Open Discussion: Week of September 19, 2021

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.

The Phillies (76-73) had a good week going 4-2 and winning series from Chicago and New York.  Meanwhile, Atlanta went 1-4 losing 2 games to Colorado and dropping a series against San Francisco.  Worse for them is the likelihood of having to make up a postponed game with Colorado that will cost them an off day at the end of the season if it has to be made up.   New York went 1-5 and are essentially out of the post-season.

  • Phillies (76-73) 13 games remaining
  • 3 v Baltimore, 4 v Pittsburgh; 3 @ Atlanta, 3 @ Miami
  • Atlanta (77-70) 15 games remaining
  • 4 @ Arizona, 4 @ San Diego; 3 v Phils, 3 v NY Mets; 1 v Colorado
  • NY Mets (73-77) 12 games remaining
  • 2 @ Boston, 3 @ Milwaukee; 4 v Miami, 3 @ Atlanta

The second wild card is slowly slipping away as Saint Louis has gotten hot at just the right time.  Remind anybody of 2011?  San Diego’s chances are probably deader than Generalissimo Francisco Franco.  Too soon?

  • St. Louis (79-69) 14 games remaining
  • 4 @ Milwaukee, 4 @ Chicago; 3 v Milwaukee, 3 v Chicago
  • Cincinnati (77-73) 12 games remaining
  • 3 v Pittsburgh, 4 v Washington; 2 @ Chicago White Sox, 3 @ Pittsburgh
  • San Diego (76-73) 13 games remaining
  • 3 v SanFrancisco, 4 v Atlanta; 3 @ Los Angeles, 3 @ San Francisco

MVP chatter is picking up again with all types of baseball “experts” chiming in.  Last night I had to listen to Vasgersian and Rodriguez give their opinions.  Gawd, if it weren’t the Phillies, I would have turned that awful pair off as I do each week.

Anyway, since most writers gave the award to Shohei Ohtani and Fernando Tatis months ago, they seem hesitant to change their minds.  Looks weak or uncertain and might taint their role as “experts”.

Here’s what I think.  It’s an award to the player most valuable to his team.  Not a “best player” award.  It’s also a season award, so if a baseball-type chose to declare a winner in June, and has to make excuses to continue on that path, he or she should probably change their mind.

As unique as Ohtani’s season is, he has been terrible the past two months hitting just .223 in the second half.  When he’s not pitching, he is a DH.  He has zero starts at a position.  His team is fading fast in the division (eliminated) and wild card (no chance) races.  I don’t know if he’s in Cy Young talk.  I would think not if many are pushing for him to win the MVP based on the uniqueness of his season.

Now, Vlad Guerrero Junior is having the kind of season that merits MVP talk.   And, not just in the discussion, but front-runner numbers.  He is hitting .307 in the second half (lower than his first half) and OPSing .947 in the second half (also lower).  But, he’s killing it in September and has pulled his team into the second wild card from a long way back, one game behind the Red Sox for the first wild card.  He also plays in what may be the toughest division in baseball.  Geez, the 4th place Yankees are playing at a .553 clip (83-67).

In the National League, the MVP was “pre-awarded” to Fernando Tatis Junior back in spring training it seems.  Tatis has had a great year.  But, he’s carrying his team from a wild card spot that all these same “experts” ceded to the Padres months ago into oblivion.  Bryce Harper on the other hand is having himself quite a second half.  Harper is better in most percentage stats, like slash.  Friday I listened to Wilbon on PTI say that even though the statheads are discounting the merits of the RBI stat, it is the most important to him.  Of course, it’s the one stat that Tatis is way ahead of Harper.  Forget that it has been documented that Harper had one of the lowest RBI opportunities during the first half of the season.  I was shocked to see that he has 80, to tell you the truth.

Regardless, I don’t care so much about the NL award.  It’s a vote among people who likely never played the game.  I know how important Harper has been to the Phillies.  If they win the division, it will very probably be because of Harper.  In which case he will either win the award or lose a close vote.

The real shame to me is that Vlad Jr. will probably lose out because voters will rationalize that he’s young enough to do it again and what Ohtani did (pitch and play DH) is soooo rare that it can’t be done again.

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For those who don’t know recent history here, we had several incidents.

  1. One fellow started logging in and changing his name to that of other people and commenting as them.  It caused a lot of anguish for the guy whose name was stolen most often.  That banning lasted about 6 months, 3 months longer than it had to because the culprit kept trying to log on using other names and new accounts.  He’s back now with no subsequent problem.  The result was the rule that one name per person, and an actual, real e-mail account associated with the name.
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  6. I was in such a hurry dumping the folder, I forgot to keep the info of “the name we do not speak”.  I hope he doesn’t target us again.  It’s been a few years and if he really wanted to mess with us, he can get around anything I could do to stop him.  Fingers crossed.

The Arizona Fall League starts up on September 27th.  There has been a lot of speculation on who should go, who would benefit.  I “think” that the Phillies will send players who missed time rather than prospects who have played all year.  For instance, Bryson Stott has been doing baseball stuff since major-league spring training.  I “think” whether he goes to Lehigh Valley or not, he’s given the winter off.  Simon Muzziotti would be a prime candidate for the AFL.  He lost a big portion of his season to visa issues.

This brings me to the latest MLB negotiation.  Those with the Caribbean Winter Leagues.  I saw a copy of an agreement that has to be approved by the MLBPA.  It looks like MLB’s power grab has extended into the Caribbean.  There was a time, not too long ago, when the Winter League teams had to grant permission to an MLB team for one of their players to play in the AFL.  Now it seems that the wording in the document allows MLB teams to make that decision without talking to the Winter League team.  I think the team is compensated with $5K for any player assigned to the AFL. No discussion.  I think high school ball is next.

I’ve seen the preliminary discussion on what the Phillies will/should do in the offseason.  I expect that that talk will die down as long as the Phillies continue to make the division interesting.  I would like to remind you all that no matter what the LTL, the Phillies have NEVER exceeded it.  They also have a lot of sunk cost in buyouts for McCutchen and Herrera ($3M and $2.5M respectively) and Scott Kingery as long as he’s not on the 40-man roster ($6M in 2020).  That’s $11.5M spent with no player on the roster to show for it.

Reminder.  Jean Segura has a no-trade clause in his contract.  If he agrees to a trade there is a cost of $1M assignment bonus in his contract.  Probably will have to guarantee his 2023 option year of $17M.  Plus he’s our second-best hitter.

JT Realmuto was signed as a catcher.  If he plays any other position (like second base) his contract is an overpay.  He’s a top catcher who runs and hits well.  But not well enough to be an everyday corner infielder or outfielder.  If he’s not catching, his contract was a big mistake.

Be prepared for another year of Knapp.  He made $1.1M in 2021.  His 2022 salary arbitration is not likely to exceed $2M by much, if at all.  I’m not condoning this, just preparing myself for it.  JT should be catching 130 games.  I can’t believe that they would have Marchan sit on the bench, if he’s not traded.

I wouldn’t mind Vierling in LF next season.  Or even CF.  As a starter.  He reminds me of the type of player who comes up through the Cardinals system, plays well for a couple years, and disappears, either traded to another organization or replaced by the next guy like him.  We’ve got a couple other guys who look like those Cardinals’ type.  We’ll see if they pan out.

Oh, I “think” the Phillies’ top priority among available free agents is going to be Bryant.  Once again, I’m neither for or against.  I know there is some sentiment that he likes and will remain in SF.  I think money talks and if the Phillies want him, they’ll get him.  Plus we’ve got his buddy Harper.

I’ve seen the Hoskins trade discussion. I suggested back in 2018 that the Phillies would eventually have to trade Hoskins when they couldn’t sign him to an LTC similar to Kingery’s.  It’s not that I’m advocating a trade, but I can’t see Boras agreeing to an extension without testing free agency.  Hoskins has 2 more arb years before becoming a free agent in 2024 at age 30, and maybe as a DH and not as a first baseman.  He made $4.8M in 2021 and could conceivably go up to $7.8M to $8.2M.  Maybe he doubles it in 2021.  He’ll certainly be double digits in 2023.  Whether you are in favor of a trade or not, he’ll be taking an increasingly larger chunk of money out of the available surplus each year.

Key Dates: most are guesstimates based on previous years.  Italics are those dates that will be dependent on the new CBA,

  • October 3, 2021: Regular season concludes
  • October 5, 2021: Postseason begins – AL Wild Card Game
  • October 6, 2021: NL Wild Card Game
  • October 7, 2021: AL Division Series begins
  • October 8, 2021: NL Division Series begins
  • October 15, 2021: AL Championship Series begins
  • October 16, 2021: NL Championship Series begins
  • October 26, 2021: World Series begins
  • October 30 – November 3, 2021: Trading resumes, day after the World Series ends
  • October 31 – November 4, 2021: five days after the conclusion of the World Series – Deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their eligible former players who became free agents
  • November 14-19, 2021: fifteen days after the conclusion of the World Series – Deadline for free agents to accept qualifying offers
  • November TBA: GM Meetings (Nov. 11-14, Scottsdale, AZ in 2019)
  • November TBA: Owners meetings (Nov. 19-21, Arlington, TX in 2019)
  • November 20, 2021: Deadline to submit 40-man rosters before Rule 5 Draft
  • November TBA: MLBPA executive board meeting (Nov. 26-29 in Irving, TX in 2018)
  • December 1, 2021: CBA expires
  • December 2, 2021 – Non-tender Deadline – last day for teams to offer 2022 contracts to unsigned players (pre-arb and arb eligible) on their 40-man rosters
  • December 2021: Winter Meetings in Nashville
  • December 2021: Rule 5 Draft
  • December 15, 2021: Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • January TBA – Rookie Career Development Program
  • January 15, 2022, 9:00 AM EST – Start of the 2021 international signing period (I gotta check this)
  • January 2022: Deadline for teams and arb eligible players to submit salary figures to arbiter
  • February 16, 2022 – Voluntary spring training reporting date for pitchers, catchers, and players recovering from injuries
  • February 21, 2022 – Voluntary spring training reporting date for position players
  • February 23, 2022 – Mandatory spring training reporting date
  • February 26, 2022 – First spring training games
  • March 31, 2022 – Opening Day for 2022 season
  • July 2022 – 2022 Amateur Draft

Transactions (last week’s transactions)

