2022 Spring Training, 2/11/22

This is the first in what I hope can soon become a daily report.

Last week I watched Ethan Evanko and Chase Antle throw bullpens and Logan O’Hoppe catch them and get in some defensive work.

Today, I watched Evanko, Ethan Lindow, and Braden Zarbnisky throw bullpens to O’Hoppe and Chris Burke and Casey Martin and Wendell Rijo take infield practice.  All this was over in about a half-hour and took place on the half-field outside the main ticket office at BayCare Park.

Martin and Rijo took ground balls at shortstop.  Martin made throws to first, Rijo (must be recovering from an arm injury) tossed his softly to the third baseline.  They took turns fielding balls at short and underhanding them to the other at second.  Rijo made these tosses.  They did some quickness and dexterity drills with Larry Bowa along the first baseline while waiting for the catchers.

Evanko threw to Burke and Lindow threw to O’Hoppe.  Lindow threw about 27 pitches while Evanko threw about thirty in batches of fifteen.  He took a break between like he was waiting for his team to complete their inning at bat before he took the mound for his second inning.

Zarbnisky threw about 25 pitches.  During the lull between Evanko’s innings, Brett Schulze threw 5 pitches from in front of the rubber.

Among the rehabbers watching were Keylan Killgore and Chase Antle (I think, similar broad shoulder build).

In addition to all the video people and trainers watching were Larry Bowa, Kevin Bradshaw, Pat Robles, Chris Heinz, Greg Brodzinski, and Rob Thomas either observing or taking part.

After the pitchers were done with their bullpens, the catchers went over with Martin and Rijo to practice throws and skip-throws to second and throws to first and third.  Rijo covered third, Martin second, and Heinz first.

(Caveat: Wendell Rijo mentioned above is a best guess based on head shots of all possible infielders.)

16 thoughts on “2022 Spring Training, 2/11/22

      1. Management and coaches too?

        So could we do full ST with only minor leaguers, which is what is usually the first week+ is anyway?

        1. Denny….when it comes down to it……the Complex could be fairly well occupied with all the players they have in their system……except for the 40 on the 40-man roster and those remaining at the DR Academy..

  1. Looks like the MLB will not be paying minor league players during spring training.

    According to the league, their reasoning is that:
    “It is the players that obtain the greater benefit from the training opportunities that they are afforded than the clubs, who actually just incur the cost of having to provide that training”

    Nothing like building goodwill!
    As Evan Drellich states….”For them to argue that the players have more to gain by not being paid is like modern-day influencers not paying for commissions since the artist gets recognition. It’s an incredibly scummy practice that needs to be eradicated. The MLB’s minor leagues filed a lawsuit eight years ago demanding better rights for them. Since then, the league has done its best to junk this lawsuit. With MLB now in danger of delaying the start of the 2022 season, it’s interesting that they chose this moment to double down on their stance instead of changing”

    1. If I was a minor leaguer, I would bring a sleeping bag and camp out on the field to make a point. (or have a bunch do so together)

    2. FYI Florida minimum wage is $10 hour times 40 hours a week +/- = $400 a week per player times 6 weeks = $2400 for spring training with maybe 150 players would equal $360K for the minor leaguers which is chump change to the teams.

      1. I do not understand why the desire on the part of the MLB, not to pay the minor leaguers.
        What can they get out of that maneuver…only future disgruntled MLB players down the road when future CBAs are being negotiated….they will not forget.

        1. This has been going on for a century so they can and will get away with it, but it’s outrageous and disgusting.

    3. This was the MLB’s position in a filing to a court case. Could the MLB be anymore out of touch? Btw, the attorney making the MLB’s case works for a firm that charges $775/hr. for their legal help… Again, dear MLB, clueless much?

  2. Lol I am back Jimmy and MM stinks plus Phil’s won’t do anything g will be fourth place in devision

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