Spring Training 2019 (March 8th)

This morning I learned that a Phillies’ team of minor leaguers was going to play a game against the Villanova Wildcats in Spectrum Field at 1:00 PM.  I arrived a little later to accommodate the time needed to view the game.

Non-throwing pitchers trekked over to DiMaggio for their drills.  The players who remained at the Complex ran through the same fielding drills as conducted the previous days.  I remain impressed by the the fielding of Holmes and Garcia.  If they end up on the left side of the same infield, they will provide a formidable defense.

The Phillies provided a list of the 181 players in minor league camp.

2019 Phillies Minor League Spring Training Roster

Since the Phillies game was scheduled at night in Orlando, the players making the trip were available for morning drills.   The seven players making the trip included pitchers Andrew Brown, Adam Cox, Luke Leftwich, Tom Windle, catcher Rodolfo Duran, and outfielders Carlos De La Cruz and Simon Muzziotti.

The major leaguers took BP in the stadium and it was opened to the public.  Live BP was scheduled at the Complex, but I opted to grab a bite to eat before going to the field to watch the game.

The Phillies squad included –

Phillies v Villanova Roster 3-8-2019

I didn’t see catcher Nerluis Martinez at the game.  Catcher Gregorio Rivero and outfielder Jesus Alastre were late additions.  Everyone else was inserted into the game except pitcher Austin Ross.

Our squad didn’t include a lot of the more glamorous prospects, but looked to me to be a fair collection of players to field against a college team.  I was wrong.  We were way better than the ‘Cats.

Villanova fields a young team of mostly local or near local players.  One noticeable name was infielder Jeff Manto from Bristol and St. Joe’s Prep.  His father, Jeff, played parts of nine seasons in the majors for eight teams. One was the ’93 Phillies for whom he played eight games.

The game was really no contest.  Eleven pitchers pitched a combined one-hitter.

  1. Mauricio Llovera started and issued a leadoff walk and a one-out single.  He retired all three outs on strike outs.
  2. Ben Brown pitched the second and got a 4-3 ground out and 2 strike outs.
  3. Manuel Silva pitched the third and got a 5-3 before issuing a walk.  He got a strike out before moving the runner into scoring position with a wild pitch.  He ended the inning with a 4-3.
  4. Kyle Glosgoski pitched the fourth, threw hard, and got three fly outs with his rising fastball, one to each field.
  5. Grant Dyer drew the fifth and struck out 2 before an inning-ending F8.
  6. Luis Carrasco started the sixth and struck out his two batters.  Tyler Fallwell was brought in to face the next batter and got a 6-3.
  7. Luis Cedeno started the seventh and walked the first two batters.  He got a deep F7 that James Smith tracked down at the wall before giving way to Ethan Evanko who struck out the two batters he faced.
  8. Brian Auerbach issued a leadoff walk to start the eight.  He got a 6-4-3 double play and an inning-ending strike out.
  9. Luis Ramirez got the final three outs on two infield pop ups and a game ending F8.

The Phillies only hit during the first two innings was a line drive single by Josh Stephen.

  • In the third, Lenin Rodriguez drew a one-out walk and stole second base.  Jesus Henriquez walked and both runners advanced on a wild pitch.  Danny Mayer brought both runners home with a line drive double into the felt field corner.
  • They got a couple of two-out base runners in the fourth when Edwin Rodriguez walked and Brian Mims was hit by a pitched ball, but didn’t score.
  • Emmanuel Marrero opened the fifth with a double the outfielder lost in the sun.  He advanced to third on a fly ball to right field, and scored on a sac fly by Danny Mayer.  Stoney O’Brien followed with a ground ball single to left but was stranded.
  • In the sixth, Grenny Cumana had a two-out single and stole second.  Nick Matera walked before the inning ended.
  • Connor Litton reached to open the seventh when he was hit by a pitch.  He stole second and scored on a ground single to center by Trent Bowles who also stole second then moved to third on a passed ball.  He scored on a one-out ground out by Quincy NieporteGregori Rivero lifted a fly ball to the right field wall for a triple when the outfielder lost it in the sun.  Nova rolled the inning.
  • Jesus Alastre opened the eighth with a walk and stole second.  Jesus Azuaje drew a two-out walk.  Connor Litton ground an RBI single to right to end the scoring.

