Open Discussion: Week of March 21, 2021

The Phillies are 9-10-1 through 20 Grapefruit League games.  Injuries to key players are still a concern, but the Phillies must make some important personnel and roster decisions this week.  With only eight Grapefruit League games remaining and ten days until their season opener, these decisions and the resultant playing time meted out will finally give us an idea of the likely opening day roster.

The primary decision this week involves players who are eligible to opt out if the Phillies don’t put them on the 26-man roster.  Those players are covered by Article XX, paragraph B(5)(d)(i)

If a Club signs a Player who became a free agent pursuant to this Article XX(B) to a Minor League Uniform Player Contract between the date the Player became a free agent as set forth in subsection B(2)(a) above and ten days prior to the commencement of the next succeeding championship season, the Club shall pay the Player a retention bonus of $100,000 if, by 12 P.M. Eastern Time on the fifth day prior to the first day of the championship season,

(i) the Club does not agree in writing to add the Player to its Opening Day 25-man roster or Major League Disabled List at the commencement of the championship season, or

(ii) the Club does not provide the Player with his immediate unconditional release.

The players must qualify with service time (six years) and have been on a major league roster or major league Injured List at the end of the season.  Those qualifying players are –

  1. Matt Joyce (11.123 service time, Miami))
  2. Brandon Kintzler (9.003, Miami)
  3. Tony Watson (9.101, San Francisco)
  4. Jeff Mathis (14.012, Texas)
  5. Ivan Nova (10.024, Detroit)
  6. Hector Rondon (8.000, Arizona)

Neftali Feliz (7.129 service time) last played in the major leagues in 2017 and therefore doesn’t qualify.  He has only just arrived in camp after visa problems.  (note: Simon Muzziotti has also just arrived.)

A player who receives a retention bonus may require that the Phillies place him on the 26-man roster by June 1st.  The player and team can agree to a higher retention bonus or an opt-out date earlier than June 1st as provided in Article XX, paragraph B(5)(d)(v).

The Phillies have optioned 3 more players to the Mini Camp.  They posted the actual transactions as the Alternate Training Site.  The 3 players are – Christopher Sanchez, Nick Maton, and CJ Chatham.  They join 7 other 40-man roster players who were optioned last weekend at the Alternate Training Site – Mauricio Llovera, Bailey Falter, Damon Jones, Francisco Morales, Adonis Medina, Kyle Dohy, and Simon Muzzotti.

There are still 21 NRIs from within the organization in Mini Camp.  The Phillies have extended invitations to campers to be on the game day rosters.  To date, 228 players were on game day rosters, 145 got into games.  This group included Tyler Carr, EDLS, Julian Garcia, JD Hammer, Jonathan Hennigan, Jake Hernandez, Erik Miller, David Parkinson, David Paulino, Zach Warren, Rodolfo Duran, Edgar Cabral, Logan O’Hoppe, Luis Garcia, Darick Hall, Bryson Stott, Luke Williams, Odubel Herrera, Jhailyn Ortiz, Johan Rojas, and Matt Vierling.  Injuries prevented Miller from seeing any time in games and limited Ortiz to 4 appearances, none after March 4th.

Other than Odubel Herrera, none of these guys was expected to play themselves “into the mix” for a roster spot.  Herrera has.  EDLS certainly raised his stock this spring.  Warren may have helped himself with a bases loaded strike out Sunday.  Hall should receive some benefit from his play.  All gained valuable experience in major league games.

In addition to the seven FA NRIs mentioned above Michael Ynoa, Christian Bethancourt, Ronald Torreyes, and Travis Jankowski await their fates.  Lehigh Valley seems to be in their future. Maybe…

The elephant in the room is the injured list.  Girardi tells us that he/they expect everyone to be ready on opening day.  But, he is also the same guy telling us that a handful of guys are “in the mix” for center field.  Clearly, that did not ever include Mickey Moniak.  It was ludicrous for any beat writer to accept that as truth.  So, how much do we accept as opening day draws near?

JT Realmuto was scratched from a DH role on Sunday for “general soreness”.  I think it more likely that they didn’t want him to take three well-spaced at bats on a particularly cold day in Clearwater.  Why risk his thumb in such conditions.  (It didn’t reach 60 degrees, and was overcast and windy.)

Still, ten days from opening day, Realmuto has not seen game action.  Andrew Knapp can hold down the starter’s role for a while, but the only other catcher on the active roster, Rafael Marchan, has played since February 28th due to his own injury (thigh, I think).

Rhys Hoskins is still trying to play himself back into game shape.  He has 3 hits in 22 at bats, 2 walks, and 8 strike outs to go with one HR.  His backup is Alec Bohm since Brad Miller is suffering from his own injury.  He hasn’t played since March 11th.

Jean Segura is only hitting .200, but he’s putting the ball in play and hitting it hard.  He has 4 walks and 4 Ks in 25 at bats.

Didi Gregorius is below Mendoza and took a ball to the back or helmet over the weekend.

Alec Bohm is hitting the ball well.  He’s fielding well.  Nothing to worry about here.

Scott Kingery, the presumptive backup to Segura, Gregorius, and Bohm is struggling.  An option to the Alternate Training Site seems possible.  If it happens, then Chatham or Maton could be recalled.  However, I think Girardi would be more comfortable with Torreyes.  He started at SS on Sunday.  I know that requires another 40-man move, but …

McCutchen looks ready to go.  Harper, not so much.  His strike out rate is a little worrisome.

Centerfield is supposedly up for grabs.  I think it was Kingery’s for the taking with a platoon with HaseleyKingery’s poor spring and Haseley’s injury put an end to that.  I think the job will go to Quinn.  I can’t picture the Phillies giving the job to Herrera.  Anyway, I think Quinn has won the job outright.  Sending Herrera to the Alternate Training Site saves a 40-man move.

Matt Joyce has certainly secured a spot on the active roster.   There’s a 40-man move.

The rotation, once a strength, has some questions.  Nola, Wheeler, Moore, and Anderson still remain locks.  But injuries to Eflin, Velasquez, and Howard not only create an opening but wipe out our supposed depth.

The bullpen looks fine.  Alvarado, Bradley, and Neris are locks.  Brogdon was a lock, but his rib thing and the long layoff between appearances left him rusty Saturday.  Hopefully, he’ll be fine.  If Velasquez and Howard are out of the starter competition (due to injury), they are also not available to relieve.  So, that leaves Coonrod, Hale, Romero, Rosso, Kintzler, Watson, Mitchell, Rondon, Nova, and Ynoa competing for 4 spots.  The first six probably have the inside track.  Kintzler and Watson would require 2more 40-man moves.

