Trade Hoskins! or Trade Hoskins?

There are two camps when it comes to Phillies’ first baseman Rhys Hoskins.  Those who want to trade him.  And, those who don’t.  The purpose of this text is to delve into the options and process of a Rhys Hoskins decision.

Those in favor of a trade think that Hoskins would bring back a beneficial piece or pieces.  Some seem to think a serviceable major league pitcher and others a couple of wild card prospects from Class A ball.  Whatever the Phillies get back in a trade, it is not likely to be a major league-ready first baseman.

So, what’s the best move?

Solution #1, move an active roster player to first base

The main problem with a trade is who fills the vacant first position.  There are a few who think that the Phillies can easily slot Kyle Schwarber or Nick Castellanos at first base.  I think this is a simplistic solution.  The only real value is that it gets both out of the outfield when Harper returns to play right field. One would play first base and the other would be the full-time DH.

First base is a difficult position to play and learn.  You can’t just stick a guy there and expect him to perform at the same level or better as a player who has spent years there.  Even if that player is Hoskins.

It makes no sense to me to improve your defense at several other positions and weaken it at the position that is involved in almost every ground ball in the infield.

Alec Bohm could be a similar disaster at first base.  He would bring all the fielding deficiencies everyone has identified at third base with him to first base.  Plus, the new shift rule will serve to expose weak infielders more easily. True, he wouldn’t have to throw across the diamond, but there is still that tricky throw to second base to start a 3-6-3 double play, a throw all three would have to negotiate.

Solution #2, promote someone from the “pharm”

So, if not Castellanos or Schwarber or Bohm, is there a player in our minor league system who can play first base?  Well, there is a guy at Lehigh Valley who plays first base, who has played first base for years. Darick Hall.  He is a much better defensive first baseman than Hoskins.  And, he showed that he can hit major league pitching when he DH-ed during Bryce Harper’s recovery period.  Some would like to see Hall get the job full-time, while others don’t see him as a viable solution for a first base opening.

Presently, there is no other practical solution in the organization.

Solution #3, sign a free agent

So, what about free agency?  Right now there are 14 first basemen who may be free agents.  One has an opt-out.  Five have options.

Eric Hosmer was able to block a trade from San Diego to Washington at the deadline but then was traded to Boston triggering a no-trade clause with his new team.  He has to approve any trade Boston tries to make but is not encumbered by his salary since San Diego is on the hook for the bulk (minus league minimum) of his remaining $13M per year.  It remains to be seen if he opts out and tests the free agent market.

Anthony Rizzo can trigger a $16M player option with the Yankees.  Although his batting average was low, he had a very productive 2022 season.  Most expect him to trigger his option.

San Diego can activate a $20M club option over Wil Myers.  He was replaced at the trade deadline by a more productive Brandon Drury.  It remains to be seen if San Diego activates the option or pays the $1M buyout to save salary.

Minnesota can activate a $14M club option over Miguel Sano.  He spent most of the 2022 season on the injury list.  He was more than adequately replaced by the less expensive Jose Miranda and Luis Arraez.  It seems likely that Minnesota does not exercise its option and just pays his $2.75M buyout.

Baltimore has a mutual option on Jesus Aguilar whom they picked up after he was designated and released by Miami.  He didn’t really work out as a late-season pickup.  They still have Ryan Mountcastle as their primary first baseman.  Don’t see Baltimore as interested in their half of this option.  A $200K buyout is not a disincentive.

Houston has a mutual option on Trey Mancini whom they acquired as part of a three-team trade that also netted them RHP Jayden Murray and cost them CF Jose Siri and RHP Chayce McDermott.  Mancini is a utility guy more than a first baseman.  He was a big disappointment as an offensive weapon.  A $250K buyout may be more attractive than a $10M option.

