Open Discussion: Week of April 8, 2019

The Phillies picked up another series win and are leading the National League East Division by a half game with a 6-2 record.  They have an important 3-game series with the Nationals before going on the road for a 3-game set in Miami.

How about Zach Eflin.  After a lead off HR to Max Kepler (who hit one in each game of the series), Eflin scattered 5 hits over seven innings.  He walked no one and struck out five, and now has a 2-0 record and 0.75 ERA after 2 starts.

Did you see former Phillies farmhand Willians Astudillo?  Solo HR in Saturday’s game and he made a nice tag on Harper on a play at the plate, making the outfielder look good with a catch and tag up the third base line.  The rotund Astudillo is famous for his ability to put balls in play.  In 2461 minor league plate appearances, he walked 85 times and struck out 81 times.  He has carried this over to the major leagues.  In 114 PA, he has walked 3 times and struck out 3 times.  He has 4 MLB HR.

The Phillies have started the same 8 players in the same order in 7 of the first 8 games.

I think if I were Dominguez, I would ask that Hoskins be substituted out whenever I entered a game.

The 40-man roster stands at 40, the entire organization stands at 348.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.  Still don’t want to hear about some mythical Trout trade.

Key Dates:

  • April 4, 2019 – Opening game for Lehigh Valley, Reading, Clearwater, Lakewood
  • June 2, 2019 – DSL Phillies Red begins its 2019 season
  • June 2, 2019 – DSL Phillies White begins its 2019 season
  • June 3-5, 2019 – 2019 Rule 4 Draft
  • June 14, 2019 – Williamsport begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies East begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies West begins its 2019 season
  • July 31, 2019 – Non-waiver trade deadline
  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 17, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 27, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date. 

Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)

4/7/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Tyler Gilbert on the 7-day IL, strained groin

4/7/2019 – RHP Tyler Viza assigned to Lehigh Valley 
4/7/2019 – Clearwater activated RF Danny Mayer from the restricted list
4/6/2019 – RHP Ismael Cabrera assigned to Clearwater
4/6/2019 – Clearwater assigns LHP Damon Jones to Williamsport
4/5/2019 – Phillies signed FA Austin Filiere, assigned to Williamsport
4/4/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed C Matt McBride on the 7-day IL. Right calf strain
4/4/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed 3B Gift Ngoepe on the 7-day IL. Left shin contusion
4/4/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Yacksel Rios on the 7-day IL. Abdominal strain
4/4/2019 – Reading placed RHP Connor Seabold on the 7-day IL
4/4/2019 – LHP Garrett Cleavinger assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/4/2019 – 1B Kyle Martin assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/4/2019 – Clearwater placed RF Danny Mayer on the restricted list
4/4/2019 – Philadelphia sent CF Roman Quinn on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
4/4/2019 – LHP Nick Fanti assigned to Clearwater
4/4/2019 – RHP Tyler Hallead assigned to Clearwater from GCL Phillies East
4/4/2019 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/2/2019 – Phillies signed free agent RHP Saul Alcala to a minor league contract
4/1/2019 – GCL Phillies West released RHP Antonio Canizales
4/1/2019 – RHP JD Hammer assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – RHP Trevor Bettencourt assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – 3B Jose Antequera assigned to Reading
4/1/2019 – LF Grenny Cumana assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – 3B Luke Williams assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – LF Josh Stephen assigned to Reading
4/1/2019 – LHP Bailey Falter assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – LHP Jakob Hernandez assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – RHP Mauricio Llovera assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – LHP David Parkinson assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – RHP Ramon Rosso assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – RHP Addison Russ assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – C Henri Lartigue assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – 3B Ali Castillo assigned to Reading
4/1/2019 – CF Mickey Moniak assigned to Reading from Clearwater
4/1/2019 – RF Danny Mayer assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport.
4/1/2019 – CF Simon Muzziotti assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – C Rodolfo Duran assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – LHP Damon Jones assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RHP Spencer Howard assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – LHP Kyle Young assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – LHP Zach Warren assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RF Ben Aklinski assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport.
4/1/2019 – RHP Andrew Brown assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RHP Luis Carrasco assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RHP Connor Brogdon assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RHP Gustavo Armas assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – SS Nick Maton assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – 3B Jake Scheiner assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – 1B Madison Stokes assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – LF Matt Vierling assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – C Colby Fitch assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – CF Jesus Alastre assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
4/1/2019 – RHP Austin Ross assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport

319 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 8, 2019

  1. With the imminent return of Roman Quinn, time to move either Altherr (DFA) or Williams (LHV). Altherr would probably be claimed through waivers. A demotion would be a hard pill for Nicky Dubs to swallow. In light of Quinn’s dubious health history, I’m inclined to believe the latter would happen so as to preserve depth in the outfield, especially CF.

    Cesar Hernandez has played less than inspiring baseball thus far in 2019 both at the plate and in the field. Is he that cemented in the position? If so, Kingery has to be sent to AAA. If not, what’s Kapler waiting for?

    1. I think Altherr adds more value to the bench with his speed and defense. And he has had some good AB’s lately. Williams has more trade value and I don’t buy that he is a good pinch hitter based on small sample from last year.

      1. Phillies ought to work Altherr at first base during practice times.
        He is athletic enough to be at least a serviceable back-up first baseman just in case.
        Rather keep Franco at third…and get Kingery in the game at 2nd.

  2. Is the Minnesota pitching that good? I agree yhat Hernandez is in a funk; is he pouting because he is not leading off? Time for Kingery to add some spark at bottom of the order.

      1. For me, Jose Berrios is one of the best young pitchers in baseball. He’s right up there with Aaron Nola and Blake Snell.

        1. Twins really only have two starters of any ilk…Gibson and Berrios….Phillies only faced Berrios this weekend. I really do not Odorizzi or Pineda has anything more than back-end of the rotation guys.

          1. @romus – agree that Oddi is a back end but Pineda has better stuff. Pineda is like the Eflin of MIN’ rotation and picking him up after TJS is really a smart move for the Twins.

      2. I agree Hinkie. Berrios is the type of pitcher that I always like – good pitch mix, command all pitches and efficient. Berrios is not a fire baller and doesn’t throw a wide variety of pitching arsenal. But what he has is a well commanded FB (low 90s, touching 95-96), a consistent sharp breaking ball (CB) and an awesome CU —- this is Nola-esque type although I think Nola’s overall stuff is better.

  3. Cannot say we did not have a bead on Willians Astudillo and his future MLB arrival..
    Made it in the Readers Poll @36 in 2015.

    34. Rhys Hoskins
    35. Brandon Leibrandt
    36. Willians Astudillo
    37. Elniery Garcia
    38. Arquimedes Gamboa

    1. mlb network had a fun graphic over the weekend comparing Tortuga with Mike Trout through the same number of plate apperances in their career.

      1. He sure is an example of perseverance and passion paying off….well he reached the majors, if but for a short time.

  4. It’s all about winning 2/3 at home and 2/4 on the road. Except when you play the Marlins. You then have to win 3/4 at home and 2/3 on the road. Have to beat up on the Marlins to win this division. But first, let’s take 2/3 from the Nats, who just played good ball vs the Mets

  5. Yes, I know it’s very early in the season, Based on what I’ve seen so far, the Phillies were wise not to add a starting pitcher last winter. Almost all of the experts predicted a break out year for Pivetta (1-0, 6.52 ERA), but did anybody predict a break out for Eflin (2-0, .075 ERA)? Jake Arrieta (1-1, 2.77) pitched well enough to win on Saturday, and Velasquez gets his first start tonight. Will he take a step up too?
    The back end of the bullpen (Seranthony, Robertson, and Neris) has been a disappointment so far, and with Hunter out indefinitely, the Phils could make a move in another week or so.
    Is there anybody on the planet who thinks that Harper wasn’t worth the money? Both Harper and Hoskins are going to be a dynamic duo for the next 10 years. How about that Franco? I’ve always been in his corner, but even I didn’t see him getting off to this good of a start. He’s the best 8-hole hitter in baseball. He’s making a concerted effort to hit the outside pitch to RF (with mixed results), but if he sticks with it, he’ll continue to improve. Did you notice that Franco has 9 BB’s and only 2 K’s? WHAT?
    Of course, everything is not perfect in the lineup. Hernandez, and Realmuto aren’t hitting yet, and neither are the bench players. Am I worried, NO.

    1. Pivetta is a sexy pick for the breakout (me included) but there are also a handful who likes Eflin. In fact, I don’t know anybody here who dislike Eflin. He was frequently mentioned in a trade discussion because he holds a lot of trade value.

      Cesar funk will eventually affect Franco’s good start of the year. If Cesar can’t consistently get on base, the pitchers will just IBB Franco (6 of his 9 BB are IBB) to get into the pitcher for the out. If Cesar cannot get it over, maybe move him to the #9 instead.

      I agree that the disappointments so far are in the back of the bullpen. Being a veteran, Robertson should be able to figure things out and bounce back. Seranthony has the stuff to dominate. It’s all part of his maturity process for him. For Neris, it will always be a roller coaster ride!

      1. KuKo… difference between Eflin and that of VV/Pivetta…..he apparently is a pitcher, that is, he seems to have a plan with each hitter, has had it since hi-A in the Padres org…he mentioned years ago….pitch -to contact to stay longer in the games…once the knees were fixed, it appears he can do more with his stuff and does not need to rely strictly on pitch to contact and the 2Smr.
        I like to think he can keep this going all season, but who knows.

        1. i agree Romus. I always like Eflin’s efficiency and once he’s in rhythm that where is more dangerous. Improvements I noted from a “good Eflin” is mixing breaking ball (SL) in his arsenal and throwing a high FB. The 4S still doesn’t have the movement I like to see but Eflin still throws an occasional Sinker.

