Open Discussion: Week of September 14th

The Phillies lost an important double header on Sunday.  But, they aren’t out of the playoff race.  In fact, ESPN gives them an 84.6% chance of making the playoffs.  They give the Marlins a 70.4% chance.  I guess that’s because the Marlins only have one more game against the Phillies.

Until this weekend, the Phillies had avoided the injuries that plagued other teams.  That all changed when Zach Wheeler had his start pushed back indefinitely with a finger injury, Rhys Hoskins injured his arm playing defense, JT Realmuto tweaked his hip running to first base, and Spencer Howard went on the IL with a shoulder injury.

We did get to see Ale Bohm bat clean up in Sunday’s line ups.  He went a combined 2-5 with 2 runs scored (the only runs scored) , a HR, RBI, BB, and 3 K.

In the past week, the Phillies closed out their 4-game series with a win over the Mets on Monday, split a double header with the Red Sox on Tuesday, and after an off day on Wednesday dropped 4 of the first 6 games in a 7-game series against the Marlins.

The Phillies are 23-22 .511 and are in third place in the division a half game behind the Marlins and a guaranteed playoff spot.  They are 4.0 games behind the Braves,  They are currently the seventh seed a full game ahead of the 23-24 Giants (2 games in the loss column) , and 2.5 games ahead of the Rockies and Brewers.

The Phillies have 15 games remaining on the next 14 days including 2 double headers and one off day.  They complete their 7-game series against the Marlins on Monday, return home for a 3-game set vs the Mets, and a 4-game series with the Blue Jays (double header on Friday, one a make-up of a road game).

The Phillies close out their season on the road with 4 games against the Nationals including their final scheduled double header and 3 games in Tampa against the Rays after an off day on Thursday.

I appreciate how you guys self-policed the troll -like comments last week.  I didn’t see them until Sunday morning and my first reaction was to block the person.  I checked his comments, he has only made about 2 dozen over the past couple years.  But recently has picked up in frequency.  He has all the characteristics of a troll.  He’s on thin ice.

I know it was meant as a joke, but I did not block rocco.  I hope he’s okay.  He likes the horses.  Aren’t there some big races coming up?

FYI, I routinely clear the “blocked” file around Christmas time.  The only people who remain permanently blocked are the guy who was happy my wife had cancer and a one-time troll with fake account information.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • August 31, 2020 – Trade Deadline
  • September 15, 2020 – Deadline for players to be added to Major League roster for postseason eligibility
  • September 28-October 1, 2020 – Minor League Baseball Innovators Summit, Winston-Salem, NC
  • September 30, 2020 – Expiration of the Professional Baseball Agreement between MLB and MiLB
  • October 15, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT – Close of the 2019 international signing period
  • October TBA – Trading resumes, day after the World Series ends
  • October – November TBA, five days after the conclusion of the World Series – Deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their eligible former players who became free agents
  • November TBA, fifteen days after the conclusion of the World Series – Deadline for free agents to accept qualifying offers
  • November TBA – GM Meetings (Nov. 11-14, Scottsdale, AZ in 2019)
  • November TBA – Owners meetings (Nov. 19-21, Arlington, TX in 2019)
  • November 20, 2020 – Rosters set for Rule 5 Draft
  • November TBA – MLBPA executive board meeting (Nov. 26-29 in Irving, TX in 2018)
  • December 2, 2019 – Last day for teams to offer 2021 contracts to unsigned players on their 40-man rosters
  • December 6-10, 2020 – Winter Meetings in Dallas, Texas, at the Omni Dallas Hotel and Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, held in conjunction with the Baseball Trade Show and PBEO Job Fair.
  • December 10, 2020 – Rule 5 Draft
  • January TBA – Rookie Career Development Program
  • January 15, 2021, 9:00 AM EST – Start of the 2020 international signing period

The rosters and lists are up to date as of September 6th … 345 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

9/14/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Ramon Rosso to Alternate Training Site
9/13/2020 – Phillies recalled RHP Ramon Rosso from Alternate Training Site
9/13/2020 – Phillies recalled RHP Connor Brogdon from Alternate Training Site
9/13/2020 – Phillies selected the contract of C Rafael Marchan from Alternate Training Site
9/13/2020 – Phillies sent 1B Neil Walker outright to Alternate Training Site
9/13/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Connor Brogdon to Alternate Training Site
9/13/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster 1B Neil Walker to spring training
9/13/2020 – Phillies placed RHP Spencer Howard on the 10-day IL, shoulder stiffness
9/13/2020 – Phillies transferred LHP Jose Alvarez from the 10-day IL to the 60-day IL
9/12/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Ramon Rosso to Alternate Training Site
9/11/2020 – Phillies activated LHP Adam Morgan from the 10-day injured list
9/11/2020 – Phillies recalled Ramon Rosso from Alternate Training Site
9/11/2020 – Phillies selected the contract of 2B Ronald Torreyes from Alternate Training Site
9/11/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Connor Brogdon to Alternate Training Site
9/11/2020 – Phillies designated Neil Walker for assignment
9/09/2020 – Phillies optioned LHP Garrett Cleavinger to Alternate Training Site
9/08/2020 – Phillies recalled LHP Garrett Cleavinger from Alternate Training Site
9/07/2020 – Phillies recalled Connor Brogdon from Alternate Training Site
9/07/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Mauricio Llovera to Alternate Training Site
9/06/2020 – Phillies placed CF Roman Quinn on the 7-day IL, concussion
9/06/2020 – Phillies recalled RHP Mauricio Llovera from Alternate Training Site
9/06/2020 – Phillies recalled RF Kyle Garlick from Alternate Training Site
9/06/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster C Henri Lartigue to spring training
9/06/2020 – Phillies placed RF Jay Bruce on the 10-day IL, left quad strain
9/06/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster 3B Luke Williams to spring training
9/06/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster LHP Jeff Singer to spring training
9/03/2020 – Phillies sent Reggie McClain outright to Alternate Training Site
9/03/2020 – Red Sox claimed C Deivy Grullon off waivers from Phillies
9/01/2020 – Phillies placed LHP Adam Morgan on the 10-day IL
9/01/2020 – Phillies activated RHP David Phelps
8/31/2020 – Phillies placed 3B Scott Kingery on the 10-day IL,back spasms

502 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of September 14th

  1. 84.6% odds of making the playoffs. On a long weekend in Miami, which has felt more like an entire week, I think the adversity of injuries will either unify this team in the final 2 weeks, or it will be its downfall. But good teams perform well consistently. Neither the offense nor (definitely) the pitching have shown any sustained effect to win series consistently.

    My silver lining remains to see the youth play, for better or worse. Bohm and his exceptional hit tool could be special. Let the young arms pitch. I don’t know how much time Marchan will play, but again, an opportunity for him to build on late season experience.

    We’ve seen what mediocre (at best) journeymen veterans can do. Romero needs to get meaningful innings, and not merely given what amount to be little more than LOOGY opps.

  2. A 2.5 game lead for a playoff spot is still good but these injuries (Kingery, Bruce, Quinn, JT, Hoskins, Howard, Wheeler) are going to take their toll. The lineups yesterday were pretty weak and the pitching is shot. Hopefully we’ll have some guys back soon. Vinny needs to step up in a big way now because I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut Howard down for the season. It’s tough to stay hopeful after days like yesterday but they can bounce back. Brogdon was a bright light yesterday so there’s that plus Bohm continues to gain confidence and looks good.

  3. Need some help here folks. The pandemic is surely getting to me and my Phils antidote is not working.
    Some rambling thoughts.
    – this team doesn’t perform as one bumping up against the luxury tax.
    – as per usual, two young, rookie arms shut the Phils down. 2 run double header sweep.
    – Spencer Howard is no Sixto Sanchez.
    – the Pharm is depleted. How many years to rebuild?
    – the season highlight is Alec Bohm.
    – needed Harper to step up and earn his contract yesterday with all the injuries.
    – Nola and Wheeler are like Spahn and Sain. The remainder of the staff is iffy at best. Is there a Marty Bystrom anywhere?
    – the pen is a crapshoot.
    – can they sign JT?
    – love Girardi’s post game interviews.
    – did I mention Bohm?


    1. You overlooked management and leadership.
      IMO….Matt Klentak is the Phillies version of Sixers’ Bryan Colangelo…….came in with plenty of assets at his disposal ….good draft pick slotting, plenty of money, good farm (well, rated fairly high for a 2/3 year period) …….and wallah… is a mediocre -.500 – team after five years. Time for the change.
      Not sure if that helps you in anyway.

    2. The farm is depleted (for now) because the Phillies just graduated Howard and Bohm. Bohm is looking like a future .900+ OPS hitter. Those guys don’t come along every year. Heck, they don’t even come every 5 years. Look at the Braves, how many hitters do they have on their current team that has a .850+ OPS AND that was drafted by them? There’s only 1, Freddie Freeman. In fact, out of their starting 9, the only other player that was drafted by the Braves is Austin Riley. The rest were FA, trades, international signings.

  4. Look, getting JT was going to cost either Howard or Sixto. The Phillies’ concerns about Sixto’s conditioning is out there. According to baseball reference, he’s 6’0″ 234lbs. He’s only 22. As a comparison, Jake Arrieta (who is always in great shape) is 6’4″ 230lbs at age 34. If the Phillies traded Howard and Sixto ballooned up, people on this board would be livid. I think the warning signs about Sixto were there, I personally think they made the right trade because of it. The Phillies still had JT. If Sixto becomes a star, so be it. It happens. This could be the rare trade where both teams benefit.

    1. If Sixto hits near his ceiling it’s gonna look bad for the Phillies no matter what. We got the “win now” player one year sooner; a season where few thought we’d be a playoff team and we weren’t.

      If they traded him because they thought he’d be a reliever or too out of shape to be effective and he ends up an ace, that’s a misevaluation that they should be held accountable for.

      1. I had no issue with the trade. And I doubt MK will get canned based on this trade because it got back JT. You have to give talent to get talent. If MK gets canned, it’s because the Phillies haven’t made the playoffs during his tenure.

    2. Hindsight is 20/20 in this case. IMO, the Phillies had to get Realmuto to get Harper. Remember the dance that FA signing was, and we all know how much Harper loves Realmuto. Sixto has his issues, ideally, they’d of had a better farm to make the trade without Sixto or Howard, but that’s not how it played out. The Phillies really has no business “winning” that trade vs the other teams farms, it only became a possibility until they offered up Sixto. We can see why. Now, let’s not get carried away, first time around the league at those mph&movement, is going to make the pitcher look good. Let’s see him
      On his 3rd time around the league. If he is still crushing it then, well yeah… it’ll be hard to argue. Now the question is – does Realmuto & Howard win you more games than Sixto & Alfaro & 3rd prospect? Will see. Will be talking about this for a long time it feels like, especially if someone doesn’t resign (for the record I think is unlikely, they’ll overpay to keep the egg of their faces)

    3. If JT leaves and we don’t make the playoffs, again, how did we benefit?

      The only argument that tracks with me is how much worse we would have been without JT.

    4. Again. The choice was Sixto + Grandal or JT.

      Klentak made the wrong decision. It isn’t close. The probability that JT produces more WAR during his Phillies tenure over the combination of Sixto + Grandal is extremely low.

      1. I’m sorry, but this is hindsight talking. I didn’t hear a thing about the Phillies sniffing around Grandal. And if they were, it would have been obvious to any competent GM that trading for JT was going to cost a lot. The Phillies went after the best catcher in the game and they got him.

        1. Yes, they got him. And a .500 team. So what really did they get? This is not a championship roster. A GM’s job is to build a championship roster, not to “get the best catcher in baseball”.

          1. It’s not JT’s fault that this is not a championship roster. MK should be the fall guy if the Phillies miss the playoffs. That’s how it goes.

            1. Another question to weigh: why wasn’t Klentak willing to give up Sixto for 4 years team control of Christian Yellich the year before he dealt Sixto for 2 years team control of JT Realmuto?
              I’ve never been upset about the Realmuto deal, but 4 years of Yellich > 2 years of JTR.

  5. I really tuned out the Phillies after yesterday’s games and with the Eagles’ loss, I swore off sports until 2021. But Jim reeled me back in with his post that included the we are just ahead of the Giants for a Wild Card spot.

    No matter what I don’t want to hear about Kapler getting into the playoffs and not Giraldi.

  6. I agree with Romus (and many others). The MacPhail/Klentak era has just not worked out. Of all the clubs rebuilding at the same time (Braves, Padres, White Sox, Reds, Phillies), it’s pretty clear the Phils are in the bottom two.
    It’s very realistic to believe the Phillies only pathway to the postseason for the foreseeable future is through a wild card berth. The Braves are that good and that young. I know former GM John Coppelella did some underhanded things (cheated), but he outdid Matt Klentak in every facet of team building: drafted better, acquired premium J2 talent, and made more shrewd trades.
    I’ve said it before … MacPhail and Klentak have been way too vanilla.

    1. Hinkie…the irony of the WSox and Rick Hahn….they were devastated when both Manny and Bryce bypassed them a few years ago…and the Sox made them great comparable offers.
      So they stuck with their youngsters …and made some deft signings like Grandal and Luis Robert of Cuba….and then there was that big trade of Sale to start it off.

      1. MacPhail is only visible occasionally and then you wish he wasn’t. Better he is invisible. I think he’ll retire and Klentak will be moved. Clean slate again. How long will it take Middleton to make a move, took him a week to move Kapler. Are you permitted to discuss these things during the playoffs/WS or is there a moratorium until the off season?

        1. Sept 28 he could do it…but he will wait 72 hours I would think.
          However, if they make the play-offs , then it becomes a moot point….and MK returns to finish out his contract extension.

  7. The whole discussion of the JTR trade can’t fully be had until we know whether we lose him or sign him Long Term. Losing him, is not good. I am trying to stay away from my disaster description because I use it too much. Signing him keeps the trade as a Win for us, even if Sixto pitches well. I don’t think Klentak should be back, but I can’t bring myself to hope we don’t make the Playoffs to make sure he is gone. But, it looks very tough, despite the odds are that we get in. Needing to well vs Tampa Bay to end the season does not bode well. So, we need to beat the Mets and Nats, and finally win a DH. If e don’t have JTR or Hoskins for the majority of those games, I think our odds go from 82% to 28%.

    1. “Signing him keeps the trade as a Win for us, even if Sixto pitches well.”

      It really doesn’t if Sixto becomes what many think he can. We all like JT but it’s not like he’s Mookie Betts, who the Dodgers wouldn’t give up Lux for. JT is a really good player but Sixto can be better for longer.

  8. As far as Spencer Howards injury…..the Phillies have always been extra cautious with their young arms so why did they continue to let him pitch when clearly there was something wrong with him several starts ago? The start I’m talking about is when I posted that he was losing his velocity every inning after the 1st. inning and John Kruk also pointed out noticing Howard trying to get his shoulder loose between batters. The Phillies also knew about it and Girardi said the Phillies were trying to figure out the velocity drop. Howard was clearly trying to pitch through it but sometimes you have to save the player from themselves. I wish him the best and hope its nothing serious. I still have to think he has been hurting from the beginning because we have not seen this electric fastball we have heard so much about and have not seen him have a dominate start all season.

    1. Understand JTR (hip) and Rhys (forearm) will have MRIs this morning…..wondering if the Phillies have done it with Spencer Howard’s shoulder area yet. They should already have the baseline from last season.

    2. If Spencer Howard tells you he’s ok, there’s no reason to doubt him. The player has to have some responsibility here.

  9. Another thorn in the side of Phillies faithful are those little ignominious notes like the one posted a few days ago….on Sept 9, 2012 the Phillies swept a double header. They haven’t swept one since AND to add insult to injury, every other MLB team since that date has swept at least one. Ugh! The dread of mediocrity.

    1. You want to talk about insult/injury? The Marlins announcers said that yesterday’s sweep was the third one this season for the Marlins. It was actually the second along with 2 splits.

