players it benefits the most. Need some bullpen. Need a starter of two. Need Rhys gone. He’s not worth 10+. He’s awful. Cost us a lot of close games bc he couldn’t hit and his defense cost us more. Halls not the answer but maybe castellanos. Played third. Big guy. Looked compeetant in the outfield.

  10. I too offer my congrats to all those associated with the Phillies.
    This was a great few weeks to be a Phillies fan.
    They just came up a bit short.
    Plus, as Romus has said it helps to get lucky as well. Phillies were early but the Astros got some good breaks late.
    I thought they would win 2 of 3 in Philly. That more than anything was probably the deciding factor.
    There is no doubt the Phillies as currently constructed are a flawed team in several areas. It will be interesting to see how DD reconstructs the team for 23.
    The only real sad thing is there are no guarantees the Phillies make it this close again with this core of players. There are several good teams in the NL and getting hot at the right time is so important. The last 3 games kind of looked like that September swoon a bit again.
    Let’s hope for a great albeit short off season.
    Thanks Phillies.

    1. Don…so true…luck…Sosa’s ball to LF …it it were 15 inches higher and further the Phillies jump out to the early lead……luck and inches.
      However, Phillies overall batted overall.163……probably one of the worst ever WS batting metrics. The last three games the swung and missed on all 30 plus breaking balls thrown their way…another dubious record.

      1. Astros did seem to get the good fortune bounces late.
        But I totally agree. Way too many Ks.
        Plus, Astros got a tremendous Series from their 2b like Braves did from their pickups last year. One cannot foresee that.
        I am interested to see what happens going forward.
        I can see a major turnover possible.

  11. Congrats to both the Astros for the second, and the Phillies for their resiliency over these last 5 months after a horrendous start.
    Now wait and see game ….what will Dave D do construct the 2023 Phillies.
    Starts soon….I believe on Thursday at 5PM

  12. What a season… so many highs from the playoffs. I forgot how amazing playoff baseball is. The Pitch to pitch tension. At first, I just wanted to see the Philly crowd again… and then they kept going and going. 2 wins from a WS championships. Well… the rebuild is over 🙂

    I will say, I was 1,000% wrong on Ranger Suarez. Didn’t see it, well now I do. I was really worried after his last regular season start vs the Astros, that he wasn’t a playoff pitcher. Amazing how much Efflin and Gibson feel off from previous highs.

    Infrequent poster said this team, is this generations 93 team … spot on. As close as it’s probably ever going to get. Both fun teams to watch

  13. Congrats to the Phillies on an unbelievable 2022 run! We all have a ton of great memories from this postseason, even if it didn’t end the way any of us wanted.

    The optimistic case for 2023:
    1. Topper had us on a ~95 win pace. I expect us to win a lot more than 87 games next year and maybe even vie for an NL East title .
    2. The position players are locked up, even the bench. Only Segura has a team option.
    3. We have Wheeler/Nola/Suarez at the top of the rotation again next year.
    4. We have enough pieces under control that the bullpen shouldn’t need to be overhauled like it has been the past few years: Nelson, Falter, Bellatti, Brogdon, Coonrod, Alvarado, Dominguez is a good start. Appel, Morales, Miller and others could help too.
    5. Phillies Daycare looked good and should be even better next year. The young kids give me optimism.
    6. Pain and Abel and McGarry. Could take our rotation to the next level, even if we won’t see all of them next year.
    7. Castellanos has to bounce back…I hope…he’s too good of a hitter to just fall of a cliff, right?
    8. We have a lot of money to spend, and Middleton/Dombrowski will be aggressive. Not sure how we use it, whether we go for the big fish (Turner) or spread money around, but we have a lot of contracts coming off the books.

