2019 Draft Discussion: Day One

The Phillies used their first round pick to select Bryson Stott, a shortstop out of UNLV.  He’s 6’3, 200 lbs, bats left, and throws right.

Stott slashed .356/.486/.599/1.085 with 10 HR, 20 doubles, and 36 RBI in 58 games.  In 281 plate appearances, Stott walked 55 times (19.6%) and struck out 39 times (13.9%).  He stole 16 bases in 20 attempts.

Stott is a finalist for the Brooks Wallace Award given to the best shortstop in the country.

UNLV is a member of the Mountain West Conference.  They had a 29-29 record and went 14-16 in conference.  They played Stanford and Arizona State out of conference, and Fresno State in conference.

The Phillies had the fourteenth overall selection in the first round.  They forfeited their second round pick when they signed free agent outfielder Bryce Harper, as well as $500,000 in international bonus money.

The Phillies’ total bonus pool is only $6,799,590.

Their complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  •   1st:     14  – $4,036,800
  •   3rd:     91 –     $647,300
  •   4th:   107 –     $478,300
  •   5th:   137 –     $357,100
  •   6th:   167 –     $272,500
  •   7th:   197 –     $213,300
  •   8th:   227 –     $172,100
  •   9th:   257 –     $153,600
  • 10th:   287 –     $144,800

Schedule (All Times ET)

Tuesday, June 4
Day 2
Rounds 3-10
Live on MLB.com
Round 3 begins at 1 p.m.
Wednesday, June 5
Day 3
Rounds 11-40
Live on MLB.com
Round 11 begins at noon ET

This is a forum for draft discussion to keep it separate from other conversations.

As in previous years, I’ll post a place for daily draft discussions until the draft is completed,  then, weekly draft discussions until the signing period is over.  Draft signings will be tracked here – 2019 Draft Tracker

175 thoughts on “2019 Draft Discussion: Day One

  1. I openly lobbied for a pitcher. And there were several available that I loved including Rutledge, Kirby, Malone Goss and my personal favorite Espino. I would have been happy with any of those players.

    But Almaraz and Klentak seem to have a philosophy of drafting hit tool on the first round.

    I am ok with Stott. I never saw him play, but his stats check out well. Upside down K to BB ratio and plays a premium position. I don’t see him as a plus defender like Freddy or Jimmy were. Don’t think that he will have that range. I don’t see the fluidity in his hips and lateral movement like those guys. But he is a guy who will make the plays he gets to and seems likely to hit and show some pop. He will also be on same timeline as Bohm and Haseley. So that’s good. Let’s hope that he and Bohm form a great left side.

    I remain confused why the system seems to care so little about premium pitching. If you look at our drafts, trades (Sixto) and FA $ allocation, we don’t seem to value premium pitchers. Note Nola was drafted by another regime. It is confounding. But that doesn’t take away from Stott, who is still a good prospect imo.

        1. They clearly believe there’s too much risk in taking an arm that high, especially a high school arm. However, that philosophy leaves the system with all middle reliever and back end starter quality arms. I expect we’ll take a few arms in rounds 3-6 but what will be their ceiling? It hurts losing that 2nd rounder.

        2. They will draft arms in rounds 3-10, but a lot will be of the Eshelman, Seabold, Eastman mode. Or college seniors that they can vastly underslot in hopes of landing a Prep arm from the 20th Rd on.

        3. I guess they like to take their shots on guys like Pipkin who fall to spots that don’t really reflect their talent level.

          In their defense this time around, it was said to be a weak draft for pitchers.

          1. Pipkin is a great pick. But with pitching prospects, you need quantity of quality to produce top end players. One premium power arm is not enough.

            1. Agreed. I was sort of hoping for an arm as well but I’ve already talked myself into liking the Stott pick.

    1. Their philosophy is that they will only select a pitcher in the first round they believe will be a 1 or 2.

      1. Johnny A’s comments before the draft suggest what we saw in action – they are generally moving away from the risk of high schoolers in early rounds. This tells me their player evaluation skills are in question. I HATE when teams categorically refuse to draft any type of player. I still have very low confidence in Johnny A.