9/18/2021 – Clearwater activated RHP Cam Wynne from the 7-day IL
9/18/2021 – Clearwater placed LHP Spencer Van Scoyoc on the 7-day IL
9/17/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP Damon Jones from Lehigh Valley
9/17/2021 – Phillies optioned RHP JD Hammer to Lehigh Valley
9/15/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Connor Brogdon on the 10-day IL, right groin strain
9/15/2021 – Phillies recalled RHP Ramon Rosso from Lehigh Valley
9/15/2021 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to Jersey Shore from FCL Phillies
9/15/2021 – FCL Phillies placed RHP Chi-Ling Hsu on the temporarily inactive list
9/14/2021 – 2B Sal Gozzo assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
9/14/2021 – LHP Josh Hendrickson assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
9/14/2021 – RHP David Paulino assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
9/14/2021 – RHP Hans Crouse assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
9/14/2021 – LHP Kyle Dohy assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
9/14/2021 – OF Simon Muzziotti assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
9/14/2021 – RHP Malik Binns assigned to FCL Phillies
9/13/2021 – Pittsburgh claimed RHP Enyel De Los Santos off waivers from Phillies
9/13/2021 – Reading placed RHP Tyler Phillips on the 7-day IL
9/12/2021 – Phillies released RHP Vince Velasquez

281 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of September 19, 2021

  1. I definitely agree that Junior deserves the AL MVP as he’s close to being a triple crown winner and helped his team fight for a playoff spot. Harper is in the running but I don’t think he’ll win for some reason. He deserves it for his 2nd half numbers but I just don’t think he’ll win.
    I agree that Knapp will be back and I agree that Bryant will be their desired free agent over Story. I’d feel more confident about Vierling if he hit when he went back to LHV. However I think they like him as a cheap option. Especially since CF could be a free agent also like Marte. I do expect at least one big trade of prospects but we’ll have to see.
    With 13 games left, I still just want a winning record. Winning the division would be a very surprising development

    1. On the Divison, it was set up on paper for them. Unfortunately hoskins is hurt, didi is playing hurt, and none of the prospects are providing enough support to make it more than an segura, Harper, JT show. Like the rest of the division, the Phillies got hurt too,they just don’t have the talent to overcome Hoskins,efflin, the walking wounded, and a horrendous bullpen to take advantage.

      For next year, nothing against Vierling, but I Hope the FO makes enough moves that it’s near impossible for the remaining prospects to win playing time. To me, the Phillies window is small, maybe 3 years max because I expect them to Have limited payroll flexibility and and even further depleted farm. They will need basically be a finished product after the combination of off-season & 2022 deadline. If not, start the rebuild. I full expect for DD to write checks and send prospects packing. Whatever he does, hopefully it’s enough to get them into serious contention because the window is small IMO . They are not set up for long term success, unless they want to waste Harper’s prime

      1. Trouble is….. most teams do not win WS buying their way to it.
        Adept drafting and trades seem to be the way…..with that added value of a singular or two FA signing.

        1. Agreed, it’s a long shot, and certainly not the ideal rebuild strategy, but they gotta do it at this point. You will waste Harper & wheeler’s best years if not. They are the Core, with Realmuto. Use Wheeler up, then trade him when the teams window closes. Harper is here, as I find a trade pretty unlikely. The hope is the FO can add enough pieces through trades & FA to put this team at the top of the divison. Adding Bryant or Story is a good start, but they need to fix the bullpen (again),add another really good, an infielder, and an OF. I’m guessing they can get away with 2 average to below average everyday players If they have 6 strong starters – Harper, OF Addition, Segura, Realmuto, INF addition… and will say Hoskins is good enough with a strong rotation and revamped bullpen. Hopefully the bench is strong with prospects passed over. Marte or Buxton, Bryant and or Story, a FA pitcher pickup, and every bullpen arm on the Market .. and we should be set 🙂

          1. You make a sound argument…..with Harper/Wheler and JTR in their primes….which is probably short-lived for maybe 2/3/4 years.

        2. and not to throw even more depression-water on the flames of optimism but maybe also good player prep and adept game management?

      2. For the record, several players are playing hurt in addition to Gregorius. JT. McCutchen. Galvis. Herrera has been a real trooper for a couple months now, taking shots to play through pain.

    2. Murray, why do you feel Knapp will be back? Jim said the same thing. What are you two guys basis for that. Personally, I like both Marchan and O’hoppe and believe the latter is the successor to JT, which means Marchan will be dealt? Who incidentally, is better than Knapp now. I know we are deep at catching even below AA. Your thoughts please.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Knapp is back, simply because his sitting on the bench isn’t stunting his development, but I doubt JTR starts 130 games behind the dish. Between time as DH, 1B and a an occasional foul to the family jewels limiting him to 115-120. I also agree that Marchan is the likelier trade candidate than O’Hoppe. But the latter may draw much more interest from prospective trade partners.

        1. It’s hard for me to imagine Knapp being back unless Marchan gets traded. Knapp is a really low level back-up catcher – he’s okay defensively, calls a good game, but is almost useless at the plate. Marchan is a plus to elite level catcher, he can continue to develop his hitting in the big leagues since he’s not a middle-of-the-order type of player. Also, with the DH and Realmuto’s frequent minor injuries, I expect Marchan to start and play in plenty of games and probably get close to 200-250 ABs. He’s good, he defends well and he’s cheap. There’s no reason to hold onto Knapp.

          1. I agree. But my bet is Marchan gets dealt and O’Hoppe won’t be ready until maybe 2023. I doubt Dombrowski knocks himself out looking for a Knapp replacement.

            1. They keep challenging O’Hoppe, and he just meets those challenges and responds favorably.
              He could see Philly in 2022 if injuries occur.
              Hopefully he is also selected for the AFL starting now in a few weeks.

      2. I think Marchan could be traded this winter. I think Knapp will be back because the pitchers really like throwing to him and the manager trusts him. That’s what you want in a backup catcher. Any offense is a bonus, not the goal. JT plays a lot, the backup needs to be just that.

  2. Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    Someone here a while back used the term “tease” and that is exactly what this collection of players is.

    This weekend was another feel good story as last 6 against the Mets we are 5-1. In any other year we’d be jumping for joy. By the way that puts us at 6-3 in my own magic 15 games with 6 remaining.

    Next up the Braves where 2 of 3 then a sweep of the Marlins gets us to the 11-4 mark I was looking for. Even 2 of 3 against the Marlins puts us at 10-5 which is strong maybe territory.

    That said playoffs or no playoffs they are still a .500 team that does not have a young core. They will again need to remake the BP SS and now both left and center field.

    1. DMAR…Braves and Mets play their last three games of the year against each other…Mets @t the Braves….that can also be a pivotal event weekend for the Phillies’ fortunes.

      1. Sure Romus all kinds of scenarios to etch out. For me personally going back to that disappointing Pirates series I just felt how they played these last 15 NL East games was going to speak loudest for any playoff hopes.

        I’m not saying there aren’t other ways we back into a playoff position just that the one that might get me on board is the one I described.

        Back then I wanted to Hinkie the whole thing if you recall.

        1. Yep…..will see what this club has in their tank these last dozen or so games.
          Almost all veterans in the starting line-ups now…so Joe is rolling the dice on them and their experience.

  3. for the tiny “this year’s pleasant surprise performance” category I would like to enter Odubel Herrera and Ranger Suarez, with the runaway winner… Odubel Herrera. Oh yeah, sure even with his “visa handicap” by far Suarez had such a greater year, but my expectations for him were high, and for Herrera they were below zero!

  4. Happy Birthday Jim, I hope all the minor league teams win one for you today! Even throw in a win from the big club

  5. Remember Anthony Gose? He’s pitching in the minors for the Cleveland Indians and will likely be promoted to the big club very soon.

    1. He was just promoted today, this time as a pitcher. His last MLB appearance was in 2016.

  6. Signing Bryant allows for Didi to hold down SS until Stott is ready for promotion midseason (although most of us have voiced doubt that SS is his longterm position). Another big FA signing might be Verlander on a 1yr deal. While I like the older Starling Marte, I prefer one of these younger guys via trade – Brian Reynolds, Byron Buxton, or Ketel Marte – in order of “getability”. Another trade for a closer might determine where Rhys ends up….say Milwaukee for Hader? These transactions would go a long way toward structuring the 2022 roster.

    Oh…and happy 59th, Jim!

    1. Kris Bryant will be 30 and looking to get paid. At the minimum, he should get 5 years, $125M. It would be hard for the Phillies to give him that contract and stay under the luxury tax. However, SF can easily give him that and more because they have so many FAs.

      Hinkie previously mentioned that Marte was off limits. There’s talk that trading for Buxton means taking Donaldson’s remaining $50M contract. And it’ll still cost Abel and more. Bryan Reynolds has a whopping 4 years of control left. He’ll cost probably the top 3 prospects which should be a no go.

      There’s no reason for the Brewers to trade Hader. Sure, he’ll probably make close to $9M as a closer next season but he’s elite and the Brewers will still be competitive next season. If I’m the Brewers GM, I’m not thinking about trading Hader unless an enticing offer comes along, say headlined by Abel or Painter.

  7. I want to praise the team for the way they played last week. Pulling out that game last night would have been fabulous but I’m not too disappointed. Realmuto with the bases loaded and a hit would’ve been great. I know he’s not a hundred percent and he’s playing his hardest.

    At least five times in the second half, I wrote this team off and started looking forward to next year. But each and every time, they came back from the near dead to make this a very competitive final month. I haven’t been this interested at season’s end for quite awhile.

    They have to find ways to win at least five of the next seven games especially because all the games are in Philly. There can be no excuse if they don’t. Going to Atlanta for three and then onto Miami to play in the cavern will be a real test of the fortitude of the boys in red pinstripes.

  8. Happy Birthday 🎂🥂 Jim, are you 1 are you 2 are you……..the g-kids do that, but it takes a long time, so hope it was a good one!

  9. 🎈 Happy BDay, Jim!

    I could be way off … but … I have a strong belief Middleton will allow Dave Dombrowski to pass the LTT this offseason (or at least the trade deadline next year). As I posted last week, I just think the spending will be mostly on short term contracts/players in arb years.
    It would be crazy for the owner to spend stooopid money on Harper/Wheeler/JTR, but not to do everything possible to take advantage of their prime years. He hired the right POBO to attempt to push Klentak’s vanilla rebuild across the finish line. Dombrowski has a history of making “go for it” deals. He also carries a resume of winning.

    I can’t see Kris Bryant ending up in Philly. The SFG’s have a much more advantageous payroll situation. They like Bryant. They are flush with cash. They have plenty of room for him.

    Not to keep repeating myself, but I think the Phillies match up best with the Twins, A’s, Rays, Brewers, and Rangers on trades this winter.

    1. I’m not saying you or anyone who advocates surpassing the LTT is wrong. I just can’t believe it until I see it. Or, see evidence that it has to happen. Like signing two big-name FA or one FA and a long-term extension to Nola and/or Hoskins.

      Realistically, I wouldn’t be surprised if they non-tender Eflin and agree to a multi-year contract that avoids his last year of arbitration.

