Updated Roster Information as We Go into Manfred’s Lockout

I’m replacing the earlier roster information article with this updated version.  It should be current as we go into the transaction void brought on by a lockout that the MBL decided was necessary.  (Yeah, MBL was intentional so that I can use the article “the”.)  This will be pinned to the site as a reference in place of the older article.  Let me know if you see anything that needs explanation or anything that looks wrong. 

While most of the baseball world made a flurry of moves during the shortened offseason, the Phillies made some inconsequential early moves before making an important signing at the eleventh hour, just beating the MBL’s self-imposed lockout.  Here’s the current snapshot of the organization.  Of particular interest at this point of the offseason and lockout might be the list of players still eligible for the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft near the bottom of this article.

The Current 40-Man Roster – There has been quite a bit of turnover to the Phillies’ 40-man roster.  There are 13 new players listed.  The list is maxed out at 40 players, and we still have about two dozen holes to fill (I know that’s an exageration).  It will not change during the duration of the MBL enforced lockout.  The new guys are in bold text.

  1. Alvarado, Jose LHP (tendered a contract, pre-arb)
  2. Brogdon, Connor RHP
  3. Coonrod, Sam RHP
  4. Crouse, Hans RHP
  5. Dominguez, Seranthony RHP (signed a contract to avoid arbitration)
  6. Eflin, Zach RHP (tendered a contract, pre-arb)
  7. Emanuel, Kent LHP (waiver claim)
  8. Falter, Bailey LHP
  9. Gibson, Kyle RHP
  10. Jones, Damon LHP
  11. Knebel, Corey RHP (free agent signing)
  12. Lopez, Yoan RHP (waiver claim)
  13. McArthur, James RHP (contract selected)
  14. Morales, Francisco RHP
  15. Moss, Scott LHP (waiver claim)
  16. Nelson, Nick RHP (trade)
  17. Nola, Aaron RHP
  18. Romero, JoJo LHP
  19. Sanchez, Christopher LHP
  20. Sherriff, Ryan LHP (waiver claim)
  21. Suarez, Ranger LHP
  22. Wheeler, Zack RHP
  23. Marchan, Rafael C
  24. Realmuto, JT C
  25. Sands, Donny C (trade)
  26. Stubbs, Garrett C (trade)
  27. Bohm, Alec 3B
  28. Carmago, Johan 3B (free agent signing)
  29. Garcia, Luis SS (contract selected)
  30. Gregorious, Didi SS
  31. Hoskins, Rhys 1B (tendered a contract, pre-arb)
  32. Maton, Nick INF
  33. Segura, Jean 2B
  34. Williams, Luke INF
  35. Harper, Bryce RF
  36. Haseley, Adam OF
  37. Moniak, Mickey OF
  38. Muzziotti, Simon OF (recalled)
  39. Ortiz, Jhailyn  OF (contract selected)
  40. Vierling, Matt OF

Notable deletions from the roster are free agents Cam Bedrosian, Archie Bradley, Ian Kennedy, Matt Moore, Hector Neris (signed w/Houston), Brad Miller, Freddy Galvis (signed to play overseas), Andrew McCutchen, Travis Jankowski, Ramon Rosso, JD Hammer (minor league deal with Colorado), Ronald Torreyes, Odubel Herrera, Andrew Knapp (minor league deal with Cincinnati), non-tender Roman Quinn, DFA Adonis Medina, and non-tendered/re-signed Kyle Dohy.

Eleven Players have Contracts in 2022 (10 on the 40-man roster).