    The pessimistic case for 2023:
    1. Year-to-year variance. We had a lot of luck in our playoff run. We could have a better team and a lot more wins and still end up like the Dodgers, bounced early.
    2. Not sure how the defense gets better. Some of it will be internal improvements, maybe we can get a new SS like Swanson that is elite. But we still have a lot of bad defensive players and even guys like Marsh/Sosa haven’t looked as good as promised at times.
    3. Great pitching prospects but not much on the hitting side.
    4. Aging core: is this the ’93 team? I hope not.

    I’m on the optimistic side. About 100 days until pitchers and catchers report!

  14. survey –

    1️⃣ When will Bryce Harper next play a game for the Phillies?
    C) May – he gets tommy John surgery then comes back to DH before he plays the field

    2️⃣ Who is more likely to play for the Phillies in 2023?
    A) Rhys Hoskins
    B) Zach Eflin
    Honestly I can see both, but … A is more likely

    3️⃣ Who bats leadoff for the Phils in more games next season?
    C) Trea Turner

    4️⃣ How many HRs will Nick Castellanos hit in 2023?
    D) 25 to 30
    Wherever he is playing

    5️⃣ Will the Phillies City Connect uniforms (assuming they’re unveiled next season) feature …
    A) The Liberty Bell

  15. Jim – do you think Casty gets traded? Just looked at your answer of 0 homers for Phillies…

    Also any idea when Harper gets surgery?

    Frustrating end to season but grateful and happy they made it this far. Back in May I was ready to mail it in and never thought they’d get this close. Unfortunately the magic ran out and the consistent inconsistencies came back.

  16. I’ll answer my own survey from the very end of the previous thread (thanks to Jim for re-posting it here).

    1️⃣ D) June or later
    2️⃣ A) Rhys Hoskins
    3️⃣ B) Bryson Stott
    4️⃣ D) 25 to 30
    5️⃣ C) Phillie Phanatic

    I’m going to assume Bryce Harper has TJ surgery within the next 14 days. He had PRP injections this summer (on the west coast), and it didn’t help enough to allow him to play the OF (throw the ball) anytime after that. Using Didi Gregorius’ TJ timeline as a guide (he had the operation mid October 2018 & didn’t return until early June 2019), I’d realistically expect Harper to make it back late June of next season.

    Hinkie odds for the Hoskins situation:
    <5% chance he's signed to a LTX
    35% chance he's traded
    ~60% chance he's back for his final arb year (with the option of using a QO on him in 2024)

    Eflin's 15M mutual option will not be exercised by one/both side(s). It's very rare mutual that mutual options ever work for both sides. Eflin most likely becomes a fall back plan if Dave Dombrowski can't reunite with one of his favorite pitchers from previous stops (Verlander or Eovaldi).

    I've been pretty clear I wouldn't sign Trea Turner. It's going to cost probably (at least) 217M over 8 years. I love the player Turner has been for his first seven seasons. But IMO guys who succeed with their legs are not good long term investments into their 30s. That said … Turner wants to play on the east coast, Bryce Harper wants him, and what Harper wants, the Phillies usually make sure he gets. Buyer beware I guess. Look no further than Houston. They wouldn't give Carlos Correa a LT deal (IIRC they wouldn't go more than 6 years). They instead, handed the job over to Jeremy Pena (a non top 3 prospect in their system), and focused on winning with pitching.

    Nick Castellanos seems like a fun guy, and a good teammate. I hope Philadelphia isn't too big for him. Fingers crossed he doesn't turn into the next Lance Parish because, at this point, he's pretty much untradeable. If ever there was a guy in need of an offseason, it is him. I can envision him rebounding offensively while he mainly handles DH duties in 2023.

    And I have a suspicion the Phillies City Connect uniforms may be revealed next season. And what better theme (at least in my opinion) than the Phillie Phanatic. He's a franchise icon, and Bryce Harper usually already wears something Phanatic related (shoes/bandana/etc) each game anyway. Maybe the reason the team's Nike designed uniform hasn't been released yet is because of the lawsuit that was finally settled last winter.