          1. Eflin has always had good control. I remember watching him at Reading and thinking his sinker would play well at CPB. Eflin’s problem is that he sometimes throws balls down the middle. Can’t do that to major league hitters. However he has shown long stretches where he can be very good. He just has to gain consistency. Pivetta should bounce back. He just needs to trust his stuff and throw more strikes. Vinnie is a wild card. We have no idea what we’ll get from him. Not tonight and not any start. He has the talent, we’ll just have to see. I still see a power reliever…

            1. Zach’s achilles was always lefties. He’s holding righties to a dominant .143 BA lefties are fairing quite a bit better at 261 but the K rate against lefties has been pretty good 26% and the OPS a very manageable 652.

              I didn’t see yesterdays game but in his first start his CU looked dramatically improved with serious arm side fade that I had not noticed B4.

              If he had that going yesterday then he slots as my #3 because I agree the command with Eflin is pretty darn good.

            2. DMAR…….IMO, people are mistaken with Eflin’s pitch selection.
              I believe he has developed his cutter and not his change-up.
              He is thrwoing his cutter now at 35% of the time at 87/88 velo.
              The CU he has scaled back on slightly now and is only throwing it at 10% in his two starts.
              He only threw his cut FB last year at a less than 5% usage rate.
              According to brooks.
              Now Fangraphs has his cutter incorporated with his slider.

            3. Dan Plesac had a feature on Eflin last night and coined the phrase he is Eflingood

              You might be right Romus but Plesac agreed with me or I him since he is the professional!

    2. Raising my hand for having Eflin and Franco’s as surprise guys and Pivetta as disappointing. Beyond early, hope i’m wrong with 33% of the above.

  6. It’s that time of year again! My favorite list in baseball came out out this weekend. @CespedesBBQ released their Top 100 Greatest Names in MiLB. The Phillies system was represented by JD Hammer at #67 and (a name I fell in love with when he signed last season) Rixon Wingrove at #57. Arquimedes Gamboa failed to find a spot on this year’s top 100, but he did receive a lot of love in the comments section. Also, Josh Breaux (Yankees) is at #10, but the Phillies drafted his brother with the better name “Joe Breaux” two years ago. He spurned the Phillies, and went to college. He should be drafted again this June and be very high on next year’s top 100 list.
    I also feel like Adonis Medina, Ranger Suarez, and (especially) Bruce Wang Yang got ripped off by not making the 2019 list. Wang Yang signed with the Phillies last summer, but didn’t actually see any action. I suspect he’ll do very well on the 2020 list after debuting in the GCL this summer.

    Here’s the thread to go along with it. Take the time to read through the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed.

    Here’s the Hinkie top 5:

    1. Gio Dingcong
    2. Makesiondon Kelkboom
    3. Sicnarf Loopstok
    4. Antonio Police
    5. Preston Grand Pre
    Honorable Mentions to Eric Senior and Alex Junior

    Also need to pay homage to a few names someone in the thread listed as Independent League players: Larry Balkwill, Dustin Hurlbutt, and Burt Reynolds.

    1. Hinkie, for sure it’s an amusing diversion. I do think some outlets are more careful about ethnic names, especially Hispanic and Asian. But whatever happened to Rusty Kuntz?

  7. Cutch didn’t get a hit yesterday but may have been the one player besides Eflin and Rhys responsible for the W. Of course his seed to JTR (whose tag was text book) was huge, but taking a vacant 3b on that grounder by Harper was so heady. He scored on Hoskins’ blast anyway but still…

  8. I am very much for giving Kingery a decent amount of 2b starts. They signed him to that ML deal and it doesn’t look like they have a need for the super-utility guy they thought he was gonna be. I think hes the future at 2b. I know a ton of fans are down on him because he was pretty much garbage last season, but he really shouldn’t have even been in the bigs yet. I like the kid and I don’t think Cesar will be here much longer. I am not trying to overreact too much to Cesar’s slow start, but do think it may be time to try to phase Kingery in that spot.

    Or if not, send him down, but the team gave him a lot of money they can’t stunt his development by having him sitting on a bench. I’d rather him play every day at AAA until a spot opens up. But preferably to that, get him some ABs

    1. For all the analytics, I will be pretty displeased if they can’t find 400 at bats for Kingery to see if he can be the player they thought he was. V1again has pointed out his flaws, hopefully he can correct them, but with his ability to play 2B,SS,3B and the OF, no reason he can’t be rotated around the field to give the regulars breaks, while potentially earning the 2B job away from Cehe. At this point , Cehe is off to a slow start, I’m sure he’ll turn it around, but not like giving Kingery a chance now will “hurt”
      The Phils offense.

      On Williams and Altherr, I option Williams for 1 month and see Quinn can even stay healthy for that period of Time. During the month, I’m working out a trade for a RP, with Williams
      Or Altherr part of the deal, and whatever else it takes to get a reliable arm. I’m sure the pen will improve, but it is the one spot that can get bettter on the team for the playoff run

      I’d also throw a 17.5 mil, 1 year offer at Kimbrel, see if he bites.

      1. overall agree- funny that after all the lineup changes last year, 1 game of Knapp is the only bench start so far, right?

        with the quinn injury frequency, the outfield idea makes sense.

        1. Gabe…did he learn as an adjustment ,or is it more of a deference to the four new star players?
          And three of the other four holdovers are having above average seasons so far…just Cesar is slumping.

          1. Romus see i wont be forced into a Kingery debate. People cant be serious after seeing him try to hit. I am almost ready to do my Dom Brown. i will leave the site if he hits. almost really close. The thing is i saw the stats on his swinging on pitching out of the zone But he cant hit a fastball in the zone. he is terrible. and i understand Ce is only a 270 346 obp player. which stinks. but why not used Kingery at second the rest of the year. oh i have the answer he stinks.

      2. Kingery’s flaws are not that hard to notice. In order to correct these flaws on a timely manner, Kingery needs to get consistent ABs preferably at MLB level.

        With the improvement in the top and heart of the batting order, Kingery will slot in the bottom of the order anyway. Kingery’s 2017 line shows his potential and I don’t think it is a mirage — Kingery can be a serviceable 2B for years to come.

        1. Don’t know if Kingery will ever realize his potential but the Phillies have done little to help him get there.

          He struggled in the majors last season but people need to realize that he had 286 AAA at-bats, after just 1 full season of AA at-bats before getting paid, promoted, and moved to a new position. So far in 2019 he’s managed just 8 plate appearances.

          They paid him like the future at 2b so if that’s their plan, then they need to either put him there or move him back to AAA and let him see pitches.

          1. By comparison (and no, Kingery isn’t Utley) Chase Utley had almost 1,200 at-bats at the AAA level before becoming the everyday 2b with the Phillies.

      3. I really don’t think Altherr has ANY trade value right now. He is on the verge of being DFA’d, I highly doubt anyone is going to pony up anything of value for him at this point.

    2. Tonight at 2b – JETPAX!
      Let’s hope he seizes the opportunity.

      ….and I’m not posting this simply to troll Roc, roccom or rocco moffo.

    3. I would not use the word garbage for any player. I just don’t think he is a good enough MLB hitter. He should be in AAA trying to figure it out not rotting on the bench and not being given a starting job arbitrarily because someone thinks he is good enough.

      1. DMAR:
        garbage…..derivative of Old French garbe/jarbe “sheaf of wheat, or bundle of sheaves,”…Kingery just needs to eat his Wheaties….not the sheaves.

        1. LOL whatever it takes Romus. I’d rather have Gosselin on the bench and Scotty playing everyday through the end of May.

          Nick Williams has to be worth something he got in 140 games last year hit 256/749 OPS just 25 and controllable through 2024. Obviously Cutch is going to play at least that many and Harper close to 162. Replace him with Cozens who will just be happy to be there.

          Once Quinn is ready make him the 4th OF and first PH off the bench.

          DFA Altherr or trade him for some Int’l money and now you have a bench that works.

      2. DMAR – I agree that Kingery would probably be best served getting regular ABs in AAA, but he’s also going to be 25 this month, so it’s extremely discouraging he needs more seasoning. For a team clearly trying to win now, it seems like he’s at best a 25th man/defensive replacement.

      3. DMAR, your point is legit. My beef with the brass was how they placed a square peg in a round hole. A rookie has NO business being used in a super utility role when he’s been an every day player throughout his minor league career. That role is designed for a veteran swiss army knife. I hope they haven’t set Kingery back a year or two in his development.

        1. I don’t get this argument…Kingery wasn’t a super-utility guy last year after the first 3 weeks of the season. He was the everyday SS. He was moved to a different defensive position at the major league level, which is tough, but no different than Odubel and Hoskins went through. Both of those guys hit right away.

          The problem with Kingery has nothing to do with his defense. He’s just flat out overmatched as a hitter.

          1. Yeah I mean I’ll give Kingery some slack at the beginning but then he was kind of settled in at SS for quite a while and the problem never corrected itself. Anyone else would have been sent back down but they (my opinion) just gave him a $26 million dollar deal they didn’t want egg on their face.

            The Astros conversely gave Singleton a deal thinking they would be slick but at least they didn’t compound the problem by continuing to force him into the LU.

            I get it he’s a great kid and his baseball intelligence is off the charts. He does everything well except get on base.

            this team is a playoff contender if not a heavy favorite to take the division. There should be no spot on the bench for a young player trying to figure things out.

          2. Fine. I want to see the kid given a chance as an every day 2b. Nothing else. Cesar has reached his ceiling. Kingery’s is higher in the estimation of many evaluators both within and without the organization. Cesar will not be here a year from now. Time to make the change at a less critical position instead of wasting time by not.

            1. Correct…Cesar is at $8M this year (arb3), next year arb 4 he may be looking at more, then a FA.
              Not sure Cesar will be extended and extended offer.

            2. Wishing won’t make it so 8mark he had 484 PA’s last year and had an OBP of 267 that is atrocious I’m sorry…in no single month did he have an OBP above 295. You can’t even say he had a better second half.

              CeHe is a career 275/355/729 OPS on an off year he’s exponentially better than Kingery. If that’s his ceiling sign me up.

              Are will killing Cehe because he is off to a rough start? Are we going to start killing Realmuto because he is off to a rough start?

