Open Discussion: Week of March 6, 2022

Day 96 of Manfred’s lockout.  Meetings in Florida came to a halt early last week, but a smaller group of the lead negotiators began meetings again Thursday in New York.  Still no agreement, spring training games have been cancelled through St. Patricks Day, and the first two regular season series have banged.

The minicamp came to a conclusion last week and the players continued workouts until pitchers and catchers began arriving for minor league spring training.  They had their first workout on Saturday.  Position players arrived Sunday and will have their physicals on Monday.  The first full workout will be on Tuesday.  (I mistakenly tweeted Monday last week.)

The position players who attended the minicamp continued to work out and split into two groups and used BayCare Field and Ashburn Field.  The pitchers and most of the catchers took to the other three fields.

In addition to recent free agent signings, there are a few new faces in attendance – C Karl Ellison, RHP James Marvel, INF Joe Genord, INF Drew Maggi, and OF Justin Williams.  As has become standard operating procedure for the MLB, no transactions have posted.

There are 192 players on the ST roster.  NRIs in bold text (9), DSL players in bold/italics (10).

Six NRIs were at the minicamp – Bellatti, Cyr, Dohy, Gatto, Kelly, Newberry.  Bedrosian was invited but didn’t show.  Five DSL guys were at the minicamp – Cabrera, Perez, Pertuz, Vasquez, Y. Flores.

A couple of missing names are LHP David Parkinson and LHP Scott Parker.  Scott Kingery also isn’t on the roster either.  I guess his major league contract trumps his not being on the 40-man roster.

Abel, Mick Aparicio, Juan Azuaje, Alexeis Carr, Jared ***
Adams, Mike Barboza, Edward Baylor, Jamari De La Cruz, Carlos
Adams, Tyler Burke, Christopher Brito, Daniel *** Encarnacion, Jeff. ***
Aldegheri, Samuel Conley, Jack Brito, Erick Flores, Yemal
Anderson, Aidan De Freitas, Arturo Castillo,Ali Garcia, Yhoswar
Antle, Chase Ellison, Karl Cornelius, Chris Kroon, Matt
Antonac, Yoan Fitch, Colby *** Corredor, Aldrem *** Lee Sang, Marcus ***
Appel, Mark Francisco, Freddy Dipre, Guarner Markwardt, Hunter
Armenta, Erubiel Friscia, Vito Flores, Wilfredo ### Pelletier, Ben
Ash, Konnor Gonzalez, Oscar Genord, Joe Pineda, Leandro ***
Baker, Andrew Iser, Herbert Goodheart, Matt *** Radcliff, Barron ***
Barber, Albertus Matera, Nick Gozzo, Sal Reyes, Felix
Bedrosian, Cam Meija, Adony Guthrie, Dalton Rojas, Johan
Bellatti, Andrew Nava, Andrick ### Guzman, Jonathan Sanchez, Jadiel
Betancourt, Carlos O’Hoppe, Logan Hall, Darick *** Stephen, Josh ***
Bettencourt, Trevor Perez, Rickardo Jerez. Albert Tonkel, Gavin
Binns, Malik Pertuz, Jackie Lee, Hao Yu Viars, Jordan ***
Brown, Andrew Quirion, Anthony Made, Edgar ### Wilson, Ethan ***
Brown, Benjamin Yonamine, Micah Maggi, Drew Williams, Justin
Brown, Blake Martin, Casey
Cabrera, Jean Minyety, Freylin
Carr, Tyler Munoz, Yairo
Castaneda, Dylan Ockimey, Josh ***
Castellano, Eiberson Pichardo, Kervin
Castillo, Starlyn Rio, Wendell
Cesar, Joel Simmons, Kendall
Collins, Ty Stewart, D.J.
Cotto, Gabriel *** Stokes, Madison
Cyr, Tyler Stott, Bryson ***
De La Cruz, Jonas Tatum, McCarthy
Dohy, Kyle *** Torres, Nicolas
Duron, Nick Tortolero, Jose
Dyar, Dallas Valdez, Wilson
Eastman, Colton Vasquez, Randy
Estanista, Jaydenn Vicuna, Kevin
Evanko, Ethan *** Viloria, Uziel
Fowler, Jordan *** Wingrove, Rixon ***
Francisco, Carlos A
Garbrick, Alex
Garcia, Julian
Garnett, Tristan ***
Garrido, Maikel ***
Glogoski, Kyle
Hayward, Buddy
Hendrickson, Josh
Hennigan, Jonathan ***
Hernandez, Christian
Hernandez, Jakob ***
Hughes, Jonathan
Jacobsak, Sam
Jefferson, DJ
Jimenez, Estibenzon
Kelly, Michael
Killgore, Keylan ***
Lackney, Nick ***
Lee, Ji Tae
Lehman, Taylor ***
Leverett, Adam
Lindow, Ethan ***
Lopez, Victor
Lozano, Fernando
Marcano, Rafael ***
Marconi, Brian
Martinez, Jordi ***
Marvel, James
Mayer, Gunner
McCollum, Tommy
McGarry, Griff
McGowan, Christian
McKay, Tyler
McKenna, Jake ***
McKenney, Alex
Medina, Oswald
Mezquita, Jhordany ***
Miller, Erik
Newberry, Jake
Ogle, Braeden
Osterberg, Matt ***
Ottenbreit, Micah
Painter, Andrew
Pena, Jose
Perkins, Jack
Phelan, Corey ***
Phillips, Tyler
Pina, Nicoly
Pipken, Dominic
Potter, Mark
Reyes, Carlo
Ross, Austin
Rossman, Bubby
Ruffcom, Jason
Russell, Matt
Sanchez, Rodolfo
Schultz, Andrew
Schulze, Brett
Seelinger, Matt
Segovia, Eduar
Silva, Manuel ***
Singer, Jeff ***
Skirrow, Noah
Smith, Jaylen ***
Soriano, Chris. ***
Sullivan, Billy
Sutera, Tom
Ulloa, Jose
Urias, Manuel
Valadez-Acuna, Jose***
Van Scoyoc, Spencer ***
Vargas, Victor
Velasquez, Giussepe
Warren, Zach ***
Wetherbee, Jared ***
Woodward, J.P. ***
Wynne, Cam
Yanez, Gabriel ***
Zarbnisky, Braden

One of the benefits of the minicamp is that pitchers are throwing and batters are taking live batting practice already.


This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.

Rosters and Stuff

Key Dates:

  • December 1, 2021: CBA expires
  • December 2, 2021: Manfred locks out players
  • March 2, 2022: Minor League pitchers and catchers report for spring training 
  • March 5, 2022: Minor League pitchers and catchers first workout
  • March 6, 2022: Minor League position players report for spring training 
  • March 5, 2022: Minor League spring training full squad workouts
  • April 5, 2022: Lehigh Valley season opener at home v. Columbus
  • April 8, 2022:  Clearwater season opener at home v. Fort Myers
  • April 8, 2022:  Jersey Shore season opener at home v. Aberdeen
  • April 8, 2022:  Reading season opener at home v. Somerset


2/24/22 – 3B Luke Miller retired
2/16/22 – SS Nate Fassnacht retired

363 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of March 6, 2022

  1. Incredible greed on the part of both owners and players.
    Owners with franchise values greater than some economies. Players making “only” around $600,000 minimum. Others making incredible amounts of 8 figure salaries.
    The fans should go on strike. Paying exorbitant prices to go to the ballpark or to watch on cable television. And for a watered down product that takes 3+ hours to watch. ERAs over 4 and averages barely over .200. These players should get $600,000.
    How very sad!
    Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

    1. Those players SHOULD make $600K+ though. It is really hard to be a major league ballplayer. The sport generates at least $11 billion dollars of revenue every single year (probably more with ancillary revenue from real estate, parking, etc.)

      The argument here is what SHARE of the revenue that players deserve. Their share has decreased over the last 5 years. What is the proper level? That is a hard to answer question. But just saying a player with a 4+ ERA should not get the money they deserve (should it go to the billionaire owners instead) is just not a great argument.

      1. When it comes to the fans….they can always lower ticket prices….just saying.
        ….and make up for it by doubly the prices of a ‘cold beer here!”

        1. They would rather increase the price of tickets AND double the price of beers.

          The sad part is I’m old enough to remember when you could get multiple beers at a game for $10, but young enough that I never actually benefited from it. I would love to suggest to my friends that we just spontaneously go to games (when they come back) and grab some food and beers at the park. But it’s hard to justify spending almost a week’s pay (or more depending on the seats) for something they aren’t passionate about. Makes it really hard to get them interested in the sport.

          1. Yep….and the price for beverages and food at the park will go up even more rgis season as transportation costs at the pump rise

  2. Thank you for the update Jim
    Questions about the Minor League process. How are the Teams preparing for their seasons; do they have ST games, expanded rosters, players playing up to fill spots for players on MLB contracts…?
    Feel that we can concentrate on these Teams while MLB is non- existent.


    1. I’m sure the minor league spring training will begin as it usually does. The players get split into 5 groups for playing their games which should start in about 10 days. Those groups will not be exactly the same as the final rosters plus they normally have to absorb up to 20 guys from the 40 and Invite guys at the major league camp. That last part won’t happen for awhile this year although my guess is guys will get sent down quickly once the deal is signed this year.

      1. Hopefully the Minor League ST games will be covered and maybe games broadcasted to keep interest in the sport.

        1. Denny … if you’re looking for baseball, get ESPN+. Lots of college baseball all weekend (even week day games). You can watch on a Smart TV, or even your computer.

          1. Thanks Hinkie appreciate the information. I’ll be there. Just watched my granddaughter play HS Softball Thursday, grandson pitch in HS baseball on Friday, twin grandsons play doubleheader for their middle school team on Saturday and my son play under 30 year old baseball Sunday. One more grandson starts this week in travel ball. Just a proud GrandPoppi and Poppi.

            1. That great Denny, I cant understand both my sons quit baseball at 14 to play Basketball and football, My grandson wont play baseball, basketball and football, The football is really year round now, which surprises me,They just lose interest in baseball, and i dont understand why, too slow is the only answer i get or boring

  3. Who knows when a deal gets done but I have heard there will be a pitch clock of 14/20 which excites me and banning of shifts which doubly excites me.

    Now if they would just tackle replay and slim the time it takes to review a call I would be ecstatic.

