Threshers Recap – 6/20/2019

I arrived at the Complex in time to watch some new guys throw bullpens – Adam Leverett, Hunter Milam, and Tyler Burch.  Afterward, a large group of pitchers took part in PFPs.  New comers Erik Miller, Chris Micheles, and Aidan Anderson were part of the group.

I passed on the intrasquad game to go home and watch the women’s national team clinch their group in the World Cup.

I watch the Threshers games from the media room on the second floor of Spectrum Field.  Often, team scouts stop in to prepare for the game.  Tonight, one scout came in and asked if he could share the space while he went through his pre-game prep.  As he sat down, he remarked that the picture of Dutch Dalton that graces the wall was a nice representation of our beloved catcher.  I always ask who these individuals scout for, tonight was no exception.  He replied that he was with Kansas City but had spent 17 years with the Phillies.  I asked if I would know who he is.  He replied that I might better remember his father.  For the first time since we began talking, I looked closely at this gentleman.  As I asked, “Would your father’s name be Jim?”, he introduced himself as “Jim Fregosi, Junior”.  He looks and sounds like his father.  We spoke about the ’93 team.  I had just watched High Hopes during and after one of this weeks delays/postponements.  I tried not to bother him too much while he prepped for the game.  Did you know he has 5 championship rings, 3 with the Phillies and 2 with the Royals?  I offered to help.  I figured that he already knew about Alec Bohm, but I told him we had no one worth scouting with the Threshers.  He laughed that Fregosi laugh and thank ed me but said he had a list.  Oh well.  I tried.

I fell asleep when I got home, so the game write ups will be sketchier than usual.

Clearwater (3-1, 39-31) beat Daytona, 9-4.

Tommy Hunter opened the game for the Threshers.  He retired the Tortugas on 9 pitches.  He got the first batter looking on an 84 mph pitch.  He got ahead of fellow rehabber Scooter Gennett 1-2 before inducing a pop up to shortstop.  He retired the third batter on a first-pitch fastball that was grounded to short.  He threw 8 strikes among his 9 pitches.  too small a sample size but here’s what he threw –

  1. 94 mph, foul ball
  2. 93 mph, called strike up in the zone
  3. 83 mph, foul ball
  4. 84 mph, called third strike
  5. 92 mph, called strike to Gennett
  6. 92 mph, foul ball
  7. 95 mph, ball
  8. 90 mph, pop up to shortstop (P6)
  9. 94 mph, ground out to shortstop (6-3)

Julian Garcia took over in the second inning.  The difference between a major league pitcher and a minor league pitcher was quickly obvious.  Garcia needed 28 pitches, throwing 16 strikes and 12 balls.  Garcia went on to scatter 9 hits and gave up 4 runs in five innings.  Austin Ross came in and with two outs in the seventh inning, and fans calling for him to hit the batter in retribution for several balls thrown at Jhailyn Ortiz, and hit the batter on a 3-2 pitch.  Ross completed two innings with two strike outs and just the one base runner.  Keylan Killgore struck out 2 in a perfect ninth.

The Threshers came from behind a couple of times.  Once in the second inning when they scored 2 runs on Dalton Guthrie’s RBI double and a double play.  They tied the game in the fifth on Rodolfo Duran’s sac fly.  They tied the game in their 6-run seventh on Nick Maton’s bases loaded walk.  They took the lead when Madison Stokes was hit by a pitch.  And, blew the game open on Jhailyn Ortiz’ grand slam (11).

Before his HR, Ortiz had to eat dirt a couple times as balls sailed by his head.  He was hit on a low inside pitch with the count full.  I don’t think it was intentional, the starter was wild all night.

Vierling had 3 hits.  Mayer and Guthrie had 2 hits each.  Muzziotti batted clean up.

