2017 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll

Time to get ready for the 2017 Reader Top 30 Prospect Poll.  I will start this week and try to post a poll each weekday.  We will continue to follow baseball’s standards for prospect lists which states –

“To be eligible for a list, a player must have rookie eligibility. To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues, or accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the 25-player limit period, excluding time on the disabled list or in military service.”

“The rankings follow the guidelines laid out by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in terms of who falls under the international pool money rules: Players who are at least 23 years old and played in leagues deemed to be professional (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Cuba) are not eligible.”

Several players exceeded their Rookie status during the 2016 season – Alec Asher, Zach Eflin, Colton Murray, Edubray Ramos, Jake Thompson, and Vincent Velasquez.

A couple more from our 2016 Reader Top 30 poll are no longer with the organization – Jimmy Cordero and Darrell Sweeney.  Hoby Milner and Jairo Munoz have also recently left the organization.

The first ballot will be comprised of first 20 players from MLB’s Top 30 Prospect list.

There are about 247 players within the organization who still have rookie status.  The first ballot and probable future additions are listed below.  It is likely that some of those listed below won’t ever make the ballot.  Here’s the 20-player first ballot (in alphabetical order) –

Jorge Alfaro,
Mark Appel,
Dylan Cozens,
J.P. Crawford,
Tomas Eshelman,
Elniery Garcia,
Kevin Gowdy,
Rhys Hoskins,
Franklyn Kilome,
Scott Kingery,
Andrew Knapp,
Adonis Medina,
Mickey Moniak,
Jhailyn Ortiz,
Ricardo Pinto,
Nick Pivetta,
Roman Quinn,
Cornelius Randolph,
Cole Stobbe,
Nick Williams

I will add names, as necessary and as randomly as I did last season.  I’ll get the remaining players in the MLB’s top 30 on the ballot as quickly as possible.  Then I’ll add guys as needed from the remainder of our 2016 Reader Top 30, the rest of the prospects on the 40-Man Roster, and guys coming off good seasons.

Remainder of MLB’s Top 30 – Daniel Brito, Malquin Canelo, Ben Lively, Edgar Garcia, Deivy Grullon, Jose Pujols, JoJo Romero, Sixto Sanchez, Alberto Tirado, and Carlos Tocci.

Remainder of Reader Top 30 – Victor Arano, Aaron Brown, and Tom Windle.  For reference, here’s last year’s Reader Top 30.  Interesting that for all the angst some suffered as we approached the 2016 Rule 5 draft that neither Andrew Pullin nor Cameron Perkins made the reader Top 30 last year.

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Nick Williams
  3. Jake Thompson – no longer eligible
  4. Mark Appel
  5. “C” Randolph
  6. Roman Quinn
  7. Jorge Alfaro
  8. Franklyn Kilome
  9. Andrew Knapp
  10. Zach Eflin – no longer eligible
  11. Rhys Hoskins
  12. Scott Kingery
  13. Ricardo Pinto
  14. Dylan Cozens
  15. Carlos Tocci
  16. Tyler Goeddel – no longer eligible
  17. Adonis Medina
  18. Jimmy Cordero – traded
  19. Thomas Eshelman
  20. Malquin Canelo
  21. Ben Lively
  22. Nick Pivetta
  23. Jhailyn Ortiz
  24. Deivy Grullon
  25. Darnell Sweeney – traded
  26. Alberto Tirado
  27. Tom Windle
  28. Jose Pujols
  29. Victor Arano
  30. Aaron Brown

Prospects on the 40-Man Roster – Andrew Anderson and Jesse Valentin.

A Bunch of Guys Who had Nice Summers, Winters, or Maybe I Just Like Them – Cameron Perkins, Brock Stassi, Andrew Pullin, Chace Numata, Mitch Walding, Alexis Rivero, Jesen Therrien, Tyler Viza, Kyle Martin, Miguel Nunez, Matt Hockenberry, Ulises Joaquin, Mark Laird, Zack Coppola, Joshua Tobias, Grenny Cumana, Jiandido Tromp, Damek Tomscha, Sutter McLoughlin, Jose Taveras, Seranthony Dominguez, Luke Leftwich, Blake Quinn, Carlos Indriago, Cole Irvin, Will Hibbs, Scott Harris, Jesus Alastre, Brett Barbier, Darick Hall, Lenin Rodriguez, Rodolfo Duran, Daniel Garner, Jose Antequera, Andrew Brown, Jose Nin, Nick Fanti, Randy Alcantara, Mauricio Llovera, Justin Miller, Luis Carrasco, Kyle Young, Joe DeNato, Logan Moore, Mark Leiter, Jeff Singer, Matt Imhof, Brandon Leibrandt, Austin Bossart, Cord Sandberg, Harold Arauz, Ismael Cabrera, Grant Dyer, Tyler Gilbert, Bailey Falter, Felix Paulino, Ranger Suarez, Lucas Williams, Greg Pickett, and Josh Stephen.

