Phillies Claim Pitcher; DFA Asche

The Phillies claimed LHP David Roberts off waivers from the Texas Rangers.  To make room on the 40-man roster, the Phillies designated OF Cody Asche for assignment.

Asche was arbitration eligible this off season, however was likely a non-tender candidate.

The 27-year old Rollins has bounced among teams this off season via waivers (the Rangers claimed him from the Cubs who claimed him from the Mariners).  He may have found a permanent team on a Phillies roster that included only three left-handed pitchers among the 24 pitchers on its 40-man roster – starter Adam Morgan and relievers Elniery Garcia and Joely Rodriguez.

Freddy Galvis, Cesar Hernandez, and Jeanmar Gomez remain as the Phillies’ arbitration eligible players.

There are sure to be more moves this off season as the Phillies still only have 5 infielders on there 40-man roster.

74 thoughts on “Phillies Claim Pitcher; DFA Asche

  1. I don’t buy that Asche and Ruf weren’t given a chance in the majors. It’s a commenters’ myth. Ruf never had a position and that was a big part of his problem. He had that one unbelievable year that was obviously an outlier. I would put Asche in the same category minus the outlier year. Good luck to both. Wishes for success. Finally and at last, all the vestiges of success and previous hope are gone. It’s refreshing to truly start anew.

  2. Looking at Rollins background not sure if he is any better than Joely. My guess is he is and Phil Klein form the DFA pool, like all the AAAA relieves he rotated through last year before the season. He seemed to like to have some bubble guys he could play musical chairs with in case some one he liked better showed up on the DFA list of another team.

    I would also imagine he may try to sneak a Drew Anderson prospect off the 40 man at some point after the rule 5.

  3. Is it possible that Phils found a taker for Asche like what happened to Cordero? I don’t really like defending Asche but I think there’s still a use for him unlike others like Klein, Garcia and Mariot.

    1. I guess we’ll see, but as I responded in you other post, this does not surprise me at all. He was done with the Phils as an OF or 3rd basemen, and he had how many years to show something with the bat in a bench type role.

      Pluses – decent utility 3rd basemen

      Minuses – No; real strong hit tools, speed, OF defense

      1. Oh yah, some said he had a chase Utley like demeanor, but what good is that if it does not translate on the field?

  4. In 2013 I thought Cody Asche was going to be the next Chase….the next ‘you da man’…what went wrong!
    I guess now he has an opportunity to be the next Justin Turner or Brandon Moss.

    1. I guess there is some small chance of that, but how many guys never reach their potential? I liked him too but he had how many years to try and put it together?

      1. There’s still a chance he come around – the swing is a thing of beauty but he just never put it together here. He did get a fair chance however.

    2. Romus,

      I’m a little wistful about Asche, if that’s the right word.

      I remember his first Spring Training in the Big League uniform. He looked so enthusiastic, fresh and hopeful. Then there were the stories comparing his work ethic to Utley’s. Unfortunately, the reality was so much more common as many are called and few are chosen. But he’s still only 26. Maybe he’s not entirely done.

      1. I always thought I would be a wistful kind of guy, but it never really came together for me, at least from what I could recall.

  5. Less than 3 hours to see what comes of Jeanmar and any other pre-8pm additions / subtractions. Didn’t do that last year in 1 day, added and then subtracted the same guy for someone else?

  6. The Phils still need to fill a 5-man bench — with Rollins claimed and if Gomez is tendered by the deadline, Klentak compiled a stock of marginal arms in SevGon, Garcia, Mariot, Neshak, Klein and Morgan.

    Similar last year, we might see a bullpen carousel in the next couple of weeks.

    1. Agree, Still need…Utility INF, Backup Catcher, 5th OF and another stable Bullpen piece. Maybe Knapp fills a backup catcher (but I still think that is a stretch), and if they tender Gomez that could be another bullpen piece…..but still think they need another bullpen piece, 5th OF, and especially a Utility INF

      1. It could be one season too early, but I wonder if the team is preparing Galvis for the utility INF role, anticipating a mid-season call up for JP.

        Personally, I’d like to see another full season from him at SS after a Gold Glove caliber season and 20 HR’s.

        The progressive side of me wants to see Knapp as the backup C and other 1B option. Some of these fringe prospects won’t be career starters and should get acclimated to what it takes to prepare everyday as a bench/back-up player.

        1. I got to say that I was pleasantly surprised by not only Galvis but Hernandez. Ya Hern made some real bad base running decisions but he seemed to get better as the season went on. I was preparing to be begging for Crawford to come up by the end of the season but kudos to the mid infield last year.

          Now that said I will be even more surprised if they get better.

          Galvis is a good fielder when he stays focused and maybe having Crawford behind him was a good thing. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the both of them as Crawford and Kingery (not to mention Val and a couple others) come along. Will they both still be around how will they adapt to the bench (if they don’t fend off the comp).

