Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/7/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (69-60)  continues to go in the wrong direction losing to the Worcester Red Sox, 3-1.  Noah Skirrow (0.00) pitched six scoreless innings allowing 3 hits and 2 walks.  He struck out four.  Not bad in his Triple-A debut.  Griff McGarry followed with his Triple-A debut and pitched two innings.  He gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks.  He struck out 2 and gave up a 2-run HR.  He got dinged with a blown save and a loss.  He threw 39 pitches only 21 strikes (53.8%).  Chris Devenski (3.00) mopped up allowing 2 hits and striking out one in one inning.

The IronPigs took the lead in the fourth inning on a soft ground ball/fielder’s choice that scored Yairo Munoz.  Darick Hall went (.249) went 2-4 with a double.  Dustin Peterson (.241) went 1-4 with a double.  Marchan (.240)  and Munoz (.308) each went 1-4.

Jorge Bonifacio had an outfield assist at first base.  The IronPigs turned 3 double plays.

Reading (57-71, 28-31) swept the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, 11-10 in 8 innings and 4-0.

In game one, Ethan Lindow (4.02) pitched six innings and held the Cats to 3 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks.  He struck out four and gave up a 3-run HR that accounted for the runs against him.  He turned a 7-3 lead over to the bullpen.  Billy Sullivan (4.02) blew the save when he faced 4 batters and couldn’t retire one of them.  He walked two and allowed 2 hits, the big blow a grand slam.  Matt Seelinger (3.79) finished the inning but not until he gave up the tie with a run on 2 walks and 2 hits.  He did strike out two.  Tyler McKay (2-3, 5.45) got the win by default after allowing 2 runs (1 ER) to score on a walk and a hit.

The Phils scored 4 runs in the first inning on a fielder’s choice off the bat of Jhailyn Ortiz and a 3-run double by Aldrem Corredor.  They stretched the lead out to 3 runs scoring 2 runs in the fifth on a 2-run single by Ethan Wilson.  They tacked on a run in the sixth when Johan Rojas stole second and advanced on a throwing error by the catcher and a fielding error by the center fielder.  They had to tie the game and force extras in the seventh on an RBI single by Kevin Vicuna.  They overcame a 2-run deficit in the eighth on an RBI single by Jonathan Guzman, a bases-loaded walk by Wendell Rijo, and a walkoff, RBI single by Ethan Wilson.

Ortiz (.240) went 1-5 with 3 runs scored.  Corredor (.240) went 1-2 with a double, walks, and 3 RBI.  Wilson (.237) went 2-4 with a walk and 2 RBI.  Rojas (.263) went 2-5 with 3 runs scored.  Carlos De La Cruz (.286) went 2-4 with a walk and 2 runs scored.

Wilson stole his first Double-A base, Rojas his 25th.  Ortiz threw a runner out at second base.

In game two, the bullpen tossed 7 scoreless innings and held the Cats to 3 hits.  Taylor Lehman (4.60) opened with two, 2-hit innings while striking out three.  Andrew Baker (1-0, 0.00) retired all six batters he faced striking out one.  Brett Schulze pitched two, one-hit innings striking out three.  Andrew Schultz (3.09) pitched a one-walk seventh striking out one.

The Phils opened the scoring in the fourth inning on a throwing error.  They added an insurance run in the fifth on a solo HR by Carlo De La Cruz.  And tacked on 2 runs in the sixth on a 2-run single by McCarthy Tatum.

De La Cruz (.294) went 2-4 with a double and his 6th HR.  Tatum (.214) went 1-3.  Kevin Vicuna (.262) went 2-3 with a double.  Wilson (.220) and Ortiz (.238) went 0-3.  Rojas did not play.  Tatum stole his 2nd base.

Jersey Shore (48-80, 23-39) split with the Aberdeen IronBirds, winning 4-0 and losing 3-1 in 8 innings.

In game one, Victor Vargas (2-1, 2.91) pitched a seven-inning shutout allowing 2 hits, walking none, and striking out eight.  He threw 76 pitches, 59 for strikes (77.6%).

The BlueClaws scored a run in the second inning on an RBI force out by Anthony Quirion.  They added 2 runs in the fifth on an RBI double by Kendall Simmons and a single by Jared Carr.  They tacked on a run in the sixth on an RBI triple by Lee Hao Yu.

Lee (.211)went 3-4.  Simmons (.273) went 2-3.  Carr (.218) went 1-2 with a walk.  Lee, Rixon Wingrove, and Sal Gozzo each stole a base.