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.329) promoted to Reading
  • #5 Spencer Howard (1-1, 2.25) placed on the 7-day IL on May 5th, shoulder soreness
  • #11 Jhailyn Ortiz (.2210) went 1-4 with a run scored, HR (11), 4 RBI, HBP 
  • #12 Simon Muzziotti (.284) went 1-3 with a run scored, 2 BB
  • #17 Kyle Young (1-3, 4.29) placed on the 7-day IL on May 1st, TJ surgery
  • #18 Nick Maton (.270) went 1-2 with a run scored, RBI, 3 BB 
  • #19 Rodolfo Duran (.229) went 0-4 with an RBI, SF
  • #20 Daniel Brito (.247)

Lehigh Valley (33-36) beat Toledo, 9-5. 

Reading (1-2, 40-30) lost the suspended game to Akron, 3-2 in 8 innings and lost the regularly scheduled game, 12-6.

Lakewood (1-0, 30-41)  beat West Virginia, 5-4.

Williamsport (2-5) dropped both ends of a double header to State College, 7-4 and 7-6.

Unassigned Prospects

  • #27 Starlyn Castillo

GCL Phillies East begins its 2019 season  on June 24th.

GCL Phillies West begins its 2019 season on June 24th.

DSL Phillies Red (11-4)  beat Angels, 10-6.

DSL Phillies White (11-6)  lost to Cubs2, 3-0.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of June 19th.

Today’s Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)
6/20/2019 – Phillies placed RHP Pat Neshek on the 10-day IL, left hamstring strain
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Tyler Gilbert from the 7-day IL
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated Nick Williams
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley released 3B Damek Tomscha.
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley released 3B Gift Ngoepe.
6/20/2019 – Austin Listi assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/20/2019 – Alec Bohm assigned to Reading from Clearwater
6/20/2019 – Clearwater activated RHP Julian Garcia from the 7-day IL
6/20/2019 – LF Jimmy Smith assigned to Lakewood from Phillies XST
6/20/2019 – LHP Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Lakewood from Phillies XST
6/20/2019 – Phillies signed Erik Miller, assigned to GCL East
6/19/2019 – Phillies recalled LHP Ranger Suarez from Lehigh Valley
6/19/2019 – Phillies sent LHP Adam Morgan on a rehab assignment to Reading
6/19/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated INF Phil Gosselin
6/19/2019 – Reading activated RHP Jose Taveras
6/19/2019 – Reading placed RHP Connor Brogdon on the TIL
6/19/2019 – Phillies signed FA RHP Aidan Anderson; assigned to GCL East
6/18/2019 – INF Phil Gosselin activated by Lehigh Valley
6/18/2019 – RHP Seth McGarry assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/18/2019 – RHP Luis Ramirez assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
6/18/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed INF Jose Antequera 7-day IL, right calf strain
6/18/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Tyler Gilbert from the 7-day IL
6/18/2019 – SS Guarner Dipre assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – SS Jose Mercado assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – OF Jose Rivera assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – C Micah Yonamine assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – SS Chris Cornelius assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – CF Keaton Greenwalt assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – INF Curtis Mead assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – CF Johan Rojas assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – Phillies signed draft pick LHP Chris Micheles, assigned to GCL West
6/17/2019 – Phillies placed RHP Jerad Eickhoff on the 10-day IL, right biceps tendinitis
6/17/2019 – Phillies activated CF Roman Quinn from the 10-day IL
6/17/2019 – Phillies sent RHP Tommy Hunter on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
6/17/2019 – Phillies optioned LF Nick Williams to Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Edgar Garcia from Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – C Nick Matera assigned to Williamsport from Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – Ranger Suarez activated by Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – James Smith assigned to Lakewood from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Carlos Betancourt assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Maikel Garrido assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Juan Geraldo assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Rafael Marcano assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Jordi Martinez assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Tyler Adams assigned to GCL East from to GCL West
6/17/2019 – Carlos Francisco assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Adam Leverett assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Jose Ulloa assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Austin Crowson assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Hsin-Chieh Lin assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Fernando Lozano assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Dalvin Rosario assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Daniel Vilchez assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Brendan Bell assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Gunner Mayer assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/16/2019 – Phillies activated RHP Pat Neshek from the 10-day IL
6/16/2019 – Phillies optioned RHP Edgar Garcia to Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Ranger Suarez to Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – Phillies recalled LHP Cole Irvin from Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – Nick Matera assigned to Lehigh Valley from Williamsport
6/16/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LF Shane Robinson from the 7-day IL
6/16/2019 – LHP Damon Jones assigned to Reading from Clearwater
6/16/2019 – LHP Manuel Silva assigned to XST from Lakewood
6/16/2019 – RHP Tyler McKay assigned to Lakewood from XST
6/16/2019 – Phillies sent SS Phil Gosselin outright to Lehigh Valley
6/15/2019 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/15/2019 – RHP Seth McGarry assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
6/15/2019 – Assigned Jose Brazon to DSL Red from GCL East