  17. Great post, Jim. This was a great run, sure, disappointing in how it ended. I would not have taken Wheeler out. Marsh should have bunted in game 5. I was one of those who wanted to make the Playoffs no matter what. I thought we matched up well vs St. Louis, and expected nothing more. Hoskins’ HR vs Strider was awesome. Segura’s hit Bruce’s pennant winner, just awesome! I was a staunch Hoskins supporter but am ready to move on. And, not for Hall, although I could be wrong on him. I don’t think we can count on Painter this soon and we need another SP. Hinkie’s poll, A, Hoskins is DH until May, Hoskins, I don’t think the team moves him, Turner, Stott moves to 2B, zero, Castles gets traded, and None of the above.

  18. Great post Jim. That’s exactly how I feel. I am not upset at all. I am thankful.
    1. I am grateful for Middleton for doing what it takes. For years we complained about ownership and he took over and promised to be more aggressive and spend more and he has. Both on the field and in the front office.
    2. I am grateful to DD for being such a shrewd GM. So many good moves both on the margin and big bets. No one bats 1.000. But most of his moves worked exactly as planned.
    3. I am thankful to Bryce who was otherworldly as a player and leader.
    4. I am thankful for Schwarber who was exceptional and so much fun to root for.

    My family had so much fun with this unexpected run. So much fun between games and during games. They even bought me a shirt with the saying, “Dancing on my own” on the front. I will forever remember the NLCS game with my youngest son.

    Thank you Phillies. From the bottom of my heart. This is what being a fan is all about.

  19. You’ve all pretty much said it already but thanks to this organization for giving us all great memories. Let’s blame nobody for losing the World Series and thank everybody for bringing us an NL Championship and the most exciting month of baseball in over a decade.

  20. With due respect, I disagree with the take that “good pitching beats good hitting” is the reason we lost. Houston won all 4 games against two elite starting pitchers – Nola (8.64 era) and Wheeler (5.23 era). Last night they scored 4 runs against our best starter and 2 best relievers. That’s exceptional hitting. I think 1-5 on that team is the best in baseball. Better than our 1-5. And I think that was the difference.

    I also think another big difference was that they made exceptional defensive plays. I have said several times here that Houston has a lower ERA than FIP. That means that their defense is a net positive to their pitching. Their defense saves their SPs ~ 0.5 runs a game during the regular season. In game 5, Chaz in CF is obvious, but Mancini at 1B was also a game changer and Peña at SS made several elite plays to preserve the 1 run win. Houston’s defense won game 5 imo.

    I love the core of this team. And I love that we have 2 elite SP prospects and another that may be elite if he can command. I love that pitching pipeline. I am not in love with our hitting pipeline. And that would shape my offseason decisions. I think that Middleton and DD will be aggressive this off-season. They can taste it and know that our window is another 3-4 years.

  21. Topper blew our chances last night by taking Wheeler out too soon…and Alvarado was already shot. When Sosa’s flyball fell short early on, I knew it wasn’t happening. Anyway, for me the biggest turning point in the Series was leaving 6 men on base over 3 innings versus Verlander in game 5. Killer.

    1. Let’s lay off Topper man. The guy turned the whole thing around and nailed almost every decision for a month or more. Sometimes great hitters hit home runs and sometimes great pitchers make mistakes. And sometimes great managers make a bad decision. Regardless, Topper deserves all our thanks and respect. Without him, none of what we all enjoyed would’ve ever happened.

      1. Lay off Topper? What are you talking about?!? This site is for both praising AND pointing out mistakes and misjudgments, on and off the field. Thomson did a great job by in large. Let’s refrain from putting him in the hall of fame just after 3/4 of a season, yo.

    2. Yep…too many missed opportunities… turnovers in the NFL…formula for defeat.
      Now the triple option of fun begins…..who stays , who goes, who comes in.