  10. Imo there are two main points why the JTR for Sixto trade was bad:
    1. I made this point last week. We had a choice of signing Grandal, who went to the Brewers for a 1 year/$18m contract. He had come off 4 straight seasons of a WAR near JTRs.
    2. This is a 0.500 team. The two years that ad got JTR for, we will be basically a .500 team. You don’t trade a top 25 overall pitching prospect to become a .500 team. We may make the playoffs this year but that is only because they changed the rules to have more playoff teams. (Side note, I like the rule change). But my point on JTR is, if he is the last piece in the puzzle, then fine, mortgage the future and go for it. That is why Boston trading Moncada and Kopech for Sale is fine. Sale was the final piece of a championship club. But giving up an elite pitching prospect for a .500 ball club is malpractice.

    1. There were rumblings that Grandal wanted a mega deal. When no team wanted to give him the money, he signed in January 2019 with the Brewers. The Phillies traded for JT a month later.

      If you thought that the Phillies weren’t ready to contend in 2019 at the time of the JT deal, you should have voiced your concerns then. I didn’t hear too many people complaining about the JT deal when it went down.

      1. That’s just silly.
        1. Many people absolutely voiced that the 2019 team wasn’t a championship club.
        2. I am not a GM. It is Klentak’s job to build the roster. Look at it. You see a championship roster?

        1. Agree. Five years worth of rebuilding, and Klentak has produced a team that is stuck in the middle (sports purgatory).

          Andy MacPhail’s original sin was hiring a nice guy (Klentak) instead of the right guy (Chaim Bloom). Maybe he was more comfortable with Klentak because they had worked together before. Maybe he felt less threatened by Klentak. The bottom line is this: after interviewing both Klentak and Bloom, MacPhail hired Klentak. Bloom has proved himself to be a better evaluator and procurer of talent.

          1. Jim … (generally) if a guy interviews for a MLB FO vacancy, he’s interested in the job. The Phillies opening would have also offered him a larger budget to work with, and (presumably) a larger salary. On top of all that, Bloom is a Philadelphia native.
            MacPhail never gave Bloom the opportunity to decline the job because he offered it to Klentak instead.

            After last season, I wanted Middleton to make up for MacPhail’s original mistake by replacing MacPhail as team President with Bloom. He didn’t, and Bloom took a similar position with the Red Sox.

            Not sure what you think of the job MacPhail and Klentak have done. I’m not a fan. Five years of rebuilding, and we have .500 team with a payroll knocking on the luxury tax threshold door. Middleton needs to find a smart, aggressive, and progressive person to run the Phillies baseball operations department. Give him whatever title he or she wants. IMO it’s time to move on from MacPhail/Klentak.

            Also not sure what the problem is with one guy having full control of the Baseball Ops department. The “five heads are better than one” approach the team is using now doesn’t seem to be working.

          2. I’m assuming you’re implying Middleton has got both hands on many of Klentak’s decisions. I mean Middleton pretty much made that clear at the club’s end of season presser last year. Remember his “I’m not a potted plant” line.
            If Middleton can’t find, hire, and trust a capable Baseball Ops guy (after replacing the MacPhail/Klentak duo), this team will never win.

        2. All I saw was people talking playoffs once Harper signed and trading for JT.

          I’ve always said, you need talent, luck, and health to win a title. The Phillies have the talent. If you look at the hitters, the majority of the starters have OPS+ above 100. The only ones that don’t? Segura (97), Cutch (95). Even our backups (which I don’t care too much about) are hitting well (Knapp(154), Bruce(120)).

          Nola and Wheeler are pitching at an elite level. Eflin has been pitching at his career level, and Arrieta has improved from last season but not great. VV has actually pitched better than last season but it’s still not great.

          So if it’s not the hitters and it’s not really the starters, it’s obviously the bullpen.
          Before the season, MK had a lot of inexperience in the bullpen. And it bit us hard. Also, Robertson getting injured obviously didn’t help at all. Jose Alvarez getting hit in the balls was crazy unlucky. The bullpen has easily cost the Phillies 5 wins if not more. The bullpen has been plenty unlucky.

          If you look at the 2008 championship team, I don’t think you can say that the starting rotation was championship caliber outside of Hamels. I don’t think you can say that the rotation was substantially better than the current team. And the bullpen benefited from near career years from most members. Lidge not blowing a save? Eyre going from 7 ERA to sub 2? Romero was picked off the scrap heap after being released by the Red Sox in 2007. There’s loads of luck there.

          My point is, if the bullpen was even league average, we would be at least 7-8 games above .500.

          1. 1. Yeah fans were irrationally exuberant. That’s why we are fans. We are not GMs for a reason. A GM’s job is to be unemotional and build a good roster.
            2. The 2008 Phillies has the best defense in the NL and second best defense in MLB (second to Tampa). The 2020 Phillies have the 18th best defense in MLB and the 8th best in NL based on WAR.

            Based on Defensive Runs Saved, our defense is 14th in NL and 27th in baseball.

            So it is not just our historically bad bullpen. Our defense stinks too.

            We have a good hitting team. But our Starting Pitching staff is not good. Nola and Wheeler are elite. But all other SPs have an ERA over 5. We have no depth at all.

            1. Depth is an absolute issue/problem for the Phillies. This roster is top heavy. It’s going to become even more so when they re-sign JTR to a long term deal. For this to work, Klentak has to have a well stocked farm. The team has to balance out the high salaries with young guys who are producing for peanuts.

            2. I’m trying to figure out who’s the weak link for defense for the 2020 team vs the 2008 team. Hoskins washes out Howard at 1B and Cutch washes out Burrell (more or less). The 2008 team really had some career years at defense. Utley vs Kingery/Segura at 2B, Rollins vs Didi at SS, Feliz vs Bohm at 3B, Victorino vs Haseley/Quinn at CF.

              Depth is not easy to find. I would characterize depth as near starter level (1.5-2 WAR). Even the Braves have depth issues. They’ve started Toussaint, Milone, Folty, Newcomb, Erlin, Wright. All 6 of these pitchers started games for the Braves and have negative WAR.

            3. 2008 Team:
              Positive players on DRS:
              Chase Utley 31
              Jimmy Rollins 18
              Shane Victorino 9
              Eric Bruntlett 7
              Jayson Werth 7
              Adam Eaton 4
              Pedro Feliz 4
              Kyle Kendrick 4
              T.J. Bohn 3
              So Taguchi 2
              Cole Hamels 2
              Carlos Ruiz 2
              Geoff Jenkins 1
              Chad Durbin 1
              J.C. Romero 1
              Brett Myers 1

              Negative DRS players:
              Jamie Moyer -1
              Chris Coste -1
              Greg Golson -1
              Joe Blanton -1
              Brad Lidge -1
              Rudy Seanez -2
              Ryan Madson -2
              Greg Dobbs -2
              Pat Burrell -3
              Clay Condrey -3
              Ryan Howard -4

              2020 Team:
              Positive DRS:
              Vince Velasquez 2
              Jean Segura 2
              Zack Wheeler 2
              Jake Arrieta 2
              Jay Bruce 2
              Bryce Harper 1

              Negative DRS:
              Neil Walker -1
              Hector Neris -1
              Adam Morgan -1
              J.T. Realmuto -1
              Deolis Guerra -1
              Adam Haseley -1
              Andrew Knapp -1
              Aaron Nola -1
              Kyle Garlick -2
              Phil Gosselin -2
              Didi Gregorius -2
              Andrew McCutchen -4
              Rhys Hoskins -5
              Scott Kingery -8
              Alec Bohm -8

              That’s right….Fangraphs has Bohm at a negative 8 DRS after only 30 games played

            4. v1…….well at least Bohm has a better DRS than that guy playing CF for the Angels…..a guy named Trout. 😉

  11. I usually do not disagree with v1, but I do on Realmuto. I know the argument about Grandal and keeping Sixto instead of JTR. I don’t believe we needed the trade to get Harper. I take the best C, not only because I am a big Realmuto fan, but I think his pitch calling and leadership, and defensive skills far surpasses Grandal, who I acknowledge is a good hitter. There were concerns about Sixto, whether valid or not, so I don’t wish him ill to make the trade look better. I am happy with Realmuto, and if we re-sign him then I consider it a good deal. We need a healthy Spencer Howard, and it would be nice to develop another young SP. Maybe under the next GM?

  12. v1, I was typing my post before I read your last one. Aside from the whole argument about the trade, and I understand your position, although I don’t like Grandal as much as you do, the bigger issue is why this team is a .500 team, and where the responsibility for that lies. And, how does that get fixed? Because, with this much time to rebuild, and this payroll, this team should be significantly better.

    1. matt13……then again, for this season, with all the leads the team has had early in games, and the BP came up short from the middle to the end of games……they could be very close with another healthy dependable or two arm out there.

      In blown saves the Phillies are near the top of the leader board…and 27th in the majors in Saves.,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&startdate=2020-01-01&enddate=2020-12-31&sort=4,d

      1. Yes, that is EXACTLY the point. You have to build a great roster. This is not the NBA. One or two stars do not make the team. You need depth. Our team is top heavy and has lot of holes. Eflin is a #5 and Arrieta is a #6 starter. Howard is a rookie who is now hurt and we have zero pitching depth. Our BP is a disaster. And we are a weak defensive team. This is not a balanced roster. How a GM could envision this roster as being ready to push his chips in for JTR was a misread of the roster.

  13. Number one, Sorry for getting everyone all worked up about my SH notes.
    Number two, I am not a troll
    Number three, I would take Sixto and Alfaro over JT right now. Grandel would have been even better. Is it a bigger mistake to give up Sixto for 2 years of JT (“Elite” hitter for a Catcher but a little better than “good” as just a hitter?) or giving up Sixto for JT, then paying him 125/150 million over 5 years starting at his age 30 season? I guess you bring him back but I dont know….

  14. No question Romus. Even with everything else,an early slump by Hoskins, late slump by Harper, spotty Staring Pitching, getting nothing from Kingery, and even below average BP would have us right there with Atlanta, if not ahead. Instead, ours has fluctuated between really bad and historically bad. Whose fault is that? Besides the blown Saves, Romus, is there any information about the times the BP has let a deficit grow, and we scored late, but not enough to tie the game? Does that question make any sense?

    1. matt13…..”is there any information about the times the BP has let a deficit grow, and we scored late, but not enough to tie the game? Does that question make any sense?”….yes, they call that ‘Holds’ ….I believer that falls there….I have not looked into that.

      1. Romus, I thought a Hold was when a Reliever holds onto a lead, let’s say in the 7th and/or 8th inning, as opposed to letting a deficit grow enabling a team to come back. Am I incorrect?

        1. matt13….yes you are correct….but there is another analytic measurement that shows the the option….do not know where to find it.

  15. Whether the Phillies won or lost 3 or 4 of 7 games in this series in Miami wasn’t going to determine their fate in the playoff hunt. They’ve incurred significant injuries to key players. Nonetheless, this entire organization, let alone the 40 man roster, is not a sustainable product. It is wrought with very pedestrian personnel, both on AND off the field. No matter how passionate John Middleton is about winning, there must be both a renewed mindset as well as a makeover of the brain trust. Owners can’t be fired. (Sorry, Sixers fans.) The only way the Phillies change their static course is that Middleton (or someone within his circle) comes upon an available baseball man who knows how to build. That man should be the club president, not the GM. So Middleton’s next big hire shouldn’t be Klentak’s successor but MacPhail’s. And the new club president MUST be more involved than picking paint colors for the executive suites. Until then, there is absolutely no baseball pedigree within the ranks. So, do we root for this squad to reach the playoffs in which case Middleton may not find sufficient justification to fire MacPhail and/or Klentak? Or not? Personally, this old scratched record will keep on skipping.

    1. 8mark,

      I agree on McPhail. The minute he said if they do they do, if they don’t they don’t, he should have been released. That is not a rallying cry. The old saying is that the speed of the pack is determined by the lead horse. As you said, we need a baseball guy at the top and one who is involved and has some sense of urgency and sensitivity to the fans.

      On another note, there’s a really smart 28-year-old who works for me. A few weeks ago, I walk talking to him about about equity analysts being broken records on a particular point. “You know what a broken record is?” I asked. He didn’t.

  16. I never understood the MacPhail hire. He is the heir to a good baseball name, but has not done much in his own right. I expected Middleton to hire someone like Theo or Andrew Friedman. Make that person President, and he hires the GM and overhauls the farm system. No one has ever mistaken Andy for Theo or Andrew, and he may very well be a nice person, but that was mistake #1.

  17. While I’m not a huge baseball fan to begin with and I’ll forget more about hockey then I will ever know about baseball despite being a Phillies fan since the early ’80’s. I have done work in hockey with scouts so I look at the JT trade as Howard vs Sixto. I had no issue trading for JT, but when you give up one of your top pitching prospects the GM and his staff need to identify who is going to be the better pitcher long term imo.

    I know baseball prospects are very different then hockey as it’s so hard to gauge which ones will step up and which ones will bust. It’s so crazy how often you see 1st round picks bust in MLB but in hockey especially in the top 5 or 10 while it certainly happens it’s much easier to predict vs MLB.

    All that said, as fans and for the owner we should all be asking do we feel that this GM and his staff can do a good job at identifying talent? With the moves they have made, trading Crawford, bringing in Jake on so much money, etc… do these moves spell out someone that can identify talent or are they letting stats blind them in their decisions. I’m not saying I know the answer, but I was not a fan of Kapler and most of the moves they have made have not impressed me outside of Wheeler, Bruce, Alvarez. (not talking about draft picks since I don’t follow the draft at all) Of course I could be wrong as more of a casual fan though I really enjoy watching our prospects on, this is the first year since watching Franco in Lakewood that I didn’t have, hope it’s back next year.

    1. My main worry about Howard has nothing to do with his stuff. It has to do with his continuing arm problems. He needs to be a consistent reliable starter. Not just production but also being on the mound and innings pitched per year. Being on and off the DL each year will not cut it. Is 150 innings a year asking too much? I don’t know but that is what is needed.

      Daniel, your last sentence first paragraph says a lot. If an organization can’t evaluate their own talent then you can’t expect them to evaluate another organization’s talent.

  18. Isn’t Theo going to be available at the end of this season? He certainly seems like a guy who relishes the challenge of rebuilding a franchise and the Phils might be viewed in that light. I would love to make him the President of the club.

      1. You could elevate Jed Hoyer to the role of President of Baseball operations…

        McPhail always reeked of a remnant Gillick move/recommendation. I said it then I’ll say it now this job was always too big for MK. These ivy league personnel types are a dime a dozen and that in and of itself doesn’t make for a good GM.

        If you want to pluck the next up and coming exec its best to do so from an organization that has a proven track record of building a winner from within.

        And scouting is still important…

        1. Jeff Luhnow may be available…and though there is the other political correct issues that surrounded him with the Astros, along with the cheating scandal, I would still take the chance with him…..America gives people second and third chances.

  19. Always thought McPhail more there to help Middleton with bigger operational stuff and as contact to other higher ups. They took a shot with young Ivy League baseball player. Ivy League was the soup du hour at that time. Maybe bump McPhail to advisor Klemtak president but keep hands out of soup since being paid and find or elevate best guy that you can get.

  20. Has anyone seen or heard a word on the MRIs JTR and Rhys had today? Are they cleared to play or not? I can find nothing, and haven’t seen today’s lineup.

  21. v1, I saw your post above on DRS. I have no argument about the 2008 vs 2020 teams defensively. I do have a problem with Realmuto at -1. I do not do analyics, and don’t profess to understand a lot of it, but I see him play, and I believe he is a positive defensive force. The runners he throws out have to save runs over the course of a season, and in every other regard, he is a top defensive C.

  22. v1, I am even more upset about the -8 for Kingery, someone I expected to be a plus defender. I can blame the illness recovery for his lack of hitting, but I was very disappointed in his D. Using the eye test, I knew it wasn’t good.

    1. Yeah. Comparing it to Utley from the 2008 team is stark. I really didn’t realize how elite of a defender Utley was. He was THE Man!!

  23. I didn’t see any test results reports, but Rhys and JTR are not in the lineup. Cutch leads off with HR. We take another lead in a game, and I sure hope it lasts. No matter how much I dislike Klentak, I cannot root against us. It may not be what is best long term, but I can’t help myself.

  24. Down 4-1, and our comeback ability does not really fill me with confidence. So, 14 games left, 2 are DHs. 3 vs the Mets, 4 vs the Blue Jays, 4 vs the Nats and end in Tampa with 3. What are the chances we can even play .500 ball?

    1. Yes. As my first act as the Mets owner I am trading DeGrom and Alonso to the Phils for a few Players to Be Named later. Will just tell the press it is salary relief.