  2. Based on everything I’ve read, Stott sounds like a guy who is being downgraded by scouts not because of his performance on the field, but because of how he looks doing so. The swing and throwing motion is consistently described as unconventional, or “funky”. This could wind up being a real steal: A guy who plays a premium position, consistently squares up the ball with some pop and gets on base like a machine (at least in the Mountain West Conference). It reminds me of one of Billy Beane’s Moneyball picks. Sounds worth the gamble to me.

        1. Now that is somewhat telling…that the industry thinks the Phillies lean that way..

    1. Man, I can’t stand guys like this. The Phillies are so in love with them too. You know exactly how it will be; dominate Rookie ball, dominate A, AA, do alright at AAA but every prospect blog will warn you that hes not really a great prospect because his stuff doesn’t project to anything more than a Major League 5 at best, hell get a ML call up, get shelled and end up back down in AAA

      See Cloyd, Irvin, Eshelman, Suarez, etc….the teams just loves AAAA guys

      1. DegDan……those hi-velo guys, who I assume you are referring to who they should concentrate on getting ilo of the soft-tossing low 90s…..they ain’t low hanging fruit.
        The other 29 GMs are also scouring the country and world looking for those guys also.
        Then when you get them….cross your fingers their UCL hasn’t begun to fray.

      2. It’s a logical pick for a guy who wants to hold onto his job for the next 3-4 seasons.

    1. Not enough money. Have to hope he doesn’t get picked and then take a flier on him in the 11th.

  3. Two Georgia pitchers could be there at 91,
    ….Georgia Bulldogs RHP Tony Locey, big, bulky Joe Blanton type,
    or HSer RHP Brett Thomas , also big and strong with plenty of potential with a South Carolina commit.

      1. Yeah. Matt Allen will be hard to sign away from Florida. But maybe if you go well under slot in a few rounds you can. But not having second round money in the pool hurts. A Lot. Probably out of our reach at this point.

        1. I always wished Klentak would have tried to get a CBA pick in a trade…the extra pool money would help in these circumstances.

  4. Billy Beane is known to have said you have to draft 3 pitchers to make sure one will eventually make it to the big leagues – one usually makes it , one outright collapses, and the third is injured. My observation is that he is largely correct. Besides, the system rewards those who do not spend alot of $$ on high school pitchers when they can sign LA pitchers for a pittance and end up with workable slab artists ?

      1. Well, the article is interesting because another way to acquire these players is to trade for them – especially the less heralded guys. The Mets used to be great at this and still can be. The 1986 Mets included several excellent starters – Sid Fernandez, Bob Ojeda, Ron Darling – acquired in lower level trades. But are we getting pitching this way? Not since 2015 or so we’re not.

        I think the Phillies view themselves as just being pieces away and are trying to get experienced guys to get them over the top when, in reality, they may be better served by acquiring below-the-radar players for a longer play. The long and short of it is that Klentak and MacPhail have not been good bargain shoppers or good a finding hiding veins of talent, which should be a surprise to nobody.

      2. Couldn’t you say the same thing about position players though? Isn’t the highest probability of acquiring an all star OF, or SS, or 3B found in the first round of the draft?

        Since 1999, there have been 55 All Star position players and 46 All Star pitchers selected in the first round. It’s a fairly even split. Just drafting a player in the first round, whether its a pitcher or otherwise, increases the probability of having an All Star selection.

        1. Our off season says differently…I can’t remember who, but someone once said, “grow the arms, buy the bats”

          1. Right, that was one of MacKlentak … that doesn’t mean they have to take a pitcher in the first round if a hitter who they rate higher is available. That would be the ultimate mistake … drafting the best available at a certain position and passing over a higher-rated player.

            I’m not saying they’re right in not taking a pitcher in recent years, just that they’ve happened to end up with position players at the top of their board when their number was called. Haseley and Bohm look like big leaguers at a minimum right now, so you can’t really say they dropped the ball with those picks. Hopefully Stott follows suit, and one or two of them can develop into first division regulars or better.