  22. Thanks for the forum and discussion topic, Jim. Totally agree. Really, really proud of this team and everything they accomplished as a group this season.

    I’m looking forward to watch how Dave and Sam construct next year’s squad. I believe some of their objectives are the following:

    1) Sign an elite infielder
    2) Sign or trade for a proven pitcher (#3 or #4)
    3) Fortify the bullpen

    It was painfully clear that the Phillies need more professional hitting in the lineup to get where they want to go. Some of the younger players could develop into that role. As Wheeler likes to say, “time will tell.” Besides signing a big bat, I think they’ll make a few deals for depth pieces that fall into that category as well.

    There will be some trades made but it’s hard to know whether that will consist of prospects, veterans, or a combination of the two. It depends on what value other clubs place on the veterans. It’s possible a bad contract could be swapped for another but that typically doesn’t accomplish much other than possible positional flexibility. They’ll likely trade around the edges for relievers and defense.

    Speaking of defense, it will improve in the OF once Bryce returns. Not sure that depth chart engineering (position switches) will accomplish much in that regard at other positions. But if anything was learned in this series, putting the bat on the ball and playing good defense is a formula for success, to go along with pitching. Help is on the way with pitching (prospects and a signing/trade). But I believe the top priority is a bat and a glove that can cover a lot of ground and the Phillies will spare no expense getting that player.

  23. Topper had a remarkable run of pushing the right buttons. I disagreed with taking Wheeler out when it happened. I am not second guessing him today, it was wrong at the time. 70 pitches and Wheeler was throwing his best stuff. The Maldonado HBP was a bad call. He stuck his elbow out over the plate. It was a bad time for Topper’s tun of good moves to end. We hit a robust .092 from the 6th inning of game 3 to the end. Great, thrilling run and sad about the ending. The play I keep replaying in my head is Marsh not bunting Thursday night.

  24. Like posters before me I salute the Phillies – DD, Middleton, the players, and Topper. This season’s conclusion was a wonderful unexpected dessert to an exciting year. Thanks to all for making our team relevant, interesting, and exciting – regardless of the outcome. We all got to relive those halcyon days of the golden era – and the crowds were even more boisterous and into it than I can remember. I think all know that this team got alot further than it “should have” and I am certain DD may be disappointed but not surprised. I am convinced, as many of us seem to be, that he and his staff will fine tune this engine in any/every way possible to continue making this team a WS Champion.

  25. On the Hinkie survery : Late May ; Hoskins ; Trea Turner ; 20-25 homers ; Phanatic
    I see Nick the slick fielder (?) ending up in Miami – traded for young pitching – that team is desperate for any kind of hitting. I picture either Huascar Brazoban and /or Braxton Garrett as the return.

    1. Castellanos has negative value. His contract far exceeds his worth in the open market. The Phillies would have to pay to get someone to take him. Think Al Horford after his disastrous year with the Sixers. That’s the Castellanos situation right now. He probably stays put.

  26. Congrats to the Phils on a special season. Many new moments to add to the legacy. That being said … I hate to lose. It is so hard to get to the WS. Ultimately our weaknesses were exposed. Moving forward we need to remove K’s from our lineup. We failed to make contact on many occasions with RISP. Good pitching will do that to you. A few points of note:

    Alec Bohm belongs and is a piece. His fielding is all about confidence and I believe he will keep improving to be able to stay at 3B. He showed this year that he can hit good pitching. He needs to put on weight and become the 20+ HR hitter I know he can be.

    Bryson Stott is also a piece. Right now he struggles with Velo, but has shown an advanced approach at the plate. He needs to hit the weight room. The added muscle will allow him to get the barrel out on those FB.

    Kyle Schwarber. Just a winner. How he only hit .218 this year baffles the mind.

    Next year presents a bunch of interesting decisions. I don’t think free agency has many great options for us besides SS. I like Turner for this team just not for 8 years. As much as I want to see the young pitchers, they need to show they can throw strikes. I believe they will be a second-half option. Can’t wait to see what DD has in store.