In game two, Carlo Reyes (2.84) pitched five innings and allowed one unearned run on 3 hits.  He walked none, struck out eight, and picked a runner off second base.  Joel Cesar (13.50) pitched a scoreless inning and allowed a hit.  Jonathan Hughes (0-5, 3.67) pitched two innings and allowed 2 unearned runs in the extra inning.  He gave up 5 hits, walked none, and struck out two.

The BlueClaws tied the game in the third inning on a throwing error.  Rixon Wingrove (.245), Sal Gozzo (.200), Nicolas Torres (.190), Arturo De Freitas (.075), and Freylin Minyety (.174) each had one of the BlueClaws 5 hits.  Gozzo’s was the only extra base hit.

Clearwater (56-69, 21-39) lost to the Bradenton Marauders, 4-0.  2022 fourth-round pick Alex McFarlane (0-3, 9.00) pitched three innings on 2 hits and 2 walks.  Andrew Walling (7.20) pitched a scoreless inning giving up a hit and walking one.  Jared Wetherbee (4.50) pitched to six batters, retired one, walked 5, and forced in 2 runs.  Jack Dallas (0.00) stranded 3 inherited base runners, pitched 2.2 innings, walked one, and struck out three.  Konnor Ash (5.36) pitched two innings, gave up one hit, walked 2, and struck out five.

Erick Brito (.231) went 2-4 with the Threshers only two hits.  Otto Kemp and Micah Yonamine each drew 2 walks.  They and Brito were the team’s only base runners.  They did manage to load the bases with one out on one of Brito’s singles and walks by Kemp and Yonamine but a double play ended their only threat.  In addition to the double play, they managed to get caught stealing once and struck out 14 times.

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9/07/2022 – LHP Jordan Fowler assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
9/07/2022 – Jersey Shore activated C Anthony Quirion from the temporarily inactive list
9/07/2022 – RHP Albertus Barber assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
9/05/2022 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Mark Appel on the 7-day IL

55 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/7/2022)

  1. McGarry actually gave up 3 runs in his 2 innings. He gave up a walk, double, double for 2 runs in his first inning and then a solo homer in his 2nd inning. I assume this will stop the “let’s rush NcGarry to the big leagues” talk for now. He needs to improve on his control and his location. He’s got great stuff but location is very important.

    1. Murray, I hear you and agree he needs work on his control. But it could mostly just be a bad outing and his stuff is incredible. Let’s see what he does in his next appearance. I still think there’s more than a little chance he makes it to the majors this season.

      1. There may not be room for McGarry anyway. Wheeler, Eflin, and Dominguez all may return very shortly.

    2. Something has clearly clicked for De La Cruz. I forgot to mention him when I blasted our hitters. He’s probably now around a top 10-12 prospect with a pretty big up arrow. And he’s still just 22.

  2. Victor Vargas was a guy I was excited about a few years ago, he’s pitched well this year. Next year is a big year for him though as he’s not getting any younger.

  3. De La Cruz is really on a tear in Reading, up to .294. He has surpassed Rojas and Ortiz on my chart.
    In July he hit .289 with 7-19, in August .286 with 5-12 and so far in Sept .333 1-1.

  4. De La Cruz and Rojas have put together nice metrics lately.
    Rojas has his average over .260 now.
    Phillies should shortly announce AFL selections.
    I hope Rojas is one of them.

    1. Was thinking about this the other day when Matt Gelb said on his podcast that Francisco Morales was likely going to the AFL.

      Last year they sent 4 players, so if that stays the course I was thinking this year it might be:
      Francisco Morales
      Johan Rojas
      Carlos De La Cruz

      And then one of:
      Andrew Baker
      Ethan Lindow
      Noah Skirrow
      Victor Vargas

      Skirrow and Lindow may be nearing their innings limits, so maybe not them. I figure Baker has been pitching well enough that maybe they want to test him a little more and maybe push him as a potential bullpen piece next year. And maybe Vargas to make up for some innings he lost this year.

      1. Mitch…Philies are lumped with the Astros, Pirates, Rangers and Royals on the Surprise Sags team this each…each get to send up to seven if they want.
        Not sure how the break-down will be between pitchers, and positions players.
        I can see the top three you mentioned.
        Skirrow would be a nice selection, normally max innings pitched in the AFL is between 22 and 25, so maybe Skirrow could just be under his limit.

      2. I think Morales needs to clear his head and then maybe go to winter ball.

        I would definitely send De La Cruz, Rojas and Baker to the AFL. Not sure who the 4th guy should be. Maybe Schultz. Maybe McGarry if they want him to work on some specific stuff, but he would need to go there as a reliever to keep his innings down.