          2. V1, since they said “grow the arms, buy the bats”, a lot of FA bats signed extensions greatly weakening the upcoming free agent class. Do you think that could have changed their philosophy? (Apparently something changed,)

            1. I honestly don’t know Jim. It always seems easier to buy bats to me. Even this past year, Brantly goes to the Astros for 2/$32 and is killing it. Grandal goes to Brewers for 1/$18 and is also killing it. I mean I love Realmuto, but Grandal had 4 straight years of 4.5+ WAR and was signed for a 1 year deal. he is on path to have his best year ever. But they decided to trade our best pitching prospect since Nola for a comparable catcher instead of sign Grandal. they just don’t seem to want to invest much in pitching prospects even though the data shows that elite pitching prospects come from first round picks.

  5. Does anyone know if Antoine Kelly, Hinkie’s choice for our pick in the 3rd rd, is still available. If so, I am going with Hinkie.

  6. Sorry, he went 65 . Hinkie, who should we hope for today? Is there a Pitcher who may have fallen? The Brecht guy you picked for the 5th rd? Is it too high to go with him?

  7. As most of us are aware, The upcoming rounds are where the Phillies shine. How many picks do the Phillies have today?

    1. today is rounds 3 thru 10. Phils have a pick each round so 8 picks.

      #91 is their 3rd.

  8. In Las Vegas, we are proud to have a local kid selected by the Phillies. On the local news this morning, it was pointed out that he has improved every year, and there’s no reason to believe that he won’t continue.

    1. Wawa…think of it this way, you may run into both Bryce and Bryson in the local Walmart.

  9. Stott to Lakewood and Garcia to Wsport?? Now that Guzman is playing so well, he might be outplaying Garcia and he might stay.

    1. This was my first thought too, but they might take some time to bring Stott along.

    2. It has been my understanding that there is no chance that Garcia sees Williamsport, ever. If he struggles all season, he’ll repeat the level.

      When they drafted Stott, my first thought was the same as yours. Then I remembered the above. Maybe he starts at Williamsport and leapfrogs to Clearwater? Maybe they project him as an outfielder or third baseman? Like Randolph and Stobbe, and Jan Hernandez?

      Okay, I don’t have a clue. They just announced a HS SS as their 3rd pick.

      1. Thanks for that insight, Jim. Didn’t realize there was a red line for Garcia! Part of my thinking was that they like Maton at CLW and he is actually playing well. It will be itneresting to see…

        1. If they continue to follow the Astros’ philosophy that Bonifay was a big part of, then Maton is likely going to be moved to Reading, as he deserves. Gamboa is not playing well enough to block Maton or merit promotion to Lehigh Valley, IMO.

  10. Haven’t been able to follow the draft as much as I’d like, but I’d like to say thanks to Hinkie for making it easy, also to Jim for having the section open.

    As others have pointed out, the actions of the FO seems to obviously differ from Mcphails opening rebuild plan. I’d like to see how he’d answer that question. Anyways, I have no real opinion on this pick, just that it hits. From the limited info I saw, my guy would’ve went with Kirby. That’s for the record. Hopefully Stott can contribute to the big club. With Bohm,Haselely,Moniak and now Stott, I hope to see some homegrown production that can keep us out of the FA market for bats.

    1. It really isn’t if you look at the Phillies starting rotation and their everyday lineup though.

      Also it’s more of a guideline than an actual coda. I’m not sure why people hang onto that line by MacPhail so judiciously.

      1. Well in fairness, many of us ask this because a large part is us ask this because typically the best way to grow arms is through the draft, and when your picking as high as they have over the last so many years, it’s surprising they didn’t take a big arm early … with that philosophy

  11. I saw where Allen is supposed to go to Florida, and I already knew Leiter ws going to be a near impossible sign. How about the others, Barco, Osmond and the lefty from Stanford, Erik Miller? Hinkie, where are you today?

  12. Here are some of the guys who the Phillies should/could be focusing on early today:

    * Noah Song (RHP Navy) … is the most interesting name available. Really talented 6’4″, 200 lb senior. He’s got very good stuff (mid 90’s FB, SL, CB, CH). He’s put up ridiculous numbers (94 IP, 55 H, 31 BB, 161 K, 1.44 ERA, .171 OBA) this season. Here’s the thing with Song … he’s got a two year Naval commitment. He’ll be stationed in Florida so he’d probably be able to participate in some baseball activities this summer and next year. However, he won’t be able to play full time until 2021 (age 24 season). Because of all this, he should be had at a pretty steep discount.