  4. Looks like James Marvel will be AAA starting pitcher and Justin Williams in the OF. These are 2 of the 5 new players.

  5. Drew Maggi also one of the new 5 will be in AAA at SS, he is 32 and was with the Twins AAA last year. Marvel is 27 and was with Pirates AAA, Williams is 25 and was in MLB for 51 games with the Cardinals.

  6. Did some more checking on Justin Williams. He was traded by Arizona for Jeremy Hellickson and then traded by Tampa for Tommy Pham. Might just have more talent then some OF’s on our 40 man roster.

  7. If the CBA gets done and we have a draft, anyone think there is a chance in hell Rob Manfred repeats last years exercise of announcing the team picks?? He was visibly upset/pissed at being booed last year. Can you imagine what it would be like this year!!!

    1. It’s entirely possible they go back to not having fans in attendance if it really bothers him. Maybe invite more players instead.

      Not that I think it’d be a good idea to do so, but I’m not gonna accuse MLB of doing what’s in their own best interest.

  8. Looks like the long awaited international draft may finally come to fruition…fingers-crossed.’s Anthony Castrovince reports on the details of how the league and team owners envision an international draft. To wit:
    International players – i.e., those outside of the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico – would be eligible for the draft starting at age 16.
    The draft would span 20 rounds.
    Each draft slot would have an assigned signing bonus figure. The top overall pick would receive a signing bonus of $5.25 million.
    The deadline to sign would be three weeks after the completion of the draft.
    Teams could sign an unlimited number of undrafted international prospects.
    Teams would be permitted to trade international draft picks.
    Teams could earn additional picks by drafting and signing players from countries outside the typical international pipeline.

    As for how the draft order will be determined each year, it’s hardly conventional. Castrovince writes: ……………Each club would be randomly assigned to a group of six clubs, and each group would then rotate through Draft order over a five-year period. So the Draft order would not be tied to team record. Rather, clubs would have equal access to international talent over the life of the CBA.

    1. Agreed v1. I was touting him within our top ten during our readers poll. I’ve had a feeling ever since first reading about him last summer.

  9. Don’t want to get my hopes up and then dashed again but….
    MLB has set another deadline of Tuesday night and is apparently aggressively seeking middle ground, jumping to $228m CBT that’ll go to $240m in five years.

    I would think a similar middle ground jump to $50m for pre-arb pool might close what has been the other biggest gap. Let’s hope they do.

    I just want to hear it’s done and then bask in the glow of the craziest hot stove we’ve ever seen!

    1. I loving the news that the league will ban the shift! Honestly, very excited for that If it is true. Like the excitement of winning the NLCS. I hate the shift with a passion.

      (Apologies for double posts – having login issues as always)

      1. Tac3…banning the shift in baseball is equivalent to banning the ‘blitz’ in football… those Senior Bowl games…only four man rushes.
        This defensive strategy, the shift has been a part of baseball since the 1920s used first vs a guy named Cy Williams and later perfected 20 years later on another player named Ted Williams.
        IMO, adjusts the rules to allow shifts but all infielders must be on the dirt…and just expand the dirt line an additional five feet out

        1. I’ll clarify, i very much dislike the extent to which the shift has evolved. IMHO, it has gotten out of control. When the 3rd basemen is standing on or past 2B… I’m not on board anymore. I agree players should be able to shift .. BUT within a specific range. For example a 3rd basemen should not be able to go past the SS position. For further clarity, the traditional position for a SS on the field. The SS should not be able to go past 2B until the Ball is hit by the batter. Infielders should have a depth range they can go into the OF.
          The counter argument is to this is for the batter to hit’em where they ain’t .. I get that but… imo, average pitchers turn into CY with the shift. To me, it is similar to watching the trap in hockey … boring as all hell. The shift doesn’t need to be eliminated, but it needs to be reeled in. It’s been abused imho. Kudos to those who took advantage of it while it was implemented… but I will be glad as hell to see it gone… to the extent it has evolved.

          1. To drag this out, I’d propose reeling it in. Possibly having an extreme shift allowable 3 times a game .. like timeouts to invoke strategy. With it not being able to be used on any 1 batter more than once. I’d concede there but… I hate seeing it being abused the way it is currently. They need more of a happy medium

          2. I knew the shift was becoming a problem when guys like Mike Moustakas were being called 2Bs…

            1. The ‘Manny Machado shift’ should be modified/altered or just banned….keep him on the infield dirt and not short RF, could be a start.

        2. Imo to ban the shift is nuts, If you cant learn to hit the other way that is your problem, The shift would go away if guys hit the other way or bunted, But as one player said they pay you to hit homeruns, maybe that is the reason, but i think its dumb to ban it, Terrible what they are doing to this game, ban the shift, DH,which takes the strategy out of the game/ Wonder why kids are losing interest,

        3. I think banning the shift is more equivalent to giving receivers more room from defenders and their clutching and grabbing.

          shifts were one thing when they were instinctual but once you engage computers to crunch that amount of data instead of it only existing in the head of a few pioneering managers or coaches it loses its luster.

          Tac says it best below. Its turned the game into an enormous bore

          Its homogenized the game beyond my liking for sure. At some point why even have athletes actually play the game. Just have AI take over

  10. Anyone want to discuss the Phillies new radio broadcasting members: Michael Bourne, Eric Kratz, Chad Durbin and Kevin Stocker? Also Scott Frantze is on last year of contract, and who knows how long LA will stay as an analyst.

    1. Have not heard Michael Bourne……but have listened to the others talk and they are engaging and very baseball savvy….but assume they will be the color analyst…and Franzke stays on as the play-by-play guy.

  11. Agree with Romus, I have heard the other 3 in interviews and they seem to have engaging personalities and the ability to get their views across. I have not heard Michael Bourne, at all, and I don’t remember interviews when he played here. They will rotate, I believe, as away color guys, with LA doing home games.

    1. Someone said it is an interview year for a full time away game gig. Hope Frantkze stays on with a new contract.

  12. For those who argue against banning the shift on the basis that hitters should be able to hit it the other way, I dug up the money quote from Jason Stark’s piece on this:

    FREDDIE FREEMAN: “Everyone’s like, ‘Just hit the ball the other way.’ Um, so I’m trying to cover five pitches. They’re all moving. One is like 98 mph. And I’m just going to be able to do whatever I want and hit a ball to the left side? It’s not that easy. I wish it was, or I’d do it more often.”

    I would add that part of the equation for forcing hitters into the shift is pitching inside, where it’s much harder to hit it the other way.

    And here’s my annual argument that baseball is the only sport that doesn’t restrict defenders. Imagine if Joel Embiid could stand under the basket as long as he wants, or could swat balls out as they are entering the rim.

    1. If they deadened the baseball it would help diminish the effectiveness of the shift a bit. Home runs are too easy to hit, giving players a really good incentive to hit over it and ignore the shift. Part of Freeman’s logic above is that he is covering these 5 difficult pitches when his job is basically to hit the ball out of the park. It is actually easier to cover those 5 pitches if sometimes your goal is just to slap the ball the other way.

      Baseball has always been about putting 9 defenders and hitting it where they ain’t. It is the other rules around that where there should be changes.

      1. I suppose if hitters were as good as Pete Rose was in hitting the ball, especially the other way, the talk of the shift issue would not be so paramount as it is currently in today’s game.
        But like you say….TTO is the objective…the Three True Outcomes….HR, K or BB….virtually every power hitter/great hitter in today’s game, is close to 50% in those three categories.

    2. How does football restrict where defenders line up? Put 11 guys on the line if you want, blitz everyone, rush no one and drop everyone into coverage . . . the defense can do whatever it wants.

      1. Lots and lots of restrictions on what defensive backs can do, where linemen can put their hands, etc

        1. No restrictions in the NFL on where the defense can line up on the field.

          A better analogy to the NFL restrictions you reference would be: balk calls (lot of restrictions on how pitchers could deceive the runners), restrictions on clothing worn by pitchers (no white sleeves), etc.

  13. On the shift, Wee Willie Keeler had answer more than a century ago: Him ’em where they ain’t.

  14. Probably foolish but im getting more optimistic. Loved that there weren’t leaks of the negotiations all day. That told me they were actually serious and any ‘gives’ we’re not just to be leaked ‘for show’.

    Now the owners have extended a formal offer (and haven’t called it best/final again).

    Pre-arb pool: $40m
    CBT $230m (grows to 242m)
    Min: $700k (grows to 770k)

    Given a pre-arb pool didn’t even exist and owners first offer was 10m, this is real progress.

    Given CBT was 210m, this is improvement.

    Given min was 570k, this is improvement.

    …If they move more to finalize a new CBA then I hope it’s in the pre-arb pool as that is directly for the top pre-arb performers. These are the players that deserve “more money than they currently make” than any other group in mlb! And I like some direct correlation between performance and pay as the top vote getters for awards that are pre-arb get the biggest share of the pool.

      1. The Phillies have every reason to have Bryson Stott in the opening day lineup: possibility for multiple (up to 3) draft picks!

        1. The Phillies would be currently 48M under the LTT for the 2022 season. Since only a handful of teams will approach the new/bigger threshold, Dave Dombrowski should have plenty of irons in the fire when this CBA is signed.
          Also … the Phillies POBO won’t have to operate with the threat of losing a draft pick since the whole “lose a pick for signing a QO FA” is a thing of the past. This is going to get pretty exciting!

          1. So with regards to the shift, I had a thought:

            Instead of banning the shift outright, what if players had to be in a certain area until the pitcher began his pitching motion? That would effectively end certain shifts, but would just encourage better (faster) defenders for others. It also still allows for defensive position based on individual pitches, which is one of the first forms of the shift historically.

            I haven’t fully planned out how I would (or even IF I would) personally implement it. But it still allows for the strategic elements of shifts, while still promoting excellent defense instead of just excellent positioning based on probabilities.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Hawkeye.
      Mayo: “They get more calls on (Johan) Rojas than any other prospect in their system.”
      Other than in trades for Bryan Reynolds or Ramon Laureano, I wouldn’t deal Rojas. Too much upside. He also seems like a kid who really wants to learn.