  9. The last time we say Vinny pitched, he looked good getting the last 3 outs punctuated by K’ing the last 2 batters. I’ve been on the side that believes bullpen is best suited for Vinny. If he wants to prove that he belongs in the rotation – it should start tonight!!! Seranthony and Robertson are not lights out yet, maybe Vinny can help especially if one of Eickhoff-DLS-Anderson shows that he are ready!

    1. On Kingery, He needs more time .Let’s see what he has been working on instruction wise from his time on the bench. Granted he’s not playing everyday, but he should show signs of improving, even off the bench. No excuses on not improving. I’ll admit, I’m surprise he looks this over matched, but i think it is correctable. He hit through all levels of The minors, pretty fast. He didn’t do Crawford’s gig of being the slow adapter to
      The league. I believe he gets it, and his contract will give him that time, until then I’ll appreciate Cehe, who is a nice piece on this team, but at some point this needs to work itself out. This Feels like Galvis/Crawford 2.0.

      I’d love to see Eickhoff #5 and VV and DLS to the pen. I’d take DLS as the #5 too if he shows more than Eick. I want VV to succeed as a starter, I just have serious doubts he can consistently last to the 6th, dare I say 7th? I still expect Pivetta to take a big step forward. Efflin, we’ve seen this from
      Him for stretches, so will see if he can continue it for the entire season. VV, this has got to be his last 10 starts as a starter, if he doesn’t take the next step, he is in the bullpen or trade bait.

      What id like to see from VV tonight – 90 pitches with 5 innings completed. Hopefully no 3 or less, no more than 4 runs allowed. Hey, I can dream

  10. Can someone tell me where JoJo Romero is hiding?
    Don’t see his name on the rosters of AAA, AA, or A+.

    1. JoJo pitches for the IronPigs tomorrow vs the Yankees affiliate and LHP Gio Gonzalez.

  11. Rough start for VV. Not an excuse, but before Soto hit a 2B, 2 of the 3 called balls were strikes. Of course, that doesn’t explain Suzuki’s HR.

    1. Good start for VV other than a hanging slider that got hit out of the park. He could have gone another inning based on pitch count but think he was pulled because he hasn’t gotten much work since the season started.

      If he can give them 5/6 innings while giving up 2 runs that will be good work from the back of the rotation.

      1. There’s no doubt that VV has the stuff, but his command is dicey at best. He throws so many “non-competitive” pitches that he’s almost always in 2-2, 3-2 counts. It’s a miracle he didn’t walk anybody.

        1. Can same the same thing about many pitchers these days. I made the same comment about Eflin just a few days ago and I’m a big fan of Eflin staying in the rotation.

          49 of VV’s 80 pitches were for strikes (61%). by comparison, in his last outing against the Twins, Eflin threw 68/105 pitches for strikes (65%). Hell, Aaron Nola’s strike % so far in his first 2 starts in 57%..

          1. VV gets ahead in the count pretty quickly to his share of the batters he faces……but not sure if he nimbles from there, or they just keep fouling off his 4Smr that he cannot put them away with. And next thing you know, he has a 8/9 pitch count to that batter.

  12. Question. Can the Phillies go “wire to wire”? If they run off another streak and stay in first the entire year…or does the day the Phillies were 4-1 and Mets 5-1 putting the Mets in first by 1/2 a game prevent “wire to wire” even tho the Mets had an extra game?

  13. Noticed Gowdy pitched tonight. Interested to see if anyone watched him? Would be nice to have him bounce back.

    1. I saw him on, the scouts were in attendance as i’ve watched most of LV, Reading and Lakewoods games so far this year and it’s the first time I noticed several scouts behind the plate. There were 3 guns with radar guns and I noticed 5 different groups where some had the guns while others had labtops, or something else to write down after every pitch.

      There was no sound again which makes it hard to watch, sometimes they show the speed on each pitch but it’s not consistent. He was mostly 89-90 from what I saw but it doesn’t stay up either so you have to look quickly so I missed many and several times they didn’t show it.

      He had a good first, got into trouble in the 3rd, but the defense didn’t help him as Guzman had a few plays that at least looked like he should of had.

      On a side note Abrahan Gutierrez is a big kid, reminds me a bit of Grullon but taller. Looks more like he could be a fullback for the eagles but then again De La Cruz looks like he should be playing for the Sixers, it was kind of funny seeing him coach 1st base as he just towers over everyone.

      Bohm had some nice swings today.

      1. 3 GUYS with radar guns, not 3 guns with radar guns. guess I was thinking faster then I could type.

        1. Catch, I beleive he hit 93 once or twice in the spring. I’m encouraged from what ive heard so far. Odds are against him but also as favorable as they can be for a TJ recovery. His command is what I’m hoping to see first, then regain his velocity by the halfway point. To me his first half is a throw away, His second half will give the organization/us a better read on his trajectory.

          1. Know anything about kid who Kd side after Gowdy? Saw he’s LH 91-93mph on MiLB but no sound, frustrating.

            1. Ethan Evanko…signed 2018, over-aged UDFA college arm, played 4 years in college….mix between starter and reliever…age24 season this year.
              Should be dominant in low-A.
              See how he will do at hi-A later this summer.

  14. Jon Morosi, speculating on MLB tv today, mentioned the Phillies doing some background investigation on MadBum.

    Baring an injury or something of the sort, the Phillies have until April 23 to do something about Roman Quinn returning to 40 man; Quinn, Williams, Altherr will force a roster move.

    Given that SFG outfield is thin (being kind), it’s easy to see the teams align well for a trade. We could benefit from an experienced LHP; they might like a young controllable outfielder.

    Does anyone else see a potential match? If so, what might a trade look like?

    1. Depending on their health, Bumgarner and Alex Wood are two LHSP’s Matt Klentak will be bidding on. Both would be rentals. Wood hasn’t pitched yet this season. He’s been out with a back injury. I haven’t seen Bumgarner throw yet, but his numbers look great (13.0 IP, 10 H, 3 BB, 13 K, 1.38 ERA, 3.68 FIP), and according to Fangraphs his velo is where it’s been most of his career.

      The Giants would probably want Nick Williams. Matt Klentak would probably be more willing to give up Williams for a pitcher with more than two months of team control. Maybe the Giants throw in their closer LHP Will Smith (another rental) and a deal could look something like this:

      Phillies get: Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith
      Giants get: Nick Williams, David Parkinson, and Connor Seabold

      1. If SF was willing to trade MadBum for Williams it would be a wine deal by now. It is not going to happen anytime soon. I think they wait until the trade deadline because I think they are asking for a TOR return for MadBum.

        1. Aron …tend to agree. The Giants may just wait to get a better offering.
          However if there is one team that may pursue Bumgarner extensively , that would be the Yankees, if Severino’s MRI comes back revealing additional cuff damage.
          They could offer Clint Frazier as starters in a package to the Giants.

      2. The game I saw MadBum pitch he was struggling to get his FB to above 86 I’d be concerned with the Injury history of him.

      3. Hinkie – I agree a deal with the Giants has to get done. Trade Williams for Tony Watson + a minor leaguer ?

    2. I’m all for a Bumgarner deal. Velasquez recovered well last night but he still simply throws too many pitches. MadBum fills the bill as a lefty veteran who’s been through the playoff pressure before. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Williams giving Cutch a blow tonight in LF. He’s almost a shoe in for any package going to SF. Makes so much sense, especially with Quinn’s imminent return.

    1. It is amazing. Hoskins is just a superb hitter. He has as good of an approach to hitting as anyone I’ve seen in a long time. He puts together Lenny Dykstra/Barry Bonds type of at bats – taking balls, adjusting to each pitcher, fouling off close pitches with 2 strikes until he gets a pitch he can drive. And his swing is tight and disciplined and he knows how to play to his strengths. If Scott Kingery is looking to approve his approach, he should take a hint from Hoskins.

  15. What gives with Doobie?.
    Herrera has changed…..I do not see that happy-go-lucky El Torito trade-mark activity on the base paths anymore after a hit.
    He seems so much more serious….what’s up!

      1. Maybe.
        I think he now realizes his job is not as secure as in the past (Citch and harper are not going anywhere soon…Quinn coming back, Moniak coming up and Haseley hanging in there also)…..along with the fact the four new vet stars and their professional intensity and dedication to duty, are having an influence on him.

    1. His bat flip was really solid last night. I often wonder about the Venezuelans with so much strife going on in the homeland they probably still have family there.

      1. Agree…..that could be another aspect of his seemingly more serious undertaking.
        I will have to see at his next double into a gap and as he stands at 2nd base….do the horns come out.

        1. Over the weekend he hit a double and did the wave, then the horns and finally a thumbs up.

  16. Hope arrives.

    Obviously, we have all been following David Parkinson’s stats, but the question that exists for fast rising college players in the lower minors – can this success translate at higher levels.

    I found the attached milb article with video clips of various players. The one for Parkinson is extremely encouraging. Check it out. He starts with a decent 91 MPH FB, followed by a Cliff Lee/Randy Wolf type of slow curve, an effective 81 MPH change up, and then a zinger 93 MPH inside FB. Much better stuff than I had imagined for him. Nothing quite elite, but a very nice pitch mix. Very encouraging.

  17. Random organizational thoughts:

    VV looked good enough to warrant more starts. I liked the pitch sequence plan the team has for him, it is more encouraging than not. Still I wonder if the team is better served with VV in the pen and one of Eickhoff/DLS/Anderson takes the 5th starter spot?

    Bullpen as of now looks to be the achillies heal, but I expect it to has its month or two of solid relief, carry the starters

    The offense seems to be cooling down. Which is fine, wins are the focus. I feel the offense was pumped due to Harper and the new additions. I’m confident that in an opening playoff series, they’ll repeat a similar performance from the excitement.

    Bohm and Cornelius… not being avg so far, really need them To pick up, at least Bohm. I don’t feel like he is on the fast track, as predicted

    1. Bohm was 3 for 4 last night! on 20 PA’s so far 3 BB 4K 350 OBP. V1 posted a scout report from the other night which said his outs were loud or something to that affect.

      FWIW fast track for me would be CLW by May and Reading by July/Aug

      1. How about we just see how he’s doing in Lakewood a month from now? Man, people really get too far ahead of themselves here. The prospects’ performance tell you when they are ready. And you don’t do a prospect any favors by promoting him before he’s ready.

