Spring Training 2019 (March 30th)

Saturday was the final day of Spring Training 2019.  The trucks were on hand for the trips to Allentown, Reading, and Lakewood.  Players took part in their final drills before a five inning scrimmage between two groups on Ashburn Field.  Two more groups met on Roberts Field.  And, all pitchers not charting or on rehab were tossing on Schmidt Field.

Kyle Young and Dominic Pipkin squared off on Ashburn.  Young pitched against his Clearwater team mates, and Pipkin pitched against a team made up mostly of guys who will likely play in Williamsport after eXtended Spring Training.

Pipkin pitched 5.0 innings.  He gave up one run on 4 hits, walked none, and struck out three.  Julio Francisco singled off Pipkin in the first inning and scored on Connor Litton’s double over the center fielder’s head.  Jose Tortolero singled in the third and Litoon picked up another base hit in the fourth.  Pipkin recorded two of his Ks in the fifth and final inning.

Young also pitched 5.0 innings.  He allowed one hit, a lead off triple in the second inning.  He recorded two of his strike outs in the inning and escaped unscathed.  Young walked Jake Scheiner in the first.  The only other batter to reach base was Madison Stokes on an errant throw in the fourth inning.  Youngs line – 5.0 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 K.

I paid keen attention on the Clearwater dugout.  And later, noted who carried their equipment over to the Spectrum Field club house.  I have a very good idea whom makes up the Clearwater roster, and updated yesterday’s 2019 Roster Assignments (updated March 30th, noon).  

I’ll continue to update the Clearwater section as necessary.  The Threshers are probably holding off on their roster announcement until Wednesday’s season ticket holder party.  However, the Threshers are scheduled to play a Tuesday night game against remaining campers.  I”l be keen on the dugout and bull pen that night.

The Complex is closed the next couple days.  I think the only activity before Thursday’s season opener is an afternoon practice before the Tuesday night game.  Monday, April 8th is the start of XST.

One last note for you to think about.  Players who remain in XST are not paid.  They receive a meal allowance and a shared room in a motel, but receive no salary or wages.  That’s all of April, all of May, and most of June before they can expect a pay check.

That’s all ’til next spring.  Box score reports will begin Thusday night.

9 thoughts on “Spring Training 2019 (March 30th)

  1. Thank you Jim for great Spring Training reporting. This made the time enjoyable until the start of the seasons.

    One question, how do XST players survive without a salary?

    1. Think about how much a college guy has to love baseball to stick it out in XST with no salary and the odds of making The Show dwindling.
      Thanks Jim for making us all feel like we’re there with you. Time for boxscores!!

      1. Murray, Thats why i talk about the kid next door to me. He didnt get drafted, played college ball.. His parents said its his dream so they paid his way in the independent league, until Minnesota bought him last yr. now he is in tripe a one step away from the majors, Only because his parents helped did he get this chance.

        1. roc….a lot of college kids’ parents have to help with their children’s dreams.
          That is why i think the Jays should be commended….they are the one team that will increase allowances and pay to their minor leaguers.
          IMO, tired of hearing all that nonsense from Clark and the MLBPA how the system is broken…..for those who already have a millions in the bank and lifetime pensions per month and healthcare doe life, after just 43 days of MLB service time….while most minor leaguers have to struggle just hoping for that chance ….look how long it took Chris Coste.
          The MLBPA does not represent minor leaguers.

          1. … but the MLBPA will negotiate minor leaguers rights away to the benefit of MLB players each and every CBA. Thieves! Hypocrites! Tyrants!

            1. Agree.
              If the owners were smart….they would follow the Jays lead and increase pay and allowances, per diem and other perks for their minor leaguers…..AND raise the minimum wage to $1M vs the current $555K.
              That would make it difficult for MLBPA to invoke public sympathy for their causes..

        2. Great story. If he makes the majors, buy the rights to the story and write it up as a movie. I’d watch! I love watching The Rookie movie about the 30 yr old relief pitcher, former high school coach. Chase that dream!!

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