    2. Glad to see Mattingly and the Phillies are still bullish on toolsy Casey Martin…..over the last three years he has had to deal with first the hamate surgery at Arkansas and then the ankle issues last year….if he can stay healthy for a full season, there is no reason why he cannot climb up the prospect charts

  15. I definitely feel the sides here are not far apart on most issues and are narrowing the gap significantly on the two big remaining issues – the CBT and the arb. pool money. On the other issues, they are not agreed, but the differences are minor and they are staying apart more so one side or the other can offer bargaining chips to close the gap on other proposals where they won’t meet in the middle. I think there’s a darned good chance a deal gets done soon.

    1. Sounds like the international draft remains as the biggest hurdle to reaching an agreement.

      1. Yeah, this is a new piece to the puzzle, or at least it become a big issue is a new challenge.

        1. It is really needed.
          Though a 20 round international draft does seem like a bit much.
          That is 600 players.

  16. I’m all for banning the shift or just make it so if you’re an infielder, you can’t play in the grass, one foot has to be in the dirt. What’s the point of positions if you can play where ever you’d like? Pitch clock and shift banning would, imho, help the game. No more human rain delays when pitchers take 45 second to throw a pitch.

      1. Just like the NHL had to outlaw the neutral zone trap to allow more offense/excitement.

        1. Can you briefly explain what that is? Not a hockey guy at all but have heard others compare the 2 as well.

          1. Eric … teams (usually when they had the lead) would stack the neutral zone (center ice area) to force the opposition to have to dump the puck into the offensive zone. The NHL got rid of the 2 line pass rule to allow for longer passes (more rushes up ice). It made for more offense/excitement.
            The Devils used to kill the Flyers/bore the viewers with the trap.

            1. And another part of the neutral zone trap was the quick clutch and grab…just enough to avoid the holding minor.
              In theory now, a stick touching the opponents waist can be whistled

          2. Hinkie and Romus explained it well, so I’ll bring up a Great example of how the Trap or a similar version would ruin/bore the game for the fans. Lol imagine buying a $200+ ticket to this game

            To me, the shift has a similar impact. Obviously the game doesn’t stop, but it’s the same type of boring play imo. Loading up the field to one side and having the pitcher throw inside.

            I can see being able to do it for a few times a game, but not every player, every at bat. It’s out of hand. Though not the same, but it’s also ridiculous to walk a player 3+ times a game, and the one at bat they do pitch to the player, it’s complete trash thrown. They should think about limiting how many times a player can be INT walked a game. Max of 1 or 2. That’s another battle, but irritates me as well. If they can reel the shift back in, I’ll be ecstatic. I absolutely hate seeing a would be single up the middle turned into a routine ground out. Infuriating… and it’s the dinosaur leg 3rd basemen making the play!

      2. Just expand the infield grass/dirt. No shifts and this will allow infielders a little more range.

  17. In my opinion, limiting pitchers to 11 or 12 per roster will help offense. In other words, starters go the third time through the lineup — offense goes up. Fewer pitching changes.

    A pitch clock (15-20 seconds) will help too.

    I think defense should be able to set up any way they want — four outfielders, five infielders, etc. Just like in the NFL.

    1. A few months ago, I read an article (it may have been in The Athletic) that predicted MLB would be introducing rules to force teams to keep their starting pitchers in games longer. One of the rules that the league is planning is to attach the DH to your SP: a team has a DH in the lineup only for as long as their SP remains in the game. Limiting the number of pitchers on the roster is another option for MLB (which is why two way players may become the next big thing).

    2. WCP, agree 100 percent. Too many pitchers and they slow down the game. Also agree on pitching clock. A study by Baseball Prospectus showed that time between pitches added 25 minutes to the game in recent years. Also, let shifts stay. Don’t take decision-making away from the game.

  18. Phils sign ex MLB pitcher to MILB contract, Aaron Barrett who pitched for Nationals.

    1. Still hoping DD can coax Carlos Martinez and/or Matt Straham into signing minor league deals. Of course, those two guys will wait until after the new CBA is done to see if they can find a MLB deal first. I think it’s unlikely (though not out of the question) either of them get a MLB contract.

      1. Hinkie it gets lost the insanity that will break loose once this new CBA is signed..We may never anything like it again..

        1. I find that very disappointing that the Latin players feel that is a non-starter.
          I am totally with the owners on this.
          The corruption in the DR with buscones and their preferred teams the player should sign with based on $$$$ is totally un-American…..and not really fair to Rule 4 participants.

          1. I agree with you on this, Romus. If the players pass on this CBA offer, the loss of baseball is on them. I’ve always been in favor of an international draft. Every other athlete, in every sport (including baseball) is subject to a draft. Earlier today, David Ortiz suggested they put it off for a couple of years. The owners are willing to wait until 2024. No excuse for this.

          2. It is designed to limit their compensation to a level somewhat below the compensation in the regular draft. Now to be clear what they are proposing is a bit more money than the current system. It is just that current system is not entirely fair.

            I would offer pools like in the regular draft to give teams some flexibility to pay players more. Hard slots are more unforgiving. What they propose also would end up a bit more top loaded as undrafted free agents ($20K) and the last 50%+ of draft picks would all get less than $100K. Remember the regular draft lets you sign players for $125K plus (after we get beyond the pandemic money saving measures).

            Why should international undrafted players not have the ability to get $125K?

            1. “Why should international undrafted players not have the ability to get $125K?”….there may be the aspect of age differences….16 year- olds vs Rule 4 18 year- olds.
              The owners could counter with raising the international signing age to 18 vs 16.
              Now that will stir the pot up for sure.

  19. They need to agree. If this is holding up the deal, but an asterisk in the contract that the players are permitted to strike over the international draft (only). Have the union leader and commissioner pick up their favorite lucky pens, and put their pretty little signature on the agreement, shake hands while doing your Obligatory photo opt, and be done with it … until 2024. Shake out the corruption from Latin draft process over the next 2 years.

    Pretty simple, in case the million and billionaires need some help. So busy arguing they forgot how to agree…

    1. I got tix for Friday May 6th vs the Mets…..fingers-crossed it does not get cancelled that far out.

  20. Kinda funny Romus. I always have wanted to go to Spring Training.
    I got there in 1973. Strike. No one at ball park.
    Then I taught for almost 40 years and our Spring Break was always the 1st week of the season.
    So I have never made it to Spring Training. I have made games a couple times.

  21. So this round of negotiations went down in flames over an international draft that the players union told the owners they won’t agree to going back to preliminary CBA talks in 2021.. The players agreed to study the draft to see if it could be done but the MLB said no,. Plus it was tied to draft pick compensation for FA an issue thought by the players put to bed weeks ago. So for umpteenth time the owners throw a wrench into the negotiations when their on two yard line..This new CBA doesn’t get resolved until the owners have to start giving back T.V. money. That seems vary amongst teams at around 138-145 games..

  22. While Big Papi was outspoken against international draft, Bobby Abreu and Carlos Guillen were outspoken recently for a draft.

    The corruption is obvious. Plus the disregard of 18-19 year olds being too old and 12-14 year olds being bought with big promises is just perverted.

    Gotta have an international draft. It just makes sense. Crazy that this is what may be holding up baseball now. Shame on owners for making it a critical negotiation at 12th hour. Shame on players for not accepting it to protect these kids (and get rid of QO btw).

    1. Number One:
      MLBPA have no dominion/authority or jurisdiction to the international draft arena.
      MLBPA and Clark have continually enumerated over the years…we do not represent minor league players nor Rule 4 draftees…North American kids.
      They then have no business representing foreign born players who are NOT in the union.
      Number Two:
      The Latin MLB players..approx 30% are the issue. They also have no business in this matter….just as North American MLB players have no business in Rule 4 drafted players and whatever issues they may have.
      Number Three:
      The current international system —IN THE D.R. ONLY, not the Ven, nor Mexico or Asia markets—is laden with corruption, with 12 and 13-year old kids being signed to buscones for future $$$$.

      If there is anytime that the owners want to break the union…now is the time.
      ignore MLBPA and immediately establish an international draft.
      If the Latin players want to strike…then let them.
      Now will the North American players honor that…if they do they then show their hypocrisy and lack of concern towards North American 18-year olds HS and college kids entered into the Rule 4.
      If they do not honor the Latin caucus of players…there will be strife between the groups.
      MLBPA and Clark have made this the issue….they have no business in representing non-union , non-MLB players from a foreign country.

      And it should not have ever been a CBA deal breaker

  23. Probably time we created a “Fans Union.” This way, when Owners & Players are arguing how to split billions of dollars, the fans union can get in there and demand recliner chairs be installed, even in the nosebleeds! Demand to have the owners work on dollar dog days … better yet … Dollar dog SEASON! All dogs are a $1 all season, at park. The fans union could fight for a portion of the profits to combat ticket prices and cable subscriptions. It’s kinda of funny, but the the fans union could have a lot of power if done right
    Bad news for everyone. My wife says I’m off my rocker, I’m starting to believe her!

  24. I have been on the players’ side throughout this whole ordeal. But, I cannot understand the argument against an International Draft, which I believe should have been installed years ago. Maybe I am missing something, but the failure to reach an agreement is over that? If a HS kid who is good enough to play has to go through a Draft, and College kids have to do the same, what is the argument against it? A breakdown over years to FA, minimum salary LT, all areas I understand not agreeing on. But, an International draft? Sorry, players, you lost me.

    1. International players, get money under the table, the players dont want to stop that, its a way Atlanta and some of the small market teams cheat to get players

    2. matt13… is not all the players…just the 30% …foreign players…..and of that group…..the Latins…and further to break it down….only the Dom Republic players.
      The Ven, Mexican, Cubans, Caribbean’s and Asians have no issue with an international draft….it is, from what i am seeing , only the DR players…..with the past buscones’ influences..

      Manfred, if he had the gonads, could easily bring up the buried FBI investigation from 2019…once again…and re–awaken the DR, and unfortunately even some of the Cuban players, to what the RICO Act entails…I believe they will not want to go down that road again. That investigation was buried because of the bad public relation damage it would do to ‘American’s past-time sport’

  25. I don’t agree that the owners can break the union; nor should they want to. But, I am in complete agreement (as I posted yesterday) this work stoppage is now on the players. They turned down a fair financial offer, and said “no” over an international draft. Just stooopid. Why are the Dominican players so against it? It can’t be for fiscal concerns. The proposed draft included a slotting system worth more money than the current free-for-all/corrupt system. Maybe those players have some sort of allegiance to the buscones. Ridiculous.