      1. With Eflin there is that uncertainty now coming off the knee ailment ….they could always play the long game…..arb raise to about $7/8M for 2022, then a QO for 2023……if the new CBA still allows it.
        If he accepts the QO….going into 2024 he would entering into age30 season as a free agent
        Nola and Wheeler’s contracts will be coming up around that time also.
        And maybe guys like Morales, Abel, Painter, Crouse and Erik Miller will be knocking on the door or already there.

        1. If it still exists, a QO in 2023 could be $18M+, a >$10M raise over his 2022 expected arbitration salary. With the uncertainty of his injury, Eflin might be enticed to sign a guaranteed 2-year deal for like $14M, Maybe?

          1. Yeah that is another option that Eflin may encountered from the Phillies.
            …the Phillies do have some flexibility with his situation….and may have some leverage with his injury. They have that luxury, and there are a few directions they could go.
            About the only option that appears to be a disadvantage for the Philies, now that he has had suregry….is the ability to trade him for good value this off season…they would have to sell low.

  10. A fast follow up – I don’t see Phillies going after Story as he involves a draft pick under current rules – however, if that is changed – he becomes viable. I see Yanks getting Seager for some crazy $$$ ; Correa returning to ‘Stros ; Semien will likely return to Jays because they have alot of $$ ; despite an absolutely horrid year I could see Phils signing Andrelton Simmons as a backup SS for $2 million or so ; or even picking up Mets Villar for infield insurance who is free agent also. In the end, I still like Galvis on this team – and think we are still seeing him not at full health.

    1. The Blue Jays have money, but they have a self imposed salary cap by Rogers.

      And Semien is not the only FA, Robbie Ray is too. My guess, they lose Ray and they get back Semien on a QO. Not sure if the Blue Jays want to give Semien 3 years $70M, even though he deserves it.

      1. Omg – why would Semien take a QO? He’s going to get a big time, long term deal with someone. Middle infielders who hit 40 homers and play elite defense are worth their weight in gold. He will get a 4-6 year deal at $20-25 m aav – much better than a QO. Much.

        1. I actually thought Semien was a year or two older but he just turned 31. Not sure he gets 5 or 6 years but I have to think DD checks in on his camp. If Bryant is a target as has been suggested, then a FA SS isn’t likely in the offing. But if KB stays put in SF, then by all means I have to explore a Semien deal, maybe 4@$100M which takes him to his age 35 season.

          1. …and Dombrowski will hopefully beg some GM to take half of Didi’s money, perhaps for a 2nd tier prospect.

          2. Someone is going to give Semien some big money. Perhaps 4-5 years, but even if it’s only 3 years, it should at least be around $70 million.

            Bryant, to me, would be an awful signing. He’s a declining player and is going to get paid more than he’s worth imo. I would steer clear of him unless you can get him on a pillow contract, which I would doubt. Even then, I think the Phillies could find better ways to spend that money.

  11. Another thing which Harper and Bryant now have in common….Gabe Kapler. I’d love to hear that phone conversation. Gabe is enjoying success in the Bay area and stands to win manager of the year honors. I don’t begrudge him in the least. He’s probably pushing the right buttons although I haven’t kept very close tabs on Giants games. His time in Philly was awkward and ill fated with Klentak in over his head. How much will Gabe’s presence influence Bryant’s odds of staying, next to money of course? And then there’s all the other veterans exiting San Fran? KB surely doesn’t want to be the lone star horse in the Giants lineup in 2022. Just saying…

  12. A very Happy Birthday, Jim! On the MVP, and I would really like to win the Division, so the MVP discussion ties into that, I think that Harper has been more valuable than Tatis. And, these last few weeks or why. Harper has kept us in a race, while the Padres have collapsed. And, Machado and Tatis have an altercation in the dugout, with Machado admonishing the younger guy, that “it is not all about you!” That seems to put a big damper, IMO, on Tatis’ MVP qualifications. Whether or not the “experts” agree doesn’t really change how it appears to me.

  13. Just a quick comment about the players the Phillies drafted. One positive I see is that it didn’t appear anyone was completely overwhelmed as we’ve seen in prior drafts, You can find some sort of positive about most of the players. Not saying this is indicative of anything, but having something to build on should gives these players a good feeling heading into the off-season.

    1 – RHP Andrew Painter – 0 runs, 12 Ks in 6 innings, 0 walks, 55 total pitches
    2 – OF Ethan Wilson – 9 of his 23 hits for XB, started strong and faded at the end
    3 – OF Jordan Viars – much has already been said – I’ll add 11 BBs in 58 PA
    4 – RHP Micah Ottenbriet – only gave up runs in 1 of 5 outings
    5 – RHP Griff McGarry – over 2 leagues, sub 3 ERA, 15.9 K/9, 1.11 WHIP
    6 – RHP Jose Pena – only 4 appearances, last 2 he pitched 2 Innings with 5 Ks
    7 – RHP Christian McGowan – 5 IP, no runs, 8 Ks, 1 BB
    8 – RHP Jason Ruffcorn – only good stat is more than 1 K/inning
    9 – OF Gavin Tonkel – .261 avg with .419 OBP
    10 – OF Logan Cerny – .823 OPS in FCL, struggled in 15 PA at Clearwater
    11 – RHP Andrew Baker – High ERA, .122 BAA and 20 Ks in 12 IP
    12 – 3B T.J. Rumfield – .250 BA, .426 OBP, only 1 XBH out of 19 hits for a 6’ 5” 225lb guy
    13 – OF Jared Carr – .846 OPS in 123 plate appearances
    14 – LHP Jose Valadez-Acuna – no stats
    15 – LHP Matt Osterberg – 1.74 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 20.2 IP, 24 Ks
    16 – RHP Ty Collins – only 3.1 IP with 5 Ks
    17 – RHP Alex Garbrick – high ERA, 17.1 IP, 20 Ks
    18 – RHP Malik Binns – 3 IP, 1 hit, 1 K
    19 – RHP Seth Halvorsen – no stats
    20 – RHP Cam Wynne – high era, 9.1 IP, 10 Ks

    1. One of the better drafts the Phillies have had in a long time. I’m hopeful that it’ll be better than the 2014 draft, and yes, I know that 2014 was the last best one they’ve had in the last decade (32.6 total WAR from Nola and Hoskins).

      Painter has the look of an elite starter and I think there will be multiple contributors from this draft.

      1. I agree. Painter’s ceiling may be what would allow Dave Dombrowski to be willing to trade Abel, whose proximity to the majors is naturally closer than Painter’s and that may appeal to a GM eager to jump start a rebuild.

        Viars and McGarry are two other draftees that might make this year’s better than 2014’s. I hope Ethan Wilson proves to be a truer bat than Haseley’s. Not a star but a solid above replacement LF who won’t hurt you provided more impact position players are in place.

    2. Still wonder if 70% of the draft for pitchers was Dave D’s intent going into the 2020 draft. Plus the UDFA signings of those few pitchers.
      Not sure if other teams were leaning so much on selecting pitchers.
      As for those few position players…apparently OFers were the target mission.

    3. Tom, Halvorsen was the only pick who didn’t sign. He honored his college commitment (to Tennessee, I think). That led to the signing of Collins. In the end, the Phillies didn’t have the money to sign both.

      1. Thanks … completely forgot we didn’t sign one! I do remember you saying only one didn’t play … age has not been kind to my memory!!

  14. Nothing is happening in free agency or the trade market until an agreement between the owners and players is reached. Luxury tax changes (both max and min spending), minimum salary, rooster size, service time to FA, among other things will all impact who will be available and how much we and other teams will have to spend. I, for one, don’t foresee a strike or lockout, but I doubt we will see an agreement until the end of January.

    1. Not necessarily. The last time there was labor strife and a delayed CBA, MLB and the players continued offseason business as usual.

      The active CBA expired on December 31, 1993. Baseball ran under the old CBA while the owners devised ways to incorporate a salary cap. The players finally went on strike on August 11, 1994.

      Even with no CBA in place, teams and players (against the advice of their separate counsel) reached contract agreements before the CBA was reached on March 28, 1995.

      Notable free agent signings before CBA –

      Jeff Brantley 10/28/1994
      Steve Bedrosian 10/28/1994
      Juan Bell 11/7/1994
      Dan Plesac 11/9/1994
      Danny Jackson 12/12/1994
      Tom Henke 12/12/1994
      Mark Gubicza 12/12/1994
      Tim Wallach 12/13/1994
      Mark McLemore 12/13/1994
      Kevin Gross 12/13/1994
      Lee Smith 12/14/1994
      Gregg Jefferies 12/14/1994
      Jay Buhner 12/21/1994
      Harold Baines 12/23/1994
      Jim Deshaies 2/26/1995
      Rod Dibble 2/28/1995
      Gregg Olson 3/24/1995

      1. And some other transactions not necessarily FA signings like trades, the Rule 5 draft, international signings, releases, free agency granted, waiver claims, … –

        November 8, 1994
        The Philadelphia Phillies traded a player to be named later and Terry Mulholland to the New York Yankees for Kevin Jordan, Ryan Karp and Bobby Munoz. The Philadelphia Phillies sent Jeff Patterson (November 8, 1994) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.

        November 9, 1994
        The Montreal Expos sent Brian Looney to the Boston Red Sox as part of a conditional deal.

        November 14, 1994
        Jack Armstrong of the Texas Rangers granted free agency.

        November 17, 1994
        The Cincinnati Reds released Scott Service.

        November 18, 1994
        The Cleveland Indians traded a player to be named later, Paul Byrd, Jerry Dipoto and Dave Mlicki to the New York Mets for Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Roa. The Cleveland Indians sent Jesus Azuaje (minors) (December 6, 1994) to the New York Mets to complete the trade.

        The Toronto Blue Jays traded Eddie Zosky to the Florida Marlins for a player to be named later. The Florida Marlins sent Scotty Pace (minors) (December 14, 1994) to the Toronto Blue Jays to complete the trade.

        The Cincinnati Reds selected Larry Luebbers off waivers from the Chicago Cubs.

        November 28, 1994
        The Atlanta Braves traded Ramon Caraballo to the St. Louis Cardinals for a player to be named later. The St. Louis Cardinals sent Aldo Pecorilli (minors) (December 9, 1994) to the Atlanta Braves to complete the trade.

        The Houston Astros traded Pete Harnisch to the New York Mets for players to be named later. The New York Mets sent Andy Beckerman (minors) (December 6, 1994) and Juan Castillo (April 12, 1995) to the Houston Astros to complete the trade.

        November 29, 1994
        The Florida Marlins traded Carl Everett to the New York Mets for Quilvio Veras.