  25. I’m speechless about this series vs MIA. It is bad luck or poor game management or both? For 7 important games, I expect to see Nola and Wheeler twice give the Phillies a good chance of winning 4 (of 7). But we now know what happened.

    I still cannot understand the decision on Ramon Rosso. I just can’t? I’m not saving Medina is a saviour but can he do worst than what Rosso did? Rosso has marginal stuff and was not a top prospect so what the…?

    The Suarez decision is also another head scratcher to me. Suarez does look like a pitcher who stayed in the hotel for a while and his stuff probably decided to stay in the hotel when he left.

    Obviously I will point towards Klentak since he is the decision maker, but is Joe G. part of this mess?

    1. The pitching we took into the 60-man
      which would eventually would determine our starter/relievers was substandard. I’ve been on that soap box since day one.

    2. It’s not Joe’s fault like it wasn’t Kapler’s fault. He can only pitch the players he is given. If the guy can’t get outs, then he doesn’t belong on the roster. Joe has to pitch him at some point.

  26. I don’t believe this team will end up at .500 or higher. They’ll face deGrom and Lugo for the Mets and the Jays and Rays are really good. Then you will have the Nats wanting a ton of revenge and Corbin and Scherzer will probably pitch in that series. I hate to be the prophet of doom but I did predict they’d go 2-5 in this series. Hope they can stop the reeling and play the way they “say they can”.

  27. v1, now that you own the Mets, will you still post here? And, when you bid on Realmuto, we will be very upset!

    1. Of course. I am a Phillies fan. I just bought them to get DeGrom to the Phils. It cost me a few billion, but a small price to pay for a ring.

  28. And I’m not a pro or against the JTR trade since it is a trade that I think make sense for the Phillies. Without JTR, the Phillies will not be a good landing spot not only for Harper but potential for Wheeler too (since Harper probably will not sign).

    So that JTR trade really made it easy for Harper and Wheeler to join the Phillies since that trade is a sign that the Phillies is going all-in. Keeping Sixto will not give that indication to big time FAs that Middleton are planning to sign since the FO did not do a good job in building the farm.

  29. Another HR given up by Phelps. Somebody needs to explain to me how he was pitching so well for the Brewers and came here and flat out stunk? Not that we are winning any games scoring 1 run unless Nola pitches. VV doesn’t get through 4 innings, and this is just depressing.

  30. Marlins turned into Sharks vs the Phillies these last two years..
    2020…..Marlins 7 wins…Phils-3 wins
    2019…..Marlins 10 wins..Phils 9 wins

  31. I agree with Hawkeye and Kurdt. The pitching we took into the 60 man was substandard. Rosso, De Los Ena Santos, Irvin Would seem to the right pieces but no one seems to be ready, bad coaching, or lofty expectations that this management. Match other minor pitching from other teams past and Phillies are equal but it appears Phillies Experts cannot see talent, Braves, Sox, Reds. Management spend to much of there time reading the Prospect List. Worrying about there #1’s, 2’s and not there talent not in Alt site.
    I also agree what about Medina, once heralded prospect, value is down because numbers are up but give him a shot or move someone who deserves it

    1. Klentak stocked the 60-man with average arms and added more average arms during the trade deadline. We’ve seen Klentak enough to really conclude that he is bad in constructing bullpen.

      My hypothetical will be — how the bullpen performs if Jojo, Medina, Brogdon, Jones, Singer and Dohy. The Phillies wasted opportunities by having marginal arms like McClain, Stack, Kelley, Guerra, etc to begin the season!

      Middleton open his wallet to boost the offense and rotation. All Klentak has to do is to construct a decent bullpen which is continues to fail and he is failing for 5+ years now.

      1. Technically just 5 years (Oct 2015 hire date) ….will not be “+” until November :).
        But I get your point….he has enough time.

        On another note….I do think FIL begins on Friday at the Complex.
        Chris Young had something about that in July…MLB wants to get that going early due to current circumstances… hope it is still on for Friday.

        1. Yes, FIL start is imminent although still contingent on outside factors. One likely rumor is practices and games will be held but no scouts or fans will be allowed. Haven’t decided if I’ll try and watch through “knot holes” or from the shoulder of Route 19. Probably neither.

          1. Jim…thanks for that.
            Hopefully they get something going for the youngsters.
            If you do swing by and happen to see a Phillie minor league official….ask them if they are running an abbreviated or scaled-down DR Academy ….in Boca Chica for the Latin kids?

            1. I follow the BA guys on social media. They’re still complaining that scouts aren’t allowed to attend games. Someone bitched after KRAM’s report that 25 season ticket holders were invited to watch the scrimmages in from the RF bleachers in Allentown. That was stopped immediately after his story went national. Thanks BA guys.

  32. Someone had 5 games to 2, they just had the wrong team with the 5. I’ve said this before 3 or 4 times and I’m not railing on Vinny, he’s a reliever. I know, they didn’t have much choice.

    This team is in disarray. Rhys is on the IL, move Bohm to 1b, Segura to 3rd, Kingery to 2nd. We need to beat the Mets & The Nats or season is over, not that we’ll get far in the playoffs.

    1. Rhys has a UCL injury which is never good. He’s likely done for the season.

      JT has a minor strain so he might be back after the Mets series.

      With Kingery back, I think he might split time with Haseley in CF. Which means Bohm stays at 3B and 1B will likely be filled by Gosselin.

      VV’s days as a starter are done. The Phillies will need to find another starter for the rotation.

  33. Everyone knew Howard had shoulder issues, yes Phillies protect the young arms but Klentak once again threw common sense to wayside.
    Once again Phillies sent same BP arms out hoping for different result.
    Go get Young arms, get 2-3 innings and follow with 1 inning, 1 inning and the 1 inning and finish with Velasquez’s Heat. That’s what you do in a short season sprint with No ST to get arms ready.

  34. Maybe this year will get the Kapler haters to look back and realize that he WASN’T the issue. And I hate saying this as a Phillies fan but I will laugh if the Phillies miss the playoffs and Kapler and the giants (with less talent) make it. You can say it’s an expanded field, it’s a weird season due to the pandemic, etc etc. whatever excuse you’d like to make however the Phillies and Giants are all playing by the same rules and taking part in the same weird circumstances. Kapler was NEVER the problem.

    1. Gabe wasn’t the answer, either. Let’s not go back and look for reasons to vindicate Kapler. His shortcomings as a manager stood on their own demerit.

    2. I agree. But I also think that baseball Manager is the most over rated coaching position in sports. Especially at the MLB level. I don’t think any manager really makes a difference. Basically their job is to make sure the clubhouse is positive and energized and plays hard. Basically a team psychologist. 99.9% of the baseball decisions can be made by most fans. It really isn’t complicate.

      1. 2018 Phillies … 80 wins – 82 losses
        2019 Phillies … 81 wins – 81 losses
        2020 Phillies … 23 wins – 23 losses

        Do you see a theme here?

        I agree with Eric and V1 (again … no pun intended). We’ve said this for almost a year now. This was never a Gabe Kapler problem (and I’m not telling you Girardi isn’t a step up). This was always a roster problem. You can maybe argue who is most responsible for putting together the Phillies’ roster the past few seasons. IMO, Klentak needs to take the bulk of the responsibility, even though John Middleton “is not a potted plant”, and has his fingerprints on it as well.

        Not to be a broken record … but … we’ve sat through 5 years of a rebuild, and this FO has produced a .500 club with a team payroll at the cap limit (208 million), and one of the bottom third farm systems. No bueno.

        1. @Hinkie – I agree that Kapler is not the problem. I also agree with 7mark that Kapler is not the answer either. And I also agree with v1 that a skipper is the most overrated position in all sports.

          Whatever is the issue with the Phillies right now is beyond Kapler. Success and failure is beyond Kapler. This is all points towards the usual suspect and I know that you will agree with me on this —- a very average GM. Klentak is not bad but he is not good either so he’s AVERAGE. His track record of success is also AVERAGE. So it should not be a surprise anymore that the team he constructed is also AVERAGE.

          Again, Kapler made a lot of mistakes that cost the Phillies a lot of games. This struggle is on the FO and should not vindicate Kapler in any way because team composition is not Kapler’s decision.

            1. KuKo … you owe him a 9mark the next time you refer to him in a post.

              Agree that Klentak’s picture can be found in the dictionary next to the word “average”. He and MacPhail can also be correctly painted as “very vanilla”.

          1. I hear people say this but then when you ask what games were solely on Kapler, there’s rarely an answer. I’d ask the same thing . . . I didn’t see anything really crazy from Kapler besides his post games and who really cares about that? Obviously more ppl than I thought would but whatever.

            Also where is the blame on the pitching coach? The last 2 years the pitching coach got blasted, well I’d say outside of Nola (and Wheeler) everyone is pitching worse. So why not put it on the pitching coach like last year?
            I just dislike when people change their outrage bc they like someone vs not liking someone else. Btw I’m not even talking so much about people on here.
            Ok done w this topic. Sorry guys.

            1. Eric…I can think of two right off the top of my head.
              —His very first game in Atlanta…Nola 68 pitches….2018
              —Second….called to Neris without Neris warming up in the pen….2019
              But no sense in looking for more or rehashing old wounds….what is done is done.

            2. @Eric – I blame Kapler for the CY fiasco. The young arms (including Pivetta, Eflin and Vinny) are showing good progress under Kranitz and yet he was fired. The reason may not be public knowledge but people who follows the Phillies know that it was Kapler’s recommendation to promote CY and fire Kranitz!

              And I don’t even want to talk about how Kranitz is doing in his next gig after the Phillies…

              Another issue I have with Kapler is the boneheaded use of analytics. You can talk analytics all you want, but if you don’t know how to understand it — you are bound to misapply and fail. Case example === Aaron Nola!

            3. Kurdt, I always thought they hired him bc he was a hot name around the league and the FO felt like if they didn’t promote him, he would get hired elsewhere. I don’t claim to know anymore than my SSN and how to spell my name, so I could be completely wrong.

              I really just think the pitching staff (as a whole) is what it is . . . Nola can be an ace, wheeler can flash ace but more of a really good 2, and everyone else hopes and dreams with little results. I was always an Eflin fan and thought he could be a really good 3, he’s just not that. I give in. VV as well, I give in.

        2. Agreed. The problem here is a primarily a FO problem. The potentially good news is that if they don’t make the playoffs it’s hard to imagine that Klentak will keep his job. The big question will be who do they hire to replace him. Hire the right guy and you become the next Padres or White Sox or Braves. Hire the wrong guy and the streak of .500 or less ball continues. The difference really could be that stark.

    3. He was just a third of the problem, the other two thirds of the problem still exist, but hope springs eternal!🤓

    4. I never liked Kapler and was glad to see him gone but maybe the better move would have been to hire Farhad Zaidi and fire the other two

      Kyle Lewis hit his 10th HR last night he’s slashing 293/385/855

  35. I knew that Thursday night walk off by the Marlins would come back to bite us in the hinney..I hoped for at least a 4-3 split for the good guys…

  36. Jailer like all managers have shortcomings when you look at their moves in hindsight. Remember first game he pulled Nola after 80 pitches or something and they lost. The passionate aka brutal fans beat him up. Although the pitcher was coming off an injury and had a shortened spring training I believe. Radio likes to call fans passionate but excuse for brutal. Schmidt best 3rd basemen in history booed most of his career. Wonder if clemente mays mantle yaz dealt with that every other day.

    1. DMAR……your unbridled enthusiasm is showing.
      Never a question on his defense….I however, want to see more from the plate as he goes thru the league.
      How many MLB players (non-pitchers/non-college) have come to the majors without hitting one HR in the minors!
      He could be the first to get his first professional HR in the major leagues.

      1. Every once in a while Romus a kid comes along and you just get that feeling he belongs. When I watch Marchan I get that sense. For me personally catcher is never a place where I would tie up a bunch of money.

        I saw all the posts about JT and Sixto after Sixto dominated us the other night. I know I said it at the time along with V1 I would never had made that trade.

  37. I don’t understand the defense of Kapler. I thought he was not a very good Manager. Certainly not to blame for everything. I have been pretty vocal about my dislike for the jobs done by MacPhail and Klentak. They should have been gone with Kapler. But, that doesn’t make Kapler a better Manager. I couldn’t stand to listen to the junk he tried to peddle after games. I can’t stand managing by some print out cards. There is still a lot of feel and instinct to the game of Baseball that computers don’t address. Those who want to jump to Kapler’s defense? Is that because you really liked him or because you think the fault was Klentak’s? If you are on here a lot, you know I do not troll nor do I want to start an argument. I legit don’t understand the support for Kapler.

    1. Figured he had to go but wasn’t as bad as everybody made out to be. In my mind first analytical manager was Whitey Herzog. Very smart but his moves were consistent. Did not manage by gut or who was hot at time. Guy was pretty darn successful.

    2. matt13…I lean with you.
      I also did not care for Kapler’s managerial skills.
      I did not like how he handled Kingery….moving him all over the place…a 24 year old being used as a versatility player.
      How he handled the bullpen……what was left of it.
      How the starters how to pitch…though that was more of a responsibility of the PC at the time.
      How he dismissed Rich Kranitz in favor of the more analytical based PC.
      Also his post-game loss ‘pep’ talks.

    3. I’m on the “Fire Kapler” group. Not because Kapler is the root cause of the failures. I just think that Kapler will need more time to become a capable skipper than can push the Phillies deeper into the playoffs, thus, the Phillies needs an experienced skipper with a proven track record.

      I’ve been in the position that the issue with the Phillies is always been McPhail and Klentak. Middleton has been trying to mask that issue by opening his wallet but one way or another, the ineptness of the FO just continue to rear its ugly head – ie bullpen.

      1. Agreed that the FO is the main cause. Middleton gets an assist, however, because he pushed to trade young talent before the team had the talent to become a contender. I call it cannibalizing the rebuild and that has happened here to a degree.

    4. I’m not even necessarily a Kapler fan . . . I just felt he was the fall guy and many people thought the team would be better by subtraction. Well not only has there been that subtraction there’s also been an upgrade to SS and SP2 Yet what do we have? The same results. The front office needs to be acid washed. And then Jeff Luhnow is the first person I call and I give him whatever he wants.

  38. Exactly Romus. Not for 1 second have I blamed Kapler for the mediocrity of the team. To me, that has been on Klentak and how the team was built. And I believe MacPhail has had a lot of influence, negative influence. But, having said that, I still don’t think Kapler was very good. Middleton made a mistake in hiring MacPhail. He stepped in, over Klentak’s head, and fired Kapler. Now it is time for him to bring in a new team President, and let him hire a GM.

    1. I suppose with 14 games to go …..and not easy ones at that anymore…..Middleton will need to make some tough decisions in two weeks.
      I really do not see them finishing with a .500 record at this point…especially if Wheeler misses a start or two.
      So it will come to front office moves.

      And then again, for the 8th year in a row…. the HIGH draft projectable.

      1. I find it difficult to understand why people keep thinking everyone blamed Kapler for the whole shebang. Please! The guy had serious warts as an ingame strategist. I agree that managers are generally overrated. The bad ones think people pay to see them manage. That’s all. The lack of talent on this roster has ALWAYS been on Klentak & Co.

        1. Kapler certainly had warts, warts so ugly they changed rules because Of how he managed. I’ll take Joe over him, it’s an upgrade. I will also take an upgrade over Klentak now, as well as McPhail. I like Middleton, and trust he’ll get it right this winter. I don’t like calling for
          Jobs, but it’s been 5 years, and this FO has managed to screw up, the unscrewable. They entered the rebuild process with an ideal scenario, and here we are in 2020, with little to show for, and our former top prospect raking up wins for a division rival. I’m going to fault the FO for the JT trade, they lost it considering what the state of the team was, what it did with JT, and the allocation of the payroll it take to have him resign vs what Sixto, Alfaro, and others could’ve done in the same time period. Grandal was never coming here imo, he wanted a 1 yr deal with a winner or an enarmous contract. The verdict is still out on Sixto, but it’s looking like will be eating crow for a long time. There was just better moves to
          Be made, and that falls on the FO. I didn’t expect perfection, but I expected them to make 8 out 10 moves correctly, vs the 4/10 what is feels we got after all this time.

