Phillies 2017 Hot Stove Banquet – Williamsport, Tweets From Mitch Rupert

The Phillies 2017 Media Tour was in Williamsport tonight.  I have collected a series of quotes from the event as tweeted by Mitch Rupert.  Mitch is the Crosscutters’ beat writer for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.  You can follow Mitch on Twitter here.

Almost all the quotes are from Pete Mackanin and Steve Noworyta, Assistant Director, Player Development (under Joe Jordan).

12 thoughts on “Phillies 2017 Hot Stove Banquet – Williamsport, Tweets From Mitch Rupert

  1. Nola’s arm is at 100% now and we’re waiting for the spring to see how it holds up? that doesn’t sound too glowing to me.

  2. The nugget for me is Alberto Tirado as a starter. If Velasquez tops out at 97, when was the last time the Phils had a starter who could reach 100? It would be interesting to see what the Phils think a successful season from Tirado would look like.

  3. I know he was talking about M&M but I can tell you for a fact that Tocci isn’t getting any help putting on weight when he plays in a game environment basically all year round. I’m surprised that they haven’t told him to take a full off season and work solely on putting on weight. I’m a strength and conditioning coach for baseball players and have many players who have his frame yet still add muscle (it’s a misconception that someone can’t hold weight or add it bc of their frame, it can make it harder tho which is called an ectomorph). I realize the Phillies have personnel that are 10x smarter than I am but again id think a full off season would help more than playing which I know sounds strange however his baseball skill set isn’t in question.

    1. or ask Tocci to play video games in the off season, supply him with cheese steaks and soda and provide with free stubs for Golden Corral and/or Old Country Buffet

    2. Tim….get him married, when he can get all the smorgasbord of nookie he wants now! Of course, then again, that may be the reason he cannot gain any weight.
      As in the words of General Jack D. Ripper, he is “losing all his precious bodily fluids”

    1. Lots of good information in Mitch Rupert’s report, including confirmation of what we expected — Moniak will go to Lakewood.

      1. Gamboa to Lakewood is more of a surprise. I like challenging him and they can always move him back if he has growing pains. He might struggle to hit .200 there but if he can stay on the field and play good D it will be a positive experience.

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