          Galvis again has decent defensive skills to be a utility guy. While he is not your prototypical Utility INF offensively (get on base with a walk, move runner along with bunt, etc), the drive in a run, homer potential is nice.

          What are the stats on Hernandez as a pinch hitter? Just watching him he seems to hit better as a starter than off the bench. His defense at second is passable and I don’t remember him embarrassing himself at 3rd, but not sure I have seen him enough at SS.

          Both seem to handle the OF passably if I recall. I’m probabley getting him confused with another Utility guy (Mini Mart?), but can’t Galvis also go behind the plate? That’s probably just bad memory.

    2. You’re complaining about the mediocrity of 6 pitchers when 4+ of them won’t even be on the active roster. You dislike depth, or do you believe that every team has significant MLB ready pitching depth at AAA?

  7. with so little on the payroll, would it kill them to spend a few mil on a 2 to 3 year deal for a lefty reliever with some talent, just for the sake of the fans who watch?

      1. true, that was more a frustration post than one of logic and reason. then i see Scrabble about to get something like 2 x 5.5 mil, and I say, never mind, Rollins for nothing is just fine.

    1. It’s still so early into the off-season. By this time next week the roster will look somewhat different

  8. Rollins would look good in CBP. He pitched 9 innings last year in the majors and gave up 2 HRs. He’s given up 5 HRs in 34 IP in the Majors. He also BB’ed 7 and K’ed 6 last year. So he can walk the bases full and then give up a GS. That’s a talent the Phils really need. Short Season rules apply but those stats are scary.

    1. bell – I’m trying to look at it differently. Asche’s place on the 40-man was severely at risk. He was a relative long-shot to make the OD roster, and if that’s the case, why tender him?

      Rollins just happened to be a guy who was 1. a LHP, and 2. on the waiver wire. Now watch as Klentak tries to clear Rollins through the waivers himself, just like the Cubs and Rangers tried to do last week.

      More moves coming –

      1. Steve…..I think he is trying to reclaim the potential he had before the drug suspension ( was suspended 80 games for testing positive for stanozolol, a PED) then he made his MLB debut July 4, 2015.
        Like another LHP RP Dan Stumpf. he is trying to reestablish himself.
        I guess MK is giving him that opportunity….hope he gives him more a chance than Dan Otero from last year..

        1. I didn’t know about the suspension Romus – thanks for that tidbit. As far as giving him a chance – don’t get too attached – I suspect the Phillies will try to pas Rollins through waivers in the next few days.

          As for the 40-man, Rollins supplants Asche as most at risk (though I previously had Asche as 3rd most at risk, not 1st), followed by Klein and Mariot/LGarcia. I’m going to make a bold prediction and say that three of Rollins, Klein, Mariot and LGarcia will not be on the 40-man by this time next week.

          1. Would a return of the Vanimal to CBP be likely?
            Vance Worley is now available since he was non-tendered.

            1. Granted, no room in the starting rotation, but he now performs job enrichment duties with relief work..He still sits at 90/91 but throws that 2SMr about 40% of the time and can get his normal share of backward Ks.
              But for an inning or two he may be serviceable, if Ramos, Neris and Gomez do not produce like last year

  9. Is my suggestion from last month coming to fruitiion? The Phillies could quite literally put together about 20 different packages that could land JD without hindering the rebuild. Get him, then get more serious about signing a late inning reliever.

    1. Wonder if they revisit talks about him at the meetings next week…..he’s quite a bat if the price is right.

    2. The Tigers supposedly asked the Mets for Conforto when they called (before signing Cespedes).

      If they asked me for anything similar to that, I’d laugh and hang up on them. And then would proceed not to answer any of their calls for the next year.

      1. I agree – asking for Conforto is borderline absurd, but I”m not surprised they asked for him. I’m sure the Tigers would have fallen over had the Mets agreed. If Avila is serious about changes coming, you would have to think JD is going to be moved

    3. For what its worth, JD would become an extension candidate in my mind. He just turned 29 a few months ago, so a 5 yr deal would be more than tolerable. He instantly becomes a middle of the order component that you’ll need by 2018 anyway. He could have a monster 2017 season at the Bank, and even if he produces his 3-yr avg, there should be plenty of motivated teams into the deadline if you are otherwise unable to extend him.

      Start with one of JThompson, ZEflin, or CRupp to lead a package with a Top 20 (which will be a solid prospect given our depth) prospect as the 2nd piece

      1. Steve……if it is Thompson…then it came full circle…he was the Tigers number two round pick in 2012. They know him well I would think.

        1. Phils aren’t trading ANY prospects just to be better in 2017. If they could get a one year guy like JD (or Ethier) by simply absorbing money, and adding maybe a B prospect, they’ll do it. They’ll only trade a good prospect like Thompson for another A prospect, with years of control. Most of these trade proposals are very unlikely to happen. They need bench and bullpen pieces and guys have to come off the 40 to do it. Klein must be next up.

