Threshers’ and Affiliates’ Recap – 5/21/2021

Our guys won one of four games last night, again.  Clearwater was two-hit by and lost to  Dunedin.  Two Lehigh Valley pitchers were perfect through seven innings in a victory over Syracuse.  Reading’s latest streak is up to two losses after losing an early lead against Akron.  And, Jersey Shore was shut out by Winston-Salem.

The three lower affiliates scored two runs, suffered two shutouts, and collected 8 total hits.

(I couldn’t make it to the game for personal reasons.  This is going to be short and sweet.  Well, maybe not sweet.)

Clearwater (7-9) was 2-hit in a 1-0 loss to Dunedin.

Cristian Hernandez (2.77) allowed a hit and a walk in four, shutout innings, striking out six.  Fernando Lozano (2.61) allowed 2 hits and an unearned run in three innings, striking out four.  Carlo Reyes (0.00) pitched two, one-hit innings, striking out two.

The unearned run was a true gift – single, force out, sacrifice bunt and a missed catch error, and finally, a run-scoring fielding error followed by a strikeout and ground out.

Johan Rojas (single) and Abrahan Gutierrez (double) had the Threshers’ only two hits.

Lehigh Valley (10-6) beat Syracuse, 8-4.

Adonis Medina (five innings, 4 K) and Damon Jones (two innings, 2 K) threw seven perfect innings.  The IronPigs had an 8-run lead when Bryan Mitchell gave up 2 runs in the eighth.  He faced four batters in the ninth before Jeff Singer entered a bases-loaded situation.  He allowed an inherited runner to score on a potential game-ending double play.  But that was all.

The IronPigs broke the scoring seal with a 7-run sixth inning on an RBI single by Luke Williams, 3-run HR by Mickey Moniak, Edgar Cabral’s bases-loaded walk, and a 2-run force out by Travis Jankowski.  Ruben Tejada plated a run in the eighth on a single.

Williams (.365) and Cornelius Randolph (.362) had two hits each.

Reading (3-13) lost to Akron, 3-2 on 3 hits.

The Phils scored two runs in the first inning on Matt Vierling’s 2-run HR in his return to the lineup.  And, they managed just 2 more hits the rest of the game.

Daniel Brito and Madison Stokes had the other two hits.

Ethan Lindow pitched three innings.  He gave up a run on a bases-loaded walk.  He allowed two hits and walked three while striking out two.  Billy Sullivan pitched two, scoreless, one-hit innings in his Double-A debut.  In his two innings, Jonathan Hennigan gave up a 2-run HR among the one hit and 3 walks he issued.  Zach Warren pitched a scoreless inning.

Jersey Shore (7-9) lost to Winston-Salem, 5-0 on 3 hits.

Hunter Markwardt, Rudy Rott, and Nate Fassnacht collected the BlueClaws only three hits.

Tyler McKay gave up one run in four innings on 3 hits.  Mike Adams allowed onr hit in one inning.  Ben Brown gave up 4 runs on 4 hits and 2 walks in two innings.  Blake Brown tossed two perfect frames.

GCL Phillies East and GCL Phillies West (runs 6/28 thru 9/12)

DSL Phillies Red and DSL Phillies White (starts 7/12 thru 10/2)

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of May 21st … there are 303 players in the org

Today’s Transactions in bold text.

5/21/2021 – Phillies sent CF Roman Quinn on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
5/21/2021 – Phillies placed C J.T. Realmuto on the 10-day IL, left hand contusion
5/21/2021 – Phillies activated RF Matt Joyce
5/21/2021 – RHP Billy Sullivan assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
5/20/2021 – SS Sal Gozzo assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/20/2021 – OF Corbin Williams assigned to Reading from XST

41 thoughts on “Threshers’ and Affiliates’ Recap – 5/21/2021

  1. Undrafted Sullivan reached AA quickly which is amazing, and puts up two more shutout innings. Except for his first outing, he’s been lights out.
    Randolph continues his hitting and his own unlikely story.

    1. Yes watching Sullivan succeed and others amongst last year’s drafted and UDFA class is confirming the new hope Ive had for the system since they brought in Barber & Bonifay.

      I’m really hoping for another killer draft this year and by even next year our system should begin its rise up from the bottom of mlb.

      1. Billy Sullivan! I’ve been saying don’t sleep on Billy Sullivan since they signed him last summer. I was actually shocked that he signed as an UDFA instead of returning to Delaware. He’s really withstood some bad breaks: TJ (after a Freshman All-American season & then COVID hit, and ended the 2020 season before he could make his return to the mound.
        His misfortune has been a big break for the Phillies, who originally drafted Sullivan out of HS in 2017 … and … he grew up a Phillies fan.

  2. Damon Jones could be working his way up into the Phillies BP……in his first 5 games, almost 8 innings, 3 hits and no runs, 10 Ks….and only 2 walks….63% strike rate
    If he can maintain his control, he has a chance of helping Joe’s BP.