        November 30, 1994
        The California Angels signed Mitch Williams as a free agent.
        The Milwaukee Brewers traded Doug Henry to the New York Mets for players to be named later. The New York Mets sent Javier Gonzalez (minors) (December 6, 1994) and Fernando Vina (December 22, 1994) to the Milwaukee Brewers to complete the trade.

        December 5, 1994
        The Toronto Blue Jays sent Rob Butler to the Philadelphia Phillies as part of a conditional deal.

        Rule 5 Draft was held

        The Toronto Blue Jays purchased Tomas Perez from the California Angels.

        December 7, 1994
        The Boston Red Sox traded Jeff McNeely and Nate Minchey to the St. Louis Cardinals for Luis Alicea.

        December 9, 1994
        The Boston Red Sox traded Otis Nixon and Luis Ortiz to the Texas Rangers for Jose Canseco.

        December 13, 1994
        The Kansas City Royals sent Terry Shumpert to the Boston Red Sox as part of a conditional deal.

        December 14, 1994
        The California Angels signed Lee Smith as a free agent.

        The Chicago White Sox traded Jack McDowell to the New York Yankees for a player to be named later and Keith Heberling (minors). The New York Yankees sent Lyle Mouton (April 22, 1995) to the Chicago White Sox to complete the trade.

        December 16, 1994
        The Cincinnati Reds traded Will Brunson to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Ben Van Ryn.

        December 19, 1994
        The Baltimore Orioles traded John O’Donoghue to the Los Angeles Dodgers for John DeSilva.

        December 20, 1994
        The Houston Astros signed Milt Thompson as a free agent.

        December 22, 1994
        The Philadelphia Phillies signed Norm Charlton as a free agent.

        The San Francisco Giants traded John Burkett to the Texas Rangers for Rich Aurilia and Desi Wilson.

        December 28, 1994
        The Houston Astros traded a player to be named later, Ken Caminiti, Andujar Cedeno, Steve Finley, Roberto Petagine and Brian Williams to the San Diego Padres for Derek Bell, Doug Brocail, Ricky Gutierrez, Pedro Martinez, Phil Plantier and Craig Shipley. The Houston Astros sent Sean Fesh (minors) (May 1, 1995) to the San Diego Padres to complete the trade.

        January 6, 1995
        The Chicago White Sox selected Tim Fortugno off waivers from the Cincinnati Reds.

        January 11, 1995
        The Chicago Cubs traded Greg Hillman (minors) to the Cincinnati Reds for Keith Kessinger.

        February 7, 1995
        The Kansas City Royals signed Lance Parrish as a free agent.

        February 8, 1995
        The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Hideo Nomo as a free agent.

        The San Francisco Giants released Darryl Strawberry.

        February 9, 1995
        The Los Angeles Dodgers purchased Scott Pose from the Milwaukee Brewers.

        February 11, 1995
        The New York Yankees signed Luis de los Santos as an amateur free agent.

        March 17, 1995
        The San Diego Padres purchased Rodrigo Lopez from Veracruz (Mexican).

        1. Wow Jim, that was more than you post in the minor league reports….yeesh!! I guess you made your point😉

  15. Jim, Happy Birthday… Is it time to throw away the fake I.D. yet? We as Phillies fans may yet be disappointed by missing the playoffs but as the season winds down with more ups and downs this year than a roller coaster; the Phillies are still in it which makes baseball relevant for us for what the first time in ten years?

  16. MGM Vegas NL MVP odds posted today…
    Harper -125
    Tatis +100
    Muncy +2000
    Freeman +2000
    Soto +2000

    Manny’s tirade at his MVP candidate teammate hasn’t helped, it appears, along with San Diego’s fading in the wild card race.

    1. Survey….would you trade Bryce’s MVP award for a Padres sweep of Atlanta this weekend in San Diego?

      1. Yup, wouldn’t even think twice about that. I’d throw in VV too, but he’s already been booted 🙂

  17. Guerrero definitely should win an award for most valuable offensive player. But not most valuable player. I just don’t see any way Ohtani doesn’t win — and I don’t blame him at all that Rendon played in only 58 games (0.0 WAR) and Trout in only 36 games (1.9 WAR).

    Ohtani’s 123 innings on the mound with an ERA of 135+ makes up for being not as good as a hitter as Vladdy Jr.

    And Ohtani is also a better baserunner

    1. It’s pretty amazing what Otani’s done this year. Just when they say they fear he won’t pitch again this season, he goes out and has his longest and best outing. I hope he finishes out strong and leaves no doubt.

  18. Also, imagine swapping Vladdy and Ohtani in March and they put up this exact season, Think the Angels sniff the playoffs? Not a chance.

  19. I haven’t paid much attention to this but Baseball America has picked Cristian Hernandez as the guy in the Phillies system who stock rose this season. They’re comments:

    Hernandez inked with the Phillies in 2017 but had not pitched in an official game since 2018. With Low-A, Hernandez showed evaluators a low-to-mid-90s fastball as well as a mid-70s curveball and mid-80s changeup. He used that mix to strike out 94 hitters, the second-most in the system, and give scouts the impression that he could one day fit in a rotation.

    1. Well he may be one of those low cost, diamond in the rough signings…Phillies signed him for $120,000 in 2017. He has some good size/height, and maybe in Jersey Shore next season he will open more eyes.

  20. Playoff teams don’t lose late season games to Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Arizona. Pretender. Not contender.

    1. When the Phillies play lousy teams, the Phillies play lousy baseball. I’m not going to bother looking up scores of this season or past, but I would like to know how often the Phillies beat sub-.500 teams by more than one run compared to legitimate contenders. How about a blowout from time to time? This squad always seems to have to scratch and claw, and they simply can’t stand prosperity. Atlanta really isn’t head and shoulders better on paper, but when the Braves smell blood, they take care of business. The Phillies, among their myriad issues, don’t know how to win. The Orioles and bad teams like them have one motivation at this point of the season….knock off playoff contenders. The Phillies seem to miss that very important thing in their game day preparation.


    2. No shame in losing to John Means he’s a real good pitcher, and frankly our line up is pretty bad on paper without Hoskins.

      The manager’s love affair with Didi probably cost us our best shot to score a run though.

  21. I don’t know why, but the Phillies have one of the worst records in interleague play. It just doesn’t matter who they play in the AL. The Phillies look shellshocked against an AL pitcher.

  22. I want them to win for Bryce so bad, but they are so frustrating and just not good enough. It’s not over but …

    1. Does that mean he’s not going to AAA to finish out the year? I think I’d rather him do that and see more advanced pitching.

  23. As frustrating as that it is to lose to the O’s, they need to go 5-1 over the These 2 series. Just means they need to win 5 in a row 🙂

    1. Actually, the Pirate series is 4 games. But yes, 5 Ws at a minimum heading to Atlanta. Braves visit the sinking Padres after leaving Arizona. Stranger things…but let’s keep it real and talk off season.

  24. Jean Cabrera won this this years’ Paul Owens Minor League Pitcher ‘s Award.
    He joined the following over the last 20 years.
    2001-Brandon Duckworth
    2002-Ryan Madson
    2003-Cole Hamels
    2004-Scott Mitchinson
    2005-Robinson Tejeda
    2006-Carlos Carrasco
    2007-Mike Zagurski
    2008-J.A. Happ
    2009-Kyle Drabek
    2010-Scott Mathieson
    2011-Trevor May
    2012-Tyler Cloyd
    2013-Severino Gonzalez
    2014-Luis Garcia
    2015-Ricardo Pinto
    2016-Ben Lively
    2017-Tom Eshelman
    2018-David Parkinson
    2019-Ethan Lindow

    …..looks like Nola, Suarez, Sixto, and Pivetta were all tweeners in their last few years, and did not get the award

    1. Cloyd, Parkinson, Eshelman, et al….sure seems like they favor the higher floor arms…as in crawling along the floor.

  25. Romus, not sure about Ethan Lindow, and there is still hope there, but since Trevor May in 2011, this is not a list filled with Major League top Pitching! Here’s hoping Cabrera breaks that streak.

    1. matt…I thought a few others higher up in the minor league levels were deserving of the award….but they must see something no one else can see.
      And yes…the list of unfulfilled promises is pretty lengthy.

  26. Once again the Phillies show the inability to see Talent within the system. This why the Phillies NEEED to Remove Those IN The System from Scouting to Coaching, get rid of The Good Old Boy philosophy . My fear is those New Players see what they are part of and see dismay and a Lost Organization especially not rewarding Those Players That Have Performed

  27. Dana Park, Hinkie’s pick, is not only very talented, and well regarded, but would certainly not be part of the “Good Old Boy philosophy”. Let’s give her a chance. Anybody hear what happened to JoeG’s “doing something different” that he referred to after the last BP game? I have only heard another one today. Boy, that loss last night was brutal. We are not good vs LH Pitchers, and if they have any command of breaking stuff, we are really in trouble.

    1. matt … 😎👍 Dana Parks is absolutely the right girl at the right time to run the farm. If they don’t promote her, they’re only going to lose her to another club within the next couple of years. Be bold. Break the mold.

  28. Insult on top of injury…Baltimore’s record this season when scoring less than 3 runs in a game: 1-52. Yep, before last night’s embarrassment they were 0-52. Ouch!

    1. That is one of the best Phillies futility statistics I’ve ever seen. It’s painful to watch them play so poorly against the worst teams time after time after time. Just painful and inexcusable.

  29. Today’s Twitter Question on WIP:
    Who Shares The Blame For The Phillies 2021 Season.

    Can only pick one::
    1. John Middleton
    2. Dave Dombrowski
    3. Joe Girardi
    4. The Players

    1. That’s a typical either/or WIP question….let’s blame one guy and let’s polarize the fan base. Of course if there’s a overall failure, then the onus falls on the #1 guy, Middleton in this case. But the knee jerk reactionaries led by Angelo Cataldi can’t resist. At the end of the day, Middleton’s not going anywhere. Neither is Dombrowski for the time being. And Girardi? Whether he stays or not, the roster is in line for a major overhaul. Who we choose to blame is irrelevant. Shame they’ve nothing worthwhile to discuss on 94. Which is why I haven’t listened at all for a year now.

      Sorry, Romus…no reflection on you. Just venting about aimless chatter from the minions who don’t even know the game, much less care about it. It’s all about selling advertising anyway.

      1. Yes. It’s Middleton. Not only did he hire them, he gave them extensions.
        Having said that … Middleton makes mistakes because he’s desperate to win again. His desperation has led to him buying Dave Dombrowski out of retiremnt (excellent move), and it’s why I believe he’ll finally green light the club stepping across the LTT this winter.

