2019 Amateur Draft and J2 Discussion, March 18, 2019

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for discussion of the amateur draft and J2 signing period that are about 3-4 months down the road.   I’m providing this space for those who are ready to enter discussion about this year’s crop of prospects.  You can place video, scouting reports, or just comments here.  You can reference these weekly discussions on the menu above.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and J2 signing season.  This is NOT a space for you to continue complaining about past picks and the past/current draft philosophy.  That horse has been beaten to death in  weekly open discussions.  If you must, keep it there.


38 thoughts on “2019 Amateur Draft and J2 Discussion, March 18, 2019

  1. Romus … I do like Spencer Jones because of his ceiling both on the mound and at the plate/in the field. While the Phillies have a strong history of shorter Latin pitchers, they do seem to prefer tall, thin, projectable arms in the draft.
    That said, I don’t expect Johnny Almaraz to draft Jones. He tends to go the safer route with his first round picks … always bats … usually/lately college. Jones could blossom into an AJ Puk, but he’s just as likely to have a Trey Ball outcome.

    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I believe the two best college players most likely to be available at 1-14 are Alex Manoah and Hunter Bishop. The other guy I could see Johnny Almaraz being infatuated with is Baylor catcher Shea Langeliers. Langeliers should be a top 10 pick, but could slip a bit while suffering through a broken hamate bone early this season.

    1. Hinkie….what do you think about Nick Lodolo from TCU…unless you have him going earlier?

      1. I’m not in favor of Lodolo (or Zach Thompson) at 1-14. For me, neither of those guys has the plus pitch to have them end up a #2 or even #3 starter.
        I like Alek Manoah. IMO, he features two plus offerings (FB & SL). He’s been very good this season (29.0 IP, 20 H, 9 BB, 45 K, .196 OBA).

        I think 1-14 is a spot to nab a top prep arm, even though Johnny Almaraz has no track record of doing that. The kid I really like who could maybe be had at a discount is JJ Goss. Watch him at the Perfect Game Showcase (attached). He pitches the top of the 5th inning (1:24:15 mark). Between the plus FB, plus CH, and plus SL, he makes these HS All-Americans look silly. Two position players who could be on the Phillies radar are Nasim Nunez (SS) and Corbin Carol (CF).

        1. Wow…loved the video of Goss. He looked exceptional. Easy velo. but really good command too. painted the corners and kept everything low. and showed a really good change and curve. like him a lot.

          In general, I really want the Phils to draft a pitcher at 1:14. Best pitcher available. If they want a college arm then fine. But we need more pitching prospects that have a chance to be ToR arms.

        2. Hinkie….Goss does look the part for sure. And a Texas pitcher…they seem to all come out strong…he is built like Kevin Gowdy. And he should be there at 14….though I do prefer a collegian pitcher……one who could make his pro debut maybe two years or less after being drafted..
          I hope he does not draft a position player…the next two drafts have to pitcher heavy IMO.

    1. they had the Phillies taking Zack Thompson:

      Thompson is sporting a 2.20 ERA over his first four starts and recently shutout Louisiana State over six innings with nine strikeouts and two walks. He’s performed well this season and fanned at least eight batters in each start while showcasing a plus fastball/curveball mix.

      picks in the area:
      12th: Nick Lodolo
      13th: Daniel Espino
      15th: Shea Langeliers

      1. Thanks for that info, W.C.
        Where did they have Hunter Bishop, Alek Manoah, and JJ Goss going ?

  2. I’ve been posting the two best college players (IMO) with a chance to be available at 1-14 are Alek Manoah and Hunter Bishop (Shea Langeliers may or may not be available at 1-14). Hunter Bishop (and Andrew Vaughn) has probably had the best start to this season. He was at it again last night. Bishop launched his 11th bomb. Through 20 games, Bishop is slashing .442/.552/.1.039. He’s totaled 11 K’s, 19 BB & HBP, and has steals in 9 attempts.
    For me, I’d lump Bishop, Manoah, Langeliers, and Goss as the most likely picks for the Phillies at 1-14.

    1. * Bishop has 8 steals in 9 attempts.

      I do not have a BA subscription. I would appreciate anyone who can share part of their mock.

          1. Hinkie any way to find out what he did in High School? How many college offered him and third was he drafted by any team in the draft?

            1. rocco … Bishop was a top HS prospect in 2016. He was from northern California. That’s the draft Johnny Almaraz was very active in California. Nine of the Phillies first 13 picks were born in California. I’m pretty sure Almaraz scouted Bishop at that time.
              Bishop was drafted by the Padres in the 21st round, but didn’t sign.
              BTW … Despite his talent, Bishop has only been an average college player before this season. He has really put it all together to start the 2019 season.