    * Jordan Brewer (OF Michigan) … is my guess as the guy the Phillies would want most at pick #91. Brewer has both the tools and the numbers/on field results to attract the Phillies. He spent two seasons in JUCO before debuting for the Wolverines in 2019. Offensively, Brewer slashed .349/.409/.612, 19 doubles, 12 HR, 23 SB. He’s a plus defender. He mans RF for Michigan (because they have a kid in CF who may be a first round pick next year), but will play CF in the pros.

    1. * Bryant Packard (OF ECU) … has been a very productive college hitter. The 6’3″, 205 lb LH hitting junior is slashing .363/.448/.561, 7 HR this season. While those numbers are very good, they’re down from the .406/.462/.671, 14 HR he posted as a sophomore. Packard also has a very good track record with a wood bat. He was .305/.421/.576, 4 HR in 59 AB’s on the Cape last summer.

      * Jake Agnos (LHP ECU) … has a JoJo Romero body (5’11”, 200 lbs). He’s used a 91-95 MPH FB and plus CB to dominate opposing hitters this season (90 IP, 65 H, 38 BB, 131 K).

      1. * Jared Horn (RHP Cal) … was one of the top prep arms to make it to college in 2016. Has dealt with injuries and under-performance his first two seasons at Cal. He missed the first month of 2019 with an emergency appendectomy, but has returned to put up a very good junior season (69.1 IP, 48 H, 18 BB, 56 K, 1.82 ERA, .200 OBA). Horn packs a low 90’s FB and one of the better CB’s in college baseball.

        * Ben Brecht (LHP UC Santa Barbra) … is a tall/lean lefty. He has put up extra-ordinary numbers with pretty ordinary “stuff”. The 6’7″, 200 pounder used a 89-91 MPH FB, and average SL and CH to produce high K% and low BB% this season (90 IP, 90 H, 18 BB, 101 K). With his size, there’s still some projection left.

        1. * Matt Cronin (LHP Arkansas)… is one of the top closers in college baseball. The 6’1″, 195 lb southpaw features a mid 90’s FB and a plus CB. This season, he totaled 24 IP, 14 H, 14 BB, 35 K, 10 S.

          * Noah Murdock (RHP Virginia) … is a tall, skinny (6’7″, 175 lbs) projectable RH thrower who is young for this college class (won’t turn 21 until end of August). He was drafted by Washington in the 38th round as a prep player in 2016. Murdock is a TJ survivor. He threw a complete season in 2019 and put up these numbers: 70 IP, 87 H, 29 BB, 66 K.

          1. Cronin would be a fun pick. I like the write up on Will Robertson as well (another college OF) I’d also be okay with McCann the catcher.

    2. I don’t know this for a fact, but going Off memory,I do believe there is a possibility that they him out of his Navy commitment for whoever drafts him. I believe there is a precedent for this, but it is on a case by case basis as well. Of course their is no guarantee that Noah Song would want to back out on that commitment as well. I believe it can also be delayed. There are options for him so to speak, but ultimately it’s not 100% his choice. Sounds like an awesome kid. Naval Academy and MLB prospect … not to shabby.

  13. * Cooper Johnson (C Ole Miss) … is one of my favorite players in the draft. He’s having his best season at the plate .270/.368.442, but his calling card is his defense and his ability to handle a pitching staff.

    There are also the two local prep players (Chris Newell [OF Malvern Prep] and Jack Kochanowicz [RHP Harriton HS]) still on the board. However, It’s unclear if the Phillies could afford them.

  14. Also wanted to throw out the idea of buying low on Tyler Dyson. A year ago, Dyson was projected to be a top 10 pick in this draft. Things have not gone well for the Florida Gator RHP (43.2 IP, 42 H, 23 BB, 34 K) in 2019, but maybe a pro development staff can help to straighten him out.

  15. Thanks Hinkie, Way above and beyond, and much appreciated.Did you read that the Yankees picked a kid who is good friends with Jack Leiter in the hopes they can get Leiter to give up his Vandy commitment? I heard that this morning.