I am always interested in how the drawn out polling process compares to a one time submission.  I request that each participant submit her/his own Top 30 to prospectpoll@yahoo.com using the Subject – My Prospect List.  I am curious how the day-by-day voting and discussion affects the outcome when compared to a one-time submission early in the process along the lines of an MVP ballot or a football top 25 ballot.

Since we’re only doing a top 30, a lot of the guys listed above might not make it to a ballot. If you have a favorite that you want considered for the ballot or want to ensure that one of the guys listed above makes it to a ballot, e-mail me at prospectpoll@yahoo.com using the Subject – Add Prospect.  You can also include the request in the comments section.  I am NOT going to use the Other option in the poll this year. If you want to make your silly suggestions, you can do it in the Comments section so that everyone can see how funny you think you are.  Last year I had to sift through votes for former Phillies prospects as well as some made up names.

It’s a year later and I’ve finally seen all the guys we picked up in 2015 who went right to the upper levels of the organization.  But, I hold a bias for the young guys I’ve seen in the GCL. Rightfully so, they had the best winning percentage in the organization last season with one of the youngest rosters in their league.  So, if it looks like I’m missing someone you think should be considered, send me those names.

Here are the rest of the players eligible for consideration.

Lehigh Valley – Jorge Flores, Angelo Mora, and Osmel Aguila

Reading – Will Morris, John Richy, Joel Fisher, and Harold Martinez

Clearwater – Tommy Bergjans, Ranfi Casimiro, Austin Davis, Yacksel Rios, Shane Watson, Gregori Rivero, Zach Green, Drew Stankiewicz, Derek Campbell, and Herlis Rodriguez

Lakewood – Zach Morris, Jacob Waguespack, Edgar Cabral, William Cuicas, Wilson Garcia,
Brendon Hayden, January Hernandez, , Emmanuel Marrero, and Carlos Duran

Williamsport – Trevor Bettencourt, Casey Brown, Julian Garcia, Tyler Hallead, Jonathan Hennigan, Scott Hoffmann, Jake Kelzer, Alexander Kline, Kenny Koplove, Henri Lartigue,
Luis Encarnacion, Luis Espiritu, Arquimedes Gamboa, Chandler Hall, Evan Rogers, Enmanuel Garcia, Juan Luis, Luke Maglich, and David Martinelli

Gulf Coast League – Tyler Frohwirth, Kale Fultz, Luis Gonzalez, Jordan Kurokawa, Jhon Nunez, Geury Ortiz, Oskerlly Sanchez, Will Stewart, Nerluis Martinez, Caleb Eldridge, Raul Rivas, Edwin Rodriguez, Danny Zardon, Malvin Matos, and Ben Pelletier

Dominican – Eudiver Avendano, Alfredo Benitez, Ludivico Coveri, Jonas De La Cruz, Yeral Gomez, Erick Heredia, Anton Kuznetsov, Oscar Marcelino, Robinson Martinez, Gregorix Mateo, Roimy Mendoza, Moises Nolasco, Luis Pacheco, Jose Palacio, Aldemar Rivas, Sandro Rosario, Carlos Salazar, Yeison Sanchez, Juan Santos, Manuel Silva, Yorbys Tabares, Jean Carlos Valdez, Pedro Gonzalez, Luis Liriano, Ismael Rosado, Keudy Bocio,
Leonardo Colagrossi, Jonathan Guzman, Leandro Medina, Rony Noboa, Rusbel Vasquez,
Maximo De La Rosa, Jose Estrada, Alberto Feliz, Dixon Gutierrez, Simon Muzziotti, Yeremy Nunez, Juan Carlo Smith, Leonel Aponte, Abdallah Aris, Gustavo Armas, Antonio Canizales, Rafael Carvajal, Alessandro Ciarla, Jesus De Los Santos, Wilerik Diaz, Gustavo Ferrer, Reiwal Gonzalez, Jose Jimenez, Orangel Lopez, Derwuin Marchan, Denny Martinez, Orestes M, lendez, Anderson Nunez, Melvin Nunez, Jose Perez, Luis Ramirez, Jorbin Romero, Victor Sobil, Junior Tejada, Rafael Marchan, Carlos Oropeza, Wilman Silva, Ronaldo Torrealba, Victor Alfonso, Jesus Henrique, Juan Herrera, Raymond Mora,
Enmanuel Omana, and Yerwin Trejo