Jose Abreu 36 CWS $19.67M 679 40 15 75 62 9.1% 110 16.2% .304 .378 .446 .824 133
Anthony Rizzo 33 NYY $16M 548 21 32 75 58 10.6% 101 18.4% .224 .338 .480 .817 131
Brandon Drury 30 CIN/SD $700K 568 31 28 87 38 6.7% 126 22.2% .263 .320 .492 .813 122
Josh Bell 30 WAS/SD $10M 647 29 17 71 81 12.5% 102 15.8% .266 .362 .422 .784 128
Donavan Solano 34 CIN/SF $4.5M 304 16 4 24 19 6.3% 61 20.1% .284 .339 .385 .724 97
Eric Hosmer 33 BOS $21M 419 19 8 44 37 8.8% 64 15.3% .268 .334 .382 .716 108
Wil Myers 32 SD $22.5M 286 15 7 41 21 7.3% 86 30.1% .261 .315 .398 .713 108
Trey Mancini 31 BAL/HOU $7.5M 587 23 18 63 53 9.0% 135 23.0% .239 .319 .391 .710 101
Carlos Santana 37 KC/SEA $10.5M 506 18 19 60 71 14.0% 88 17.4% .202 .316 .376 .692 100
Brandon Belt 35 SF $18.4M 298 9 8 23 37 12.4% 81 27.2% .213 .326 .350 .676 92
Jesus Aguilar 33 MIA/BAL $7.3M 507 19 16 51 28 5.5% 119 23.5% .235 .281 .379 .661 86
Yuli Gurriel 39 HOU $8M 584 40 8 53 30 5.1% 73 12.5% .242 .288 .360 .647 84
Yoshi Tsutsugo 31 PIT/TOR $4M 193 4 2 19 19 9.8% 50 25.9% .171 .249 .229 .478 37
Miguel Sano 30 MIN $9.25M 71 0 1 3 9 12.7% 25 35.2% .083 .211 .133 .345 3

Some of these players are likely looking for more money and years than Hoskins will get through arbitration.  More than a few aren’t worth half of what Hoskins will get.  Brandon Drury is an interesting, cheaper, and similarly productive solution.  But, San Diego is also losing the remaining two-thirds of its first base depth to free agency (Myers and Bell).  They may negotiate an extension with Drury before he reaches free agency.

Solution #4, trade for a first baseman

Optimally, you would want to get a first baseman in return.  However, it is more likely that two trades would have to be made.  One is an outgoing trade of Hoskins for a prospect or two, and the other is a trade that brings back a first baseman, probably at the cost of some of our prospects.

This doesn’t seem like the best solution.

Solution #5, keep Hoskins and try to negotiate an extension,

Solution #6, keep Hoskins and trade him at the deadline,

Solution #7, keep Hoskins and hold onto him in 2024 with a Qualifying offer, and

Solution #8, keep Hoskins and let him walk at the end of the season.

These four solutions all involve starting the 2023 season with Hoskins.  Unfortunately, that won’t necessarily end the speculation about his future with the Phillies.

Like it or not, the Phillies will do their due diligence and explore an extension with Hoskins.  He has more value to the Phillies than to other organizations.  He is one of the faces of the Phillies.  He is popular with the fans.  He has a good presence in the clubhouse. They need his production.  If they can reach a deal both parties can live with an extension will get done.  However, Hoskins’ agent is Boras.  Toss-up.

Like it or not, the Phillies could walk away from any extension discussions and play the season with his arbitration salary and reassess the situation in July.  At that time, Hoskins could be traded for prospects or a necessary piece for the stretch run.  He might bring back a better package from a contending team.

Like it or not, the Phillies could play the entire 2023 season with Hoskins and hold him hostage in 2024 with a qualifying offer.  A QO might not be much more than a semi-reasonable raise over his 2023 salary.  If he signs a multi-year deal with another team, the Phillies get compensation.  If not, they still have a “trade-at-the-deadline” opportunity mentioned above.

Like it or not, the Phillies could just play out the season and let Hoskins go to free agency afterward.  This really only makes sense if the Phillies are going to be in the playoff race after the trade deadline and want his bat in the lineup.