So, later this week when the Phillies make and announce their decisions regarding their six FA NRIs, or more likely when we hear stuff through the rumor mill, we’ll have a very good idea what the 26-man roster will look like.

I don’t think we can count on trades to ease our 40-man roster plight.  Most teams will face similar tough decisions.  Teams will likely be able to pick up players for nothing through waivers.

And, I don’t know why we would trade Velasquez.  If anything, we should realize that major league ready pitching will be at a premium this season.  You don’t trade one away when you’re experiencing injuries in spring training.

We’ll likely see the same types of trades we saw earlier – waiver claims accepting cash to butt the line.

It’s no longer early.

The Phillies’ running payroll is still $186,909,462.

The Phillies’ salary against the competitive balance tax is still $198,272,282.

The Phillies’ margin under the CBT threshold of $210M is still $11,727,718. (see spreadsheet)

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

I didn’t review comments until Sunday.  No name calling.  Call someone a doofus again and you will be banned.  Goes for everyone.

Key Dates:

  • March 24, 2021 – Opt out date for Brandon Kintzler, et alia
  • April 1, 2021 – Phillies’ home opener v. Braves
  • April 2021 – ST for Double-A and Single-A begins
  • May 2021 – Opening day for Double-A and Single-A
  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft
  • October 2, 2021 – Phillies clinch a playoff berth in Miami

The rosters and lists are up to date as of March 7th … 337 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

3/16/2021 – Phillies optioned Christopher Sanchez to Alt Training Site
3/16/2021 – Phillies optioned Nick Maton to Alt Training Site
3/16/2021 – Phillies optioned CJ Chatham to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Kyle Dohy to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Bailey Falter to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Damon Jones to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Mauricio Llovera to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Adonis Medina to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Fransisco Morales to Alt Training Site
3/13/2021 – Phillies optioned Simon Muzziotti to Alternate Training Site
2/23/2021 – Phillies released RHP Jose Conopoima
2/22/2021 – SS Luis Garcia assigned to Phillies
2/17/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Seranthony Dominguez on the 60-day IL

I saw all the 2008 Phillies talk.  Another thing to consider was how fortunate they were with their starting pitching.  They may not have been a bunch of big names, but they were very capable.  The Phillies only used SEVEN starters during the season.

  1. Cole Hamels (14-10, 3.09) and Jamie Moyer (16-7, 3.71) made 33 starts each.
  2. Brett Myers (10-13, 4.55) and Kyle Kendrick (11-9, 5.49) made 30 starts each.
  3. Adam Eaton (4-8,5.80) made 19 starts but didn’t appear in a game after July 27th.
  4. Joe Blanton (4-0,4.20) made 13 starts.
  5. Rookie JA Happ (1-0, 3.69) made 4 starts – 2 during a call up in July and 2 in September.

In addition, I’ll never forget Pat Burrell’s contribution – 33 HR, 86 RBI, and 102 BB and 136 K in 645 AB.  And his almost game-winning HR in game five.

Plus, Jayson Werth’s reckless abandon on the base paths in September(7 for 7, 20 for 21 on the season).

241 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of March 21, 2021

  1. I was having visions of grandeur during Spring Training this year and did not open my eyes to reality until I read Jim’s site today. I am totally bummed and I don’t think that clinch date on October 2 is in the cards. Help!

    1. April is a really tough month with 14 games VS Braves and Mets then 7 against the Cards

      They get an additional 3 against the Rockies and 3 against the Giants.

      My big concern remains Hoskins still

      1. Another thing that is frustrating to me in watching these ST games is our minor leaguers. They seem overmatched with not only the MLB players on other teams but the minor leaguers on the other teams look so much better than ours. Our batters cannot hit their pitchers, no matter who it is they look like Sandy Koufax when we are batting especially late in the game.

        1. Don’t let the outcomes get you down. Most of our NRI minor leaguers are young with little or no at bats above Clearwater. And their real value right now is to replace the major leaguers in spring games. They are gaining valuable experience for the future. Yes, they’re making mistakes, but they are young guy mistakes. Like taking too many pitches and getting behind then swinging at an offspeed pitch out of the zone or taking a fastball down the middle. They’ll learn and get better.

          The guys I think we’re talking about are Duran, O’Hoppe, Garcia, Stott, Rojas, Ortiz, and Vierling. It’s a difficult situation. Late in the game as a replacement. Only one AB to impress the brass. They’ll get better. Although I have to admit, Rojas does look more confused than the others.

          1. Most seasons these young guys would not have been in camp, but we do not have AAA prospects.

    2. Jim is just like anyone of us, he has his opinions, doesn’t mean he is right or wrong. I never take stock into spring numbers so anyone struggling, to me, isn’t a huge deal esp offensive players. If we are missing players come opening say, then i’ll worry. I’m still extremely optimistic, 91 wins is my prediction (again, like jim, it’s just opinion tho).
      As far as Moniak goes, I don’t think he was ever in serious consideration because the org knows that he just isn’t it, regardless of spring numbers.

      1. If they were serious with Moniak they would have started him in more games. I don’t even remember more than 1 time that he was in the starting line-ups. Either they didn’t consider him or they thought he would do poorly and didn’t want him to fail for the PR fallout.

        1. I never believed Moniak was “in the mix” for centerfield this spring. But, I believe they do consider him a major leaguer who will force his way into the starting line up, maybe as early as next season. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if after success in Triple-A and some injury and/or failure to produce at the major league level, to see Moniak back in Philadelphia later this season.

          1. There is always that one key fall back which is don’t listen to what they say watch what they do

            and even that isn’t always easy to discern. In MM’s case the experience is invaluable if he is going to stick at the MLB level one day.

            1. What Mickey Moniak needs to do is go the LHV and hit .270 – .300, hit 20 – 30 HRs and knock in 70 – 90 RBIs. If he does that he will be in the running for a starting job next ST. Although these are numbers that he has never put up in any other level.

            2. Mickey could very easily hit 270-.280 with close to 70 RBIs….but 20-30 HRs in a truncated AAA season would be difficult….dang….it would be difficult even when they play a full 142 game schedule

            3. Moniak had one awesome game early in Spring in which he hit 2 homers. Outside of that game he is 4-20 with 3 xbh, 6 Ks and 2 walks.

              Let’s hold off on the wild expectations. If he does it then great. But lower the expectations.

            4. He actually is on a projected pace. He should go to AAA and have a good year. Things will take care of themselves if he does. We are all pulling for him.

