2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #8 Prospect

On to the vote for the #8 prospect in the organization.  There are 27 players listed in the poll below.

The number seven spot went to Matt Vierling by a plurality.  He received 32.3% of the votes cast.  Hans Crouse finished second with 19.2% of the vote.  Yhoswar Garcia finished third with 16.2% of the vote.  Twelve other prospects received votes –  Erik Miller received eight votes, Ethan Wilson received seven, Jhailyn Ortiz received four, Francisco Morales received three, Mickey Moniak and Griff McGarry received two each, and Kyle DohySimon MuzziottiChristian HernandezJean CabreraLee Hao Yu, and Alexeis Azuaje received one each.

In addition to voters in the US, we received votes from South Korea (Matt Vierling), the Netherlands (Francisco Morales), and Israel (Hans Crouse).

A separate write-up on Matt Vierling can be found here.


If you feel I am not going to get to your guy early enough, by all means, ask me to add him in the comments section.

Features of this poll include –

  • To be eligible for a prospect list, a player must still have rookie eligibility.
  • The names will be in alphabetical order.
  • The Other option will be OFF.
  • You can choose ONE prospect.
  • Repeat voting is blocked.
  • Results will be hidden and revealed after the poll is closed.
  • I reserve the right to set aside any outcome if I think anything irregular occurred

The Top 30, so far:

  1. Bryson Stott
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Andrew Painter
  4. Logan O’Hoppe
  5. Johan Rojas
  6. Luis Garcia
  7. Matt Vierling


16 thoughts on “2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #8 Prospect

    1. matt13…Phillies see him as a starter…..he would be in a relief role by now if they were hesitant about him not being able to start.
      He has a healthy arm and good stuff, albeit 45/50 control right now.
      Now if he comes up later this season…they may use him in relief roles down the stretch for the team if they are contending for a play-off spot, and if he has produced at LHV.
      He just turned 22-years old while getting a late end-of-season promo to LHV at 21-years old….one of the youngest pitchers in Triple A.
      He just needs consistent control…plus maybe maturing a little more taking the good along with the bad and keeping an even keel..

  1. Thanks Romus. I had read that he has 2 pitches, and was viewed around the league as having a future in the BP. He had, in previous years, been high on my list. I hope you are correct!

  2. This is really a tough one. I’m going with Lee Hao-Yu. I love his power potential at 2B. His experience in national tournaments and success already with a wooden bat make me hope/ believe he may be a hair above the others at #8.
    I’ve lived Morales and would have picked him but BA dropped him way down and believe this year may be his last chance at SP given his poor command a lack of improved third pitch. If he can make the jump this year he could be back to a top five prospect.
    Like Y.Garcia too to round out my top ten. Want to see him put on weight to ensure he’s not another power-less OF prospect.

    1. McGarry is an interesting prospect for sure……if he solved his control issues that plagued him at UV all four years, and he has to prove last season was not an anomaly, ….he would definitely be on the rise in the system to the top 10 grouping.
      He did significantly lower his BB/9 from his college days…but must get below the 5 per 9 innings now. I can also see him being the next Ken Giles in the system.

  3. Crouse for me again but I see from the variety of picks in the comments section that we’re into the pick and hope they stick realm of the top 30.

  4. I see some discussions on Morales. If you want to know who a club thinks is the next group of pitchers to make the MLB check out the prior years Arizona Fall league rosters…I think it was very telling on what the Phillies think of Morales by NOT sending him to the AFL. I’m not saying he’s not an intriguing prospect but he’s not in my Top-15..

    1. I wouldn’t read too much into that decision. He had a tough year and they may have thought that he just needed a break from everything and to get away from the game for a while. His strikeout numbers remained very good and the stuff is supposed to be excellent. He could easily take a big step forward next year.

  5. What am I missing here? Matt Vierling is only 8th in the voting after hitting .324, playing all OF positions and 1B, and committing zero errors. I know he looked like a scratch hitter until he unleashed one monster HR. He should be in the conservation for a starting position next year. Who else on the list, save Stott, is in that conservation?

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