  39. It would be nice if MLB was like the NFL and NBA when it came to trading draft picks for managers/coaches. Then, the Phillies could offer a high draft pick to the Giants and get Kapler back where he belongs…with the Phils.

  40. Random thoughts after reading through a lot of the posts:

    Grandal+Sixto&Alfaro to keep or trade vs JT … this was possible but I don’t think it was realistic . Grandal wanted a huge deal, and when he wasn’t going to get it, he settled for a 1 year deal with a potential playoff team. He was never coming to philly imo, which is a big reason they entered the JT sweepstakes. Also, if the Phillies did not get JT, it was highly likely the Braves would. That’s a perfect target for them, high production player low salary, use some trade capital. So if they Phillies don’t get him, you’re likely now facing the Braves with JT. It wasn’t a lock, but it was odds I don’t like to see in the Braves favor

    Kapler, wasn’t the main issue, but he was an issue. He didn’t hold players accountable and players regressed. Glad he is gone but I give him the lion’s share of the blame, that’s on the players. They got to perform to career averages or better, if not, it’s on the GM & coaches.

    I said at the beginning of this rebuild, that is would take such a series of missteps for this team not to be a WS contender for years to come when the build was completed, it was almost impossible for the FO,coaches& players to mess up … even for a team with the Phillies history … welllllll somehow they blew middletons money creating a .500 roster with a weaker farm system than they should have l, along with a bloated payroll that should not be there. It’s not just one persons fault,but a series of missteps throughout the entire organization to have the end result of such a poor rebuild. I said back then as well, it’s not just
    Important to rebuild, but you have to rebuild better than the other teams rebuilding. Fail on that. Imagine if the Braves has the Phillies bankroll? Even the Marlins?

    Anyways, last time I wrote something like this, the Phillies rattled off 10 of 11…. so here’s hoping for the same

  41. It’s the organization ie owner(s). Dodgers not winning go get Friedman and pay for it. Tampa keeps losing front office people but keep churning out players on shoestring budget. All our organizations are losing organizations. Eagles are closer to jets and aints than cowboys and Steelers. Phil’s are closer to Cleveland and cubbies than cards giants Red Sox or….

  42. So, it would seem that Hoskins is out for the season. I certainly hope they’re not planning on sticking with Phil Gosselin at 1B for the rest of the way. The man doesn’t hit RHPs. While many people want to allow Bohm to sink or swim at 3B, I don’t see the benefit of prolonging the inevitable. He’s athletic enough to play 1B until the roster changes and he might move to LF. Go back to playing Segura at the hot corner. Kingery should play 2b and use the rest of the season to get fixed at the plate. I see no reason why Girardi couldn’t manage as if they were legitimately in a playoff race while this roster screams that they aren’t. Therefore, prepare the players who will be here in 2021 for next season.

    And bring Adonis Medina up. Let’s see what he’s got now. If not, why not? Is he hurt? I’m open to discover any pleasant surprises at this point. Let Jojo close as well. I mean, what is there really to lose?

    1. 8mark … I agree with a lot of what you just posted. Let’s get the young players ready for next season. The thing is, though … if we’re going to do that, then Girardi has to keep running Bohm out to the hot corner every day. He’s almost certainly going to be this team’s starting 3Bman in 2021.

      1. Why, I agree with 8Mark if it is inevitable let’s accelerate it! Rhys is out, Segura can play 3rd, in fact was going to before things started getting crazy. Gosselin is not good at 1b. While Marchan got an error last night a good 1B would have kept that ball from the outfield. Rhys can DH when he comes back.

      2. I hear you, Hinkie. That’s probably true if the DH is put on the shelf until 2022. However, while they aren’t paying Kingery “big bucks”, his contract isn’t insignificant either. Sure, he can hold down CF, but moving forward is somewhat compromised by the presence of Segura, who isn’t going to get much in any trade scenario. And then there is Bryson Stott, who IMO is closer to the Show than some expect.

        1. Here’s a question (not just for 8mark and Skeet): what makes you think Alec Bohm will be a good/decent defensive 1Bman or LF’er? He’s played 3B almost exclusively since HS. For me … Bohm has the plus arm for 3B, and I’d give him every chance (at least another season) to improve his glovework. He doesn’t need to be a Gold Glover. With his bat, Bohm just needs to be average (maybe even slightly below). Also, you run the risk his offense takes a hit as he struggles to handle a new defensive position. Remember what Scott Kingery has gone through early in his career.
          This is just my opinion. We’ll see what the team decides to do.

          1. Hinkie, maybe it’s just that Ichabod Crane thing that Bohm has going physically. Of course Babe Ruth didn’t look much like a pitcher…but then he wound up in the outfield….nevermind.

            1. I think the team’s barber has not been brought back from the lockdowns….Bohm ought to have Harper’s barber do a trim job for him.

          2. Here are my thoughts on Bohm, he has already played minor league ball at 1B. I haven’t seen him at that position, but the fact that they’ve tried him there means to me that they aren’t crazy about him at 3rd.

            As far as his glove goes, I think it is superior to the incumbent’s. His problem at 3B to me are footwork, agility and his windup to make the throw to 1B. I don’t think he’ll ever be a really good 3B. As far as LF, I don’t know, he has the arm and the left fielders of our past were basically moved there (to a lessor skill position).

            With Rhys out, and the season less than 3 weeks to go what do we have to lose by playing him at 1B? The players that will be moved around are the same ones that will be in the game anyhow. His bat has to play. Next year will take care of next year. Let’s see if he can handle first base. I think he’ll be better there than Rhys.

            1. Skeet….agree.
              Bohm has been used at first base in the past in the monors, so these last 14 games why not. Next season in the spring he can go back to third.

    2. @9mark (+1 as Hinkie suggested), I commend you for your effort to type M-E-D-I-N-A in your post. I’m really disappointed on what happened vs MIA. Luck didn’t is on the side of MIA that time. Although I think that Nola will pitch twice in that series.

      I agree also to start accelerating the development of the next young crop since the veteran players are not getting it done. Start DFAing the vets that will not be part of the 2021 Phillies – Hale, Hunter, Hembree, Workman, Parker, Phelps = these arms are now expandable. The Phillies should try to see what Dohy, Singer, Hernandez, Julian Garcia can do. I will not be against if the Phillies give Moniak, Listi and Maton some MLB at bats. Let Medina and Jojo do high leverage innings or let them start 2-3 inning back to back.

      The vets set the standard so low that it should be easier for any decent MLB player to surpass.

        1. Hahaha! How can I forget him! My bad! Yeah, the Phillies should now realize that their GM is incapable of getting talents from MLB recycle bins so maybe they should now start looking talents in their own farm.

      1. I’m not sure what’s the health status of Llovera, Arano and Cleavinger – both should be in the pen over the under performing vet pen arms. I like to see Jojo close games and see Medina in long innings or spot starts. Singer is one of the underrated arms that can over perform. Singer always has that chip on his shoulder mentality.

        The Phillies should also invite Bettencourt, Leftwich and Hennigan in the alternate site and see what they have. Those dudes are closing their prime years so their either can perform and can be just DFAd.

        Ranger is obviously not ready due to long lay off. Rosso doesn’t have the stuff to be in the MLB level. Hammer should be given another crack in the bullpen – his FB and SL are still MLB ready.

        1. Thanks to Klentak, the farm is so barren that Medina and Haseley will outlast most prospects by default!

          Whether the Phillies keep Medina or not, I still want to see him pitch in the majors and see if he has “it” or not.

  43. Our Defense stinks…

    1. With the over-abundance of the shift these days…trying to figure out how to interpret this.
      Some factors I assume the author considered:
      —do each team have the same frequency of shifting.
      — opponent EV on GBs
      What it does show, and gives it credibility, that team DRS falls right in line with this metric.,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&startdate=2020-01-01&enddate=2020-12-31&sort=11,d

  44. I agree. Let’s roll out the kids, we’ve spent the J.T. money on old players, Bad BP arms. Get new SP from players left off 60 man, apparently what’s at 60 is not useable.
    Phillies do not value there Minor system but do some teaching, make the player with the “It skill and temperament” more tradable and get the “Trouts”. Nope we just keep over valuing our Bad Prospects because someone sees potential.
    Player Development is not a Valued entity

    1. I think they have made some strides over the calendar year. Bringing in the driveline guys should help.

      I think the loss of the AAA season really hurt guys like Brogdon. He looked brilliant against Miami.

  45. Nice to see Kingery finally get a home run and he hit it to the right field side to boot. He’s always a better hitter when he ca go the other way.

  46. Something that has concerned me about the bullpen and it’s a theory I have come up with based on the article from Matt Gelb in the Athletic over the season

    I think overall our scouting as an organization is terrible and should be completely overhauled. How much of the poor pitching performances can be attributed to poor scouting reports? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that guys excel or are at least AVERAGE elsewhere and they come here and regress. Workman, Hunter, and Phelps are all getting beat with this cutter away cutter away cutter away approach and it’s mind boggling.

  47. Understand the Cohen deal for the Mets should be official around January 1st…after he gets 23 of the 30 owners approval.
    Perhaps JTR will be re-signed back with the Phillies by then.

  48. Just saw that Nick Williams got DFA’d by the Reds. I wonder if he’ll wind up bouncing from organization to organization until maybe he has some sort of resurgence when he’s 30ish. Shame. The guy has skills, if not defensively. Perhaps the DH might eventually give him an opportunity down the road.

    1. 8mark…cannot help thinking back to Apr 2015 when KLaw gave his appraisal in a chat room, on minor-leaguer at the time Nick Williams….”he is a prospect, just not a good one’

  49. I could be wrong but I thought I read recently that Listi was hitting well at Reading or LV whichever site he’s at. Any chance they would give him a shot?

  50. Lefty Garrett Cleavinger called up, Torreyes DFA’d. Quinn back from concussion, replacing Hoskins on the roster.

  51. I think the BP issues are in part because all of these guys rely on breaking pitches, that if they don’t break, are very hittable. No one has power. Workman seems to have lost any command that he had, and Phelps is even more confounding, as his year was so good before he got here. But, his pitches hang up there. We complained that we relied on drafting young Pitchers who supposedly had command, but did not have power arms. Seeming to prefer them to those with good fastballs, but not a lot of command. Now we have a BP with no fast ball and no command. Hence, the results that we see.

    1. Agree. But hard throwing pen arms with control are very expensive commodity, thus, the importance of developing a power arm from the farm.

      I know that the boat had sailed on Pivetta and Vinny – but I wonder if the Phillies developed them as the power arm from the pen. It is obvious that both cannot pitch in long innings, but for one inning – they could be something.

      DFAing Edgar Garcia over the marginal pen arms is I think another mistake. Garcia has a power arm, he just needs time to develop so DFA him over the other fungible vet pen arm?

  52. I think they would have to put Listi on the 40 man roster first if they want to bring him up.

    Nick Williams played a decent left field. I’d like to see the team resign him.

    If the Phillies aren’t careful and totally go into the tank, they’ll be playing to stay out of the cellar come season’s end.

  53. It personally hurts to cheer against any Philly team – but if losing (this season) is what it takes for Middleton to finally move on from McPhail/Klentak — i will swallow that bitter pill.

  54. Matt Gelb
    If Wheeler can pitch, the final 14 starts would go:
    Arrieta 3
    Wheeler 3
    Nola 3
    Eflin 2
    Velasquez 1
    ??? 2
    3:23 PM · Sep 15, 2020

    Phillies need 8 wins in these last 14 games….31-29 should surely get them in.

    1. Plain and simple….the Phillies have to hit, hit, hit, and score runs. The pitching will not be anything close to a playoff calibre staff.

    2. Yeah…the next 7 are at home…they cannot falter……the doubleheader with the Jays is ‘away’ at CBP….then down to Washington for those 4 and finally Tampa to end it.

  55. Bohm to 1B, Segura at 3B, Garlick in LF, Cutch at DH. Quinn off IL and in CF. Maybe Wheeler and JTR can be back by Thursday?

  56. **Garrett Cleavinger** The Phillies have to lead the league in MLB call ups for players not listed on anyone’s Top-30 list..

  57. Can anyone explain to me why Garlick is starting against the righty Porcello instead of Haseley? Joe G have some sensible metric on that one? Especially after Garlick just struck out? Just asking…

  58. Listi at 1B and Kingery to the bench may add a few runs also, he looked good in the spring. You could also put him at DH and put Bruce at 1B.

  59. JoJo! would be sweet if he can turn into a solid reliever for us going forward.

    Kingery’s swinging better but what happened to his defense? That throw on the double play was so weak and now the error.

    1. Kingery needs to get his defense cleaned up during ST. He was really trying to get the Mets extra outs. It was ridiculous.

  60. Arrieta really pitched well, getting out of trouble with some nice pitching. Of course, pulls a hammy. Don’t get what happened to Kingery’s D. I hope he regains what he has lost in the off season. But getting some solid contact the past couple of games. Nola/DeGrom tomorrow. We need another Nola gem. Marlins lose! Zero runs vs Bosix pretty mediocre pitching, but kill us. Go figure

    1. Well, what can it hurt? Everything but the kitchen sink will have to be good enough to get this roster deep into the playoffs. Who knows, maybe either Lucroy or Bird will have a resurgence for a couple weeks. Stranger things have happened. But I won’t count on it…

    2. Joe does have plenty history with Greg Bird…one time Yankee prospect who could not keep his ankle and feet healthy enough to have any continued success.
      But he is an above average defender at first base.

      1. I like the Bird signing, Lucroy can’t hurt, but I’m not expecting much/anything from him.
        BTW … Romus, your cardboard cutout got mucho TV time last night. I also noticed the woman in the pink cap just below you is a look-alike for one of my sisters-in-law.

  61. There will be Yankees interest as well, especially if they do not win the WS this year. The battle for the back page of the NY Post is a real thing in NY, and Cohen, v1’s alter ego, is not buying the Mets to be a wallflower. The Yankees can trade Sanchez, he has some value, if they sigh JTR. There will be a 3 team bidding war, and John Middleton better have his big boy pants on. I wish there wasn’t this hanging over us, but jim says he wasn’t signing until FA, and I trust him. I wish it was otherwise.This was, is, and will be, a John Middleton deal, just like Bryce Harper. Regardless of whether we make the Playoffs or not this year, to be a WS contender, we will need to exceed the Luxury Tax. Signing JTR is only part of what we need to do. Middleton wants to win or he doesn’t. Regardless of blame for the situation being what it is, and there is plenty to go around, there is no way to contention without spending $.

    1. Russo said yesterday, Cashman indicated to him that his primary objective right now is getting Judge and Sanchez on board…..and Russo says he thinks they will not pursue JTR at the money he is looking for…..but that may be just ‘GM-speak’

      Trading Sanchez is a possibility….but they may have to take a hit on any value return, since he has been a defensive liability and now he cannot make contact with any consistency.

  62. Klentak wasted SP depth for a couple of marginal and fungible arms. Forget about Pivetta, but Seabold could come handy right now. Any decent GM will give their top SP prospects in the roster the chance in the majors. I feel that Klentak will still go Rosso or Ranger over Medina.

    1. I tend to agree with you, Kuko. They love to recycle the same raggedy arms over and over again. And of all the arms that came and went at the deadline, Seabold was the only one with any real longterm value. Klentak should go into the pawnshop business.

      1. What Klentak did during the season is a sign of a bad GM. Stock up marginal arms, let those marginal arms linger around and panic during trade deadline that his marginal arms are not performing by adding more fungible marginal arms and sacrificing depth! Ineptness on plain sight!

  63. I believe its important to admit when you’re wrong. I was wrong about Didi he’s been excellent for us in this abbreviated season. To that end Segura I think has been affected by his addition.

    As someone once said there is no such thing as a bad 1 year deal (Didi) it’s hard to fathom we still owe Segura another $30 million.

    I also need to eat a tasty dish of crow on Castellanos. After his torrid start he really went in the tank out in Cincy.

    1. Segura has been playing at a starter level (2+ WAR across a regular season) so he’s essentially been playing close to the value of his contract. As long as he maintains that level for the next 2 years, I think the Phillies will be ok with that.

      1. Only if JTR walks.
        Or….he comes back on a one-year deal…..I assume he will be asking for 2 or more years min.
        Or…..the Phillies can move Jean Segura.