    1. The international draft issue is just a bizarre left hand turn. The sides are really not that far apart at this point. We are at the point where, if the players don’t get this done, things are going to go backwards for them as they lose compensation for this season and positions harden. Both sides really need to strike a deal here in the next few days or things will fall apart here.

  26. Sounds like a deal was reached on the international draft . . . today might be the day . . .

    1. They are now within striking distance on all issues. If a deal doesn’t get done – shame on all of them. That said, I think this is done by tomorrow, at the latest, and players are in camp by Monday and games will start by the 7th or 8th of April, with expanded rosters for the first few weeks of the season to accommodate the starting pitchers, who will not be fully stretched out. This can easily be done.

  27. Hinkie question, Only you with your wisdom can answer, Is Ben Simmons, hated more than Scott Rolen?

    1. rocco … IMO

      #1 JD Drew (only one on this list to have batteries thrown at him)
      #2 Ben Simmons ([most likely] faked mental health to get over on the team)
      #3 Markel Faultz (immature, lack of talent, & fans could never do enough for him )
      #4 Scott Rolen (gets a little slack from me because he wanted out for more noble reasons: wanted to win & concerned for his knees on the Vet’s cement like turf)

      1. Philadelphia First Round Picks—2016
        1. Eagles-Carson….gone
        2. Sixers-Simmons-gone
        3. Flyers-Rubtsov—never showed up..probably gone
        4. Phillies-Moniak…..he has to break the trend.

        1. Seriously? You’re planting your flag with Moniak? With all due respect to MM, he has a very dubious path forward with the Phillies.

          1. Last man standing right now from that Philly sports draft year..
            Have to keep the flame of hope alive…even if it is flickering.
            Of course once the CBA is approved and signed by both sides…and the dust settles, Trader Dave may have have him going elsewhere.

            1. Yeah, but he’s barely played on the Phillies and it’s not clear he will ever have a role on the team. You can’t really compare him to Wentz or Simmons in any way.

            2. To MM’s credit, he has gotten better every year. I can see him breaking out at some point. I see him as a late bloomer if it’s going to happen. We are all pulling for him, I hope it happens. The Phillies version of the Eagles’ Graham

  28. Bigger news is that Jeff Passan’s twitter account was hacked so any CBA breaking news may have to find another outlet. I’m sure it won’t be Jon Heyman. Glad to hear there’s progress in spite of the brain farting from both sides in this embarrassing exhibition.

      1. If this is approved this afternoon, can you imagine how turbo charged the condensed offseason is going to be. The Phillies have FAs to sign (everyone is available w/no draft pick compensation, and ~40M under the new cap), trades to make, arbitration cases to be made, and maybe even a few more higher end MiLB deals to make (Carlos Martinez, Matt Straham?).
        Thank God Dave Dombrowski is piloting the plane, and Matt Klentak is outta here.

  29. Done deal according to MLBTR, vote 26-12 among player reps and 8 member executive committee.

      1. This is great news, but not surprising once they resolved the International Draft issue – they were just too close not to get it done. They will still find some way to play 162 games. And, as bad as this was, this would have dragged on forever without the lockout – it was the right move and I say that unequivocally because it provided the best outcome for fans.

        1. With the increase of the CBT to $230M….Kyle Schwarber or Kris Bryant is all about signed now! 🙂
          If actually happens with Bryant, then Bryce will open up about his buddy..

          1. I am not a fan of Bryant down the road. The first year or two would be fine, but Bryant has signs of serious decline and he’s going to get a 5 or 6 year contract at least. I’d steer far away from this. Give me 3-4 years of the slugging Schwarber or, failing that, 5 years of Conforto, who might thrive going from the cavernous CitiField to the short porch in right at CBP. He’s wildly inconsistent from year to year (so was Harper when they signed him) but that’s okay – it’s what will keep his contract value lower and the term shorter.

            1. Yes…I forgot abut Conforto..he would be another excellent addition….and probably cheaper than Bryant.

    1. 162 games, opening day Apr 7, spring games around Mar 18, makeup double headers will be 9 inning games.

    1. The next two weeks will be insane in terms of activity. What’s the word on FA signing penalties? I assume they are gone and DD, unlike Ruben Amaro, gamed the system correctly.

  30. This is great news for everyone. It sure will be crazy next few days for all teams.
    Hope Phillies can make some moves that address their most urgent needs.

  31. I see Hinkie’s favorite “small market-low revenue” team the Cardinals voted against this deal… LOL.. So glad we have baseball back…

    1. I hope not. Castellanos wants a fortune, can’t field any better than Schwarber and doesn’t have Schwarber’s hitting ceiling. I wouldn’t be upset about them signing him, but I don’t think that’s where they get the most bang for their buck.

      1. Bryant and Castellanos…not sure which one would come cheaper.
        Of course Schwarber or Conforto would be more cost effective.

    2. Don…I like Castellanos for LF …..he was the one DMAR wanted two years ago and the Reds got him

      1. I’m fine with Bryant and his flexibility, but purely bat-wise, Schwarber or Castellanos in LF would be more than welcome.

        Trade wise, let’s go get a CF…Reynolds would be prohibitive because of the talent to acquire him with rival teams having deeper farms from which to bid. So, I think Kiermaier seems the likeliest get, but I like the kid from Arizona, Daulton Varsho, who won’t come cheap either.

  32. Owners are expected to ratify the agreement at 6:30 pm eastern time, immediately followed by the transaction freeze being lifted. Buckle up!

  33. I am not sure on who will get higher contract. They had Conforto to Marlins.
    These were just predictions. Correa to Yanks. Freeman to Dodgers.

  34. Per Tim Dierkes of MLBTR, the previous qualifying offer/loss of draft pick rule remains in effect for whoever signs Correra, Castellanos, Conforto, Freeman and Story. That makes Bryant and Schwarber much more attractive to DD and Phillies.

  35. Little $$$$ trivia…PA’s Richest Sports Owners…and on Forbes’ 400 list.

    —Co-owner of The 76ers and NJ Devils Michael Rubin $8 billion, ranked No. 108 on Forbes.
    —Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles, $3.5 billion (No. 333)
    —John Middleton, John Middleton Co., $3.4 billion (No. 340)

  36. Romus, I think any of them could afford to buy us old timers breakfast in the morning. LOL.

  37. As we wait for signings, did anyone here the ruling on:

    Banning the shift?
    Pitch clock?
    The DH? Is it this year?

    Apologies, my google is broken 🙂

  38. Catch/Romus/Hinkie – Conforto to the red pin stripers would make my heart sing but do they want a right handed bat to compliment Harper?

  39. I believe the Commissioner has the power to implement changes. What time frame I don’t know, but the DH is coming into play this season.

    1. Here’s the breakdown I found which eliminates the loss of draft pick for signing team but the team that loses that free agent gains a pick:

      A team losing a free agent would receive draft-pick compensation based on revenue-sharing status and whether a club had been over the luxury tax threshold. For a free agent who had spent the entire season with one team, there would would be four compensation tiers based on:
      — $25 million in guaranteed salary or $18 million average annual value (AAV) (third round pick for revenue sharing payee)
      — $55 million or $23 million AAV (Comp B pick for revenue sharing payee, third round for non-payee or team that did not pay luxury tax)
      — $100 million or $30 million AAV (Comp A pick for revenue sharing payee, Comp B pick for non-payee or team that did not pay luxury tax, third round pick for team paying revenue sharing)
      — $150 million or $40 million AAV (Comp A pick and third round pick for revenue sharing payee, Comp A pick for non-payee or team that did not pay luxury tax, Comp B pick for team paying revenue sharing)

  40. CBS has this from Rosenthal.
    230M in 23. 244m final year.
    CBT 60M top. Was 40M
    Min 700,000 to 780,000
    Post Season 12 teams
    No more 7 inning DH or starting runner on 2nd in Extra Innings.
    2023 MLB can make these rule Pitch Clock, Shifts, Size of bases.
    Does not mention what 2022 will be.
    Maybe misread something.

    1. My opinion; players.. Yet there are a new revenue streams of cash coming into the MLB which will make the next CBA interesting… Apples’s near $100 million dollar a year streaming deal. Advertising patches on the unis’s and batting helmets. + Gambling… Hard to quantify the dollars today but my guess it’s a $250 million dollar a year injection of cash into baseball… So the players got none of that makes that part a win for the owners..

    2. Best part of the new CBA? Pay based on performance!

      Those who deserved a win most in this CBA were pre arbitration top performers.

      The $50m pre-arb bonus pool is brand new to baseball. I like it!

      MVP/Cy Young winners get $2.5M
      MVP/Cy 2nd place gets $1.75M
      3rd place gets $1.5M
      4th/5th gets $1M

      ROY gets $750,000
      ROY 2nd place gets $500

      All-MLB 1st team gets $1M
      All-MLB 2nd team gets $500,000

      Rest of pool $ is based on WAR

      1. This is proof that the owners won -BIG TIME. Are there some financial bonuses? Sure there are. Do these bonuses reflect the actual value of an award winning player. HELL NO! It’s a nice tip and little more. As for the “increases”. In the CBT, they won’t even keep up with inflation. The entire system has been maintained and the players aren’t recovering the economic gains made by the owners over the last two CBAs. And by the way I don’t care that much who won, just keeping it real here.

        1. Don’t worry, IMO, the MLB players are doing very well.
          It is the minor leaguers that still get the short handle of the stick….BUT, perhaps with the added revenue from out side agencies, like Apple, maybe some of that money going to MLB and team ownership consortiums will find it’s way down to the minor leaguers and to the DR academies that the 30 teams run in that country for the Latin kids.

          1. Agreed on minor leaguers – do NOT count on things changing very much for them. MLBPA does NOT negotiate for them. They are unprotected.

            1. The owners have an opportunity to raise their standing with the fans, and even MLB players…. if they invest more into their minor leaguers. That added money will give them a stronger goodwill presence if they actually do that.
              The teams have already invested in the Latin youth with the DR academies…..academics, professionalism and on- the- field baseball skills.

            2. You are making arguments/reasons to treat minor leaguers well that have existed for decades, but still they are treated like garbage. I think things will improve a little, but not much and certainly not any more than is absolutely necessary.