  30. I agree with catch. First, Middleton hired MacPhail, and signed off on his hiring of Klentak. Dug us a huge hole. I have no idea how long it will take to climb back out. Secondly, he hampered Dombrowski by limiting spending. John, we wouldn’t need to go over the LT if those you hired didn’t totally fail, so we have no option but to spend. Even during the trade deadline, DD operated with job #1 being to keep under the cap, not win. So, Middleton for me. And, this is only relevant, not because we can beat a dead horse, or go back in time, and fix it, but because unless we spend more this off season, we will be right back where we are now. We have to do that, plus revamp our developmental skills on the farm at the same time.

    1. I will say that Middleton’s two biggest mistakes were (1) hiring MacPhail who in turn hired Klentak instead of Chaim Bloom, and (2) when he hired Dombrowski, he didn’t greenlight going past the LTT. The man clearly lacks a feel for who and what works in the context of the present. His zeal for success isn’t matched with an equivalent knack for identifying people with the requisite acumen. Hiring Dombrowski fell into his lap as a no brainer.

  31. Can’t still understand the MacPhail decision. He had been years removed from any relationship with a winning ballclub, years. No sense! Does anyone have an opinion on the Padres firing their farm director? Effective immediately, and they have a pretty well regarded farm system, and it has certainly been used to acquire Major League talent.

    1. matt13….they do not develop pitchers…..”Organizational development must improve, for starters. An story in February that ranked the top-5 homegrown players in franchise history included no one since the 2002 draft. Since the end of 2019, the Padres have traded away six of their top-10 prospects at the time of the deals — and 17 in the top 20…….San Diego’s farm system, ranked No. 2 heading into 2020, has slumped to 17th according to due to the push for veterans and winning now. Except they aren’t winning……
      Boiling the bigger picture down to one question: Where is MacKenzie Gore?”

      …sound familiar?

    2. Matt, when Middleton hired MacPhail, he said that he talked to his fellow owners and they vouched for what a great baseball man MacPahil was.

      I suspect they were glad to make that recommendation to Middleton. He got snookered by his fellow owners.

  32. Thanks Romus! That explains it. I just remember AJ Preller being praised for all his trades, while keeping the 4 or 5 highly rated prospects. I wonder how secure Preller’s job is after this year’s team meltdown?

    1. matt13…..Aj Preller just signed an extension thru 2026….so he has at least a few yeasr to get them where they want to go……i”d say he has until 2024…..if it is more of the same for 2022 and 2023 as this year….he probably will be then relieved of his duties.

  33. Hey guys can we see the similar list of the position players who won Paul Owens Award. Like the Paul Owens award pitchers that was posted earlier.

    1. 2001 Marlon Byrd
      2002 Chase Utley
      2003 Ryan Howard
      2004 Ryan Howard
      2005 Chris Roberson
      2006 Michael Bourn
      2007 Quintin Berry
      2008 Lou Marson
      2009 Michael Taylor
      2010 Domonic Brown
      2011 Freddy Galvis
      2012 Darin Ruf
      2013 Maikel Franco
      2014 JP Crawford
      2015 Andrew Knapp
      2016 Dylan Cozens/Rhys Hoskins
      2017 Scott Kingery
      2018 Austin Listi
      2019 Alec Bohm

      ….a much more accomplished list than the arms. More than half have/had gone on to have at least moderately successful big league careers.

      1. …moderately successful meaning that Dom Brown made an all star team and Bohm was runner up in last year’s ROY voting. Ruf, Franco and Crawford moved on and the book on them isn’t closed just yet. Of course, the 2nd decade doesn’t match the luster of Howard, Utley, Byrd, and elsewhere to a degree, Bourn.

    1. There is only one problem with Medina. . . . He stinks. Seriously, he’s a soft tosser with control problems. He’s toast. A complete bum.

      1. That’s a head scratching comment coming from a guy I have a lot of respect for. “He stinks” is a pretty damning statement.

        1. Okay, I’m going to watch him again on video (I was at the game), but here is a vaunted prospect, who is a righty and he throws in the low 90s? Unless this is a one off low velocity game, the likelihood he becomes anything more than a 4th starter with that low velocity is minimal. I was just so frustrated.

          1. Gotcha. But there is a cavernous gap between BOR starter and bum/”he stinks”. Yes, the velo has dipped from the 95-96 he was throwing a few years ago. It’s now even more important for him to sharpen his command (of all three pitches: FB/SL/CH).

          2. He’s an ex-vaunted prospect, now seemingly an afterthought in the team’s mind. To me his stuff looked a good bit better than the Moore/Anderson duo we were using but his command has to be better.

            His average FB velo for the year is 92.8mph, which is fine. Based on the bit I saw last night, his fastball moves, his changeup fades and both his breaking pitches break. He has a starter’s arsenal, to me, if he can locate.

    1. What I meant to say is that at bat by Segura was brilliant 4D chess manipulating the O’s into walking Harper and setting up Realmuto for the win

  34. 18 innings and only 1 run. Against the pitiful Orioles. At home. In must-win games.

    Just when I think they can’t be any worse ….they go and TOTALLY REDEEM themselves! (Well, not totally.)

  35. Joe G has stacked the lineup with plenty of veteran players over the last six weeks or so..

    A few have playoff experience…Harper, Cutch and Didi….so there is a different perspective for higher expectations from those three, and along with the other seasoned MLB vets, to lay down the gauntlet and finish strong.

    1. Skeet…Padres’ farm cannot develop pitchers….and their system has fallen as they have traded prospects for MLB players, mostly pitchers like Snell, Darvish and Musgrove…..oddly, they did keep a few of their top prospects.

  36. Two valid perspectives:

    1. This organization has lots of work to do to become legitimate contenders, even if it’s just for a small window.

    2. It’s refreshing to be playing meaningful games this deep into September, although it means more wrenching our fandom with the daily ups and downs.

    While we have faint hope, we still keep eyes on the scoreboard. And there’s plenty to speculate about in the off season.

  37. Carson Ragsdale…remember him?
    “………. in 24 starts and 113 2/3 innings, the 23-year-old Ragsdale has struck out a Minor League Baseball-best 167 batters. He has faced 494 batters all season, good for a 33 percent strikeout rate.”

    …….oh the humanity!

    1. While those are great numbers and I thought Ragsdale was a good draft pick at the time he could only produce a 4.43 ERA (I know, bad stat in the minors) against Low A hitters as 23 year old. I still think it was a good trade.

        1. I like that he’s taking guys with stuff and upside. Especially our two first round right handers if they show promise at the lower levels they are very valuable commodities on the trade market at a minimum.

  38. I think the Phils will pick up Herrera’s contract rather than pay 2.5 mil to let him walk. His 2022 contract is 11.5 mil and i dont think that they will find a good CF for the 9 mil difference that will improve the team. I do think they should pursue Marte ( despite the age) to play CF and move Herrera to LF/ back up CF. That one move would improve outfield defense in both CF and LF, provides a leadoff hitter with speed that can hit, and better BA in CF and LF in line up. (McCutchen does have great OBP and more power). The free agent outfielders do not have a lot of appeal outside of Marte. There a few but none really have much of a wow factor that improve defense and offense. Now trades could make an impact…

    1. Trade seems like the best way to go for a CF in my mind. Given the moves Dombrowski is making with regards to the farm my guess is he’s not in love with anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to move a piece that wasn’t drafted by Brian Barber. (The only exception to this in my mind is Stott considering he’s a Bryce Harper guy AND he fills a need for next year in theory). If they could swing that Byron Buxton deal they shot for at the deadline that would go a long way to improving the offense and defense.

      That said I’d be fine with an Odubel/Vierling platoon in LF (if Odubel is batting 7th or 8th). I think that upgrades the defense and if Vierling produces maybe he can become the starter ala Werth in 2008.

      1. I also would consider Doobie/Vierling in LF. A Buxton/Donaldson deal this winter is much more plausible than at the past deadline because (or so it seems) Middleton was committed to staying below the LTT for 2021. If Dombrowski does finally pull the trigger upon getting JM’s green light, perhaps he can get Minnesota to take Didi’s money in return with a package that includes Abel and Rojas, but little more.

        How about Abel, Rojas, Marchan and Didi (all his $14.5M for ’22) for Buxton (arb eligible for ’22 then FA), Donaldson (plus all his $42M thru ’23 w/$8M buyout for’24) and lefty reliever Taylor Rogers (turns 31 in Dec, currently on 60day IL, arb eligible for ’22).

        This admittedly is a Dombrowski go-for-it deal with the prospect of re-signing Buxton and/or Rogers before they turn FA…or worst case, they lose Buxton after ’22 and pending the CBA, gain a draft pick…lots of what if’s but the upside is considerable for the short term. JD isn’t what he was but new scenery and his leadership could spark a better clubhouse culture.

        Otherwise, I’m all in to acquire one of Reynolds or KMart via trade.

          1. I seriously doubt that Haseley wears red pinstripes again. Moniak? At this point, as far as Girardi is concerned, Mickey might have to totally break out in the spring if he’s any chance of going north.

            1. Are there 40 spots for them for the Nov 19 deadline?
              if so…..then they are penciled in the OF for 2022….or they become part of trades.
              I seriously doubt they are DFAd

          2. Romus, I expect Haseley to be passed thru waivers in hope of keeping him in minors, but there is a risk in doing so. Moniak will likely be penciled in for AAA with opportunity to battle for ML spot. Veirling and Williams and others will have a chance as well. Also I am not convince that even if Herrera is brought back that he will be a starter – he could end up as the 4th OF.

  39. Got a feeling (I hope) that the Phillies are going to break out of their funk tonight and score a lot of runs and that Wheeler (I hope) is going to be lights out. They need it.

    Must say/write that I am really impressed with the job Hinch has done with the Tigers this year. They are now four games under .500. Looks good for their future.

    1. I’m encouraged by Cutch’s performance last night. Maybe that game tying hit is the beginning of a well timed hot streak from him. McCutchen getting hot would go a long way as he, Gregorious, and Miller have been pretty useless in the 5/6/7 spot.

      To me at this point the offense is what it is and we need Wheeler, Nola, Gibson, and Ranger to continue to pitch like they have the last week or so to give someone a chance at a big hit.

  40. I like what Barber has done on the whole and especially with pitchers.

    As for next year, I don’t know why anyone would think we could rely on Vierling for anything. He might be good, he might be mediocre, he might be a AAA player. We don’t know yet. I do expect them to move on for Cutch and Odubel, however, unless they could get Odubel’s salary way down. There’s about $28 million in salary locked in there that can be used in a better way.

    1. Agreed. Highly doubt Dombrowski will count on Vierling for an OF spot (not even in a platoon) in 2022 based on 50 PAs in 2021. I think he’s going to most likely trade for a plus defender for CF, and bring in a run producing bat for LF.