        1. In fairness, I wasn’t condemning them, just saying they haven’t been “avg” so far. Yeah it’s early, I get it, just stating what I saw from the box scores. Bohm was like 1 for 16 from what I saw early on, lol guess he wanted to show up my post! Cornelius, has been o for 4 with a lot with 2 SO or more. His box scores, early on, are continuing to make me believe he is over at he d. I’m going off top of my head For these numbers, but as always, I am rooting for them. Cornilues is hard to watch struggle and he seemed to have a very good last portion of the season. Almost feels like his batting graphs would match Crawford’s, first half .200 and second half he gets it

        2. I have it on good authority Jimmy P will have his Bohm stick out May 3rd against Daytona….

          By then he’ll have 100 PA’s 284/357/796 OPS deemed ready for CLW

          By May 20th I’ll be able to pinpoint which series he arrives in Reading. Really, seriously…honestly I will.

  18. Guys . . . a weeks worth of games hasn’t even been played yet . . . can we wait a little longer to start criticizing the minor league guys? Seriously . . .

    1. @eric – I’m actually surprised that nobody is bringing up how Alfaro looks good offensively and JTR is crap.

      I don’t normally give weight to criticisms (good or bad) early in the season. Although the new look offensive is starting to give me a positive outlook on how the Phillies will win most of its game —- by relentlessly grinding the opponents starting pitcher and get into their bullpen as early as possible.

      1. Glad for Alf at the plate so far…….though i will not miss his defense.
        Noticed even in this very small sampling….he does seem to maintain the 35% plus K rate.

        1. Romus funny how the guys from the eagles move into south philly. Jackson has a house in Brition estates, and the flyers move into south jersey, Phillies who are single live on top of the mall on 17th and chestnut,

          1. Thats where it is happening for the Philly athletes…..though there have been some that have been out on the Main Line/Berwyn near KuKo.

            1. AI used to live in Gladwyn, Hamels in Newtown Sq and RH6 is Blue Bell – those are the athletes that I remember within my neighborhood. I used to work at 16th and Market and saw chase and Jenny in Rittenhourse Sq number of times.

      2. Flying into Atlantic City Sunday I see a guy with a Nirvana shirt on with the Kuko avatar logo on the shirt. I walk up to him and say “hey are you Kuko from PP” and he gives me a dirty look and rushed off to the men’s room.

        I didn’t follow him. I guess it wasn’t you

        1. hahaha….that’s funny DMAR!!! I still have that Nirvana shirt (mine is like 20 years old, not the one sold in Hot Topic) but my daughter (whose birth day is the same day when Kurt Cobain’s died) is wearing it now since it doesn’t fit me anymore.

          I think Spring Training is the best opportunity to meet the PP folks since I’m certain that we came from different places. I’m frequent in Lakewood and Reading and occasionally visit Allentown.

      3. @Kuko: this is textbook Alfaro. He basically gets off to a super hot start, whatever level he is at, and from there, it is like a wave, it just comes crashing down. His 35% K rate leads me to believe that history will be repeating itself soon. I’ll still take Realmuto. IF there was some betting action on Real vs Alf, I’m not even thinking twice, and I’m doubling my initial bet. Easy money. Realmuto will get hot soon enough. All that said, good for Alfaro. Hope he tears it up, against everyone but the Phillies.

        I’ll tell you what I don’t miss… his helicopter patrol of home plate after EVVVVVERY pitch during his at bats. He must add 10 minutes to every game just by himself.

        1. With the acquisition of Harper, Cutch, Segura – JTR fits the timeline better since Middleton is in the WIN NOW mode. I’m always enamored by Alfaro’s potential but when an influx of C prospects down in the minors (i.e. Marchan, O’Hoppe, Duran, Grullon, etc) starts to show good progress, I think Alfaro becomes expendable.

  19. Gentlemen and Ladies, get your popcorn ready, Harper vs Strasburg tonight, Round 1.

    Gotta believe Nats fans will be fired up for that matchup, all 267 of them!

    1. i love this game facing Gio. i preach this all the time. really can see what you have facing a big league pitcher. and we got one hit.

  20. Red Sox are in a real funk. Being from the region, I sense the faithful are concerned. They tend to hand out big contracts like candy. They are still paying Rusney and Pablo Bear. The extension with Sale was insane!

  21. Well. This bullpen doesn’t figure to lock down too many leads. Nola didn’t have it again tonight. I didn’t expect him to top last year’s performance heading into the season. But 6 runs should be enough on any night. The first 9 games was all about the bats, with the exception of Eflin’s 2 starts. Klentak needs to address the pitching staff. It’s only April, but there’s nothing here we don’t already know, is there?

  22. At least Jose Alvarez threw 30 pitches. He won’t be available for the next couple of days.

  23. I didn’t see the game but Franco needs to make a good throw in the 6th inning. If they get the first out, it changes the entire complexion of the inning.

    Nola is pitching with one out and nobody on instead of the lead-off man on first base. The defense has to be better than that.

    They had Strasburg 6-1 and let him off the hook. He won’t be this bad next time and will probably dominate our boys as he usually does.

    1. “dominate our boys as he usually does”? This year’s starting lineup, had a 50% turnover. Strasburg is a good pitcher but he’s a #3 and no longer the force he once was. In any case, last night was physically painful to watch from the 7th inning on. Let’s hope we can chalk it up as one of those few that got away. But Nola has started 2 of the 3 losses. Long balls have become a problem for him. K rate has also declined. Anyone break down why?

      1. Amazing watching Strasburg is how much of an off-speed guy he’s become.

        As for Nola, his velocity early in the game was better than previous starts. Mostly, he appeared to run out of steam starting in the 6th inning and Gabe waited a little too long to make the change.

        Early in the season you are seeing it throughout baseball that good starters are getting hit. Think part of it is that teams are cutting down on their innings in ST and it’s impacting them to start of the season.

        1. He was hitting like 94 or 95 in the first to 2nd inning. but by the third he was mainly in the lower 90s.

      2. As 3UP says below Gabe stuck with Nola just a little too long. I think he was at 95 pitches when Franco’s error came or it might have been the HR to Gomes. In any event he missed his spot on the pitch so a sign to me that he was wearing down.

        It was all kinds of craziness to let that one get a way.

        Cutch gets a lead off single and Segura all the sudden forgets what to do and strikes out on 3 pitches looks at 2 FBs right down the middle. A little small ball there would have been nice.

        Neris needs 30+ pitches to get 3 outs so he’s out for today. Alvarez had nothing. Where the heck were they playing Dozier on a routine ball to SS Cesar Fields it from the grass and doesn’t have the arm to throw him out. Bad shift and you get crickets from Tom and Ben on the play.

        C’est La Vie win today and you have another series win which is all we need to keep doing.

  24. It is time to officially start worrying about Nola. His velocity is down, and he can’t blow 6-1 leads. The Closer is a valuable weapon in Major League Baseball. We do not have one. Committees do not work. The BP, overall, has holes, but we need a closer. I am not saying, necessarily, that Kimbrel is the guy, but we need one from somewhere.

    1. matt13…even deGrom got clobbered yesterday by the Twins….what is going on!
      I like to see them do a Philly/LHV shuttle with the relievers with options…..Arano, Rios, Davis, Ed Garcia, and Pazos.
      Bring them up on a rotational basis with rested arms….it will also take some ingenuity as far as juggling the 10 day IL list.

      1. I think that its pretty normal for pitchers to fall a little behind the bats.

        Pitchers tend to reach a dead arm phase early season as the arm strength is still building back up.

  25. I certainly believe in Nola, but I question the ST work that all of the Pitchers got. I always believed that Pitchers were ahead of hitters early, but I may be wrong. More important, I think, is the concept of the value of a legitimate Closer. I believe he is very valuable, I don’t know that Kap agrees. Maybe if he had a real one, he would believe in him, and the point would be moot. Look, I understand that if the heart of the lineup is up in the 8th Inning, getting them out is a “high leverage” situation, and may, very well, determine the game’s outcome. But, overall, Closing is a specialized area, with the need for someone who has the stuff and mentality to succeed when it matters most. I also believe that guys need roles, and perform better when they know them. Neshek is much better in the 7th inning than as a Closer. Robertson has been, and has excelled as an 8th Inning guy. There was a reaon that we tried to get Diaz from Seattle, and the same reason is why the Mets and the Nats, with Doolittle, have a weapon that we don’t.

    1. Cannot argue that point….a dominant closer is what every contending team will need at some point.
      Perhaps Kimbrel will be that guy if Klentak decides it is time to reach out to him with an offer.

      I see Kimbrel decided not to show yesterday in Boston for the ring ceremony..understand he did not want to be a distraction for that special occasion.

    2. I think pitchers are ahead of hitters early spring training but by the time the season starts hitters jump ahead or maybe its pitchers fall behind.

      Pitchers are NOT tasked that often in ST with throwing 95-100 pitches or going 3X through the same LU then all of the sudden the season starts and they’re pitching in cooler weather etc…

      Not trying to make excuses for Nola as he was pretty darn good up until that last inning.

      1. He looked shot to me after the 6th. It was only 81 pitches but his body language screamed. At the time, I said take him out. But our manager didn’t see it and then waited until after the 2nd homer of the inning. Bad manager in my opinion. And then Dominguez goes 4 pitches and gets taken out on the hope that Neris can go two innings. Awful managing

        1. Yeah I’m not one to beat on Gabe but he didn’t exactly cover himself in roses last night.

        2. In Gabe’s defense, Seranthony has shown that he struggles when starting a new inning after pitching the previous one. Neris pitched one inning, technically, but 2 innings worth of work unfortunately.

          1. 8mark if he cant start a inning Then he isnt anygood to us. He threw 4 pitches. nuts

            1. I agree, Roc. Consider him the Velasquez of the bullpen, for now. All between the ears, I’m afraid.

      2. I don’t see it as pitchers being behind hitters or vice versa. In my opinion, it boils down to matchups and situations. That’s what baseball is all about in a nutshell. Sure, certain players are historically slow starters but it’s not as general as you suggest.