    1. I doubt the NYY’s have the slot money left to sign Leiter. He reportedly wants 4 million dollars. He’s almost definitely off to Vanderbilt.

  16. Damn Hinkie, I’ve got a busy day here at work and I can’t get a damn thing done since I can’t keep up with all your posts….

    1. typical Johnny A. overreach, reminds me of a Luke Williams pick….I love the PA guys at 3.91 in which one of them will be joining Mike Trout in LA!

    1. I also like the GNats 1st 2 picks – Rutledge and Mendoza. Middleton should also hire the Gnats scouting team when he poached Harper from them.

    1. That is a head scratcher IMO.
      But they must know something more about Baylor….Fangraphs have him rated top 75…MLB.com after 150…..so plenty of differing opinions on him.

  17. THIRD ROUND … Phillies take Jamari Baylor (HS SS)
    From MLB Pipeline:
    Two years ago, Baylor transferred to Benedictine College Preparatory School in the Richmond, Va., area. He was young for his grade, so he re-classified and repeated 11th grade upon reaching the military school. The move seems to have paid off in terms of his baseball tools, as he’s moved firmly into Day 2 conversations.

    Baylor shows flashes of all five tools, though he doesn’t always consistently show them all at the same time. He didn’t impact the ball that much on the summer showcase circuit, but scouts think his right-handed swing works and there should be average future power. It’s a loose athletic swing with some bat speed, giving him the chance to hit, but there’s some swing and miss and some work to be done on his approach. An excellent athlete, Baylor runs well and is aggressive on the basepaths. He’s raw at shortstop, and he’ll need to work on his angles and footwork, but might have the chance to stick there, thanks to decent hands, his athleticism and a strong arm that has been up to 92 mph on the mound.

    Teams feel that Baylor, committed to Louisburg Junior College, is signable. He had some helium as the Draft approached, with teams pouring in to see him and considering taking him in the top five rounds.

    And the LAA’s take Jack Kochanowicz (local HS pitcher) with the next pick (#92). Phillies have got to be allergic to high ceiling arms.

      1. Baylor is not on Law’s top 100. He’ll give a report on him when he does the Phillies draft write up.

  18. Baylor sounds like an outfielder to me and a project at that. I hope he is below slot.

    1. Did they hire back Marti Wolever last night? This feels like one of his picks – and not one of the better ones either. Shades of Kyrelle Hudson. Who? Exactly.

      1. I thought of the high school guy from Connecticut who was really raw and never went anywhere.

      2. Except Woelever would’ve taken him in the first. This is the third round. This is where you take guys like this.

        1. Yeah, maybe. Marti missed on these guys in almost every round and ate up a whole bunch of second and third round picks on great athletes who couldn’t play a lick of baseball.

    1. those are some ugly gold cleats. He does look really built and athletic. Seems like a nice kid.

  19. Baylor is a raw athlete lottery pick. will take a long time to develop.

    i just don’t understand why they don’t take pitchers who throw with velocity. hope they have some earmarked for later rounds.

    1. the justification I see for this pick is buy low (underslot) — honestly, I’m sick of Johnny A. doing this approach. Just draft the best prospect available especially the ones with high ceiling.

      1. Literally every team does this. If you draft the best available at every pick, you’ll never sign them all. What good does that do?

        1. Not saying to draft BPA all the time — just drat BPA in the Rd 1 to 3 (where the Top 100 prospects are still available), then use Rd 4 – 10 as the flex round to sign Seniors at $5-10K and save bonus pool $$ for Day 3 lottery picks.

  20. Fangraphs’ brief synopsis of Jamari Baylor:
    “Has quietly popped-up in Virginia and is drawing comparisons to Tim Anderson; loud bat speed but opinions vary pretty widely about where he should be selected.”

    1. thats why the astros are the organization they are today.

      I know its silly to make any kind of declarations now, years from when we know anything about these guys, but its really hard to not be disappointed with the overall scouting philosophies of the organizations. This rd 3 pick seems like a punt.