  1. Bryce Harper enters the 4th year of a 13-year contract ($330M (19-31)). It’ll be his age 29 season.  2022 salary is $27,538,462.  Luxury Tax salary is $25,384,615.
  2. Zack Wheeler enters the 3rd year of a 5-year contract ($118M (20-24)). It’ll be his age 32 season.  2022 salary is $26,000,000.  Luxury Tax salary is $23.6M.
  3. JT Realmuto enters the 2nd year of a 5-year contract ($115.5M (21-25)). It’ll be his age 31 season.  2022 salary is $23,875,000.  Luxury Tax salary is $23.1M.
  4. Jean Segura enters the 5th year of a 5-year contract ($70M (18-22)+23 c opt). It’ll be his age 32 season.  2022 salary $14,850,000.  Luxury Tax salary is $14M.
  5. Didi Gregorius enters the 2nd year of a 2-yr contract ($28M (21-22)). It’ll be his age 32 season.  2022 salary $15,250,000.  Luxury Tax salary is $14M.
  6. Aaron Nola enters the 4th year of a 4-year contract ($45M (19-22)+23 cl opt). It’ll be his age 29 season.  2022 salary $15,500,000.  Luxury Tax salary is $11.25M.
  7. Kyle Gibson enters the 3rd year of a 3-year contract ($28M (20-22)). It’ll be his age 34 season.  2022 salary is $7,666,667.  Luxury Tax salary is $9,333,333.
  8. Corey Knebel enters the first year of a one-year contract ($10M). It’ll be his age 30 season.  2022 salary is $10M.  Luxury Tax salary is $10M.
  9. Johan Camargo enters the first year of a one-year contract ($1.4M). It’ll be his age 28 season.  2022 salary is $1.4 M.  Luxury Tax salary is $1.4M.
  10. Seranthony Dominguez signed a one-year contract ($725K), avoided his second arb year. It’ll be his age 27 season.  2022 salary is $725K.  Luxury Tax salary is $725K.
  11. Scott Kingery enters the 5th year of a 6-year contract ($24M (18-23)+24-26 opts)). It’ll be his age 28 season.  2022 salary is $6,250,000.  Luxury Tax salary is $4M.

Two Club Options for 2022 were declined.  Andrew McCutchen and Odubel Herrera were cut loose as well as their combined salaries of $26.5M at a cost of $5.5M in buyouts. Herrera was actually arbitration eligible after his option was declined but elected free agency.

Three Arbitration Eligible Players were tendered contractsRhys Hoskins ($4.8M in 2021, MLBTR projection $7.6M), Zach Eflin ($4.45M in 2021, MLBTR projection $6.0M), and Jose Alvarado ($1M in 2021, MLBTR projection $1.9M) were tendered contracts prior to arbitration.

Seranthony Dominguez ($727,500 in 2021) avoided an arbitration tender and agreed to a 1-year/$725K contract.

Andrew Knapp ($1.1M in 2021), Ronald Torreyes ($800,000 in 2021), Travis Jankowski, and Roman Quinn ($578,000 in 2021) elected free agency.

Sixteen Players remain as Pre-Arb, One-Year Tenders this offseason.  Kyle Dohy was non-tendered/elected free agency/re-signed, JD Hammer was DFA-ed/outrighted/elected free agency, Ramon Rosso was DFA-ed/outrighted/elected free agency, Adonis Medina was DFA-ed just before the lockout.

  1. Alec Bohm (1 yr/$575,000 in 2021) pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  2. Sam Coonrod (1 yr/$573,000 in 2021) pre-arb, entering age 29 season.
  3. Connor Brogdon (1 yr/$571,500 in 2021) pre-arb, entering age 27 season.
  4. Hans Crouse pre-arb, entering age 23 season.
  5. Bailey Falter pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  6. Ranger Suarez pre-arb, entering age 26 season.
  7. Damon Jones pre-arb, entering age 27 season.
  8. Rafael Marchan pre-arb, entering age 23 season.
  9. Nick Maton pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  10. Mickey Moniak pre-arb, entering age 24 season.
  11. Francisco Morales pre-arb, entering age 24 season.
  12. Jojo Romero pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  13. Christopher Sanchez pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  14. Matt Vierling pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  15. Luke Williams pre-arb, entering age 25 season.
  16. Adam Haseley ($578,500) entering age 26 season.

These guys are all under team control.  Minimum salaries are usually assigned in the CBA.  This only comes into play when a player is on the active, 26-man roster (Except in the case where a player has a major league contract.)

Seven Players were MLB Free Agents and declared for free agency after the 2021 Season – Hector Neris, Archie Bradley, Brad Miller, Matt Moore, Ian Kennedy, Cam Bedrosian, and Freddy Galvis.

Sixteen Minor League Players were eligible to become Free Agents after the 2021 season.  Daniel Brito is still in the organization, fifteen others elected free agency – David PaulinoBrock StassiTJ RiveraTaylor GuerrieriCharlie TilsonTyler HeinemanBrady LailGrenny CumanaAneurys Zabala (signed minor league contract w/Miami),  Arquimedes Gamboa (signed minor league contract w/San Francisco)Rodolfo DuranMauricio Llovera (signed minor league contract w/San Francisco), Cornelius RandolphEdgar Cabral, and Nick Fanti.