          1. Lindow looks to be one of the pitchers that may qualify to go.
            He certainly deserves his chance ….they thought highly of him a few years ago when he was the Paul Owens winner

            1. Lindow is okay and everything, but, to me, there’s nothing about him that’s special or needing the AFL – I’d prefer to send players with higher upsides. Also, you don’t need him to quickly fill a role on the team. He can’t pitch relief and Suarez and Falter are way ahead of him as starters. They don’t need to rush him at all. But if they send him, there’s no harm, I suppose.

    2. I hope De La Cruz goes to the AFL. This kid came up the hard way as a NDFA from the Bronx. He probably got cab fare as a bonus and has slowly worked his way up. I like it when kids like that succeed. He deserves a reward and the ALF is a reward. I also hope he is on the 40. I assume he needs to be protected? Seems like he has been around forever.

      1. NL…….maybe, just maybe, the Australian League will be open this season for Americans…..Phillies have sent usually 2, sometimes 3 North American kids each season….not counting the Aussie/Kiwi guys who get auto invites anyway.

        1. Romus, the agreement is already in place for Phillies’ prospects to play in the ABL. I’ll see if I can find the official release from the team and post it here. I think as many as ten players, but I’m not sure.

          1. Thanks Jim….wow 10 players that would be great…I assume Rix Wingrove, Chris Burke and Gogo wil be there for sure.

  5. You know, I’ve thought about this more and more and, while it’s water under the bridge, I think it was a pretty significant error in judgment to trade Logan O’Hoppe unless Marsh develops into a very good hitter (iffy proposition). Potential first division catchers who have above average defense, power and plate discipline are rare, rare commodities that come along only rarely. And, please, don’t tell me he was blocked. He wouldn’t become a regular until the middle/end of 2024, at which time Realmuto would be finishing his 4th year in a 5 year contract. There’s very little overlap there and they could always trade Realmuto.

    1. Funny how the assumption is that O’Hoppe will be a first division catcher but Marsh is unlikely to develop into a 1st division CF.

      The trade “Winner” will be decided by which player has a better career but the Phillies traded from a position of strength for a position of need so not sure how it’s an error in judgement.

      1. It’s an error in judgment if Marsh becomes a 2 WAR centerfielder and O’Hoppe becomes one of the 5 best catchers in baseball, which is quite possible.

        1. But, if Marsh becomes a first division regular and the team becomes a contender with him there, it’s a solid trade. My hope is that Kevin Long can bring out the best in Marsh.

        2. I like O’Hoppe but it’s a stretch to declare it’s quite possible he becomes a top 5 catcher in baseball.

          1. Why? Have you ever looked at Realmuto’s minor league stats? Trust me, they aren’t as good as O’Hoppe’s and it’s not at all close (22 year-old Realmuto had a .668 OPS and 5 homers in over 100 games at AA). And I didn’t say he WOULD be a top 5 catcher, just that it’s very possible and, in my view, it is. What O’Hoppe is doing is what top 5 catchers tend to do in the minors. He’s 22, plays good defense and has hit 24 homers with good plate discipline in less than 100 games. He has no red flags as a hitter and has gotten better as he has moved up the minors. He’s a very, very good prospect.

            1. And while we are at it, O’Hoppe’s age 22 season has been much better than Will Smith’s and compares favorably to Adley Rutschman’s age 23 season (both in AA). One of the reasons I am so high on O’Hoppe is that he shows power, has decent contact skills and outstanding plate discipline; he draws a ton of walk. He has a profile that translates very well to success at higher levels. Nope, not backing down on this one folks. It is quite possible that O’Hoppe becomes a top 5 catcher and I would say it’s more likely than not he becomes a top 10 catcher.

            2. Well, based on Keith Law’s mid-season prospect rankings, he has (at least) 7 Minor league catchers ranked higher than O’Hoppe so he also seems to think the odds that he’s going to be better than those 7 plus all of the current major league catchers is a stretch.


              Again, not arguing that he’s not a good prospect, just that it’s unlikely he’s on the way to being a top-5, perennial all-star.

              IMO, it’s just as likely that Marsh’s career ends up being better but since Marsh isn’t a prospect and O’Hoppe isn’t a Phillies prospect anymore, I not going to continue to clutter the daily recap.

            3. Utley wasn’t a particularly highly rated prospect. Neither was Howard.

              Thanks for the Keith Law opinion, but it really doesn’t sway me.

            4. also have 7 catchers ranked ahead of him, so Law is not alone. I’m not sure about BA and BP but I don’t think the industry is as high on him as you are, Catch. That doesn’t mean he won’t be top 5 but “more likely than not” top 10 is overstating it.