For comparison (and as an afterthought), here are Hoskins’ 2022 season and Darick Hall’s 2022 MLB stats projected over a full season.  The projection came from a somewhat small sample.  I would expect his walks to trend higher and his strikeouts to maybe trend lower and with not as much of a delta between strikeouts and walks.

Rhys Hoskins 30 PHI $7.7M 672 33 30 79 72 10.7% 169 25.1% .246 .332 .462 .794 122
Darick Hall 27 PHI <$700K 561 32 36 63 20 3.6% 174 31.0% .250 .282 .522 .804 121

These are remarkably close.  Does this make Hall a viable and much less expensive solution to Hoskins?  I would believe that the walks and low OBP are alarming to most.  But, a projection is only a prediction on existing historical data, not a guarantee.  Like a weather report.

I believe that Hall could adjust to the adjustments the league made when he batted in 2022.  Whether that is enough to measurably change his OBP would remain to be seen.  I think 36 HR would lead to more careful pitching and some more walks.

What would I do?  Hmm.  I like Darick Hall.  But, I don’t know what I would do.

What will the Phillies do?  I think the Phillies will NOT trade Hall this offseason.

Note: after I finished this, another wave of free agents was made public.  The only first baseman among the group was Mike Ford.  He’s essentially a journeyman backup. He made 26 starts at first base for two (LAA, SF) of the four teams (SEA, ATL, LAA, SF) he played for in 2022.  If a substantial first baseman reaches free agency, I’ll update.  Otherwise, I’m going to run with this.

58 thoughts on “Trade Hoskins! or Trade Hoskins?

  1. First, I am a Hoskins fan, but the streakiness and fielding do bother me, and I wonder whether he’s worth what Boras will insist on. I also doubt he’ll get you equivalent value on the trade market.

    I find Hall intriguing but not convinced he can hit LH pitching enough.

    So here’s another idea: Hall is main 1B and give JT rest days at 1B against tough lefties.

  2. I too like Rhys. I so remember those first few weeks when he came up and homers were flying off his bat like last weekend. Is that Rhys still there somewhere. He will never be a Gold Glove guy. Maybe average. Hope so. I do get so frustrated with all the pitches he takes right down the middle of the plate. Smoltz mentioned at some point in series Rhys had only swung at 4 first pitches. Two he hit for home runs. Maybe someone should remind. Probably the biggest issue going forward though is the incredible number or DH guys the Phillies have on the field. Somewhere down the line something will have to shake out on this. Does it involve Rhys? Time will tell.
    Last thing he seems to be a really good person and great for the community.

  3. The facts:

    Rhys Hoskins is a poor defender and his range will likely get worse as he ages. His dWar is killing his value, although he’s not an elite bat either at 1B. He’ll likely see at least $10M+ in his final year of arbitration. His agent is Scott Boras who thinks all his clients are premium players. Hoskins has more value to the Phillies than the other teams.

    What I want:

    I would keep Hoskins for his final season and let him walk into FA. If he’s average in 2023, then no reason not to let him go. If he has a crazy season, give him the QO, Boras will ask for the moon, and let him walk.

    What I think might happen:

    If Hoskins butchers some balls in the WS, I think the uproar would be so great that DD might have no choice but to trade him in the offseason. If he contributes to the team winning, he’ll stay for his final year.

    1. I agree with nearly all of this, but let’s stay away from the WS bad mojo – pretty please. Absent that disaster, Hoskins should be back next year. By the way, when he does become a FA, one of the guys who could end up replacing him for a year or two is Josh Bell. Although Bell’s less of a home run hitter (more of a high average guy), the two have roughly similar value and Bell could be a lot cheaper at that point. I think this will all just have to play out over time.

      1. Bell may not be available come 2024……he will probably get a 2, or more than likely a 3 year contract this off-season from someone.