  41. Sounds like FA pricing just went up. Top players going to want more imho, now that the ceiling is 230, which was the point .

  42. Costas mentioned on MLB tonight that the player reps voted 26-4. Executive council of players were all NO votes thus the 26-12 total vote. He said shows the executive group much more radical than the players as a whole.

    1. And, IMO, that Exec Council went outside their boundaries when they decided to represent a segment of non-union, non-MLB players and non dues paying players…the foreign market by their disagreement of an international draft. .

      I am glad the player reps and the rank and file saw the disingenuous of this action by Clark and his handful of exec council members.
      He needs to be removed from the MLBPA

  43. Maybe all 8 need to go as well if they really are not representing the players they are supposed to be representing. There are always those who think they are above all others. This is not just a baseball thing but a life thing.

  44. Now that baseball is back on the front burner where do you guys see the Phillies going to fill the needs for this season and beyond. Being here in Indiana I hear nothing related to Phillies gossip. Just any thoughts on what Phils may do in the coming days and weeks. I still think above all else they must find some guys who can get outs in the late innings. Thanks.

  45. Come to think of it, Clark didn’t look very happy sitting at the table when they announced the agreement.

    1. ciada…….apparently by the player rep results from their teammates….if it were up to the players (87%)_…this could be Clark’s last CBA negotiations. We will have to see how the players and also their respective agents proceed on that matter.
      I am interested in hearing what Boras thought of the final outcome.
      Last week some claimed Boras was the one who created a barrier to the settlement then..

  46. Seeing lots of chatter, tweets, predictions on Castellanos to Phillies. DD connection. That bat plays awfully well in our lineup with a DH. Granted we lose a pick….

  47. CBS was saying Castellanos does not want to be a DH full time. Reason they thought Phillies might be in play. I had forgot the DD connection.

  48. Certainly not because Jon Heyman said it, but I would be surprised if we don’t land Bryant or Schwarber. I see a trade for a CF, and a good, veteran RP. Also, I read somewhere that Visa issues will keep Ranger from the team until after the season starts. Did anyone else read that? Does that mean we add another SP?

  49. If Dombrowski signs KB, I’d like him to try and trade for Cody Bellinger. Both of them would give the Phillies loads of flexibility in the daily lineup.

  50. I hope, and I’m confident he has,but the new CBA has helped change the outlook of the Phillies off-season significantly:
    230 million ceiling
    38-40 million to spend
    Need a DH,CF, LF, 2 bullpen Arms, and a back end of rotation guy
    Plus.. 2 extra playoff spots

    No pressure DD!

    1. According to FanGraphs’ Roster Resource, the Phillies are currently ~46M under the LTT.
      After watching Andrew McCutchen struggle in LF last season, I can’t see DD plugging that hole with another defensive liability. That means no way on Nick Castelanos (IMO). I know they were negotiating with Kyle Schwarber in November, but he’s another run(s) waiting to be allowed out there. Bryant and Conforto aren’t Gold Glovers, but they are at least average defenders. I prefer Conforto (even if it means surrendering a second round pick). He’s always felt like a great bounce back candidate. 2021’s numbers were down mostly due to some bad luck (low BABIP). He’d kill it in CBP.
      For CF, Bryan Reynolds is probably unrealistic. I’m fine with Kevin Kiermairer. He’d be a big boost to both the pitching staff and the clubhouse. But, I’d be most ecstatic if Dombrowski could swing a deal for Ramon Laureano. Bradley Zimmer is/has been my dark horse candidate. I’d like to see what Kevin Long could do with him.

      And I think the new CBA makes it worth the Phillies while to plug Bryson Stott into the lineup from day one. If he plays well/finishes top 2 for ROY, he’d net the team an extra draft pick … or two … or even three.

      1. BTW … I wouldn’t rule out DD expanding a Keirmairer deal to include Tyler Glassnow. He won’t be available this year (TJ), but would still be under contract for 2023.

        1. It should be exciting … but I’m done guessing, I’m just going to hope DD knocks it Out of the park. I was initially hoping for Marcus Semien signing, trade for 3B Chapman and CF Reynolds. That’s out the window, but I’m curious to see DD’s plan now that 2 extra playoff spots exist. Does that push his all in move sooner? Do they spend up to the LTT limit, or do they push past and pay the luxury tax this year, with having it drop back under next year by virtue of the staggered increase.

          Theoretically … it should be possible to sign 2 of Schwarber, Bryant, and conforto … plus bullpen arms. Will see.

          Just a reminder, need to subtract 1.66 million from the LTT to account for the player pool bonus, whatever they are calling it

    1. Wow…Lindor, Freeman and Bryant…..that is like $90M AAV …..add in deGrom to that …those four together are about half their CBT.
      Steve $$$ Cohen on steroids

      1. The new CBA makes it hard for me to see Freeman staying with the Braves. The extra cap space makes it easier for another team to fit him onto their payroll. Atlanta won’t take advantage of the inflated cap. I don’t think Freeman would go the Mets. I think me most likely ends up a Dodger unless he’s willing give the Braves a big time home town discount (not likely IMO).

        1. Yeah….Braves will get their opportunity and shot with him I am sure, though once he gets all the offers from other teams on the table…..however, they probably will not match the highest offer.
          The Yankees are another team that would welcome him.

  51. Sean Rodriguez added as a Minor League Instructor of some kind. My memory of his time here, “the fans are entitled.”

    1. That was a troll move by MLBTR if that is where you saw it 1st:

      Phillies sign … (getting all excited) Sean Rodriguez as minor league instructor … (major let down)

      He got me there, that’s for sure. Was happy to see him go lol

  52. Well it did not take long for Bryce to say what he want, if this report is accurate.:

    NL MVP Bryce Harper is stumping for good friend/Vegas neighbor Kris Bryant in Philly. Harper pull helped keep Realmuto. Phils have needs but also options (Schwarber, Conforto, Castellanos, etc.) KB does fit, either for 3B and/or OF. He, too, has options: Sea, Colo, SD, NYM, more
    10:59 AM · Mar 11, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

    1. Best fit is a left handed hitter (Schwarber) but Bryant is better fielder and has versatility. Conforto is maybe a better fielder.

      1. I’d welcome any of them…though Conforto and Castellanos will cost them the 50th/55th range pick in the draft this summer.
        It would be nice one year to have that 2nd round pick.

      2. Likely or not, I would not put it past Dave Dombrowski to sign both Bryant and Schwarber with the $20M increase to the luxury tax threshold, and as per Hinkie above, well over $40M of wiggle room between now and opening day or the trade deadline. Sean Manaea might be in his sights as well, considering Ranger’s current predicament. Billy Beane & Co. has to be on DD’s speed dial these days.

        1. If the Phillies trade with the As…might as well make it a biggie….get Chapman and Laureano , along with Manaea.
          One stop shopping….knock out most of all the needs at once

  53. LHP Rondon to SF Giants for 2 years/$44 million. Wow. FA’s are going to get really expensive. We may want to temper both the Bryant & Schwarber dreams to the Philles.

    1. Giants lost Posey…..his retirement saved them mucho dinero…$22M….bingo…here comes Rodon.

  54. Cubs sign Andrelton Simmons, $4M. Actually a nice signing by them. His D is worth $4M. Dave is lagging behind! He needs to get going!

    1. Even with increased spending, I wouldn’t put it past middleton to try and save himself a few bucks.

      FAs are getting more expensive, I think we need to temper expectations

  55. I love Carlos Rodon. Wrote his name here as a target last offseason. His contract is not too high imo. He’s a stud that we’ll wish we had signed for 3/$60.

    I’ve also always been a Conforto fan. Wanted Phillies to draft him when they took Nola. Was happy with pick of Nola though. I would love to have them BOTH now! 🙂
    I’m with Hinkie, Ciada, others… Vote Conforto!!

    He will have a huge bounce back season in CBP!

  56. LAD hot after Freddy Freeman. Braves reportedly offered him 5/$140M, he apparently wants a 6th year.

    Meanwhile, Yankees, Rangers and Braves are trying to trade for Matt Olson.

  57. Very disappointed with DD. He just couldn’t pull the trigger. He let the Rangers sign Brandon Workman from right under his nose.

    Back to the real world: Is anyone on this Phantastic site interested in Seiya Suzuki to play left field? His numbers are good (albeit it is Japan) and his Ks to BBs rate is out of sight.

    1. Yes, but most of us know the Phillies front office has a better chance of playing pickup sticks with their butt cheeks than signing free agent talent from Japan. Don’t hold your breath…

    2. ciada,,,,don’t you remember two years ago with Brandon Workman here at the Bank? Not sure revisiting a Klentak relief arm is what Dave D has in mind.
      And last year he had a FIP over 5.

      However, were you being facetious in your opening comment?

      1. I believe so, Romus.

        …speaking of the bullpen, Buster Olney says to expect a run on free agent relievers today, FWIW.

  58. Mark expressed my sentiments much more eloquently than I could! We have not been a player in the Japanese market, and if we had followed Hinkie’s advice and hired Iron Chef Morimoto to run our Baseball food ops, we would have had much better luck! Anxiously awaiting DD’s first move.

  59. Romus – I know it’s early in the morning and you and Moffo were out cruising for chicks into the wee hours, but I did start the second paragraph with “Back to the real world”. It’s something I write every time BW changes teams. I am also known for writing, “Jerome Williams is still available”. Now, start drinking tomato juice immediately.

      1. Romus, the guys are being pretty tough today. Hang in there. LOL.
        Let’s just get some good players for the Phils.

  60. Something tells me there will be some very quick signings but other signings will depend upon how the chips drop. I think DD is quiet because trades may take longer than we all thought because all the teams are trying to fill out rosters and are going in many different directions. This is contrary to the idea a massive amount of transactions would occur when the curtain was lifted ! Safe to say the front office is working overtime for awhile !

  61. I thought rocco was in a committed relationship with Big Sally? Anyway, Steve Cishek to the Nats on a very modest, under $2M deal. We will see if that starts a run.

  62. How bout this combo?!

    Sign Conforto! Please! Biggest drawback is losing draft pick. So let’s also…..

    Start Stott opening day! As an opening day starter if he finishes top 3 in ROY vote then we get a draft pick! (Not sure of round but might be close to balancing out.)