  27. To me the key AB of the game was Maldonado. I agree that his left arm was at times over home plate. He kind of threw it out and then brought it back some. One issue I would not mind is doing away with the elbow guards. I know it is safety and I want guys to play. He would have thought twice if it was his elbow rather than guard that got hit with a 97 mph FB. Apparently, Wheeler and JT did not notice he moved like a foot or so closer to Homeplate. There was no room to pitch him inside that at bat.
    I just saw one of the picks for the Philles to add for next year are
    Trea Turner
    Carlos Rodon
    Nathan Eovaldi
    I am of the opinion at this time the LT will not keep DD from trying to add the necessary pieces.
    I am also not as sold on Marsh as some on here seem to be. He is only 24 so there is time. But he misjudged numerous rather easy fly balls. Bohm improved so hopefully Marsh will with practice as well.
    Window is short and even then, no guarantee you get there again. It is hard.
    Baseball may be the hardest at this time to win.

    1. Phils got one of those calls earlier in the playoffs (and it was deserved) , but you almost never see that called. Didnt think this one was worthy of a challenge at all.

    2. As an fyi, Marsh was playing LF exclusively for the Angels (and was a gold glove finalist in the AL) which is different than CF. I agree that Marsh misplayed a few balls hit at him but his closing speed and range on alley balls was impressive. He’d still young and will definitely improve in CF.

  28. CBS just listed top 50 FAs with possible landing spots.
    Those with Phillies listed
    Edwin Diaz. He would help.
    Rafael Montero. He helped Houston.
    Suarez SD. Even though he gave up HR I like him.
    They listed Eflin and Segura as possible as well.
    I think those were the only 5.
    I may have missed someone.
    Did not list Turner.

    1. Well they can remove Edwin Diaz from the list. Looks like he’s re signing and getting a massive deal.

  29. Continuing my habit of being the last or nearly last to post on a thread, I’ll repeat this one from last night for all who missed it, which is probably nearly everybody.

    To those bemoaning the frustrating losses:

    Yes, the Phillies should have been able to beat Houston, but that’s the beauty of baseball. Almost every loss has turning points of “if only.”

    My guess is that Dombrowski knows what needs to be changed and will change it. The club needs (1 more starting pitching depth, 2) better defense, 3) more consistent hitters.

    So, an enjoyable season of progress. Let’s celebrate the positives and look forward to more in 2023.

    Can’t wait for pitchers and catchers to report.

  30. as much as i hate to say it, congrats to the Astros. The way they have built their team is impressive, and scary that they could lose Verlander and still have a dominant pitching staff next year (Abreu could be in rotation plus Verlander clone Hunter Brown) plus they were playing without Brantley which left a hole in their lineup.
    Alvarez with just 2 hits in series coming into the game was a ticking time-bomb that you knew was going to go off, just hoping it was with the bases empty.

    Don’t like the idea of trading low on Castellanos at this point.

    As far as our first base situation, had a thought of Brandon Drury who was on a one year deal this year. He could profile similarly to Hoskins offensively, likely better defensively with more experience that, but with ability to play some second and third when needed.

  31. Well I took down my Phillies flag this morning. Bringing it down in November hopefully becomes a tradition going forward. I can’t add anything to the 2022 Phillies discussion that hasn’t been said better by others. The off season will be fun. I think Matt Gelb said it’s only a 100-days until pitchers and catchers report. Hope all are well..

  32. Great run by the team. They made Phillies Baseball Phun Again!

    Love that JT knew 100 days to he reports. Also love that Stott and Marsh had time after the game to sit in dugout and take in all that happens with a win.

    Few changes / tweaks – (a) usual hunt for starting (1) and bullpen (2-3) help, (b) middle infielder, but this team has a good core, appears to like, respect and trust each other.