        1. I think Bell’s use as a DH this year has covered up some of his defensive deficiency. If you think Bell is better than Hoskins defensively let me, as someone who lives in Pittsburgh, disabuse you of that position. And Bell’s bat is even more inconsistent.

  4. I am a Rhys Hoskins fan, and I don’t believe the team trades him. Yes, his D is worrisome, but he is worth more to us here than in a trade. Can we save some $? Yes, but then we have to get a LF, if the goal is to improve the D at 1B and LF by moving Schwarber to 1B. If Hall is the 1B, I don’t believe he matches Hoskins’ power output, so we are less of a team offensively for an upgrade defensively just a 1B. I don’t think the team does that. After next year, I think the result may be very different. I can see a QO, and letting him go. But, after these Playoffs, I would hate to lose those HRs he just hit. I know Jim and Romus, and others here, are high on Hall, but I don’t think he gives us what Hoskins does. I could see a trade where Hall is involved much more than one with Hoskins.

    1. matt13….not sure why people keep alluding to Schwarber to first base….in over 1200 games he has played 1B 13 times…..Boston gave him the most with 10 games last year at the end of the year…he only committed one error, however so not sure how he felt about playing there.
      Actually he has been a catcher for almost 200 games professionally and college combined.
      It appears now his comfort zone is LF with almost 800 games out there.

  5. I’m a Hoskins fan. I agree with a lot above. He’s not Rico Brogna with his defense, but John Kruk did play there.
    Overall, I want the team to double down on the hitting . Work with Hoskins, schwarber, and castellanos on their defense. Whoever the best is, put at first. Second worse goes to the outfield. Fill the bench with a defensive replacement aka Sosa II.

    Outslug the weakness. Beef up the pen, bring in Turner. Promote the 3 young arms as fast as possible

  6. I think Hoskins will become too expensive in the future. All Boras’s clients are IMO, but if you can get the money, more power to you. I like his personality and he is a good face and a nice guy for the Phillies PR people. IMO, he is a DH and the truth is we have too many of them on this team (3) and if Harper’s arm doesn’t repair (4). I think his defense is worse than the statistics reveal and I think he frequently gets a break from scorekeepers on his fielding.

    Jim’s comparisons of Hall/Hoskins makes it very tempting to go with the cost savings realized with Hall. Defense is advantage Hall. Cost savings advantage Hall, Age advantage Hall. Productivity (sss) neutral to slight edge Hoskins because MLB vs MILB experience.

    DD is going to have fun as soon as this fall extravaganza is over, no doubt about it. This is just one of a few tough decisions he will have to make. No matter if they win it all and Rhys is the MVP, there is unpleasant decisions to make and this team cannot remain the same.

    1. Skeet…I am with you.
      If Hall is the risk….I would do it.
      The power and glove are both there….maybe the BA will be lower than Hoskins was this past season
      And if the Giants lose Belt, I am sure Zaidi and new GM Harris, will look to upgrade 1B with a power bat, Hoskins could be that guy… they also shoot for the moon for Judge.

        1. Denny… Harper definitely having the surgery next month?
          I have not seen anything indicating that that is a certainty
          If he does, he probably will not be able to play RF and air it out until June sometime.
          I can only go back to Andrew Knapp…he had his TJ in October when he was at Clearwater, and was able to catch again around mid-May.
          Will he rotate at first with Hoskins……doubt it… if he cannot throw they way he wants to throw a ball..

            1. Denny……I have my doubts if the Phillies sign Hoskins to any LTC.
              Five years $85/90M would probably be the going rate….Boras may want to tweak it up further.

    2. Skeet, IMO the Hoskins/Hall comparison has to be taken with a shaker of salt. MLBTR just took Hall’s 41-game stats and multiplied them by four. Not very baseball scientific IMO. Certainly not a proper basis for us to set expectations.

  7. Well, I will start with disagreeing with the opening premise that one of the existing roster players couldn’t replace Hoskin’s defense at 1b. Bohm has played there on a very limited basis and has proven to not be a disaster. He actually has better defensive measures at 1b than Hoskins but sample size is too small to matter.