            5. JColl49…..there is still that gap between AAA hitting and the major leagues. He will need to build confidence in LHV and translate it over to the majors with consistency.

  2. jim, I really paid attention to your opinion that Herrera does not get the job starting in CF. I mentioned yesterday that I like that extra oomph that Quinn’s speed brings, and thought he may win the job. But, I don’t have your sources, and I am not in Florida seeing anything live. What are the chances that Howard and VV open the season on the IR?

    1. Quinn may get the starting job but his recurrent soft tissue issues likely will not be going away.

      1. They’ll let Quinn start… won’t make anybody angry that odubs is out there.. when quinn gets hurt.. bc he will.. always does… sliding into second stealing bases dives in outfield etc. then odubs may get a shot if heasley isn’t ready.. not sold that kingery every gets “it” back to a sustainable level but i sure hope he does

      2. Quinn’s injury history aside he’s only managed a career OBP of 306 and an OPS of 669. Even WRC+ he’s just a tad over 81

        IMO there just isn’t enough of a hit tool there to put the speed to everyday use. Ben Revere comes to mind

        1. Agree.. it’s an optics move on having odub be a starter for opening day.. with fans.. not going to happen.. the person saying they should have had him back with the cutouts is right

    2. With the Complex closed to visitors, I’ve been to more games and watched more games on TV than I have since 2012.

      My opinion on Herrera has nothing to do with my sources. I just can’t envision the organization changing its position on the matter. I think DD got him into the games, but I think the decision rests with MacPhail, Middleton, and public opinion. Personally, I think he should have been playing last season after he served his time and in front of cardboard cutouts. This year, I think he has shown he can play, but he has a 40-man roster move attached to him that the Phillies may need to use elsewhere. We’ll see.

      What I’ve seen doesn’t help regarding VV and Howard. All I can do is speculate that a slight oblique strain isn’t as bad as being a little bit pregnant. . An oblique is a painful injury and has taken players at least 6 weeks to bounce back in the past. I saw Kelly Dugan sustain his oblique injury in a minor league ST game at the Blue Jays’ complex in 2013. He dropped like he was shot and didn’t make his Threshers’ debut until 4/26. But, Arrieta pitched through an oblique in his first Phillies’ season. One thing is for certain if VV’s hurt you can’t play him and you can’t trade him. Okay, two things.

      In Howard’s case, I never believed that they intended to pitch him out of the bullpen. And, I believed they would rather have him starting games in September than in April. I believed they would put him on innings and pitch counts. So, I never expected him to start the season on the roster. I’d let him stay in Clearwater and bring him north when the weather warms up a little. Better for his back. Mid-May if he’s ready. But, this is all spec since we don’t know what the Phillies know about his or any of the players’ injuries. FWIW, I saw Howard pitch this spring in person. He looked fine to me. Six Ks in 3.0 innings, wowzer!

      Former player update: Kelly Dugan signed to play for the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League.

      1. Wow I’m surprised that McPhail is listed in this note Jim. I figured he and DD would not coexist in the area of player personnel decisions.

        1. Okay, that part of my opinion is fact. He’s there, he’s not a figurehead, he still has input, his input is valued. He’s not MK. But the rest is still just my opinion.

        1. rocco…no problem, they fitted him with one of those blue fiberglass casts to keep the bone in place.

      2. Spencer is good to go. All I will say is that these injuries happened at the same time pitchers started taking batting practice.

      3. Jim , since moving to Greensboro been keeping a eye on local teams here and 3 ex former players signed with the High Point Rockers of the Atlantic league – Mitch Walding, Logan Moore and Michael Martinez.

        1. I enjoy going to the local games (Dash, Grasshoppers), but IDK Walding, Moore, and Mini Mart signed with HP Rockers. Since I am next door in K-Ville I think I will check them out.

  3. I’ve expected Quinn to be the opening day CF since Haseley got hurt. As it stands now, Haseley could play in a few games this week and might even be ready by 4/1. If not, he won’t be very far behind. I still expect Chatham to get the 26th spot but it could also be a 9th relief pitcher until Haseley is ready to delay a 40 decision. Odubel has not gone out and hit 300 and won the job and earned a 26 or 40 spot. I still think he’ll go to AAA and get at bats with MM and Janakowski in the OF. Also there’s no way they’ll give a 26/40 spot to Torreys like one sportswriter suggested. Still tough decisions to make on the pen and who will lose their 40 spot.

  4. Joe makes it official, Nola starting game one, Wheeler game two. Eflin on track to start game three. Eflin, Howard, and Velasquez all looked good today. Haseley expected to play by Wednesday. JT maybe tomorrow. Only concern seems to be Miller. And even he’s expected to be good to go by opening day. Will come down to how he feels. So, things are all sunshine and roses. Sorry if my “the glass is half empty” came out too much today. Bullpen will be the first piece settled due to decisions this week.

    1. Domestic issues aside, Odubel still frustrates me as a ball player. Those wild swings drive me mad. If I was pitching against him, nothing but slop and watch him wail.

      1. Denny…he does seem more dedicated and serious about his craft than in the past.
        He may have turned over a new leaf.

        1. I could be wrong about this, haven’t looked at numbers to verify but hasn’t Herrera been playing against a lot of LHP this spring? Maybe trying to stack the deck against him? I dunno but I still see him as your best option if CF, and thats even if everyone is healthy. Lets see if he can recapture his 2015/2016 self.

      2. Those 7 k’s (wild swings) in 36 abs drives you more crazy than those 11 controlled K’s in 28 abs by Quinn as he uses that blazing speed to walk back to the dugout?

  5. Saw Jim listed Erik Miller as injured. I think I read he threw a live BP to JTR and Marchan on Saturday and was very, very good. Numerous strike outs and some
    OF fly balls.

    1. Erik Miller was injured early and has missed out on the opportunity to pitch in any ST games. Keep in mind that injured can also mean ill this season.

  6. Cole Hamels is still out there…perhaps Phillies could sign him to a minor league contract and have him start at the Alt Site until LHV is ready to play in May…get half-dozen starts in and if a starter goes down he may be able to come in

    1. If Hamels was willing to sign that type of deal, great. It would also give us an idea of an outsider’s opinion of the Phillies’ chances since I would expect him to only sign with a team that had a chance to make the playoffs.

    1. And Hoskins doubled his ST hit count by going 3-3 including 2B, plus a BB.

      We knew he may start back slow after injury so hopefully this is sign of progress.
      Still wish we had Bamboo Brad healthy to give him rests.

