Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #15 Prospect

Damon Jones was selected as the organization’s #14 prospect.  He received 36 of the 160 votes cast (23%).  Johan Rojas finished second with 24 votes (15%).  Logan O’Hoppe received 15 votes.  Enyel De Los Santos received 14 votes each.

Deivi Grullo received 9 votes.  Kevin Gowdy received 8 votes each.

Mauricio Llovera and Josh Stephen received 6 votes each.

Nick Maton received 5 votes.

Addison Russ and Luke Leftwich received 4 votes.

Colton Eastman and Kyle Young received 3 votes each.

Jhailyn OrtizKendall Simmons, Bailey Falter, and Austin Listi, and Jonathan Guzman received 2 votes each.

David Parkinson, Kyle Glogoski, Dominic Pipkin, Matt Vierling, Cornelius RandolphRodolfo Duran, Arquimedes Gamboa, Hsin-Chieh LinStarlyn CastilloRixon WingroveWilfredo FloresGuarner Dipre, and Connor Brogdon received one vote each.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow
  9. Adonis Medina
  10. Luis Garcia
  11. JoJo Romero
  12. Simon Muzziotti
  13. Rafael Marchan
  14. Damon Jones

No new additions to the poll.  The total prospects on the ballot is forty-nine.

20 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #15 Prospect

    1. Lol on the Zohan reference. Do you think he can swim like a dolphin? That would be a great video entrance for him…
      I voted for Rojas as well–dreaming about upside.

  1. Not that our Top 30 should ever mirror another sites Top 30 exactly but a couple of odd facts compared to MLB.COM (Mayo and Callis)

    They have DLS at 7 yet we have 2 guys not even on their Top 30 getting more votes than him and another at 26 for the 15th spot.

    They also have Ortiz at 12 and Irvin at 16 and Gamboa at 22 which is way to high for all of them. The latter 2 wouldn’t even make my top 30 and Ortiz would be closer to the bottom of it than the top.

    It’s nice to have a young player to be excited about and 15 seems like a good spot for Rojas but I feel like I’ve seen this movie so many times before so for me yeah I’ll start paying attention to someone that flashes in GCL and NYPL but until they get to LKW and start producing there my enthusiasm will be curbed.

    1. @DMAR – some thoughts about your post…

      On MLB ranking – I think MLB performed a detailed prospect ranking analysis “twice” a year, beginning and mid-season and they adjust whatever their currently released prospect rankings with trades, promotions, etc. Romus and I go back and forth about Jose Gomez who stays in the Top 30 for about 15-18 months!!! So if MLB preliminary over(under) ranked prospect – that prospect will keep that ranking for a while. When v1again posted a prospect ranking from Prospect Live — I also noted Gamboa (and Stephen) shouldn’t sniff any Top 30.

      On exciting young prospect – I can also get easily excited with young prospect(s) from low minors that jumps in the prospect. And you’re correct we’ve seen this episode almost every year and still waiting for that young uber prospect to become a Phillies. As I noted when Ethan Lindow was voted as #8 —- I don’t want to get excited with low minors prospects anymore unless they show elite tools or stuff.

      Johan Rojas is getting some traction with a lot of local outlets — I like him but I don’t want to overvalue Rojas. I’m a big Logan O’Hoppe guy and I’ve been trying to contain by excitement about O’Hoppe until he reached the high minors.

      I will Johan Rojas and Ethan Lindow success but they don’t have that elite level tools and stuff that I should get excited about. I’ll dial in when both of these prospects reached AA REA.

      1. I thought Rojas’s selling point was his raw tools – the type that scouts get excited about. That’s why he’s drawing so much attention.

        Lindow a little less so for sure.

        1. @catch – I’m buying into that raw tools that’s why I have Rojas jumped to #12 in my Top 30 prospect list that I posted last week. But I’ve seen some who gets crazy about Johan Rojas ranking him as high as #5. I still think that Luis Garcia is still the best teen age position prospect in the farm and Garcia got more attention than Rojas and looked what happened when Garcia played in A/LWD. And I don’t een want to talk about J.P. Crawford as one of those prospects will raw tools that killed the low minors.

          While I don’t ranked Lindow in my Top 10/15 — I’m actually optimistic about him. I can see Lindow being better than Irvin and he might carve out a MLB career like J. A. Happ.

          1. I like Lindow too. If he can regularly touch 94 or so and has a nice assortment of pitches and good command (that’s what Cliff Lee had), he could be very effective.

            1. To give Cliff Lee credit, he had plus plus command and some nasty pitches and he didn’t throw especially hard (around 91-94 or so), but he threw just hard enough to be very effective. He was the single most entertaining pitcher I’ve watched in person. When he was pitching I basically never left my seat – it was like watching a master class taught by an elite craftsman. He was amazing. Kinda of a distant and aloff guy, but what a player.

            2. Agree on Cliff Lee. He was my all time favorite Phillies pitcher. Some say he was a jerk. Personally I think he just didn’t buy into kissing the media’s behind as part of his responsibilities as a pro athlete. But on the field he was a craftsman. And fun to watch to boot. Meanwhile Doc was a mechanic. Both were elite arms. Shame Cliff’s career didn’t arc as long.

            3. I really wish that the Phillies won a WS for Doc (RIP) and Cliff —- those 2 HOFs deserve their rings and they probably one of the best 1-2 combo in Phillies history. Doc and Cliff are like 2 different artists that share notes — Doc is the power pitch while Cliff is the command artist.

            4. Doc and Cliff’s year SHOULD have been 2010, but this “small market”-minded front office didn’t want to pay them both….DUH!!!…until the following winter. That was another legitimate chance for a ring which the Phillies brass squandered.

          2. I can see Lindow getting promoted to AA REA by mid year of 2020 — this will give us a good gauge of Lindow’s command/polish can overcome his lack of impact stuff. It might take some time too see an increase in velocity. Lindow might touch 93/94 but he will be throwing mostly in 89-92. I’ve seen Lindow once in LWD and his pitches are so “generic” that it’s hard to determine if he’s throwing a FB or his offspeed ball. This is a concern since it appears to me that Lindow rely on his command to get an out.

            Manuel Silva another LHP in same age and height range as Lindow. Silva is way skinnier than Lindow but Silva throws harder and there’s a clear separation between Silva’s FB and his secondaries. Silva doesn’t command his pitches as well as Lindow — but Silva’s command is not that bad either.

      2. Those a great points Kuko and you’re right lists are just lists with hefty doses of subjectivity. And of course they give us something to pass the time with until ST starts.

        I can be more bullish on Lindow because LKW and CLW are pretty good benchmarks IMO. I can’t really take seriously GCL and WPT I guess is what I’m saying.

        1. @DMAR – on the ranking subjectivity, that’s what I’ve been saying to v1again. That every prospect ranking has a dose of subjectivity because there are different aspects in the prospect ranking that were valued differently. But prospect rankings discussion is one of my favorites —- it’s normally a good topic to elicit very good discussion points unlike WAR and Cesar Hernandez.

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