          1. I know a lot of people will disagree ,but I’d give up Roman Quinn and or a prospect starting pitcher, Lively or Pivetta,for JD right now.
            My reasoning is simple 1. Quinn can’t stay off the DL 2. Quinn’s skills are useless in a small park like CBP 3. Williams and Cozens will probably be ready in a year and they still have Altherr and Odebell.
            Plus adding Lively and Pivetta to the rotation is like having the same pitcher they already have as in Eickoff,Thompson,Nola,Asher and Eflin. They already feature pretty much the same stuff.
            I’d also be in favor of a trade for Sale for that reason because he’s so different from the other pitchers,but that’s pie in the sky stuff.

            1. Thank god then you’re not the GM because that would be a terrible deal. I can tell you that the Phils think more of Quinn than Williams or Cozens because his speed is game changing. There won’t be any trades until next year. They need to see who will step up. Patience

            2. His skills don’t work in a small ball park? Huh? It actually makes his D even better bc it’s less ground to cover. Bases are the same distance everywhere so that doesn’t affect him. Oh maybe you meant triples however we had the league leaguer in triples on the team this past year and Rollins used to do it all the time. So not sure why his speed doesn’t play in a small park.

            3. I understand your thought, but I disagree. Whenever a player has an 80-grade tool, he is immensely valuable, especially when he made it to the majors and had a small taste of success.

              I’m good with moving lively or Pivetta to get a good player, but they are not the same as the other pitchers you mentioned. Right now Eickhoff is much higher than the rest and Nola, is right there as well.

          2. Murray – at some point we need to make incremental improvements. I’ll throw out Thompson and Pivetta for JD – we’d be trading from a position of strength without trading any of our highest upside prospects and also opening a spot on the 40 man roster. JD can be turned into a longer term asset at the deadline if you can’t extend him. But I’m trading for him to extend him for 5yrs.

            I wouldn’t be done there though. I’d go get Melancon for 4yrs. Now we have two pieces of the next playoff team.

            1. I hear you but we’re just going to have to wait another year. Come Sept, the entire AAA lineup could be in Philly. In reality, they won’t all earn it with a good season at LHV. Hopefully some already in Philly will perform well enough to keep their jobs. I wouldn’t trade any pitching until you know what we have. It’s all unproven so far except for Eickoff.

  10. Generally annoyed that Cordero was traded for a bag of balls to keep Asche, then eventually DFA’g him. Rollins looks like a 4A pitcher.

    1. I agree with a few who have suggested that the Phillies will DFA Rollins when they add another player, they are hoping that he would not be claimed this time. That is because they have little depth, when it comes to LHRPs

      1. Yes- and the Rule 5 draft is Thursday. Those Rule 5 picks take up more roster spots so if the Phils can hold him on the active roster through Thursday, it is easier to sneak him through to AAA.

  11. Does it make sense to sign Ellis to back up Rupp and hope that the AAA team will contain both Knapp and Alfaro hoping one of them steps forward so he could be added to the big club making a trade of Rupp possible in July? Looking at the money thrown on experienced catchers this off season shows the value attached to them…so a good return would be expected. Here’s hoping K & A get off to good starts………….Ellis is supposedly a teaching/coach/catcher. He look like a coach following his playing days…just like Ruiz has been.

    1. Art – this is the one I’ve been struggling with. There’s a careful balance here indeed. You have a young, inexperienced and impressionable pitching staff who can benefit greatly from a player like Ellis.Then you have the development needs of two highly regarded catchers at the highest level of the minors.

      In the end, I’d like to bring Ellis back – he’s just a good fit for a number of reasons. And while I’m inclined to believe Knapp will still be given every chance to make the team out of ST, I do see a scenario where both Knapp and Alfaro at LV could work (on a short term basis) if the Phils bring Ellis back.

      1. I agree that Ellis has value and I think he’ll be signed after the Rule 5 draft Thursday, they’re just waiting until then. Look at what Ellis did for the pitchers last year, it was impressive.

      2. Steve….I’m with you on Ellis and also Knapp and Alfaro sharing duties in LHV.
        However, Knapp at 25. and as close to MLB ready as anyone from the offensive side, probably needs to be baited this week, perhaps in a package.
        I look at how the Sox are now wondering what the heck to make of Blake Swihart….the catching phenom everyone liked in 2015. Similar to Knapp, the catching defense is not what one would expect at the MLB level…and Knapp at 25 does not have many years left to improve on that when he has to share duties with another prospect. I would try to move him with one of their many RHP pitchers.