  7. As has been mentioned by others the young Phillies hitters were overmatched in late innings. Garcia had a double but several strikeouts. Most simply taking fastballs.

    1. Rosso is interesting….not sure they will stretch him or let him continue short relief.
      He does have a live FB for that one inning or two.

  8. 29 players from 40 man roster still in MLB camp and also 11 Non Roster players still there.

  9. Erik Miller among the 12 mini campers dressing for today’s game. Wheeler will probably go 5-6 innings like Nola. We need a high pitch count or a reliever to blow up to get Miller into the game. Go Jays? Carr, Hammer, and Hernandez are the other pitchers from MC dressing today. The position players are the same as have been for over a week now – Cabral, O’Hoppe, Garcia, Hall, Stott, Rojas, Vierling.

  10. This will be controversial but if Odubel is best option for CF he should start. Totally against what he did but I do not remember Bobby Cox being denied the opportunity to do his job. Recently seems like most of the domestic abuse issues are from players from “3rd” world countries. They are lagging behind us by 50 years or so. 50 years ago a lot of people turned a blind eye to domestic abuse let alone other types of abuse. What he did was wrong but like Chapman, German, Vick and others they were punished and hopefully are better people.

    Just for record I wanted him gone well before incident. Not a guy whose escapades in field contribute to winning team. Poor mans Willie Montanez.

  11. Looking forward to watching tonight’s game, and, go to the right channel at 6 pm, and, nothing. Not the first time NBCSports has pulled a spring game late. Really annoying. Not a great way for them to build ratings, especially since they already show so few games.

    1. Thank you Jim. It’s a great site, nice clarity and placement of the camera. A plus is no announcers. Especially after a couple of games with Rickey Bo., RA Jr and Ben Davis (whom I enjoy).

  12. Suffice it to say that Wheeler did not duplicate Nola’s outing from last night. But, JTR goes yard in his first AB!

  13. Very good article on DD on Phillies site. He gets very detailed about his way of doing things. Good read.

  14. Ouch. The Blue Jays make it a habit of pounding on the Phillies, don’t they? Brings to mind the sweep and many blown saves in the sweep last summer in Buffalo.

  15. Today we’ll maybe hear who wants to opt out and who the Phillies want to retain. Maybe.

    Based on Girardi’s assessment of players’ health and Mr. Howard’s recent comment regarding Spencer (“good to go”). Here’s another guess at the 26-man roster. Mine are in bold text.

    1 and 2 – catchers Realmuto and Knapp
    3,4,5, and 6 – starting infield Hoskins, Segura, Gregorius, Bohm
    7 and 8 – two corner outfielders McCutchen and Harper
    9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 – starting pitchers Nola, Wheeler, Eflin, Moore, Anderson
    14, 15, 16, and 17 – four bullpen locks Alvarado, Bradley, Brogdon, Neris

    That leaves centerfield, 4 bench slots, and 4 bullpen slots to fill.

    18 and 19 – centerfield looks like it’ll come down to Haseley and Quinn. The loser becomes a bench guy. Herrera has been swinging his way out of the running.
    20 – Matt Joyce. Bench guy. First 40-man transaction.
    21 and 22 – the other two bench guys, Kingery and Miller. However, Miller sounds like he’s not going to be ready. So, Torreyes. Even if Miller is ready, Torreyes might get the nod over Kingery. Kingery has played just 5 innings in the infield this spring. Torreyes is getting all the recent reps and the other backup infielders have already been optioned. Of course, one could be recalled. But, I’m guessing Kingery and Torreyes with Miller starting the season on the IL. Second 40-man transaction.

    23, 24, 25, and 26 – the rest of the bullpen four from, Howard, Kintzler, Coonrod, Romero, Watson, and Hale. Girardi has indicated that he might take 2 multi-inning relievers. That bodes well for Howard, Hale, and maybe Coonrod. Romero and Watson would add 2 lefties to Alvarado in the bullpen. How about Howard in a regular long relief role behind Eflin, Moore, or Anderson? That way they can benefit from his work and control his innings. Romero has beat out Watson and doesn’t require a 40-man transaction. Kintzler has surely won a spot. Hale has pitched well. So, I go with Howard, Kintzler, Romero, Coonrod. And I hope Watson takes the retention bonus. Kintzler requires a third 40-man transaction.

    Now, it’s not necessarily true that the Phillies will need 3 transactions. It’s reasonable to assume that they’ve been talking with other teams ever since the first injury occurred. It’s reasonable to assume that there is some trade (or trades) on a backburner that could be made this week or next. And, it’s also reasonable to assume (or know) that my opinions on trades are just that – my opinions. An “I told you so” may be in somebody’s future. Or not. We’ll see.

  16. .

    I’ve mentioned a few times I would hold on to Vince Velasquez. I think the Phillies are going to need the pitching depth. In addition, guys usually are at their best in walk years, and I doubt he’ll bring back the type of return to make it worth the team’s while to deal him.
    That said … if DD is working on something with Toronto, the guy I’d love to see the Phillies get is Nick Frasso. The Blue Jays picked him in the 4th round of last summer’s draft. I was hoping Brian Barber had nabbed Frasso before Toronto.

    1. Hinkie….Yates may yet need TJ, so there is some question and concern…Vinny may be what they desire to ensure coverage if Yates cannot go.
      IMO, I do it.
      Opens a 40 slot…saves $4M under the luxury tax…and maybe get a 10-15 range prospect on their top 30

      1. Correction..Yates needs TJ…..Jays will be looking for someone now to fill that spot in their bullpen.

      2. That would be a heck of a get for VV. Years of control is such a huge factor these days. Maybe if Vince had a track record similar to Yates out of the BP but he’s still kind of an enigma.

        You’re boy appears to be having a nice day Romus

        1. Hope he keeps it up in LHV……build on his resume.
          Some team will take a chance….maybe a team like the Marines or Rangers.

        1. Lots to like about Frasso: 6’5″/195, throws 95 w/plenty of projection as he fills out. Above avg CB that will probably tighten as he gets stronger. He’s also very athletic (former basketball star).

          1. Sounds intriguing.

            VV has a very “already gone” feeling to him. They have been very intentional about using other pitchers this spring and VV just seems to be fit in on the pitching carousel when an arm is needed. He’s not quite an afterthought, but he’s also not a priority.

            While I thought it was a crying shame that we had to move Pivetta, I really don’t feel the same about VV. I know announcers rave about his “stuff” but honestly, I just don’t see it. Yeah, he throws sorta hard (usually 93-94, touching 95 and 96), but he doesn’t have enough movement or velocity on the FB or good enough breaking pitches to put hitters away and it means he’s always struggling especially since his command is middling. Hitters just foul off pitches until he walks them or they get a mistake – it’s almost always one or the other.

