Phillies Affiliates’ FAUX Recap (9/1/2021)

All scheduled games were postponed because of rain.  The DSL doesn’t schedule games on Wednesdays.

As long as there is nothing to report today, let me pose a question.  How do you want to handle the Readers’ Top Thirty this year?  We didn’t have one last year due to the cancellation of the minor league season.  However, I did post a “Readers” poll based on the 2020 poll and how I would have expected new players to be placed based on past history.

So, very simply, do you want to do one this year?  Do you think we have enough information to provide a representative look at the organization?

Since I don’t run it until after Christmas, it might be the only thing to take our minds off the CBA negotiations.  I don’t know if I’ll have my other winter baseball projects. So, I will consider researching and writing thumbnails on as many potential prospects as possible in the months leading up to the poll, if we have one.

Anyway, post your thoughts on the subject in the comments section.  And, please be respectful of others.  I would prefer yes and no responses, but if someone gets chatty, don’t criticize responses that differ from yours.  Thank you.

Lehigh Valley (41-47) postponed due to rain.

Reading (41-62) postponed due to rain.

Jersey Shore (47-54) postponed due to rain.

Clearwater (46-53) postponed due to rain.

FCL Phillies (19-11) postponed due to rain.

DSL Phillies Red (20-15) and DSL Phillies White (23-10) no games on Wednesdays.

The Affiliate Scoreboard, the FCL Scoreboard, and the DSL Scoreboard.

Rosters and Stuff


9/01/2021 – Phillies placed SS Didi Gregorius on the restricted list
9/01/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Ramon Rosso from Lehigh Valley
9/01/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Cam Bedrosian from Lehigh Valley
9/01/2021 – Phillies placed 1B Rhys Hoskins on the 60-day IL, left groin strain
9/01/2021 – Phillies optioned RHP Seranthony Dominguez to Lehigh Valley
9/01/2021 – 3B Nate Fassnacht assigned to Lehigh Valley from Jersey Shore
9/01/2021 – Jersey Shore placed RHP Mark Potter on the temporarily inactive list
9/01/2021 – SS Kervin Pichardo assigned to Jersey Shore from FCL Phillies

23 thoughts on “Phillies Affiliates’ FAUX Recap (9/1/2021)

  1. Yes, I think it would be fun to do another top 30 this off-season. It’s a great way for many to learn about our younger prospects.

  2. Yes to the top 30. It’s always helpful in generating some prospect focused discussion and is a nice distraction in the offseason doldrums. This year I think there may be more differences of opinion than usual given the relative lack of info we have on some guys.

    Also, Kervin Pichardo was sent to Jersey Shore? I wonder if he’ll finish the season there or if it’s just a temporary move because they needed a guy.

    1. They needed to replace Fassnacht who went up to LHV because Maton and Vierling who both got called up. All these moves seem temporary

    2. Kervin is in his second season and is 19-years-old. Earlier in the season, this would have been a temporary move because they needed a body. It may be the same now, but he may get to close the season there with just 3 weeks left in the season.

      Note that there are no position players on the JS ILs. So, maybe he does stay. In fact, most of the minor leaguers on ILs are pitchers – 36 pitchers(17 on the 60-) and 14 position players (5 on the 60-)

      Pichardo is one of the bigger LA players I mentioned earlier like Felix Reyes. He’s built better/bigger than his 6’0, 180 suggests.

  3. I’m in on the top 30 mainly because I feel detached from what’s happening on the farm. Also gives us some hope for the future (theoretically). My only suggestion is that there be some distinction made between position players and pitchers as IMO they are apples and oranges when it comes to valuation to the organization versus the overall market. I dunno…just hard for me to compare/rank Mick Abel to Bryson Stott.

    1. mark8;29……so you want to differentiate between position players and pitchers?
      Sounds good….maybe a general overall 30…..then a specific by position sub -30.
      Though….if you go all the way to 30 or even 40/50 in a general ……you can just extrude those specific positions in the sequence of the overall general

      For example take this list:

      Pitchers would naturally be ranked….1. Abel, 2,Painter, 3.Crouse 4. Morales, 5. Miller 6. Medina 7. hernandez eta l all the way down

      Position players….1. Stott, 2. Rojas, 3. Wilson, 4.Garcia, 5 Ortiz, 6 O’hoppe et al

      See what i am getting at?

      1. Romus, I get it. However, this doesn’t really solve Mark’s dilemma of comparing apples and oranges since this list has already compared said fruit.

        I don’t know that I’m ready to run separate polls. What happens when someone can’t differentiate the value between SS and CF, or a projected back-end starter and a projected setup man? Another poll?

        Doesn’t really matter since all of these prospects will forever be blocked by bench guys and AAAA guys until Girardi is fired. (Yes, I’m still annoyed that the Phillies are going without a first baseman on the roster rather than promote one from Lehigh Valley. And, yeah, that one is Darick Hall.)

        1. Points well taken, Jim…especially the issue with Joe Girardi. It’s not cut and dry how good (or not) of a manager he is, but he’s definitely not a one-size-fits-any-roster type. Dombrowski and Joe G part ways this winter, barring unlikely October heroics.

        2. Isn’t it possible that having a legit, (someone who has played their career there), first baseman would save some of the errors our weak defensive infielders throw his way? I don’t know much about Hall’s defense but it has to be better than the current mishmash of players thrown out there – plus he can hit for power.

  4. Yes, jim, I am all in for the Top 30. Especially after Christmas, when I think we will need it! And, thank you again, as always, for everything that you do to provide this forum for us.

  5. Some of our prospects seem to be coming on strong during this last month. Very encouraging.

    I’d love to see everyone’s top 30 as many of you all provide great insights.

    I like having top positions list and top pitchers hers list and then a blended

  6. I’m all in on a Readers’ Top 30 poll. I’ll do a pre-list and follow the daily discussions, too. It’s a great way to keep engaged in what may be a long offseason with the CBA negotiations going on.

  7. O’Hoppe with another dinger today…2 now at Reading…15 total for the year.
    Trying not too get to excited …but cannot understand the lack of national respect other than the fact 23rd round draft picks are not suppose to be around this long, and putting up these kind of numbers at age 21…all as a catcher..

    1. Romus, I’m with you on O’Hoppe. Maybe he’s our Mike Piazza. Well, maybe not that much of s stretch, but you get the idea.

  8. Jim, I am absolutely, 100 percent in on a Top 30. I feel too far removed from our future Phillies not having seen a live baseball game since 2019. The process of a Top 30 with the discussion and input of others here and your special knowledge for player thumbnail bios would be valuable, invigorating and appreciated.

    Talking about appreciation, you are the best. This past two years would have been even more difficult without Phuture Phillies, and Phuture Phillies wouldn’t have been the life saver it has been without you.

    Even when you sometimes lose patience trying to herd the cats I think “Here’s a guy who really is devoted to what he does and does it so darn well.”

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