  63. John K – I like your thinking. Let’s get Conforto. Kiner-Falefa to the Twins from Texas. He could’ve filled the SS slot but I guess the Phils are going with Gregorius with Stott waiting in the wings.

  64. Would have liked to have seen DD pull the trigger on this deal.

    1. Wait, he was injured by the pen plus paper cut. Out 2 months. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. Denny…its cancelled for the 2021 segment….(first time it was not held in 131 years).
      however, coming again in Dec 2022
      ….remember the Tibetan proverb….”the oxen is slow, but the earth is patient”

  65. Phillies reported to have signed Mets Familia … can’t say I’m over whelmed. Always felt like he was going to blow the save

    1. Gotta imagine Knebel is the closer at this moment. So we could do worse than a 7/8th inning guy that throws high 90s and induces a lot of groundballs.

    2. Famila does not move the needle for me at all, or maybe even moves it in the wrong direction. I’ve seen him be ineffective for the Mets on too many occasions to remember.

    3. Famila does not move the needle for me at all, or maybe even moves it in the wrong direction. I live in the Mets broadcast umbrella, and I’ve seen him been ineffective for the Mets more times than I can remember.

  66. He may be better in the 7th than as a Closer. Always had good stuff. There were others higher on my list. Allegedly, we are in on Chapman. A’s want 2of Stott/Abel/Painter. I am a No! 1 plus Bohm is my limit, and I hate trading any of them plus Rojas. But I move 1 for Chapman.

    1. Chapman is cheap this year plus gives much needed defense. I looked at him early in the off-season as a match, but this feels steep. I know it’s supposed to hurt, but …. I don’t know if that much. I believe they are talking about
      Chapman, their OF, and reliever IF they want all that. I’d give Bohm & Rojas and some fringe players. That’s a good bit for Chapman and the OF. The fringe guys can be used to even it out

  67. I understand you all like your own free agent solutions. And, I understand you like to dismiss my reports when they differ from your solutions. But, I have no horse in this race. I don’t care who they sign as long as the entire offseason free agent and trade additions address needs.

    That said, I will repeat that Kris Bryant has been an acquisition target of the Phillies since before Dombrowski arrived. And, he still is among their top targets.

    If Bryant doesn’t sign with the Phillies, it won’t be for a lack of trying. It will be for lack of available dollars under their budget.

    1. For me I’m done guessing, the CBA changed a few things, not enough time to figure it out for me. I’d be good with a few different outcomes. From what it takes to get Chapman, I’d rather sign Bryant and keep the prospects all day. IMHO the Phillies needed to spend their way out of this, while building the farm up. Bryant or schwarber will do. Ultimately I’d hope for some
      Combo of the 2. Maybe Middleton okays going past the LTT and up to a the 2nd or 3rd tier knowing they will drop back under for the built in escalations. Will see, excited to see how this shakes out

  68. Bassitt is a good pick up by the Mets, and they got him for not much. I am underwhelmed with Famiglia, and the Mets have done a way better job so far, which makes me pretty unhappy

    1. matt … I think you’re under-valuing JT Ginn. He’s a real nice pitching prospect. Picked once (HS) in the first round, and then picked in the 2nd round (college) while recovering from TJ. Meanwhile, Bassitt is under team control for just one season.

      Familia is OK. But if the choice was Familia or Mychal Givens (who the Phillies were reported to have been seeking pre-lock out, I would have preferred Givens.

      … and … would anybody do this⤵

      Phillies get:
      (2 years of) Matt Chapman
      (3 years of) Ramon Laureano
      (3 years of) Lou Trevino

      A’s get:
      (5 years of) Alec Bohm
      (6 years of) Nick Maton
      Johan Rojas
      Andrew Painter
      Francisco Morales

      1. you aren’t high on Painter, Hinkie? If he matches up to 80% of expectations, wouldn’t that be a meager return, even discounting the significant potential of Rojas and Bohm?

        1. This is just an opinion, but the pain for fans here in trading away Rojas and/or Painter has the potential to make the Mead trade feel like a hiccup.

          The more I see of Abel, Stott, Painter, Rojas, O’Hoppe each day the closer I come to labeling them untouchable. I know that’s not Dombrowski’s way and that anyone can be had in the right deal. But, I would think (hope) that trading two of these guys away should get more than this Oakland deal.

          1. It’s not that I want to see them trade any of Painter/Abel/Rojas/O’Hoppe (Stott will not be dealt IMO). It’s just that for this team at this time, I believe there’s a good chance a top prospect (or two) will probably have to go to help the club win now. Dave Dombrowski was hired to push the Phillies across the finish line during the prime years of Harper/Realmuto/Hoskins/Wheeler/Nola. The good news is … Dombrowski has a very good record of scouting his own system. He usually keeps his future MLB stars “off limits” in the deals he makes.
            Would I prefer Bryan Reynolds over Ramon Laureano? Certainly. But, Reynolds would cost twice as much (three of Painter/Abel/Stott/Rojas + a lottery ticket or two).

      2. The following is not my opinion but merely a statement … The Phillies do not view Laureano as the improvement over last year that you seem to think he is.

      3. That would be a big no for me. Chapman may be great defense, but doesn’t offer enough offense to give all 3 of Bohm, Rojas and Painter. I’m in the camp who think Bohm can still be something special offensively.

        1. tony curry…agree.
          IMO, Bohm for Chapman-straight-up …considering the peripherals….age, control and cost.
          A’s benefit in all three areas….and Beane has liked that aspect in the past.

          1. Romus … I agree (and have posted multiple times) that Chapman➡Bohm is good value in the eyes of Beane/Forst. Money and team control are always a huge factor for the A’s.
            I broke my proposed deal down this way:
            Bohm & Maton ▶ Chapman
            Rojas & Painter ▶ Laureano
            Morales ▶ Trivino

            IMO … Bohm has to be a part of any deal for 2 years of Chapman, and Rojas has to be a part of any deal for 3 years of Laureano. Can DD lower the cost of Laureano? Could he switch out Painter with McGarry or Miller or Ottenbreit? He could try, but the A’s don’t need to deal Laureano right now. They could just hold on to him. He’s under team control until 2025, and will cost < 3M this season.

    1. Jim … I hope they don’t run it back with Odubel. I would definitely hate that.
      I’ve heard Lorenzo Cain mentioned. I’m more “meh” on him.

      1. That’s been my hope for a while now. We have Haseley, Moniak, Vierling waiting in the wings. Think about Mickey finally emerging from the pack and being our everyday CF. I think (hope) it could be a reality this season.

    2. Odubel would go over this fan base like a lead balloon.

      One internal option Jim may be referring to is Scott Kingery (spring camp invite along with Johan Rojas) or Jhailyn Ortiz (on 40man) would be aggressively out of the box. Haseley’s mysterious profile makes him highly doubtful unless there’s been something which turned him around in the off season. The only other internal option I might imagine is Matt Vierling.

      1. LOL. I forgot all about Adam Haseley. Only the team would know if he’s an actual/viable option at this point.

      2. If they do sign Odubel (“say it ain’t so, Joe”) Herrera, DD had better sign TWO stud bats just to make up for our collective UGH. Jon Morosi says Nick Castellanos has gotten a call, and we all know Bryant and/or Schwarber have been in their sites.

  69. For Chapman alone, I would offer either Abel or Painter, along with Bohm. Maybe add another young arm like Erik Miller, much as I don’t want to. If the A’s want to expand the deal, I’d be interested in Sean Manaea.

    1. I think Abel for Chapman is an overpay. Before the settlement, Abel was working with what looks like the Reading group. Hard to differentiate with so many pitchers in camp. The only thing holding him back is the lack of innings that would have built his arm up to a full season. He looks that good. Now that the major leaguers are returning, he may drop back to the Jersey Shore group. But, what if he doesn’t? Hmm.

    2. Matt help me understand, You are giving away the world for Chapman doesn’t make sense. Two good yrs and three not so good, Lot of strikeouts, Low obp and you want to give up our best pitching prospect, Bohm top positon player, Miller a good bullpen arm its really a lot, You don’t know what you getting, makes no sense to me

  70. The Mets gave Familia 3 and 29 on his last contract and were sorry they did it from the get go. If the Phillies gave him $2M for a year, that might be okay but $6M???? Come on! Why are they so bad at signing relief pitchers? If this is the case and these are the kind of guys they will sign, they might as well bring Workman back and this time I’m not kidding.

  71. Here’s a non-trade story. I heard from a solid source that the Morning after the deal was reached, a player was turned away from the ballpark and Complex because security hadn’t receiVed new instructions regarding posT-settlement. Clues in the text of this post.

  72. Reference Abel – how does Fangraph move him all the way up to # 20 MLB prospect and no other national service has him above # 60 ? I trust them more than the other scouting services and would consider he and Rojas as untouchables. No trade for me.

  73. Here’s why I don’t trust the Phillies to make a big splash….they’re discussing a reunion with Herrera. What a joke!!!

    1. Woa!!!!! Herrera isn’t Joe Dimaggio or Willie Mays, but who could complain with the way he handled himself his last year on the team, and he was certainly the team’s 2nd best outfielder after Harper, despite being benched for part of the season. A Herrera reunion IMO would be a very solid move – even if one of the former #1 or #2 draft picks turns it on. Decent offensive and defensive centerfielders don’t grow on trees – at least not historically in Philadelphia!, and as has been pointed out, one of last year’s defensive replacements, Quinn, has moved on.

      1. Lmao considering the options they had. Phillies have close to $40mil to spend…want to hear big splash chatter, not interest on a woman beater!!

    2. Odubel isn’t great, but even in a comeback year, he was a 2 WAR player. Given the options, if the price is right he’s a value proposition so the team can put big money elsewhere. It makes a lot of sense to me, again, if the price is right.

      1. a large degree,
        …..a low AAV, and few years….no more than two, but actually prefer one year.

        Just assume the plan from Dave D…..he will platoon in CF with Matt V.

  74. If we spend the $ on Bryant, and I trust jim’s instincts/sources, could Vierling be in the OF mix? And is Ranger being unavailable to start the season make another SP a priority?