            He could develop somewhere else, but I don’t see it happening here anytime soon. So it’s time to move on.

            1. By the way, I don’t really blame the Phillies for what’s happened to VV.

              People seem to think that the 16-strikeout game was a mirage. But, frankly, it wasn’t – at least not entirely. At that time, VV had much better stuff. That game his FB sat around 97 with riding movement up in the zone and he could just blow hitters away. He’s not the same pitcher right now – not even close. Some guys do fine when their FB loses a few ticks, other guys, like VV, don’t.

  17. Romus i think Greatest Honour is going to win the Derby, i hate favorites, i also like Proxy

  18. There is a chance Phils try to pass someone thru waivers such as Sanchez, I figure anyone they try will get claimed by someone. Hale if he is not in pen I believe he is out of options and they would lose him too. Hale also has had a good spring so he may have a good chance of breaking camp with team as another pitcher with options goes to minors – Howard comes to mind. We could be surprised by a trade and it may not include VV.

    1. He requested and was granted his release. Of course, this is the one we hear about when we are really more interested in several others – Matt Joyce, Brandon Kintzler, Tony Watson, Ivan Nova, Hector Rondon

  19. Lance McCullers…5yr/$85M extension.

    Interesting…that 2012 draft was a good one for first rounders….Eflin drafted at 33rd and McCullers 8 picks 41.
    Wonder if the Phillies will go down that same road with Eflin…may be a god time to do it….he would be a few notches below McCuller’s level, but may be able to get him controlled for a good number of years at a very reasonable cost..
    And if he breaks out this year…..he could be more costly.

  20. @ Rocco & Romus…………good job opportunity for you two as FSA (Foreign Substance Abuse) Compliance Officers. Have no idea what it pays, but pine tar, Vaseline, spittle and other substances will not be tolerated this year……right,…………phhhhhttttttttttttttttt, right!

    1. Skeet…I’m on it,
      ….one substance do not have to worry about checking for, Lasix.
      They only give that to horses to run faster.

      1. Maybe we should check for lasix on some of our guys, a few of them have added a few tics on their fastballs this spring!

  21. It sounds like they’re not going to keep Watson which I think would be a big mistake. Several good left handed hitters in our division. They don’t want to lose a Dohy, Sanchez, or Llovera to keep Watson. I think that’s a mistake.

    1. I’m not afraid to lose Watson or Sanchez or Llovera. I wouldn’t want to lose Dohy just yet. To me Watson is expendable if you have Warren and Dohy in the wings.

      Not to mention I think Alvarado is going to be the guy in high leverage situations to take on the Freemans and Soto’s.

  22. Word on the street and at the track is that Moffo is on Lasix. This way he has no trouble catching up to the ponies.

      1. Denny….lol,
        Lasix, not Lasik….one is for more get up and go, the other is to see better wherever you are running to.

  23. Where we last left off with Dohy was his age 22 season 2 leagues AA and AAA where his K/9 was 18 and 13.2 respectively, al beit with a way too high BB/9 4.1 and 8.6.

    Now 24 and really no info on what he might have done to improve in 2020 he’s still interesting.

    1. DMAR…watched Dohy at LHV in 2019.
      Man he ca be so frustrating …..Mitch Williams.2
      One time, saw him strike out the first two batters then walk the next two.
      His slider was really biting and LHBs could not touch it, whenever they swung.

      1. It’s crazy right. All you can say I guess is that you don’t want to give up on him too soon. He’s gotta dial in his mechanics so he can succeed in the show.

        We’re on our what 3rd pitching coach in 4 seasons. At some point we have to stop blaming pitching coaches perhaps.

        1. Sometimes it is tough….he has had this issue for the last six years…BB/9, is pretty high going back to Cal State.
          He has had his share of pitching coaches along the way and I am sure they all worked on his fundamental flaw revolving around control…so what you are alluding to is correct.
          Perhaps Driveline will be the answer.

  24. I don’t understand why they are high on David Hale, besides that JoeG knows him. He showed nothing last season, and I know he makes little, but that is a spot that could open up. Especially if Vinny does not get traded. He then is the “long” reliever, and less need for Hale. Of course, counting on Vinny for anything, once again, does not fill me with optimism.

    1. With the reincarnation of the “wild thing”, they may feel they need someone that can get an out no matter how unspectacular it may be.

  25. .

    Four Phillies make ESPN’s Top 100 Players in MLB.

    #25 Bryce Harper (also 25 last year)
    #27 JT Realmuto (down from 23 last year)
    #51 Aaron Nola (up one spot from 52 in 2020)
    #72 Zack Wheeler (up from 83 last year)

    They also call Nola the most underrated pitcher in MLB and mention Alec Bohm as the Phillie most likely to next join the list.

    1. Sounds about right – neither did anything to indicate they were good options moving forward.

      I’ve heard rumblings (NOT from the team) that Coonrod would not make the team. He’s been fantastic and has still more untapped upside. To me, he has to make the team. Romero may or may not make the team, but either way, I expect him to end the year in the majors. De Los Santos probably won’t make the team, but he bears watching. I know he struggled in his last appearance, but Connor Brogdon has serious upside and he should definitely make the team.

      1. DLS isn’t in the 40, he has no shot at the 26. He’s behind quite a few guys on the 40. And that was before his performance tonight.

  26. Any increase in VV trade rumors might be taken as a positive endorsement of Spencer Howard’s health.

  27. Romus-Moffo – Down here in South Florida Greatest Honour is a 6-5 favorite to win Saturday’s Florida Derby but Concert Tour (a Baffert horse) is not part of the field

    1. ciada…Bob Baffert, is the Bill Belichek of horse racing, with the same bluster…over 3K wins….and will save his horse, and only have him run in the biggies.
      One reason to put your money on Concert Tour, with Joel Rosario riding…..he will be ready for prime time.

    2. The last time I bet a horse race Thunder Gulch came off a FL Derby win and I bet him big to win the KY Derby.

      So FL Derby winners are usually a good bet especially if you get the odds I did 🙂

  28. I believe that Kintzler and Watson need to know tomorrow if they make the team. They exercised their opt outs yesterday, and we have until Friday to let them know. I think that is what I read. I think Kintzler should be a lock, and I would like to keep Watson. I have no trouble starting JoJo in AAA, but it requires another 40 man spot, and I don’t know who I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on losing besides Hale. I think Herrera goes to AAA and Quinn starts opening day. That leaves 40 spots for Kintzler and Joyce before a decision on Watson. Tough calls!

