Life in the Minors – the Fifth Annual Phillies Minor League Digest

Pardon this self-promotion.  What would have been the Fifth Annual Phillies Minor League Digest was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Instead, we put together this history of the Phillies’ minor league affiliates – “Life in the Minors”.

Is available on Amazon.  My friend and companion at the Carpenter Complex and Spectrum Field, Steve Potter, is the co-author of the digest.  This year he worked with retired Phillies’ PR exec, Larry “Baron” Shenk.   Steve received participation from several photographers including Mark Wylie.  My participation was limited to editing as there were no Clearwater Threshers and the Gulf Coast League seasons on which to report.

This edition’s foreword is by Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy.

If you are interested, you can purchase this unique history on Amazon:
Here is the Phillies’ and MLB’s press release regarding the book.  (My name appears in a Phillies’ press release!  How cool is that?)

3 thoughts on “Life in the Minors – the Fifth Annual Phillies Minor League Digest

  1. Now this would be great reading, especially during rain delays for sure.
    And the Muckdogs …….a ‘Genesee country’ team from New York!

  2. Jim, I was wondering if Steve was going to do another book. I got a color one just to help Steve out. I know he usually gives away most of his books to family of the minor leaguers so I like to support his kindness in my own way.

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