      1. I added a comment above..

        other random items (I don’t want to copy/paste everything)

        BA had:
        Manoah – 18th
        Hunter Bishop -9th
        Goss – not in top 32

  3. Romus what are your credit card numbers. and exp date, i want to get Baseball American. I will glady pay you thursday

  4. I got a couple of questions answered by Eric Longenhagen today:

    Eric … any Johnny Almaraz sightings on the scouting trail?
    Eric A Longenhagen
    yes, those first couple weeks here in AZ but not since then.

    Your thoughts on Hunter Bishop’s start. How high can he go this June? Also … What’s the word on Brandon McIlwain? Where does he go in the draft? Finally, will Justin Hooper pitch at all before June?
    Eric A Longenhagen
    Bish could go top 15-20, I won’t check in on Mc until Cal comes back here and I’ve lost track of Hooper entirely.

    Connecting the dots … it seems reasonable to conclude Hunter Bishop may be a reasonable choice for the Phillies at 1-14 (As I posted above, I’d lump Bishop, Manoah, Langeliers, and Goss as the group of four most likely to be selected from to become a Phuture Phillie). Almaraz was in Arizona a couple/few weeks ago. I assume he scouted Arizona State. Sounds like Bishop should be available/could even go at the 1-14 spot. BTW … EL gave Bishop a George Springer comp earlier in today’s chat.

    Another prospect from Arizona I like is Nick Quintana (U of Arizona 3Bman). If he were available in the third round, I’d be quick to pick him. However, I doubt he makes it to the Phillies at #91 overall. McIlwain will probably be available in the third round. Justin Hooper is a lottery ticket LHP (former HS All American who suffered from control problems and TJ surgery) from UCLA I’d love to see Johnny Almaraz choose at some point.

    1. Really do not like guys comping off-side batters together, or for that matter different arm pitcher together…..Springer as a RHB and Bishop as a LHB.
      But a comp is just a fun game for fans ….but one used by the scouts for peer evaluation purposes.

  5. Here’s a mock draft from Taylor Blake Ward. Ward covers the LAA’s and has been covering the draft for at least a few years (that’s how long I’ve been following him).
    Romus may like this mock. Ward has Johnny Almaraz picking Nick Lodolo.
    Ward states Lodolo will grade well with analytically driven teams, like the Phillies. Also says that Lodolo is from California and the Phillies are a notoriously heavy California scouting/drafting club (as I mentioned in an earlier post above).

    1. Hinkie i saw one mock where we take a kid named Hines from nice hs? havent seen him mention he is a third basemen. know anything about him?

      1. rocco…you mean Rece Hinds….he is a HS third baseman….doubt it very much they go that route.
        Though big and strong….6’4″, 210 lbs as a HS senior…..with lots of power…..but poor contact-ability…do you want another 30% plus K potential prospect?.
        Also will not stay at third it appears long term….50 arm and 45 field.

    2. Hinkie….seeing reports now that Lodolo will not make it pass 10…….also saw one having the Phillies going for Kentucky’s Zach Thompson.
      Thompson is pitching well so far….want to see how he does against the powerhouse SEC hitting teams soon. LSU is a good squad and he did well last week.
      I think they have him as a #3 ceiling in a MLB rotation.
      But then again Nola was never rated higher than a #2 and most had him at #3 due to his lower velo at LSU..

      1. I watched some of Thompson vs Texas A&M last night. Braden Shewmake (another first rounder this June) took him deep once. Overall, he was just pretty good (6 IP, 109 P, 3 ER, 7 H, 1 BB, 9 K). He was throwing 93 MPH in his last inning of work. His CB was good. For me, though, Thompson is probably a #4 starter.
        I’d still list my big four as Hunter Bishop, Shea Langeliers, Alek Manoah, and JJ Goss.

        1. BTW … WVU (Manoah) played Baylor (Langeliers) last night. Langeliers went 3 for 4 (including a double).

        2. Thats what I want to see…how he will do against the best teams in their conference….A&M is ranked 13th in the nation in one poll and top 20 in most all the polls. Still early in the season for him…under 20 innings pitched so far.
          Once he gets into that 45/50 inning pitched area I like to see if he can maintain his pitches and get the outs.

    1. Another HR for Hunter Bishop. That’s 13 in 20 games. His OPS is approaching 2.000. Just unbelievable !

      1. Another HR for Bishop. Two tonight. Four in his last two games. !4 this season in 20 games. Just a week ago, I was sure he’d be available at 1-14. The longer he continues to rake, the less likely he makes it to the Phillies at 1-14.

        1. Hinkie….if I were to comp Bishop….it would be Dodgers’ Bellinger…from physical profile to offensive approach to finally defensive positioning.

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