Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #23

Nick Fanti was your selection as the #22 prospect in the Phillies’ organization. Fanti received 99 of 403 votes (25%) for a plurality victory over second place finisher Cole Stobe who received 88 votes (22%).

Nick Fanti was drafted by the Phillies in the 31st round of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft from Hauppage High School (NY).

The 6’2, 185 lb. left-handed pitcher signed with the Phillies on July 7, 2015.  Fanti had thrown back-to-back no-hitters for his high school team in his senior year.  In his professional debut with the Gulf Coast League Phillies, Fanti picked up a win in one inning of relief.  He allowed an infield hit and struck out the side, including the Astros’ first round selection Kyle Tucker.  During his inning, Fanti’s fastball was recorded at 88-91 mph.

Fanti continued to have good results in 2015.  In 9 appearances (1 start), he threw 17.2 innings.  He walked 6 (3.1 BB/9) and struck out 20 (10.2 K/9).  His ERA was 2.55.

I saw Fanti a couple times in 2015.  Most of his games were on the road.  I got velo on him once in Instructs.  His fastball was 88-89 mph.  During the season, others reported his FB at 87-90, touching 91 mph. They also reported his change up (83-84) and curve ball (78-79).

2016 found Fanti back in the GCL.  He pitched well enough to be named to the GCL End-of-Season All Star Team as the league’s best left-handed pitcher.  Fanti was tied for the league lead in wins (7), led the league in strike outs (65), and second in the league in ERA (1.57) and WHIP (0.87).

In 51.2 innings in 2016, Fanti walked nine improving to a 1.6 BB/9 and struck out 65 improving to an 11.3 K/9.

Again, most of Fanti’s starts were on the road.  But I did see him four times during the regular season.  He pitches a nice game, using his fastball to set up his off speed stuff.  His curve ball is his favorite pitch.  However, he was still just 87-89 with his fastball.

Fanti picked up a win against the Cardinals in the playoffs.  He entered as a reliever after Kevin Gowdy threw 2 innings as a starter (his second and third innings after being shelved most of the summer).  Fanti pitched into the eighth, allowing 0 runs, 3 hits, 0 BB and 6 K.

I saw Fanti during Instructs.  He threw 88-90 and 87-89 in two appearances.

Next up is your selection for the #23 prospect in the organization.  The final additions to the poll are Mitch Walding, Drew Anderson, Lucas Williams, Kyle Martin, Chace Numata, and Kyle Young.

I read the comments questioning the result of the last poll.  The poll was open a little later than normal, but I was out and couldn’t close it until later in the evening.  Repeat voting is still blocked.  I know from the comments that a rally occurred.  This poll had about 100 more voters than recent polls. I checked and we had about 10-15% more visitors Saturday than are normal.  But unlike with small countries, I can’t identify where in the US votes originate.  About the only irregularity that I could really identify was that we got a lot more referrals from Facebook.  Normally we get 3-4 each day.  Saturday, we got 83.  I share my articles with my friends on Facebook.  But, I don’t have that many friends there.  So, I would guess that if there was any ballot stuffing, it originated from Facebook.  And, if so, great.  Maybe  we’ll get some more readers.

Personally, I like the kid.  I like the way he pitches.  I wish I could have seen more of his games.  But, I realize that without at least a low 90s  fastball, he’ll be challenged at higher levels.  However, he’s young.  2016 would have been his freshman year in college. He’s got time.


Poll to date –

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Jorge Alfaro
  3. Mickey Moniak
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Nick Williams
  6. Franklyn Kilome
  7. Sixto Sanchez
  8. Rhys Hoskins
  9. Dylan Cozens
  10. “C” Randolph
  11. Scott Kingery
  12. Kevin Gowdy
  13. Harold Arauz
  14. Andrew Knapp
  15. Jhailyn Ortiz
  16. Adonis Medina
  17. Mark Appel
  18. Nick Pivetta
  19. Ben Lively
  20. Alberto Tirado
  21. Elniery Garcia
  22. Nick Fanti

17 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #23

  1. Hope Fanti’s off-season work-out regiment will provide the strength needed in the legs and arm, to further increase his velo a few ticks upward.

    1. I can see an off season full of power cleans, Turkish get ups, and hang squats in this young mans future

  2. Nice to have guys like Tocci and Stobbe this late. Guys that have possible major league upside in mid twenties is a nice problem.

    1. Garett,

      Agree. I keep looking at guys I want to add in. We probably could do a Top 40 and fill it with legitimate prospects.

  3. I guess Fanti is a decent choice here, but I think there a few that should be ahead of him here, eshelmen, valentin, pujols, pinto
    But I suppose this is more fun than serious so use this an excuse to learn more about fanti

    1. Interesting that Drew Anderson is getting votes after having been virtually ignored. A little publicity goes a long way apparently.

        1. I voted Pinto as well, he’s my #16 prospect. Pinto has a legit 2 plus pitches and attacks the strike zone. I expect him to repeat AA but Pinto needs to start to dominate, otherwise, he will be moved to the pen ahead of the other prospects in the 40-man

        2. Steve, 28 and 23 for me, though not with a lot of confidence given the uncertainties of all the prospects this far into the poll.

  4. Maybe we should do the same thing that’s planned for Arauz and have a poll to determine where Fanti should actually rank.

  5. How does Stobbe’s first year compare to Lucas Williams’?
    Both were 3rd round picks with good showings in GCL. I know Stobbe has more traditional 3B tools and was higher ranked amatuer, but I expected a breakout for Lucas this year (mostly due to his BB rate) that did not occur.

  6. Although it feels like we’ve been talking about Tocci for a decade now, 2017 will be his most important year with the Phils since he will be a FA next year and almost certain that he not be a Phillie unless added to the 40-man.

    Phillies still value Tocci a lot, but my gut is the Phillies will trade Tocci especially is he plays in REA where his power stats might go up. Quinn and Tocci will be tied up together in 2017 as one will be a former Phillie at some point in 2017.

    1. I don’t see why you see Quinn and Tocci so tied together in 2017. Their MLB ETA are very different. Quinn could well be in Philly some time this season. Tocci is 2-3 years away. If Quinn stays healthy, I think he takes over CF and Herrera is traded if a good offer is available. Tocci is all season in Reading, all of 2018 in Allentown, and likely at least half of 2019 in Allentown. He then likely goes to Philly as the #4 OF for the remainder of 2019. If Quinn is healthy and doing well, Tocci is traded or remains a reserve.

      Tocci needs a good enough 2017 at Reading to make the 40-man roster next off-season.

      1. @allentown – i mentioned that Tocci will be a MiLB FA after this year, and the assumption of a good 2017 by Tocci is why I said Quinn and Tocci are tied up with one another since both are CF and needed roster spot by the end of 2017, otherwise, another MLB will pick them up.

        The Phils cannot keep Doobie, Quinn and Tocci and so far Doobie is the #1 CF in the depth chart. And if Tocci will continue his current trend in 2017 but not added in the 40-man roster before the 2017 Rule V, don’t expect to see him in Allentown in 2018 or 2019 (this is where you are missing my point).

      2. allentown,

        I get nervous thinking about Quinn as the guy to rely on in centerfield. I love him as a player, but those injuries make him super unreliable.

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