Spring Training 2019 (March 27th)

Today was a camp day.  After their morning drills, the players gathered on Ashburn Field to watch a home run derby.  Participants included Dylan Cozens, Darick Hall, Danny Mayer, Deivi Grullon, Ben Pelletier, Carlos De La Cruz, Alec Bohm among others.

I arrived as the contest started with Cozens reaching the parking lot while I navigated over one of the balls he put there.  They had a PA announcer and the players cheered for their favorites.

They followed a 7-out format that included a golden ball that counted as 2 HR when the batter reached six outs.  Each batter had a different coach as his designated pitcher.

The excitement grew as participants were eliminated and the fans’ favorites emerged Dylan Cozens and Deivi Grullon reached the finals, Grullon on a titanic blast on a golden ball (counted as two HR) to steal victory in his bracket from Alec Bohm.

Grullon opened A 7-0 lead in the finals.  Cozens, resplendent in his tank top, crushed 7 HR to right before recording an out.  His pitcher, Chris Truby, challenged Cozens to hit one to left, and the round ended in a tie.

Grullon failed to hit a HR in the 3-out overtime.  Cozens ripped off his shirt and ended the competition on his second swing.  Many of Cozens jacks cleared the scoreboard in right field.  He launches them to a height that seems destined to die on the track, but the ball just keeps carrying in a way that others don’t (or can’t) to unexpected distances.

A short time later, they started their intrasquad games.  Jerad Eickhoff and Ranger Suarez squared off on the back field.  I watched Eickhoff labor through three innings.  He issued three walks while I was there.  He threw a lot of off speed pitches.  His FB was 87-90 mph.

Roman Quinn started in CF.  He walked in his first at bat.  On an infielder’s throwing error, he tried to score from second when home plate was unguarded.  Eickhoff recovered in time to apply the tag, but it was reassuring to see Quinn running so confidently.

I retreated to Schmidt Field to watch Ben Brown.  Schmidt is the worst field for pitch velocity.  Brown threw an unusually high number of off speed pitches.  He got strike outs on both his FB and CB.  I asked Ben afterward if my perception of increased reliance on off speed pitches was correct.  He said yes, that he was developing better feel for it.  Confidence in a solid CB can only help his FB.

Looks like Connor Seabold is headed to Reading.  He was the designated bunter whenever his team got a runner on base.  I saw him successful on one of two sacrifice attempts.

Roster movement.

Nothing today.  But, Rob Brantly and Sean Rodriguez took part in the AAA/AA game.  Guess Josh Martin is down here somewhere, too.

There are 196 players in the minor league camp – 109 pitchers, 20 catchers, 42 infielders, and 25 outfielders.  There are 350 players in the organization.

After the affiliated teams go north or move across the Complex, XST will be augmented with about 20 players from the Dominican Academy. Subtract 100+ and add 20+ and the remaining 120 or so players might each get their own locker in the club house.

Well, that’s all until tomorrow.

Shirtless Cozens readies for his derby winning swing
Cozens returning to the field for the final round

15 thoughts on “Spring Training 2019 (March 27th)

    1. Good analysis from him.
      Looking forward to how he does at Reading.
      Also….the scout overlooked one particular event that could have affected Mickey Moniak prior to July, actually prior to June….his health….he had to have oral surgery around second.third week of June last year for impacted wisdom teeth and he was out for almost two weeks.

      1. Romus i am doing a fly by today with the navy. Look up around 258 i am in plane 3.

  1. Great reading for any Dylan Cozens’ fan!

    He has his confidence back and is still an asset within the organization.

    1. We all hope Cozens can realize his immense potential and force his way to Philly. Learn how to play 1b also Dylan. I’m surprised that Williams hasn’t learned.

      1. Steve Potter from Phillies Insider mentioned the other day that DC is taking ground balls at first in Extended ST.

      2. I agree that Williams should eventually be given time to learn 1b. His overall athleticism probably causes them to hold off to see if his speed can overcome his defensive deficiencies. But he’s definitely a DH candidate when the time comes.

  2. Scouting reports on Brito and Bohm with a nice word on Moniak thrown in https://www.prospectslive.com/fantasy/2019/3/25/confessions-of-a-prospect-junkie-bebold-and-dive-deep

    The report on Bohm is negative and kinda depressing:

    Alec Bohm should start the season in High A Clearwater where I think he struggles. His swing is linear with an extremely poor load. Check out the video below. Bohm’s bat flattens before he swings. His momentum is moving forward while his hands are moving back. Bat looks slow and drags through the zone. High A pitchers will expose him if he doesn’t tighten this up. Overall, it’s just a really unathletic swing. However, one of the most fun things about being so close to Clearwater is seeing how Ochart and Bohm will make the necessary adjustments. Player development is so much fun!

  3. That wasn’t cheerful, v1. At least it didn’t add that he has to move off 3B. That would really be depressing. I hope our Player Development folks are up to the task. No mention of Bohm’s power, which was the key part to his prospect status. Let’s hope he makes the necessary adjustments. Upbeat on MM, though. His physical development is a prelude to a really good season for him, and I expect him to be back on the Top prospect lists. Thanks for always having great info and sharing it, v1!

    1. Yeah, I hope the player development team is helpful…but it is still depressing that we keep drafting kids in the top 10 and they need so much development.

      It is one thing if you take a hard throwing high school pitcher and need to teach him some off-speed pitches. But a college hitter taken #3 overall should be ready to go in my opinion.

  4. Interesting report this one is from May last year


    Interesting that they comp him to Castellanos! I don’t see a slow bat at all from Bohm in fact the contrary. He has very quick hands for a tall guy and I’ve watched as much video on him as I could find.

    Very balanced through his swing and drives the ball well to the right center field gap. I love seeing that from a right handed hitter.

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