  29. Hope this is Matt Moore’s one mediocre outing out of his way.
    He is not sharp tonight.

    1. I thought Moore was bit by some bad pitch sequencing and of course he missed his spot too on both HRs to Judge and Torres. Outside of that he is what he is a 4th/5th starter.

      Felt bad for DLS. Not sure who that ump was but wow did he really cost him last night. I think at one point the batter even started to walk off as if he was struck out. Nope ump called it right down the middle for a ball as Whitey would say.

      That said he let him get to him and blew up. He once had a lot of promise in my eyes. Still just 25 he could end up as a solid BP piece.

  30. Today I would say I want to keep Kintzler and Joyce therefore I would DFA Chatham and one of either Suarez, Sanchez or Llovera to make that happen.

    Honestly I haven’t seen any of Watson so I’ll defer to others if they think he is worth keeping.

  31. And finally It took a while into ST but Johan Rojas finally flashed his potential last night.

    1. Agreed. Rojas looks like a very exciting, multi-talented, quick-twitch player and he appears to have wiry strength and is filling out. If he develops well as hitter (and he seems to have a very quick bat), you could be looking at a special player.

      Logan O’Hoppe crushed a ball last night. That dude is built. If he can make regular contact, you could be looking at Realmuto’s successor.

    2. Wow! Loved seeing the potential in Rojas. He reminded me of Juan Samuel when he first entered the league. He’s definitely got all the tools. He just needs to refine his approach at the plate. Plenty of time for that. He’s only 20 YO.
      Also love the fact that the kid seems like a sponge. He hung out with Charlie Manuel, Larry Bowa, and Rob Thompson in the dugout, and even took constructive criticism (along with the fist bumps) after his game winning hit.

      1. Also gotta’ love seeing Logan O’Hoppe obliterate the baseball.


        Even better he did it against the team he grew up rooting for.

        1. O’Hoppe is probably just a tick away from the majors from the defensive aspect of his game….offensively maybe just a year or two away.
          With JTR planted behind the plate for the next 3/4 years for sure…..O’
          Hoppe chances to get to the majors may be with another club and he could be a trade chip after this season
          He will not need to be put on the 40 until Nov 2022 for protection.

          All three of O’Hoppe, Marchan and Duran look to be future MLB players, either as starters or back-ups…..and two could be valued trade chips after this season.

          1. I hear you, but . . . . there are some things in baseball that don’t grow on trees and that you cannot easily replace. Impact catchers are one of those commodities.

            If you think Logan O’Hoppe has a chance to be a first division regular, you find a way to keep him around.

            1. Catchers can bring back value. If you look at our trade for Halladay, the Rangers for Hamels and a more recent for Snell and quite a few in between…

            2. Catch thoughts on Moore and Alvarado having their worst outing and coincidentally JT behind the dish with each for the first time.

              I know you thought there might be some issues with JT and Nola

            3. True…….but with three I would look to move one or two as their prospect value grows.
              And lets not forget….Abrhan Guiterrez and then there is 19-year old Andrick Nava, who is also one to keep a close eye on and could be a fast mover thru the system,

              ….along with their guy this year they signed out of Venezuela for big money…..Ric Perez…their first choice in the international market..
              They are keep the bottom end of the pipeline going.

          2. Romus, I was thinking about the catching depth prospects we have and thought that 1 or 2 could be trade chips as well. But also we may not have Knapp for more than another year or two so hanging on to these guys is not a bad idea. Phillies have had a good track record of developing catchers for a long time.
            At the same time JT may not stay at catcher several years down the road and could see time at 1B or DH to help keep his bat in lineup and also help keep his knees from wear n tear. He at that point would be catching less per year and a backup catcher will be more important.

            1. BobD…..I do not expect JTR to catch for all of his 5 years….but expect the next 3 thru 2023, for him to be there for the bulk of the time
              Any of those three can back him up if Knapp moves on..
              But catchers are value positions……if a team wants one for the right price….why not make the move.

  32. He looks like he might be a real stand out prospect, DMAR. Hoping he has a great year, and certainly has the tools. He can hit, run, and looks like a real plus Defensive player. I can’t wait to see him grow as a player. I think he can be a good one. That was some crazy game. Alvarado had his one clunker of a ST outing. A little Rick Vaughnish last night. We should know a lot more today about the BP.

    1. Haha love the Rick Vaughn reference Matt….

      Nothing more frustrating on the pitching side of the game than a pitcher that can’t throw strikes.

      1. Vaughn dominated the California Penal League. I’m sure Herrera would take him deep though.

  33. Matt Gelb was correct, “never speak of this game again.” The pitching was horrendous. 13 runs..10 walks… Alvarado was throwing 102 mph to the back stops…My Phillies reliever indigestion just fired back up again…

      1. King Felagund…..FYI….did you read Jim’s comment above in his commentary.

        “I didn’t review comments until Sunday. No name calling. Call someone a doofus again and you will be banned. Goes for everyone.”

  34. I saw one person not wearing a mask at the stadium yesterday. Jim, you better hunt that person down.

          1. good one Hinkie. Was actually hoping everyone ignored it and just let Jim remove it. Trolls tend to want a response so always best to pretend they don’t even exist.

            My view anyway

        1. Did I say something wrong? Nothing I said was out of line. People who take ST too seriously are twats. Do you disagree?

          1. “Lol, you’re a twat.” I’m guessing you feel pretty strongly about the Phillies relievers..

  35. I’d be remissed if I didn’t give Didi his props. That blast and that catch OMG he still brings it every night.

  36. Hinkie…..Rays may be looking for a reliever to replace Nick Anderson …out for 8 weeks, and may eventually need TJ after he comes back in June and tests his arm.
    Vinny and Odubel……get you CFer Kevin K and maybe one of their top 30 prospects.

    1. Kevin K makes too much money for us unless they eat some money and we throw in someone like Medina

  37. With Watson gone and Herrera probably starting at Lehigh Valley, only two 40 spots will be needed. It appears that Coonrod, Howard, Vinnie, and Hale are fighting for two spots on the 26 with 40 implications. Coonrod and Howard have options. If they decide to keep Howard and VV gets released, another team would have to assume his $4M to get him. That’s not a certainty so maybe we could keep him in the minors for depth. Keeping Hale and sending Coonrod down gives them needed depth but someone (Llovera? Jones? Dohy?) would have to be traded. We should know soon.