      1. It’s certainly reasonable to think that Dombrowski will opt to move on from players like Herrera and McCutchen considering they’re expiring assets prior to his arrival. That’s probably what will make this off season the most intriguing and exciting in some time, maybe since the one we signed Cliff Lee (after Ruben traded him the prior year) in 2010. There are potentially 5 (perhaps 6 if Segura slides to 3b) positions that may be held by different players than those in the ’21 opening day lineup. Ironically, the pitching staff may have less changes to it than position players, along with off field personnel.

    2. “There’s about $28 million in salary locked in there that can be used in a better way”
      …that is a little high….they have to buyout both Cutch ($3M of $15M) and Doobie.($2.5M of $11.5M) and ($1M of $12.5M for 2023)
      … $21M for 2022

      1. Sort of true. They have a net $21 m free if they buy these guys out, but if they exercise the options, they pay $27.5 m. In any event, because these guys have given you a combined 2-3 WAR, and are not likely to do more than that combined next year, I think it’s better to move on from both. I would consider Odubel next year if he would be willing to consider a new $7.5 m or less deal, but otherwise, I’d move on. As for Cutch – I love the person, but he’s now a really bad fielder and doesn’t hit enough to justify paying him any more than a modest amount (like $3-5 million). All things being equal, I’d prefer they move on from both players.

  41. I am not related to Vierling in any way, I just think there has to be some young player playing a role next year. I am not suggesting starting, but in a platoon role. I don’t think, even if I am controlling Middleton’s money, that we can rely on FAs and trades to fill all our needs. I just think that of Vierling, Moniak, Haseley and Randolph, Vierling is the guy I think has the best shot. I don’t think Stott will be ready, so he won’t fill one of the holes. One of SS or 3B must be upgraded defensively. Probably both, but 1 at the least, then CF and LF. I think LF is a platoon with one of our young players and a veteran OF, then a trade for a CF, and FA for the SS or 3B spot. Or, I can be completely wrong!

  42. Behind Wheeler tonight, against a lefty named Keegan Akin with an ERA of 6.93….HA!

    ….I’m worried.

  43. One wrinkle in Braves schedule I wasn’t aware of….on Fri night, they have to complete a game suspended by rain on July 21 vs SD in Atlanta. Of course, the Braves are home team but trail in the bottom of the 5th inning 5-4. (Not sure why this wasn’t postponed?) But anyway, that’s at 8:10 ET, than the regularly scheduled game follows at 10:10. So it’s actually a 4 game series.

    1. mark8:29 – somewhere I heard announcers say the Braves make up game is also only a 7 inning game – therefore being down 5-4 has more meaning….Not positive but I believe someone said that…

      1. Yes. that’s right, RU. Although, the Braves are the home team (gets last AB). The game began in Atlanta, and will finish in SD.

    1. Phillies four number one draft choices in the lineup tonite vs Buffalo…Stott first AB…a walk.
      Stott may get 35/45 ABs before their season ends.

      1. Romus…….Dave D will have to make some decisions………. yeah, he will, and I don’t think too many are exempt from his restructuring and scheming. Harper for sure is safe, maybe Wheeler and JT, but I gotta believe everyone else is fair game. September 2021 is the proving ground. All these guys are playing for their future and for the average guy the future is not that long. This week it really came home to me when I read you guys posts about players drafted and where they are now, mostly gone. Most guys careers are like “a fart in the wind”. Here today gone tomorrow. Where have the years gone?

  44. Didi to me seems cooked. Why not Galvis and Torrey at this point…

    Put Didi on the 10 day DL or something. He’s killing their chances offensively and defensively

  45. I kind of like Soler for LF next year. No comp attached to him for starters. Should be on the cheaper side. Huge enigma as he was only OPSing 658 for the Royals before the trade. Now he’s OPSing 868 for the Braves. 2 seasons ago he put up 48 HRs

    He’ll be 30 next year

    Or you go hard after Starling Marte but at what cost. He does turn 33 next season and hasn’t put up 20+ HRs since his age 30 season in Pittsburgh.

    For me Story is the must have

    Anyone talking Buxton would be hugely disappointed. You’re basically talking about trading for a more offensive Roman Quinn. Crazy to me to think that somehow his injury history is just going to disappear

    The last time he played anything close to a full season was 140 games in 2017. Since then the highest number of games played was 87 and he couldn’t even go 60 games in a shortened season last year playing just 38 of those.

    Giving anything of value for him would be career assassination. If he can be had for some B level stuff and taking on Donaldson’s money ok I’ll take a flier. But I’m shutting down talks for anyone named Painter or Abel

    1. DMAR…..”…..But I’m shutting down talks for anyone named Painter or Abel”

      HS Pitchers Drafted in The FIRST ROUND—-2006-2016:

      —Total-118….72 made it to the majors….61%
      …………16…..made it, some distinction as starters….14%
      …………11…..with WAR over 10….9%
      Notables….Kershaw, MadBum, Porcello, Odorizzi, Wheeler, Tailon, T.Walker, Thor, Snell, Jose Fernandez, Fried, McCullers, Eflin, Berrios, Giolotti , Soroka, Ian Anderson.

      1. I mean if you want to trade one of those guys at least do it for a young controllable player you can count on to actually play games…

        is my point…

          1. Oh G Mark I don’t think I have an educated opinion on that one. Based on Reynolds profile I would really have to consider that….sure!

            1. DD and Cherington hashing out a deal for Reynolds would be taped conversation gold LOL

              “Ben DD here let’s talk Reynolds”. Cherington “FU Dave you’re not getting him”

              DD: “C’mon Ben is this about Boston”

            2. Haha! Yep, there’s no accounting for bad blood between sports execs inhibiting transactions which make sense to us common folk. The stories they could tell, I’m sure…

    2. DMAR, although I proposed a trade for Buxton, along with taking on JD’s money, my preferred CFs are either Bryan Reynolds or Ketel Marte. Starling Marte is not worth the money that he’ll likely command as one of the few decent free agent OFs.

  46. I think Freddy Galvis is a very important player to keep around for next year.

    He literally can play any infield position of need and he hits more than enough to be a great option at the bottom of the line-up. He can also be inserted into the game during the late innings of games he does not start. Extra players can make an enormous difference. If he’s affordable ($3 m a year or so), I sign Galvis to a 2 year deal. I’d be looking at a Freddy Galvis equivalent to be a placeholder in centerfield in case other options don’t work out. And with the DH coming online, I definitely try to keep Brad Miller. He has his weaknesses, but he’s a nice spot player and pinch hitter. I love the guy.

    Affordable competence is highly, highly underrated, especially on a team with some stars like the Phillies.

    1. Agree….on Miller, for a year, and also on Freddy….Freddy would be an ideal fixture towards versatility for the next 2 or even maybe 3 years at a rather very affordable cost.

    2. Agree on both Galvis and Miller. Yeah I wish Miller was a little better defensively but he’s akin to Matt Stairs if and when this team is ready to compete.

  47. I also agree with above – Miller and Galvis. Freddy, I believe – still isn’t 100% but plays hard and seems to be a great “team” player. I still like the fact too that he has sneaky power and if he had been the Phil’s SS and infield replacement in 2021, barring that injury, would have hit 20 HR. It seems – with today’s pitching – teams need 8 position players who can each hit 20 to 30 HR. See Adam Duval, Soler, Miller and a host of others. Once you get up early on in the game – even with solo HR – and can keep the pressure on the other team’s offense your bullpen takes over. Go Freddy !

  48. I realize that Tuesday was a bullpen game so many relievers were not available last night but when they send out Coonrod and Bedrosian, it gets really scary. It seems that Coonrod almost always gives up a run and Bedrosian gives up a lot of hard hit balls.

    Then Kennedy always makes it exciting by getting the first two guys out and then… know. So many teams having to have a bullpen game every fifth day just goes to show how starting pitching is in such tough shape in Major League Baseball.

  49. What is also scary about this team is with all of the BP usage that has been needed, there has been very little quality work provided by any guys still deemed prospects. Falter, a little bit, but his season was hurt by Covid, Brogdon is injured, Ranger in the SR, which is great, but I expected quite a bit more help in the BP from the Farm. And, I know a lot of you would have no trouble trading Abel or Painter, but I need a young SP that I can hope is a future All Star, and I don’t trade either of those 2 guys. I know all the risks, I do pay attention to the stats Romus gives us, but unless we are getting the next Vlad, Jr., I am not trading Abel. Which certainly means that DD will trade him!

    1. matt13….concerning the BP’s future….three lefties I want to see more of in 2022….maybe at the Bank also,,,,are Dohy, Warren and the Mexican kid Erubiel Armenta. Hopefully also JoJo and Seranthony return to health.
      As for Falter……I think he is built to start and not relieve, that is my opinion.

    1. 😂🤣 Looks like he went to the restaurant first, and decided to wear the tablecloth to the park, Romus.

    2. That’s classic!🤣

      Let’s hope he and all of our pitchers for that matter don’t perform like they’re thinking more about where they’re dining after the game.

    1. It’d be nice if they would finally stop screwing around, make a decision about standardization of game balls, electronic strike zones, universal DH, shifts and any other wrinkle that makes a mockery of the game…

      Couple years ago, I suggested one thing to create a competitive edge for the home team regarding the DH….the home team’s manager should be allowed to determine before each game whether the DH is in effect for that game. For instance, if a lights out SP like deGrom is starting for the visiting Mets at CBP, Joe Girardi could opt to have both pitchers bat for themselves, with the intent of potentially forcing deGrom out of the game earlier should a pinch hit situation arise, say in the 5th or 6th inning of a low scoring game. Whereas Joe would choose to use the DH if the opposing team’s #5 man is on the hill. One sticking point this would undoubtedly create with the players union is the value of one dimensional DH types whose market would diminish. However, as we’ve discussed here before, the DH should really be a spot in the lineup to keep a guy like JTR in the lineup while giving him a break from behind the plate. And rotate with a couple other bats, instead of one big bopper who can’t field or run. Expansion of the major league roster, in any case, should mitigate any objection to my rule by the MLBPA.

      Just a thought…

      1. Romus……….did you have a chance to view Hazen’s comments on MLBTR? His comments on playing players out of position to often, probably also applies to another team I know.

        1. Yeah…….he is right.
          Some guys need to be ‘locked down to one position’
          But, I think if you can move the guys around in the minor leagues…they ae able to adapt better once they reach the majors.m

  50. Dbacks have stormed back from being down 4-1 and now lead the Braves 6-4 at the end of 7. And remember there’s that resumption of the suspended game tomorrow night in SD, Braves down 5-4 in 5th of 7 inning game. Could be serious swing if the Phillies can take care of business….

  51. Okay, so what in the world makes Dana Parks the right person for the job? Is she the latest flavor of the month? The person you know won’t be hired/promoted that you will be able to point back and say, “I told you X was wrong, should have been Parks!”. Like Bloom and Wathan.