  26. Romus Maybe someone can explain to me, what they see In Ramos. He throws a straight 93 mph fastball has not location and has a weak breaking ball two yr and he has shown nothing

    1. There’s a reason he only made the team because Hunter got hurt and Arano imploded. In an 8 man pen, he started out 10th.

  27. Despite his struggles the 1st couple outings, Robertson is the only reliever on this staff in whom I have have any trust. Neris is a regular heart attack on the mound, even when he survives. Seranthony just seems to have lost his swagger from when he arrived in the Show. Neshek is fairly reliable….and not available enough. And everyone else is playing Russian roulette. And we’re still waiting for a reliable lefty, either in the pen or rotation.

    1. Neshek is the top arm in the pen for me.

      Right now, 7-9th, I’m going Robertson/Neshek/&Neris. Sir A needs to step up, and they’ve tinkered with him so we should see some improvement next time out.

      I’d start to consider Kimbrel a little harder now. Get the stupid money ready … just give him a baller offer for 1 year or make a trade with the surplus OFers.

      What is Quinn with in a trade? Can he get us an Above avg bullpen arm? I’d have to think about it, but curious of his value

      1. Other than Eflin (so far). Who only the Phillies staff this year does not make you nervous? They are going to have to start scoring more than 10 runs a game to feel comfortable anytime soon.

  28. 8mark, I am with you. Although, Adam Morgan has done a good job so far. Do we have a guy in the Minors who projects as a ML Closer? I know some like Dohy, and there are some future BP arms down there, but does anyone stand out?

  29. Did I miss something? Is Nicassio hurt? Couldn’t they have used him last night or has Kaplan lost total confidence in him?

    1. When I saw Ramos walkout the pen last night, I called The gm tying hr. FWIW, I also called BH to win it in the Bot 9… im pretty good so fair on the “calling it” this season, say like 6 for 9. The wifey can vouch 🙂

  30. After that heartwrenching game last night, just for laughs, check out the video of Marcell Ozuna’s attempt (for lack of a better word) at the flyball he missed because he jumped the wall about 3 long seconds too soon. Hilarious.

    1. That’s funny just heard an interview with Kapler a coupe days ago how he wanted to keep him in warm Clearwater due to his injury history

    2. Yeah I think Quinn returns to the big club by next week’s 3 game set games vs NYM. Someone will have to go. Let’s see how creative Klentak is here….

  31. Is Haseley injured? He’s not in tonight’s lineup again. The Roman Quinn Rehab moves to AAA Lehigh tonight. Why does Kapler keep trotting Hernandez out there night after night? I may have mentioned this before, we need to sign, trade for, or promote another bullpen arm.

    1. I don’t get the loyalty to Hernandez. The Kingery-Cesar debate continues to rage on this board. I can’t argue with the Cesar apologists and I can’t justify why Kingery should play 2b, only to say that THEY ARE PAYING HIM AS THE FUTURE 2B! They should put their money where the lineup is. Kingery may not be good enough. Fine. Either find out once and for all OR send him to AAA as an overpaid minor leaguer. But this incongruity is THE only thing that needs to be resolved about the starting lineup. Everything else is as it should be right now.

      1. 8 mark – Kingery got a start the other night and played okay. When was the last game that Hernandez played okay?

  32. Pivetta looks poor. Gets ahead of the hitter and gives up 3 hits on breaking pitches then walks in a run. I know! Early, but Pivetta hasn’t looked good yet.

  33. The 2B situation isn’t hurting the team so it’s not that pressing right now. IMHO Hernandez is your 2B for the year unless he hits under .250 which I don’t see happening regardless of the start.

    What needs to be addressed is the pitching . . . Take your pick of Vinny V or Pivetta and throw them in the bullpen (personally i’m going with Pivetta, he looks terrible) and call up Eickhoff. If Velasquez struggles then I dunno what to do but I do know we’ve seen this show before . . .

  34. We can’t hit a journeyman like Hellickson and Pivetta, my pick for breakout Pitcher, what a dummy I am, gets torched. What a depressing night!

    1. Matt – don’t be so hard on yourself, a ton of people thought he was going to be a breakout pitcher. I just didn’t get the confidence that some people talked about Pivetta with, almost like him turning into a 2 was all but a guarantee this year.

    2. Matt13 not that its much comfort. But i think i was on pivetta as a tor type guy from last year. Boy was i wrong. Middleton imo has two options. Either sign Kimbrel and get a starter by trade or Fast track Howard to help bullpen. Irvin too. Did anyone notice who is 2-0 ? at lehigh Valley? a guy who got bombed all spring. I dont have the knowedge like a lot of guys on here, about the minors, Give me two names for the bullpen. I have Howard , and Irvin who do you think?

      1. roc……IMO, Howard and Irvin will not be bullpen guys in 2019…not in the Phillies plans.
        Like I said yesteerday…the five guys ( Arano, Davis, Pazos, Ed Garcia and Rios) on the 40 down in LHV will be evaluated and can be brought up to fill a BP role……the other two possibilities will be Enyel DLA or Drew Anderson form the Pigs’ rotation.

        I cannot see Howard so early in his career added tot eh 40 and brought up for BP role….Irvin needs to be aded also tot eh 40, but he will fill a starter’s role IMO.

  35. I don’t care how formidable this lineup is, which it hasn’t been since the 4th inning last night, this pitching staff as constituted will not get us to the playoffs.

    1. Which is why I think they are probably negotiating with Keuchel right now. Say what you want about him, but he gives you innings and keeps you in ball games. A good hitting team does well with a pitcher like that. He doesn’t need to be a world beater or Cy Young candidate again – he just needs to be solid.

  36. The Phillies getting blown out tonight is no big deal except that it makes last night’s collapse even harder to stomach. Kapler made no sense in allowing Nicasio to bat with 2 on and 1 out, then removing him after 2 outs the next inning. Huh?! Let’s hope Klentak eases the bitter taste in our mouths by using the off day tomorrow productively.

      1. DMAR….if by game 50…sometime mid-May and the Phillies are firmly entrenched in 4th place…Joe Girardi will be reunited with his bench coach, but this time in red pinstripes.

        1. Romus I don’t like this manager I think he’s a tool and I don’t like the fact that he was made a manager without having managed at least some minor league ball and spent some time as a coach in a MLB dugout.

          That said I don’t wish for us to be firmly entrenched in 4th place in Mid-May

          1. I agree with that assessment of him.
            And if the pitching does not come around soon enough ….he will be answering the call for ousting Kranitz in favor of the youthful Young…and if the Braves pitching starts to climb the rung…oh boy!..

            1. What makes you two think Gabe Kapler had the final call on the pitching coach?
              I’m not saying it wasn’t Kapler’s call, I don’t know. However, it’s not unusual for the FO/GM to have the final say on the pitching coach (especially with a new(er) manager). As a matter of fact, I’d bet the FO/GM had a lot to do with most of Kapler’s staff.

            2. This manager always has been, and always will be, a joke. He has not even a remote clue how to manage a bullpen. While I think it’s great that he’s stopped tinkering with the lineup every day, I don’t believe he really had a choice. Now, he is going to tinker even more with the pen. He brings Ramos in the other night to a game in the 9th inning with a one run lead against a division rival after he had only pitched in 1-2 games and non critical situations. These guys have no clue when they are going to be used, how they are going to be used, and it’s not a recipe for success. Earlier, he had a LHP up in the bullpen vs Minnesota when they were down I think 3-2 and let’s the lefty hit off of a RHP and the guys hits a 3 run bomb, game over, and then he comes out and brings in the LHP to face the next LH hitter with 2 outs and nobody on, down 4. IF YOU’RE GOING TO BRING IN THE LHP, DO IT WHEN THE GAME IS 3-2 AND HAVE HIM FACE BOTH LHH’S IF NECESSARY.

              Bringing in all the talent that Klentak did is going to mask the fact that Kapler and his coaching staff have not and will not develop talent. I think Cutch, Segura, JT, Bryce, and Robertson are far enough along in their careers they won’t be broken, but with the exception of two weeks of Eflin and Franco in 2019, show me one player last year or this year that has improved under his leadership. Last year Kingery, Herrera, Williams, Altherr, JPC, Cesar, Franco, Hoskins, and others all regressed or were flat in their development. IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR PLAYERS THIS YOUNG TO NOT IMPROVE AT ALL OVER A SIGNIFICANT PERIOD OF TIME.

              I love Middleton, I really like Klentak, and this team is far better than any of us could have ever hoped a year ago, but this manager is an awful, awful manager and needs to go for this team to have a chance. I cannot even fathom watching him try to manage a bullpen in a playoff series.

            3. Voice, your second paragraph is a compelling argument to Kapler’s managerial deficiencies. I don’t consider myself either pro- or con- Gabe, but I have my reservations. He seems to be a work in progress…or regress. But in any case, a compelling post. I wouldn’t disqualify him just yet but I completely understand the concerns of many.

            4. @Hinkie Frankly I don’t or won’t try to point a finger at an individual responsible for removing Kranitz as its neither here nor there. Fact is Kranitz is out Young is in.

              No one in the org really owned the move so they will all have to account for it. I would think MK had to at least approve it.

            5. Hinkie……I do think if Kapler was not the impetus, he did at some point have to give his approval.
              If he objected, I do not see Klentak making the change.
              Just my opinion on how their inter- relationship exists.

            6. The situation was this:
              The Braves had asked permission to interview Chris Young for their pitching coach vacancy. The Phillies, as an organization, had to decide who they valued more. Rick Kranitz is 60 years old (nothing against 60 year olds, I’m almost there myself) or 37 year old Chris Young. Young runs laps around Kranitz as an analytics guy (something everyone here has been calling for for years), having come to Philly from the Astros organization. Choosing Young over Kranitz IMO wasn’t some sort of loony decision on the part of the Phillies or Kapler (if he did make the call).

            7. Well, we will see how it all comes out.
              The Phillies probably took the bigger of the risks, more so than the Braves.

  37. Just guessing here, but I expect the roster shuffling to begin on the off day. Ramos and Alvarez are logical candidates to go in favor of fresher arms, Arano and either Davis or Pazos.