    I do not think Schwarber would be an option and not sure about Castellanos who was a bad 3b early in his career so he at least has some experience in the IF.

    But the question is how to improve the defense. Easiest way is moving Bohm from 3b (where he is not good) to 1b where he is probably at least a wash defensively with Hoskins and signing one of the SS options like Turner (Arenado would be ideal if he opts out) and using some combination of Stott, Sosa, Maton, to play 3b & 2b.

    Hoskin’s offensive is replaced by the FA signing and the Hoskins/Segura money saved is used cover the salary.

    Castellanos/Schwarber go to DH once Harper is able to play the field and the OF defense is also better, especially with the recent addition of Marsh in CF.

    The fact that people argue that trading Hoskins will return little should be an indication that his value is limited. He would make a good DH for a team that needs RH power in the line-up and a good veteran presence in the clubhouse. The Phillies don’t need a DH and they have an abundance of veteran presence.

    Appreciate what Hoskins has brought to the organization and recognize when it’s time to move on.

  8. I think this question is less about Rhys and more about roster construction.

    My first choice would be to trade Castellanos and keep Rhys. I would even eat some of Nick’s contract to do so. And attach a prospect like Eric Miller. But if that is not possible, then I would trade Rhys.

    I respectfully disagree that “First base is a difficult position to play and learn.” I think that it is by far the easiest position and there are a lot of really bad athletes who play first base at the MLB level. Fat and out of shape guys like Rowdy Tellez. Shwarber is a good athlete. He has good hands. I feel very confident that he could be a serviceable first baseman.

    I think that we could get something of value for Rhys. He is somewhere between a 2-3 WAR player depending on the site. Oddly, the club that might be most interested in him is Houston. So I hope that he has a great Series, destroys Houston, we win the Series and Houston wants him so bad that we trade him there. The guy I would target is Luis Garcia, who would also solve our need to replace a SP.

    1. I agree on Castellanos. That is something to keep an eye on this winter.

      Rowdy Tellez is a bad example. He was drafted out of HS as a 1B/OF in 2013. One scouting report at the time stated “… 7.42 runner, good footwork around the bag, has improved his athleticism over the past year, big target at first base. ”

      He has logged over 7000 innings at first base as a pro. He has started 828 games, 819 at first base. He has a .992 fielding percentage and 59 errors in ten years, only 12 errors in 5 seasons in the majors (2399 innings, .995 fld%).

      Tellez has played 1B exclusively for years. He may be “fat and out of shape” but he learned the position in his youth.

      As bad as Hoskins can look at times, he has saved Bohm and Stott errors on their seemingly endless off-target throws to first. He has become more adept at digging balls on short hops. I would dread watching Schwarber, Castellanos, or Bohm playing first base exclusively.

      Maybe I’m stuck on the Coach Washingotn line in Moneyball, “… It’s extremely difficult”. Anyway, it’s likely a moot point. I think Hoskins remains at first base and one of the other three is playing elsewhere next year.

    2. Maybe Hoskins to Houston is the best realistic option? I think your thinking is correct – trade Castellanos first. That being said, I’m not sure there is a realistic trade for Castellanos that doesn’t make them worse. WIth that being said, I think they bank on a bounce back season on Castellanos and let Rhys play out the season and then walk with maybe a QO on him. But again, if they can get a starter from Houston for Hoskins, then I’m very tempted. But I’d try to trade Castellanos first but I don’t think that’s happening.

  9. If the Phillies can sign Trea Turner….then trade Hoskins and replace him with Hall. The infield could then set up with Bohm at 3rd, Turner at SS, Stott at 2nd, and Hall at 1st. We replace Hoskins offensive streakiness with Turner. Improve defense at 1st with Hall, bank on Hoskins’ power to be made up by Hall/Turner and Stott continues his improvements to replace Segura. As an added bonus…Turner is a threat stealing bases.
    I think Hall is up to the challenge but replacing him at 1st base mid season with a “fat and out of shape guy” who can slug should be possible.