    What have any of y’all seen or heard or read that says she’s the best qualified? Convince me.

    And, it’s got to be more than the hyperbole I’ve seen in the comments.

    How about considering any of these? She was hired two PD managers ago (by Joe Jordan). She wasn’t even bumped up on an interim basis when her boss was fired. She was second-in-command in a development group that is blamed for poor player development. Her duties here were administrative. She was allowed to leave the Rays’ organization.

    Your turn.

    1. Don’t know anything about Dana Parks….but can tell you Corine Landrey would be a good candidate soon….she ran Crashburn Alley and then worked with BP, knows analytical baseball inside out…..and super Phillies fan since she was 8 years old….one time school teacher in her past life, promoted to Manager, Baseball Ops two years ago, works under Sam Fuld….and from Delaware.
      Are you sold yet?

      1. Well, if analytics is enough of a background for player development, why not? I think Corrine has less of a development background than Dana. That said, I wouldn’t have a problem with either. Just curious what the guys who want Dana know that I don’t know. Incidentally, I think both have more experience than the front-running favorite.

        1. Jim … TBH Dana Parks went to school with one of my kids so I’ve been familiar with her for a number of years. She’s always been bright (and a good athlete). She’s worked for the Rays. Tampa grows execs like they grow prospects: very successfully. And yes … I was on the Chaim Bloom bandwagon years ago. I’ll stand by my “What a mistake the Phillies made by saying ‘no’ to Bloom, and ‘yes’ to Klentak” posts.
          IMO … the Phillies should be looking to hire from the most successful organizations (Rays/Dodgers). Dana Parks has been with the Phillies for a few years now so she is familiar with their young players. She’ll hit the ground running.
          According to Jim Salisbury, the team is looking at candidates who can blend traditional scouting with analytics. That’s her.
          Like Kim Ng, Dana is a trailblazer. I’ll say this again … if the Phillies pass her over, she’ll get hired as a Farm Director by another club in the next couple/few years.

          1. I like Parks and don’t want to say anything negative. But, you haven’t presented anything that would suggest that she should be selected for the job.

  52. Looking at the highlights of tonight’s game. Great comeback but McCutchen has to catch that ball. If he does, no runs score in that inning. Come on.

  53. I will give this to Phillies…this team plays hard to the last out. I don’t know if that is Joe G’s doing. Or Bryce Harper’s leadership or just being a veteran club or a combination of all of the above. But I love their fight. Great teams respond when they get punched in the mouth. These guys seem to be at their best when facing adversity. Which is a great trait. Maybe they will surprise us and make a run.

    1. It’s a great trait insofar as they seem to reach another level when they need to. It’s less great when you realize they only need to because they routinely play down to (often below…) their opponents.

      I would say it’s definitely a desirable trait in the playoffs when you’re guaranteed to be playing against a good team. But we haven’t been in the playoffs for a decade, and we’re certainly not a lock to break that streak this year.

      I’ll take what I can get, so having the team in a playoff chase and FINALLY (almost guaranteed) being over .500 is nice. But they’ve burned me enough for having any semblance of faith in them that I won’t repeat the mistake.

  54. I’m tempering my hopeful enthusiasm about the Phillies being 2 games behind Atlanta on Sept 24 by dwelling on the 2022 opening day roster….

    Bryan Reynolds cf
    Trevor Story ss
    Bryce Harper rf/dh
    Rhys Hoskins 1b/dh
    Didi Gregorius dh/3b
    JT Realmuto c/dh/1b
    Bryson Stott 3b (YES, opening day!)
    Jean Segura 2b
    Moniak/Vierling(1b) lf

    Key bench players:
    Brad Miller
    Freddy Galvis

    Starting rotation:
    Zack Wheeler
    Aaron Nola
    Justin Verlander
    Ranger Suarez
    Kyle Gibson
    Bailey Falter (alt.)
    Zach Eflin (60day IL, midseason?)

    Key bullpen additions/returns:
    *yet to be determined closer upgrade*
    Seranthony Dominguez
    Connor Brogdon
    Jojo Romero
    JD Hammer

    Make it happen, DD!!

    1. Bryan Reynolds is a 5+ WAR player on a $600k contract who doesn’t hit Free Agency for 4 more years. It would take our entire farm system to pry him away from Pittsburgh. Certainly Stott would be involved as well as Abel. And frankly not sure if that would be enough. From a surplus value perspective, he is a top 5 position player in baseball. Similar to Cedric Mullins in that regards.

      1. Abel, Bohm, Rojas, Luis Garcia and Marchan. Yes, a serious chunk out of the farm, but this is a win-now situation.

        1. …Reynolds may be under control for 4 more years but the Pirates historically don’t pay what he’s going to cost them in arbitration anyway.

        2. If Reynolds is available, there are other clubs with better prospects than that package who would step up imo.

          It is also unclear to me what value Bohm would have in a trade this off season. In this package he is a throw away. Really, not getting much return for him by including him in this package.

          1. I posted this a week or two ago. Pittsburgh is not actively looking to trade Bryan Reynolds. However, when Miami came calling for him at the deadline, Ben Cherington was at least open to discussing the parameters of a deal. The Pirates asked for three of the Marlins top ten prospects. I don’t know which specific prospects Cherington was demanding.
            During my post, I pointed out Miami’s system is quite a bit deeper/better than the Phillies. I said I would give up Abel, Stott, Rojas, and a lottery ticket for Reynolds. That’s what a realistic trade would look like.
            I agree with v1. I don’t think Bohm is a good fit in a potential Reynolds deal. Bohm is a better fit as part of a package to land someone like Matt Chapman or Ramon Laureano from Oakland. He could also be used in a deal for Isiah Kiner-Falefa.

            The point I was trying to make was: no one is untouchable, but if you are going to deal any of your top prospects (Painter/Abel/Rojas/Stott), you have to get back a first division regular under team control for multiple years. This way, if things go south in 2022, you can consider flipping the recently acquired player for new prospects to help with a rebuild/retool.

    2. Justin Verlander is going to be 39 coming off TJ. He has to prove that he’s healthy first. Not only that, not sure why he would consider signing with the Phillies when he can go back to the Astros. Verlander has already made his money so I think he’s going to a team that will give him the best chances of winning and where he’s comfortable. The Astros should be that place.

      1. Verlander is another guy I can see the Phillies in play for. A lot will depend on whether Houston uses a QO on him. Dombrowski has a long history with him (drafted him/signed him to a mega contract/won a lot of games with him). As I’ve stated a bunch of times already, I strongly believe Middleton/DD will spend (even above the cap) on short term deals this winter. Verlander (at 39) falls right in their wheel house.

        BTW … JD Martinez and Nick Castellanos are a couple of bats who may end up getting connected to the Phillies. They have both performed well for Dombrowski in the past. If the Phillies POBO lands one of them, he could then flip Rhys Hoskins for help elsewhere (Hader?).

        Another guy I think the Phillies could look into is Cody Bellinger. The 26 YO former MVP been bad the last two seasons. He’s going to make 20+M thru arb next year. The Dodgers could non-tender him, or trade him for non top prospects, or maybe a relief pitcher (Brogdon). Bellinger is another good example of spending big bucks over a short period of time.

        1. Jim Bowden in The Athletic today thinks Verlander signs with the Dodgers for an incentive laden contract. He and his wife own a home in Beverly Hills. I think the Dodgers will likely continue to sign players to short term very high amounts of $$. Verlander, once he proves healthy, is a prime candidate to go with Mad Max, Kershaw et. al.

          1. Dodgers would appear that they will never get under the luxury tax threshold for the near foreseeable future.
            Signing Verlande, Mad Max and Kershaw…all three combined, would probably get between the three, over $90M AAV…….then they have Turner, Bellinger, Buehler to worry about.

            1. Romus … don’t forget the LADs are still on the hook for two more seasons of Trevor Bauer @34M AAV. If they re-sign Kershaw and Scherzer, and also add Verlander … they’d probably be matching dollars (in millions) to ages (of Bauer/Kershaw/Scherzer/Verlander in 2022). The combined ages of those four hurlers: 134 YO.

            2. Hinkie…yes forgot about Bauer….though did read that Friedman may try to enact a ‘good conduct clause’ to the league and MLBPA ; to void the contract.
              I think Bauer has to be charged by the prosecutor for that to fly….then he gets suspended, I assume without pay because it is a non-baseball related incident

            3. Yeah. I don’t know all the ins and outs of that scenario, but I’m almost certain the Phillies had to pay Odubel every dollar he was signed for.

            4. Though in Odubel’s case…charges dropped in effect…..he did not do anything wrong according to the law, he was an innocent man.

      2. Agreed. At best, the Phillies would likely be well down Verlander’s list behind LAD, HOU, DET, LAA, NYY, NYM, STL, ATL, and TB. The Phillies will get another starter but there’s very little chance it will be Verlander.

  55. In yet another crazy MLB stat, even though Nola got the win last night, he does not get credited with a “quality start” which is at least six innings without giving up more than 3 runs.

    Can someone help me out here? has a new format for the box scores that they show. I can’t seem to see where they list errors. Hoping that it’s just not me but it could be.

    1. I only looked at last night’s box score but since neither team committed an error, perhaps they don’t display anything. Otherwise, I would think it’ll be visible under the batting section.

  56. I still think Starling Marte is the best CF available in the coming FA circus. Best all around and had a marvelous 2021. I suspect he will command 15 mill per year for 2/3 years – but a short term deal will do it. Do not see Phils as having prospects to get Pirates Reynolds nor do I think they have any chance at the Arizona Marte.

    1. Starting Marte will be 33. There’s no doubt that he’ll take a $50M deal for 3 years. But wait, does that sound familiar? The Phillies gave McCutchen a 3 year, $50M deal (with a team option) when Cutch was 32. And we know how that turned out (3 WAR total over 3 years).

      Not sure I want to go this route again. 2 years MAX and I’m hoping for more like 1 year $15M and a team option for another $15M ($3M buyout). So at the minimum, 1 year $18M.

      1. Guru..I am with you on these LTC (at least 3 years) for aged players.
        IMO…rather roll the dice with Moniak or Haseley and let them prove wrong otherwise.
        Or as you say…one year…the Duvalls/Rosarios of the world are still out there and wanting to prove more in that one year..

      2. I agree with you in principle – I just think he is the best CF with the glove, speed, bat and far surpasses any other alternative. While 32 now, it is going to take maybe 18 + 15K to sign him on a 2 year – and I think there will be many takers even there. See Giants, Dodgers, possibly even Tigers. He is a solid club house presence on a championship team. Check his stolen bases this year !! Put him around Segura and Harper and we would be watching fewer low scoring one run games.

