2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – May 30, 2022

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held July 17-19, 2022.  You can place videos, scouting reports, or just comments here.  These discussions will be added to the pull-down menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2022 international signing period, too.  It began on January 15th.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a place for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophies.

31 thoughts on “2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – May 30, 2022

  1. The Phillies have the fourth smallest bonus pool for this summer’s draft.

    1. Orioles: $16,924,000
    2. D-backs: $15,112,100
    3. Mets: $13,955,700

    27. Phillies: $6,307,000
    28. White Sox: $6,289,100
    29. Giants: $5,793,200
    30. Dodgers: $4,221,400

    Round 1 … $3,792,800
    Round 3 … $659,800
    Round 4 … $492,800
    Round 5 … $368,100
    Round 6 … $281,800
    Round 7 … $220,400
    Round 8 … $178,900
    Round 9 … $160,700
    Round 10 .. $151,700

  2. As a wise man once said, “Give me Brock Porter, or give me death.” I love everything about his mechanics, velo (approx. 100mph), and the fact that he has similar arm action to Mick Abel. I know it would be incredibly risky to take three prep righties in a row, but I feel just as strongly about him as I did about Logan Gilbert a few years ago (who is pitching quite well for the Mariners, fwiw). Only downside right now is command, which can be shored up. I’m sure he’ll be off the board by the time we pick, but that’s my “home run” player this year.

    1. Agree about Porter. Of all the pitchers in this draft class, he most resembles Abel & Painter: tall, thin, very good present stuff, and loads of projection. The biggest difference between Porter and Brian Barber’s previous two 1st round picks is age. Porter will be drafted as a 19 YO. Not sure what effect (if any) that has on the Phillies draft model.
      For me, Porter is behind just Prielipp and Lesko in the pitching class right now.

  3. McDaniel has the Phillies taking Brandon Barriera. He says they’ve been tied to HS pitchers again with Barriera and Brock Porter most mentioned. BTW … he has Porter going the pick before the Phils (1-16 to the Guardians).

    1. Also mentions Justin Crawford as “in play” at 1-17 for the Phillies.
      Crawford is Carl’s son, and is another Las Vegas kid.

      1. I’m warming up to Crawford being the guy if he’s available at #17. But I still think they’re going for pitching in the first round. Porter would be a no brainer but I just can’t see him being available when the Phillies pick.

        I wish MLB would have fixed the draft and allowed clubs to move around. This would have been a great draft to move up or down to get what you want.

  4. 💯 on that. How foolish is/has been MLB for not allowing trades of all picks? Big deals create so much more buzz/excitement/strategy to the draft. Every other professional sports league (at least in this country) allows wheeling and dealing. Its strange MLB has moved on to the universal DH, the ghost runner, 3 batter minimums, and will soon ban shifts … but … they’re still stuck in yesteryear when it comes to the draft.

  5. The NCAA Baseball Tournament kicks into gear tomorrow and like every other year, it will have impact on where some players get drafted. Someone to follow will be Gabe Hughes of Gonzaga. He’s a bit overlooked nationally because he plays in the PNW. Most draft analysts have Hughes projected somewhere in the mid to late 1st round but with a strong showing in the tournament could potentially be picked higher.

    Hughes is big with adequate pitching mechanics. Unlike most of the 1st round pitching prospects, he’s been healthy (at least his arm has, which is most important) throughout his college career. He throws hard (touches 97 mph but consistently sits at 95 mph) and has a really effective slider. The changeup plays and will improve with more instruction.

    He doesn’t face the most fierce competition on a regular basis in the West Coast Conference, which makes this weekend important, as he’ll be on the national stage. But it’s not like he hasn’t pitched against good hitters before:

    Here he punches out Triston Casas, who’s currently the Red Sox #2 prospect.

    Unique kid and a good athlete for his size. High intelligence (college graduate in three years), high character, and a great team player. One of the things I find interesting about him is that you would think he’s old in comparison to other recent Phillies top draft choices because he graduated college but he’s four days younger than Mick Abel.

    I’m not suggesting the Phillies will take him at #17 nor am I building the case for him but he could be on their short list if they decide to draft a pitcher. I don’t think they’re married to taking a high school pitcher with the first pick this year. There will be some intriguing pitchers available, many of which are currently injured or have an elbow/shoulder injury history. If all things are equal, might that be enough to consider Hughes? We’ll see.

