2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Top 40

The number forty spot in the Readers’ Poll went to Andrew Baker.

  • Andrew Baker received nine votes,
  • Nicolas Torres received five votes,
  • Jared Carr received three votes,
  • Adam LeverettBen Brown, Juan Aparicio, Starlyn Castillo, Brian Marconi, Donny Sands, and Aaron Escobar received one vote each.

The Top 40:

  1. Bryson Stott
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Andrew Painter
  4. Logan O’Hoppe
  5. Johan Rojas
  6. Luis Garcia
  7. Matt Vierling
  8. Hans Crouse
  9. Yhoswar Garcia
  10. Erik Miller
  11. Ethan Wilson
  12. Griff McGarry
  13. Jhailyn Ortiz
  14. Simon Muzziotti
  15. Francisco Morales
  16. Mickey Moniak
  17. Jordan Viars
  18. Damon Jones
  19. James McArthur
  20. Lee Hao Yu
  21. Kendall Simmons
  22. Christian McGowan
  23. Erubiel Armenta
  24. Micah Ottenbreit
  25. Alexeis Azuaje
  26. Rickardo Perez
  27. William Bergolla
  28. Cristian Hernandez
  29. Andrew Schultz
  30. Daniel Brito
  31. Dominic Pipkin
  32. Jordi Martinez
  33. Jamari Baylor
  34. Kyle Dohy
  35. Jean Cabrera
  36. Billy Sullivan
  37. Casey Martin
  38. Ethan Lindow
  39. Yemal Flores
  40. Andrew Baker

Interest has waned.  We’ve lost about 25% of voters over the last 10 polls.  So, I’m going to stop right here.  I received zero interest when I suggested completing the poll by mailing the final ten or more positions in your polls to the prospectpoll account I have set up for this type of balloting.

I’ll continue posting the player writeups that I fell behind on.  I’ll also post a personal top prospects list at some point during that.

15 thoughts on “2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Top 40

  1. I look forward to it every year, jim, and appreciate all you do. I will enjoy reading your personal list.

  2. Jim…will you be posting some of your friend’s and colleagues top 20/30…ie Mitch R., Matt W., Mike Drago et al?

    1. Mitch Rupert did Mike Drago’s top twenty a few months ago. Matt Winkelman is ready to start his this week, I think. He already published those who did not make his top 50 but were close.

  3. Great work, as always Jim. I’ve enjoyed participating and following along. I look forward to your list.

  4. This was really fun. Thanks for both working us through the Top 40 and for all your updates and research on the Phillies prospects. I really enjoy the emails.

  5. Thanks Jim. It was fun and took us away from the “lockout”.
    Whi would be Mr Irrelevant fir the Phillies?
    Last guy picked for teams, standing there alone on the back fields in the complex until all others were picked.👨‍👦‍👦

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