  38. Ricky Bo slammed Pivetta on post game show. Said he got ahead of hitters early on but didn’t have conviction with his secondary pitches, needs to trust his stuff and finish them off.

    1. I, personally, am tired of Pivetta and VV. It’s time for them to produce. They have great stuff but or both head cases. If they can’t turn it around right away, let them do it somewhere else.

      I really, really, really hate to be negative on any ball player. I know they are all trying their best. But these two guys have had years now to get their acts together. And it’s not talent that they lack. Produce or get on to somebody else.

      1. “are” not “or”

        My wish: auto correct, quit making errors. I make enough of my own, thank you.

  39. Give Pivetta some more time. It’s one game, and it was a clunker. Thankfully I didn’t really watch this game, but I was pissed when peaking in at 3-0,&9-0. It makes yesterdays loss even worse. This team should be 9-2 not 7-4 with simple avg bullpen performances.

    Pivetta did get crushed, and in his defense, it was the team knows his very well. They have the book on him. His previous start was in very cold weather. I’d give him 3-4 more starts, I think he’ll change a decent amount t if opinions. I really expected to win that series

    The bullpen to me is the biggest issue.
    Time to sweep the marlins and get ready for the Mutts

  40. Honestly, once it got to 6-0 I really don’t care if it ended up 15-1, 100-0, whatever, it was gonna be a loss. Pivetta gets some more time but for the first time, I do think he may have something of a leash. I wonder if he would be a dynamic arm in the pen?

  41. The Nationals always beat up on Pivetta (as do a few other teams). They knew what they were giving up (for Papalbon) in that trade. They were giving up potential (and very little command).

    Nice to read Rocco Moffo admitting he might be wrong. Stand up guy. Or should we be calling Caesar Hernandez’ nephew Rocco Dracula? What are you doing up at 4:15 AM, Roc?

    1. Just a hiccup I hope and natural ebbs and flows. An off day and the Marlins are just what the doctor orders for these types of spills on aisle 13

  42. Dmar, I think, although really early, the Marlins are a nice test. By that I mean, after a terrible loss Tuesday night, and then a disaster last night, I want, and expect, us to blast the Marlins. We didn’t play them nearly well enough last year, and we need to pile up wins vs. them. Pivetta kept getting ahead of all the hitters, then getting hit on breaking pitches. Was he just trying to be too fine, and the balls flattened out, or is his stuff not really that good? It was clearly a pattern, and they kept mentioning it during the broadcast. Maybe it’s his confidence, and maybe we over estimated his ability. Doesn’t Nicasio make a lot of $ to be the mop up or long guy in blowouts? Did we want him, or was his $ part of the salary dump of Santana? I think the latter.

    1. I said this in ST, the best record vs the marlins amongst the Phils,Nats,Mets, and Braves is going to determine the NL east champs.

      So far,
      3-0 vs Braves
      3-3 vs Nats
      Arguably should be 5-1. Even that foul hr in the tenth hurt.

      This is going to be a dog fight , and The division is basically reset again, with Nats 1 back. Well time for that Phillies to best up the marlins.

      Can’t wait to watch Alfaro circle around the plate after every pitch!

        1. Every pitch man… every pitch 🙂 Now that he is the opponent, I’d worry if he doesn’t, it means he may have finally locked in on a pitch. In that case, our pitcher better throw a junk throw away pitch

    2. Matt13 do you think its possible with all the data they had flowing into last nights match up that they were overthinking it? Didn’t seem like Nick and JT were on the same page and it seemed like everything he threw they were expecting.

      I understand the data is one thing and you still have to execute pitches and that obviously wasn’t happening but what comes first the chicken or the egg?

      We got rid of Kranitz because this Young guy is supposed to be the next pitching whisperer. It hasn’t looked good so far.

      Not for nothing but this whole beefed up analytics team seems to zig when they should zag and vice versa.

      Remember Middleton didn’t show a ton of confidence in the manager at the end of last season. Middleton appeared to take the reigns on Harper. We have a series of draft picks struggling. We had some big money FA’s not work out.

      The resume of McPhail/MK is not looking so hot!

      1. McPhail/MK had one of the best off seasons in baseball history . . . not the only reason to say this but i’m not sure your criticism is valid.

      2. I think it’s to early to really know what they have from a pitching perspective.

        Keep in mind it was the pitching that had them in the race last year until August. Yes you’d hope they’d be more consistent by now but that is what deprecated the great pitchers from the good ones, consistency. Nola put together a great year last year but…. Eflin, Pivetta, and Velazquez had periods of brilliance but…. None of these guys have been consistently good, and Arrieta is probably on the decline.

        Bullpen really falls into the same MO as SP

  43. Tac3 – I think the Mets also swept the Marlins a couple of weeks ago.

    DMAR – Maybe the new pitching coach, Young, is not speaking loudly enough.

  44. To me it’s all a matter of how much the FO is “all in” this season. They went to great lengths to remodel the starting lineup. We can talk all day about whether Pivetta or Velasquez should be given the opportunity they’ve been trying to nail down for a while now. Fact is, it’s win now based on what they accomplished in the off season. Let’s finish the job by acquiring one starting pitcher and a legitimate back end reliever. If they had only one or two question marks on the staff, let it ride. And this isn’t based on the SSS of the early going. This is based on what can be reasonably projected from prior performance, patterns and inconsistencies.

    1. Yes they are all in but and ok you go over the luxury tax and bring the Kimbrel and Keuchel (just spit balling), a couple of older vets like Arrieta and Robinson and what happens if they are on the decline? I’m sure you have your fave guys with stats and all but the fact is the pitching is still a work in progress.

  45. JT Realmuto is lauded throughout baseball as a really good defensive C, one who calls a great game and diligently studies the opposition. Tuesday night, Ramos throws 4 straight Sliders, JT calls for a FB, Ramos shakes him off, then JT bangs the ground, indicating if Ramos throws the slider to throw it in the dirt. Of course Ramos hung it, and Save is blown. So, why would Ramos be shaking off an excellent C like JT, and why did Kapler say he thought the slider was a good pitch there, backing up the RP, not JT? 5 straight sliders, giving the batter a chance to see them, not mixing it up, and requiring the pitch to be perfect, when Ramos is not a Closer to begin with? Am I just nitpicking or shouldn’t these guys be throwing what Realmuto calls for? To me, not just the RPs, but VV and Pivetta should stop thinking and throw what the C calls. Both of them have problems with confidence, and just pitching and not thinking about it could help them.

    1. I’m on board with you Matt………………There are only 2 or 3 pitchers on this team who should be entitled to shake JT off.

    2. As someone who pitched in college and has coached since I got outta college I can say this about pitching . . .

      1. You have to be comfortable throwing something. I’d rather my pitcher throw a lesser pitch if he has more confidence in locating it which is why we allow our pitchers to shake us off (rarely will we “force” out guy to throw a certain pitch)

      2. You can’t say a pitch is a bad “call” if it wasn’t located where it was called to be located. Like you said, he hung it. If he throws it where JT wanted it we wouldn’t have this convo.

  46. When Phils won WS in 80 they had a solid core they developed and then brought in Pete Rose. In 08 it was the core they developed with some add on pieces that won it. This is new territory for Phils trying to win with mostly add on pieces.

  47. I am picturing Roman Quinn accumulating triple after triple. Not at CBP though, but at the cavernous Oracle Park in SF. I would send him in a package with 2 or 3 young arms to the Giants for Bumgarner and Will Smith. (Howard would be the only pitching prospect off the table.)

    1. It’s a conversation that the FO is having, for sure. I don’t think SF wants to play ball until the deadline though. So, the catch here is… if you are going to trade Quinn, he needs to be healthy at the deadline and … If he finally is healthy, do you really NOW want to trade him? Tough question.

      For MadBum, he is young enough to have good years left in him for the window, but some are saying he is already fried. He is 29, going into his 11th mlb season. I believe he is a FA too? As enticing as Quinn is, I’m not sure SF would take him for the same reasons we’d be Ok with trading him. I’m not sure you can center a deal around him.

      1. Tac3, I doubt the Phillies are seeing Quinn as anything more than a 4th OF at this point. Albeit a dynamic weapon, his fragility shouldn’t allow them to plan on his availability. So, given his status as an exciting player, still his limitations are no secret, and his market would reflect that. But I would offer him, along with Medina, Irvin, Anderson and probably another outfielder, perhaps like Ortiz or de la Cruz. But I doubt they will include Smith when they could maximize their return in a separate trade. Trick is, both are rentals, I believe.

    2. I can see Klentak looking to do that sort of “kill two birds with one stone” type of deal sometime before the trade deadline. I proposed a similar deal earlier in this thread:
      Phillies get: Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith
      Giants get: Nick Williams, David Parkinson, and Connor Seabold
      The season is still young. Klentak will give his current arms time to straighten themselves out. IMO, he should add DLS to the BP. I believe his stuff really plays up there, and he could certainly go multiple innings.

      BTW … Elliot Shore Parks wrote (on a list of relievers the Phillies could acquire.
      He includes one of my favorites/a guy I was asking for last season … Felipe Vazquez. The problem is (and he ignores this) the Pirates are looking to win this year after surrendering three top prospects for Chris Archer. I don’t see them dealing Vazquez. The guy Parks doesn’t list that I think could be a real possibility for a return engagement to CBP is Ken Giles. One way or another, Klentak will be busy adding to this team (bench bat, BP arm, SP) this summer because they don’t want to waste a year of this offense.

      1. Hinkie, I think it would take more than Williams, Parkinson and Seabold to get both MadBum AND Smith, even as rentals, especially when several other teams will be bidding for one or both of them in separate deals.

        1. Romus … I’d bet my house Klentak is re-signed, and probably gets a nice raise (maybe even gets a fancy new title). John Middleton loves him. A couple of months ago, he called Klentak (paraphrasing here) one of the best GM’s in MLB.
          And really … Klentak did have an amazing offseason.