        1. History would indicate that Didi will not return, if only by Klentak’s math. Remember Howie Kendrick? Charlie Morton? A decision on Realmuto will be made before Didi, who might not wait for an offer unless he takes a QO, which might be precluded by the pursuit of JTR.

          1. Are QO authorized this off-season?
            Seems I heard somewhere that they suspended them because of the virus situation…maybe I am wrong.
            If they haven’t…..I would do it.

    2. DMAR……Sometimes I wonder about the relevancy of spring training for seasoned vets, Didi is having a very nice year, where would we be without him. The point is he was 1 or 2 for all spring training and then flipped the switch when we went real time.

  64. With the rash of injuries and ineptitude from some veteran BP arms, it’s been great to see some of the younger guys step up and do well lately. Bohm has been a beast (even defensively at 1B last night to my surprise), Haseley has rebounded from a slow start to look more like the guy from 2019 (big pinch hit for him last night), and JoJo has absolutely been impressive … and very entertaining (just gotta’ hope he doesn’t damage his [non-throwing] arm with a Red Bull can).

    With the Arrieta hamstring problem, it’s time for Klentak to call for Adonis Medina. I’m not interested in another BP game. Blake Parker has been fine, but after that, things go south quickly.

    1. This has been long overdue — I’ve been clamoring for this is a while. It’s time to see if Medina is up to the challenge. Jojo was not necessarily dominating the upper minors and he turned out fine. Medina is not Sixto but we don’t need to see any of those marginal arms that Klentak accumulated. Klentak traded away the best depth arm he has (Seabold), Rosso and Ranger has been garbage and most of the veteran cannot provide an assurance of a clean inning moreso multiple innings.

          1. I was always a JoJo believer during his prospect days. I think he was usually a top 10 (sometimes a top 15) prospect for me. I liked his three pitch mix. However, I was way too light on his George “The Animal” Steel persona.

            I’ve come up with a new nickname for him. From now on, it’s JoJo Loco for me!

  65. Bohm really played an excellen tB last night. I was impressed. I hope the DH stays in the NL. Is it possible for next year, or does it have to be in the next CBA, and was only a 1 time thing? Starting to worry about rocco!

  66. The first wave (Bohm, Howard) of reinforcements arrived early in the season. It’s time for the second wave. Marchan just got his MLB call so it’s time for Medina, Moniak and Jones to join the Phillies. I hope that Jeff Singer got his chance to pitch for his local team whether he stick around or not.

  67. Salisbury reports that Moniak might be getting called up today to replace our latest injured OF, Garlick. I assumed that Bruce would just take that spot but what do I know. I guess we’ll see.
    As for starting pitching, any word on how Medina and Jones have looked at Lehigh Valley. I can’t imagine that Irvin will get another shot. In fact, I expect they’d release him for his 40 spot for Jones. Medina is already on the 40 though.

    1. It was reported that the Phillies are stretching Cole Irvin in LHV so it’s a possible that Klentak will just go with Irvin instead of giving Medina his shot. Medina has been in the 40-man since last year and yet, Klentak continue to bypass him.

      I think there’s a real possibility that Moniak can join the team. Mickey doesn’t have the allure of the #1 pick anymore buy Klentak needs to make some moves to distract his ineptness as a GM.

    2. Moniak would be for defensive versatility, not for starting presumably. Bruce is questionable as-is in LF, let alone RF and CF. We need someone who can play more than one position on the bench.

  68. Haseley…last 42 PAs.
    273/.385/.364 ….14% K….12% BB
    ….. beneficial for the team in lengthening the lineup if he can sustain this productivity from the bottom of the order,

  69. In case Mickey Mo gets called up tonight … let me be the first to congratulate Matt Moniak.

    Also just listened to Jayson Stark on 97.5 the Fanatic. Among the highlights:

    * Believes Matt Klentak (and others) are quietly worried about their jobs.

    * Stark (and others around MLB) believe Bryce Harper has been playing hurt, and Harper would never admit it.

    1. “* Believes Matt Klentak (and others) are quietly worried about their jobs.”
      …….I find that shocking! (tic)

      1. Who would have guessed that? Sometimes these rumors just come up and the validity of it all is so mind boggling it leaves you speechless.🤔😳

    2. Add my congrats to Mickey and Matt Moniak! Can’t wait to see how his major league career sets course. 👍

  70. Hinkie, I sure hope Harper isn’t hurt but him playing through with all the injuries gets a hat tip from me… Hey’ boys/girls I have some baseball history with Moniak… I saw him at the Area Code games in Long Beach make one of the greatest over the shoulder Willie Mays catches running towards the CF wall I’ve ever seen. Defensively he won’t let the Phillies down..Let’s wish him the best and whoever we bring up these last two weeks I know their going to give the best and I’m supporting their efforts; I know we all are… We just need to get to the playoffs… I saw a Cardinals team squeak in 2011 with a 83-81 record and win the WS… Come on boy’s keep pushing….

    1. It’s rarely the best team that wins the championship (in the modern era of playoffs, obviously). So yeah, get in and anything can happen.

    2. Hawkeye … Harper playing quietly through an injury reminds me a whole lot of Chase Utley. He gets mad respect from me for not just playing injured, but for not using the injury as an excuse for his slump.
      And yes, I remember that Mickey Moniak catch from the Area Code Games. For anyone who has never witnessed it, I’ll post it below. I’m pretty sure he was barely 17 YO when he made this grab.

  71. Congrats to Mickey Mo, and I wish him the best. Mr. Moniak, I am sure you are extremely proud, as well you should be! I hope he is here for the long haul.

  72. Thanks guys! Exciting day. I hope you have to eat your words be V1! Haha. It has been quite a journey. he definitely worked on things to where he was standing more upright which you’ll see like his high school days. Hit three home runs in Lehigh Valley the last four games or so so hopefully it’s working! And he has been much more selective at the plate with walks Etc which I know is something everyone wants to see.

  73. KK – That was a great move saying that Irvin is being stretched out for a possible start. I know what you are doing! You’re just trying to get Moffo riled up for a return visit. We know how he loves those soft tossing lefties.

    By the way, has anyone noticed that Nick Madrigal is batting .338? He has 22 hits in 65 at bats. Pretty good except that 20 of the hits have been singles. At least Kingery gets a fair share of extra base hits. He’ll be fine next year.

  74. With Garlick and JT hurt, the bench tonight is Marchan, Gosselin and ??? Bruce is not ready, that’s why Moniak might get the call up. You can’t go into a game with one available non catcher backup.

  75. lot of negative comments about MK, but lets give credit where credit is due… look who is number 7 among all of MLB in 2020 WAR, ahead of, for example Jake Degrom? 2020 Season WAR Leaders
    1 Mookie Betts 3 2.2 0.7 2.6 5.3 4.9 26.7 0.6
    2 Shane Bieber 3 0 0 2.4 4.8 2.6 21.9 0.7
    3 Max Fried 2.9 0 0 2.5 4.9 2.4 22.2 0.8
    4 Lance Lynn 2.7 0 0 2.1 4.8 3.1 19.5 0.7
    5 Aaron Nola 2.6 0 0 2.1 4.9 2.8 18.9 0.7
    6 Zack Wheeler 2.5 0 0 2.1 4.9 2.5 18.7 0.8
    7 Freddie Freeman 2.4 2.4 -0.2 2 5.4 4.9 20.9 0.5
    Jose Abreu 2.4 1.9 0.3 2 5.1 4.8 20.6 0.5
    Fernando Tatis Jr. 2.4 2.3 0.4 2 5.3 4.9 20.5 0.5
    Yu Darvish 2.4 0 0 1.9 4.9 3.2 16.6 0.7
    Michael Conforto 2.4 2.1 0.2 1.9 5.3 4.9 19.9 0.5
    Jacob deGrom 2.4 0 0 1.9 4.9 3 17 0.7

    1. He was Ruben draftee….even Ruben had him pegged as a number three in the rotation when they drafted out of LSU

  76. Game tonight is Reason I’m a fan of Haseley. He understands how to play the game. Unless he improves his power numbers he’s limited as probably a 4th OF but he’s a player who will help a team win games

    1. You are spot on! I might add I’m sick of the guy hitting behind him striking out! He makes almost any contact at all and we have another run.

      1. Except I spoke too soon. Not a good 8th inning. As for Quinn, fast guys who think they are power hitters drive me crazy. Quit trying to pull everything

  77. Don’t believe Harper hurt. In his head. Switches bats, hits with gloves hits w/o gloves he’s searching instead just grinding and let it happen.

    Like I said about Hasley before. Not everyone in lineup has to hit homers. He can be a starter

    1. Absolutely. He should have found the wall first. I don’t think he needed to jump if he were at the wall.

  78. Yes Hasley has played so much right field this year. And as usual network guys play up what was a difficult catch.

  79. Too bad Jacob deGrom didn’t throw a few more innings. We may have scored enough runs to win that game.

    In all seriousness … it’s the little things.

    * 4th inning – Kingery on 3rd w/1 out, Quinn K’s
    * Mets 8th – umpire blows called 3rd strink on Conforto, followed by Hasely’s mishap in RF
    * 9th inning – Hector Neris drops the baseball while in his delivery, and balks the runner to 2nd

  80. Bad teams blow golden opportunities like the Phillies did tonight. Injuries…whatever. Up 4-1 with deGrom gone. You can’t blow that lead. You can’t lose that game. And there was plenty of blame to share, including the dugout and the executive box. Can we really blame the bullpen when these pitchers cannot handle high leverage situations? I guess Jojo wasn’t available?

  81. I don’t get the praise for Harper if he’s playing hurt. His play has hurt the team and to be honest his attitude during this slump (is there a more extreme word for slump?) is horrible as well. Tired of seeing him moping around. If you’re hurt and hitting under .200, get it figured out and taken care of so

    1. It doesn’t get worse/more serious.
    2. You don’t hurt a team vying for a playoff spot.

    Once again, GUT the FO and to be honest, you might want to start the rebuild all over again with a competent front office.

    1. Eric … Yes, Klentak and MacPhail have to go, but don’t count on Middleton being kosher with rebuild 2.0. We’re more likely to see Middleton hire Dave Dombrowski, who will come in and trade whatever is left of the farm to try to win now.

      BTW … did anyone take note of what Michael Barkann said on the post game show after Joe Girardi explained why he removed Zack Wheeler (95 pitches) from the game with one out & nobody on in the 8th inning.
      Barkann said, “Joe Girardi, What do you expect him to say? You know … how much can he come down on them? He’s trying to manage these guys to success, and to win. And they’re failing him, their failing the fans, and they’re failing each other, and there’s only so much he can say.”
      This (Barkann) is the same guy who crucified Gabe Kapler after almost every post game press conference last year because Gabe blew games with the use of his BP, and would also never throw his players under the bus. Hypocrite. And … again … I’m not telling you Middleton didn’t upgrade the manager’s position. I’m just saying it was ridiculous media and fans would get so bent out of shape for the way Kapler spoke.

      1. I just feel like if you keep trading to add via free agency it’s going to get us no where. Look at the teams playing well, an array of home grown talent. Sure we have Bohm and Nola but after that? And I’m not buying into Howard as a TOR guy. Shoulder issues bother the hell outta me and overall I just wasn’t very impressed (could very well be due to the shoulder tho). It’s the disgraced former Astros GM or bust.

        1. The blood on Luhnow’s hands hasn’t dried yet. I doubt very highly that Middleton goes that route. Dombrowski is already mixed together with a group trying to get a franchise in Nashville.

      2. Barkann is an open gas can 🧨, his job is to propagate controversy and incite arguments. I never pay much attention to him. By the way, he is very good at what he does!

  82. Another blown lead, can any team be close to us in that category? Missed opportunities early for more runs. Some truly poor ABs from Quinn and Harper. What was Cutch doing getting picked off? If he thought it was 2 outs, which was dumb in its own right. A Reliever whose job is to get out lefties, walks one of the guys he is supposed to get out. BP failures again. How many times have we seen this same chapter in the book of this season? Mets have a BP full of guys who induce swings and misses. We, do not.

    1. matt13…..just 12 more now to endure.
      Though I believe Angels’ Arte Mreno will let Billy Eppler, go before John MIddleton lets Matt Klentak go…..only by two days.

      1. No argument Curious, I just used those 2 examples because getting the bat on the ball would have produced extra runs. Instead, Quinn flailed at 3 change ups, and Harper swung at a pitch way low. There were others, to be sure. I was not just blaming those 2.

        1. matt13…..Quinn’s strength is speed, so why not force the issue and bunt it towards third as Wacha falls off towards first base!
          Some of their tactics during a game, escape me

          I can only bet Frazier was breathing a sigh of relief since he did not have to charge in while also holding Kingery on third base.

  83. When deGrom departed and Wacha came in, I thought the game was going to be a laugher. Guess who had the last laugh.

  84. Blown Saves…Phillies In Top 5
    1. Angels-13
    2. Astros-11
    3. Blue Jays-10
    4. Philies-10
    5. Dodgers-9

    ….surprisingly, Dodgers at number 5

    1. Royals best team in the majors…one blown save.
      They probably have not had the lead much going into the later innings.

      1. Your correct… They have 9 saves and 11 blown saves… Many with leads of three runs or more… Incredible..

  85. Amazing how one balls strikes call affects game. Morgan first pitch to confirto clearly a strike. Changes whole inning not to say he swung on supposed check swing. Bat crosses plate it’s a swing. Phil’s didn’t execute but ump put them in that position

  86. I know, Patso, and can’t argue that the call was wrong. But, these are Major league players, and being able to deal with adversity is part of the job. Yes, Haseley should have caught the ball, but Morgan needs to battle back vs. Conforto. That is his job. He can’t walk him. Not picking on Morgan, they all, except JoJo, have the same issue. No one throws hard enough. Everything is breaking stuff. And, no one has good enough stuff. Neris has a great pitch with the splitter, but it is not always on, and this year, less so than before. So, he becomes hittable. So nibbling is the MO, and unless the command is excellent, and how often is that the case?, the pitches get hit a lot. and we have to hope they are hit at someone. The GM has an aversion to power Pitchers. Wheeler gave us an excellent outing, with 1 bad pitch. But, he deserved better, and the BP problems do not let the hitters off the hook. There were really some poor ABs last night, in a game where DeGrom was far less than himself, so a game we should have won. Good teams take advantage of breaks like that. We, are not.

    1. 100% agree with you Matt…bad calls are a certainty in every baseball game. rulings by umpires by definition are subjective. the ball moves fast. they are human. guaranteed to get bad calls every game. that’s baseball. great players overcome that.

      1. That was Bo Porter behind the dish last night. I thought he was calling a great game up until that inning.

        Not wanting to give the appearance of the hometown edge perhaps

  87. When Klentak took over, he had a phrase that I absolutely loved, “buy the bats, grow the arms.” when I first heard that, I thought to myself, “yes, this is a guy who gets it!” but his actions have not supported those words.

    Number of picks who were pitcher under Klentak coming into the 2020 season
    – First round: 0
    – Second round: 2 (Gowdy injured. Howard injured at MLB level)
    – Third round: 1 (Seabold traded to RedSox)
    – Total: 3 out of 9 picks (33%)

    The result:

    Starting pitching staff:
    – Nola (who was drafted before Klentak) + Wheeler (who was “bought” via FA) ERA: 2.52
    – Rest of SP staff: 5.46 ERA

    Bullpen ERA: 7.05

    Let’s compare that to the Dodgers:
    – First round: 2
    – Second round: 4
    – Third round: 3 (one of which was Dustin May)
    – Total: 9 out of 15 picks (60%)

    imo, the greatest failure of this rebuild has been their lack of drafting pitchers with top 3 round picks.

    1. Agreed. We need to focus on developing talent. It can be done in lower rounds. Take a look at the Indians

      Shane Beiber 4th Round
      Aaron Civale 3rd Round
      Zach Plesac 12th Round
      Mike Clevinger 4th Round (Angels)

  88. If Harper is in right field when Davis hits that fly ball, I’m certain he catches it. For all but two of his games he has been in right field. I think the two he played in center were on the road, not sure. Not excusing Haseley, because he should have caught that ball, but just about all of his games were played in center and left.

    Harper is really feeling the pressure. He did hit a ball very hard last night but it was right at the outfielder. He is not getting any luck and he sees it. Remember how in the first 22 games he had more walks than Ks? Now, it has pretty much gone the opposite. He knows he has to produce and he is REALLY pressing.