    Thanks for this blog. Always fun to check in every morning and gain perspective on last nights game plus the farm.

    Clocks Fell Back, Baseball over, and it was 42 this morning in SoCal. Time for Turkey, Santa and the Eagles run to Super Bowl.

  33. ESPN has the Phillies at #6 in their first power ranking for 23. Astros 1 and Braves 2. Phillies have earned some respect. They were 11 in last poll of 22. This should be a really interesting off season and hopefully Bryce can return healthy early. His return to RF will help the defense when he is able to do that. They mention Painter as potentially being ready to help the rotation in 23.

    1. Don53….. if Harper does need TJ, it would have already been done by now….mid-October… is a month later now, because of their play-off run.
      So it could be mid-June or possibly July before he will be able to go out to RF and air it out…..he however will be able to it come April.

      1. Romus………great ride, huh? If Harper has the TJ, do you think he can stay in RF? Interesting consequences after rehab, I think.

        1. Skeet…great question. He should be able to stay in RF if it is a successful procedure.
          Rhys had it, Oct 2020……out 4-6 months, BUT it was his non-throwing arm.
          Andrew Knapp had it Oct 2013……on his throwing arm…and was catching again at CLW around mid- to -late May 2014.

          1. Bryce will get the surgery and play RF to start season. He will underhand to the ball girl who will lead the league in OF assists being his designated thrower.

  34. Hinkie you see 60% chance of resign Hoskins which is fine but then a QO!?!? Of course he’d accept a QO! You think he’s worth paying 20 mil too!?!? Usually your post are spot on.

    1. Chris … I’m saying ~60% chance Hoskins is back on his final arb year, and that would allow the team the option of using a QO on him after next season. I’m not predicting they will tag him. Just saying if Rhys is very good in 2023, they could use it. It could net the team a draft pick.

  35. I don’t know about you guys but I’m sad there isn’t a Phils game tonight. I was really invested in this run. I don’t remember feeling this way after ‘93, and I was more shocked after 2011. I can’t wait until DD starts making some moves.

    1. matt…….think of Thanksgiving…for the season they had, and the holiday…only a little more than two weeks away…when is the last time the Phillies played their last game two weeks from Thanksgiving….hah.
      And about 100 days to pitchers and catchers.

  36. The terrible series against the Cubs seems like a year ago! What a fun run this was. Braves made the first off season trade, getting some IF from Colorado. Dave will be doing something soon!!

      1. I anticipated 5/100M. Surprising, though, that he signed just days before reaching the open market. As I’ve posted multiple times already. The closer market should be pretty wild this winter. Could see some big names moved via trades.

  37. Romus and Matt13. It is amazing it is November 6th and no Phillies game.
    But here in Indiana the official practice for high school basketball is this Tuesday.
    Although they have been practicing for months. High school season begins on the 23rd night before Thanksgiving. He still does baseball as well but most now will be basketball related. They will be good but moved up a Class and one of the smallest schools. He is 6’2″ and 170 now. Up around 20 pounds so should help quite a bit.

    1. Don…for you a seamless transition from baseball to Hoosier state basketball…good luck to your grandson.

  38. Enjoy the season. Don! Hope Grandson has a good season. Always enjoy hearing how he’s doing. Hard to believe it’s November!

  39. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed the last few weeks with the Phillies.
    But I am ready for basketball now.
    He is at Frankton. Romus, I know you know how to use Max Preps.
    Max Preps has lots of info. Just starting to get things for this season listed.
    Frankton is about 45 minutes north of Indy.
    Franklin where the top high school baseball player attends is about 45 minutes south of Indy.
    Also, if either of you are ever interested there is a homestead.Indianabasketball site that has all the high school teams in Indiana. Shows their schedules and results.

    1. Don…..that kid, Max Clark could be a top 5 pick next summer…Vandy is his college commit school.
      Phils drafting 29th have no shot.