Unassigned – Juan Aparacio, Gregory Brodzinski, Ronaldo Gonzalez, Juan Mendez, Luis Rojas, Brayan Gonzalez, Edgar Made, Luigi Mujica, Luiggi Pineda, Enny Rondon, Nicolas Torres, Jose Tortolero, Christian Valerio, Joey Curletta, Wilbert Garcia, Luis Matos, Alexis Araujo, Yefferson Mercedes, Franco Morales, Anderson Parra, Dalvin Rosario, and Victor Santos



39 thoughts on “2017 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll

  1. I don’t think we’ve ever put a guy who has only played in LA in the top 30 but Raphael Marchan might draw some interest here. Based on his stats this year, he should have been in the GCL in early July. They didn’t need another catcher in the GCL so he stayed in the DR. I haven’t finished my top 30 yet so I’m not sure he’ll end up on mine but he’s an interesting guy to put in the back of your mind.

    1. Ortiz was placed in out top 30 last year but he was a huge bonus baby and I was only talking about guys who only played in the DSL.

  2. I understand the reasoning but I think Sixto Sanchez needs to be on the top 20 ballot. Hopefully he’s one of the first to be added.

    1. Sixto will undoubtedly be added. But he’s not in contention for the #1-5 spots by any stretch of the imagination, so there’s no harm not having him there yet.

      That being said, there’s a couple players that readers here peg vastly differently than the national lists every year, and I’m strongly expecting Sixto to be one of them. He fits the mold perfectly. If I had to guess, we’ll slot him in the 10 range, whereas national publications will put him closer to 27.

      1. I think he is clearly top 10 though. In a quick ranking I did I think I put him 7th. He is potentially our second best pitching prospect behind Kilome. He has passed Medina for me based on stuff. And I slot Gowdy behind him because Sanchez was better at the same level even if he might have better projection.

      2. BP already had Sixto #7, I will have him higher than that, BA had him in their Top 10 in the GCL.

        There is an argument to be made he is the best pitching prospect in the system (not one I am willing to make yet). He is well known by the national guys and I actually expect this list to possibly be low on him.

        1. The best part of the BP list is the #10 spot, which was awarded to, and I quote, “10.Choose Your Own Adventure: The Island of Klentak.”

          Which is a long way of saying that there are a lot of guys (perhaps as many as 10) who you could justify placing 10th, I can think of Gowdy, Cozens, Hoskins, Lively, Appel, Kingery, Knapp, Pinto, Pivetta and Ortiz. You could easily make an argument for any of these guys as the 10th best prospect.

        2. The Phillies describe Sanchez with one word “special”. They really like him and apparently they will push him to Lakewood this year to start him and Medina there together.

      3. He sits right now in the MLB rankings at 29…but theirs is not their pre-2017 rework yet which they normally do in January or February.. Based on the write-up and 20-80 grades, I would assume he cracks the top twenty, in the 18-20 range.

      4. Yes, I would have him in the 10 range. The performance combined with the scouting reports are staggering. It’s the best professional debut I can recall for a Phillies player. which is saying something. If he plays full season ball, he could be in the top 5 by June or by August if he goes to Williamsport.

        1. When I say the “10 range” – I mean the 5-10 range. But, man, the arrow is pointed way up on this guy.

  3. I agree Justin D. And, before we get started, I want to thank Jim for the incredible work he does, especially preparing for the Top 30. This is a lot of fun, and sometimes we can forget how much work it requires. So, Jim, Thank You!

  4. Spoiler alert Grant Dyer makes my top 30. Drafted 2016 went to WPT and LKW threw 41.1 IP and posted a 12.3 K/9 over a .797 WHIP

    Blake Quinn too is another guy that might not make a lot of Top 30’s but possibly should..

    1. DMAR – that’s so 2012, when Dyer would have been an easy Top 20. Not sure it plays this year though

    2. @DMAR – Dyer and B Quinn’s RP profile limit their ceiling. Victor Arano is probably the top bullpen arm in the minors right now and he might be in the 20s.

      Edgar Garcia is another bullpen arm that should be ranked higher than Dyer and Quinn and arms like Seranthony Dominguez and Drew Anderson have better profile.