      Unless they are planning on a big overslot guy later on

  21. I can’t help but remember Anthony Hewitt. Underwhelmed with this pick, and what is wrong with the local kid Pitcher? v1 is correct. If you want TOR SP, draft them in the first rd. I sure hope we get some Pitching. Did the top College closer get drafted yet?

    1. Anthony Hewitt was a freaking first round pick! Hewitt would’ve been a fine pick in the third.

  22. Fourth round pick coming up. This is where Johnny A typically turns to a “safe” strike throwing college pitcher.

      1. I’m fine with Miller too. Although he projects to me as the pre-surgery Adam Morgan.

  23. Erik Miller, Lefthanded SP from Stanford. I had asked about him earlier. Hinkie, please give me good news!

    1. Link to a White Sox blog write-up on him back in May: https://www.southsidesox.com/2019/5/4/18238630/erik-miller-draft-prospects-you-should-know-erik-miller

      Basically, he was highly rated out of HS, struggled in his first two years at Stanford, but made some big strides during his junior year. He’s a lefty with a 97mph FB, two average though inconsistent breaking ball pitches. His main problem has been his sporadic command. But, as the article mentions, big, hard throwing lefties can develop at a different rate than other pitchers.

      This article draws comps to Rich Hill and Steven Matz: https://lastwordonbaseball.com/2019/05/25/erik-miller-2019-mlb-draft-profile/

  24. Amongst Hinkie’s possible 3rd/4th Rd picks Antoine Kelly and Jordan Brewer are gone, but several other names he’s talked about remain. Any chance we’re about to pick one?

    Noah Song (RHP, Navy)
    Bryan Packard (OF, East Carolina)
    Garrett Stallings (RHP, Tennessee)
    Jake Agnos (LHP, ECU)

  25. In the other thread, I talked about STL’s approach of draft the Nola-like pitchers (safe and close to MLB ready type) with their Rd 1-3 picks — that solid approach continues this year.

  26. Matt Cronin, who Hinkie said was the top College Closer, went to Washington. With their BP, he may be up this year.

  27. The Phillies can probably afford one more mid money type HS/JUCO player today. Give me Hunter Cope, Bodi Rascon, or Hylan Hall.

    1. There’s the JUCO pitcher. I had never heard of him, but looks like a nice upside pick.

  28. Gunnar Mayer, got to love the name! Another SP from a College in Ca I never heard of.

      1. Two Gunnars in the whole draft….and the Phillies got one of them…the Os the other.

  29. Interesting that the Braves 1st round pick from last year (#9 Carter Stewart) who did not sign after getting a significantly reduced offer has yet to be drafted…

    1. Stewart signed a contract to play in Japan. I don’t think he will be drafted. Japan need to post him and any MLB team can sign him as FA or something like that.

      1. You are all correct, I do remember reading a story about that now..

        Just saw his name listed as being draft eligible. Makes sense as to why no one has taken him…

    1. this high school video is all hitting- De Lasalle big time sports school in Cal.

  30. Wow, GNats with Tyler Dyson at 5.142!! They continue to amaze me with their high risk high reward moves!

    1. But if you look since 2010, they have not been very successful with their approach. The only pitchers they’ve drafted that have had any ML success are Pivetta, Giolito, and Robbie Ray and all 3 of those had there success with other teams.

      For position players, its been Rendon and Harper (who was a no-brainer #1 overall pick).

      1. I understand that it is still early, but the Nationals also drafted Jesus Luzardo, Kieboom, Dunning, Glover in the past few years.

  31. I’m feeling a Cooper Johnson pick for the Phillies in round 6 … if somebody else doesn’t take him before then.

      1. Mike … I’ll let you know in about four years. This whole thing is just such a crap shoot.

  32. An under the radar guy I’d really like to see the Phillies draft is Louie Varland. He’s a kid with arm talent, but playing for a small DII school. I doubt he’s getting top notch coaching there. I listed him in yesterday’s thread as a day three guy, but WTH, I’d just pull the trigger on him today. Here’s the bio I wrote yesterday:

    * Louie Varland (RHP Concordia Univ Minnesota) was a three sport star (baseball/football/wrestling) in HS. He decided to take his talents to the baseball diamond for DII Concordia. The 6’1″, 210 lb RHP uses a smooth delivery and an ultra quick arm to fire some heat. He packs a punch with a 91-94 FB, and was up to 95 mph at the Major League Dreams Showcase last summer. This year, Varland went 55.1 IP, 54 H, 14 BB, 68 K. I’d like to see what Varland could do with some professional instruction.