Rule 5 Eligibility this Offseason – RHP James McArthur, SS Luis Garcia, SS, and RF Jhailyn Ortiz, RF were added to the 40-man roster to avoid the Rule 5 draft.

There will be no major league Rule 5 draft until after the MBL lockout is resolved.  However, there will still be the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft.  The Phillies have over 50 players eligible for the draft.  They can protect 38 players on the Triple-A roster.

The draft will be held on December 8th at 2:00 PM.  Teams cannot pick if their Triple-A roster is already at 38 players.  During the draft, when a team reaches 38 players on their roster, they are finished picking.  The cost of a selection is $24,500 per pick.  There is no restriction on which level a player can be assigned.  Players are not returned to the originating team.

Later this week, I’ll post an article on those I believe will be protected.  Maybe by then we’ll know if the draft will be streaming online.

Those eligible are (listed alphabetically by position):

  1. Mark Appel, RHP
  2. Leonel Aponte, RHP
  3. Andrew Bellatti, RRP
  4. Carlos Betancourt, RHP
  5. Trevor Bettencourt, RHP
  6. Andrew Brown, RHP
  7. Ben Brown, RHP
  8. Tyler Carr, RHP
  9. Joel Cesar, RHP
  10. Jonas De La Cruz, RHP
  11. Kyle Dohy, LHP
  12. Colton Eastman, RHP
  13. Ethan Evanko, LHP
  14. Julian Garcia, RHP
  15. Jonathan Hennigan, LHP
  16. Cristian Hernandez, RHP
  17. Jakob Hernandez, LHP
  18. Mike Kelly, RHP
  19. Keylan Killgore, LHP
  20. Taylor Lehman, LHP
  21. Lin Hsin-Chieh, RHP
  22. Ethan Lindow, LHP
  23. Tyler McKay, RHP
  24. Jhordany Mezquita, LHP
  25. Braeden Ogle, LHP
  26. David Parkinson, LHP
  27. Jack Perkins, RHP
  28. Tyler Phillips, RHP
  29. Mark Potter, RHP
  30. Austin Ross, RHP
  31. Bubby Rossman, RHP
  32. Rodolfo Sanchez, RHP
  33. Manuel Silva, LHP
  34. Jeff Singer, LHP
  35. Tom Sutera, RHP
  36. Victor Vargas, RHP
  37. Zach Warren, LHP
  38. Gabriel Yanez, LHP
  39. Luis Gomez, RHP
  40. Juan Aparacio, C
  41. Jack Conley, C
  42. Colby Fitch, C
  43. Oscar Gonzalez, C
  44. Nick Matera, C
  45. Daniel Brito, 2B
  46. Dalton Guthrie, SS
  47. Jonathan Guzman, SS
  48. Darick Hall, 1B
  49. Scott Kingery, INF
  50. Matt Kroon, 3B
  51. Edgar Made, SS
  52. Luke Miller, 3B
  53. D.J. Stewart, 3B
  54. Madison Stokes, IF
  55. Nicolas Torres, INF
  56. Jose Tortolero, INF
  57. Carlos De La Cruz, OF
  58. Ben Pelletier, RF
  59. Josh Stephen, LF

Remaining Options (# remaining) – some are estimates since there is still confusion over how/if options were charged during the shortened 2020 season.  An asterisk * denotes who was optioned during 2020.  An explanation is inserted for players optioned before the shutdown and transactions freeze.  (Note: sites who include options don’t all agree.  So, I actually went to each player’s transaction page and calculated the options remainingbased on three options per player.)

  1. Bryce Harper (1)
  2. Zach Wheeler (1)
  3. JT Realmuto (1)
  4. Aaron Nola (3)
  5. Didi Gregorius (1)
  6. Jean Segura (2)
  7. Corey Knebel (0)
  8. Kyle Gibson (1)
  9. Rhys Hoskins (3)
  10. Zach Eflin (1)
  11. Jose Alvardo (2)
  12. Johan Camargo (0)*
  13. Seranthony Dominguez (1)
  14. Sam Coonrod (2)
  15. Yoan Lopez (1)*
  16. Ranger Suarez (0)*
  17. Adam Haseley (1)
  18. Connor Brogdon (2)*
  19. Alec Bohm (2)
  20. Garrett Stubbs (0)* optioned before shutdown
  21. Nick Nelson (1)* optioned before shutdown
  22. Ryan Sherriff (0)*
  23. Kent Emanuel (1)* optioned before shutdown
  24. Hans Crouse (3)
  25. Bailey Falter (2)
  26. Luis Garcia (3)
  27. Damon Jones (2)
  28. Rafael Marchan (2)
  29. Nick Maton (2)
  30. James McArthur (3)
  31. Mickey Moniak (1)*
  32. Francisco Morales (2)
  33. Scott Moss (1)* optioned before shutdown
  34. Jhailyn Ortiz (3)
  35. JoJo Romero (1)* optioned before shutdown
  36. Christopher Sanchez (1)* optioned before shutdown
  37. Donny Sands (3)
  38. Matt Vierling (2)
  39. Luke Williams (2)
  40. Simon Muzziotti (3)
  41. Kyle Dohy (3)
  42. Scott Kingery (2)