      1. I know he is very good. I am not sure if he plays basketball or not.
        He is on one of the Bulls teams at Grand Park.
        I saw a Vandy commit. They get a lot of the good ones.
        Max Preps has basketball rosters out now.

      2. Romus. I just looked. Clark is not listed as one of the Varsity basketball players at Franklin. A couple years ago a kid named Colin Montgomery was a high pick from Southridge. He was a very good basketball player as well.
        I forget who picked him. I think he was in the top 15 or so.

      3. Romus…grandson is the 1st kid listed on the roster for Frankton on Max Preps. The 4 Sophs are the best players, but it will take some time for them to get adjusted. Basketball guy did not throw them in like the baseball guy did last Spring.

  40. Bregman broke his finger last night when he got it bent backwards on Jean’s glove on the tag at 2nd base.

  41. Wouldn’t mind seeing 2 Carlos here in 2023 – Correa and Rodon. The Dodgers will probably sign the former. Trea Turner would stabilize the Phillies lineup as a leadoff hitter, either as a 2b or SS with Stott at the other. Bohm improved his play at 3b enough to keep him there for now, and I now doubt he gets traded anytime soon. Hoskins to a contender for some promising young talent would open 1b for Schwarber. I can also see Castellanos being traded to Miami for prospects if the Phillies ate $20M of the $80M remaining on his deal, but until that happens… IF Harper can return to the field early next season, I would move him to LF, play Marsh in RF (he’s not my CF going forward) and give Rojas a shot in spring training. For defensive improvements alone, I would like to see this lineup in ’23…
    Trea Turner 2b
    Kyle Schwarber 1b
    Alec Bohm 3b
    Bryce Harper lf
    JT Realmuto c
    Bryson Stott ss
    Nick Castellanos dh
    Brandon Marsh rf
    Johan Rojas cf
    …with a rotation of Wheeler, Nola, Rodon, Suarez and Painter reaching the Show midseason…yowsa!!

    Thrilled to see the New York Mess signing Diaz to that albatross deal. Yes he was outstanding in ’22…good luck with sustaining that for 5 more years as a reliever with a roller coaster career.

    1. Looking again at Mets’ Diaz’ contract…6yrs/$122M….that 6th year is a $20M buy-out……though apparently Steve Cohen cares less about the money.

    2. Every time I see “move Schwarber to 1B” I cringe. Sorry but if you think he is not good in LF wait until you see him at 1st.

  42. I would do whatever it takes to get rid of Castellanos. The pitchers have obviously figured out he will chase low and away every time. (Think of a R/H Ryan Howard) But more importantly, his refusal to go on a rehab assignment and worse his admission that he often let his mind wonder in RF during the season, are huge red flags he does not fit in with this team.

    1. I tend to think his wife and mother agree with you…..they may like him to move onto another city and team.

      1. He wan s the man in Cincinnati, maybe he would like to go back there? Let’s make a deal, we’ll throw in Kingery or several others.

      2. Romus…………..if we trade Hoskins……who is going to step up and buy all the beer for the crowd………..hope they have a backup plan to replace Rhys’s wife!

  43. I saw those comments, Romus.
    Sometimes things are just not a good fit for whatever reason.
    This might be one of those times.
    Phillies need to restructure where not so many DH type guys in everyday lineup.
    Pitching, defense, timely hitting.
    Pena for Astros sure had the timely hitting part down. Great future for that kid.

  44. Castellanos was signed to be the DH on this team, not the everyday RF. He had a bad 2022 season but it was also one of the worst seasons of his career so I expect him to have a bounce back season in 2023.

    I’m not opposed to moving him if they can find a trade partner (wasn’t a fan of the original signing) but I’m not in favor of eating $$$, giving up prospects to do so.

    Not concerned about any comments made by his wife/mother on Twitter based on the actions of a few fans. The issue will be quickly forgotten.