  57. … and from what I’ve seen of Ketel Marte, he really can’t play CF. He’s not even a good defensive corner OFer. Love the bat. Don’t like the glove. DD needs to upgrade the Phillies “D”. It’s killing Phillies’ pitchers.

  58. Phillies are the first team since 1906 to come back from a 6+ run deficit 3x within a month. Good to see them rally but I’m not sure what that says about this team. I seriously doubt they can do that even once against playoff caliber teams.

  59. With all the trade banter here (to which I contribute as much as anyone), how many people think that the Phillies either should NOT or will NOT make any major trades, keep their top farm talent, and primarily go free agency? Namely, Starling Marte (CF) and Trevor Story (SS), stand pat on the starting rotation unless there’s a late winter bargain, and re-sign glue guys like Miller and Galvis, while saying goodbye to Cutch, Doobie, Bradley, etc in order to mitigate dollars spent over the LTT.

    If so, I think that’s a good strategy provided that most of Abel, Stott, Rojas, Painter, both Garcias, Moniak, Wilson, Crouse, O’Hoppe, Miller and Ortiz are advancing steadily toward CBP, or at least becoming valuable trade commodities. Of these 12 prospects, we need 6 of them to contribute to the success of the big club, one way or another, within the next 3 years.

  60. date:
    Phillies record vs ……..Ari, Bal, Col, Mia, Pit…..17-20
    Braves record vs ……..Ari, Bal, Col, Mia, Pit……24-18

    1. That’s embarrassing. They better win all four vs the Pirates this weekend if they expect any real chance to win the division.

      1. Then the last weekend vs the Marlins…..and we know how that has transpired over the last 2/3 years.

        1. BTW … this could be the night the Phillies finally flip their run differential to a positive number. They’re currently at -4. The last time it was in the black was April 16. That’s exactly 23 weeks ago.

          1. Maybe the offense will explode,
            …..also notice JTR/harper/Torreyes and Segura all BA over .300 RISP…….Odubel …245….Rys …231 and Didi….157.

  61. Let’s all petition Joe Girardi to never again bring Hector “Thumb Screws” Neris out for a second inning. He survived. But I don’t know about the rest of us. Torture.

    1. My personal petition is to just fire Girardi. For a former catcher, he has no grasp on how pitchers are feeling. Plus he apparently just hates young players and refuses to give them playing time.

      1. You just cannot afford to play the yuong players now…..last few weeks of the season you have to ride with the vets
        Earlier in the season is a different story….also a different story for the Nats and Marlins..they are playing mostly all their kids…
        Also another reason why, Dave D chose to have the current LHV lineup…. full of the Philies’ prospects rom the last 2/3 years.

      2. Yeah, I’m of the opinion at this point that Joe’s cache is a product of having the right scribes and talking heads through the years pumping up a legend beyond the facts. I’m also of the opinion that unless he chooses to opt out of his contract, I doubt Dombrowski let’s him go. There’ll be so much personnel change taking place this off season. Installing a new skipper might be too much. But Girardi definitely sinks or swims with the 2022 campaign.

      3. Agree on both, does not know his Pen, does not how to use his young pitchers, hates using and Neris should only be used 1 inning

        Bedrosian is a 1 pitch pitcher, splitfinger but telegraphs it, why let him pitch, give up BB or hits making a hole for the team usage of additional arms

        Developing additional arms on roster but goes with Vets. Joe failure will cause issues

  62. OK, what’s it going to be? Are they going to continue the streak or are they going to once again revert to losing and break our hearts? If it’ll help, I’ll vote for the former! 🙂

    1. If the Phillies don’t leave Atlanta in first place entering next weekend’s finale in Miami, I can’t see them winning the division. I see the Braves sweeping the Mets next weekend. Also, Atlanta has a makeup game pending these results.

  63. mark, I believe that DD will make a major trade, and should, but it will not include Abel or Painter. I also would not trade either. I don’t think everything is gettable via FA. I think one of the young OFs is part of a platoon in LF, we add a 3B or SS to bolster the Defense, and trade for a CF. No major Starting Pitching acquisition, and we add a Closer. Just my guess.

  64. I believe DDGG will be the SS next season. He has big bucks due him next year and let’s see how he plays after using the offseason to heal completely.

    Does anyone know if the Braves will make up the rainout with the Rockies before season’s end or the day after the season if the game means anything?

  65. For those who want Matt Chapman for 3B next year, he is now batting under .220 after achieving the Platinum Sombrero last night.

    Nola vs Irvin – W-L ERA starts innings hits ERs HR BB SO

    Nola 9-8 4.64 31 174.2 158 90 26 37 219
    Irvin 10-14 3.99 30 169.1 184 75 20 38 117

    I’m not saying Irvin is better than Nola and I am not saying that I would rather have Irvin instead of Nola. All I am saying is that the Phillies gave up on Irvin too fast and didn’t let him have the time on the MLB level to show that he is a good and serviceable left handed #5.

    1. Jaime Moyer proved one thing….a lefty who knows how to pitch and throw the ball where he wants can carve out a major league career for himself.

    2. ciada…he does have some warts…H/9 does not cut it well….FIP of almost 4.2 is a little too high, then his WAR <2 over 30 starts….and finally….their infield defense behind him is a bit better than the Phillies….so he does have some shade of gray in there.

  66. I can appreciate all those stats, Romus. I’d just rather see him pitching Sunday and a game next week rather than a bunch of relievers who won’t be able to pitch for a day after being used.

    On a couple of other notes: Paul Goldschmidt is just a phenomenal player. Every year, it seems, he starts out slowly and then catches fire. He has pretty much carried the Cardinals through this winning streak.

    And finally, Rocco’s Uncle Caesar had 18 home runs in 420 at bats when he left Cleveland. Since then he has hit 3 homers in 198 at bats. What’s with that? The ballpark? The water?

    And finally, finally, just read a Rangers blog about last night’s game. The writer was really trashing Howard. Hate to read that and only hope for the best for the kid. Glad it’s not us
    trashing him.

  67. Archie Bradley on IL, obliques, so count him out, and Kyle Dohy is up. We sure have bad luck picking Relievers.

    1. Moore, Bradley, Anderson and Kintzler hurt , DD’s Master Plan got Phillies here to bad Joe mismanaged the Pitching Staff but hopefully he’ll use some Kids to help bring Oct here.🙏🏻

  68. Vierling with his first HR. I know the sample size is still small, but I am intrigued. I like the swing. He runs really well, especially for a big man, and the glove, even at 1st, has been good.

    Harper gave him a huge hug on the field. I’ve noticed how supportive of young players he is. Remember the “bad teammate” rap before he arrived, which was mainly based on getting into a fight with Papelbon (of all people!)?

    1. He’s great with young players. He personally called each of Brian Barber’s draft picks last summer.

  69. Yeah that Ranger Suarez starting pitching experiment was a true nightmare, eh?

    Maybe this guy is special. It would sure be a wonderful surprise and gift.

  70. What can you say about Ranger……11 starts….on his way to a 5WAR season…Game Score average in 11 starts, just shy of 60.
    One more start vs Braves or Marlins and keep it it going.

  71. I’m not sure how he’s doing it (w/basically 2 pitches), but Ranger has been a beast this season.
    Joe G has got to stay w/the hot hand, and continue to start Matt Vierling until he goes cold.

    And after 163 days, the Phillies run differential is finally back in black (+1).

    1. It was something that I would have done in the offseason, but Suarez has made it look easy when it really isn’t.

  72. Come to the realization…for the Philies to win it…the division…they will need to win the next seven.
    Cannot count on the Padres or Mets…appears they have hung it up.

    Last night Pads and Vinnie with 3-0 lead evaporates,
    …..7-3 lead evaporates,
    ….and 8-7 lead with two outs in the 9th….evaporates.

  73. Vinnie pitched exactly like he was still here! Ranger has been terrific and last night topped it off. Matt Vierling continues to impress me. Hans Crouse joins the team to start instead of Adonis. I don’t know why but looking forward go Crouse having a great first start.

    1. matt13…he did well as can be expected , for his first MLB outing…nerves and all.
      He does sport a lot of ink.

    1. ciada………”Was Crouse going to have to be put on the 40 next year?”…do you mean was it necessary or he is Rule eligible if not?
      It was necessary.
      One way or another he would have to be on the 40 now, which they did, or Nov 19, 2021….or be subject to the Rule 5.
      So they moved him up 7 weeks to get his MLB start

  74. Romus, I think he gave up the 1st pitch HR the instant I wished him well. He sure does sport a lot of ink, especially on the neck. How we hit so poorly against basically AAA pitchers is a question I will probably never get an answer to.

    1. matt13….team can be frustrating.
      And Braves with a 3-0 lead going into the 7th, so they will have to sweep in Atlanta.
      Cardinals amaze me……rarely sign top free agents….rather trade for top players, Arenad/Goldey/O’Neill, and trust and empower their young players, like a Bader who has struggled for a few years…then put it together this season.

  75. And, I am a Realmuto fan, but he came up whatever is less than small today. Still don’t know why Medina didn’t start, and sorry Hinkie, Alvarado was not the great move you thought he was. We need to sweep Atlanta, then win 2 of 3 in Miami. What are the odds?

  76. Hans will be fine. Big jump for him today. He worked around the walks and kept the game to a 1-0 deficit when he left. As for the offense; WTH?

  77. Romus, also Milwaukee! How can they build a good team and we can’t? This off season is it. Dombrowski didn’t get a full shot to fix things. If next year is another failure we need to start all over again. I am sick thinking about it!

    1. yeah matt….the Brewers also have built a very good team…..their three starters of Burnes, Woodruff and Peralta are exceptional…..Woodruff and Burnes were not first round picks either and Freddy Peralta , originally a Mariner signee, had a nice but not spectacular minor league career coming up big in AA/AAA levels…Lauer was a Padres trade guy to the Brew Crew.

  78. I was at the game today, brutal is the only word to describe it. 11 walks, 1 HBB, 2 balks, 6 pitchers and over three and a half hours of my life I will never get back. I will never again attend a bull pen game. The jury is still out on Crouse but has come back on Medina with an unfavorable verdict, I don’t see him on next year’s 40 man roster

  79. I went to this game today – puke. Simply puke. A disgusting display of MLB baseball. Me, a lifelong fan of more than 70 years – this sucked – not just in the score, the entire display of people on the playing field —- not prepared to play the greatest game ever invented. Enuf !!!
    Apologies to Bryce Harper who was the only one trying.

  80. I know this is the end of the week and this will roll over to never / never land – I just can’t imagine what Chase Utley would have thought of this awful game. I just simply have to blow off some steam – walks, balks, sloppy pitching ? Who is responsible for all this ? Do the Cardinals do this ? DD needs to take a video of this game to all who are responsible for training, coaching , mentoring, and owning to fix this mess. This was a disgrace to MLB !!

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