There were no radar guns, but our guys really seemed to be bringing the heat.

The Driveline guys have been here for several days.  They (Ochart and Steinhorn) were in the dugout.

Coaches took advantage of opportunities to coach up players.  Roly de Armas met Rodriguez on his way to the dugout between innings to talk over someting that happened during the sequence of pitches to one of the Nova batters during the inning.  Rafael Delima talked to outfielders Stephen and Mayer as they crossed the foul line after a collision catching the final out of an inning.

The final was 6-0.  We out hit them 8-1.

There are 102 pitchers in camp, 19 catchers, 40 infielders, and 20 outfielders.

I didn’t note anything different, so the following still applies for the pitchers –

  • Group one – sorry, I didn’t get there in time, but I’m sure that Bailey Falter is in this group.
  • Group two – Dohy, Armas, Aaron Brown, Taveras, T, Bettencourt, Hammer, Warren, Russ, Requena
  • Group three – F. Morales, Young, White, McArthur, Santa Cruz, Mezquita, Potter, M. Gomez
  • Group four – Santos, C. Betencourt, Gowdy, McKay, Miller, Cotto, Tejada, C. Francisco, Antonac

And the same for the position players –

  • Group 1 – Bossart, Cabral, Lartigue, Fitch, Tomscha, Randolph, Markham, J. Hernandez, Alastre, K. Martin (red shirt), Marrero, Hall, L. Williams, Cumana, Gomez,
  • Group 2 – G. Rivero, Conley, N. Martinez, Duran, Henriquez, Mims, Muzziotti, Lancaster, Stokes, Bohm, Nieporte, Guthrie, Brito, Aklinski, Ortiz, Maton, Scheiner, Vierling, Pelletier, Stankiewicz,
  • Group 3 – Matera, L. Rodriguez, Marchan, Gutierrez, Mayer, J. Francisco, J. Smith, Stobbe, B. Gonzalez, Guzman, Kroon, L. Miller, Stephen, L. Rojas, O’Brien, L. Garcia, M. Matos, Holmes
  • Group 4 – O’Hoppe, Wang, Edwards, Aparicio, Mendez, Bowles, E. Rodriguez, Bocio, C. Williams, Wingrove, Tortolero, Stewart, Mead, Azuaje, De La Cruz, Torres, Simmons, Litton,

Guys I still haven’t been able to identify with a group –  Wilkening, Rivas, Pujols, Antequera, A. Castillo, Mercado.

Well, that’s all until tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Spring Training 2019 (March 8th)

  1. Wonder if Jose Pujols is in CLW somewhere, or perhaps still at Boca Chica, the DR Academy, for some reason?

    1. He was here earlier, I just haven’t seen him since full squad practices started. A lot of the kids have been sick lately. He could be one more.

  2. I was at spring training for the prospects and did attend the villanova game against the phil prospects.

    Here are my observations.

    I sat right behind home plate in the first row. In front of me was the holder for the stadium gun but the gun was not there. During the game various member of the Villanova community would come near me to use radar guns to track various Villanova pitchers velocity. They would announce the velocity to other Villanova fans. Most of the Villanova pitchers were throwing in the low 80s. But by contrast some of the phil prospects seemed to be throwing much much harder in particular Ben Brown, Kyle Glogoski, and Ethan Evanko. Ben Brown was particularly impressive. The two strike outs he got were on only six pitches. He blew the ball past the batters and had a great amount of movement on his fastballs. He is a pitcher to watch in the future. Kyle Glogoski was also throwing very hard but he was much wilder. But the most impressive performance was by Ethan Evanko. He came on in the 7th in relief of Luis Cedena who had walked two batters on 8 pitches and was in danger of walking a third when he got a fly ball out. Evanko came on with one out and runners on 1st and 2nd and proceeded to get the two outs on only six pitches. Two strike outs were recorded. He threw five hard fastball in a row then finished it off with a beautiful change up that completely froze the hitter.

    The most impressive hitter was Danny Meyer with a two run double of the top of the left field wall and another rbi sacrifice fly to the wall.

    Gregor Rivero had an impressive triple of the right field wall. After Riveros triple the phil third base coach went to the umpire and rolled the inning.