  75. Re-envisioning the opening day lineup….??

    C JT Realmuto
    1b Alec Bohm
    2b Jean Segura
    SS Bryson Stott 🤞
    3b Matt Chapman
    LF Kris Bryant
    CF Odubel Herrera 👎
    RF Bryce Harper
    DH Rhys Hoskins

    Should LAD sign Freddy Freeman, might that open talks of moving Cody Bellinger? If so, I’m in…and could it be that Dombrowski is watching and waiting to see something like that go down? Just sayin’…

  76. Sorry, Iheart, a big no on Herrera. He was awful at lead off, did not make up for it defensively, and if we end up with him as our starting CF, Dombrowski failed.

  77. LF: Sign Conforto (or Bryant if that’s the FO preference).

    CF: If there’s even some belief within FO, I’d love to see a Moniak/Veiling platoon (with Haseley/Kingery as options if something’s been unlocked!).

    Spend more on Pitching side.

  78. Rocco, you are correct. I wouldn’t trade Any of Stott/Painter/Abel/Rojas for Chapman. The more I think about it, the more Bohm and Morales is my limit. First, Ranger is behind, now Wheeler. Didn’t another SP jump ahead of One of the OF spots as a necessity? A middle of the lineup bat, a platoon, and a SP? Plus, another BP arm?

  79. Just a reminder…

    2019 at A+/AA/AA:
    .305/.378/.518, w/ 21/80/76/6
    2020 in majors:
    .338/.400/.481, w/4/23/24/1

    That’s Alec Bohm. 1st Rd, #3 overall pick. He’s 25.

  80. Connecting the dots, I would have to speculate that Herrera and Vierling would platoon in CF. With the signing of any one of Bryant, Castellanos or Schwarber to play LF, I think DD looks to improve the team defense by adding Chapman. If Bohm isn’t traded, then he floats among the other DH options on the club…Hoskins, Harper, JTR. The Phillies can’t field a team with the same or worse team D in 2022 than 2021.

    Acquiring Chapman is more about that and timing than whether you give up a top 3 prospect. It’s win now or pack it in, keep ALL the young talent and wait another 5 years when Harper, JTR and Wheeler are shot, if they’re even still around. Dombrowski was hired primarily for that reason.

  81. Looks like Jim is correct. Reports Phillies bringing Odubel back.
    Also Hinkie looks like Diekman going to Red Sox as well.

    1. Don……the Doobie/Vierling platoon in CF…..IMO, equivalent to a sub-100 OPS+. combination. They best make up for it on the defense.
      Right now the Phillies out of Vegas and the oddsmakers….have them solid 3rd or 4th in the NL-East

      NY Mets +1100
      Atlantaa +1400
      Phila. +4000
      Miamii +6600

    1. With Alvarado, I thought we had the next Mitch Williams…now add Famila…and it is now a double-dose of Mitch Williams….their combined BB/9 could be above 5..yikes

  82. Please no Odubel, I can’t believe we couldn’t find anything better. If I have to watch anymore swinging at pitches in the dirt. Bat flips on singles that should be doubles and falling asleep on the bases. Arg!
    Put in MM.

    1. Apparently LF will be either one of four…Bryant, Castellanos, Schwarber or Conforto.
      Then why not take the ultimate risk…..jump from Hi-A to MLB, Johan Rojas for CF…turns 22 this summer…has the glove needed…flanked by Harper and one of the four mentioned earlier.
      So he may struggle at the plate for awhile …initially…but he becomes a core guy.
      And ..the fan base will be excited

        1. Hawkeye…..if it is age…look what the Nats did with Soto, Braves both Acuna and Albies, Rays with Franco, Padres with Tatis, Jays and Vladdy Jr…all 21 or younger when they got the call up………….Rojas does not have the offensive stats they had in the minors, but he sure does have the defense, glove, arm and speed….and eventually his bat will come as he adjusts like he seems to do..

  83. Odubel and Familia have DV history.
    This org is trash and my gut feeling is this is ought team for 2022 barring a last minute trash can find.

    1. Troll, they aren’t done. I believe there is one big hitter to be gotten. And likely a P or two.

        1. I hear Ugueth Urbina (attempted Murder) and Oil Can Boyd (Threatening life of mistress) are out of jail and available. Strange, just google ball players who did jail time and it is littered with Phillies players

          1. Danny Tartabull, Greg Jeffries, Adam Eaton, Jake Arrieta too, stealing money from Phillies’ fans.

  84. So Wheeler tried throwing in Jan but had to shut it down due to shoulder soreness. With some of the recent developments, can we just go back to the lockout? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  85. What a disappointing beginning of what I had hoped would be an exciting time after this ridiculous lockout. Herrera and Familia, ugh!!

    1. Yea new season and same trash team.
      Still waiting on this DD magic that has been touted forever on here.

      Wheeler is done for season if you read between the lines.

      Over before it started

  86. Can’t stand it, other teams are trying to get stars like Freddie Freeman and we are in the Thrift Store. I would rather have Scott Kingery in CF than Odubel. Going to bed and hope I don’t have the same nightmare where Odubel swings at a third strike curveball in the dirt.

  87. Nelson Cruz to the Nationals. Not sure if it’s 100%

    Phillies sitting on their hands about to be 4th best team in NL East

    I’m sure DD is working on something though. Maybe 2023

    1. that looks like an amazing trade for the Yankees – and mystifying one for Minnesota!

  88. Giants sign Carlos Martinez. Anyone believe, besides me, that he helps them more than any of the AAA bargain basement Pitchers we have?

  89. While I understand the collective disappointment with what the little Phillies have done thus far – and I’m neither a Familia nor Doobie fan – I have to allow Dombrowski to make the bigger moves which are coming. A LF bat and quite possibly, if not likely, a fairly big trade. I don’t get the overreaction by many here when business only resumed on Friday. Although I’m not the least surprised by it either. Let’s take a deep breath and see what this roster looks like in another week…

  90. Another thought, assuming DD is unable to unload the other Didi, perhaps a contingency is for the latter to play a bench role with semi-regular starts as the DH…

  91. Just my subjective opinion here, but the odds of the Phillies signing the new LF are:

    Kris Bryant 2-1
    Nick Castellanos 3-1
    Kyle Schwarber 5-1
    Michael Conforto 10-1

    I’m no mathematician but I’d say with all these guys still on the board, the chances that the Phillies don’t sign one are virtually nil. The much bigger question is what they do with the left side of the infield.

    1. “The much bigger question is what they do with the left side of the infield.”…Chapman for the As for 3B…..Stott and Didi, in his final year, perhaps fighting it out for shortstop.
      Don’t under-estimate the last year of a contract when it comes to baseball players…..the 2021 Conforto is an exception to the norm.

    2. Agree with mark. Dombrowski is working on things. Just like the CBA wrestling between the owners and players, hammering out a trade or a FA deal sometimes takes time. I originally thought things would happen quickly, but I was wrong. The guys the Phillies POBO is most interested in are all still out there/available. He’s most likely playing the waiting game in an effort to drive down the prices to acquire them. For instance, that NYY deal with the Twins last night was a good thing for Dombrowski. The Yankees were one of the clubs looking for a 3Bman. They settled for Josh Donaldson, and are now out of the Chapman sweepstakes. That may lower the Chapman cost.
      To reiterate what I posted over the weekend … IMO, Bohm and something less than Painter/Abel/Stott/Rojas is a fair deal for Chapman. If Billy Beane was open to expanding the deal to include Laureano or Manaea or Montas, and Trivino, I would then be willing to add a top prospect (or two).

      1. IMO. Phillies can get Chapman for Bohm, Haseley and Erik Miller.
        Seems Sean Manaea may be moving on (Boras client and this is his last year)and the As may be able to backfill him with Miller.

        1. I do that deal in 2 seconds. Getting Chapman would be HUGE. Even in his down years he is outstanding. Everyone should stop freaking out about Odubel if he gets about $5-6m deal. He’s going to be a platoon player and it means the Phillies can sink big resources into other positions (even with the new CBT you can’t get everyone and everything you want). If the Phillies get Chapman for that type of price and then sign Schwarber they are going to be super dangerous.

        2. It maybe a little light. Chapman is a hellva player. Some of us are really undercutting his bat. He is a 3x GG out of 5 seasons. One of which was the 37 game pandemic year. He has finished in the top 7 of MVP voting, 2 out of those 5 years. Keep in mind, Trout in the AL as well 😂What I like most about his batting, was his Total Base count. Chapman likely deserves a top pick, considering his production and salary. I don’t want to give up any of them.. but I’d give up Rojas, just because he can’t likely be replaced through FA the easiest. That hurts

          Chapman is a hellva ball player, all around, not just a glove. I think he got hurt, had an off year. Billy Beane is obviously trying to sell the Bat & Glove version of Chapman, Phil’s fans are trying to offer a deal of just the glove. He is worth it imo, he’s that good when his bat is on. The argument is whether Bohm is a top prospect or not.





          A lower end P than Miller

          1. Totally agree on Chapman. Signing a big LF bat is low hanging fruit. Trading for Chapman could be THE impact move. His slash line has been less than meh, I get it, but his gold glove and 30-35 HR power in CBP adds volumes to this roster. Bryant’s numbers at CBP also justify signing him as well. Not sure why all the crickets on Schwarber’s market…Castellanos’ bat is to dream on, offset only a bit by his iron glove. Now watch them go sign Conforto…

            1. Well I’m used to nobody listening to me, but DD being rumored to discussing a trade for Chapman, is a nice sign. It’a a sign we got a real baseball executive up there. Id take schwarber in a heartbeat. He’s my preference, but Bryant is the right move. His position versatility allow them to take advantage of upcoming FA & trade deadlines. Plus, I got to believe him and Harper will get that clubhouse where it needs to be, for a winning mindset. I know players sign for the money but I think Bryant is in the bag. How can you pass up playing with your childhood friend of the money is close. Even if it’s now, I’m sure Middleton & Harper split the difference at the casino tables with Bryant 🙂 … yes, I’m suggesting breaking the rules

          2. …with the signing of Herrera, I seriously doubt the Phillies will trade Rojas for anything other than a top major league CF…Doobie would appear to be a stop gap to the Rojas era which may begin sometime in 2023.