    1. Happy to see Howard was just sent down. Best place for him for now. It’s now 3 for 2 spots. My guess is that Coonrod gets sent down. They’ll then have to release 2 of their minor league arms unless someone suddenly goes on the 60 IL

    2. That’s not how it works vis-a-vis being released. We’d still have to pay him the full salary. The team picking him up would only be required to pay the league minimum.

      1. Not if someone claims him. If he goes unclaimed, we pay him and keep him. My terminology is probably wrong.

        1. If they claim him on waivers, then yes they pay his full salary. But if he clears waivers, then they only need to pay him the minimum. I don’t see how we keep him if other teams only need to offer him the minimum. Any rebuilding team would take a shot on that one. He’s got the stuff where if he puts it together for half a season, he’ll bring back a nice prospect in a trade.

          1. DanK…another issue is a claiming team will need to put him on their 40. And at this time of the year most teams are doing the same maneuvering the Phillies are doing with their NRIs.
            Not that one team will not pick him up…..but the odds are smaller with the season starting in less than a week.

    3. Llovera could be DFAed…and if not picked up by anyone…he goes to LHV
      Dohy and Jones as lefthanders may be too attractive to pass up on.

        1. Perhaps….but they are all playing a numbers game with their 40.
          And… he that special 25-year old arm?
          If I recall, maybe I am wrong……but the Phillies did not put him into one spring training game this year, and I assume he is not injured.

          1. Agree with Romus. Llovera (as far as I’m concerned) is the obvious choice to be DFA’ed. After that, Hale seems like the next guy to lose his spot. Don’t know if Joe Girardi’s relationship with Hale will help to save him. I would hold on to Vince Velasquez for the reasons I’ve mentioned a number of times already (inexpensive depth piece, and guys tend to over perform in their walk years). That said, it seems like DD may be looking into dealing VV. Toronto or Tampa (as Romus mentioned) make sense. I’d be excited for a Velasquez to Toronto for Nick Frasso trade.

          2. Numbers game? take out about 10 players, You could just put the others name in a hat an pick, They have so little talent, I think with my winnings bettting against them this year, i will finally get that big house in Florida with a pool, living on a golf course,

            1. rocco…..what part of Florida…around Clearwater/Tampa……Naples….Orlando and the Villages….Miami-Dade/Broward…Panama City?
              Let us know so we can come down and see you.

  38. Muzziotti has been put on the restricted list because of visa problems, so that opens a spot on the 40 man roster.

    1. Temporally …just kicking the can down the road…he will have to be back on the 40 once the issue is cleared, and who knows, that could be tomorrow or sometime in April. Unless the problem is of an illegal nature, he should be ready to play firts of May at LHV or Reading.

  39. Cole Irvin tonight vs LA Dodgers opening day lineup:


    Had a 1.50 era entering tonight, now his spring totals read:

    17,9,2,2,3,17, 1.06 era, 0.71 whip, 5.67 k/bb

    He’s looking like he’ll make A’s roster and probably 5th spot in rotation.

    1/30/21: Phillies traded LHP Cole Irvin to Oakland in a cash deal, to clear a spot for LHP Matt Moore.

    1. Actually Irvin pitched the 6th inning too.
      Tonight’s totals:


      Spring totals:

      18,10,2,2,3,18 1.00 era, 0.72 whip, 6.0 k/bb

    2. Omg Irvin a batting practice pitcher, I would bet he isnt a starter or big league pitcher for long,

      1. rocco….JD Hammer only threw 12 pitches last night against two batters, in the last inning of the game….but he was at or over 96 velo on almost all his FBs.
        I like to see how he does at LHV next month.

  40. Was last night’s 6 – 5 loss to Toronto meant to prepare us for the 2021 season by emotionally scaring us? Trauma from flashbacks of the bullpen horrors of 2020 rushed into my head causing my vision to blur, my mouth to uncontrollably drool, all while muttering to myself, “Take me now. I can’t live through this again.” Well it is spring training, and I find comfort in the fact that those responsible the past two nights are not headed north next week. Cuervo Gold also helps.

    1. Lost the game to the Blue Jays by pitching three guys; Mitchell, Feliz and Hammer, that came in from the Adult Baseball League to pitch end of game. If that was Alvarado, Bradley and Neris from this year, different outcome.

  41. 18 walks in two games. Ooch. Some comfort by pitchers who will not be on the 26-man roster.

  42. Phillies Are 10th-$$$$$ Value
    “Sportico released 2021 MLBl season valuation rankings. The Phillies have the 10th-highest MLB team valuation at $2.28B, trailing the NY Yankees ($6.75B), Boston Red Sox ($4.8 B), LA Dodgers ($4.62B, Chicago Cubs ($4.14B), SF Giants ($3.49B), NY Mets ($2.48B), LA Angels ($2.46B), Atlanta Braves ($2.38B, and St. Louis Cardinals ($2.36B). The Marlins rank last in MLB with a $1.12B. The average MLB team is worth $2.2B while all 30 teams have a $66B combined valuation………the Phillies current fair-market value exceeds $2 billion alone.
    The Phillies’ $2.28B total value represents the franchise’s current fair-market value ($2.22 billion), combined with the values of team-related businesses and real estate holdings ($60M)”

    …IMO, I do not see how the Braves and Cardinals edge out the Phillies…but that is me.

    1. Romus; there’s a surrounding area around Busch stadium that includes live music, restaurants, bars and other entertainment called Ballpark Village. There’s also high end condos with views of the stadium, Mississippi river and Arch that are owned by the Dewitt family and likely folded into that valuation…So not really an apples to apples comparison and necessarily fair evaluation of the Phillies vs Cardinals..

      1. Cardinals worth $2.36B
        Phillies worth $2.28B

        Does this mean the Phils now get competitive balance draft picks? 🙂

        1. Another injustice by MLB…..they need to either take those Round A and B picks away…..or drop them until later in the draft, maybe after the 10th round..
          The smaller market teams already get revenue sharing monies.

    2. Romus with the way crime is rising in this city, and around my area, which is couple blocks from stadium, It will be like going to the old Connie Mack Stadium, People near Connie Mack used to say to us five dollars to watch your car, if you didnt pay they cut your tires,

      1. rocco…yes remember those days….same with the Eagles games at Franklin Field off Christian Street were we parked and walked the bridge over the river to the stadium. I was a kid, but remember the kids would come up and say that all the time.

        1. Remember the”parking lot” next to Connie Mack? I think they parked 3 cars across and it was U shaped. Had to wait until all the cars in front of you left so you could get out. Probably parked about 50 cars, maybe less because of Land Yacht status of some of the cars.