    1. Howard … I know Romus is a fan of Gabe Hughes. I like his teammate Will Kempner a lot as a 3rd or 4th rounder.

      1. Hinkie…..yep……its Prielipp first, then Hughes if Prielipp is gone…which now looks like Prielipp will be there into the early 20s

      2. I’m watching Kempner right now and I’m not seeing a starting pitcher. Not an easily repeatable delivery, which will lead to command problems. It’s being masked in college but won’t on the next level with better hitters and a tighter zone. I do think he has the potential to be a good reliever. Some team might reach for him in the 3rd because he throws so hard but as a reliever I think he projects more as a 4th or 5th rounder.

  6. .

    Romus & Howard ⬇

    17. Phillies … Gabriel Hughes

    * BTW … they say the Phils have been scouting Hughes pretty heavily. They also point out (as I have mentioned numerous times) how rare it is (only three times this century) for a club to use it’s first round pick on a HS arm three consecutive years.

    1. * only two times this century has a club picked a prep pitcher in round 1 three straight drafts. Was typing to fast. Sorry.

    2. I can definitely see this. He looks pretty polished so the Phillies can probably put him straight to JS to start. Not only that, he’s virtually the same age as Mick Abel (21 this August). So Abel, Painter, McGarry, Hughes, Brown, they can all be coming up at around the same time.

    3. Hinkie……..man I would hate to pass on LHP Connor P….but maybe the scouts see something more in Hughes.

      1. Yep. For me Prielipp > Hughes.
        It would also be hard to see them skipping Dylan Lesko for Hughes. Prielipp and Lesko were top 10 picks (maybe top 5) before TJ.

      2. Agree, Romus. Prielipp > Hughes. I’d also have a hard time passing on Dylan Lesko for Hughes. Both Prielipp and Lesko would have been top 10 (maybe even top 5) picks if not for TJ. Barber/Dombrowski don’t seem to be risk averse type of guys. I think they’ll lean to the highest ceiling player available, even if he’s a TJ survivor, or another prep arm.

        1. Hinkie……I do think they will go college because of the uncertain long-term contractual futures of Nola and Eflin….and to some extent Wheeler
          One or two could be gone within the next 2 or 3 years and they may want an arm ready to step in.

          I see where MLB.com…Callis/Mayo….dropped Prielipp a few rungs down the ladder of draft prospects……they must have heard things from some of the organizational scouts….then again other draft prospects could have got better reviews and moved up.

          The closer we get the more we could know what they may do.

    4. Looks like he’s having command issues in the 6th inning of the NCAA Tournament right now. Down 6-1. I forget who (I believe a scout) but someone mentioned recently that he looked like he had a tired arm, as he surpassed his previous high IP threshold awhile back. Something to keep an eye on.

  7. RJ Anderson of CBS Sports lists (loosely at his admission) 6 potential managerial candidates for Dombrowski at season’s end…
    Naturally, Thomson if all goes well from here on.
    Also Wathan, although it’s less likely that DD hires from within. Brad Ausmus, whom DD hired back in Detroit. Joe Espada (HOU) and Matt Quatraro (TB) are both highly regarded candidates for MLB jobs soon. And finally, Mike Scioscia. Among that group, I would first explore either Espada or Quatraro. But nobody stands out. Jim mentioned Jorge Velandia as a previous interviewee, but again, would Dombrowski seriously consider an internal option. I don’t think so.

  8. I’m interested to see what issues the Mets had with Rocker considering he threw 95-98 in his Indy ball debut. Rocker has to be in consideration at 17 after this performance. He could be fast tracked to the bigs.

  9. No official word on what Phillies FO member(s) were in attendance to see Kumar Rocker, but he looked good, and could be in play at 1-17.

    1. … and Prospects Live has the Phillies taking Tennessee CFer Drew Gilbert in round one. They also hear prep pitchers Robby Snelling, Brandon Barrera, and Dylan Lesko mentioned for Brian Barber.

  10. I posted these today in the old draft thread. I’ll re-post here.


    And Prospects Live has the Phillies pick Tennessee CFer Drew Gilbert in round one. They also say prep pitchers Robby Snelling, Brandon Barrera, and Dylan Lesko are also connected to the Phils at 1-17.

    1. Nationals….Kevin Parada…..huh.
      Not sure what they are analyzing or how they interpret data…..but the Nats just traded 11 months ago for one the best catching prospects in baseball from the Dodgers….Ruiz.
      I am willing to lay money own that Rizzo does not go with a Georgia Tech catcher at 5..

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