  10. I really like Rhys sometimes and then I get really frustrated with him. Maybe the problem isn’t Rhys per se but where they bat him. The 2 hole just doesn’t seem to maximize his value. He might be better suited for 5 or 6 and Bohm better suited for 2.

    I’ve seen Schwarber play 1B he’s awful there. My eyes do not deceive me. He’s not atrocious in LF nor is Nick. Now Nick may be better at 1B IDK. He also may not want to do it. Some guys are funny about that and how they see the position. Heck I don’t think Harper is any kind of a GG right fielder.

    I don’t trust that Hall is an everyday big leaguer. I think if DD did find exceptional value on the market in a Hoskins deal then pairing Darick with a platoon partner could be an improvement…Potentially. Given shifts will be no more Halls OPS may go up even if he doesn’t BB enough.

    Otherwise I stick with my premise from months ago which is to allow Rhys to play out his FA year and come what may.

    Had they been able to play the way DD intended which was Harper in RF most nights and a rotation of Kyle and Nick in LF/DH both players might of had much better seasons.

    We speculate because its fun or because we enjoy it but the reality is we no nothing about what happens behind the scenes. We may get a tidbit here or there but not enough information to make educated decisions on such things.

    1. Phillies won 87 games with 2 teams in their division ahead of them both winning 100 games each. Then with your MVP RFer not able to play full time and then was out for 63 games, CFer is the 8th one in that position, starting shortstop was released, Segura missed 60+ games, JT and Bohm started out slowly, Schwarber was out a couple weeks, Castellanos was not at peek, Wheeler missed a couple weeks, Eflin out most of the year, Suarez started out slow, no full time closer, bullpen did not show uo until mid year and they are in the World Series, I can’t wait until next year.

    2. You are 100% right on your last paragraph, I was shocked when Maddon revealed he got a call from the GM to take Trout out of the game. If you have a GM that micro-manages or meddles, who knows what we are blaming managers for……. that is not their doing.

  11. It’s one thing to want to trade Hoskins. It’s another thing to want Hall as his replacement. Hall is not a full-time or even part-time starter. He is a 4A bench guy that has some pop off the bench. I would love to see the comments on this site after two months of Hall starting. I’m not 100% sure he will even be on the 40 in a couple of weeks. There is nothing in his professional history to suggest he is a starting or part-time starting player.

    1. I’m with the let Rhys FA crowd and go from there. Rhys will probably peak in the next year or 2 and start to decline. We just can’t have a large group of guys in their early 30s with multiple year contracts. I’m in on Turner for 5-6 years max because he is very athletic and can move to second if he has to. I like the idea of Hall at first with Realmuto playing some against lefties.

      1. I’m ok with Turner for 5-6 years. The issue is that he’ll want 7-9 years, and the Phillies shouldn’t give him that. Turner plays hard and my concern is that his body will break down sooner rather than later. SS in general don’t age well.

        1. Well hopefully Turner will be satisfied with something a little shorter, say 6 with a club option /buy-out at 7. You know the Phillies will make it right on the AAV for him.
          This could be good news, IMO, he is represented by the same agency as JTR, Creative Artists, and that may be favorable for the Phillies….in that they may not have a long protracted negotiation as if it were with the Boras Company.

          1. My guess is Turner knows he will be paid handsomely and will have more than a few suitors but where does he want to be. He has a WS Ring already…

            Every off season presents a unique market. I like him for our team but I would not outbid ourselves for his services.

            1. DMAR…remember there will be Bogaerts, Correa and Turner out there.
              The market may not be as wide open as yuo may think.
              First off…..large market teams, who are not ready to contend and who do not already have a stud shortstop prospect ready to come up within a year or two….may pass on any of these three free agents.
              The Sox, just as an example, will need to replace Bogaerts…and that is done by sliding Story over to shortstop….and they may have their hot prospect for 2nd base.
              Dodgers look like lux will go to short…they have plenty of 2B prospects …ie Busch for one.
              Giants are moving on from Crawford i would think…but Judge will be their target and big ticket signing.
              IMO…..the landscape looks good for the Phillies to step right into a good favorable position when competing to sign either Turner or Bogaerts.