              Also I don’t think Marsh has to be a very good hitter for the trade to work out. If he does become that, with his defense, he’s an all-star. He could be a 3 WAR player with an average bat.

        3. I seriously doubt that O’Hoppe becomes a top 5 catcher. You have to figure that JT, Salvador Perez, Adley Rutschman, Alejandro Kirk are the top 4 catchers right now. Will Smith maybe rounds out the top 5. Cal Raleigh is pretty good too.

          And prospect wise, you have Franciso Alvarez and Gabriel Moreno as the top 2 prospect catchers. And that’s not even including former #1 overall pick Henry Davis.

          I think the Angels would be happy if O’Hoppe falls into the 10-20 range of catchers.

          1. Marsh was a highly ranked CF prospect. He was starting to hit before he got hurt. Let’s wait and see what he becomes before make an opinion on the trade. We really needed a CF who could go get the ball. Marsh is certainly that.

            1. Moniak could get to the ball too. Moniak was drafted as and is a natural CF. One of Girardi’s dumb statements was Moniak was a corner outfielder. But you need to do more than field in major league baseball.

              The trade was bad when it was made, it is bad now and I will continue to think it is bad unless three years down the line I am proven wrong. Not arguing whether he will ever be a top five catcher or not. He doesn’t need to be for the trade to be bad.

              And I still dislike the Brown trade. I don’t care what Robertson does or doesn’t do this year. You don’t trade a 22-23 year old arm like Brown has for a reliever not named Rivera just to sneak into a wildcard.

            2. NL…Brown is still adjusting to his new team and org…..5 starts, 22 IP…25 hits, 10 walks….but he does have 29 Ks and his last two starts he has come around.
              And tomorrow is his 23rd birthday.
              But can understand your frustration.
              Hopefully Robertson does pitch better these last few weeks and maybe does resign for another year or two, but at a very good team friendly AAV contract price

  6. Catch, I started a response hours ago that agreed with you but became sidetracked. I see now that there are many who disagree with you. I wanted to let you know that your timeline for O’Hoppe was spot on. Here’s how I know.

    Back during spring training, when the Phillies had 2-3 potential backups to Realmuto who were not named Marchan, I was speaking with a Phillies person who knows things. I voiced the opinion that in 2022, Marchan should be the everyday catcher in Lehigh Valley and O’Hoppe should be the everyday catcher in Reading with Stubbs, Sands, or Wynns (if he was with the org at the time of the conversation) acting as backups for Realmuto, Marchan, and maybe O’Hoppe.

    I then suggested that O’Hoppe, who I considered ahead of Marchan (the person agreed, so we know it wasn’t Hinkie), should be the everyday catcher at Lehigh Valley in 2023 with Marchan backing up him or Realmuto.

    I went on to suggest that in 2024, O’Hoppe should backup Realmuto (his 4th year of five) and play about 40% of the team’s games at catcher. Realmuto could be rested and also recoup at bats filling in occasionally at first base or DH (yuk) if they wanted to keep his bat in the lineup.

    In 2025, O’Hoppe would start at catcher 60% of the time (or more). In 2024 and 25, O’Hoppe wouldn’t need to play every day. The experience working with the Phillies pitching staff would more than makeup for the lost at bats.

    The person reacted in such a way that I thought my timeline was correct. He/she wanted to know where I got my information, he/she thought there was an org leak. Eventually told me the timeline was accurate but that the percentages were off. Finally believed I worked this out on my own and asked me to keep it under my hat. With the trade, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

    So, I’m convinced that O’Hoppe is on his way to being a first-division starting catcher. Unfortunately, it will be with another team. I hope this trade doesn’t come back to haunt us like the Mead trade.

    BTW, O’Hoppe is performing even better with the Trash Pandas. In 98 PA he has 9 HR, 24 RBI, 23 walks, 18 K, and an improved slash of .282/.469/.676/1.146. He has improved his CS from 21% to 36%. The walks and Ks aren’t a typo.

    1. Fully agree with the “O’Hoppe wasn’t blocked” line of thinking. I posted a similar comment in the trade aftermath. O’hoppe could have spend plenty of time marinating and been ready/ somewhat experienced by the time JT was on the last year of his contract and either tradeable or willing to accept a lesser role.

      I disagreed with Catch above but really, only because I like Marsh and because we’ve seen plenty of prospects not hit their ceilings.