    1. spin…..yeah.
      He can mash when he makes contact….plus hs OBP is usually very good…for some strange reason, he gets hit by pitches a whole lot, 71 times in approx 1800 PAs…top 4 or 5 on leader board every season in the minors
      But as I said before…teams like the DBacks, Mariners, Rangers or Orioles would take a chance with him….teams that are not favored to make the play-offs this season.

  43. Odubel trying to fight for a roster spot today. Sadly Kingery has not even hit the ball yet: walk and two strike outs. Sad he just seems lost.

  44. Rocco…………you are right, not much depth, put the names in a hat and be done with it. Ohhh, and I realize it’s just ST. I also know, Herrera goes north with my team and I don’t take Kingery along.

        1. No, he’s very much in the conversation. If they want Kingery to get some more at bats, one of Maton or Chatham, both on the 40, could make opening day. Maton however has played up the last two days. There’s a good chance he wouldn’t even get any at bats if Kingery started down but only for a few weeks.

    1. Skeet – I wanted Herrera to get a second chance too, with the hope that he would regain some of the form that made him an all star. Once the Phillies committed to Joyce, I believe Odubel’s likelihood to make the team dropped to near zero. I thought it might be possible the FO would consider Cutch, Haseley, Harper, with Herrera and Quinn. Now it looks like it is down to choosing two of Quinn, Haseley, & Kingery. I am with you; I’d go with Quinn and Haseley and take a shot with Maton as UT.

  45. Anybody get any quotable by source information that Quinn is sidelined by “food poisoning”?

      1. People keep talking about sending Coonrod down? WHY!!!?? He is throwing almost 100 miles per hours and retiring batters with an assortment of plus stuff and his control has been fine. Why on earth would you send him down?

        1. Perhaps it is a numbers situation and he has options.
          If Vinny or Hale fail,
          then assume Sam Coonrod or JoJo get the call.

          But agree….he really does not deserve to be sent down …he has pitched very well, at least better than expected.

  46. Mark Appel coming back would be really nice. Upstanding young man. His head is back together. Let’s see if the talent is still there. Best of luck.

    1. Also apparently has been working with Driveline the past three years. I’ll definitely be cheering for him, even if he ends up with another organization (although I obviously hope he finds success with us).

  47. Had really high hopes for Cole Irvin. Got to see him pitch three innings in Norwich right after he signed out of college. He came into the game following Ranger Suarez who had pitched 3 innings. Saw Irvin again when he pitched for Reading against the Yard Goats in Hartford.

    When he shut out the Royals, I thought the Phillies really had something. His next start was going well in Chicago until, I think it was Albert Almora blasted a three run homer against him. It seemed like he and everyone else lost confidence in him. Glad to see he may turn into a solid back end starter; just sorry it won’t be for the Phillies.

  48. One of the things I’ve been waiting to see is how the Phils place the minor leaguers considering the lost season. Little nuggets are starting to come out and it sounds like the real prospects will be double bumped from 2019 if the team thinks they can handle it. The first example of this is that Bailey Falter will be in the rotation at LHV with Morales likely in the Reading rotation. I’m trying to figure out the LHV rotation since Howard won’t pitch much. Medina, Falter and Suarez are definite while Jones and Rosso will pitch from the pen. Parkinson will likely be in the rotation also. DLS?Others??

      1. Yes, that’s what it sounds like. Maybe a 3 inning start plus a one inning relief effort.

  49. JoJo and Kingery sent down. Only one lefty in the bullpen seems like a bad move in our division with so many good left handed hitters. Maton, Chatham or Torreyes has to make it as the IF backup. 40 man spots still need to be resolved.

  50. I don’t get Romero being sent down… I’ll be very interested in all the names of the relievers..

    1. The 8 man pen is now set. Neris, Bradley, Alvarado, Kintzler, Brogdon, Coonrod, Hale and Velasquez.

    2. Romero has a bit more he can work on (command/control, refining breaking pitches) and it’s much harder to work on your game in the majors. I expect he will be back in a couple of months and, hopefully, even better. I think this was a good call and so was sending Kingery down. He’s just not a major league hitter right now.

  51. I get that Coonrod earned a spot and they don’t want to give up on Vinny. But 2 lefties is something I think that we miss miss. Counting on Vinny once again! Maybe the 10th time is the charm!

  52. Interesting…Joe thinks Scott Kingery can be am all star in the league….assume being sent down to work on a more gap-to-gap approach which they want him to do.

  53. Tenth time is the charm. Good one, Matt. Romus, Kingery came to them and up through the minors as a gap to gap hitter. Problem is if you can’t put the bat on the ball, you can’t be any kind of a hitter.

    1. He seemingly changed his swing in the minors to generate more lift. I’m guessing Romus thinks if he goes back to his old swing, there’s a chance the gap-to-gap hitter of old re-emerges and he becomes less of a power threat, but able to make contact again.

      1. That year in Reading …..his ISO ballooned….and in the long run it just did not work out……ever since the the last 74 games in 2019, thru 2020 and now spring training….pitchers have his number.
        He has to adjust…..and stop keep defining the meaning of insanity.

  54. I have not given up on Kingery. And, I thought he should be at LHV to get back to what made him such a good prospect. I don’t know why his swing changed, but it did. He needs to try to get back to what he was, and needs to play every day. The money is spent already and trading him nets pennies on the dollar. So I am pulling for him to figure it out.

  55. These moves have it set up for the Phils to have Romero as 1st reliever called up and I’m sure we will see him a lot. Also Howard as first starter up. Not announced yet is Herrera and Torreyes being added to roster plus who ever needs to be designated for assignment or traded to make room.

  56. 24 players on active roster. Then there is Kintzler and 1 non roster player, Torreyes. So 2 need to be removed to get them on.

    1. 2 need to go and 3 if Herrera makes it. Would they trade Quinn? Send Haseley down and release 3 pitchers? I still think Herrera won’t make it to start but I’m not sure. It could be Sanchez, Llovera, and Dohy as the first 3 to go.

  57. Romus, …….gotta be a move this week, wouldn’t be DD if there wasn’t, might be a small one, never-the-less something will happen.

    1. Skeet… would think. It is in his blood. Trouble most of all the teams are already set with their 40s and active 26……unless a team has injuries.
      When the Jays and T=rays lost Yates and Anderson respectively…I thought Dave D would make the move with Vinny or Dave Hale to one of those two teams.
      Not to get much in return….maybe a 10-15 range org prospect…but to clear a 40 slot.

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