33 thoughts on “Threshers Recap – 6/20/2019

  1. Good luck to Listi. If he can get hot up there, who knows. He’s only one step away now.
    Congrats to Bohm, an exciting year for him and for all of us watching him. There’s no question who our #1 is. If he keeps hitting, he could be fighting for a job in March.
    Ortiz continues to improve. Fingers crossed.
    Kilgore a prospect?

  2. I am sure Jhailyn Ortiz was one of the names on Jim Fregosi’s list.
    The guy is red hot- hot, 11 dingers in 31 games.
    Maybe he got tired of hearing all the praises on the guys in his international class of ’15 that are in the majors, Vlad Jr, Tatis, Soto, Alvarez ….and is ready to forge ahead and make his mark.

  3. Good night for some hitters on the farm.Bohm is looking like a legit prospect.I’m impressed on how he uses all fields,seems like he hits to right field and up the middle a lot.(I didn’t look at his spray chart lately) just going by the game re-caps.
    Hopefully the org coaches don’t encourage him into a pull happy hitter, I DO expect his homeruns to increase in Double A.
    We MAY have a #1 high grade prospect that could be in the big leagues shortly!

    1. I especially like him with Hoskins, harper, kingery long term because he seems like a consistent hitter, gets a hit almost every night and this organization is overloaded with wildly streaky hitters

  4. Hate to say goodbye to Damek Tomscha but he reached his level on the “Peter Principle”.

  5. Even though the CrossCutters have started slowly, they have some guys to watch. Corbin Williams, a 24th rounder in 2018, who Jim highlighted a little while back, has speed to burn. Every time he hits you’ve got to wonder if he’ll stretch it into a 2B. If it’s a single, big deal. He’ll be standing on 2nd just a minute or two later. He gets on base anyway he can. He has 5 hits and 5 BBs in 6 games. He tends to K a little too much for a speedster but he can work on that. CF is his roaming spot.

    Julio Francisco is another interesting prospect. He was signed in 2016. He hit .318/.399 in the DSL in ’17. In ’18 he hit .293/.352 in the GCL. He’s hitting .286/.342 in Wmsprt in a very SS. He’s has 3 Ks and 4 BBs in his 7 games and he has 38 SBs over his 2+ years. He’s been caught 12 times. Julio can play all 3 OF positions.

    Aparicio is a 19 yo Catcher. In the GCL last year he hit .338/.378/.518 and is continuing it in A- this year. I’d like to see some more BBs. O’Hoppe is splitting catching and DH duties with him so he can watch his competition every day.

    Nic Torres is another guy to watch. The 19 yo 2B/SS hit well in the DSL in 2017, GCL in 2018 and we’re hoping it continues in Wmsprt.

  6. Moniak multi hut games 3 out if last 4. After looking at stats in the eastern league, I was shocked to see only one player hitting 300 and it’s 302. The next hitter is betting .29 8 and then everyone else is in the 280s and lower. Moniak having a very productive season and even batting .264 is top 20 in the league. He is in top 6 or better in hits, doubles, triples, (which he is first) Total bases, runs,…was in the top 10 for RBI but I think since he started batting leadoff he hasn’t had as many RBI opportunities obviously. I think he has a chance of making it to the All-Star team this year to be honest with you after looking at everything. Kid is going to be everything everyone thought and prove a lot of people wrong and a lot of people right. He is doing it as the 4th or 5th youngest kid in the league I believe. Keep it up kid you are on your way. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Phillies call him up to the 40-man especially if they keep tanking!