Money left under the Luxury Tax Limit.  Until there is a new CBA, we don’t know if the next limit will be lower, higher, the same, or non-existant.  The three sites I follow don’t agree on payroll, so I’m not going to provide my calculations.  Let’s just say they are somewhat similar.  These assume the tax limit is $210M.

Estimates 2022 Salary 2022 Luxury Tax Available Under the Limit
FanGraphs’ Roster Resource $181,215,128 $181,952,949 $28,047,051
Baseball Prospectus’ Cot’s Contracts $173,055,129 $179,044,970 $30,955,030
Sportrac $157,138,462 $174,692,948 $35,307,052

So, if we agree that the Phillies need 2 outfielders (one middle of the order type and a leadoff type), 2 relievers, a backend starting pitcher, and some bench depth (still), that’s a tall order to fit under any of the above limits.

9 thoughts on “Updated Roster Information as We Go into Manfred’s Lockout

  1. What are the requirements for the Minor League selected players; do they need to be on Triple A roster for the year or is the new team free to do whatever with the new team?

    1. No. If you select a player in the MiLB portion of the rule 5 draft, that guy does not need to be kept on the selecting team’s AAA roster the following season.
      A few years ago, the Phillies took a kid/RHP from the Yankees. His name was Gilmael Troya. Troya (21 YO) had never pitched above rookie ball in the Yankees system. After joining the Phils, Troya played for Low A Lakewood.

      1. Thank you for the information. Troya had a decent season at A for Phillies in 2019 and then nothing in 2020, due to the pandemic, followed by release. Nothing in 2021.

  2. After thinking about it…..why not have the Rule 5 on Thursday.
    All eligibles players are minor leaguers not on any team’s 40.
    But more importantly…..not under the the control of the MLBPA as of yet until selected..
    No MLB team can DFA any current 40 player…since they have to a vacant slot on their 40 just to draft in the Rule 5.
    At least the 15 or 20 players normally selected have some sort of idea what team and org they will be going to once the off-season resumes and a CBA is in place.

    I do not get it……

    1. I’ll take a shot at a reply here … if teams would have still had flexibility to adjust their rosters prior to the draft, that alone is reason to not hold the draft. They would have needed to make a decision on the draft prior to the lock out so teams could make needed moves ahead of the lock out date. I highly doubt the league would do that, thus signaling the lockout (which we all assumed would happen anyway) was iminent.

      All in all, it’s really no surprise that they are not holding the draft.

      1. Not quite following.
        As it stands now….quite a few teams do not have their full 40 limit anyways.
        In the NL-East division only the Marlins and the Phillies have their 40 complement intact…so they would not have a chance to pick in the draft anyways since a team has to have open slot or slots.
        Many teams have lost free agents so they may only have 37 or 38 on their current 40 roster…..but that doesn;t mean they will stand have made any selections.
        And do not forget….40 submissions were made on Nov 19…11 days before the lock-out….so many teams already had an idea what they were going to do.

        I just cannot see why deprive a minor leaguer a further opportunity to advancement….though he would be a held in a limbo status (but targetted and assigned to a MLB team) until the CBA is completed.


    2. Romus, I think it’s as simple as all major league transactions (and rosters) are frozen. They can’t sign any free agents to a major league contract (domestic or international); they can’t trade major league players; they can’t promote minor league players to the majors. If they held the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft, they wouldn’t be able to add them to the 40-man roster.

      1. Yes can understand about the 40 beng frozen……but the player would be held over until the CBA was completed.
        There is the possibilty…there will not be a Rule 5 draft if this lockout goes until March or April.
        Teams will be jockeying for the free agents they want once the CBA is completed.
        These minor leahuers….though there probably is only 20 or so….will miss out on that oportunity..

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