2017 Spring Training, 3/29 Evening Edition

Camp Day featured one, short intrasquad game at the Complex.  Line ups for both teams consisted of a lot of Group 2 and Group 3 players.  Group 5 sent a bus load to St. Pete to play the Canadian Junior team.  A lot of guys had the afternoon off and either watched the game or took advantage of the time off and left the premises.  The game ended shortly after a large pizza delivery.

Jeremy Hellickson pitched all four innings for one group.  He gave up a pop double to Herlis Rodriguez and a couple of other base hits, but pretty much owned the minor league line up.  He looked like he wasn’t throwing very hard, and a couple balls were hit hard, but right at somebody.  He went 4.0 IP, 0 R, 3 H, 3 K.  The guys he struck out looked overmatched.

Hellickson video –

Alberto Tirado pitched for the other group and faced a lot of guys who will make up the Clearwater Threshers.  He got knocked around.  It looked like he was working his off speed pitches.  It seemed like he threw a lot more of them than he did his fastball.  They looked pretty good on a few occasions.  He went 4.0 IP, 3 R, 2 ER, 8 H, at least one BB and a HBP.

Tirado video –

We started the game with four umpires, an unusual occurrence at the Complex.  Unfortunately, the home plate umpire took a foul ball to the neck on the third pitch and dropped like he was shot.  He was ushered into the club house for treatment and we were back to the usual complement of three umpires.

Francisco Morales and Josh Stephen were among the group that traveled to St.Pete with Group 5.  Morales pitched  and Stephen started but I have no information on how they or the team performed.

I got a big smile out of Jorge Alfaro when I re-enacted his arrow shot after his home run off Rodney in the WBC.

Carlos Tocci left right after the game was over.  If I were a coach, I would have made him stay and eat a double ration of pizza.


7 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/29 Evening Edition

  1. Nice comment on Tocci. We’ll have to get him some churgers in Reading.

    Please let us know who pitches for AA/AAA today as those starters we’ll probably see on Tuesday in the 222 game in Allentown–weather permitting.

      1. It’s a burger, but instead of a bun you get chicken breasts. See, plenty of protein for young Tocci. 😉

    1. Well either (or both) could go for Pigs on Tues I guess. Any AA slotted guys go? I’m still figuring Thompson for AAA opener at home 4/6.

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