  3. Is Moniak coming around? Maybe Moniak/Williams/Randolph can replace Cutch/Joyce/Quinn on the depth chart next year. Not sure if that is a quantum leap but maybe a step up.

    1. Denny……Dave D’s response to Jim Salisbury on the farm system:
      “Our system is a continual evaluation for me at this point. We lack position-player depth at the upper levels — why is that the case? We have some better players at the lower levels. I think we have work to do there and it’s not a short-term fix.”

      I think this draft will show the direction he wants to take for the farm system…..especially with the first two picks at 13 and 49.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dombrowski and Barber draft Tanner Allen in round three (maybe even 2nd round). He turns 23 YO next month, would save the team some bonus $ for an over slot pick in another round, and he’s an advanced OFer (organizational need) w/a track record of success in the SEC. (.387/.461/.623 this season)

        1. Sorry I respect your draft thoughts normally but I don’t want to draft a 23 yr ok’d OF unless it’s a late round. He’s doing well now but he’s at least 3 years older than the pitchers.

          1. Hamate injury derailed his collegiate career for awhile…thus the delay or gap.

            “Allen …drafted twice, in the 36th rd. out of HS by the Cubs in 2017 and in the 34th rd. by the Rox as an age-eligible sophomore in 2019, when he was one of the best hitters on a U.S. collegiate national team that featured four of the first 14 picks in the 2020 Draft. He went unpicked last year, when he played just eight games because of a hamate injury and the coronavirus pandemic. Though he’ll turn 23 a month before this year’s Draft, he should go in the first five rounds after battling for the Southeastern Conference batting title this spring”

            …same type iinjury that Casey Martin had in his college career.

        2. Hinkie….he could be one to take a chance with in the 2nd or 3rd if still around…..probably a CFer, I assume…perhaps someone in the mold of an Adam Eaton type player.
          Coming out of the SEC, he has faced his share of quality arms.

    2. He is 3 for his last 25 ABs with 12 Ks. He hits one homer and we ask if he is coming around? The answer is no. He is not a prospect. Hasn’t been a prospect for several years. The only reason people ever talk about him is because of his draft position. his tools are average and his performance stinks. He has a career .300 OB% with no power. He is not a major leaguer.

      1. LOL!
        v1 … at first, I thought you were talking about Tanner Allen. I was trying to figure out where you were coming from. 😃😅😆

      2. I’m not sure why you are on here?? Claim to be pulling for the kids but your negativity and condescending act toward others comments is tired, why would even talk about the kids in such a way?? I’m just an observer and by no means as qualified as you but you have chased me away from this sight

        1. Willy:
          That is his nature…been that way for the last 10 years I have been here.
          Might sound callous and cold, but usually best on the facts…he does not sugar-coat it I suppose. He will praise when it is appropriate, and in the same token, will also critique when it is appropriate.
          But if I were you, I would not walk away.

        2. Willy, been on this site for years and have been frustrated with v1 many times but…..I’ve come the the conclusion that he has been right much more often than not. All of us that follow this site want all our prospects to do well, so most of us lean toward overlooking fairly obvious red flags. Two examples: Tyler Cloyd & Carl’s Tocci, both of whom I followed and rooted for – it used to upset me when v1 pointed out their now fairly obvious flaws. A colder, more objective view may not be popular, but many times as phans we allow our rooting interest to overlook common sense (as an aside I was sure Moniak was going to be our center fielder for a decade – reality is setting in, but I still hope he does well)

        3. I have no issue with v1. He tells it like it is, and he’s right most of the time.

        4. As someone who is a daily reader, but occasional poster I agree that V1 is a windbag who is more often correct than not in his analysis. We all want our prospects to be great and read only the positives about them. Unfortunately we have not seen many positives in the last 5-10 years.

        5. I talk about major league prospects, not kids. I don’t know the kids. I am sure they are really good humans. I don’t ever criticize a kid. What I do is offer my objective opinion whether they will achieve one of the hardest challenges in sports…to be a good MLB hitter. I don’t sugar coat my POV. And am rarely wrong in my prospect opinions.

      3. He’s actually 5 for 25 with 7 strikeouts. He will prove people wrong someday…he will get it rolling. This series he has over 10 balls 104+ mph off bat and only 2 hits out of those. He has been barreling up the ball consistently but doesn’t show in his terrible stats. Got you V1..not tearing up the fantasy league. I get the criticism . haven’t been on here for a while, but expected as always..hope all is well with all.

        1. Good to hear from you again. Your son needs to just keep plugging away, and when the light goes on, it goes on bright.