        1. Agree Romus. I would listen on Knapp or Rupp. If we get a good return for Rupp, you could have Knapp share duties with a guy like Ellis. It has to be a good return though, otherwise I would stand pat for now. Either way, I’m all in on Alfaro as the future C.

          1. Steve…I see Grullon breaking out this season, also as a catcher of the future. So losing Knapp in a move would not be so devastating in the long run.

  12. I’m hoping that we can claim Tyson Ross who was recently non-tendered and DFA Jeanmar Gomez in exchange. Ross is a premier talent when healthy so it’s a low risk. If he recovers from his surgery well, he’d be a potential #1 starter and, if something less, we can flip him. It’s a great opportunity to buy low.

    1. I agree that signing Ross to a two year deal would be a really smart gamble, assuming a doctor checks him out and thinks he can make it back. Great arm when he was healthy.

    2. Why?
      There are no guarantees on a pitcher coming back from thoracic outlet surgery.
      His velo went from 94-96 in 2014, to 93-95 in 2015 and this year before the total displacement issue of the rib/shoulder compression, to 92-94.
      Next season is his age 30 season. And then he is a free agent in 2018.
      So even if he comes back in 2017, it may be on a limited basis.

      1. In theory it sounded good until I saw it was a shoulder injury – that changes everything. I’d consider a minor league contract with a major league option or a low base contract with multiple innings pitched bonuses that could bring the contract to $6-8 million if he pitches a lot of innings, but nothing two years.

      2. Let’s not forget that if GM A J Preller, he of the infamously poor pitching injury diagnoses, disposes of Ross the guy’s arm probably fell off. I would likely not believe a thing about his medicals.

  13. Steve, you said on a post that the roster could different after this week. Explain?

    I mean “could” is always a potential, and I suppose adding or subtracting a guy or two fits that bill, but I will be surprised if it looks much different?

    Again maybe a rule 5 pick and some DFA’D or traded to make room. Maybe 1 of the following;

    Backup catcher, Utility guy, 5th OF

    However my guess is they wait until after the rule 5 when things are moving a little slower to make most of the roster tweaks over a few months and spring training.

    If what they are saying is true that they want to see who rises this year, I would think they would have to get more than worth for any one of their prospects. Even with an area of strength like C; Why would you trade a Knapp or a Rupp unless you got something amazing in return.

    Rupp – there only known, and he still could have upside
    Alfaro – injured a portion of last year and year before with amazing potential but….
    Knapp – so, so last yearly offensively, but was amazing the second half of 15. I’d hater to see him go without knowing his full potential.
    Grullon – still a rough in the Diamond

    1. rh – I’m not necessarily predicting an active week, just think it very well could be. That the current 40 man is full is barely a factor for me since there are still three guys I could jettison without hesitation and another 2 that I could deliberate. I think Klentak has all the roster flexibility he could hope for heading into this week. The Phillies are also one of the few teams with the financial flexibility to assume short term but burdensome contracts from other teams, and they have the farm system to offset any imbalance in assets that may otherwise complicate a trade.

      Regarding this “Why would you trade a Knapp or a Rupp unless you got something amazing in return”

      I agree fully, and stated as much above – “It has to be a good return though, otherwise I would stand pat for now.”

    2. remhoward….how are they going to draft a Rule 5 guy?
      They are not eligible for the draft.
      I think there are 14/15 teams drafting this year.
      They pulled out of the draft back on November 18th when they filed and filled their 40 roster slots.

      1. Romus – I was under the impression the Nov 18th date was merely the deadline for protecting qualified players from being exposed to the Rule 5 draft? If a Rule 5-qualified player is not added to the 40-man, the player can be selected in the Rule 5 draft.

        This deadline does not prohibit team from making 40-man moves after the Nov 18th deadline and in advance of the Rule 5 draft though. If they have a roster spot available on Rule 5 day, they can participate in the Rule 5.

        1. Steve…not sure about the Triple-A and Double A phases of the Rule 5 , but according to what I understand teams must file their 40-man rosters by Nov. 20, and only those not at the full allotment of 40 may select players. You have to establish the draft order at that time….waiting until Dec 7th would be counter productive for MLB.
          We may have to have out resident expert determine what the ruling on the field is….to the booth to get Jim Peyton’s ruling. 🙂

          1. Romus – it is this where we have varying interpretations – “and only those not at the full allotment of 40 may select players”

            The November deadline is about protecting players from being selected in the Rule 5. It is not a deadline for fixing the 40-man. Evidenced by the many 40-man changes have taken place since the November Rule 5 deadline and the number of trades that we can portend to take place this week.

            You’re contending that teams must be under 40 as of November 18 (or 20th as you state), whereas I’m contending that they merely need to be under on December 8 (i.e. Rule 5 draft day).

            1. Perhaps your interpretation is correct.
              I guess we will know more from the Phillies, starting tomorrow thru Thursday morning and whether or not they make 40 changes..

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