          1. Whoa, whoa whoa Hinkie….I hope this is your second house you are putting on the line!
            The first house is already mine….from the Trout re-signing with the Halos. 🙂

            1. Per the “Signing Harper”Special, klentak is given the credit for signing Harper. I see him on a longer leash than a 3 place finish this year… but John is. Baller so who knows. I’d be surprised, but not shocked.

      2. That deal doesn’t hurt too much, Parkinson and Seabold are a little ways away, and to the Phillies, Williams is very expendable, as is Altherr and Quinn. So I can give up 2 young arms, though it’d probably takes more imo

        The deadline will be interesting to monitor. With the way FA went & the mass extension signings, im figuring the sellers can ask and expect a ransom for any team in win mode now. My guess is we see a few early trades, based off a blow me away offer.

        I still expect Pivetta to bounce back in a strong way. I believe he is more of the pitcher we saw in his Last ST start than what we’ve got so far. If he doesn’t, and VV does his 100 pitch 2 inning performance, I expect klentak
        To empty the cupboard for Bum.

        Giles came to mind for me not so long ago, from what I heArd last of him, he should be obtainable as he has fallen off in recent years.

          1. Figures :). Last I heard he was in the minors. Totally missed how he went from Hou to TOR…. soooooo I guess the phils won that trade? Lol

        1. You guys might be right about the price for Bumgarner and Smith … but then again … you may not.

          Look what Yu Darvish (another rental) brought back: Willie Calhoun, A.J. Alexy, and Brendon Davis. Calhoun was a good bat/no position top prospect in AAA, I’ve loved Alexy since his HS days, but he was a lower level, back of the top 30 prospect in the Dodgers system. Davis was a 20 YO lottery ticket and on no top prospect lists.

          Rental relievers don’t cost a whole lot unless they are premier like Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, or Mark Melancon when they were traded. Look what Pat Neshak fetched the Phillies in 2017 or Ryan Madon got the Nationals last year: lottery tickets. Smith is probably worth a bit more than Neshak and Madson because he’s LH and is currently closing (but he doesn’t have a long track record of closing).

          Maybe you throw in a Ben Pelletier, but the real prize is 4.5 years of team control of Nick Williams.

          Like I mentioned above, 1.5 years of Ken Giles is a possibility. Also, 2.5 years of Archie Bradley could be interesting even though he has been more of a set up man than closer so far in his career.
          Hopefully/Best case scenario, two of Robertson/Neris/Ser Ant’ny straighten themselves out over the next couple/few weeks and Klentak doesn’t find himself in a desperate situation this summer.

          1. I’m estimating an increase over that, to me baseball’s economics just changed. If you want to upgrade your team, Bumgarner is potentially one of the best options that are expected to be available. If klentak says no to the asking price, he has to look from within the minors. FA is drying up,at least the impact players. I think this pumps up the asking prices from sellers, and buyers will give more than they have recently

            1. could see Astros interested in Bumgarner/Will Smith- and if not trading Kyle Tucker, have guys like Alvarez, Straw and Fisher who could interest SF.

      3. “One way or another, Klentak will be busy adding to this team (bench bat, BP arm, SP) this summer because they don’t want to waste a year of this offense”….and let’s not forget…..Klentak’s contract has one more year on it, so he will be looking for an extension before next ST, so this season is critical to his future here in Philly..
        A third/fourth place finish this season, and I think he realizes Middleton’s patience will be really plucked.

        1. Sorry Romus, I put my response in the wrong space (a little above here).
          Middleton is a big Klentak fan.

          1. Well, we will have to see how big a fan he is, if the Phillies should happen to stumble this season and finish 3rd or 4th in the NL-East.
            Middleton has been a patient patient for awhile now, so Gabe and the crew better be there deep in the hunt come August and September.

  48. The Phillies will host the 2026 MLB All Star game. Appropriate as part of the nation’s 250th birthday. Bryce Harper will be 33 by then and hopefully yet to be on his decline.

    1. Heck why not…only 22 years after CBP opened up!
      Get it before it is imploded for the next ball park.

  49. Dam i hope i make it. another 7 yrs. With this pitching staff. it might kill me

    1. Hopefully we have a closer by 2026, a couple of WS trophies in the bank, and Cesar gone….
      Just kidding on the last one😃

      1. Cesar will be almost 36 years old……he could be coaching first base by then, and giving the steal signs to the runners!

  50. Eich just got spotted three runs. If he gets it together all the SP panic might ease.

    1. Eickhoff had 4 of his 6 k’s were looking, threw a lot of curve balls. Another cold night but that didn’t stop LV’s bats.

      Really hope they don’t trade Quinn, man is he fun to watch. Would be such a nice weapon to have on the bench, late in the game when down a run and you bring him in as a pinch runner. Or just in general as I think he can be a very good major leaguer if he can only stay healthy.

      1. Agree, I would like to see them keep Quinn, and Altherr. They are both good bench guys and I think one or both of them will be good regulars sometime.

    1. that’s crazy, he gave up his first 2 free agent years for team options at half of what Scott Kingery’s are.

      1. Not sure what is in the Georgia water these two Latin stars are drinking.
        Or who are their agents…..surely they could have negotiated at least another 10/15% more AAV for both of them…..and for Albies I would think 30% more would still be a team friendly contract….from $45M total to $60M over 9 years.

        The Braves FO ought to be ashamed of themselves….they skunked both players…their goodwill could suffer in the long term.

        1. I agree Romus I don’t think these young players are getting fair value on these extensions. I haven’t been keeping track but it seems like its mostly happening to the Latin players. Bregman got $100 Million Plus

          I’m not including pitchers as they would be in a different category.

          1. DMAR……it seems the Latin players from poor backgrounds have decided to jump on the assured money and not so shabby total dollar value….especially when they come from poorer countries like Venezuela and the DR..

            I will be curious to see what the Phillies plans are for JT Realmuto, Maikel Franco and even Cesar…who they offer the LTC extensions to and who they don’t….and the amount, AAV in particular, with option years tacked on.

  51. Ramos sent down to LHV… of teither Arano/Davis/Rios/Pazos or maybe this season’s annual rookie reliever sensation…Edgar Garcia will be coming up.

  52. I dont blame the Braves. They made a offer, the guy accepted. come on everbuy a car, The salesmen tries to rob you on the first offer, if your a fool and accepted thats on you. Its business

    1. Correct…its business…Braves will benefit and can pay bigger prices for best pitchers down the road in free agency.
      But sometimes your reputation takes a hit on ‘skunked’ deals, which could adversely affect things in the long run.

    2. True Rocco and look I am a capitalist through and through but I like to say I have some morals about it. I like to know I’m getting a good deal and yet still being fair to the guy on the other side.

      I wouldn’t kill the agent as this is Albies and his familia’s decision. And I’m sure he just set himself up for a lifetime. It just feels really light considering what the league is offering to 30 y/o FA’s now which is how old he will be when he gets to take another bite of the apple.

      1. DMAR….Acuna signed his last month….but last year right after Kingery inked his deal, the Braves offered Acuna 5/6 years at $30M…similar to Kingery’s….but he refused it at the time.
        So waiting a year and having that great rookie year helped him get the better deal this year.

        1. Funny how the braves set them self up for yrs in a small market. with those two kids will always be good team. especiallly the way they draft. if i am not mistaken the deal yesterday has a team option for 20 million he gets the same money for five yrs as kingery. How can they paid him as much as kingery who had two hits the other day, kingery must get a raise.

  53. The Albies deal is getting some of the worst headlines I have ever seen, his agent may need a Snickers bar.

      1. Getting paid millions to play a game, is a pretty good deal when you consider it’s guaranteed. Could he have gotten more? Sure. Does he really need more? Ehh debatable. He comes from a poor upbringing. That money will go a long way on just about anyone’s taste. At least it should. He’ll cash in on the next one and he basically secures a job in the mlb for the next 6 years. Can’t knock it, just that he should’ve gotten more, but im Sure he is happy. Heck, I’d be happy with 25 mil coming to me.

        You gotta wonder after the family members players getting abducted from time to time if that also doesn’t play a factor into taking less.

        1. I think kidnapping is more a Venezuela problem. Things in the DR while poor are pretty stable.

  54. Baseball tough to figure out…large turnover for the Mariners…. lose Robby Cano, James Paxson, Mike Zunino, Jean Segura, Nelson Cruz, Denard Span and no Kyle Seager…….and have the best record in baseball so far.

    1. i knew nothing about Segura before the trade. Wonder why they traded such a good player

    2. Doubt very seriously that their success lasts. They’re not a playoff team yet. But some good young talent.

        1. Roc, you are probably right. Based on the recent body of work (past year), if I were another GM I would want either Quinn or Williams. However I don’t think any of the three is particularly apealling as an everyday peice. The only one that has close to a full season of success is is Altherr in 2017.

          There would have to be another peice or two that would be more attractive. Not sure who that is and if Phils would go for it.

          I was mainly thinking from a Phils bench and possibly emerald in the rough.

          Williams is not a center fielder and is an average major league outfielder at his best. Quinn has probably more experience on the DL than on the field. Altherr has sucked wind the past year but he does have more tools than Williams, and in my mind more potential than Williams.

          Just thinking from a Phils perspective versus another GM. Again all three are not a centerpiece for a deal. So it’s more personal preference.

    1. Tim…Bumgarner is a ‘rental’…plus his velo and WAR have fallen hard these last two years…’17 and ’18…when he pitched.
      He only started 38 games between both years however due to injuries.

      1. I would keep Altherr as a suitable 4th OF plus the fact that he won’t get you Bumgarner like Quinn or Williams should.

      2. I would keep Altherr as a suitable 4th OF plus the fact that he won’t get you Bumgarner like Quinn or Williams should.

        1. Yes…Altherr is not an attractive trade chip…Quinn and Williams have the more value iMO.
          Williams was a high draft pick with plenty of power potential, his ISO in the plus 185 range, for the last 5/6 years, is above league average of 140, with premier power guys in the .200 plus area.. …just he is defensively limited to either LF or RF.

        2. I just cannot understand why the love for Bumgarner, approaching 30 and fading …..I would address Robbie Ray and still give up Williams, maybe Velasquez and also Cole Irvin…if the DBacks are receptive.

