2017 Spring Training, 3/24

Wednesday was a camp day.  The intrasquad games were moved up to 11:45 and almost over when I got to the Complex at 12:45.  So, I went to Legends with a friend and talked baseball while watching the Phillies and Yankees game.  When I got home, I saw the announcement about Dallas Green’s passing.  I didn’t feel like writing, so I dusted off the Pace of Play article that had been sitting in queue for a couple weeks.Dallas Green was among three Phillies icons noticeably absent from camp this year.  In recent years, his gait had shortened and his shoulders were usually drooped as he walked around the Complex, but his gravelly voice always boomed.

I attended the Phillies game on Thursday.  The Phillies had a moment of silence in honor of the man who managed the team to their 1980 World Series Championship.

So far this spring, I have been unable to see the newest international free agent pitcher Francisco Morales.  This was as close as he got to the field on the days I was there.

Today, he pitched.  I got video.

Friday, Groups 3 and 4 played the Pirates at the Complex.  Group 5 played SFWL again.

Updated work groups were available, dated 3/20/2017.

The groups are very close to resembling the final rosters, especially among the position players. Shawn Williams has taken over Group 3 and Marty Malloy has taken over Group 4. You can now consider the groups as follows –

  1. Lehigh Valley
  2. Reading
  3. Clearwater
  4. Lakewood
  5. Short-season teams

Four names were missing from the updated groups -infielder Evan Rogers, outfielder Luke Maglich, and pitchers Geudy Ortiz (Jhailyn’s brother) and Oskerlly Sanchez.

Also missing are the most recent transactions – OF Tyler Goeddel and RHP Jake Thompson were optioned to minor league camp; RHP Dalier Hinojosa, INF Hector Gomez, and C Logan Moore were reassigned to minor league camp; and Rule 5 selection LHP Hoby Milner was been returned by the Indians and will report to ML camp as an NRI.

Reflecting the recent updates, this was the Clearwater line up –

… and this was the Lakewood line up.

Sixto Sanchez drew the start for Lakewood.  He attracted lot of scouts to Schmidt Field, as well as Andy MacPhail, Joe Jordan, and Charlie Manuel.  Josh Norris and Chris King were also in attendance.  Sanchez did not disappoint.

However, no one accepts that he is a six-footer.

Sanchez video –

Sanchez from the first base side.

On Ashburn Field, Franklyn Kilome started for Clearwater –

Mark Laird at bat in the first inning.

Zach Coppola at bat in the first inning.

Jesus De Los Santos started for Group 5.  He gave up a couple runs and was throwing 90-94 mph.  Francisco Morales was the second reliever.  I got video for a few batters –

The remaining 7 videos are of Group 5 batters –

Group 5 rallied for an eight inning, 7-7 tie.  This was against the team of 22-28 year old, former MiLB organization players (managed by Hal Lanier) that Group 5 beat 9-7 earlier this week.

Clearwater won 11-7, Henri Lartigue hit a 3-run HR.  I don’t know the outcome of the Lakewood game.

Saturday’s games start at 10:00 AM.

Here’s a still photo of Jonathan Guzman from earlier in the week.




35 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/24

  1. Jum, I see Pujols in the 2nd group , does he move down to 3rd group after all the cuts are done? Also Sunday is a camp day per the schedule you wouldnt happend to know any times on that.

    1. Yes Pullin and Tocci will go down to group 2 and Pujols and Tromp will go to group 3. The catchers will slide the same way when Moore goes to group 1, the IF too with Gomez and Florimon and maybe Valentin. I expected Maglich to get passed over, there’s just so many OF ahead of him. More cuts are coming this weekend.

  2. As the big league club snoozes with opening day nearing, the minor league rosters are packed with talent. As I went through those rosters, I was remembering guys from last year. I’d say, “Wow, I completely forgot about him. What if he’s better this year?” I said it at least 5 times.

    I hope Maglich hasn’t called it quits or been released. He had a good enough season last year to warrant another look. Even though Lakewood appears stocked with OF’ers, there’s always room for one more.

  3. Good to see thatr Shane Watson has apparently regained 100% of his shoulder health and is sitting mid-90s in camp.
    If all goes well….he could establish himself as a legitimate pitching prospect and force the issue for the Phillies and he may have to be protected on the 40 after this season..

        1. I know he’s pitching great but Joe Jordan said he might start the year in the pen.

  4. Does anyone know when minor league roster assignments will be finalized?

    What’s really exciting is the number of prospects poised to escalate quickly through the system. Darick Hall, Kevin Gowdy, perhaps Shane Watson. If Sixto continues to progress as he has, we could see #66 make his debut at CBP in ’19. I’m sure that I’m missing at least a couple of names.

  5. The Phils are struggling with their 25/40 decisions, as most of us have discussed they would since the winter. I really don’t think the team wants to lose anyone from the 40, barring a trade. Interestingly there’s only one option if they truly are committed to not losing anyone and that’s Knapp, Valentin, and Quinn on the bench with Garcia, Morgan, or Asher getting the last pen spot (maybe two of them if they 10 day DL Nola to start). The team is also considering a 4 man bench, excluding Quinn, to carry an extra pitcher. Interesting week to come… if Valentin stays up does that mean Kingery stays at AAA? I don’t think so but….

    1. They could make those cuts easy. Come on Nestak? There are 5 or 6 who stink, so dont understand why the cuts would be hard.

        1. Murray your funny he is 36 yrs old , I hope your kidding. omg guys just dont get it, really funny he is only one guy but you have a lot of guys worth nothing on that 40 man roster. People make it sound like we are loaded with studs.

    2. A 4 man bench seems unreasonable considering that the off days in April don’t warrant 13 arms. No manager wants to be so restricted in making late game substitutions.

      ….that is, until Otani shows up and becomes an extra player between starts.

  6. Appel Pitched four innings yesterday. He had five walks, and gave up one hit, and one run in those four innings. he threw 63 pitches. This according to a mcall.com Tom Housenick recap of yesterdays games.

    1. He’ll get more time to show what he can become but he has to cut the walks down or he’ll be done.

  7. On the back fields today, Moniak turned on a 93mph pitch and tripled. Crawford doubled and was robbed of a HR by a fence climbing catch. He also had 2 hits yesterday.

    Meanwhile on the main field, 12 hits including 5 2Bs should garner more than 3 runs. (Not a single BB)

    I don’t think either Asher or Morgan distinguished themselves before final cuts.

    Gonna be quite interesting next 36 hours. Monday should bring announced moves.

  8. Waiting to find out how bad the injury is for Grant Dyer, a pitcher who could have been a fast mover this year.

  9. With every new report, I become more and more excited about Sixto Sanchez. He probably has the highest ceiling of any pitcher in the entire organization. This is going to be fun to watch

      1. The order of those ranked isn’t, though, unless it’s in terms of who gets called up first. Moniak is not on this list so it must be based on MLB proximity.

  10. I just don’t see the need for Coghlan, Nava so hopefully they get released. I like Hanigan and Holaday but not for the big league team so if they don’t want to go to AAA and help coach Alfaro then let then go too.

    Rupp is a big boy now so its time for him to handle the load and prove he is worth his salt as an everyday catcher…if not for us then for one of the 29 other clubs.

  11. Franco absolutely murdered that HR yesterday but again his tendency is still bail and wail. Shades of Shef…

    I didn’t expect to look at his numbers a week from the start and see a .250 OBP. I’m hopeful once the real games begin he’ll lock in.

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