  89. just a question. Mickey Moniak is an excellent defensive OF. Could he be a late inning Defensive replacement anywhere besides CF? Not second guessing last night having Haseley out there, because he should have caught the ball. But in the future, can Mickey play elsewhere besides CF?

  90. 6 games this season, and we have only played 48, we have blown leads of 3 Runs or more. The Braves have done that once. The Marlins, zero times. Our BP has an ERA of 7.08, 7.11 since the trade deadline. We can blame defense, Harper’s slump, Hoskins’ slump to start the year, Vinny, Gabe Kapler, anyone we can think of. We came into the season with a BP that was flat out terrible. The plan to build it wasn’t flawed, it was broken. The position we are in is the responsibility of Matt Klentak. I take no pleasure in someone losing their job. I do not know the man, and this is not personal. Even if we somehow make the Playoffs, he should not be back here next year, and Andy MacPhail can be bumped to adviser, where he can introduce John Middleton to any league personnel he hasn’t met yet, and plan improvements to the scoreboard.

    1. “Andy MacPhail can be bumped to adviser, where he can introduce John Middleton to any league personnel he hasn’t met yet, and plan improvements to the scoreboard.’……and I want to have name tags on the cut-outs for next season…I want to know who my doppleganger is.

      1. I thought you knew the woman in pink, Romus, sitting right near you. And where oh where has rocco gone?

        1. Actually Hinkie says it looks like his sister-in -law.

          Ah…and rocco…do not know his whereabouts.
          He may have gone on an extended vacation

  91. And, that last was not personal, either, although it may have sounded like it. My understanding was that he was brought here for his contacts around the league, and his understanding of Baseball team operations. But, not for any expertise in personnel, roster building, player evaluations, or anything related to talent. Yet, he has had a lot to say about those matters.

  92. Does anyone else find it amazing that Wheeler throwing his fastball at 96-98 only records two strikeouts in his 7 1/3 innings. I know he is keeping his pitch count down but has he become a pitch to contact hurler?

    1. Holy cow – I seriously just pulled up this site to comment on that very thing with Wheeler. How weird!

      Yes, the only thing about Wheeler that has me disappointed is that he is almost intentionally not trying to miss bats. I get keeping down pitch counts, but missing bats generally translates to success as V1 has pointed out (correctly) for many years.

      I could say that it results from the pitching coach, but I don’t know if that’s true. Eflin is striking out more batters than ever, as is Nola.

      But, yes, I think Wheeler needs to work on his deception. You shouldn’t be getting like 6k per 9 innings when you throw that hard and have such good command. It’s holding him back from reaching his ceiling in my opinion.

  93. Agree batters pitchers need to work around bad calls but ask a good hitter when they get a bad call early in count and it kills the at bat and probably same for pitcher when facing good hitter.

    As far as outfield defense Phil’s best is hasley in center mccutchen left Harper right. Maybe that’s what should have been out there. Hasley knows center Andrew left and has gone up against those walls for great catches. But never plays right so he looked uncomfortable going back which he never does

  94. Disagree. The club’s best 3 OFers are Harper, Quinn, and Haseley. Roman Quinn not only covers more ground than Andrew McCutchen, he has a stronger arm as well. Neither of the three are perfect, but they are Girardi’s best defensive options.

    1. For me, the best late inning defensive OF:

      Harper RF
      Quinn CF
      Haseley LF

      * Mickey Moniak probably even gets the nod over Haseley in LF while he’s on the roster.

      1. I’m pretty sure if Moniak and Quinn are out there at the same time, the 3rd person is superfluous. Seriously, that’s a lot of ground covered by those two. Could probably play the 3rd guy super shallow in center and the other two at the walls just so they never need to turn around.

          1. Haseley was great with the glove in 2019. This season, it’s like he forgot how to track deep fly balls.

  95. Does anyone know the Pitching plan for the upcoming games? I know Nola is tonight, then we have a DH. Wheeler just pitched, no Howard and no Arrieta. Maybe someone being called up? Just have 3 or 4 games with the BP? Can that be the plan? Please, not Cole Irvin. Are there are possibilities on the 40 man?

    1. Medina, Suarez, Vinny, Irvin are the only other potential starters. So it’s one of them or a BP game. May as well give Medina a shot since we know how well the others work out for us.

  96. Quinn to many bad reads and circuitous routes to balls plus some bad decisions.
    Give me good jumps, proper routes and good decisions. Just my choice.

  97. Ranger looks completely rusty, Irvin scares me totally, and Vinny already has a spot. Only we seem to mention Medina. That means 5 BP games? 3 Nola, 2 Wheeler, 2 Vinny

  98. I’m ok with building a team with FAs as long as they are legit MLB talent – signing Harper, JTR and Wheeler are good FA signings — and these are mostly on Middleton.

    The role of McPhail-Klentak is too balance the team preferably with home grown talents since they cheaper and supporting casts that doesn’t required to be signed long term — FO performance on this end is very abysmal.

    1. This has become a depth league which I personally don’t think can be achieved through high end free agency.

      If you can’t draft well and don’t make good value trades you’re dead in the water.

      I get that Middleton was caught between a rock and hard place. He needed to spend and spend big on star. His choices were Machado and/or Harper not much of a choice in my opinion.

      I thought MM would be the more productive player. I thought the prevalence of shifts was going to sap a large part of BH’s production it had already started to in Washington.

      Only once has BH OPSd over 900 since his MVP season in 2015 despite having a lofty OBP in all of those seasons.

      That said MM was a clown and it would have been even more of a disaster bringing him here. C’est La Vie

      1. DMAR, we have to draft better, and then develop better, and there is no excuse for not having 1 of the young star players that came through the International market. And, the rebuild didn’t start quickly enough. Klentak was also against taking risks, and never took on salary, when we had plenty of space, to acquire some more prospects. Not even I, who has no problem with how much money Middleton spends, believe you can build a good roster simply through FA. We have Harper and we have JTR, and there is nothing to be gained from going back and re-litigating those deals because we were not ready. Middleton was as weary of the failure to win as the fan base. So now, do we say let’s start over, let Realmuto, go and take the compensation pick? Not win for 8-9 more years? No one is buying into that. Which leaves signing JTR and spending more to get a Closer and more BP help, and hoping that the new CBA gets rid of the Luxury Tax. I see no other way.

    1. I wish him the best. We need to remember that, sometimes, players really come on in their early to mid-20s. Mickey really did improve a lot last year, so I hope that is a good sign of things to come. Best wishes for his success!

  99. Chaim Bloom talks about the “big picture” of roster construction on MLBTR. Interesting, do you think we even have a “big picture” or a cloudy image of some sort for that matter?

    1. More than likely, the new GM, whenever he comes in, will have a plan after studying the current personnel in the system.
      Even if the Phillies get…they will have three road games either in LA or Chicago….tough going for sure
      As great as Nola has been, away splits are just ordinary…W-25…L-21…ERA 3.98
      Wheeler has been better however….W-25…L-15…ERA 3.42

      1. Romus … all playoff teams are going to be on the road in a bubble. NL clubs will play in Texas (Houston and Arlington). AL squads will meet up in California (LA and SD).

        1. I thought it was the first round was home field advantage for the 8 teams (AL and NL) then….only the final 8 teams are in the bubble…4 from the NL and 4 from the AL

      1. Romus, ……If he can camouflage tanking in order to put a better product on the field next year when the season is lost, more power to him. I don’t think we are smart enough to employ those tactics. We are still in the hunt, but won’t be in on the finish, at least that is my take.

  100. Aren’t ALL of the “tournament” games played at just a couple of sites?

    Hope Moniak is playing CF. He is easily the best CFer of the entire lot.

  101. Left field, I think, Haseley in CFand Cutch DH. And, Jake is officially out for the season unless we make the Playoffs.

  102. Be nice if phones would tack on some runs against other teams terrible bullpens once and a while. Was listening on radio and Wacha had given up 19 runs in 19 innings. Let’s see a call up play the field before we anoint him our best defensive OF

  103. 3-0 in first inning. He certainly wasn’t squeezed on the hits! DeGrom was off, now Nola. The Mets came back and won. Anybody think that we can do the same?

  104. Anyone on this site agree that we should not spend 100+ on JT? Anyone? I’d rather reallocate the funds…hes a good player but not special. Id grab Bauer and go from there. JT, Jake, DD, Hunter, Bruce, Robertson, ect all coming off books…find a stud to remake this team.

        1. The difference between Trout and JTR isn’t as big a gap as you might imagine. In this case they’re basically synonomous; if you can’t build around JTR, you can’t build around Trout… except in some very minuscule scenarios.

    1. The Phillies should sign JTR or the shadow of Sixto Sanchez will haunt us forever!!

      Young stud doesn’t come along often. The Phillies just need to hire FO who has a good eye on talent.

      Sign JTR and kick McPhail and Klentak and the Phillies will be perennial contenders for the next 5 years!

  105. If Nola only goes six, the Phillies better score a ton more runs. Second time this pitcher has held them in check.

  106. Yes. The ump blew that call and Alonso was struck out. However, Parker, who has pitched well, was painful to watch. No command at all and we blow another 3 plus run lead. How many now? The other teams don’t care what the score is, they figure they can score any amount of runs off this BP. Of course a key hit with the bases loaded would have brought home more runs, but no excusing this awful BP.

  107. Incredible to me how these guys can throw a game away. Little help from Blue on Alonso, but totally unreal. When the new GM takes over it shouldn’t take him more than 10 minutes to evaluate the BP with its pre-game ERA of 7.02.

  108. I know the BP is horrible. But we scored 6 in 2 innings then nothing. The Ump calls strikes balls all night long. Why are we swinging at crap way out of the zone?

  109. A real piece of “work” the GM got us. Hinkie….if they call his curve the “out” pitch, does that infer that it frequently goes “out of the park”?

  110. Couple of things on Realmuto. Said above was “The Phillies should sign JTR or the shadow of Sixto Sanchez will haunt us forever!!” Sixto is gone. It is a sunk cost. The Phillies should make the best decision going forward, without regard to sunk costs.

    I would go max 5 years on Realmuto. Those would be his age 30-34 seasons. If he’s looking for longer, I’d pass.

    If they are forced to go in another direction, the $45+ million freed up by Arrieta, Robertson, and Realmuto could buy Bauer* ($30 million/1 year) and either Blake Treinen or Alex Colomé for the bullpen, for example. A rotation of Bauer, Nola, Wheeler, Eflin, and Howard would be very solid.

    *Bauer has said that he is only going to sign one-year contracts,

    1. I wouldn’t count on a couple pitchers being adequate replacement for JTR. JTR literally improves all of our pitchers. Not just through things like pitch calling and framing, but also completely shutting down the opposing running game. Not to mention his offense.

      There’s definitely a limit to how much we should pay him, but he is the best catcher in baseball for a reason.

    2. Trading a top 25 prospect for 2 years of .500 baseball and then letting the best catcher in the league walk at the end of those 2 years is malpractice.

      Also, it is going to cost them a lot more than 5 years for him. And they need to pony up. if MK lets JT walk, then MK deserves to be fired. The point isn’t a sunk cost. The point is a GM without the ability to understand roster management, who trades an elite pitching prospect for only 2 years of a star for a .500 team does NOT deserve the right to make that mistake again.

      1. MK will have nothing to do with JTR, even if MK is still here. This will be a JM production from start to finish. And I’m pretty sure he knows the score.

      2. If the Phillies don’t make the playoffs, I think you are going to get your wish (and I agree with your assessment by the way).

        I could be wrong, but my assessment is that if Klentak is fired, it won’t just be an issue of replacing the GM, I think (and, God, I hope), Middleton asks the harder questions about talent assessment (mostly, but not only, drafting) and player development. It may end up being more of a big overhaul than merely an issue of replacing the GM and that’s probably a good thing.

        Let’s face it, the rebuild was mostly a failure. This is not a good front office and we don’t have a good farm system.

        Let me put it another way. If you had told everyone on this site in 2015 precisely where we would be at the end of 2020, I think, to a person, we would have been pretty upset and disappointed.

        Rebuild and spend the limit and you’ve got a .500 team that currently does not project to be much better than that next year. Are you kidding me?

  111. As bad as the bullpen is, the Phillies hitters are just as bad facing the other team’s bullpen.

    Meanwhile, my major complaint — the games are WAY TOO LONG. More than four hours to play nine innings in unacceptable. And gimmicks like seven-inning games and runners on second base in extras will not solve the problem. It’s the pace of play. Way, way, way too slow.

    I understand that the players association resists things like pitch clocks, but the pace of play must pick up or baseball with become cricket.

  112. The theme of the MacPhail-Klentak era should be called “Dancing Around the .500 Mark”. The definitions of both mediocrity and unsustainability continue to be displayed by this club both on and off the field. The 2020 bullpen may go down as the worst in all of MLB since the 1930….(cringe) Philadelphia Phillies. Ineptitude would be a better word to define these would-be major league arms.

    Joe Girardi knows he’s not going anywhere. The 2020 season is for him a luxury to evaluate what’s happening around him, while Klentak’s seat is no longer just hot – it’s a bonfire of calamities.

    1. I was just thinking about Price last night. It is bad to constantly turn over position coaches. But at the same time, it seems like nearly every pitcher went backwards from last year (with the exception of Nola and not including Wheeler since he is new). It is hard to make the argument that Price’s new approach has improved anything.

      1. To be fair the talent around the team got a lot worse. Outside of Wheeler obviously. I think it’s a bit of an overreaction to question Price.

        The opening day bullpen in 2019:
        Robertson Closer
        Neris Set Up
        Dominguez Set Up
        Morgan Set Up
        Alvarez MR
        Neshak MR
        Ramos MR
        Nicasio MR

        The opening day bullpen in 2020:
        Neris CL
        Morgan Set Up
        Hunter Set Up
        Kelley MR
        McClain MR
        Rosso MR
        Davis MR
        Irvin LR
        Pivetta LR

        1. That’s not my point. Compare players who were on both 2019 and 2020 rosters. Most are pitching worse in 2020 than they did in 2019, when we were told that the pitching coach messed them up with his crazy approach.

    2. I don’t believe any pitching coach past or present could do anything with this bull pen conglomeration. These guys are not major league caliber. More blown saves than saves and a collective ERA around 7.17.

      1. The bottom line in this case is that there simply isn’t enough talent on the entire pitching staff to win. And we all know on whose lap that falls.

      2. It’s not just the bullpen that has taken a step backward.

        Arrieta, Eflin and Vinny all have ERAs much worse than last year, when we were assured that their 2019 failure was due to the prior pitching coach’s approach.

        1. Yes, have the same energy for Price and everyone had for CY bc he sure as hell was getting bashed for the performances of the pitching staff.

    3. I would like to never hear anyone blame Chris Young and the high fastball for Zach Eflin’s struggles again.

  113. I am guilty of caring about this team. So I am angry and embarrassed about what we have. Middleton better be angry and embarrassed also. The Mets could not have cared less they were down 3 runs. They knew we could not score vs their BP and they could score 10 runs if they needed to vs ours. Pathetic! I saw a stat, and forgive me if I am not exact, but the Mets’ BP threw 18 innings in the series and we saw 1 run. Meanwhile, Klentak’s creation gave up an average of over 1 run per inning. I cannot wait until he is sent packing.

  114. You know who I wish the the Phillies would hire as a GM with the agreement it would be for three years then he could move on; Tony LaRussa… The man is a a baseball savant combined with old school hard bark that Phillies fans would appreciate… Yeah I know 2011 still hurts when LaRussa was the Mgr. for the Cardinals but I think he would be a fit. Keep the hate mail to a minimum… Just kidding..