        2. Turner will likely receive multiple offers of eight years and if that comes to fruition he’ll sign for nothing short of that. There is going to be intense competition for all four of the top SS’s and that will create bigger and better contracts for the players. The groupthink of shorter contracts isn’t realistic in this situation because of the level of interest in these specific players.

  12. Six players hit 36 HR last season. Do we really think Hall would step in and do that?

    Roll the dice and hold onto Hoskins. The Phils are in win-now mode, and he’s an important part of the lineup and clubhouse culture. If another team overpays despite potential defensive decline as he ages, take the comp pick from the QO. If he doesn’t find the pot of gold, perhaps the Phils can extend him.

    1. Well Hoskins didn’t hit 36 HR last season either, he hit 30. Don’t think Hall would do that either but not interested in Hall as the replacement.

  13. I doubt that there would be any significant improvement by moving on from Hoskins. Keep Hoskins with Hall as the back plan (in case of injury) next year.

    If they want to try Schwarber or Castellanos at 1B next year then they will have time to do so and get an opinion if change is needed then.

    If the replacement is left handed then that changes the lineup make up

      1. Maybe. Depends on his contract demands. He turned down a $16m PO. Rhys is 4 years younger. And under control for 2 more seasons. So there is an argument that Rhys is more desirable than Rizzo

  14. I’m not here to endorse or oppose this … just asking Would You Do It?

    Phillies get: 1 year of Shohei Ohtani
    Angels get: Rhys Hoskins, Andrew Painter, and Johan Rojas

    1. Nope. Painter and Hoskins might equal Ohtani in offense & pitching. Bit sure how a player doing both will be sustainable. Rojas is extra in the equation.

    2. Hinkie….yes………if he is willing to sign an extension.
      Would the Angels do it…..I have my doubts….may not be enough for them.

    3. Is this a trick question where you counter with – if you endorse the trade then shouldn’t you be willing to acquire Verlander for just money and hold onto Hoskins and the two top prospects?

  15. Should the Phillies win the WS, my guess is that DD keeps this starting lineup in tact, including Segura and Hoskins. If the Phillies lose, then the Hoskins discussion becomes relevant, as does the search for Turner.

  16. He’s a frustrating player. Brick hands. Not great bat most of time. Then great. One week on three weeks off. But he plays with two bricks as hands.

    They won’t move on but should. He’s a good clubhouse presence. He’s not worth 10+ a year. Spend the money elsewhere.

  17. I read he was above league average. You give him one more season unless they are confident Hall can take it over. just worried about the culture if they trade him.

  18. after last night muff, I am all in to moving on and trying Hall for a year. There are just too many muffs at prime times by Hoskins. And, I was a BIG fan of his so I am not writing this from a negative fan on him. Just too painful. And a prospect would be great given our needs.

  19. Haven’t posted in a while, I’ve just been enjoying the run. The owner told us that he sees Hoskins as the heart of the club, he’s not getting traded. I wouldn’t be surprised if they extend his contract actually and buy out a free agent year or two. I also don’t want Bohm at 1b because he doesn’t hit enough for there and Hall hasn’t shown he can hit lefties at all. Casty is not going anywhere either after his poor season. I agree with Smoltz who thinks Casty bounces back in a big way. I really would like the Turner signing to happen but it will depend on the dollars. I think this team will be better next year offensively. The challenge will be the pitching where Wheeler and Nola could both start slow next year after struggling pitching into November. The money needs to go to more pitching for next year.
    In the AFL, DeLaCruz is giving us another reason to hope. Ortiz has been terrible but Rojas and DeLaCruz are shining.

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