    For the second day in a row I watched batting practice for the catching prospects. And for the second day Logan OHOPPE was impressive all he did was hit solid line drives everywhere. Contrast that with Mitchell Edwards who the previous day hit nothing but solid line drives both left and right handed. But Edwards struggled to get a solid hit left handed. All he could do was hit weak popups and foul tips. He forgo hitting right handed to try to get his left handed swing worked out. Even the coaches came up to him after each session and talked to him.

    While I was watchin the catchers take batting parctice on Ashburn field apparently Luis Garcia ans other infielders were taking batting practice on Carlson field. I did get over there to see his last two sessions batting left handed. The most notable thing about him batting is his weird extreme pigeon toed stance. It is as weird as obedel standing on the side of his foot stance. Luis Garcia adjusts his stance as soon as the pitcher goes into the windup. Jim Peyton the next time you see Luis Garcia take batting practice take note of his stance from the knees to the foot. I do not know if this will have any effect on his hitting but it should be noted that a pigeon toed stance is the least stable stance while a bowlegged stance is the most stable.

    I am going to try to catch some more of the prospects practice today before the Phillies game

    1. For my money, the darkhorse in the outfield battle A. Altheer had 3 hits yesterday. He has always been the prototypical outfielder. Athletic, fast, with potential power, but I have been waiting since his days at Reading for him to stay healthy and become consistant. In my opinion this year is his last chance to prove himself.

    2. Mitchell Edwards is probably one of the fewest switch -hitters who doesn’t hit from both sides the same way.
      RH he has the normal barrel behind the shoulder, hands held high, with a nice load and standard step…from the left side…his bat is almost vertical and straight up , parallelto his shoulder, hands held close in to his side and lower, small load and short quick burst thru the zone.
      It has worked for him in the Aussie leagues, but pitchers are not of the same quality as they are in American professional leagues.
      Perhaps the Phillies will try to tweek his left handed approach.

  3. Some Spring stats on a few elite prospects on our competitors. Good to see them as bench marks of what is possible:

    – Christian Pache (20 years old)
    .412/.474/.765 = 1.238 OPS in 17 ABs (2 walks and 4 Ks)

    – Victor Robles (21 YO)
    .381/.481/.571 = 1.053 in 21 ABs (5 walks and 5 Ks)

    looks like both the Braves and Nats will each have 2 elite OFs (along with Acuna and Soto) that we will be facing for a long time

    1. I want to see if Acuna and Soto fall into any sort of a sophomore slump….and see if they make the necessary adjustments.
      I have seen too many Latin players…..Phillies own Franco for one….over the last 6/7 years , .who have come out with very impressive rookie metrics only to slip the following years…Raf Devers, Nomar Mazara, Wilson Contreras, Manuel Margot, Miguel Sano et al.

      Not sure why this happens…..but most all share a few common tendencies…low BB rates and free swingers with power acclaim.

    2. I’ve seen Pache play a few times (I live in GA). I suspect the Braves believe he will grow into more power but he is a fine OF and an above average hitter.

  4. Thanks for the great write ups from yesterday, both of you.
    Jim – the Lakewood left side could be filled as you suggest if they push Bohm to Cwater. Where does that leave Stobbe?

  5. I was careful to say “the left side of the same infield”. They could just as easily start the season in Williamsport. That wouldn’t surprise me. The jump from rookie ball and 40-50 games is to full season and 140 games seems a lot. But, I’ve heard spec that Garcia will begin in Lakewood. We’ll see.

    1. Jim…is there any news on Gowdy; throwing well, without restrictions? Also, any lingering effects on Bohm following his leg injury last year? Thanks.

    2. I’d be surprised if Garcia doesn’t start at Lakewood. I’m not sure who his 3b will be though.

  6. Half-way thru spring training….15 games to go…Phillies are 9-6 and lead the Grapefruit League.
    Spring training wins/losses are meaningless…but,

    Year… Grapefruit Winner… Regular Season
    2018 ..Red Sox (Astros runner up) World Champs (ALCS)
    2017.. Yankees ALCS
    2016.. Nationals NLDS
    2015.. Mets (Blue Jays runner up) World Series (ALCS)
    2014..Rays 4th place in AL East
    2013.. Orioles 3rd place in AL East
    2012.. Blue Jays 3rd place in AL East
    2011.. Twins (Phillies runner up) Last place (NLDS)
    2010.. Rays ALDS
    2009.. Yankees World Champs
    2008.. Rays World Series


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