  115. The PC can only do so much. I believe that the problem with Chris Young was that he believed 1 way fits all, and the heck with accentuating the skills a Pitcher had, just pitch the same way. That was a disaster. The organizational philosophy has been to avoid power Pitchers. That is why we have so few. Unless the breaking pitch is extraordinary, those guys get hit. We saw why Phelps had success in Milwaukee. His breaking pitch, when it breaks, is a good pitch. Of course a few bounced up there, but he got through the inning throwing some really good ones. But, when it is not perfect, he turns in a Home Run Derby Pitcher. It was painful watching some of these guys come in, and start the AB with a breaking ball. You can’t pitch like that. Whoever the new GM is, we will see that the first thing he does is bring in Power Pitchers. This does not absolve the hitters. We get a lead, and everyone thinks they are a HR hitter, The Ump was awful, both ways, so you don’t swing at bad pitches when he was calling strikes as balls. The whole lineup was guilty of that. I turned it off when we fell behind 8-6. Never saw the other runs scored, and had zero belief we would come back. In a year where making the Playoffs should have been a no-brainer, we are very likely not. It starts with the man at the top. Not getting your trophy back anytime soon, Mr. Middleton!

  116. So a few days ago I lament that we still owe Segura $30 million he in turns goes 4-4 with an HR. Yesterday I cast doubt BH could ever be MVP again and he blasts 2 mega bombs

    In both instances we still lose. Who should I pick on today lol

  117. At this point, I am almost rooting against them for the rest of the season (although I want to see individual players do well) because, long term, I think the team is in desperate need of a FO overhaul and I think it won’t happen if they make the playoffs.

    1. @catch – I said the same thing before. It hurts to root against your team but this is probably the only way to force Middleton to kick McPhail and Klentak out of the team!!

  118. So, we can officially begin to speculate on what direction Middleton goes in terms of the front office. Does he go outside looking for a name? Or does he stay within the organization? Brian Minniti, Josh Bonifay, Sam Fuld are all highly regarded, but the question then is, to what extent is any one of them culpable for the condition of the system?

    Let’s bear this in mind before we throw big names around as GM candidates (if there even are any): the resident alpha dog presently is Joe Girardi, so whomever gets consideration to be Klentak’s successor – or even MacPhail’s for that matter – will be so in light of Girardi’s cache.

    1. There is also Brian Barber who came over from the Yankees.

      But what say you going outside the bun…..LA Dodgers’ Asst GM Jeff Kingston
      Kingston….is experienced, early 40s…. worked under Jerry Dipoto with the Ms. oversaw the player development and analytics departments. spent nine seasons with San Diego, …interned under Theo, and eventually became director of baseball operations……not an Ivy League grad (DMAR wants no mas of them)…..but graduated from Dickinson College

      1. LOL I don’t mind the Ivy Leaguer Romus. That’s a nice feather to have in your cap I just don’t think its the end all be all for a good GM.

        A wise man once told me you don’t get promoted from above you get promoted from below. The people you bring in to work for you either make you look like a genius or a fool.

        It can’t be easy to sift through the league and find those up and comers. When we see what appears to be a brilliant move we naturally assume it was all the GM in charge. It’s not always the case.

    2. Jed Hoyer is my pick to be president of Baseball Operations. I’ll allow him to set the vision for the franchise after that.

  119. Someone asked yesterday, and I didn’t read it until I was watching the game, about JTR. My feeling. We have to re-sign him. Not because of the trade, which should be a factor, but because he is good, a team leader, a great C, both offensively and defensively, and we need as much great talent as we can get. I pay him whatever it takes, and I don’t let that be an excuse not to add the other pieces that we need. And, I am not just recklessly throwing the team’s money away. There is no replacing him. Andrew Knapp, a nice back up, is not an every day C. We are not replacing JTR with the other top FA, Mookie Betts, because the Dodgers already re-signed him. I did a little research, taking lessons from you guys. We are a big market team with a really nice cable deal, and a fanbase that supports the team, So, maybe not $208M every year in payroll, but $175M should be a fair number. Forget 2012 when we were all getting over losing to the Cards, and 2013 and 2014 when we still had some of the 2011 salaries, but just the 5 years we have been blessed with Klentak. $175M per year would have been $875M in payroll. We spent $581M. So, to me, ownership owes the “Money for exceeding the Luxury Tax in the Future Fund” $294M. I know, International penalties and other penalties, come along with the money. Remember, I still only want to exceed the first level, not the higher penalty level. That gets us right under $228M, another $20M for this year, that could have, for a lot less, given us an even below average BP, and therefore our first Playoff appearance in 9 years. To get back to the Playoffs? I spend that money in a heartbeat, and if Middleton has not been lying to us, he will also. Re-sign JTR, add a SP, and 2 legitimate RPs, and stay under $228M. That is the job of the new GM

    1. matt13…Mets new owner Cohen may break the bank on JTR….that is the only piece they need in that lineup with positional value…..and $28m AAV or better may be his offer. He will look to make a big splash…ala Middleton with Harper
      Not sure it would be wise matching that offer.

  120. By the way, give a nice assist to Johnny Almaraz for the non-performing bullpen. While virtually all other organizations where finding live arms who threw in the mid to upper 90s, throw-back Johnny was looking for control pitchers. When I heard that this was his priority (which he stated immediately after he got hired), my brain practically exploded.

    1. If the Red Sox fire Chaim Bloom (not crazy to believe – their ownership is very quick to move on a from a GM, often without reasonable justification), I’d snap him up in a minute. I think he completely knows what he’s doing and he’s from Philly, so he knows what means to win here and I also think he knows that we have a fairly benign and reasonable ownership group who would give him a fair opportunity to succeed.

        1. Yup, admittedly, it’s unlikely after one year, but if anyone would pull the plug that quickly, it’s the Red Sox.

  121. I fear that, also Romus, and I don’t go $300M over 10 years. But, let’s say that happens. And we lose him. Where do we go from there? Hoskins, Kingery, Segura, Bohm, Knapp, Cutch, Platoon, Harper. Is that team going anywhere? Add a SP, and 2 BP arms, and that team still is not good enough.

    1. Add Trevor Bauer…..he says he only wants one -year contracts going forward…get him for two.
      QO…both JTR and Didi…..Didi could come back for $19M.

    2. BTW….”Hoskins, Kingery, Segura, Bohm, Knapp, Cutch, Platoon, Harper. Is that team going anywhere? “….you forgot two pieces of the future…Haseley and Stott.

      Catching if JTR decides to walk…go for Jim McCann ….2 years at $11 or 12M AAV.

  122. 41 runs allowed in the last 42 innings by the Phillies bullpen. Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling both said – “they felt sorry for the Phillies fans.” I heard it – as I prefer the NY channel’s reporting due to the announcers. They were dumbfounded ! Mets come back to win 2 games they had no business winning.

    And Mets bullpen – 1 run allowed in 18 innings. Their long man (a journeyman who threw 87) and a left handed nobody (Shreve) were unhittable.

    Lastly – this kid, Giminez of the Mets – a rookie – has already beaten the Phillies twice with key hits and often ignites a rally – why pitch to him in a critical situation (Wednesday night’s loss) – bingo – game winning hit again. Enough already…

  123. Andy MacPhail and Matt Klentak both seem like really nice guys. They’d make great neighbors or even brother-in-laws. They’re just terrible as team rebuilders. After five years, they’ve put together a .500 team (sports purgatory) with a payroll sitting up against the luxury tax threshold wall (208 million dollars), and a bottom third farm system in MLB. Ugh.

    At last year’s end of season press conference, John Middleton (in so many words) said he had lost some confidence in his FO. He said he would be more hands on instead of just cutting ties with MacPhail and Klentak. That was definitely not the right decision. As a result, Chaim Bloom (one of the brightest young minds in MLB) is in Boston instead of here.

    This end of season presser ought to be more eventful than even last year’s. Middleton has got to do the deed (fire MacPhail/Klentak). I think he will look to bring in a more experienced GM (or whatever title it takes to land the right guy). I envision Middleton going big game hunting this fall. He’s going to have to overpay because it most likely isn’t going to be easy fixing this team (for the reasons I mentioned above: payroll, top heavy roster, and thin farm system) Who could the Phillies be after?

    * Theo Epstein has just one year left on his contract. After WS titles in Boston and Chicago, would he be interested in the challenge that is the Phillies?

    * Dave Dombrowski would be more of a desperation hire made by a desperate owner. He’s unemployed right now, and would come in here and trade any young player not nailed to the floor in an effort to win now.

    * Middleton could look to pilfer an A’s executive. Billy Beane (President of Baseball Ops) probably wouldn’t leave, but maybe Middleton could make a big offer to GM David Forst. Forst is a fairly young (44) Ivy league grad who has sat at the foot of one of MLB’s most progressive execs (Beane) for the past 16 years.

    * Tim Naehring is an interesting candidate. He’s 53, and the NYY’s VP of Baseball Operations. Middleton has a thing for the Evil Empire. He’s already hired Joe Girardi and Brian Barber. Why not complete the triumvirate?

    * Jeff Luhnow will finish out his one year suspension this fall. He’s a UPenn grad. He’s won a WS. Is Middleton desperate enough to look past the cheating scandal?

    * Erik Neander. If you missed out on Chaim Bloom, why not hire his right hand man? Neander is just 37 YO, but already has an Executive Of The Year trophy on his bookshelf. He won the award last season as Tampa’s VP of Baseball Ops. He was promoted to GM last winter after Bloom left for Boston.

    1. You’re not going to be able to sign someone else’s GM unless they give you permission to talk to the GM and that isn’t going to happen.

      I’d take Luhnow. The Phillies have always focused on being the most gentlemanly of teams and, hey that’s swell and everything, but look where the friendly focus has gotten us. Let’s focus primarily on getting someone who can win. Middleton can have the “don’t break the rules” conversation before they sign the deal. Let’s win already!!!!!

      1. Pretty sure you get around that by asking permission to interview them for a promotion. Bloom was under contract in Tampa when Boston interviewed and hired him.

    2. Luhnow doesn’t fit team culture. As bad as the Phillies front office has been they’ve maintained what was left behind by David Montgomery and I think the ownership team is committed to honoring him.

      I would love, love, love David Frost. Tim Naehring makes a lot of sense as well. He already has a report with your new Amateur scouting director (who I’m a big fan of) and comes from a team that does a lot of what you are trying to do. Likewise he has big market experience and the Yankees have developed good pens or acquired good relievers for years now.

      1. Well, perhaps, after hiring all these incompetent “nice” guys, maybe Middleton is a little sick of what’s going on. Maybe that culture needs to change – not completely, but more than a little. As frustrated and angry as we are, trust me, Middleton is more frustrated and more angry. I can pretty much guarantee that.

    3. Hinkie, Dave Dombrowski is among a group of players in on bringing an MLB franchise to Nashville. Saw a piece last week quoting him. I doubt he’s available or interested.

      1. 8mark … I wasn’t aware of that. Not sure how close MLB is to expanding. Nonetheless, Dombrowski wouldn’t be one of my top choices. IMO, the Phillies opening may come down to the last three on my list: Naehring, Luhnow, and Neander.

    4. Naehring and Girardi do go back together for a decade or so with the Yankees …so there is that familiarity … Thomson and Joe in the dug-out.

      1. Yep…whomever Middleton hires may have to be offered the club president job. Neander (for instance) is already Tampa GM. He’s not going to make a lateral move when things are rolling along pretty well on Florida’s west coast.

    5. I hadn’t thought about Forst but that would be a great get. You simply make him the President of Baseball Operations and he is the de facto GM with an underling holding the title of GM.

      Point is there are better than McPhail/Klentak out there. Guys with track records of success. A guy like Middleton should be able to identify them.

      Put a good product on the field and all else falls into place.

      With regard to Luhnow I don’t think he created the signal stealing operation. I think a few select players (cough cough Beltran) came up with that concept and then evolved it with the advancements on video the Astro’s had developed.

      Obviously he had to be held accountable with that suspension. That said he doesn’t seem to treat people very well.

  124. I have Haseley platooning with Quinn, and I don’t think that Stott is ready, plus I have no idea how good he even is. I have him replacing Segura eventually at SS, but not for next year. And, my team assessment has us losing Didi and JTR. I go 6/$126M for JTR. That beats the AAV of both Mauer and Posey, setting a new bar for Cs. His stated goal. The years are a little less, but they signed their contracts at a younger age than Realmuto. I would love to sign Didi for a 1 yr deal, but I don’t think that is happening. We would also need to trade Kingery or Segura to add Didi back. So, add JTR at $26M, a SP, pick who you want, Treinen and Hendriks. Are we under $228M? I think so.

    1. I’d without hesitation offer Didi the Qualifying offer. If he takes it I think he’s well worth the money in a 162 game season. He took this offense to a new level this year replacing Franco’s bat. I hope he takes it, would be perfect to bridge the gap for Stott.

      I think there’s real motivation for him to get a multi-year deal done this offseason with the upcoming shortstop class (Seager, Lindor, Story, etc). His only real competition this year is Semien. I wouldn’t be opposed to a multi-year deal, I think Sott could break in at 3rd and slide back over ala Machado. If this was a normal season Stott probably would be primed for a May call up next year.

      1. Andrelton Simmons is also a FA. But, yes the new GM needs to make Didi a priority. QO him, and try to sign him to a shorter term deal.

  125. Why isn’t Jed Hoyer on your list, Hinkie? He has spent a lot of time with Theo, who I really like, has met high expectations in Boston, and helped break the curse in Chicago. Why not Hoyer as team President? That is the title it would take to bring someone of that stature. And, then let him pick the GM. I want nothing to do with Luhnow, or Dombrowski.

    1. matt … I considered him (and he may indeed end up a candidate). In the end, I just felt he wasn’t as good a match as the others I listed. For me, Hoyer is more a product of Epstein. I’m not sure what kind of influence he yields. I could be completely wrong. You may be 100% correct.

  126. After giving up 43 runs in the past three nights to the Yankees, the Blue Jays are going to want to take out their humiliation, anger, and frustration on somebody. And guess who is the next in line….our Phillies.

    1. Have to split this series and take 3/4 from the Nats at a minimum.

      Mike Yastrzemski is due for an MRI that weakens the Giants line up significantly if he can’t play. The Giants are playing the Athletics who are dominating the AL West. Just have to maintain pace. After that they’re playing Colorado who is still in the race and has a lot to play for. Phillies have dominated the Nationals depleted line up this year, that has to continue.

      Then I think you need to take one game from the Rays and you’re in. 2 wins against TOR, 3 wins against WAS, 1 win against Tampa.

      The Cardinals are the biggest wild card threat for me at this point. They wrap up with the Pirates this weekend followed by the Royals and Brewers. They could get upset but that seems like the easiest path to a minimum .500 finish.

  127. Hinkie nailed it: “After five years, they’ve put together a .500 team (sports purgatory) with a payroll sitting up against the luxury tax threshold wall (208 million dollars), and a bottom third farm system in MLB.”

    v1, I agree on the malpractice, but that happened two years ago: “Trading a top 25 prospect for 2 years of .500 baseball and then letting the best catcher in the league walk at the end of those 2 years is malpractice.” Klentak should have negotiated an extension at the time of the trade — without doing so, all the Phillies traded for was 2 years of Realmuto. That’s it. If they sign him this offseason, they will pay market price. In fact, whoever signs him will pay market price.

    Think of it this way, if the market says that this offseason Realmuto is worth a 7 year, $175 million contract (I’m just making that up as an example), and the Phillies sign him for that in Dec, 2020 . . . then the Phillies could have signed him for that in Dec. 2020 WITHOUT TRADING SIXTO FOR HIM TWO YEARS AGO!

    By trading Sixto and Alfaro for him, they “bought” 2019 Realmuto and 2020 Realmuto. And all that did is help them be a .500 team.

    1. “Think of it this way, if the market says that this offseason Realmuto is worth a 7 year, $175 million contract (I’m just making that up as an example), and the Phillies sign him for that in Dec, 2020 . . . then the Phillies could have signed him for that in Dec. 2020 WITHOUT TRADING SIXTO FOR HIM TWO YEARS AGO!

      By trading Sixto and Alfaro for him, they “bought” 2019 Realmuto and 2020 Realmuto. And all that did is help them be a .500 team.”

      EXACTLY!!! This is a massive mismanagement of assets and resources. This is the entire problem with this organization and its ownership in a nutshell. What the Phillies did is what loser franchises do.

    2. Exactly my point. You go big for an elite player who is only under contract for 2 years if he is the final piece of a championship club. If not, then you HAVE to lock him up. If you can’t, then you don’t do the deal. Simple as that.

  128. @Hinkie – we agree since Day 1 about McPhail-Klentak duo. As i said before, if I can undo one decision made by the Phillies, it will be the hiring of Andy McPhail as that decision started a chain of issues that the Phillies are experiencing right now.