    1. 3Up totally agree. You won’t convince me that he wasn’t hurt in some capacity. Not the way he was flying open at the plate. If he was hurt and they kept running him out there shame on the Phillies brass for that.

      I don’t care if he was telling them he was fine and wanted to be out there. We certainly didn’t lose because of his defense.

      The stubbornness to keep him batting behind BH cost them.

      I’ll never change my opinion on the fact that you need to get your best hitter as many ABs as possible and you need to make sure someone his hitting right behind him that is your next best hard contact guy.

  45. Also agree 3Up. There are knucklehead fans in every City. Negative comments to children are off limits, period, no exceptions. But, I wish I knew why he looked do bad at the plate. Not just poor results relative to his last year in Cinci, but over his career. He has always been able to hit the ball, and he not only had poor results, he looked awful at the plate. Constantly off balance, swinging at junk, and I know he was complaining about the change in the ball, and maybe that excuses his lack of HRs. But, where were all the 2Bs he used to hit? He spent a whole season looking uncomfortable at the plate. I expect him to regain his hitting ability and have a good year coming up. I don’t think DD trades him, and I, for sure, don’t think we add a prospect to unload him.

  46. This is the blockbuster trade that you all can fill in with prospects: Nick Castellanos goes to the Angels for…….Mike Trout.

    Angels get out from under Trout’s contract and it gives him an opportunity to play for a contender and to come “home”.

    It could work for both teams. Which team says yes and which team says no? And what do Phuture Phillies posters think?

    1. I think we need to throw in Kingery yet and they need to give us the very last player taken in the 2023 draft to make it palatable for both sides.

    2. ciada – I have thought the same thing. When the Angels sale takes place does Trout say to mgmt – ok, enough, I want to go home. Get me out of here and I won’t go any other place but “home.” He gets paid – the Phillies get a big discount, and somehow make it work out ?? I still think, sometime, someway, he eventually plays at the “Bank” even if he is 40 years old. Why not sooner ?

  47. I read that the Phils split about $25M for being the WS runner up. When do they decide who gets a share? Does anyone know?

    1. Matt, I would think it would have been decided by now. The players charged with making the decisions on shares would normally do so when they clear all their personal stuff out of the clubhouse at CBP. Yesterday or today might be the last time they all see each other until spring training.

  48. For his devotion and dedication, Romus gets a full share.

    For his skepticism, Moffo gets an honorable mention.

    1. ciada…..hah…I wish.
      matt…..everyone played an inning or an AB this season gets some piece of the pie, and then also , some of the biggies…Harper, Wheeler, JTR, Schwarber may pass on their share or take a very small portion, and let it go to some of the younger players.

      1. … plus the clubbies. Teams don’t usually forget the non-players, the guys in the clubhouse and other peripheral guys, the bullpen coaches/catchers, base/hitting/pitching/asst coaches, … Anybody the players tip at the end of the season may see a portion of a share in addition to their tips.

        1. The Phillies had a taxi squad that traveled with and practiced with the team during the playoffs. That’s why guys like Hall and Falter were seen in the dugout and at the clubhouse celebrations. I assume they will get a taste of the playoff money. I wonder if they will consider the guys who had to work out in Clearwater during the playoffs just in case – Kingery, Marchan, Sands, Munoz, and a couple of pitchers. Munoz and maybe Sands probably get a portion of a share due to their time on the active roster.

  49. Thanks Jim, I always like to see the teams take care of those guys. That’s why I was interested in when that kind of information comes out. It’s been awhile, so I don’t remember! LOL

    1. When they won in 2008, they issued rings to almost every front office type throughout the organization. One of the assistant GMs in Clearwater wears one proudly. I do not know if the team picks up the cost or if the individuals are given the option of purchasing one.

      1. When Boston won, they included scouts. There was an old scout who proudly showed his ring to all of us upstairs at the Threshers ballpark and let us try it on.

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