            1. Well the Phillies should, IMO, l find out what they want and accommodate and negotiate a deal….one of Klentak’s forte is just that.
              His trades so far, at their onset at least are laudable, it is just after a period of time the pieces start to unravel.
              Also, Klentak’s asst GM should know exactly what the DBacks would want.

          1. Romus, as a rental on a playoff hopeful club, Bumgarner fits the bill IMO. Yes, Ray may be the more appealing acquisition long term. But MadBum’s pedigree and intangibles for post season play could be significant boosts to this staff. Plus if he shows he’s still got it, Johnny Cigars can throw some more stupid money his way. If not, let’s pursue Ray or someone else.

  55. Romus, I just think, right now, MadBum would still be the 2d base SP on our staff, and with his WS experience would help us. I don’t think Ray is on the market and would cost more. Even though I wanted Cole Hamels last year, I would much prefer MadBum now. I think the Toronto starters will be very expensive at the deadline and I don’t know who else would be available. We will need a SP, in my opinion, for sure.

    1. matt13…can understand Bumgarner’s value….but is he the same pitcher from 2015 or 2016?
      He has started better than in the past two years, though do not quite understand his high FIP of 5 so far……..and he is healthy right now, but it is still a risk what with his mileage and age.

      1. The FIP is high because he’s already give up 4 HR in 19 innings (which would prorate to about 42 over 200 innings) and his BABIP is unsustainably low (.204). He’s also striking out a fairly low number of people (7.58 per 9) and his GB% is also below average (37.3%).

        So basically if he had average BABIP luck with those stats, you’d expect an ERA around 5. It’s still early, and he’s not likely to keep giving up homers at his current rate, but he’s been extremely lucky thus far. If he doesn’t bring up his K% and/or GB%, he’s likely to be a 4+ ERA pitcher this year.

        1. Good analysis of Bumgarner’s early metrics……of the 4 HRs given up….2 were at home, among the 25 batters he faced. He seems to be doing better on the road…..but it is to early on and too small of a sampling so far as you point out.
          The Phillies interest can be risky…then again the last two years the injuries were a big contributor to his lower production…..if he stays healthy he may be someone to go out and get as a rental….at the right price.
          He will be putting his best foot forward i his contract year.

  56. When the Marlins had Stanton, Yelich, Realmuto, and Ozuna … did they even draw any fans to the gate then?

    1. The Marlins have had total attendance over 2M for a year only three times in their history: 1993, 1997, and 2012.

      You may recognize those dates as being when they first came into existence, their first WS championship, and their first year in their current ballpark.

      Their second WS was accompanied by 1.3M total attendance, and last year they didn’t even break 1M total (811,104). So people showed up to see their stars, but they’ve never had good attendance. Just years that are better than others.

      1. Dan k i may be wrong. but the previous owner made a lot of money with this team. The league was paying him as a small market and he spent nothing.

        1. How long will MLB keep a franchise in South Florida? I live in the Durham Bulls market and we can support them more than they do with the Marlins.

  57. Cutch is a terrific player. I love watching him run the bases. Very Utleyesque! I know he isn’t the MVP he once was, but he is still very good and a class act! Segura runs the bases very well also. A huge improvement to the team.

    1. Yeah, I also want to give a shout out to Cutch. Helluva player! Even when he isn’t hitting, he makes some impact in the field or on the bases. I believe he may wind up being the difference this season. Does the little things, makes the big play. Class act as well, a true clubhouse leader if only by example.

  58. This is not a knock on any of the other players from last year, but the whole team seems to be following Cutch and being more aggressive on the bases. He, in particular, gets great jumps and seems to track balls really well, so that helps his aggressiveness be successful. The whole base running part of the team has improved dramatically. I want to see us keep the peddle down vs. the Marlins and rack up the Ws. Get the bad taste of the 2 Nats games completely out.

  59. I caught some of the movie Major League on tv the other day. Cleveland Indians owner was trying to tank for low attendance to move to Florida.

    So what’s the Marlin’s excuse? Are they trying to move to Mexico?

  60. Loria was one of the worst owners in sports. I don’t remember the specifics, but he got the franchise when Montreal gave up the team and Huzienga had financial problems. It will be interesting to see if Jeter can do anything. That stadium was empty last night.

  61. Jan Jan Jan, on the autobahn! If you had him as your sleeper pick for this year, you get a good star so far. Will see if he can keep it going.

  62. So i notice Alfaro didn’t do his trademark circling around home plate after every pitch. LOL I wonder why? Either the league told him to cut it out for the sake of the game speed or his new team told him that it is a dead giveaway when he actually does stay in the box that he’s confident in the pitch sequence. Will keep an eye on it, i bet he reverts back to circling when hes in a slump

  63. Except for maybe Pazos and maybe Ramos, not a whole lot of help for Phils bullpen coming from AAA so far. Filed goal for Rochester

    Grab a bat it’s open batting practice.

  64. No double doink for Ramos, LHV wins 20 -18 even with a runner placed on second to start the final seconds in overtime!

  65. Glad to hear that Kingery will play tomorrow (Sun). 2 doubles today after replacing Franco.

    As for the pitching, the starters need to find a way to keep their team in the game. These avalanches of runs are killing me. Stop the bleeding. Send a message, throw inside to make the opposing batters less comfortable, do something.

  66. This is the perfect time to give kingery a long look at 2b. Right now Cesar offers nothing because he’s not even walking

  67. Nice to see Gabe run out of players again and kill the 3 run 9th inning rally letting Dominguez bat with 2 outs. #FireGabe

    1. Gabe, ran out of players because he already gave up on this game. He would never admit that, but you can see it every now and then in his managing. Simply…..looking ahead to tomorrow this one is over.

      1. Jim – Certainly Arrietta or Velasquez would have been a better batting option than Dominguez.

        1. You are absolutely right on that. My point is Gabe was indifferent to the game at that point.

  68. Hernandez at 2nd, kingery at 3rd today. Can someone please explain to me the love affair with Cesar given his current performance and why kingery is never allowed to play 2nd where he is reportedly a plus defender?

    1. I agree I would play Kingery over Cesar right now and he did play him at second in his last start.

      My best guess is they are trying to get Cesar going well so they can trade him. I think they have been trying that with him and Altherr and Williams fir a while now but no takers. At some point that have to make the switch but so far Kingery has had has chances and really has not forced their hand. If he could string a few games and at bats together he might force their hand. But so far no.

      1. Agreed
        This is the time kingery needs to seize control of the spot with quality at bats, defense and baserunning.

  69. SR are you going to post the junk everyday. We get you hate Cesar, but if you follow the game this isnt his first yr, look at his stats, oh i forgot you only look at kingery, cause they paid him 25 million.

    1. I will.
      I believe Hernandez is the poster child of the type of player who starts on losing teams putting up decent stats but never making key plays in the field, at bat or on the bases
      I have faith that everyone who judged kingery as an excellent prospect wasn’t wrong and this team will be better in long term with him at 2nd especially since I have no interest in using financial resources to resign hernandez next yr.
      If you want to call that assessment “junk”. Feel free
      I say this with the total understanding the teams biggest concern is not Hernandez but the starting pitching and bullpen

      1. POSTER child for losing teams. there is nothing to say after that remark. amazing .

        1. Well he literally has never played for a MLB team with a winning record, so there’s that…

          There’s also the little fact that going back to last year, he’s the 25th best 2B by fWAR with a .248/.349/.354 triple slash. That’s just objectively not good.

          You can cite his history all you want, but his history is that he’s had two pretty good seasons and 2 okay seasons. So his upside is average and his current play is horrible. Maybe Kingery doesn’t play any better in his stead, but at least there’s the hope of a good or better ball player there.

  70. On a separate topic, given the high level he still is playing at, how good was McCutchen with Pittsburgh? I never really appreciated him enough

  71. They should trade for Urena. That’s four or five wins a year right there.

    It amazes me how certain pitchers who get blasted by everyone else make the Phils look bad.

  72. Can anyone explain war to me (being slightly facetious) . . . Franco has a negative WAR right now . . . He has 4 HR, 12 RBI, 11 walks (4 K’s), an obp over .400 and a slugging % above .500 all out of the 8th hole (he’s also played good D) . . . How in the hell does that come out to a negative war?!? I call BS.

    1. I prefer fWAR to bWAR (fWAR currently has him at 0.2, so there ya go), but it’s almost entirely defense.

      Defensive metrics take a long time to become accurate, so WAR at this point in the season typically doesn’t mean anything.

    2. EricD….IMO, it is more so reflective of his defense at this point…his oWAR is a positive 0.4…extended over 162 game season it would reflect 4.98

    1. Hah….what is there to explain!
      …..looks terrible in the spring…goes to LHV, drinks the water in Lehigh County, and comes back Superman.

  73. On the upside, the Phillies won. On the downside they used every member of the bullpen except Nicasio, who’s been awful. Pazos has looked very good so far, and has ML experience. The Phillies have 14 games in a row before the next off-day. Hopefully Mother Nature gives us a couple of rainouts. Let’s also hope that the starters go deep into the games.

  74. Kimbrel’s price coming down it appears:
    Ken Rosenthal…✔
    Free-agent closer Craig Kimbrel continues to seek a deal he believes to be fair and in the range of two recent free-agent relievers, Wade Davis (3 years, $52M) and Zack Britton (3/$39M), sources tell The Athletic.
    7:05 PM – Apr 13, 2019

    1. Start at the bottom, offer 3 for 39 , I would give that to him in a heartbeat . . . Would even ad a vested 4th year at another 13m if he pitches 55 or more innings each year.

      1. yeah….though i think he would settle for $15M AAV…..the years is what I would be concerned about.

  75. And there it is, Bohm, 1st hr of the season, BA near .300. Congrats to him, looks like he is starting to heat up.

  76. Tip of the cap to Gabe Kapler who played the hunch in sticking with Cesar against Urena today instead of playing Kingery at 2b, and got rewarded for it on both counts. Wonder if and how he might keep Kingery in the lineup.

    1. Shouldn’t be too hard with all these games in a row and CH, Franco, Segura will all need their time off.

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