    McPhail and Klentak did put Middleton between a rock and a hard place (forcing to sign high $$ FAs) and Middleton has limited choice right but to bite the bullet and sign JTR long term or get haunted by Sixto for years to come.

    My issue with the old regime is they let mediocrity stay too long. This current regime let being average linger longer. I just hope that Middleton will not excuse injuries as an excuse to own up the mistake he made by trusting McPhail and Klentak.

    1. I think the odds of MacPhail/Klentak keeping their jobs are slim to none. And slim most likely walked out the front door after that Mets series.

      1. I hope you are right, but if I were a betting man, I would bet that MacPhail survives the purge. If we are somewhat more fortunate, he will survive but be “kicked upstairs” and another president is brought in, but, unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.

  129. I for one would like to know what exactly is the front office hearing from their “advisers”, namely Gillick, Bowa and Manuel. Are these merely gratis positions or do their voices actually register within the executive suites? If so, how available is a Gillick on a moment’s notice and to what does he speak. Are they advising Klentak? MacPhail? Middleton?

    My hope is that their is a resonant voice outside the circle and in Middleton’s ear, unbeholden to the this 5 year regime.

  130. So on successive nights, we lose with Wheeler and a 3 run lead over DeGrom, then we lose with Nola and 2 Bryce HRs. Goodbye boys it’s been nice knowing you. I’ll check in again after the season when discussion turns to FO changes and draft picks. Enjoy the rest of the season and the winter. Hopefully, next baseball season see’s the country with a vaccine, reduced virus levels, and more civility between disparate groups.

    1. Excellent article by Cooney, Romus. And it’s more about MacPhail’s virtual absence than Klentak’s misjudgments. Middleton needs to read the tea leaves here and act decisively and promptly.

  131. Like said several days ago team in no mans land. If Middleton signs Dombrowski type not enough $$ or free agents to make this team a true WS contender. If he signs young GM does he let him tear it down because stuck in middle. Doubt it. 5 years into a rebuild with bloated payroll lower ranked farm (system and middle road team ugh.

    No college intersquads and scrimmages to watch. Thank god striped bass fishing till Christmas.

  132. Lost in another Phillies meltdown last night … Bryce Harper rediscovered his groove. His two HR’s traveled 878′ with an avg exit velo of 111.2 MPH.

  133. Congrats to Mickey Mo on his first Major League hit. Then, Rafael Marchan, who has zero HRs in any league including summer league, hits a 3 Run HR! Wow!

  134. Hembree is just awful! I can’t believe how terrible Klentak’s trade deadline acquisitions were! If he set out to screw over the team, he would have done nothing different. So?, bad luck or truly awful pro scouting?

  135. Girardi mistakingly tried to get one more inning out of Hale. Romero is not yet ready for prime time. Up here in Storrs, I get all the Red Sox games. Have been watching Hembree pitch for a few years. Was surprised when the Phillies got him. Never thought he was very good.

  136. Watching the Blue Jays bullpen implode was like looking into a Phillies mirror. It’s about time that the other team’s bullpen melts down.

  137. I’m surpised nobody mentioned anything about Robbie Ray. He looked awful, and you truly wonder whether or not he knows where his pitches are going.

    1. Robbie Ray has plus-plus stuff….if he ever gets it together for control….he will dominate.
      I wanted the Philies to try to get him last season…three years ago it looked like he turned the corner…then he gets beaned in the head from a Luke Voit liner, and then all the blisters started coming on , and throw in an oblique and then he goes south with his control..

      1. The Blue Jays announcers were exasperated with him. They were saying that he has elite stuff, when it was around the zone.

        1. Reminds me of Koufax….could not find the strike zone for years from what I was told, then bam when he found it…..he was unhittable when I saw him pitch…..I remember when the Philies got Carlton for Wise….Cardinals were getting sour on Carlton because he started getting a little wild, same with Randy Johnson……if Ray ever finds it he will be exceptional…however, some left handed fireballers just never find it.

  138. Marchan …..hard to believe he gets his first dinger in the majors……great for the kid….however that could very well be his last.
    As long as he he keeps making contact the hits will fall….he has a 5% doubles rate …and an exceptional ratio of 9% K rate and 7% B rate in the minors…..with a slash of 285/.342/.345

    1. With Marchan more or less holding his own, his development has obviously accelerated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts at Lehigh next season.

  139. If new Mets owner Steve Cohen …alias v1again….decides to break the bank for JTR, and the Phillies have to pass because of the exorbitant cost……the Phillies then ought to peruse and pursue Trevor Bauer in free agency.

    “I want to win. I want to be with a team that has a winning culture. I want to be there in the playoffs. I want a chance at a World Series. That’s one thing that really drives me. I want a chance to pitch every fourth day instead of every fifth. That really drives me. Going along with that: how’s the medical staff? How’s the technology — the information that’s available on the coaching staff? What’s the culture of the organization like?”

  140. I can understand why the Blue Jays traded for Robbie Ray. It didn’t cost much since he’s going to to be a FA, and you’re hoping that he can harness his stuff for 2 months for a new team.

    The trade for Ross Stripling is more concerning. Sure, he’s under control for 2 more years but he’s leaving a noted pitcher park and his numbers are only ok. He looks like a #4 pitcher to me. The Dodgers realized that Stripling was going to decline and pawned him off on the Blue Jays. And sure enough, Stripling has been terrible for his new team. I’m not even sure he hit 94 on his fastball yesterday.

    1. I really do think Harper’s presence will help in his thinking…plus Middleton’s $$$$ and spirit and drive.

  141. The Phillies have a need for a starter next season, unless you’re banking on VV and the health of Howard. If money is going to be tight for FA, then the Phillies have a chance to get a starter for less money than they would normally command.

    1. The Phillies will be going with Nola, Wheeler, ????, Eflin and Howard in 2021. I think the brakes will be pumped on pushing Howard. Where and how they find a #3 will be up to the (new?) GM. Not sure who they can package in a trade…

      The bullpen can first be addressed by signing free agent Trevor May. But I would otherwise avoid spending significant money in the reliever market. Relievers simply aren’t projectable commodities, no matter how effective they are today. AND I would only look for hard throwers. We’ve enough soft tossing middle inning/mop up arms.

      If Middleton decides this winter the luxury tax threshold be damned, that would loosen things up a great deal in trying to re-sign Realmuto and improving the pitching staff.

      1. There’s a lot of pitchers that may be amenable to short-term contracts this season; notable names among them being Bauer (we know he wants 1 year), Stroman (didn’t pitch this year), Tanaka (would probably stay in NY), Walker, Minor, Ray, Odorizzi, Quintana, Paxton, and Hamels.

        I’d definitely check if Hamels wants to come home on a buy-low deal. I wouldn’t expect him to be our #3, but depth is important and it would be nice if he could wrap up his career here (whether that be next year or a couple years down the road). I imagine at least one of Minor, Ray, Paxton, and Quintana will bounce back next year. All are lefties, so we just need our FO to target the correct one(s) and that would cure multiple ills. A lot to ask, I know, but there it is.

  142. I was impressed with Eflin. And, I know he could use another pitch to attack lefthanded batters, I think we have a SP we can count on. I would love to have Bauer, but I think what they add is a #3/4 quality left handed SP. A closer, another high leverage BP arm, and JTR. I am greedy, so would love to bring back Didi, who is a player, but I don’t know if another 1 year or 1 year and option gets it done. I have no problem with Kingery as an extra man, needing to earn his playing time. He seemed to have gotten a little better, but is back to not looking very good.

    1. You could QO Didi…I think that is still an option this season and he still has one QO available…at least I think he does..
      He may take a $19M AAV for a year… is a raise for sure for him.
      Andrelton Simmons will also be available and may take a one year pillow deal….he is a tremendous defensive SS and with CBP he can power the ball again

  143. It was, but the BP came through. Vinny rebounded from a shaky start. A huge win. Kudos, and this was big. Credit where credit is due.

  144. Hopefully that game can be a momentum changer for a run in the playoffs. Gonna need our BP to play well against the Dodgers.

  145. Medina starts tomorrow, Wow! Let’s go Adonis!! I don’t know who goes down, but I am very happy to see him.

    1. Very good (and encouraging) performance by VV.
      Hopefully David Phelps has straightened himself out.

      And … Finally, better late than never on Medina. He’s their most athletic pitching prospect. Here’s a reminder just how good he can be.

      1. These tweets seem like forever ago. Just from the lack of talk about him this year and the fact that he was passed over so much in favor of other guys I’ve gotten the feeling that the team has internally moved on from him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded this offseason.

        Of course, maybe that changes if he really shows out over the last little bit of the season here.

  146. By any standards – even those as tough as this site —— this was a well played tough win with the second team in the field. Kudos to VV who more than rose to the occasion – and who was it that came out of the BP – Madson and Lidge ??? and a lock down 9th without walks and heart palpitations ? Did Girardi make an offering to the order of the sacred angel of Mariana Rivera ? Does the great Utley show up tomorrow ???

    1. If the Yankees can win 10 in a row…the Phillies may also win the next 8….and salvage Matt Klentak’s job for another year at least.

      The last three vs the Rays will be difficult down there….but the Rays are ready for a brief slump. Interesting how Csh manages….openers and closers and whatever………the Rays bullpen closing, is by a large committee of board members…12 pitchers with at least one save.
      He may be the next Tony LaRussa.

  147. I think it is fairly certain that Bohm is the 3B next year. We will see if he gets better and/or the DH becomes permanent. I think it does. In 2022 we need a LF, maybe Stott is ready to join the team and maybe Kingery re-establishes himself. As it stands today, and I am leaving money out of the equation, my wish would be Segura at 2B, Didi back at SS Hoskins at 1B and Bohm at 3B. Then see where we are for 2022

    1. I agree, the Phillies will give Bohm every chance to improve at 3B. That doesn’t mean he won’t get starts at 1B or DH. I’m looking to see if Bohm will get starts at LF in ST.

      Didi should be back at SS. He looks to be a good teammate and he has a good rapport with Segura. Money will be an issue. He will be 31 next season and he’s not elite. For me, the max I would go is 2 years, $30-34M. I would prefer to go for a 1 year deal.

  148. Hinkie (or anybody), what can you tell us about minor league RHP Joel Cesar, announced as the PTBNL from Pittsburgh for Austin Davis?

    And the Phillies players have asked to keep wearing the cream colored uni’s, perhaps someone is showing some team unity and leadership. Sounds like a Bryce move. I like it. Besides, those are the nicest (classiest) of all their sartorial styles, as much as I like the traditional red pinstripes.

    1. Short DR reliever who hit 100 on the velo chart at one time…. “extremely raw, though, with poor control. In games, his velocity sits closer to the mid-90s, frequently hitting 96-97.”

      Toribio is his surname.

    2. 8mark … I know nothing about him so I googled his scouting report from 2080 Baseball. It’s right here

      In a nutshell, Cesar is a 24 YO RHRP who has never thrown above A+.
      FB sits mid-90s and can touch 95 often.
      “Two playable pitches (FB, SL) could get him a cup of coffee in the big leagues. Lack of control adds extreme risk, could flame out in mid-minors because he doesn’t throw enough strikes. Marginal prospect. ”

      The fact that the Pirates left him available in last winter’s rule 5 draft pretty much indicates Cesar (23 YO at the time) isn’t a highly regarded prospect. I wouldn’t expect the Phillies to add him to their 40 man roster this winter either.

      Did anybody really expect Klentak to get back anything of real value for Austin Davis?

      1. Hinkie…he did get to Altoona (AA-EL) last year for the last 3/4 of the season…xFIP 3.9 is pretty average. Agree….will not be a 40 guy, and do not think he will get selected in the Rule 5 come December.

  149. Might be three Philly GM’s looking for work. I don’t think the Phillies are the worst Philadelphia team by a long-shot.

        1. Maybe, unlike the Sixers, they could actually keep trusting the process instead of abandoning it the second it starts paying dividends.

  150. I’m getting that ol’ Hinkie feeling from a month ago. I predict a big week ahead, say 6 or 7 Ws out of the final 8. That doesn’t bode well for those of us who need to see MacPhail and Klentak shown the door.

    I would rather see Moniak in CF today instead of Quinn, but that’s just me.

        1. I already explained why he disappoints me, but I ‘ll answer you. In the field, he gets poor reads and bad jumps on balls. Only his speed redeems him. At bat, he strikes out 33% of the time and tries too hard to put the ball in the air when he should be concentrating on making contact and hitting the ball on the ground.

          1. Even though he get bad reading so u say his speed does make up for it but he don’t miss many ball maybe his timing is still off he been out for a week strikeout out look like most of players on the team have a tons

  151. Took the words right out of my mouth! He is awful. If we release him, he can’t get put into the game by mistake.

    1. Many injuries across the majors in this shortened season.
      Never seen so many i the first 50 games of a season.
      Perhaps ‘sprinting to 60’ was a mindset that proved unbeneficial for many.

      1. Could also be a product of the start-and-stop spring training. And the horrible scheduling due to postponements. As nice as it’s been for some people to have a distraction, this season was a mistake and not even a Philly championship will change my mind on that. Irresponsible to put so many people at risk of injury and illness.

  152. I have no problem blaming Hembree for serving up the two run double but that was a catchable ball. I am a big Haseley fan but he’s turning out to be just an adequate defender. I believe that if it’s Moniak out there, he catches that ball.

    1. That may have been a catchable ball but that was a terrible pitch Hembree threw to Jonathan Davis, who’s a backup.

  153. Someone really should alert TMac all playoff games (including wildcard round) are going to be played at neutral sites (in a bubble).

    1. Ben Davis was not on today, if he were, he would have nudged TMac and questioned it just to make sure……but on today was Johnny K…..not sure John is update on those type of things.

    2. As of Sept 15:
      The league will start the playoffs with the Wild Card Series on Sept. 29. The eight best-of-three matchups in that round will be played at the higher seed’s home ballpark.

      Here are the bubble locations for the expanded playoffs:

      NLDS: Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas and Minute Maid Park in Houston
      ALDS: Petco Park in San Diego and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles
      NLCS: Globe Life Field
      ALCS: Petco Park
      World Series: Globe Life Field

      So TMac was correct after all.
      So the Phillies …if they make it….could be going out to LA or the Windy City.

  154. Phillies announced that they are going to start offering buyouts to employees as part of significant cost cutting moves after significant financial loses in 2020. How does this affect the big club?

    I think that both McPhail and Klentak do not get fired after the end 2020 since both are still under contract and would entail paying salaries for redundant front office staff. Bad look to be laying off staff while simultaneously eating big FO contracts to replace them with more big FO contracts..

    Expect them both to survive until end of 2021..

    1. Unless…John Middleton decides ,,,,what the heck….I can do both Andy and Matt’s jobs…how hard can it be!

  155. If Adonis Medina had a 95-96 fastball, he would be a top 25 prospect. But he was throwing 91-93 and really was scared to throw his fastball around the zone. He has a plus changeup though, and a decent slider that was hit or miss. He even threw a curve as a show me pitch. But the issue here is his fastball. 91-93 is not going to cut it from a RH pitcher. And at one point in the game, he was throwing the change as the dominant pitch and the fastball as the change of pace pitch. Can he get away with that? There’s really only one pitcher out there who can get away with throwing junk and that’s Zack Grienke. So his ceiling is likely as a 4-5 pitcher because of his lack of fastball. But you wonder if the Phillies can convert him to relief, hopefully his fastball ticks up to 93-94. With his plus change up and developing slider, he can maybe carve out a role in the bullpen. He would have to better than Heath Hembree at this point.

    1. I thought his slider looked better than decent but he was having trouble throwing it close to the plate. I wouldn’t rule out a relief role in his future but I’d rather see him continue to start for awhile. He throws 5 pitches so he’s got the base to start.

      1. How many pitches do you think he threw inside to hitters? It couldn’t have been more than 10. He was intentionally trying to nibble on the outside edge to avoid hitting bats. He’s lucky the Blue Jays didn’t do more damage. I couldn’t believe their hitters didn’t recognize what he was trying to do. Bo Bichette went after a pitch that was a foot off the plate.

        1. I think this is common with pitchers nowadays; they don’t pitch inside a lot. Plus he was having success getting his 4-seamer on the edge of the zone.

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