    2. Appreciate the insight. Personally, it’s a gut feeling but I believe O’hoppe is going
      To hurt for a few reasons. He looks like he can hit, his numbers say he can hit … and the Phillies can actually develop catchers …
      So yeah …. This one is going hurt. At this point, the best we can hope for is a wash o n this trade. That would be Marsh providing CF defense and offense for a playoff winning team. To top it off, if Moniak takes off too… it will hurt even more knowing they basically could have kept 1 … even both. That said, it is go time, so hopefully Marsh can play to expectations. Wish him well… but daaammn this one is going to hurt. Ionly saving grace is maybe he can help trout get into the playoffs

    3. Thanks, Jim. I mean it’s not rocket science. What O’Hoppe is doing at his age and level is EXACTLY what a prospect who is going to become a first division regular does. A catcher who hits and plays defense like that is a rare commodity and I think it was kind of a stupid trade. I agree that the best we can likely hope for is a wash, which means it was probably not too good of a trade. The Phillies and their annual desperation kind of drive me crazy. And it’s not like they are the Padres – just pumping out one great prospect after the next. You might not see a catching prospect in our system as good for another 20-25 years. Seriously, that could happen.

        1. No, it’s not really like a Ruben trade. I mean, the one thing I respect about the trade is that they tried to get an ascending and cost-controlled young player they can have for years and who fills a pretty serious need. Amaro would have tried to get the most experienced “win now” player he could find. Sometimes that worked but it usually cost a ton in prospect capital.

          1. What about the Lee to Seattle trade…..three prospects that never panned out…that was not a ‘ win-now’ trade.

  7. Lehman/Baker/Schulze/Shultz combining for a shutout. Obviously Schultz and especially Baker are getting some heat lately. I think Schulze could be next and Lehman might sneak into the ML conversation next year.

  8. I’m afraid 25 years from now the O,Hoppe trade will be looked it the same light the Sandburg trade is regarded now……

      1. Trivialize the point all you want but it has a chance of turning into a disaster of Sandberg/Justin Jefferson proportions. Hopefully it won’t but it really could.

          1. Yeah, nobody knows for sure, but the odds are not in our favor in my view. Put more simply – I think they surrendered a lot more value than they acquired. I hope to be wrong.

            1. Agree with Catch’s trepidation and Jim’s timetable, which actually is similar to something I posted here before the trade in response to posts saying O’Hoppe was blocked.

              But, as Catch says, it’s water over the dam now. Of more immediate importance is getting an effective bullpen for these final weeks, I type as Phils just lost the lead and game to Marlins.

  9. Not the first time I’ve posted this … sorry to beat a dead horse: I love what Logan O’Hoppe is doing. Good for him, and I wish him much success. But MiLB offensive #s don’t always translate to MLB success. Defense is a more reliable tool. Look no further than Brandon Marsh. He was a .289/.372/.440 career MiLB slasher. The bat hasn’t kept up in the big leagues, but the glove has.
    For me, Marchan is going to be an elite defensive backstop. I have more confidence in his glove/arm than I do in O’Hoppe’s bat. I also like the fact that Marchan is a switch hitter. Time will tell whether DD made a good trade or bad trade. I liked the deal. It’s not like they gave up O’Hoppe for a rental. Marsh is a top flight defender in CF (flanked by two poor defensive COFers), and is under team control for five-and-a-half seasons.

    1. Hinkie – I have great respect for you and your opinions and I get why they made the Marsh trade and the importance of team control. But the concern with Marsh and Marchan is that they just won’t hit enough to become first division regulars. Marchan, in my view, will have a long career as a back-up; a modern day Charlie O’Brien – superb defensive catcher who couldn’t hit a lick most years and therefore was never a starter. If he’s going to hit he better start hitting soon.

      Marsh does have a chance to become a very good player and I hope he does.

      1. I still have more of an issue with the Brown/Robertson trade. Not just because Robertson has been shaky lately, but that’s the risk you run with relievers.

      2. Right back at you, catch. I have the same kind of respect for your opinions, and look forward to your posts. Your worries about getting swindled in the Logan O’Hoppe trade could end up becoming real. I just don’t get that feeling. Maybe it’s because I’m so high on Rafael Marchan. Maybe it’s because the club was in dire need of top end defensive CFer. Or maybe it’s a little of both.

        And Handzus … I agree with you. I was not a fan of the Brown for Robertson trade from the minute is was announced. Just never felt like Roberston was a closer, and hate the fact that he’s a rental.

        1. Hinkie…..more than likely Robertson is only a rental if he keeps blowing saves.
          if he gets it turned around toot sweet, they probably make him an offer for 2023.

  10. How many times after the pitching coach comes out to the mound that the Phillies’ pitcher gets straightened out? Maybe the coach should get out there sooner.

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