            1. That’s a good point. My preference is to trade Rojas, as he is the easiest to replace imo in FA. If it take Bohm & another top prospect … it hurts but … gotta do it, with asterisk that you sign one of Bryant/schwarber/conforto. I think castellanos is out due to his glove

            2. Rojas is so interesting. He’s the highest ceiling hitting prospect we have had in at least a decade or so. If he hits his ceiling, he’s poor man’s version of Byron Buxton, which is saying something. I think they really owe it to themselves not to trade him because if he breaks out, it could be this year, especially after his great performance following his promotion to high A ball last year. You don’t want to include any potential superstars as the second or third player in a trade, which is what he would be.

            3. My assertion is slightly inaccurate. I’d say Rojas is the highest ceiling position prospect we have had in the last decade or so, not the highest ceiling hitting prospect -that was Rhys Hoskins.

  92. I(heart) – Twins opened up (their own) cap space to sign Story. Yanks are way too right handed now. Cole and Donaldson as teammates?

    Denny – Our boys in red pinstripes can always change the name to the Sillies.

    1. Ciada. The “Sillies” is very appropriate, they are living up to their name.

      DD is proving the theory of insanity, why?
      Because he is trying the same thing over and over snd getting the same result, Odubel.

    2. perhaps the Twins have a plan but I am missing it. This has never been a team able to maintain a high salary payroll. Days before they dump a low cost player for 10M pitcher Sonny Gray, and then they trade away the good defensive short stop that they traded their starting catcher for, only to end up with a poor defensive, poor offensive, expensive ex-Yankee catcher, and a chance for the very expensive free agent SS as well as a need for a replacement catcher.

  93. The more and more I think about it, the less I have an issue signing Herrera (as long as the money and years aren’t crazy, I would think it would be a 1 year deal around 7-8m with MAYBE an option. If we can get Bryant or Castellanos for LF then there are much worse OFs than Haper/Herrera and one of the above.

  94. The responses to this tweet are pretty funny ⤵

  95. Herrera is not a good Baseball player. And, I frankly don’t care that he has handled himself well after his suspension. He created the issue, and got paid to stay home. He should be thanking his lucky stars every day. So, he gets zero points from me on his attitude around the team. He is subpar defensively, is not good offensively, his Baseball IQ is minimal, and DD highlighted the need for a lead off hitter, among our many needs. He was awful batting lead off. Dombrowski’s press conference did 2 things, lowered my expectations for the teams’ moves, and lauded, again, the wonderful ownership, and how much they want to win. Oh, and the Salary Cap is a State secret, we can’t have those Dodgers or Yankees knowing what our budget may be. We are going to totally fool them! Nonsense, when John Middleton actually does “everything possible to Win”, then I will believe him. Until then, what I hoped would be an exciting weekend, and what I hoped would give me hope for the coming season, has turned into the opposite. Sure, it’s early, and moves can be made. But, I am less than enthused.

  96. My objection to the Phillies signing Odubel has nothing to do with his previous off the field theatrics, or even his history of brain cramps on the field, but simply…wha?!?! They couldn’t do better than him? The only way to make up for our gasp of exasperation is to sign TWO big bats…but that ain’t happening.

    1. I think what’s probably going to happen is this …

      1️⃣ They sign one of Bryant/Schwarber/Conforto. Can’t see them inking Castellanos (he’d butcher LF).

      2️⃣ Dombrowski eventually gets a deal done with Oakland for Chapman (and possibly others: Trivino/Laureano/Manaea.Montas).

      They’ll probably find another cheap(er) SP, and maybe another (inexpensive) RP.

      BTW … from Matt Gelb’s latest story for the Athletic: “Dombrowski would not elaborate on his revised budget, but sources indicated ownership had authorized Dombrowski to spend as he saw fit — so long as he did not exceed a $230 million budget. That did not mean the Phillies would spend right to that number, but it was permitted.”

      I find this very interesting. Why? Not because it verifies what a lot of fans thought (they won’t spend past the LTT). The more interesting thing to me is … who was Gelb’s source?. This is information between ownership and the head of baseball operations. It obviously wasn’t Middleton (or the Bucks) who spoke to Gelb. It had to be Dombrowski or one of his underlings: Fuld/Velandia/Kilambi (probably Fuld who wouldn’t feed Gelb the info w/o Dombrowski’s direction). It appears to me DD may be a little irritated with the Phillies’ budget (especially with Steve Cohen going berserk with the spending in NY).

      1. In fact … the Odubel signing may even be an under the radar shot at Middleton’s budget restraint. Dombrowski isn’t stupid. He had to know running it back with Odubel would bring some negativity towards ownership. Gelb’s “source” kind of excuses Dombrowski from going cheap on the CF spot.

        1. I wondered if The Phillies FO would go past the LTT. We got our answer. Gotta wonder how the increase from 210 to 230 impacted that, plus the addition of 2 more playoff spots.
          I think before they would’ve gone past, but the CBA did them a favor, and aloud another year to build this team. It would be tragic to blow past the LTT, only to find out the pieces don’t fit.

          Add Chapman and Bryant, I’d be ecstatic. Chapman is a top tier 3B. Bryant, I gotta believe will want to one up his buddy Harper, they’ll push each other. It will create a tremendous clubhouse environment. My next pick would be schwarber. The dude is the definition of CLUTCH.

          1. I have to say, when folks here seem to expect the Phillies to surpass the LTT, it amuses me. When have the Phillies ever passed the LTT? Never and it’s not incidental, it’s a de facto spending limit for the GM. It might happen one year when they are really good and need one player to get over the hump but everyone should expect that, as a general rule, the Phillies will NEVER go over the LTT.

        2. Hinkie, you’re suggesting that Dombrowski would shoot himself in the foot to make a point to management? Interesting thought, but somehow I doubt it.

    2. Your thoughts are valid, Mark8, but the Phillies didn’t sacrifice players or draft picks to sign Herrera. Sure, I might have preferred they use the money to sign Diekman, but I also prefer it to them signing Minimart, and at least other options are open.

    1. Brad Hand is a very solid, reliable big league reliever, provides another solid lefty for the BP and is sometimes spectacular. These are good, below the radar moves. This team needs BP depth and low salaries so they can pick up a few starts in free agency or through trades. Not all of these moves will work out, but several should and that’s enough.

  97. Hand led the AL in saves in 2020 and his velocity was back to his normal highs last year. Hand is an excellent buy-low proposition. At worst, he’ll be a solid lefty out of the pen. At best, he’s an elite set-up man. Very good for $6 million.

  98. Here is a what if:
    I can see, N Castellanos being the last player big name player to be signed, due to the age of analytics & his glove. Throw in the DH position for all teams now, FO across the league may few him as a DH player now, arguing his value is less than before. It saves them money too if they view him like this, and they have a legit point

    Now, say the Phillies trade for Chapman, sign Bryant. Possibly trade away Didi.
    Do the Phillies then sign Nick Castellanos ? Even if it pushes them over the LTT?

    I can see it happening, it opens the contention window, but hey… it’s not my money. I’m done spamming the board – Chapman, Bryant/schwarber for me. With Castellanos as a surprise last FA signing to boost the Phillies to the top tier of The NL

    1. “Do the Phillies then sign Nick Castellanos ? Even if it pushes them over the LTT?”

      Absolutely, positively is never going to happen. Likelihood is close to zero.

      1. And by never going to happen, I mean going over the LTT. It’s possible Castellanos ends up here, although not that likely.

      2. I hear you catch … I do. Normally id never even think it. The reason I gave it a 5% chance of happening is because Of a potential Billionaire rivalry. Cohen vs Middleton, with Middleton making that stupid money comment… it sets something up that’s not usually there. The 2007-2011 Phils – Mets rivalry was pretty top tier. This would bring it back. Middleton trying to keep up with Cohen. But yes, it’s unlikely – – – let me dream!

    2. 2B-Seguara
      DH- Castellanos
      RF- Bryant
      CF- Herrera/Vierling

      That’s a scary lineup, if can trade Didi a eat half the salary – maybe in the A’s trade for Chapman. Billy loves those deals. It puts the Phillies LTT # in the 242-248 range. Depends what Chapmans arb # was/is. Hard to imagine them going over the LTT BUT the Mets are spending to the max aloud, 295 million. That has to chap Middleton’s A-$. I give it a 5% chance of happening. I’ll dream for all of us. That’s a lineup that would make a fan base watch every single game

  99. Remember what George Costanza said, “Let me tell you something. A man without hand is not a man. I’ve got so much hand I’m coming out of my gloves”.

    He never mentioned anything about Odubel.

    Remember, he was an integral part of the Yankees FO.

  100. Jim … I can’t concentrate at work. You gotta tell your contacts to speed up these trades & signings. This was supposed to be quick. This is starting to feel like Harper 2.0 FA chase.

    Help us out! I need to get to work lol .. damn This delayed FA period

  101. Who will be the 3 players removed from the 40 to make room for the 3 we signed? I think it will be Damon Jones, Kent Emmanuel and Ryan Sherriff. These 3 lefthanders lost their jobs to Hand.

  102. Who will be the 3 players removed from the 40 so we can put the 3 on that we signed? I think it will be Damon Jones, Kent Emanuel and Ryan Sherriff. Three lefthanded bullpen guys who lost their jobs to Hand.

  103. Between Wheeler’s shoulder, Eflin’s knees, and Saurez’s visa, the Phillies have been seeking rotation depth. Gotta’ believe Brad Hand allows the club to move Bailey Falter back to the rotation.

    1. Falter is one of the Phillies’ wild card young players. He is far better than almost anyone one here gives him credit for. He has #3 starter upside. Check out his minor league stats too – it’s not like he’s a one hit wonder. This guy has ability and he’s shown it consistently.

  104. A big middle of the order bat is all they need. I hope its Castellanos. His defense is a non factor with the DH but even still plugging him into LF in CBP he’d be average for the time being.

    There are also some decent enough depth starters out there DD can probably get on a 1 year deal. Pineda is one I like quite a bit. Duffy is out there as well.

    I don’t think he’d get McHugh on a 1 year but maybe a moderate 3 year deal.

  105. Tatis Jr out for about 3 months. Wonder how the lockout affected him being hurt, was he able to see team doctors when the injury happened?

  106. I’m not sure how much money Andrew Chafin wants to sign but he sure would excite me more than Brad Hand. Chafin was very good last year and Hand not so much.

  107. MLB has Phils and Blue Jays most in on Schwarber. Also thinks Phils may lead on Castellanos. Those bats would sure help..

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