  5. Great work Jim. I think Sixto should be included right away though. By saying he’s not in the top 5, it’s influencing the vote before it begins.

    1. Agreed. There’s no way Ricardo Pinto or Tomas Eshleman should be above Sixto. And I’m a fan of each of those!

      Not sure how Mark “I’ve done absolutely nothing except get drafted high” Appel is under consideration. He’s in my 30-40 range. And i support high-leverage relievers, and that’s what he’s currently projecting to be.

  6. The 2 sleepers that impressed me the most are Catcher Austin Bossart and Starter Harold Arauz. I know that this list are meant to be full of sure shots to the big show. There reality is that numbers are yet to serve as the only tool for assesing players hard and mindset. I’ve see year in and out how on mere discipline or luck prospects go to waste. Bossart made a great progress and showed he can call games and calm pitchers down. I love his demeanor and tempo. As for Arauz, since he is a last minute addon to the trade of higher profile prospects, he ussualy doesn’t get the attention he deserve. Two stats draw my attention; he only got hommered 4 times, and his ERA at home games is a microscopic 0.98 (his overall era 3.18 in lakewood, better than Kilome’s 3.85).
    These two deserve at least an honorable mention. Let’s keep our eyes on these two guys for 2017.

    1. LW,

      Agree on Bossart.

      He’s moved up fast. Wouldn’t be totally surprised if he ends ump at Reading sometime this year.

  7. lets relax about Sixto, sure a top 30 talent, but a lot of players in front of him. For example, Drew Anderson – AA starter and on 40 man roster – only 22 yrs old.

    1. Yeah, but they didn’t do what he did as a 17 year old, nor do they have the scouting reports Sixto garnered. I like Drew Anderson, but he’s not as good of a prospect as Sixto right now.

  8. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

    I’m not quite sure, but I think I have Quinn 4 and Sixto 5. If that holds, I wonder which I’ll be voting for longer.

  9. yeah Sixto was one of the top dudes I was going to vote for. that is of course based on extensive personal scouting and research i imagined myself doing one time.

  10. One who I don’t think many will throw in the top 30 is Kyle Young . . . I think over the next 2 years he’s going to shoot up prospect lists . . . By the end of the year people will be talking about him as a top 15 guy. Watch.

    1. @EricD…he will need to get his velo up consistently above the 90/91 mark. Another lefty who could stand to see a spike in velo would be Nick Fanti. Perhaps both will see that with more strength and physical maturity.

      1. Young was in Clearwater among the group invited to work on strength and conditioning, the program that added 20 pounds to Moniak. Hopefully Young saw a similar increase in muscle and mass.

    2. Kyle Young – nice mention. Seriously. A 6’10” lefty is an easy mention because, well, he’s a 6’10” lefty. They were stretching him out towards end of last season – I suspect he’s tried as a starter this spring?

  11. Capture Tocci and don’t let him get away until he adds 20 lbs. and strength to go with it!! Or just plaster his body with a thick coat of fur…..anything that does the job. It’s been 5 (?) years since he joined the system and there’s been virtually no change of his physical body in all that time. Specialists in weight and strength conditioning should live with this guy…..There’s gotta be a way. Didn’t he get ABOUT $500,000 ORIGINALLY TO SIGN? What a waste.

    1. Putting him in the top 30 would be a waste of a slot. I never read or hear what type of work ethic he has. Anybody?

    2. Tocci is a good kid, and a fine ball player. His ceiling to me is Bourjos-like. And that’s OK. I have him ranked 30th on my personal rankings

    3. You don’t understand – I’ve been trying to tell people this for years – he does not have the frame and musculature to add a lot of muscle weight and it’s blatantly obvious the first time you see him in person. HE LOOKS LIKE A SKINNY HIGH SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER. He will NEVER be muscular. Let’s move on.

  12. Josh Stephen and Juan Luis will not probably not make it in the Top 30 but will be good to keep an eye on.

    Cole Irvin, Brito, Fanti will be a squeeze in the bottom third of the Top 30. And how about Lucas Williams? Will he get some love after a so-so year. Arquimedes Gamboa is a prospect that I’ve seen a lot of people are high on.

    1. KK,

      I have Stephen as 30 on my list. Then I forgot about Valentin, so Stephen probably will be bumped down to 31. Gotta like his hitting potential.

  13. Why not do a top 50? There’s so many guys I’m interested in seeing how they do next season. I think the readers here are informed enough that it could be done

    1. Fredo,

      Agree. At least a top 40. There are so many prospects I want to list and 30 is not enough. It’s like being a kid in the candy shop.

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