    1. There are some really really good DII and DIII coaches, bias bc my brother is a pitching coach at a DII school but there are absolutely good ones . . . just like there are terrible DI coaches.

  33. Miami takes one of the best senior signs in the draft in round six. I’m a big fan of DBU RHP MD Johnson.

  34. I saw Andrew Shultz pitch this week. Electric stuff. Gets it up near 100 with a really good slider. Pure relief pitcher. But has serious command issues.

    I am fine with the pick. high risk, high reward.

    1. i know NOTHING! but i have to like Schultz and Schulze picks-
      i guess they heard all the comments on the college soft tossers

  35. I was typing while you guys were answering me! Happy with Schultz, worth the risk for sure.

    1. matt13…his tool bar:
      Fastball: 70
      Slider: 55
      Control: 40 …about as low as it gets anymore.
      Overall: 45

      If the Phillies can harness his control….look out.

        1. Agree.
          And first thing I’d do…..give him an eye exam.
          Worked for Ricky Vaughn.

  36. Here’s under the radar for you. Millersville’s Tyler Yankosky with a FB up to 97 and some good secondary offerings. Thinks he can get his FB up to triple digits. Good character kid. Is a reliever, so probably taken tomorrow.

  37. Here is an under the radar pick for you. Millersville’s Tyler Yankosky, right handed pitcher/reliever. FB up to 97 with some good secondary offerings. Good character kid. Thinks he can get his FB up to triple digits with some professional instruction. Scouted by the Phillies already. Probably taken tomorrow.

  38. Another hard thrower. Way to go scouting team. If you hit on a couple of these guys you really have something. Fifth starters be gone!

  39. From the Gopher website:
    “Reliever Brett Schulze received the Dugout Club Player of the Year award, moving into the closer role for Minnesota in his junior season, earning nine saves to go with a 5-1 record in 30 appearances, the second-most ever in a single season for the Gophers. He concluded a stretch of 14 consecutive winning decisions earlier this year, a program record for the Maroon & Gold, and currently owns a career record of 18-4. In 163.0 career innings, the right-hander has a 3.81 ERA, 160 strikeouts, and a .247 opponents’ batting average.”

  40. Schulze up to 95:

    1. Will see Phillies didnt have the slot money or high pick this yr. Harper is the best 2nd rd pick ever.

      I like Stott alot the left handed RP all need major work with control command . Good luck

      1. So if Harper is their 2nd round pick does that mean all those years and years and years of underspending on the draft went to his contract?

  41. Schulze reported to be up to 95:

  42. Schulze has been up to 95. Tweeted by Aaron Fitt of D1 baseball on March 8th:

    “Brett Schulze has looked good for @GopherBaseball out of the pen, has 3 K in 2 scoreless innings, keeping Oregon State’s lead at 2-1. Schulze has attacked at 91-95, getting swing/misses up in the zone, 74-77 curveball is solid. A key veteran guy in that pen.”

  43. Of the 94 pitchers on the MLB.com top 200, almost 95% have Control rated between 45 and 55….none at 60.
    Six have Control rated at 40….the lowest on their ratings….Phillies Schultz is one of the six.
    However no one has rated higher than his FB at 70.

    1. I’ll take it, but the control has to be “fixed”, much like we say our control but low velo guys need more fb zip. If he can’t control his pitches, he’ll be like the last if the cliff lee prospect haul to hang around. Worth the risk, but a long way for him to go when rated at 40 control. Big leaguers will walk him out of the league. All that, wish him well, he’s on our team now

  44. Schultz reminds me of Tirado. Hopefully better end result. But I like taking the chance! His end of year performance (and playoff win) at Lakewood at the end of 2016 had me dreaming big! But alas, he just could not harness any control.

  45. We got a Stott and a Rott a Miller and a Mayer and a Schultz and a Shulze.

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