    1. Moniak still leads the league in triples (7 vs second-place player @ 5) and tied for 6th in doubles with 17…..6 off the pace of the leader.

    2. The best news with Moniak is that his walk rate in June is approaching 11% and his K rate in down to 20.5%. This has always been his biggest weakness.

      If he can sustain this improvement he is back into the conversation regarding top prospects on the team and top-100 in baseball.

  7. I never thought this until right now, but given the aggressive promotion of Bohm, if he dominates – I mean truly dominates – in AA, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in Philadelphia for a late stretch run. As bad as the major league team has looked on offense lately, they have a chance to be a superb offense if some guys return to health and they can promote a potential first division regular at third like Bohm, thus freeing Kingery to play elsewhere.

      1. They don’t even have to DFA anyone if they want to postpone the decision until the end of the season. They have a couple guys that can be moved to the 60-man IL in McCutchen, Dominguez, probably Cozens, and surely Quinn in a couple of weeks. And, maybe Neshek. When Morton went down with a similar injury, he missed the remaining 5 months of the season. Okay, saying Quinn is unkind, but I’d bet on another season-ending injury over an injury-free remainder of the season for him.

        1. Cozens on the minor league IL would require a call-up to get 60-day—not impossible, but unusual. Trades will impact the 40-man as well, but there is some flexibility there.

          1. Correct me if I am wrong, but having Cozens called up or activated to the 25, would be only a one-day administrative transaction, then the following day he gets put on the 60 day IL until the end of regular season play?

            1. And, more questions. Can they make the 60-day designation retroactive to May 10th? Would he then be paid his major league salary rather than his minor league salary while on the IL? For that matter, am I correct in assuming that players on the 40-man don’t collect their major league salary when they are optioned to the minors?

            2. I recall a Phillies player (I think it was Michael Schwimer) filed a grievance when he was optioned back to Lehigh Valley instead of being placed on the major league 15-day DL.

            3. Not sure how it will work….CBA Article VI Salaries probably has the information buried in it somewhere among all the legalese.

              Click to access 5450407.pdf

              And yes you are correct….Michael Schwimer did file a grievance…Schwimer claims he was hurt and should have been placed on the DL instead of demoted…..that was 6/7 years ago I think..

    1. Likely or not, Bohm may be the jolt this team might need in August. Forget AAA. He may be this season’s version of Rhys Hoskins of 2017 should he rake in Reading.

    2. Stott’s another kid who could/should move quickly. There’s a good chance we see a home grown infield (Hoskins/Kingery/Bohm/Stott) + JT Realmuto by sometime 2021.

  8. Next promotion should be Maton to Reading. He really should have started the year in Reading. If they insist in keeping Gamboa there then they should demote Gomez. Gomez has done very little in the past 1.5 years. Maton is one of those kids that doesn’t look like a player but is. Not a Grade A prospect but a battler who will win games for you.

    1. I don’t see the hurry to promote Maton or the reasoning why he should have skipped Clearwater altogether. He’s doing well, but not that well. Seems like he’s right where he should be for now. Anyway here’s some video of him. His swing seems very upper body oriented to me, which might explain the low number of XBHs.

    1. Not Jim, but a good reminder that teams are constantly scouting other teams in the minors, the presence of a scout does not mean anything about trade or trade talks. This is more of a PSA as we start to head into trade season. Teams are building up reports on players across the leagues whether that is for trades, or for the Rule 5, or if that player hits free agency due to a release or 7 years of service.

    2. George Brett would be an improvement at 3B. Make sure a physical is taken by a Proctologist.

  9. Having Bohm should help the Reading team win their win their fight against the Mendoza line and no longer called Reading Fighting Mendoza’s….

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