        2. Great to hear from you, Matt. Thanks for adding that info. You can only get so much from a box score.
          I’ll always root for Mickey. And TBH, I’m sure v1 roots for your son too. Sometimes we need to remember your son just turned 23, and has spent nearly his entire career facing guys older than him. Instead of expecting Mickey to come to Philly, and save the season in 2021, we should all continue to be patient, and allow Mickey this year to grow.
          Best of luck to your son, and thanks again for contributing here.

          1. Big Mickey Moniak supporter here too! I am waiting for the day that he is a fixture in the Phillies’ outfield. He is still young and if he was drafted lower everyone would be patient. It wasn’t his fault that he is so talented to be 1:1. Hope to buy my grandsons some MM jerseys soon.

        3. First of all, by all accounts, Mickey seems to be a great person. That is the most important thing that I can say about a person. Far more important than whether he can hit MLB pitching. Of course I hope to be wrong about him being a great MLB player because I am a Phillies fan and I want to win. When I offer critique of a player it is only based on my POV of whether they can do one of the hardest things in sports…hit MLB pitching at an above replacement level. I never have and never will criticize him as a person. He seems like a great person.

  4. Happy for Adonis Medina. Some of the shine may have come off his prospect status, but pitchers are funny. Sometimes, things just click, and they find themselves. Medina still has a shot to be #4 SP for the Phillies (or another club if DD uses him in a deadline deal).

    1. A agree, he still has good stuff. As it is for all young pitchers, location is the name of the game. I watch Brogdon make several really good pitches and then throw one down the middle that gets scorched. Location and consistency. As for Jones, it sure seems like he’s throwing way more strikes than he did but the location of those strikes will be the key. The same holds true for Howard. He makes really good pitches but then throws a bad one that gets hit. Unfortunately that’s the same problem Nola is having right now. If you throw 98, you sometimes get away with a badly licatrdboutch but not at 92-93. Let’s hope that we can get something from Medina, Falter, Jones and Llovera in the future because they all have great arms. I’m off on Morales until he shows us something more. Still waiting on Miller to reappear.

      1. You are spot on with Brogdon. He got ripped when he threw a 97 fastball right down the middle. The tools are there. He needs better command with his fastball. His changeup is a difference maker as it has a lot of movement. But I think he’s still trying to figure out where his changeup is going.

  5. Right now I am of the opinion that the Phillies should draft the best players possible in the early rounds rather than drafting inferior signable players to save bonus money for better later round prospects. You can outsmart yourself than way. But admittedly it depends on the players involved and I could be wrong. This question comes up every year without fail.

  6. That 2017 draft is starting to bear some fruit (age): Howard(~25), Haseley(25), Maton(24), Brogdon(26). For me, if the Phillies can get 1 starter out of this draft, it’s a success. So I’m really hoping that Howard rips the Red Sox tonight.

    1. 4 innings from him, tops. Less than 2 runs allowed would be a great result while 2 runs allowed would be fine.

  7. The Philies last 3 first round picks:

    2018 Alec Bohm
    2019 Bryson Stott
    2020 Mick Abel

    Can’t really complain too much here. Bohm is already in the bigs, Stott is performing well at JS and Abel is #63 overall on MLBPipeline.

    1. Stott…barring an injury, should get to Reading before the season is over, and some time next season at Triple A… has his ETA as 2022, assume later portion…..I can agree with that projection.

  8. Not a big sample but Brogdon splits at home and road are big. 1.04 on road compared to over 8 at home

    1. Its the HR, doubles and walks he gives up at home…43 batters in 9 innings, 9 of the HR/2B/BB mix……plus at home he cannot put away LHB….his change up has to be near perfect vs the LHB..

  9. Just a thought, since Bohm is struggling with his defense at third, and some people doubt that Stott can stick at short, why don’t they put Stott at third base now and let him get comfortable there before he gets called up to the bigs?

    1. Unless the player really can’t play a position, you leave them there because that’s where they are most comfortable with. They’ll get moved off that position because of necessity at the ML level. Also, Didi is under contract for 2022 only, so it’s not like he’s blocking Stott anyways.

  10. Glad to see Delaware’s Billy Sullivan getting an opportunity to show his stuff and hi-heat at Reading.
    Also hoping to see fireball reliever’s from the 2019 draft come around soon…..Andrew Schultz and Brett Schulze.

  11. Thanks Hinkie and Romus. He has had a tremendous amount of pressure on him from day one and he just needs to get back to having fun. All he hears is criticism day in and day out and I am here to try to point out the bright side of his progress. It’s funny because his last game in Colorado he hit a couple balls hard with a line drive base hit and told me after the game that’s the best he’s felt all season… Then he called me early the next morning saying he’s being sent back down. The up and downs haven’t helped him but that’s no excuse. The the day he hit that home run in the big leagues there was still a PHILLIES fan in left-center calling him the biggest pile of shit in the history of baseball so he has gotten pretty tough to it, but he is still just a kid. I know my son, and he will rise to the top someday. Mark the tape! Haha. Go Phillies

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